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List of Polling Booths in Mannargudi Assembly

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1Govt.high School Kovilveni 614403 ,Main Building North Portion 1.Kovilvenni (R.V0 AND (P) Agaraharam wd-1 , 2.Kovilvenni (R.V) AND (P) Mettu Street wd-1 , 3.Kovilvenni (R.V) AND (P) Adidravidar Colony wd-1 , 4.Kovilvenni (R.V) AND (P) Main Road wd-1 , 5.Kovilvenni (R.V) AND (P) Manalur kudiyana Street wd-1 , 6.Kovilvenni (R.V) AND (P) Manalur Adidravidar Street wd-1
2Govt.high School Main Building Facing North, ,Kovilveni 614403 1.Kovilvenni (R.V) AND (P) North Street wd-2
3Govt.high School Main Building South Portion` , ,Kovilvenni 61403 1.Kovilvenni (R.V) AND (P) Kadai Street wd-3 , 2.Kovilvenni (R.V) AND (P) Ambethkar Street wd-3 , 3.Kovilvenni (R.V) AND (P) Hospital Street wd-3 , 4.Kovilvenni (R.V) AND (P) Pallar Street wd-3 , 5.Kovilvenni (R.V) AND (P) Railadi Street wd-3 , 6.Kovilvenni (R.V) AND (P) Kudiyana Street wd-3 , 7.Kovilvenni (R.V) AND (P) South Street wd-4
4P.U.E.School, Terraced Building ,Kuchipalayam ,Kuchippalaiyam 614403 1.Kovilvenni (R.V) AND (P) Kuttchipallayam wd-4 , 2.Kovilvenni (R.V) AND (P) Tharkkas wd-4
5Panchayat Union Elementary School East Portion , ,Nagar 614404 1.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) North Street wd-1 , 2.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) Middle Harijana Street wd-1 , 3.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) West Street, South Street wd-1 , 4.Nagar(R.V) AND (P) AdiDravidar Street wd-2 , 5.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) Ambalakkara Street wd-2 , 6.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) Kudiyana Street ,Vasudevamangalam wd-2 , 7.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) Kondiyar South Street wd-2
6P.u.elementary School , New Building Narasingamangalam ,Narasingamangalam 614404 1.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) West Street wd-3 , 2.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) Komundiveeran Kollai Street Wd-3 , 3.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) East Street wd-3 , 4.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) Adidravidar Street wd-3 , 5.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) Keela Harijana Street wd-3 , 6.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) Mela Harijana Street wd-3 , 7.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) Koraiyaru Thallaipu Street wd-4 , 8.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) Nadarthoppu Street wd-4 , 9.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) Naduppadugai Street wd-4 , 10.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) Koraiyaru Valathu Karai Street wd-4 , 11.Nagar (R.V) AND (P) Mamaniyar Thoppu Street wd-4
7P.U. Middle School , ,Shithamalli 614404 1.Chithamalli (R.V) AND (P) Layam wd-1 , 2.Chithamalli (R.V) AND (P) Vellanguli wd-1 , 3.Chithamalli (R.V) AND (P) Sarvamanyam Wd-3 , 4.Chithamallid (R.V) AND (P) Sithamalli kutdiyanat Street Wd-3 , 5.chithamalli (R.V) AND (P) Sithamalli Mela Street Colony wd-2 , 6.Chithamalli (R.V) AND (P) Sithamalli East Street wd-2 , 7.Chitamalli (R.V) AND (P) Ambalakara Street kudiyana Street wd-4
8Adi Dravidar Welfare Elementary School , New Building ,Orathur 614404 1.Chitamalli (R.V) AND (P) Orathur East Street wd-4 , 2.Chithamalli (R.V) AND (P) Orathur West Street wd-4 , 3.Chithamalli (R.V) AND (P) Orathur North Street wd-4 , 4.Chithamalli (R.V) AND Pp) Orathur Adidravidar East Street wd-5 , 5.Chithamalli (R.V) AND (P) Ambalakara Street Wd-4 , 6.Chithamalli (R.V) AND (P) Vandipettai Koraiyaru Melkkarai Wd-5
9P.u.elementary school New Building ,Athanur 614403 1.Athanur (R.V) AND (P) Kudiyana Street wd-1 , 2.Athanur (R.V) AND (P) Thanjai Main Road wd-1 , 3.Athanur (R.V) AND (P) Puthu Adidravidar Street wd- 1 , 4.Athanur (R.V) AND (P) Vaduvur Salai wd-1 , 5.Athanur (R.V) AND (P) Old Adidravidar Street wd-1 , 6.Athanur (R.V) AND (P) Samathuvapuram wd-1
10P.u.elementaryschool westernsidebuilding , Athanur 614403 1.Athanur (R.V) AND (P) North Poovanatham wd-2 , 2.Athanur(R.V) AND (P) South poovanatham wd-2 , 3.Athanur (R.V) AND (P) Vaduvur Salai wd-2 , 4.Athanur (R.V) AND (P) Athanur Ambalakkara Street wd-2 , 5.Athanur (R.V) ADN (P) Alampallam padugai wd-4 , 6.Athanur (R.V) AND (P) Annanagar wd-4
11P.U.E.School, Periyakkottai- 614403 ,Terraced Building Periyakkottai- 614403 1.Athanur (R.V) AND (P) Periyakottai kudiyana Street wd-3 , 2.Athanur (R.V) AND (P) Periyakottai Athithiravidar Street wd-3 , 3.Athanur (R.V) AND (P) Periyakottai Ambalakara Street wd-3
12P.U.E School, Parapanamedu 614404 ,New Building, Facing East 1.Parappanamedu (R.V) AND (P) Kondiyaru wd-1 , 2.Parappanamedu (R.V) AND (P) Kadambur Kudiyana Street wd-1 , 3.Parappanamedu (R.V) AND (P) East kadambur wd-1 , 4.Parappanamedu (R.V) AND (P) West Kadambur wd-2 , 5.Parappanamedu (R.V) AND (P) Thanajai Road wd-2 , 6.Parappanamedu (R.V) AND (P) Parappana Medu wd-2 , 7.Parappanamedu (R.V) AND (P) Mariyammankoil Kudiyana Street wd-2 , 8.Parappanamedu (R.V) AND (P) Veeravanallur Vellalar Street wd-2 , 9.Parappanamedu (R.V) AND (P) Veeravanallur Adidravidar Street wd-2 , 10.Parappanamedu (R.V) AND (P) Thatti Street wd-2
13Lakshmi Vilas Middle School Main Building West Portion , ,Nidamangalam 614404 1.Netamangalam (TP) Vennaru- laine Railadi kadai Street wd-14 , 2.Netamangalam (TP) Othiyadipadugai wd-14 , 3.Netamangalam (TP) Vennaru- laine Uilla Thomppan kudisai Wd-14 , 4.Netamangalam (TP) Pamppalamman kovil Street wd- 13 , 5.Netamangalam (TP) Railad Adidravidar Street wd-13 , 6.Netamangalam (TP) Mothilala Nehru Street wd-12 , 7.Netamangalam (TP) Dawoodu Rayan Lane wd-12 , 8.Netamangalam (TP) Kuyavar Street wd-12 , 9.Netamangalam (TP) Railway Compound wd-13
14Lakshmi Vilas Middle School Needamangalam-614404 ,Eastern Side,RCC Building Facing West, North Wing Nidamangalam 614404 1.Netamangalam (TP) Koriyaru Palakkarai Street Wd-11 , 2.Netamangalam (TP) Tanjai Thattikadai Street Wd-11 , 3.Netamangalam (TP) Dhrovuthaiamman Koil Street wd--10 , 4.Netamangalam (TP) Pillayiar kovil Street wd-10 , 5.Netamangalam (TP) Koraiyaru Padugaikarai Street wd- 11
15Lakshmi Vilas Middle School Nidamangalam-614404 ,Eastern Side,RCC Building Facing West, South Wing Nidamangalam 614404 1.Netamangalam (TP) Appavupathar Street wd - 9 , 2.Netamangalam (TP) Mela Raja Veethi wd-9 , 3.Netamangalam (TP) Vadakku Veedhi wd-9 , 4.Netamangalam (TP) Vellalar street wd-15 , 5.Netamangalam (TP) Veeranar kovil Santhu wd-9 , 6.Netamangalam (TP) Vadakkumada Vilakam wd-15 , 7.Netamangalam (TP) Sivankoil street wd-15
16Ramavilas Aided Elementary School Nidamangalam 614404 ,Mangalore Tiled Building Facing South Eastern Wing 1.Netamangalam (TP) West Madavilakam Street,South Madavilakam wd-15 , 2.Netamangalam (TP) South Madavilakam wd--8 , 3.Netamangalam (TP) Krishnan Koil Lane Wd-8 , 4.Netamangalam (TP) Muthaiyath Kotthanar Lane wd-8 , 5.Netamangalam (TP) Erumaikaran Lane wd-8 , 6.Netamangalam (TP) Kulam Then karai wd-6 , 7.Netamangalam (TP) Kulam Keel karai wd-7 , 8.Netamangalam (TP) B.D.O Quarters wd-7 , 9.Netamangalam (TP) Kulam Vadakarai wd-7 , 10.Netamangalam (TP) Saravamaniya Agraharam wd-7
17Ramavilas Aided Elementary School Nidamangalam 614404 ,Mangalore Tiled Building Facing South Western Wing 1.Netamangalam (TP) East Street wd-6 , 2.Netamangalam (TP) Puthu Street wd-6 , 3.Netamangalam (TP) Kela Veethi wd-6 , 4.Netamangalam (TP) Kaikkalar Street Wd-5 , 5.Netamangalam (TP) Pallivasal street wd-5 , 6.Netamangalam (TP) South Veethi wd-10 , 7.Netamangalam (TP) Government Hospital Quarters wd-10 , 8.Netamangalam (TP) Kankayen Thital wd--4
18Panchayat Union Elementary School Needamangalam 614404 ,New Building 1.Netamangalam (TP) Kotthamangalam Road wd--4 , 2.Netamangalam (TP) Mandapa Street wd-4 , 3.Netamangalam (TP) Kannithoppu wd-4 , 4.Netamangalam (TP) Kotthamangalam Street wd-4 , 5.Netamangalam (TP) Kannara Street wd-4 , 6.Netamangalam (TP) Mandapam Adidravidar Street wd-5 , 7.Netamangalam (TP) Kotthamangalam wd-4 , 8.Netamangalam (TP) South street wd-3 , 9.Netamangalam (TP) West Adidravidar Street wd-3 , 10.Netamangalam (TP) East Adidravidar Street wd-3 , 11.Netamangalam (TP) Vennaru layine karai wd-3 , 12.Netamangalam (TP) Middle Street wd-3 , 13.Netamangalam (TP) Agraharam wd-3 , 14.Netamangalam (TP) Puthu Street wd-3 , 15.Netamangalam (TP) Nadar Street wd- 3
19P.u.elementaryschoolwestternside Building , ,Old Needamangalam 614404 1.Netamangalam (TP) Mohamedu Street wd-1 , 2.Netamangalam (TP) Old Needamangalam Road Wd-1 , 3.Netamangalam (TP) PappaiyanThoppu wd-1 , 4.Netamangalam (TP) Kamaraj Colony wd-2 , 5.Netamangalam (TP) kamaraj Nagar wd-2
20Panchayat Union Middle School , Kappaludaiyan- 614404 1.Olimathi (R.V) AND (P) Kappaluduyan South Adidravidar Street wd-2 , 2.Olimathi (R.V) AND (P) Kappaluduyan kudiyana Street wd-2
21P.u.elementary school Northern side building , ,Olimathi 614404 1.Olimathi (R.V) AND (P) Madhakoil Street wd-1 , 2.Olimathi (R.V) AND (P) Olimathi kudiyana Street wd-1 , 3.Olimathi (R.V) AND (P) North Adidravidar street wd-1 , 4.Olimathi (R.V) AND (P) Ambalakara Street wd-4 , 5.Olimathi (R.V) AND (P) Kudiyana Street wd-4,5 , 6.Olimathi (R.V) AND (P) Vaiyakalathur Adidravidar Street wd-4,5 , 7.Olimathi (R.V) AND (P) Karkovil kundiyana Street wd-4 , 8.Olimathi (R.V) AND (P) Odadura Adidravidar Street Wd-3 , 9.Olimathi (R.V) AND (P) Odadurai Colony Street wd-3 , 10.Olimathi ((R.V) AND (P) North Adidravidar Street wd-5
22P.u.elementary School Anumanthapuram 613703 ,New Building Facing East 1.Anumanthapuram (R.V) AND (P) Kudiyana Street wd-1 , 2.Anumanthapuram (R.V) AND (P) East Street Wd-1 , 3.Anumanthapuram (R.V) AND (P) West Street Wd-2 , 4.Anumanthapuram (R.V) AND (P) Nanmangalam Adidravidar Street wd--2 , 5.Anumanthapuram (R.V) AND (P) Nanmangalam kudiyana street wd-2 , 6.Anumanthapuram (R.V) AND (P) Pattchaikulam wd-3 , 7.Anumanthapuram (R.V) AND (P) Dhandalam wd--3 , 8.Anumanthapuram (R.V) AND (P) Killiyanur wd-3
23P.u.elementary School, Terraced Building, Palangalathur ,Anumanthapuram 613703 1.Palakalathur (R.V) AND (P) Kudiyana Street wd-5 , 2.Palakalathur (R.V) AND ( P) Onamangalam Adidravidar Street wd-5 , 3.Ottankudi (R.V) AND (P) kudiyana Street wd-4 , 4.Ottankudi (R.V) AND (P) Ottankudi Adidravidar street wd-4
24Govt.high School Main Building ,Perambur 614404 1.Perampur (R.V) AND (P) Mullaivasal Colony Street wd-1 , 2.Perapoor (R.V) ADN (P) Mullaivasal Mathakoeil Street wd-1 , 3.Perampoor (R.V) AND (P) Mullaivasl North Street wd-1 , 4.Perampoor (R.V) AND (P) Mullaivasal Akrakaram wd-2 , 5.Perampoor (R.V) AND (P) Mullaivasal South Street wd-2 , 6.Perampoor (R.V) AND (P) Mullaivasal Main Road wd-2 , 7.Perampur (R.V) AND (P) Mullaivasal poosari Street wd-2 , 8.Perampoor (R.V) ADN (P) Perampoor Main Road wd-3
25Govt.high School, South West Building, Easternwing ,Perambur 614404 1.Perampoor (R.V) AND (P) Perampoor Bharathidasan Street wd-3 , 2.Perampoor (R.V) AND (P) Perampoor Selvavinayakar Street w3 , 3.Perampoor (R.V) ADN (P) Perampoor Akraharam wd-4 , 4.Perampoor (R.V) AND (P) Perampoor Thiruvalluvar Street wd-4 , 5.Perampoor (R.V) AND (P) Perampoor South Street wd-4 , 6.Perampoor (P) Perampoor Kannampadi kudiyana Street wd--5 , 7.Perampoor (R.V) AND (P) Perampoor West Street wd-5 , 8.Perampoor (R.V) AND (P) Perampoor Colony Street wd-5
26Panchayat Union Elementary School, Poovanur 612803 , Poovanur 612803 1.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Muthuraja Street wd , 2.Poovanur (R.V0 AND (P) Thati kutiyana Street wd-1 , 3.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Thati Athithiravidar Street wd-1 , 4.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Thati colony Street wd-1 , 5.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Samba Veli Athithiravidar Street wd-1 , 6.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Samba Veli kutiyana Street wd-1 , 7.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Samba Veli Pillayar kovil Street wd-1 , 8.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Samba Veli Main Road wd-1 , 9.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Samba Veli South Street wd-1 , 10.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Manal Medu wd-2 , 11.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Sarugai Street wd-2 , 12.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Palathati wd-2 , 13.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Thataikal padugai kutiyana Street wd-2 , 14.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Vellankuli mathakovil Street wd-2 , 15.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Thataikal padukai Main Road wd-2 , 16.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Koeil Veethikal wd-2 , 17.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Muthaliyar Street wd-2
27Panchayat Union Elementary School,Poovanur 612803 ,Mangalore Tiled, Facing east Northern Wing, 1.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Pantaraotai Athithiravidar Street wd-2 , 2.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) East Street wd-3 , 3.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Matharayar Street wd-3 , 4.Poovanur (R.V) ADN (P) Kotiyakara Street wd-3 , 5.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Anti Street wd-3 , 6.Poovanur (R.V) AND ( P) Angalamman kovil Street wd 3 , 7.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Mohamathiyar Street wd-3 , 8.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Senkulam Melkarai wd-3 , 9.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Kursar Street wd-3 , 10.Poovanur(R.V) AND (P) Maruthuvar Street wd-3 , 11.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Kaliyamman Koeil Street wd-4 , 12.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Akraharapoovanur East Street wd-3 , 13.Poovanur (R.V) ADN (P) Akraharapoovanur West Street wd- 3 , 14.Poovanur (R.V) AND (P) Akraharam wd-4
28P.u.elementary School Melapoovanur Kalacheri 612803, ,New RCC Building, Facing West 1.Kalacheri (R.V) AND (P) Vellapovanur East Street wd-1 , 2.Kalacheri (R.V) ADN (P) Melapovyanur kutiyana Street wd-1 , 3.Kalacheri (R.V) ADN (P) Melakattalai wd-1 , 4.kalacheri (R.V) AND (P) Kelpathi Athithiravidar Street wd-2 , 5.kalacheri (R.V) AND (P) Shathirathan Street wd-1 , 6.kalacheri (R.V) AND (P) Vellampovnur Athithiravidar Street wd-2 , 7.kalacheri (R.V) AND (P) kalacheri Athithiravidar Street wd-2 , 8.Kalacheri (R.V) AND (P) Mangulam wd-1 , 9.kalacheri (R.V) AND (P) Kontiyaru wd-1
29P.U.Middle School Northernside , ,Kalacheri 612803 1.Kalacheri (R.V) AND (P) Pallar Street wd-3 , 2.Kalacheri (R.V) AND (P) Kutiyana Street wd-3 , 3.Kalacheri (R.V) AND (P) Ambalakara Street wd -3,4 , 4.Kalacheri (R.V) AND (P) Sotharai wd-4,2
30Govt.higher secondary School Munnavalkottai 614403 ,Main Building 1.Munnaval kottai (R.V) AND (P) North Street wd-1 , 2.Munnavalkottai (R.V) AND (P) West Street wd-1 , 3.Munnavalkottai (R.V) AND (P) South Street wd-1 , 4.Munnavalkottai (R.V) AND (P) East Street wd-1 , 5.Munnavalkottai (R.V) AND (P) Krushnapuram Athithiravidar Street wd-2 , 6.Munnavalkottai (R.V) AND (P) Krushnapuram kutiyana Street wd-2 , 7.Munnavalkottai (R.V) AND (P) Kalacheri Salai wd-2 , 8.Munnavalkottai (R.V) AND (P) Munnavalkottai Atithiravidar Street wd-2 , 9.Munnavalkottai (R.V0 AND (P) Munnavalkottai Thoppu Street wd-3
31P.u.middle School Additional building ,Sonapattai 614013 1.Sonapattai (R.V) AND (P) Chettisathiram North Street wd-1 , 2.Sonapattai (R.V) AND (P) Chettisathiram Kutiyana Street wd-1 , 3.Sonapattai (R.V) AND (P) Sonapattai kelpathi Tharsalai wd-2 , 4.Sonapattai (R.V) AND (P) Sonapattai West wd-1,2 , 5.Sonapattai (R.V) AND (P) Kelapaddu Thar Salai wd-4 , 6.Sonapattai (R.V) AND (P) Kaddumela Street wd-4 , 7.Sonapattai (R.V) AND (P) Kaddu East Street wd-4 , 8.Sonapattai (R.V) AND (P) Athithiravidar Street wd-4 , 9.Sonapattai (R.V) AND (P) Nadukaddu Smbalakara Street wd-4
32P.u.middle School Main Building , ,Sonapattai 614013 1.Munnalkottai (R.V) Sonapattai (P) Sonapattai kutiyana Street wd-3 , 2.Munnalkottai (R.V) Sonapattai (P) kelapaddu Main Road wd-3 , 3.Chetty Sathiram (R.V) Sonapattai (P) NadukaduTthar Salai wd-5 , 4.Chetty Sathiram (R.V) Sonapattai (P) Pullavarayan Kudikadu Kappisalai wd-5 , 5.Chetty Sathiram (R.V) Sonapattai (P) Etamalaiur Main Road wd-5
33P.u.elementary School New Building Ayyampattai , ,Chettichathiram 614403 1.Chettisathiram ayyampattai (R.V) AND (P) Natham Nalu Road Ambalakara Street wd-1 , 2.Chettisathiram ayyampattai(R.V) AND (P) Natham Nalu Road wd- 1 , 3.Chettisathiram ayyampattai (R.V) AND (P) Ayyampattai Athithiravidar Street wd-1 , 4.Chettisathiram ayyampattai (R.V) AND (P) Natham kudiyana Street wd-1 , 5.Chettisathiram ayyampattai (R.V) AND (P) Vaduvur Main Raod wd-1 , 6.Chettisathiram ayyampattai (R.V) AND (P) Ayyampattai North Street wd--2 , 7.Chettisathiram ayyampattai (R.V) AND (P) Ayyampattai West Street wd-2 , 8.Chettisathiram ayyampattai (R.V) AND (P) Ayyampattai South Street wd--2 , 9.Chettisathiram ayyampattai (R.V) AND (P) Ayyampattai East Street wd--2
34Govt.high School Main Building Eastern Side , ,Pullavarayankudikadu 614013 1.Pullavarayankudikadu (R.V) AND (P) Kuttaivanniyar Street wd-1 , 2.Pullavarayankudikadu (R.V0 AND (P) West Kudikadu wd-1 , 3.Pullavarayankudikadu (R.V0 AND (P) West Athithiravidar Street wd-1 , 4.Pullavarayankudikadu (R.V) AND (P) Karaimetu Street wd-1 , 5.Pullavarayankudikadu (R.V) AND (P) Kumaran Street wd-2&3 , 6.Pullavarayankudikadu (R.V) AND (P) East Athithiravidar Street wd-2&3 , 7.Pullavarayankudikadu (R.V) AND (P) North Street wd-2&3
35Govt.high School Westernside , ,Pullavarayankudikadu 614013 1.Pullavarayankudikadu (R.V) AND (P) Mallan Street wd- 2,3 , 2.Pullavarayankudikadu (R.V) AND (P) Mogappu Street wd-2,3 , 3.Pullavarayankudikadu (R.V) AND (P) West Street wd-2,3 , 4.Pullavarayankudikadu (R.V) ADN (P) Anna Nagar wd-2,3 , 5.Pullavarayankudikadu (R.V) AND (P) South Street wd-2,3
36P.U.M.S terraced Building Main building Western Wing ,Moorvakkottai 614019 1.Moovarkottai (R.V) AND (P) Palancheri Medu wd-1 , 2.Moovarkottai (R.V) AND (P) Kutaikara Street wd-1 , 3.Moovarkottai (R.V) AND (P) North Colony wd- 1 , 4.Moovarkottai (R.V) AND (P) North Street wd-3 , 5.Moovarkottai (R.V) AND (P) South Street wd-3 , 6.Moovarkottai (R.V) AND (P) Athithiravidar Street wd-1
37P.U.M.School, Seenikudikkadu 614019 ,Terraced Building North Facing South Wing Western Side BuildingSeenikudikkadu 614019 1.Moovarkottai (R.V) AND (P) Shenikudikadu East Street wd-2 , 2.Moovarkottai (R.V) AND (P) Shenikudikadu West Street wd-2
38P.U.Elementary School Kondaiyur Main Building Terraced ,Kondaiyur 614019 1.Vaduvur Melpathi (R.V) Vaduvur Vadapathi (P) Vempan Street wd-9 , 2.Vaduvur Melpathi (R.V) Vaduvur Vadapathi (P) Vantaiyr Street wd-9 , 3.Vaduvur Melpathi (R.V) Vaduvur Vadapathi (P) Tharkas Street wd-9 , 4.Vaduvur Melpathi (R.V) Vaduvur Vadapathi (P) Vadakku Thoppu wd-5
39P.U.Elementary School Kondaiyur Main Building Easternside south facing ,Kondaiyur 614019 1.Vaduvur Melpathi (R.V) Vaduvur Vadapathi (P) Kondaiyur West street wd-6 , 2.Vaduvur Melpathi (R.V) Vaduvur Vadapathi (P) Kontaiur East Street wd-6
40P.U.E.S Vaduur Melpathi 614019 ,Terraced Building south Facing 1.Vaduvur Melpathi (R.V) Vaduvur Vadapathi (P) North Street wd-1 , 2.Vaduvur Melpathi (R.V) Vaduvur Vadapathi (P) Kolunthan Kantiyar Street wd-1 , 3.Vaduvur Melpathi (R.V) Vaduvur Vadapathi (P) Nallaperumal Vanniyar Street wd-1 , 4.Vaduvur Melpathi (R.V) Vaduvur Vadapathi (P) Elavanachi Vanniyar Street wd-2 , 5.Vaduvur Melpathi (R.V) Vaduvur Vadapathi (P) South Vanniyar Street wd-3 , 6.Vaduvur Melpathi (R.V) Vaduvur Vadapathi (P) Sherukkavanniyar Street wd-8 , 7.Vaduvur Melpathi (R.V) Vaduvur Vadapathi (P) Onthiriyar Street wd-8 , 8.Vaduvur Melpathi (R.V) Vaduvur Vadapathi (P) Kakkavanniyar Street wd-7 , 9.Vaduvur melpathi Manalmettu Theru , 10.Vaduvur Melpathi (R.V) Vaduvur Vadapathi (P) Manaiyar Street wd-4
41P.U. Elementary School Terraced Main Buildings southernwing , ,Vaduur Vadapathi 614019 1.Vaduvur Vadapathi (R.V) AND (P) Periyar Nagar wd-1 , 2.Vaduvur Vadapathi (R.V) AND (P) Gandhi Nagar wd--2 , 3.Vaduvur Vadapathi (R.V) AND (P) Shilippi Street wd--4 , 4.Vaduvur Vadapathi (R.V) AND (P) East Street wd-3
42P.U.Elementary School Terraced Main Building northernwing , ,vaduur Vadapathi 614019 1.Vaduvur Vadapathi (R.V) AND (P) Middle Street wd-4 , 2.Vaduvur Vadapathi (R.V) AND (P) Raman kantiyan Street wd-5 , 3.Vaduvur Vadapathi (R.V) AND (P) Vaniya Street wd-5
43P.U.Elementary school, Tilled building Easternside, Westernwing , ,Edamelaiyur 614013 1.Eda- Melayur 1 (R.V) AND (P) North Ambalakara Street wd-1
44P.U.Elementary school terraced building Easternside Building, Easternwing , ,Edamelaiyur 614013 1.Eda- Melayur west (P) North West Street wd-2 , 2.Eda- Melayur (R.V) AND (P) South West Street wd-3
45P.u.elementary School Edamelaiyur Middle Street 614013 ,Terraced Main Building western Wing 1.Eda- Melayur (R.V) AND (P) South Natham Ambalakara Street wd-1 , 2.EdaMelaiur (R.V) AND (P) Aththaniyar Street wd-4
46P.u.elementary School Terraced Main Building, Easternwing ,,Edamelaiyur Middle Street 614013 1.Eda- Melayur (P) South Nadu Street wd-1 , 2.Eda- Melayur Nadutheru (P) North Middle Street wd-3 , 3.Eda Melayur (R.V) AND (P) North Street Thiruvalluvar colony wd-3
47Govt. Hr.sec. School Edamelaiyur 614013 ,South Side Terraced Building Western Wing 1.Etamalaiur 3 (R.V) AND (P) North kantiyar Street wd-1 , 2.Eda melayur 3 (R.V) AND (P) North Athithiravidar Street wd-3
48Govt. Hr.sec. School Southern Side Terraced Building Western Wing , ,Edamelaiyur 614013 1.Etamalaiur 3 (R.V) AND (P) South kantiyar Street wd-2 , 2.Eda melayur 3 (R.V) AND (P) Ayyamperumal kulakarari wd-4
49Govt high school Edakeelaiyur-2 - 614013 ,Northern side RCC building , East Wing 1.Eda- Keelaiur (R.V) AND (P) Antimatam Street wd-3 , 2.Eda- Keelaiur (R.V) AND (P) Mudukku Street wd-3 , 3.Eda- keelaiur (R.V) AND (P) Periyar Colony wd-3
50Govt high School Edakeelaiyur-2 614013 ,Westrenside Terraced Building East Facing 1.Eda- keelaiur (P) North Street wd-4 , 2.Eda- Keelaiur (P) South Street wd-4
51Panchayat Union Elementary School Edakeelaiyur-2 614013 ,Southern Side New Terraced Building west facing Panchayat Union Elementary School Edakeelaiyur-2 614013 ,Southern Side New Terraced Building west facing
52P.U.Elementary Edaannavasal 614013 ,RCC Building Southern Wing 1.Eda- keelaiur (P) North Street Wd-1 , 2.Eda- Keelaiur (P) Anna Nagar wd-1 , 3.Eda- keelaiur (P) West Street wd-1 , 4.Eda- keelaiur (P) kamanti Street wd-1 , 5.Eda- Keelaiur (P) South Street wd-1,2 , 6.Eda- Keelaiur (P) East Street wd-2 , 7.Eda- keelaiur (P) Athithiravidar Street wd-2
53P.U.E.School , Paruthikottai 614013 ,New Building, Easternwing 1.Paruthikottai (R.V) and (P) West St ward 1 , 2.Paruthikottai (R.V) and (P) East St ward 2
54P.U.E.School, Paruthikottai 614013 ,New Building, Westernwing 1.Paruthikottai (R.V) and (P) Amarabagam ward 3 , 2.Paruthikottai (R.V) and (P) Vettikadu ward 4
55P.U. Elementary School Kalanchimedu 612803 ,Mangalore Tiled Building 1.Kalanchimedu (R.V) AND (P) East Street wd-1 , 2.kalanchimedu (R.V) AND (P) Athithiravidar Street wd-1 , 3.kalanchimedu (P) Akraharam Street wd-1 , 4.kalanchimedu (R.V) AND (P) Akkarai Street wd-1 , 5.kalanchimedu (R.V) AND (P) West Street wd-2
56P.U.E.School, Navalpoondi - 612803 ,Terraced Western Side Additional Building 1.kalanchimedu (R.V) AND (P) Naval Poonti East Street wd-2 , 2.kalanchimedu (R.V) AND (P) Navalpoondi West Street wd-3 , 3.kalanchimedu (R.V) AND (P) Navalpoonti Athithiravidar Street wd-3 , 4.kalanchimedu (R.V) AND (P) Chirusthuva Street wd-3
57Higher Sec. School, New East Building Easternside ,Rayapuram- 612803 1.Rayapuram (R.V) ADN (P) Kattapeththan Thoppu wd-1 , 2.Rayapuram (R.V) ADN (P) North Sothiriyam wd-1 , 3.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (P) Sothiriyam wd-1 , 4.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (P) South Sothiriyam wd-1 , 5.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (P) colony Street wd-2&3 , 6.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (P) Kollukavati wd-1
58Higher Sec. School, New East Building Westernside ,Rayapuram-612803 1.Rayapuram (R.V) ADN (P) South Street wd-2&3 , 2.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (P) Anna Nagar wd-3 , 3.Rayapuram (P) East Street wd-2 , 4.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (p) West Street wd-4
59P.U.E.S ,Keelapattu, Rayapuram ,New RCC Building, Facing west 1.Rayapuram(R.V0 AND (P) East street wd-4 , 2.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (p) Kelapattu Naththam wd-4 , 3.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (p) Kelapattu Colony Street wd-4,5 , 4.Rayapuram (p) Kelapattu East street wd-4 , 5.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (p) Kelapattu Middle Street wd-5 , 6.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (P) Kelapattu North Street wd-5-6 , 7.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (P) Kelapattu West Street wd-4,5 , 8.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (P) Kelapattu West Street wd-4 , 9.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (P) Kelapattu North kudiyana Street wd-4 , 10.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (P) Kelajpttdu North Ambalakara Street wd-5 , 11.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (P) Kelapattu South Amabalakara Street wd-5 , 12.Rayapuram (R.V) AND (P) kelapattu West Ambalakara Street wd--6 , 13.Rayapuram (R.V) ADN (P) Kelapadttu kudiyana Street wd-4
60P.U.M.S terraced eastern building , ,Vadakaravayal 612803 1.Vadakaravayal (R.V) AND (P) Kulathumedu Main Road wd-2 , 2.Vadakaravayal (R.V) AND (P) Vadakaravayal Thenpathi Street wd-2 , 3.Vadakaravayal (R.V0 AND (P) Vadakaravayal Kutiyana Street wd-2 , 4.Vadakaravaya (R.V) AND (P) Kattai Road wd-2 , 5.Vadakaravayal (R.V) AND (P) Rasapaiyan Chavati ul Street wd 2 , 6.Vadakaravayal (R.V) AND (P) Rasappaiyan Savati Main Road wd-2
61Panchayat Union Middle School, Thenkaravayal-612803 ,RCC Building South Facing 1.Vadakaravayal (R.V) AND (P) Rokkakuthakai wd-1 , 2.Vadakaravayal (R.V) AND (P) Shitharaman Savadi wd-1 , 3.Vadakaravayal (R.V) AND (P) Then karavayal Athithiravidar Street wd- 1 , 4.Vadakaravayal (R.V) AND (P) Thenkaravayal Kutiyana Street wd-1 , 5.Vadakaravayal (R.V) AND (P) North Utaiyar Manyam wd- 1
62P U E School Kanur Annavasal 612803 ,RCC Building Facing West, Northern Side 1.Annavasal Kudiyana Street , 2.Annavasal (R.V) Kannur Annavasal (P) Athithiravidar Main Road wd 1 , 3.Annavasal (R.V) Kannurannavasal (P) Athithiravidar North Street wd 1 , 4.Annavasal (R.V) Kannur annavasal (P) Athithiravidar South Colony Street wd 1 , 5.Annavasal (R.V) Kannurannavasal (P) Serumangalam Athithiravidar North Street wd 2 , 6.Annavasal (R.V) Kannurannavasal (P) Serumangalam Athithiravidar Meddu Street wd 2 , 7.Annavasal (R.V) Kannur annavasal (P) Serumagnalam kudiyana Street wd 2
63P U E School , Kanur Annavasal - 612803, ,RCC Building Facing West, Southern Side 1.Annavasal (R.V) Kannur (P) Kanur Sothiriyam kutiyana Street wd-2 , 2.Annavasal (R.V) Kannur annavasal (P) Kanur Sothiriyam kudiyana Street wd 2 , 3. Annavasal Thenpathi (R.V) kannur (P) Kanur paruthikottai East Street wd-3 , 4. Annavasal Thenpathi (R.V) kannur (P) P.Kottai Mathakoil Kristian Athithiravidar Street wd-3 , 5. Annavasal Thenpathi (R.V) kannur (P) Kanur paruthikottaimariyammankovil Street wd-3 , 6. Annavasal Thenpathi (R.V) kannur (P) Kanur paruthikottai Manchathital Street wd-3
64St.Marys Aided Ele. School , ,Melalavanthacheri 612803 1.Melalavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Kannampati Kuti Street wd-1 , 2.Melalavathacheri (R.V) AND (P) Melakarsangkudi Athithiravidar Street wd-1 , 3.Melalavathacheri (R.V) AND (P) Kelakarchangudi Kutiyana Street wd-1 , 4.Melalavathacheri (R.V) AND (P) Kelakiarchangkudi Athithairavidar Street wd-1 , 5.Melalavathacheri (R.V) AND (P) Matapuram Kutiyana Street wd-1 , 6.Melalavathacheri (R.V) ADN (P) Matapuram Athithiravidar Street wd-2 , 7.Melalavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Annama Santhanamatha Kovil Street, Anthoniyar Kovil Street , 8.Melalavathacheri (R.V) AND ( P) Devakuti North Street wd-3 , 9.Melalavathacheri (R.V) AND (P) Devakudi East Street wd-3 , 10.Melalavathacheri (R.V) ADN (P) Devakudi South Street wd-3 , 11.Melalavathacheri (R.V) AND (P) Devankudi West Sreet wd-3 , 12.Melalavathacheri (R.V) ADN (P) Devankudi Sampan Colonistreet wd-3
65P U M School, Rishiyur ,New RCC Building Facing South 1.Risiur (R.V) AND (p) Varatharaja Perumal kattalai wd-1 , 2.Risiur (R.V) AND (P) kattiyadi wd-1 , 3.Risiur (R.V) AND (P) West kutiyana Street wd-1 , 4.Risiur (R.V) AND (P) East kutiyana Street wd-2 , 5.Risiur (R.V) AND (P) North Street wd- 2 , 6.Risiur (R.V) AND (P) South Street Wd-2 , 7.Risiur (R.V) AND (P) kattaiyadi kutiyana Street wd-2 , 8.Risiur (R.V) AND (P) Manalmedu wd-2 , 9.Risiur (R.V) AND (P) Pachaikulam wd-2
66P.u.elementary School Northbuilding Northernside , ,Athangudi 614103 1.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) Nallavalampillai Pethi Street wd-1 , 2.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) V.R.N.Street wd-1 , 3.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) Valacheri Colony Street wd-1 , 4.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) Valacheri Main Road Street wd-1 , 5.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) Kelavalacheri Street wd-1 , 6.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) Shivan kovil Street wd-1
67P.U. Ele.School North Building Southernside.Athankudi.614103 ,Athangudi 614103 1.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) Mullilpallam wd-2 , 2.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) West Valacheri wd-2 , 3.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) North Street wd-2
68Community hall jeeva street ,Athangudi-614103 ,Athangudi 614103 1.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) Jeeva Street wd--3 , 2.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) Puthu Street wd--3 , 3.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) South Chethi Street wd-3
69P.u.elementary School Addl.building , ,Athangudi 614103 1.Athankudi (R.V) AND (p) Therkku Chethi Street wd-4 , 2.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) Murugan kovil Street wd-4 , 3.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) Lingathadi Street wd-4 , 4.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) Sharugai Street wd-4 , 5.Athankudi (R.V) AND (P) Manal kontan Street wd-4
70Govt girl Higher secondary school westernside , ,Akarapothakudi 614103 1.Aeikudi (R.V) AND (P) Puthukudi wd-1 , 2.Aeikudi (R.V) AND (P) Aeikudi Colony Street wd-1 , 3.Aeikudi (R.V) AND (P) Aeikudi kutiyana Street wd-1 , 4.Aeikudi (R.V) AND (P) Akarapothakudi kaliyamman kovil Street wd-1
71Govt.girls,Eeastern side R.No12 , ,Akarapothakudi 614103 1.Aeikudi (R.V) AND (P) Main Road wd-2 , 2.Aeikudi (R.V) AND (P) Saiyad Asim Street wd-2 , 3.Aeikudi (R.V) AND (P) Kamaliya Street wd-2 , 4.Aeikudi (R.V) AND (P) Rahmaniya Street wd-2 , 5.Aeikudi (R.V) AND (P) Moohamadhu Ali Street wd-2 , 6.Aeikudi (R.V) AND (P) Kaeithey Millath Street wd-2 , 7.Aeikudi (R.V) AND (P) Arapath Street wd-2 , 8.Aeikudi (R.V) AND (P) Valacheri wd-2
72Govt.boys, Addl. New Building Western Side R.No 4 & 5 ,Pothakudi 614103 1.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Puthu Street wd-1 , 2.Pothakudi(R.V) AND (P) Hajiyar Street wd-1 , 3.Pothakudi (R.V() AND (P) Apulkalam Asath Street wd-1 , 4.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Zaheer Hussian Street wd-1 , 5.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Mathina Street wd-1 , 6.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Apthullkalam Asath Street wd-1 , 7.Pothakudi (R.V0 AND (P) Apuhiraira Street wd-1 , 8.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Athithiravidar Street wd-1 , 9.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Akbar Street wd- 1 , 10.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) karimiyalen wd-1
73Panchayat Union Middle School Central Portion Eastern Side , ,Pothakudi 614103 1.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Jinnath Street wd-1 , 2.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) North Street wd-1 , 3.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) East Street wd-2 , 4.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Alimsa Street wd-2 , 5.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) South Street wd- 2 , 6.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Jalal Street wd-2 , 7.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Sharkuru Street wd-2 , 8.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Ismayil Street wd-2 , 9.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Gandhi Street wd-2
74Panchayat Union Middle School Central Portion Western Side , ,Pothakudi 614103 1.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Sherip Street wd-2 , 2.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Main Road wd-2 , 3.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) West Street wd-2 , 4.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Maithin Street wd-2 , 5.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Sathamhussian Street wd-2
75Pumiddle School Easternside , ,Pothakudi 614103 1.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Kareemiya Street wd - 6 , 2.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Nooriya Street wd-6 , 3.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Akamathiyar Street wd- -6
76P.U.Middle School ,Pothakudi ,Westernside South Facing Pothakudi 614103 1.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Moohamadhitya Street wd-6 , 2.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Savukath Ali Street wd - 6 , 3.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Pathuriya Street wd--6 , 4.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Indhu Mathar Street wd-6 , 5.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Gandhi Street wd- -3 , 6.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Sarippu Street wd -3 , 7.Pothakudi (P) Periyathaikal street wd-3
77P.u.Middle School westernside Building , ,Sekarai 614103 1.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Main Road wd- 4 , 2.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Gandhi Colony Nehru Street wd-4 , 3.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Natar Street wd-4 , 4.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Main Road wd-4 , 5.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Ambalakara Street wd-4 , 6.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Sejkarai Main Road wd--4 , 7.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Atrankarai Street Valluvar Street wd--4 , 8.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Shathiradi Street Mariyamman koeil Street wd-4 , 9.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Periyar Nagar wd-4
78Panchayat Union Middle School Sekarai 614103 ,Easternside Building 1.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Main Road wd-4 , 2.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Ambethkar Street wd-4 , 3.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Jeeva Street wd-4 , 4.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Shathirakudi Street wd-4 , 5.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Anna Nagar wd-4 , 6.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Mariyamman kovil Street wd-5 , 7.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Periyar Nagar wd-5 , 8.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Inthira Nagar wd-5 , 9.Pothakudi (R.V) AND (P) Milakukulam wd-5
79Panchayat Union Middle school Vizhalkottagam ,New RCC Building Facing East, Northern Wing 1.Vellakudi (R.V) AND (P) Pillayar Kovil Street Vellakudi wd-1 , 2.Vellakudi (R.V) AND (P) Colony Street Vellakudi wd-1 , 3.Vellakudi (R.V) AND (P) Kaliyamman Kovil Street Vellakudi wd-1 , 4.Vellakudi (R.V) AND (P) Amman Colony Vellakudi wd-1 , 5.Vellakudi (R.V) AND (P) East Street Vellakudi wd-1 , 6.Vellakudi (R.V) AND (P) West Street Velal Kottagam wd-2 , 7.Vellakudi (R.V) AND (P) Colony Street Velalkottagam wd-2 , 8.Vellakudi (R.V) AND (P) South Street Velal Kottagam wd-2 , 9.Vellakudi (R.V) AND (P) East Street Velal Kottagam wd-2
80P.u. Elementary School , ,karkovil Keelavanthacheri 6128031.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Karkovil Athithiravidar Street wd-1 , 2.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Karkovil Athithiravidar North Street wd-1 , 3.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Karkovil Athithiravidar West Street wd-1 , 4.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Karkovil KutiyanaK Street wd-1 , 5.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Athithiravidar North Street wd-1 , 6.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Athithiravidar West Street wd-1 , 7.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Athithiravidar East Street wd-1 , 8.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Athithiravidar South Street wd-1 , 9.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Melakutiyana Street wd-1 , 10.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Annasalai kutiyana Street wd-1 , 11.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Kutiyana Middle Street wd-2 , 12.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Thacha Street wd-2 , 13.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Karuvelankulam Kutiyana Street wd-2 , 14.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Kelakatttali wd-2 , 15.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Karuvelakulam West Street Wd2 , 16.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Karuvelangkulam Athithiravidar Street wd-2 , 17.Keelavanthacheri (R.V) AND (P) Attrangari Street w
81P.u.Middle School , ,Puthudevakudi 612803 1.Puthudevakudi (R.V) AND (P) Katai Street wd-1 , 2.Puthudevakudi (R.V) AND (P) Muthu Mariyamman Kovil Street wd-1 , 3.Puthudevakudi (R.V) AND (P) Shivan kovil Street wd-1 , 4.Puthudevakudi (R.V) AND (P) Palandevakudi wd-1 , 5.Puthudevakudi (R.V) AND (P) Kutiyana Street wd-1&2 , 6.Puthudevakudi (R.V) AND (P) Mettu Street wd-1 , 7.Puthudevakudi (R.V) AND (P) Akrahara Street wd- 1 , 8.Puthudevakudi (R.V) AND (P) Kelathotticolony Street wd-2&3 , 9.Puthudevakudi (P) Kelathoti Yadahav Nagar wd--3 , 10.Puthudevakudi (R.V) AND (P) Samuthayakarai wd-3
82P.u.Middle School , ,Arichapuram 614014 1.Arichapuram (R.V) AND (P) West Street wd-1 , 2.Arichapuram (R.V) AND (P) Main Road wd-1 , 3.Arichapuram (R.V) AND (P) Puthu Street 1-2 wd-1 , 4.Arichapuram (R.V) AND (P) Vaeikalkaran Street wd-1 , 5.Arichapuram (R.V) AND (P) North kutiyana Street wd-1 , 6.Arichapuram (R.V) AND (P) South kutiyana Street wd-2 , 7.Arichapuram (R.V) AND (P) Colony Street wd-2 , 8.Arichapuram (R.V) AND (P) Kaliyamman kovil Street I,II, Wd-2 , 9.Arichapuram (R.V) AND (P) South Sthithiravidar Street wd-2
83Sriramakrishna Aided Elementaryschool New Terraced Building , Chithambur 614102 ,Chithambur 614102 1.Chithampoor (R.V) AND (P) Kelpathi Thoppati wd-1 , 2.chithampoor (R.V) AND (P) Kalvalacheri Wd-1 , 3.chithampoor (R.V) AND (P) Shivapuram Wd-2 , 4.Chithampor (R.V) AND (P) Kottagam wd-2 , 5.Chithampoor (R.V) AND (P) chithampoor East Street wd-2 , 6.Chithampoor (R.V) AND (P) Chithampoor North Street wd-2 , 7.chithampoor (R.V) AND (P) Chithampoor South Street wd-2 , 8.chithampor (R.V) AND (P) Chithampoor West Street wd-2
84P.U. Ele. School Kudithankichery. ,New RCC Building 1.chithampor (R.V) AND (P) Kudithankicheri Balathadi wd-3 , 2.chithampor (R.V) AND (P) Kudithankicheri North Street wd-3 , 3.chithampor (R.V) AND (P) Kudithangicheri South Street wd-3
85Government Adi Dravidar Higher Secondary School, Savalakaran 614014 ,Main Building (South Facing) Main Hall Eastren Portion 1.Savalakaran (R.V) and (P) Savalakaran West Street ward 1 , 2.Savalakaran (R.V) and (P) Savalakaran East Street ward 1 , 3.Savalakaran (R.V) and (P) Keelanallanallur Ward 2 , 4.Savalakaran (R.V) and (P) Mela Nalanallur ward 2 , 5.Savalakaran (R.V) and (P) Arasur East Street ward 3 , 6.Savalakaran (R.V) and (P) Arasur West Street ward 3
86P.U.E.School Vetaithidal 614014 , Main Building, Easternside 1.Karunavur (R.V) ,Vettithidal (P) Kudiyana West Street Ward 1 , 2.Karunavur (R.V) ,Vettithidal (P) Keela Adidravidar Colony Mainroad Ward 1 , 3.Karunavur (R.V) ,Vettithidal (P) West Adidravidar Colony Mainroad Ward 1 , 4.Karunavur (R.V) ,Vettithidal (P) Keela Adidravidar Colony Salaiyoram Ward 2 , 5.Karunavur (R.V) ,Vettithidal (P) West Adidravidar Colony Salaiyoram Ward 2 , 6.Karunavur (R.V) ,Vettithidal (P) Agamalankarai ward 3 , 7.Karunavur (R.V) ,Vettithidal (P) Keela karnavur ward 3 , 8.Karunavur (R.V) ,Vettithidal (P) Alachery harijana St ward 3 , 9.Karunavur (R.V) ,Vettithidal (P) Alachery Kudiyanana St ward 3 , 10.Karunavur (R.V) ,Vettithidal (P) Sothiriyam Ward 3 , 11.Karunavur (R.V) ,Vettithidal (P) Edastreet Ward 3
87P.U.E.School Karnavur 614014 ,Main Building 1.Karunavur (R.V) and (P) Kudiyana St ward 1 , 2.Karunavur (R.V) and (P) Harijana St ward 1 , 3.Karunavur (R.V) and (P) Thiruvasalkulam Ward 1 , 4.Karnavur (R.V) and (P) Tharisuveli Harijana St Ward 1 , 5.Aravathur (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Harijana East st aravathur ward 2 , 6.Aravathur (R.V) and Karunavur (P) Kudiyana st aravathur ward 2 , 7.Aravathur (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Harijana St Aravathur Ward 2 , 8.Aravathur (R.V), Karunavur (P) Harijana St Vengaipuram ward 2 , 9.Aravathur (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Harijana St Ullurvattam ward 2 , 10.Aravathur (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Kudiyana St south Udiyarmaniyam ward 2
88P.U.M.School Pamani 614014 , Main Building , Southern Wing 1.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Munnazhi Kattali ward 4 , 2.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Odapattakarai St ward 4 , 3.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Kuruvaimozhi East St ward 4 , 4.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Kuruvaimozhi West St Ward 4 , 5.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) North Udaiyar Maniyam Ward 3 , 6.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Sithalachcheri Ward 3 , 7.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Poosari St ward 3 , 8.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Mettu St ward 3 , 9.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Pamani Mainroad Ward 3 , 10.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Sivankovil Southveedhi ward 3 , 11.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Sivankovil Melaveedhi Ward 3 , 12.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) PudhuSt ward 3 , 13.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Chandrasekarapuram Ward 3 , 14.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Sivankovil Northveedhi ward 3 , 15.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Sivankovil Keelaveedhi ward 3
89P.U.M.School Pamani 614014 ,Main Building , Northern Wing 1.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Pamani adidravidar West St ward 2 , 2.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Pamanimainroad ward 2 , 3.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Adidravidar East St ward 2 , 4.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Adidravidar Westkurukku St ward 2 , 5.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Adidravidar Ambalakarar colony 2 , 6.Pamani (R.V) ,Karunavur (P) Adidravidar Puthiya Colony Ward 2 , 7.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Adidravidar West Kurukku St ward 1,2 , 8.Pamani (R.V) ,Karunavur (P) Adidravidar North St ward 3 , 9.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) South Udiyarmaniyam Ward 3 , 10.Pamani (R.V) , Karunavur (P) Devedrapuram Ward 3 , 11.Pamani (R.V) ,Karunavur (P) Punniyakudi Ward 3
90P.U.E.School Moovanallur 614001 ,Terraced Building, Western Side 1.Moovanallur (R.V) and (P) West St ward 2 , 2.Moovanallur (R.V) and (P) Ayyaruvandiyar St ward 1,3
91P.U.E.School Moovanallur 614001 ,Terraced Building, Eastern Side 1.Moovanallur (R.V) and (P) East St Nadu St ward 1 , 2.Moovanallur (R.V) and (P) Adidravidar St ward 4
92Thirumurugan High.School Melavasal 614001 ,Mainbuilding,Middle Wing 1.Melavasal (R.V) and (P) Mela Nadu Street ward 2 , 2.Melavasal (R.V) and (P) Keela Nadu street Ward 1 , 3.Melavasal (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 1 , 4.Melavasal (R.V) and (P) Keela Aattrankarai Street Ward 3 , 5.Melavasal (R.V) and (P) Thaskandu Street Ward 4 , 6.Melavasal (R.V) and (P) Periyar Street Ward 1,3
93Thirumurugan High.School Melavasal 614001 ,New Building, Westernwing 1.Melavasal (R.V) and (P) Keela Street Ward 2 , 2.Melavasal (R.V) and (P) MelaStreet Ward 3 , 3.Melavasal (R.V) and (P) Ambethkar Colony Ward 3
94Thirumurugan High.School Melavasal 614001 ,New Building, South Facing East Wing 1.Melavasal (R.V) and (P) Kumarapuram Ward-4 , 2.Melavasal (R.V) and (P) Gandhinagar Ward 4
95P.U.E.School Edayarembethi 614001 ,Main Building Northera Wing 1.Edyarembetthi (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 1 , 2.Edyarembetthi (R.V) and (P) MelaStreet ward 2 , 3.Edyarembetthi (R.V) and (P) Ambathkar Colony Ward 2 , 4.Edyarembetthi (R.V) and (P) Keela Street ward 3 , 5.Edyarembetthi (R.V) and (P) MelaStreet ward 3
96P.U.E.School Karikottai 614001 ,Terraced Building 1.Karikottai (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward-1 , 2.Karikottai (R.V) and (P) Colony Street Ward-1 , 3.Karikottai (R.V) and (P) KeelaStreet Ward-2 , 4.Karikottai (R.V) and (P) South Street Ward 3 , 5.Karikottai (R.V) and (P) South Natham Ward-3
97P.U.Middle School, Karakottai 614013 ,Eastern side Add.Building West Facing 1.karakottai (R.V) AND (P) Kelakudikadu wd-1 , 2.karakottai (R.V) AND (P) Varadukulam Street wd-1 , 3.karakottai (R.V) AND (P) kelakudikadu Street wd-1 , 4.karakottai (R.V) AND (P) Main Road Street wd-1 , 5.karakottai (R.V) AND (P) Thannir Panthal Street wd--1 , 6.karakottai (R.V0 AND (P) East Athithiravidar Street wd-2 , 7.karakottai (R.V) AND (P) Natesan Street wd-2 , 8.karakottai (R.V) AND (P) South Athithiravidar Street wd--2 , 9.karakottai (R.V) AND (P) Athithiravidar Colony wd-2
98P.U.Middle School, Northernside New Building, Eastwing ,Karakkottai - 614013 1.karakottai (P) East Street wd-3 , 2.karakottai (R.V) AND (P) Poosari Street wd-3 , 3.karakottai (R.V) AND (P) Middle Street wd--4 , 4.karakottai (R.V) AND (P) North Street wd-4 , 5.karakottai (R.V) AND (P) West Street wd-4 , 6.karakottai (R.V) AND (P) Melakadu wd-4 , 7.karakottai (R.V) AND (P) Erikarai wd-4
99P.U.Middle School Terraced Main Building Northern Side, west wing ,Serumangalam 614001 1.sherumangalam (R.V) AND (P) North Street wd-1 , 2.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Gandhiyar Street wd-1 , 3.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Thapal Offic Road wd- 1-2 , 4.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Bharathiyar Street wd-2
100P.U.Middle School Serumangalam 614001 ,RCC Main Building Southern Side,west Facing 1.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Ricemil Street wd-2 , 2.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Erikarai Street wd-1 , 3.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Kurunathan koeil street wd-2 , 4.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Main Road wd-1 , 5.Serumangalam ((R.V) AND (p) West Street wd-1-2 , 6.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) East Street wd-1
101P.U.Middle School Serumangalam 614001 ,South Facing Terraced Main Building 1.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Priyar Puram wd-3 , 2.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Ambethkar colony wd--3 , 3.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Kakkan Street wd-3
102P.U.Elementary School Kanchikudikadu 614001 ,North Facing New RCC Building 1.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Apparasam Pattai North Street wd-4 , 2.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Pillaiyar koeil street wd-4 , 3.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Ambalakara Street wd-4 , 4.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Kanchikudikadu South Street wd-4 , 5.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Puthu Street wd-4
103P. U.Elementary School Terraced Main Building , ,Athikottai 614028 1.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Athekottai pallakollai Colony wd-5 , 2.Serumangalam (R.V) AND (p) Athikottai wd-5
104Government High School Kattakudi 614018 ,Additional Building North facing 1.Kattakudi (P) Perayur 3 (R.V) Chinnakarakottai wd-1 , 2.Kattakudi (P) Perayur 3 (R.V) Kattakudi tharkas wd-1 , 3.Kattakudi(P) Perayur-4 (R.V) Kattakudi West Street wd-2 , 4.Kattakudi(P) Perayur -4 (R.V) Kattakudi south street wd-2 , 5.Kattakudi(P) Perayur -4 (R.V) Mudukku Street wd-3 , 6.Kattakudi(P) Perayur -4 (R.V) Ambalakara Street wd-3
105Government High School Kattakudi 614018 ,East Facing South wing, Building 1.Perayur -4 (R.V) Kattakudi(P) Athithiravidar Street wd-3 , 2.Perayur -4 (R.V) Kattakudi(P) Countar Street wd-3 , 3.Perayur -4 (R.V) Kattakudi(P) Kadu Street wd-3 , 4.Perayur-4 (R.V) Kattakudi(P) Utaiyar Street wd-4 , 5.Perayur -4 (R.V) Kattakudi(P) Apparasam Pattai wd-5
106Govt. Hr.sec. School West Side Main Building 6th Class Room , ,Peraiyur 614018 1.Peyraiur 1 (R.V) AND (P) East Street wd-1 , 2.Peyraiur (P) Nadu Street wd-1 , 3.Peyraiur 1 (R.V) AND (P) North Street wd-1 , 4.Peyraiur 1 (R.V) AND (P) Athithiravidar Street wd-2
107Govt. Hr.sec. School Terraced Building Eastern Side 10th Class Room , ,Peraiyur 614018 1.Peyraiur 1 (R.V) AND (P) Vantaiyar kudikadu wd-3 , 2.Peyraiur 1 (R.V) AND (P) Maniyan Street wd-4 , 3.Peyraiur 1 (R.V) AND (P) South Street wd-4
108P.U.Elementary Terraced Building , ,Ovelkudi 614018 1. Perayur 2 (R.V) AND (P) North Street wd-5 , 2.Peyraiur 2 (R.V) AND (P) Konar Street wd-5 , 3.Peyraiur 2 (R.V)) AND (P) Middle Street wd-5 , 4.Peyraiur 2 (R.V) AND (P) Vedikadu wd-5
109Vaduvoor .Higher Secondary School, Vaduvoor Agraharam 614019 , New Terraced Building East Wing South Facing 1.Vaduvur Agraharam (R.V) AND (P) Thanjavur Main Road wd-3 , 2.Vaduvur Agraharam (R.V) AND (P) South Sannathi Street wd-3 , 3.Vaduvur Agraharam (R.V) AND (P) Thattara Street wd-3 , 4.Vaduvur Agraharam (R.V) AND (P) South Street wd-3 , 5.Vaduvur Agraharam (P) Kelamanadi Street wd-3 , 6.Vaduvur Agraharam (R.V) AND (P) Kadai Street wd-3
110Vaduvoor Higher Secondary School, Vaduvur Agraharam - 614019 , New Terraced Building Westernwing South Facing 1.Vaduvur Agraharam (R.V) AND (P) Ambalakara Street wd-2 , 2.Vaduvur Agraharam (R.V) AND (P) Purana Street wd-2 , 3.Vaduvur Agraharam (R.V) AND (P) Vettan Street wd-2 , 4.Vaduvur Agraharam (R.V) AND (P) North Sannathi Street wd-2 , 5.Vaduvur Agraharam (R.V) AND (P) Hospital Raod wd-2
111P.U.Elementary School New Terraced Building south Side , ,Vaduvoor Agraharam 614019 1.Vaduvur Agraharam (R.V) AND (P) North Street wd-1 , 2.Vaduvur Agraharam (P) Eda Street wd-1 , 3.Vaduvur Agraharam (R.V) AND (P) South mil Street wd-4 , 4.Vaduvur Agraharam (R.V) AND (P) Thelungu Street wd-4 , 5.Vaduvur Agraharam (R.V) AND (P) South Street wd-4
112P.U E.School ,Vaduvoor Puthukottai 614019 ,Northern Side Building mangalore Tild Western WingVaduvoor Puthukottai 614019 1.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND (P) Adicheri Street wd-1 , 2.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND ( P) West Street wd-1 , 3.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND (P) North Street wd-2
113P.U E.School ,Vaduvoor Puthukottai 614019 ,Northernside Mangalore Tilled Building,East wing 1.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND ( P) East Street wd-2 , 2.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND (P) Uthamkudi Street wd-2 , 3.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND (P) Therkku Natham Street wd-2
114P.U.Elementary School Terraced Main Building , ,Vaduvur Saththanur 614019 1.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND ( P) South Street wd-8 , 2.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND (P) East Street wd-8 , 3.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND (P) North Street wd-9 , 4.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND (P) North Street, Athithiravidar Street wd-9 , 5.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND (P) Athithiravidar Street wd-9
115P.U. Middle School Easterm side Addl Building , ,Vaduvoor Thenpathi 614019 1.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND (P) Rasan Street wd-10 , 2.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND (P) Balan Street wd-10 , 3.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND (P) South Street wd-10 , 4.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND (P) Middle Street wd-11
116P.U.Middle School ,Vaduvoor Thenpathi 614019 ,Westernside Additional Building Terraced Vaduvoor 1.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND (P) Devan Street wd--11 , 2.Vaduvur thenpathi (R.V) AND (P) Kathaei Amman Kovil Street wd--11 , 3.Vaduvur thenpathi(R.V) AND (P) Vadivirayan Street wd-12
117Govt Hr.sec. School Terraced Building westernwing , ,Karuvakuruchi 614018 1.Karuvakurichi (R.V) AND (P) North Valaivu wd-1 , 2.Karuvakurichi (R.V) AND (P) North street wd-1 , 3.Kafuvkuruchi (R.V) AND (P) Muthal Street wd-2 , 4.Kafuvkuruchi (R.V) AND (P) Middle Street wd-2 , 5.Kafuvkuruchi (R.V) AND (P) Muniyan Street wd-2 , 6.Kafuvkuruchi (R.V) AND (P) Mela Valaivu wd-2
118Govt. Hr.sec. School Karuvakuruchi 614018 ,western side Terraced Building Eastern wing 1.Karuvakuruchi (R.V) AND (P) Pillaiyar koeil Street wd--3 , 2.Karuvakuruchi (R.V) AND (P) West Street wd-3 , 3.Karuvakuruchi (R.V) AND (P) East street wd- 3 , 4.Karuvakuruchi (R.V) AND (P) South Street wd-4 , 5.Karuvakuruchi (R.V) AND (P) Athithiravidar street wd--4
119P.U.M.School, Karuvakuruchi Colony 614018 ,Northern Side Terraced Building West Wing 1.Karuvakuruch (R.V) AND (P) Mukulam Sathanur Karuvakuruchi colony wd-1 , 2.Karuvakuruchi (R.V) AND (P) Mukulam Tharkasu wd-2
120P.U.M.School,Northern side Terraced Building, West Facing , Karuvakuruchi Colony 614018 1.Karuvakuruchi (R.V) AND (P) Thalikottai Colony wd-1
121P.U.Elementary School RCC Main Building , ,Mukulam Sathanur 614018 1.Karuvakuruch (R.V) AND (P) Sathanur wd-3 , 2.Karuvakuruch (R.V) AND (P) Mukulam wd-4
122P.U.M.School, Terraced Main Building Middle Portion , ,Nallikottai 614018 1.ThaliKkottai (R.V) AND (P) Nallikottai wd-1 , 2.ThaliKkottai (R.V) AND (P) Anna Nagar wd-2 , 3.ThaliKkottai (R.V) AND (P) Perunthalaivar Kamarajar Nagar wd-1 , 4.ThaliKkottai (R.V) AND (P) Thiru.V.K.Nagar wd-2
123P.U.M.SchoolTerraced Main Building North Side West face ,Thalikottai 614018 1.Thalikottai (R.V) AND (P) East Street wd-1
124P.U.M.School Terraced Building North face South wing ,Thalikottai 614018 1.Thalikottai (R.V) AND (P) West Street wd-2 , 2.Thalikottai (R.V) AND (P) Melathalikottai wd-3
125G.Hr.Sec.School North side New Building Western wing , Mahadevapattinam 614018 1.Mahadevapattanam (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Mainroad Ward 1 , 2.Mahadevapattanam (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Kammala Street Ward 2 , 3.Mahadevapattanam (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) EllaiyammanKovil Street ward 1 , 4.Mahadevapattanam (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Keelavadi Street Ward 2 , 5.Mahadevapattanam (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Thanchirayar Street Ward 2
126G.Hr.Sec.School New Building Eastern Side Western wing ,Mahadevapattinam 614018 1.Mahadevapattanam (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Ambalakara Street ward 1 , 2.Mahadevapattanam (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) North Street ward 1 , 3.Mahadevapattanam (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Vellala Street Ward 1 , 4.Mahadevapattanam (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Vandaiyar Street Ward 2
127G.H.S.School Additional Building, Westernside South Facing , Mahadevapattinam 614018 1.Mahadevapattanam 1 (R.V) ,Mahadevapattanam (P) Pettai Mainroad Ward 2 , 2.Mahadevapattanam 1 (R.V) ,Mahadevapattanam (P) SouthSeetharam Ward 2 , 3.Mahadevapattanam 2 (R.V) ,Mahadevapattanam (P) North Seetharam Ward 2 , 4.Mahadevapattanam 2 (R.V) ,Mahadevapattanam (P) Mela Street Ward 2
128G.H.S.School Mahadevapattinam 614018 ,New Building South facing, Eastern Side, East wing Mahadevapattinam 614018 1.Mahadevapattanam 2 (R.V) ,Mahadevapattanam (P) Andonyar Kovil Street Ward 3 , 2.Mahadevapattanam 1 (R.V) ,Mahadevapattanam (P) Sebasthiyar Kovil Street Ward 3 , 3.Mahadevapattanam 1 (R.V) ,Mahadevapattanam (P) Keelapettai Ward 3 , 4.Mahadevapattanam 1 (R.V) ,Mahadevapattanam (P) Nayakar street Ward 3
129G.H.S.School Mahadevapattinam 614018 ,Additional Building Eastern Side 1.Mahadevapattanam 1 (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Kandiyar Street Ward 3 , 2.Mahadevapattanam 1 (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Kaller Street Ward 3 , 3.Mahadevapattanam 2 (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Mariammal Kovil Street Ward 4 , 4.Mahadevapattanam 2 (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Throwpathiamman Kovil Street Ward 4 , 5.Mahadevapattanam 2 (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Singarathottam (Kottai) Ward 4 , 6.Mahadevapattanam 1 (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Melapettai Ward 4 , 7.Mahadevapattanam 1 (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Kandithoppu Ward 4 , 8.Mahadevapattanam 1 (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Ambalakara Street Thalikottai Ward 4 , 9.Mahadevapattanam 1 (R.V) , Mahadevapattanam (P) Nanasakeef Thottam Harijana Street Ward 4
130P.U.M.School New buildingEastern side South Wing , Melanemmeli 614018 1.Nemmeli (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 1 , 2.Mela Nemmeli (R.V) and (P) KeelaNemmeli Ward 3
1311.Nemmeli (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 1 , 2.Mela Nemmeli (R.V) and (P) KeelaNemmeli Ward 3 1.Nemmeli (R.V)and (P) South Street Ward 2
132Panchayat Union Middle School Melathirupalakudi 614018 ,Southernside Building (Tiled) 1.Thiruppalakudi 1 (R.V) , Melathiruppalakudi (P) North Street ward 1 , 2.Thiruppalakudi 1 (R.V) , Melathiruppalakudi (P) North Street Ward 2 , 3.Thiruppalakudi 1 (R.V) , Melathiruppalakudi (P) North Street Ward 3
133Panchayat Union Middle School Northern Side Terraced Building East Facing ,Melathirupalakudi 614018 1.Thiruppalakudi 1 (R.V) , Melathiruppalakudi (P) South Street Ward 3 , 2.Thiruppalakudi 1 (R.V) , Melathiruppalakudi (P) South street Ward 4
134Thiruvalluvar Govt Higher.Sec. School Alankottai 614018 ,Main Building Room No.3 South Facing 1.Keelathiruppalakudi Panchayat Alankottai Athikottai Adidravidar Colony Ward , 2.Keelathiruppalakudi Panchayat Alankottai Annanagar Ward2,1 , 3.Thirupalakudi (R.V) , Keelathiruppalakudi (P) Alankottai MelaStreet ward 1,2 , 4.Thiruppalakudi 1 (R.V) Keelathiruppalakudi (P) Alankottai Thiruvalluvar Nagar Ward 2,3 , 5.Thiruppalakudi (R.V) , Keelathiruppalakudi (P) Alankottai Aattrankarai Street Ward 2
135Thiruvalluvar Govt Higher.Sec. School Alankottai 614018 ,New Southernside Building Room No:10 1.Keelathiruppalakudi Panchayat Alankottai North Street Keela Street Ward 1 , 2.Keelathiruppalakudi Panchayat Alankottai South Street Ward 2
136P.U.E.School Main Building East Facing , Keelathirupalakudi 614018 1.Thiruppalakudi 3 (R.V) , Keelathiruppalakudi (P) Rastha Road Mainroad Ward 3
137P.U.E.School New Building North Facing , Keelathirupalakudi 614018 1.Thirupplakudi 3 (R.V) Keelathiruppalakudi (P) Keelathiruppalakudi Ward 3,4
138P.U.M.School Neduvakottai 614001 ,Mainbuilding, Westernwing 1.Neduvakottai (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 1 , 2.Neduvakottai (R.V) and (P) MelaStreet Ward 1 , 3.Neduvakottai (R.V) and (P) South Street ward 1,2
139P.U.M.School Neduvakottai 614001 ,New Building Northern wing 1.Neduvakottai (R.V) and (P) Keela Street ward 3 , 2.Neduvakottai (R.V) and (P) Vaduvur Salai Omsakthi Nagar Ward 3 , 3.Neduvakottai (R.V) and (P) Ambethkar Nagar Ward 3
140P.U.E.School Melanagai 614001 ,Western Side East facing building 1.Neduvakottai (R.V) and (P) Keelanagai Ward 4 , 2.Neduvakottai (R.V) and (P) Melanagai Ward 5
141Mannargudi Municipal Jaina Street Elementary School, Mannargudi 614001 ,New Building South facing Eastern wing 1.Mannargudi (M) Maligaimedu Ward 1 , 2.Mannargudi (M) Maligaimedu Colony Ward 1 , 3.Mannargudi (M) MelavizhalkaraStreet ward 1 , 4.Mannargudi (M) Keelavilakara Street ward 1 , 5.Mannargudi (R.V) and (M) Ramanathan Street ward 1
142Mannargudi Municipal Jaina Street Elementary School, New Building South facing Eastern wing ,Mannargudi 614001 1.Mannargudi (M) Mela Jaina Street Ward 2 , 2.Mannargudi (M) Keela Jaina Street ward 2 , 3.Mannargudi (R.V) and (M) Jaina Sannathi Street Ward 2 , 4.Mannargudi (R.V) and (M) Kusavan Street Ward 2 , 5.Mannargudi (R.V) and (M) Ambalakarath Street Ward 2 , 6.Melavasal (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) Moovanallur Road Ward 2
143St.Joseph Elementary School,Uppukkara Street, Mannargudi-614001 ,Main Building, Eastern Side,North Wing 1.Mannargudi (P) Harithiranathi West Ward 3 , 2.Mannargudi (P) Harithiranathi Street North ward 3 , 3.Mannargudi (M) Harithiranathi East Ward 3 , 4.Mannargudi (R.V) and (M) Nidamangalam Road Ward 3
144St.Joseph Elementary School Mannargudi 614001 ,Western Side Main Building,East Facing, Mannargudi (M) Uppukarath Street Ward 4
145St.Joseph Elementary School Mannargudi 614001 ,Main Building,Northern Side,South Facing 1.Mannargudi (M) Piruthavanam Nagar Ward 4
146St.Joseph Elementary School Mannargudi 614001 ,Mani Building South Side,North Facing 1.Mannargudi Municipal Annavasal Seniyath Street Ward-4 , 2.Mannargudi (M) Ragavan Street Ward 4
147Jayankondanathar Municipal Primary School, Mannargudi 614001 , Mainbuilding , Northernwing 1.Mannargudi (M) Karthanathapuram , 2.Ramapuram (R.V) Mannargudi (M) Jayakondanathar West , 3.Ramapuram (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) Jayakondanathar North , 4.Ramapuram (R.V) ,Mannargudi (M) Jayakondanathar East , 5.Ramapuram (R.V) ,Mannargudi (M) Jayakondanathar South , 6.Mannargudi (R.V) and (M) Jenbaga Ricemill Road , 7.Ramapuram (R.V) Mannargudi (M) Ramanujam Street
148Jayankondhanathar Municipal Primary School, Mannargudi 614001 , South Portion Main Building Mannargudi 1.Ramapuram (R.V) Mannargudi (M) Railway Colony , 2.Ramapuram (R.V) Mannargudi (M) Pattkara Street , 3.Ramapuram (R.V) Mannargudi (M) Gandhiroad , 4.Ramapuram (R.V) Mannargudi (M) Mannai Nagar Ward 5
149Sri Bharathi Vidhiyala High School, K.S.S. Street Mannargudi ,Main Building (RCC) Western facing 1.Mannargudi (M) Tiruvarur Road , 2.Kailasanatharkovil (R.V) Ramapuram (P) Kailasanathar Kovil Sannathi Street , 3.Kailasanatharkovil (R.V) Ramapuram (P) Mettupaliyam Street , 4.Kailasanatharkovil (R.V) Ramapuram (P) Mettupaliyam Adidravidar Street
150Sri Bharathi Vidyalaya High School,K.S.S Street Mannargudi - 614001 ,North Side Tiled Building, 1.Mannargudi (M) Thoppu Street , 2.Kailasanatharkovil (R.V) Ramapuram (P) Mothilal Street , 3.Kailasanatharkovil (R.V) Ramapuram (P) Kailasanathar Adidravidar Street , 4.Mudhal Sethi (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) Mudhal Sethi Keela Palla Street , 5.Mudhal Sethi (R.V), Mannargudi (N) Mudhal Sethi Mela Palla Street , 6.Mannargudi (M) A16 th Street , 7.Kailasanatharkovil (R.V) Ramapuram (P) AngalammanKovil Street
151Municipal Rajampalayam Middle School , Mannargudi 614001 ,Add.building Northern side facing West 1.Mannargudi (M) Akkarai Senkuthar Keela Street Ward 7 , 2.Mannargudi (M) Tiruvarur Road Ward 7 , 3.Mannargudi (M)l Kailasanathar Sannathi street Ward 7 , 4.Mannargudi (R.V) and (M) Mariammankovil nadu Street Ward 7 , 5.Mannargudi (R.V) and (M) Mariammankovil North Street Ward 7 , 6.Mannargudi (R.V) and (M) Mariammankovil Sannathi Street Ward 7 , 7.Mannargudi (M) Natarajan KeelaStreet Ward 7
152Municipal Rajampalayam Middle School, Mannargudi 614001 , New Building Northern Side Middle Portion 1.Asesham (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) Udaiyar Street , 2.Mannargudi (M) Kasalakara Street , 3.Mannargudi (M) Keelmel vaniya Street , 4.Mannargudi (M) Thenvadal VaniyaStreet , 5.Mannargudi (M) Keelapalam , 6.Asesham (R.V) ,Mannargudi (M) Mandhakara 2nd Street , 7.Asesham (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) Mandhakara Nadu Street , 8.Mannargudi (M) Thenvadal Rajampalayam Street , 9.Asesham (R.V), Mannargudi (M) Mandhakara Third Street
153Municipal Rajampalayam Middle School, New Building Northernwing ,,Mannargudi- 614001 1.Asesham (R.V), Mannargudi (M) Thiruthuraipoondi Road , 2.Asesham (R.V) ,Mannargudi (M) Keelmel Rajampalaiyam Street
154Pragasam Aided Elementary School , Mannargudi 614001 , Mainbuilding Easte Side facing South 1.Asesham (R.V) Mannargudi (M) KSS Street Ward 9 , 2.Asesham (R.V), Mannargudi (M) KSS Street Ward 9 , 3.Asesham (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) Keela Mudhal Street Ward 9 , 4.Asesham (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) Keela Second Street Ward 9 , 5.Asesham (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) Keela Third Street Ward 9 , 6.Asesham (R.V) ,Mannargudi (M) Nallankuttai West Ward 9
155Sri Ganapathivilas Aided Elementary School, Mannargudi- 614001 ,New Building,Southern Portion West Facing 1.Asesham (R.V), Mannargudi (M) Keela Othai Street Ward 10 , 2.Mannargudi (M) Naduvaniyar Street Ward 10 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal VPN Street Ward-10 , 4.Mannargudi (M) Valiyankara street Ward 10 , 5.Mannargudi (R.V)and (M) Keelaperiya Senguthar street ward10 , 6.Mannargudi (M) Pakkupettai Street Ward 10 , 7.Mannargudi (M) Keelarajaveedhi Ward10
156Municipal Keelarajaveedhi Primary School , Mannargudi 614001 , Mainbuilding, Kuttaikara Street 1.Mannargudi Municipal KeelaPadmasalavar Street Ward 11 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Krishanan Street Ward 11 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Kuttaikarai Street Ward 11 , 4.Mannargudi Municipal Sanjirayan Kovil Street Ward 11 , 5.Mannargudi Municipal Kailasanathar Kovil Melamadavizhakam Ward 11 , 6.Mannargudi Municipal Vaduka Street Ward 11
157Manimekalai Middle School, Mannargudi, , Main Building (Tiled) Facing East 1.Mannargudi Municipal GandhiRoad Ward-12 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Thenvadal Kakeethapattrai Street Ward-12 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Keelamel Kakeethapattrai Street Ward-12 , 4.Mannargudi Municipal Thiruparkadal Street Ward-12 , 5.Mannargudi Municipal Sadagopan Street Ward-12 , 6.Mannargudi Municipal Kurukku Padmasalavar Street Ward-12 , 7.Mannargudi Municipal Kurukku Thirupparkadal Street Ward-12
158C.S.I Nephier Primary School, Mannargudi 614001 ,New Building 1.Mannargudi Municipal Vanakara Street , 2.Mannargudi Municipal 30 Vadhu Street (Mela Padma salavar Street) , 3.Mannargudi Municipal AnumarKovil Street , 4.Mannargudi Municipal Siyamala Devi Street , 5.Mannargudi Municipal Keelarajaveedhi
159National Primary School, Mannargudi 614001 ,Main Building Southern Side 1.Asesham (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) Mela Mudhal Street Ward-14 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Gandhi Road Ward-14 , 3.Asesham (R.V) Mannargudi (M) Hospital Road Ward 14 , 4.Mannargudi Municipal Singaravel street Ward-14 , 5.Mannargudi Municipal Kasukara Street Ward 14 , 6.Mannargudi Municipal Melasenguthar Street Ward-14 , 7.Asesham (R.V) ,Mannargudi (M) Mela Othai Street Ward-14
160Findlay H.S.School, Mannargudi 614001 , Western Mani Building Room No.11 1.Asesham (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) Mela Second Street Ward 15 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Mela Third Street Ward15
161Findlay H.S.School, Western Building Room No.12 , Mannargudi 614001 1.Asesham (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) Mela Nangam Street Ward 15 , 2.Asesham (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) South Sengunthar Street Ward 15 , 3.Asesham (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) Sanjeevi Street Ward 15
162St Joesph Girls Higher Sec.School, Mannargudi 614001 , Mainbuilding, Eastern Portion, Room No.4 1.Asesham (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) Kamatchiammankovil Street Ward 16 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Kurukku Kasangukara Street Ward 16 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Balakrishana Nagar Saradha Nagar Ward 16 , 4.Mannargudi Municipal Saradha Nagar Ward-16
163St.Joesph Girls Higher Sec. School, Mannargudi 614001 , Main Building Western Portion Room No.10 1.Asesham (R.V) ,Mannargudi (M) Palaiya Thanjavur Road Ward 16 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Gopiralayam Eda Street Ward-16 , 3.Asesham (R.V), Mannargudi (R.V) Kaliammankovil Street Ward 16
164Municipal Model Middle School, Mannargudi 614001 , New Main Building, Northern side 1.Mannargudi Municipal Periya Vishwapramana Veedhi Ward-18 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Vishuwanathan Street Ward-17 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Thenvadal Sathara Street Ward 17 , 4.Mannargudi Municipal Mahamariammankovil Street Ward-17 , 5.Mannargudi Municipal Keelmel Sathara Street Ward 17 , 6.Mannargudi Municipal Periyakadai Street ward-18 , 7.Mannargudi Municipal PostOffice Sandhu Ward-18 , 8.Mannargudi Municipal Masthan palli Street Ward 18
165Municipal Model Middle School, New Main Building, sourthern side ,Mannargudi 614001 1.Mannargudi Municipal Periya Pallivasal Street Ward-18 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Kamaliya Street ward-18 , 3.Asesham (R.V) ,Mannargudi Municipal Vazhaipazha Street Ward 17 , 4.Mannargudi Municipal Azad Street Ward 18
166Manimekalai Middle School, Mannargudi 614001 ,Additional Tiled Building Facing North 1.Mannargudi Municipal Thamaraikulam West Ward-19 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Thamaraikulam North Ward-19 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Sekkeliyar Palaiyam (32vadhu Street) ward 19 , 4.Mannargudi Municipal Arucikadai Sandhu Ward-19
167Dharani Matric Higher Secondary School Mannargudi 614001 ,,West Side,Room No.10,G.S North Street 1.Mannargudi Municipal Mannappan Ward-20 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Keelavadambokki Street Ward 20
168Western Primary School , Mannargudi 614001 ,Main Building 1.Mannargudi Municipal Paraungusam Street Ward-21 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Melarajaveedhi Ward-21 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Natesan Street Ward-21 , 4.Mannargudi Municipal Vinobaji Street Ward-21
169St.Joseph High School,Mannargudi 614001 ,Southern Building Northern wing 1.Mannargudi Municipal Annavasal Street Ward 22 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Thirumanjanaveedhi Ward 22 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Harithiranathi South Ward- 22 , 4.Mannargudi Municipal Mummoorthy Vinayagar Kovil Street Ward 22 , 5.Mannargudi Municipal Gopala Samuthuram North Ward-22 , 6.Mannargudi Municipal Raagopalaswamy Sannathi ward 22 , 7.Mannargudi Municipal Gopalasamuthuram East Ward 22
170Municipal Gopalasamuthram Middle School,M G R Nagar Mannargudi 614001 ,Main Building Room No .2 1.Mannargudi Municipal Gopalasamuthuram South Ward 23 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal South Gopuravasal Ward-23 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Sanguthirutham North Ward 23 , 4.Mannargudi Municipal Rukkumanipaliyam Nadu Street Ward 23 , 5.Mannargudi Municipal Sangu Thirutham East Ward-23 , 6.Mannargudi Municipal Sangu Thirutham West Ward 23 , 7.Mannargudi Municipal M.G.R Nagar Ward 23 , 8.Mannargudi Municipal Kamal Nagar Ward-23
171Dharani Matric Higher Secondary School,G.S North Street, Mannargudi 614001 , Main Building Entrance Room.2 1.Mannargudi Municipal Gopalasamuthuram North , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Andora Street , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Ramanathan Street
172Dharani Matric Higher Secondary School,G.S North Street, Mannargudi 614001 ,Main Building Entrance Room.3 1.Mannargudi Municipal Ayyanar Kovil Street , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Mummoorthy Vinagayar Kovil Street
173Municipal Co-operative Urban Bank Elementary School, Mannargudi 614001 ,Western side Addl Building Northern wing 1.Mannargudi Municipal Gopalasamuthuram West Ward 25 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal North Vadambooki Street Ward 25 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Kanakan Street Ward 25 , 4.Mannargudi Municipal Melagopuravasal Ward 25
174Municipal Co-operative Urban Bank Elementary School, Addl Building Room No 10 ,Mannargudi 614001 1.Mannargudi Municipal Kunoji Rajampalaiyam Street Ward 25 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Adinayakkan Palaiyam Street Ward 25 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Anumarkovil Sandhu
175SBA, Matriculation School Vadaseri Road, Mannargudi ,Terraced Building South wing Libray Room 1.Mannargudi Municipal AnnamalaiNathar Sannathi Street Ward 26 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Annamalai nathar Chetti Street Ward 26 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Kajendramotcham North West Ward 26
176SBA, Matriculation School Vadaseri Road, Mannargudi ,Terraced Building facing South 1.Mannargudi Municipal Vadacheri Road (Vaduvur Road) Ward 26 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Vaduvur Road Ward 26 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Annamalai Nathan Adidravidar Street Ward-26 , 4.Mannargudi Municipal EB Nagar (Vaduvur Road) Ward 26 , 5.Mannargudi Municipal Kamaraj Nagar Vaduvur Road Ward 26
177Municipal Pentland Model Primary School Mannargudi 614001 , New RCC Building South Wing 1.Mannargudi Municipal Mettu Street Ward 27 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Kathaiyeeamman Kovil Street ward 27 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Veeravanniyar Street Ward 27
178Municipal Pentland Model Primary School New RCC Building North Wing ,Mannargudi 614001 1.Mannargudi Municipal kalikowdan Street Ward 27 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Pandara Street Ward 27 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Melavadambooki Street Ward 27
179Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Mannargudi 614001 ,New RCC Building, Eastern side Room No.33 1.Mannargudi (M) K.K.Nagar Ward 28 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Natarajan MelaStreet Ward 28
180Government Girls Higher Secondary School, Mannargudi ,New Building, Eastern Facing Room No.31 1.Mannargudi Municipal Natarajan MelaStreet Ward 28
181Sri Bharathi Dasan Matriculation High School, Bypass Road, Mannargudi ,Main Building West side Room No.3 1.Mannargudi Municipal Gopiralayam Road Byepass Road Ward 29 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Gopiralayam Road New Housing Unit Ward 29 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal GopiralayamRoad New Housing Unit Block-B , 4.Mannargudi Municipal Gopiralayam Road Ward-29 New Housing unit , 5.Mannargudi Municipal Gopiralayam Road Ward-29 New Housing Unit , 6.Mannargudi Municipal Gopiralayam Road New Housing Unit Block-E , 7.Mannargudi Municipal Gopiralayam Road Municipal Colony Ward 29
182Sri Bharathi Dasan Matriculation High School, Bypass Road, Mannargudi ,Main Building West side Room No.4 1.Mannargudi Municipal Gopiralayam Road Ward 29 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Gopiralayam Road Modern Nagar Ward 29 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Keelmel Rukkumanipaliyam Road Ward 29
183St.Joseph Matriculation School, Mannargudi- 614001 ,Main Building Eastern Side, West Facing 1.Mannargudi Municipal Govt.Officer Housing Unit A-Block Ward 30 , 2.Mannargudi Municipal Govt. Officer Housing Unit B-Block Ward -30 , 3.Mannargudi Municipal Govt. Officer Housing Unit C-Block Ward -30 , 4.Mannargudi (M) Govt. Officer Housing Unit D-Block Ward -30 , 5.Mannargudi (M) Periya adidravidar Street Ward-30
184St.Joseph Matriculation School, Mannargudi- 614001 ,Main Building North Side South Facing Eastern Wing 1.Asesham (R.V) Mannargudi (M) Pookkollai Road Ward 30
185Findlay Higher Secondary School, Mannargudi 61400 ,Main Building West Facing Room No.20 1.Mannargudi Municipal Guzhanthaivel Street ward 31 , 2.Asesham (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) New Byebass Road Ward 31
186Findlay Higher Secondary School,Main Building Room No.21 , Mannargudi 61400 1.Mannargudi Municipal Seventh Street Ward 31 , 2.Asesham (R.V) Mannargudi (M) Maluppan Street ward 31 , 3.Asesham (R.V) Mannargudi (M) Kanapadikal Street Ward 31
187M Findlay Elementary School ,V O C Road Mannargudi ,Main Building Middle Room North wing 1.Asesham (R.V) Mannargudi (M) VOC Road Ward 32
187A(W) Findlay Elementary School ,V O C Road Mannargudi ,Main Building Middle Room South wing 1.Asesham (R.V) Mannargudi (M) VOC Road Ward 32
188Findlay Elementary School , Mannargudi 614001 ,Main Building East Facing 1.Asesham (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) R.P,Sivam Nagar Ward 32 , 2.Asesham (R.V) Mannargudi (M) Thotty line Ward 32 , 3.Asesham (R.V) ,Mannargudi (M) Rajan Thoppu Deppo Road Ward 32 , 4.Mannargudi Municipal Kondachavadi Ward 32 , 5.Asesham (R.V) Mannargudi (M) Deppo Road Ward 32
189Regional Office, TANFED 10 Thenvadal 6th street Mannargudi ,Main building North facing Room no:2 1.Asesham (R.V) ,Mannargudi (M) Kanambal Street Ward 33 , 2.Asesham (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) Keelmel Sixth Street Ward 33 , 3.Asesham (R.V( Mannargudi (M) Keela Forth Street Ward 33 , 4.Asesham (R.V) Mannargudi (M) Ravanan Kuttai South Ward 33
190Reginal Office, TANFED 10 Thenvadal 6th street Mannargudi ,Main building West Face Room No: 2 1.Mannargudi Municipal Thenvadal Sixth Street Ward 33 , 2.Asesham (R.V) Mannargudi (M) Meenatchiamman Kovil west Ward 33 , 3.Asesham (R.V) , Mannargudi (M) Meenatchiamman Kovil North Ward 33 , 4.Asesham (R.V) Mannargudi (M) Meenatchiammankovil South Ward 33
191Panchayat Union Elementary School, Vanjiyur In Ramapuram 614 014 , Main Building 1.Ramapuram (R.V) and (P) Vanjiyur Ward 1 , 2.Ramapuram (R.V) and (P) Nagarajapuram Ward 2 , 3.Ramapuram (R.V) and (P) Vadakattali Ward 3
192Panchayat Union Elementary School,Tiled Building ,Vanjiyur In Ramapuram 614 014 1.Kailasanatharkovil (R.V) , Ramapuram (P) Dhundakattali Ward 3 , 2.Kailasanatharkovil (R.V) , Ramapuram (P) Kunamadai Ward 3 , 3.Ramapuram (R.V) and (P) Mannargudi Ramapuram
193P.U.E.School Kasankulam 614016 ,North facing building western wing (Southside main road) 1.Mudhalsethi (R.V) ,MoonamSethi (P) MudhalSethi Harijana Street Rettaipuli Ward 3 , 2.Mudhalsethi (R.V) , MoonamSethi (P) Thiruvalluvar Street Ward 2,3
194P.U.E.School, Moonam Sethi 614016 , Main Building 1.MoonamSethi (R.V) and (P) Kasankulam Harijana Street Ward 1 , 2.Mudhalsethi (R.V) , MoonamSethi (P) Mottaiyan Harijana street Ward 1 , 3.MoonamSethi (R.V) and (P) Kamachikulam Keela HarijanaStreet Ward 2 , 4.MoonamSethi (R.V) and (P) Kamachikulam MelaHarijana Street ward 2
195P.U.E.School Serankulam 614016 ,New Addl Building Western wing 1.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) Thazhakattu Street ward 1 , 2.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) Thaskandu nagar Ward 1 , 3.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) Jeeva Nagar Ward 1 , 4.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) Pudhu Road Ward 1 , 5.Serankulam (R.V) and ( P) Vellala Street Ward 2
196P.U.E.School Serankulam 614016 ,New Addl Building Eastern wing 1.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) A1vdu North Street Ward 1 , 2.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) A2nd North Street Ward2 , 3.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) Maliyaman Street Ward 2 , 4.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) Sivankovil Street ward 2 , 5.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) Kadaivasal Street Ward 2 , 6.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) North Harijana Street Ward 2
197Government Higher Secondary School, Serankulam 614016 ,Westernside Building Eastren wing 1.Serankulam (R.V) and ( P) South Street Ward 3 , 2.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) Nadar Street Ward 3 , 3.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) South Harijana Street Ward 3 , 4.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) Agraharam Mela Street ward 3 , 5.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) Muthupettai Road Ward 3 , 6.Serankulam (R.V) and ( P) North Mada vizham Ward 3 , 7.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) South Mada Vizham Ward 3 , 8.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) Agraharam Keela Street Ward 3 , 9.Serankulam (R.V) and (P) Velar Street ward 3
198Government Higher Secondary School, Serankulam 614016 ,New Easternside West facing Building Southrenwing 1.Nalamsethi (R.V), Serankulam ( P) Karambai Ward 3 , 2.Nalamsethi (R.V) , Serankulam (P) Kuchipalaya Street Ward 4 , 3.Nalamsethi (R.V), Serankulam (P) Kotturan Street Ward 4 , 4.Nalamsethi (R.V), Serankulam (P) Mattukaran Street Ward 4 , 5.Nalamsethi (R.V), Serankulam (P) Iyamperumal Street Ward 4 , 6.Nalamsethi (R.V) ,Serankulam ( P) Manavalan Street Ward 4 , 7.Nalamsethi (R.V), Serankulam (P) Nemmeli Road Ward 4
199Panchayat Union Middle School Nemmeli 614016 ,Add.Building Eastren wing 1.Nemmeli (R.V) and (P) Kudiyana Street ward 1 , 2.Nemmeli (R.V) and (P) Nettikulam Street Ward 2 , 3.Nemmeli (R.V) and (P) Thiruvasal Karai Street ward 2 , 4.Nemmeli (R.V) and (P) Jeeva Street ward 3 , 5.Nemmeli (R.V) and (P) Anna nagar Ward 3
200P.U.E.S Cheri 614717 ,Mainbuilding Northernside West Facing 1.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Keelacheri kudiyana street ward-1 , 2.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Mainroad Ward-1 , 3.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Mainroad, Jeeva Street Ward-1 , 4.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Melacheri Kaliyamman Kovil street Ward-2 , 5.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Melacheri Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-2 , 6.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Aalamarathadi AdiDravidar Street Ward-2
201P.U.E.S Cheri 614717 ,Mainbuilding Southern side West Facing 1.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Keelakandamangalam Kudiyana Street Ward-3 , 2.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Keelakandamangalam Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-3 , 3.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Keelakandamangalam Mela Adi-Dravidar Street Ward-3 , 4.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Keelakandamangalam Keela Adi-Dravidar St. Ward-3 , 5.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Melakandamangalam North Street Ward-4 , 6.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Melakandamangalam Colony Street Ward-4 , 7.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Melakandamangalam Mela North Street Ward-4 , 8.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Mela Middle Street ward-4 , 9.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Melakandamangalam Attrangarai Street Ward-4 , 10.Cheri (R.V), and (P) Melakandamangalam Agraharam ward-4
202P.U.M.School Vadapathi 614016 ,Main building Southern Side 1.Vadapathi (R.V) and (P) Kudiyana Street Ward 1 , 2.Vadapathi (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 2 , 3.Vadapathi (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street Ward 3 , 4.Vadapathi (R.V) and (P) South Colony Street Ward 3,4 , 5.Vadapathi (R.V) and (P) Melavadapathi MelaStreet ward 5 , 6.Vadapathi (R.V) and (P) Vandikottakam Ward 6
203P.U.M.School Maravakadu 614016 ,Easternside New Building South Side 1.Maravakadu (R.V) and (P) Mainroad Ward 1 , 2.Maravakadu (R.V) and (P) Pallikuda Salai Ward 1 , 3.Maravakadu (R.V) and (P) North Kurukku Street Ward 1 , 4.Maravakadu (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street ward 2 , 5.Maravakadu (R.V) and (P) South Street Ward 3 , 6.Maravakadu (R.V) and (P) Panchayat salai Ward 3 , 7.Maravakadu (R.V) and (P) Kursir Street ward 3 , 8.Maravakadu (R.V) and (P) Kurukku Street Ward 3
204P.U.M.School Maravakadu 614016 ,Westernside New Building, Northern Wing 1.Maravakadu (R.V) and (P) Oothai Street ward 1 , 2.Maravakadu (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 1 , 3.Maravakadu (R.V) and (P) Kalamthidal Ward 2 , 4.Maravakadu (R.V) and (P) Chola Nathi Street Ward 2 , 5.Maravakadu (R.V) and (P) Bharathiyar Street Ward 3
205P.U.E.School Asesham 614001 ,Mainbuilding, Westernwing 1.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Thirumalpuram Ward 2 , 2.Asesham (R.V) and (P) NagoreAndavar Nagar Ward 2 , 3.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Iyyappan Nagar Ward 2 , 4.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Bharathidasan Nagar Ward 2 , 5.Azhezem (R.V) and (P) N.S.B Nagar Ward 2
206P.U.E.School Asesham 614001 ,Anganwadi Building 1.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Venkatesawara Nagar Ward 2 , 2.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Rajagopal Nagar Ward 2 , 3.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Balaji Nagar Ward 2 , 4.Asesham ( (R.V) and (P) Shankara Nagar Ward 2 , 5.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Rajarajan Nagar Ward 2 , 6.Asesham (R.V) and (P) A7th Number Vaikkal Ward 3
207Devi Matriculation Hr.Sec. school West wing East facing Middle Side ,Maravakkadu, Asesham -614016 1.Asesham (R.V) and (P) South Street ward 3 , 2.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Kaliammankovil Street Ward 3 , 3.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Muthupettai Rastha Ward 3
208P.U.E.School Asesham 614001 ,Mainbuiding, Easternwing 1.Gopiralayam (R.V) , Asesham (P) Elakkanampettai 7th Vaikkal Ward 4 , 2.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Mainroad ward 2 , 3.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Elakkanampettai PillaiyarKovil Street ward 2 , 4.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Asesham Ward 2 , 5.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Nagore Andavar Nagar Ward 2
209P.U.E.School South Facing Western wing ,Singankulam 614001 1.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Singankulam ward-3 , 2.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Mariamman Nagar Ward 3 , 3.Asesham (R.V) and (P) VOC Salai Ward 3 , 4.Asesham (R.V) and (P) Thirumalpuram Ward 2
210P.U.E.School Melamaravakadu 614001 ,Mainbuilding, (Tiled) 1.Azhezem (R.V) and (P) Maipazhathottam Ward 3,1 , 2.Azhezem (R.V) and (P) Santhamanickam Ward-1 , 3.Azhezem (R.V) and (P) Melamaravakadu Ward-1 , 4.Azhezem (R.V) and (P) Melamaravakadu Harijana Street Ward-2
211P.U.E.School Keelanatham 614001 ,Main Building 1.Edyarnatham (R.V) and (P) EdaStreet Ward 1 , 2.Edyarnatham (R.V) and (P) Keelanatham Ward 2 , 3.Edyarnatham (R.V) and (P) Koliya street Ward 3
212P.U.M.School Sundarakkottai 614001 ,Mainbuiding 1.Sundrakottai (R.V) and (P) Ambethkar Colony Ward 2 , 2.Sundrakkottai (R.V) and (P) Pudhu Street Ward 1 , 3.Sundrakkottai (R.V) and (P) Mela North Street Ward 1,2 , 4.Sundrakkottai (R.V) and (P) Mela North Street Ward 2 , 5.Sundrakkottai (R.V) and (P) Keela North Street Ward 3 , 6.Sundrakkottai (R.V) and (P) Pillaiyar Kovil Street Ward 1 , 7.Sundrakkottai (R.V) and (P) Mariammankovil Street Ward 3 , 8.Sundrakkottai (R.V) and (P) North Koliyar Street Ward 3 , 9.Sundrakkottai (R.V) and (P) South Koliyar Street ward 3
213P.U.M.School Kandithampettai 614018 , ,Mainbuilding, Easternwing 1.Ullikkottai 2 (R.V) , Kandithampettai (P) MelaStreet Ward 1 , 2.Ullikkottai 2 (R.V) , Kandithampettai (P) North Street Ward 2
214P.U.M.School Kandithampettai 614018 , ,Mainbuilding, Westernwing 1.Ullikkottai 2 (R.V) , Kandithampettai (P) Vallankudikadu Ward 2,3 , 2.Ullikkottai 2 (R.V) , Kandithampettai (P) Keela Street ward 3
215G.H.S.School Ullikkottai 614018 ,Easternside New Building, Northernwing 1.Ullikkottai 1 (R.V) , Ullikkottai (P) Pettai Street Ward 1
216G.H.S.School New Building, Western Side ,Ullikkottai 614018 1.Ullikkottai 1 (R.V) , Ullikkottai (P) North Street Ward 2
217G.H.S.School Ullikkottai 614018 ,Additional building, Southern Wing West Facing 1.Ullikkottai 1 (R.V) , Ullikkottai (P) North Street Ward 2 , 2.Ullikkottai 1 (R.V) , Ullikkottai (P) East Street Ward 2 , 3.Ullikkottai 1 (R.V) , Ullikkottai (P) Kakachi Street Ward 3 , 4.Ullikkottai 1 (R.V) , Ullikkottai (P) Mokkan Street Ward 3 , 5.Ullikkottai 1 (R.V) , Ullikkottai (P) Rakkan Street Ward 3 , 6.Ullikkottai 1 (R.V) , Ullikkottai (P) Kattaiyan Street Ward 3 , 7.Ullikkottai 1 (R.V) , Ullikkottai (P) Nadu Street ward 3
218P.U.E.School Ullikkottai 614018 ,Mainbuiding, Northernside 1.Ullikkottai 1 (R.V) ,Ullikkottai (P) South Street Keelpathi Ward 3 , 2.Ullikkottai 1 (R.V) ,Ullikkottai (P) Thanthai Periyar Street ward 3 , 3.Ullikkottai 1 (R.V) ,Ullikkottai (P) South Street Melpathi Ward 4
219P.U.E.School Ullikkottai 614018 ,Mainbuiding, Southernside 1.Ullikkottai 1 (R.V) ,Ullikkottai (P) Aringar Anna Street Ward 4 , 2.Ullikkottai 1 (R.V) ,Ullikkottai (P) Sammettikudikadu Ward 4
220P.U.E.School Koopachikkottai 614015 ,New Building, East Facing Western Side 1.Koopachikottai(R.V) and (P) Ambalakara Street Ward 1 , 2.Koopachikottai (R.V.) and (P) West Street Ward 1 , 3.Koopachikottai (R.V)and (P) West Street Ward 2 , 4.Koopachikottai (R.V.) and (P) East Street Ward 1 , 5.Koopachikottai (R.V)and (P) Salaiyoram Ward 1 , 6.Koopachikottai(R.V)and (P) Konnaiappu Street Ward 3
221G.H.S.School Paravakkottai 614015 , Eastern Side Northern Building Room No 22 1.Paravakkottai 2 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) North Street Ward 1
222GHS .School Room No.21 Eastern Northern Building ,Paravakkottai 614015 1.Paravakkottai 2 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) East Street Ward 3 , 2.Paravakkottai 2 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) Keela Street Ward 4
223GHS .School Room No.19 Eastern Side Central Building Southern Wing ,Paravakkottai 614015 1.Paravakottai 2 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) Saminathan Street Ward 2
224G.H.S.School Paravakkottai 614015 ,Room No.20 Eastern Side Central Building Northern Wing 1.Rasammbalpuram (R.V) , Paravakottai (P) Salai Street Ward 2 , 2.Rasammbalpuram (R.V) Paravakottai (P) Karuveppillainatham Ward 2
225G.H.S.School Paravakkottai 614015 ,RCC Building, Eastern Side South Wing 1.Paravakottai 2 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) ThilagarVeedhi Ward 1 , 2.Paravakottai 2 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) West Street ward 1
226G.H.S.School Paravakkottai 614015 ,East Facing Westernside Building, South Portion 1.Paravakottai 1 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) Thoppu Street Ward 1
227P.U.E.School Paravakkottai 614015 ,Western side Building North Facing East Wing 1.Paravakottai 2 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) West Street Ward 5
228P.U.E.School western side Building North Facing ,Paravakkottai 614015 1.Paravakottai 2 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) South Street Ward 6 , 2.Paravakottai 2 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) South Street Ward 5 , 3.Paravakottai 2 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) West Street Ward 6
229P.U.P.School Paravakkottai 614015 ,New Building Southern wing East Facing 1.Paravakottai 2 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) Kunjan Street Ward 7,8 , 2.Paravakkottai 2 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) Keela Street Ward 7,8 , 3.Paravakkottai 2 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) North Street ward 9 , 4.Paravakkottai 2 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) Nadu Street Ward 8,12 , 5.Paravakottai 1 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) Kudikadu Ward 9 , 6.Paravakkottai 2 (R.V) , Paravakkottai (P) ThilagarVeedhi Ward 8,12
230Government Higher Secondary School, Painganadu 614020 ,Easternside Building, Westernwing Office Room 1.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) Sannathi Street ward 2 , 2.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) Munaithiriyar Street Ward 2 , 3.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) Gandhi Street Ward 2 , 4.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) Bharathi Street ward 2 , 5.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) Anna Street ward 2
231Government Higher Secondary School, Painganadu 614020 ,Easternside Building, Easternwing 1.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) VOC Street Ward 5 , 2.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) KeelaStreet ward 2 , 3.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) North Street ward 2
232Govt Higher Secondary School Painganadu 614020 ,Western Side Building, Southernwing 1.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street ward 2 , 2.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) Chettistreet Ward 2 , 3.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) South Street Ward 3 , 4.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) Kulikarath Street Ward 4 , 5.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) Melath Street Ward 4
233Govt Higher Secondary School Painganadu 614020 ,Western Side Building, Northernwing East Facing 1.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) Keela Thoppu Ward 2 , 2.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) Nagalinga Street ward 3 , 3.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) Kilavar Street ward 3 , 4.Painganadu (R.V) and (P) South Thoppu Ward 4
234Govt High School Thulasenthirapuram 614020 ,New Building Northern side Western Wing Facing South 1.Dhulasendrapuram (R.V) and (P) Kudikadu Koliyan Street ward 1 , 2.Dhulasendrapuram (R.V) and (P) Kannarapettai Harijana Street Ward 1 , 3.Dhulasendrapuram (R.V) and (P) Kannarapettai North Street ward 1,2 , 4.Dhulasendrapuram (R.V) and (P) Kannarapettai South Street Ward 2
235Govt High School Thulasenthirapuram 614020 ,East Facing Westernside Building, North Portion 1.Dhulasendrapuram (R.V) and (P) North Street ward 2
236Govt High School Thulasenthirapuram 614020 ,New Building Northern side, Western wing 1.Dhulasendrapuram (R.V) and (P) Agraharam Ward 3 , 2.Dhulasendrapuram (R.V) and (P) MelaStreet Ward 3 , 3.Dhulasendrapuram (R.V) and (P) Mela Thulasendrapuram Ward 3 , 4.Dhulasendrapuram (R.V) and (P) Pazhampettai thoppu Ward 4
237P.U.M.School Thenpathi 614016 ,Northernside Building(Terraced) 1.Thenpathi (R.V) and (P) Pillaiyar Kovil Keela Street Ward 1 , 2.Thenpathi (R.V) and (P) Pillaiyar Kovil Street Ward , 3.Thenpathi (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 2 , 4.Thenpathi (R.V) and (P) Mainroad Ward 3 , 5.Thenpathi (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street Ward 3
238P.U.M.School Thenpathi 614016 ,Western Side Building(Tiled) 1.Thenpathi (R.V) and (P) Mainroad Mela Street ward 3 , 2.Thenpathi (R.V) and (P) South street ward 3 , 3.Thenpathi (R.V) and (P) Thatchar Street Ward 4 , 4.Thenpathi (R.V) and (P) Thiruvalluvar Street Ward 4 , 5.Thenpathi (R.V) and (P) Kadukakadu Ward 4 , 6.Thenpathi (R.V) and (P) Thenpathi Mainroad Ward 4
239P.U.E.School Ethakkudi 614016 ,Mainbuilding 1.Ethakudi (R.V) and (P) Ponnabalam Kaverykottakam North Ethakudi , 2.Ethakudi (R.V) and (P) Ethakudi Agraharam Ward 2 , 3.Ethakudi (R.V) and (P) Ethakudi Thamaraikulam Ward 2 , 4.Ethakudi (R.V) and (P) Colony Street ward 3 , 5.Ethakudi (R.V) and (P) Melakudiyiruppu Ward 3 , 6.Ethakudi (R.V) and (P) Bharathiyar Street Ward 3
240Meenatchi Mariyappar High School Chozhapandi 614016 ,Mainbuiding, Easternside Ground Floor 1.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 1 , 2.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street Ward 1 , 3.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) South Street Ward 1 , 4.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Mainroad Ward 1 , 5.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Adidravidar Koliyar Street ward 1 , 6.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Salai Street Ward 1 , 7.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Kadukakadu Ambalakara Street Ward 2
241Meenatchi Mariyappar High School Chozhapandi 614016 ,Mainbuiding, Westernside ground Floor 1.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Melakadu Ward 2 , 2.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Kadukakadu Ward 2 , 3.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Talayamangalam North Street Ward 2 , 4.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Thailiyamangalam South Street ward 2 , 5.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Vaikal West Street Ward 2 , 6.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) South Ambalakara Street ward 2
242P.U.E.School Rajagopalapuram 614016 ,Westerm side Main Terraced Building 1.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Talayamangalam North Street Ward 3 , 2.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Talayamangalam Adidravidar Street ward 3 , 3.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Vaikal Street ward 3 , 4.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Rajagopalapuram North Street Ward 3 , 5.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Vaikal Street Nadu street ward 3 , 6.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Adidravidar Street Ward 4 , 7.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Keelath Street ward 4 , 8.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) South Street ward 4 , 9.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Pudhu Street ward 4 , 10.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Mariammankovil Street Ward4 , 11.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Mainroad Ward 4 , 12.Talayamangalam (R.V) and (P) Colony Street Ward 4
243P.U.E.S Kurichi 614 016 ,Main building 1.Kuruchi (R.V), and (P) North Street Ward-1 , 2.Kuruchi (R.V), and (P) Thattara Street Ward-1 , 3.Kuruchi (R.V), and (P) East Street Ward-1 , 4.Kuruchi (R.V), and (P) Agrahara street Ward-1 , 5.Kuruchi (R.V), and (P) SivanKovil Street ward-1 , 6.Kuruchi (R.V), and (P) South Street Ward-2 , 7.Kuruchi (R.V), and (P) West Street Ward-2
244Panchayat Union Elementary School Thenparai 614020 , ,Westernside Northern Building 1.Thenparai (R.V) and (P) Part 1 Pudhu Street ward 2 , 2.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) Part 1 Sengamettu Street Ward 2 , 3.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) Part 1 East Street North Ward 2 , 4.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) Part 1 AnumarManya Street Ward 2 , 5.Thenparai(R.V)and (P) Part 1 Kamandi Street Ward 1,2 , 6.Thenparai (R.V) and (P) Part 1 North Street North Ward 2 , 7.Thenparai (R.V) and (P) Part 1 Melakadu East Street Ward 2
245Panchayat Union Elementary School Thenparai 614020 ,Easternside Building, Southernwing 1.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) Part 1 Agraharam Ward 1 , 2.Thenparai(R.V)and (P) Part 1 Thatchan Street ward 1 , 3.ThenparaI (R.V) and (P) Part 1 Jeeva Street Ward 1 , 4.Thenparai(R.V)and (P) Part 1 Santhai Pettai Ward 1 , 5.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) Part 1 Mainroad Ward 1 , 6.Thenparai(R.V)and (P) Part 1 MelaStreet ward 1 , 7.Thenparai(R.V)and (P) Part 1 North Street Ward 1 , 8.Thenparai(R.V)and (P)Part 1 Nadu street ward 1 , 9.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) Part 1 t East street ward 1 , 10.Thenparai (R.V) and (P) Part 1 Muslim Street ward 1
246Panchayat Union Elementary School Thenparai 614020 ,Eastern side North Building 1.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) Pudhu Street ward 4 , 2.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) Pandara Street Ward 4 , 3.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) South Street Ward 4 , 4.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) Kamandi Street ward 4 , 5.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) Thoppu Street ward 4 , 6.Thenparai(R.V)and (P) Pudhu Street ward 5 , 7.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) South Street ward 5 , 8.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) MelathaStreet Ward 5
247Panchayat Union Elementary School Thenparai-614020 ,Westernside Southern Building 1.Thenparai (R.V) and (P) Ambathkar Streeet Ward 3 , 2.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) North street Ward 3 , 3.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) Nadustreet Ward 3 , 4.Thenparai(R.V)and (P) East street ward 3 , 5.Thenparai (R.V)and (P) Mattu Street ward 5 , 6.Thenparai(R.V)and (P) Mainroad Ward 5
248Govt.Higher Secondary School Radhanarashimapuram 614020 ,RCC Eastern building Southern side 1.Radhanarashimapuram (R.V) and (P) Agraharam Ward 1 , 2.Radhanarasimmapuram (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 1 , 3.Radhanarasimmapuram (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street ward 1 , 4.Radhanarasimmapuram (R.V) and (P) Pudhu Street Ward 1 , 5.Radhanarasimmapuram (R.V) and (P) East Street ward 2
249Govt.Higher Secondary School Radhanarashimapuram 614020 ,Tilled Building, Easternwing 1.Radhanarasimmapuram (R.V) and (P) West Street Ward 1 , 2.Radhanarasimmapuram (R.V) and (P) Thachanvayal Ward 3 , 3.Radhanarasimmapuram (R.V) and (P) Mainroad Ward 3 , 4.Radhanarasimmapuram (R.V) and (P) South Street Ward 2
250P.U.M.School Vallur 614017 ,East Wing Western side Facing Southern side Building 1.Vallur (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 1 , 2.Vallur (R.V) and (P) West Street Ward 1 , 3.Vallur (R.V) and (P) Nadu Street ward 1 , 4.Vallur (R.V) and (P) Adidravidar Street Ward 1 , 5.Vallur (R.V) and (P) Mainroad Ward 1 , 6.Vallur (R.V) and (P) South Street ward 1 , 7.Vallur (R.V) and (P) Mankottai Adidravidar Street Ward 2 , 8.Vallur (R.V) and (P) Mankottai Natham North Street Ward 2 , 9.Vallur (R.V) and (P) Mankottai Natham Nadu Street Ward 2 , 10.Vallur (R.V) and (P) Mankottai Natham East street ward 2
251P.U.M.School Vallur 614017 ,Northernside Building (Tiled) 1.Vallur (R.V) and (P) Panchayat board Street Ward 1 3 , 2.Vallur (R.V) and (P) Mela Thennathoppu Street Ward 4 , 3.Vallur (R.V) and (P) Pathirakaliammankovil Street Ward 4 , 4.Vallur (R.V) and (P) Govindhanatham Adidravidar Street ward 4 , 5.Vallur (R.V) and (P) Samuthaya Street Ward 4 , 6.Vallur (R.V) and (P) East Street Ward 4
252G.H.S.School Thirumakkottai 614017 ,Easternside Northern Building Room No .7 1.Thirumakkottai 1 (R.V) , Thirumakottai (P) Erikarai Ward 1 , 2.Thirumakottai 2 (R.V) ,Thirumakottai (P) Pudhu Street kadai Street Ward 1 , 3.Thirumakottai 2 (R.V) ,Thirumakottai (P) Sivankovil Street Ward 1 , 4.Thirumakottai 2 (R.V) ,Thirumakottai (P) Theradi Street ward 1
253G.H.S.School Thirumakkottai 614017 ,Westernside Mainbuilding, Southernwing 1.Thirumakottai 2 (R.V) ,Thirumakottai (P) Agraharam Ward 1 , 2.Thirumakottai 2 (R.V) ,Thirumakottai (P) Throwpathiammankovil Street Ward 2 , 3.Thirumakottai 2 (R.V) ,Thirumakottai (P) Maharajapuram North Street mainroad Ward 2 , 4.Thirumakottai 2 (R.V) ,Thirumakottai (P) Maharajapuram East South street Ward 3
254P.U.E.School Thirumakkottai 614017 ,Southernside Western Building 1.Thirumakottai 2 (R.V) Thirumakottai (P) Pillaiyar Kovil South Street Ward 6 , 2.Thirumakottai 1 (R.V) Thirumakottai (P) Perumalkovil Natham Ward 7 , 3.Thirumakottai 1 (R.V) Thirumakottai (P) Karuppayee Thoppu Ward 7
255P.U.E.School Thirumakkottai 614017 ,Easternside Building 1.Thirumakottai 1 (R.V) Thirumakottai (P) Nallanpillai Street Ward 4 , 2.Thirumakottai 1 (R.V) Thirumakottai (P) Colony Street Ward 4 , 3.Thirumakottai 1 (R.V) Thirumakottai (P) North Kamandi Street Ward 4 , 4.Thirumakottai 1,2 (R.V) Thirumakottai (P) North Street PillaiyarKovil Street Ward 5
256P.U.M.School Melanatham 614017 ,Westernside RCC Building 1.Melanatham(R.V)and (P) Keela Harijana Street Ward 1 , 2.Melanatham (R.V)and (P) East Street Ward 1 , 3.Melanatham (R.V) and (P) South East Street Ward 1 , 4.Melanatham (R.V)and (P) Nadu Street Ward 2 , 5.Melanatham(R.V) and (P) South Street Keelpathi Ward 2 , 6.Melanatham (R.V)and (P) Othaiveedu Ward 2
257P.U.M.School Melanatham 614017 ,Easternside RCC Building 1.Melanatham(R.V) and (P) Panchayat West Harijana Street ward 1 , 2.Melanatham (R.V)and (P) North Street Ward 1 , 3.Melanatham (R.V)and (P) Thoppukadu Street Ward 2 , 4.Melanatham (R.V)and (P) MelaStreet ward 2 , 5.Melanatham (R.V)and (P) South Street Melpathy Ward 2
258P.U.E.School Elavanur 614017 , Mainbuilding 1.Elavanur (R.V)and (P) Pudhukudi Annai Indira Street Ward 1 , 2.Elavanur (R.V)and (P) Elavanur North Street ward 2 , 3.Elavanur (R.V)and (P) Elavanur Nadu Street ward 2 , 4.Elavanur (R.V)and (P) Elavanur West Street ward 2 , 5.Elavanur (R.V)and (P) Elavanur South Street ward 2 , 6.Elavanur (R.V)and (P) Elavanur V.O.C Street ward 2 , 7.Elavanur (R.V)and (P) Surothiriyam East Street ward 2 , 8.Elavanur (R.V)and (P) Surothiriyam North Street ward 3 , 9.Elavanur (R.V)and (P) Surothiriyam Nadu Street Ward 3 , 10.Elavanur (R.V)and (P) Surothiriyam Periyar Street Ward 3 , 11.Elavanur (R.V)and (P) Surowthiriyam West Adidravidar Street ward 3 , 12.Elavanur (R.V)and (P) Elavanur Mankulam Street ward 3
259P.U.M.School Palayakottaiparasapuram 614020 ,Southernside RCC Building 1.Paliyakottai Parasapuram (R.V)and (P) Vellaiyanpuram Street ward 1 , 2.Paliyakottai Parasapuram(R.V)and (P) Milladi Street ward 1 , 3.Paliyakottai Parasapuram (R.V)and (P) Balarangkadu Street Ward 1 , 4.Paliyakottai Parasapuram (R.V)and (P) Kaliammankovil Street Ward 1 , 5.Paliyakottai Parasapuram (R.V)and (P) Viyapari Street ward 1 , 6.Paliyakottai Parasapuram (R.V)and (P) Alagi Street ward 1 , 7.Paliyakottai Parasapuram (R.V)and (P) North Street ward 2 , 8.Paliyakottai Parasapuram (R.V)and (P) Nadu Street Ward 2 , 9.Paliyakottai Parasapuram (R.V)and (P) West Street ward 2
260P.U.M.School Palayakottaiparasapuram 614020 , Northernside RCC Building 1.Paliyakottai ParasapurAM (R.V)and (P) Thoppu Street Adidravidar Street ward 3 , 2.Paliyakottai Parasapuram (R.V)and (P) Pudhukudi Street ward 4 , 3.Paliyakottai Parasapuram (R.V)and (P) Pudhukudi Adidravidar Street ward 4 , 4.Paliyakottai Parasapuram (R.V)and (P) Parasapuram Adidravidar Street ward 4

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

Last Updated on: March 19, 2016