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List of Polling Booths in Krishnarayapuram Assembly Constituency

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1P.U.Ele. School Southern Building, ,Pallapalayam - 639 0021.Pallapalayam (R.V) and (P) Akraharam kadai theru south street ward 1 , 2.Pallapalayam (R.V) and (P) Athidiravidar Street Ward 3 , 3.Pallapalayam (R.V) and (P) Akraharam Kadaitheru Ward 2
2 P.U.Ele. School Southern Building ,P Chellandipalayam, H/o. Pallapalayam VillagePallapalayam (R.V) and (P) Pillayar Kovil Street Ward 2 , 2.Pallapalayam (R.V) and (P) Sellandipalayam Thenvadal Street Ward 4 , 3.Pallapalayam (R.V) and (P) Sellandipalayam East Thenvadal Street Ward 4
3 P.U.Ele. School, West Building ,Norhtern Portion Pallapalayam 639 0021.Pallapalayam (R.V) and (P) Pallapalayam athidravidar street ward 3 , 2.Pallapalayam (R.V) and (P) Sellandipalayam Ward 3
4P.U.Ele.School,Southern Main Building ,Appipalayam 639 0031.Appipalayam (R.V) and (P) Appipalayam kuditheru ward 1 , 2.Appipalayam (R.V) and (P) Appipalayam Athidravidar Theru Ward 1 , 3.Appipalayam (R.V) and (P) Rajapuram Ward 1 , 4.Appipalayam (R.V) and (P) Palathupudur Ward 1 , 5.Appipalayam (R.V) and (P) Selvanagar Ward 2 , 6.Appipalayam (R.V) and (P) Appipalayam Kaspa, Muthucholipalayam Ward 3
5P.U.Ele.School, North Facing Building ,Chettipalayam, H/o. Appipalayam Village1.Appipalayam (R.V) and (P) Chettipalayam Kuditheru Ward 2 , 2.Appipalayam (R.V) and (P) C.R.N. Nagar Athidravidar Street Ward 2 , 3.Appipalayam (R.V) and (P) Kasacolony Ward 2
6P.U.Ele.School, North Facing, East west building, ,Kethampatti. Appipalayam Village1.Appipalayam (R.V) and (P) Rakkiyagoundan pudhur ward 3 , 2.Appipalayam (R.V) and (P) Kaliyappagoundan pudur Ward 3 , 3.Appipalayam (R.V) and (P) Kethampatti Ward 3 , 4.Appipalayam (R.V) and (P) Attaiyamparappu ward 3
7P.U.Ele.School South Facing Building ,Kokkampatti 639 003, Appipalayam1.Appipalayam (R.V) and (P) Kokkamppatti Kuditheru Ward 3 , 2.Appipalayam (R.V) and (P) Kokkamppatti Adidravidar Street Ward 3
8Panchayat Union Elementary School, Eastern side, ,Karuppampalayam 639 0031.Karuppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Karruppam palayam Kaspa Ward1 , 2.Karuppampalayam (R.V) and (P) A.K Bharathy Nagar Ward2
9Panchayat Union Middle School, West Facing East Side ,Sukkaliyur, H/o. Karuppampalayam1.Karuppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Sukkaliyur Ward3 , 2.Karuppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Mattaparaipudur ward4 , 3.Karuppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Pothiyampallam Ward 4
10P.U.Middle School Western Building ,Machana Nagar H/o.Thalapatti1.Thalappatty (R.V) and (P) Sukkampatti Ward2 , 2.Thalappatty (R.V) and (P) Mettupatti Ward2 , 3.Thalappatty (R.V) and (P) Manalmedu Ward2 , 4.Thalappatty (R.V) and (P) Pallampatty Ward 2 , 5.Thalappatty (R.V) and (P) Chinnappallampatty Ward2 , 6.Thalappatty (R.V) and (P) Indira Colony Ward 2
11P.U.Ele. School East Facing South Portion ,Thalapatti1.Thalappatty (R.V) and (P) Thalappatty kudistreet ward3 , 2.Thalappatty (R.V) and (P) Seyyappagoundan pudur Ward4 , 3.Thalappatty (R.V) and (P) Ragupuram Ward4 , 4.Thalappatty (R.V) and (P) Aru Road Ward3 , 5.Thalappatty (R.V) and (P) Gandhi Nagar Ward3 , 6.Thalappatty (R.V) and (P) Thalapatty Colony Ward 3
12Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Kodaiyur H/o.ThalapattKodaiyur (R.V),Thalappatty (P) Kodaiyur ward 1 , 2.Kodaiyur (R.V),Thalappatty (P) Senkalipalayam Ward 4 , 3.Kodaiyur (R.V),Thalappatty (P) Koolinaiyakkanur Kuditheru Ward 1 , 4.Kodaiyur (R.V),Thalappatty (P) Koolinaiyakkanur Adidravidar Street Ward 1 , 5.Kodaiyur (R.V),Thalappatty (P) Senkalipalayam North Ward 1 , 6.Kodaiyur (R.V),Thalappatty (P) Kodaiur Keelpakam Ward 1
13Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Putthampur1.Putthampur ( R.V) and (P) Kalipalayam kuditheru ward 1 , 2.Putthampur ( R.V) and (P) Kalipalayam Adidravidar Street Ward 1 , 3.Putthampur ( R.V) and (P) Puthampur North Ward 1 , 4.Putthampur ( R.V) and (P) Puthampur South Ward 2 , 5.Putthampur ( R.V) and (P) Soliyappagoundan Pudhur West Thottam Ward 3
14Panchayat Union Elementary School ,vadugapatti1.Putthampur ( R.V) and (P) Vadugapatty Athidiravidar Street Ward 2 , 2.Putthampur ( R.V) and (P) Vadugapatty Kudi street East Ward 2 , 3.Putthampur ( R.V) and (P) Vadugapatty Kuditheru West Ward 3 , 4.Putthampur ( R.V) and (P) Soliyappagoundan Pudhur Ward 3 , 5.Putthampur ( R.V) and (P) Soliyappagoundan Pudhur Six Road Ward 3 , 6.Putthampur ( R.V) and (P) Putthampur Samathuvapuram Ward 4
15Panchayat Union Elementary School ,K.Pasupathipalayam H/o Kakkavadi1.Kakkavady (R.V) and (P) Mel Pasupathipalayam Ward 3 , 2.Kakkavady (R.V) and (P) Avarankattupudhur Ward 3 , 3.Kakkavady (R.V) and (P) Karasakattupudhur Ward 2 , 4.Kakkavady (R.V) and (P) Kakkavady Kaspa Ward 1 , 5.Kakkavady (R.V) and (P) Naiyakkanur Ward 2 , 6.Kakkavady (R.V) and (P) Velappagoundanur Ward 2
16Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Kullampatty H/o Kakkavadi1.Kakkavady (R.V) and (P) Sadayagoundan pudhur ward 6 , 2.Kakkavady (R.V) and (P) Petthalur Ward 6 , 3.Kakkavady (R.V) and (P) Kullampatti Ward 5 , 4.Kakkavady (R.V) and (P) Vaiyappampatty Ward 5 , 5.Kakkavady (R.V) and (P) Utthukaraipatty Ward 6 , 6.Kakkavady (R.V) and (P) Kel Pasupathipalayam Ward 4 , 7.Kakkavady (R.V) and (P) Ammaiyappagoundan Pudhur Ward 4
17Panchayat Union Ele.School Facing East ,Vedikkaranpatti H/o Paganatham1.Paganattham (R.V) and (P) Rengapalayam ward 1 , 2.Paganattham (R.V) and (P) Vedikaranpatti Ward 1
18Panchayat Union Ele.School ,Nochipatti H/o Paganatham1.Paganattham (R.V) and (P) Notchipatty Ward 1 , 2.Paganattham (R.V) and (P) Chinnakulathupatty Ward 2
19P.U.Middle School Southern Portion ,Paganatham H/o Paganatham1.Paganattham (R.V) and (P) Paganattham kaspa ward 3 , 2.Paganattham (R.V) and (P) Paganattham Athidravidar Theru Ward 3 , 3.Paganattham (R.V) and (P) Utthukaraipatty Ward 3 , 4.Paganattham (R.V) and (P) Manjanaikkanpatty Ward 3 , 5.Paganattham (R.V) and (P) Avuthipalayam Ward 3
20Panchayat Union Ele.School,West Building ,Musdakinathupatti H/o Paganatham1.Paganattham (R.V) and (P) Kattur Ward 2 , 2.Paganattham (R.V) and (P) Musdakinathupatty Kilakkur Ward 2,4 , 3.Paganattham (R.V) and (P) Musdakinathupatty Merkur Ward 4 , 4.Paganattham (R.V) and (P) Sadaiagoundanur Ward 4 , 5.Paganattham (R.V) and (P) Sottakuppanur Ward 4 , 6.Paganattham (R.V) and (P) Mustakinathupatti Athidravidar Colony Sakthinagar
21Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Chinnamanaickanpatty H/o Mookanankurichy1.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Chinnamanaickanpatti Ward 2
22Sri Guru Bramma Vidyalaya Matric High School ,Thillai Nagar Mookanankurichy (East Facing Room No 1)Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Rasampalayam ward2 , 2.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Vatthagoundanan Pudur Ward 2 , 3.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Velappagoundanputhur Ward 2 , 4.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Palvarpatti Ward 2 , 5.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Karuppagoundan Puthur Ward
23Panchayat Union Ele.School Western Building ,Vellaigoundanpatti H/o Mookanankurichy1.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Pathampatti Ward 1 , 2.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Chinnamakuttaipudur Ward 1 , 3.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Nallamakalipatty Ward 1 , 4.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Valkattupudur Ward 1 , 5.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Vellaiyagoundampatty Ward 1
24Panchayat Union Ele.School ,Koravapatti H/o Mookanankurichy1.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Nathamedu ward 1 , 2.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Veeranampalayam Kuditheru Ward 1 , 3.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Verranampalayam Adidravidar Street Ward 1 , 4.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Ammaiyappagoundanpudur Ward 1 , 5.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Koravappatty Ward 1
25Govrrnment Higher Secondary School Old Building West Portion ,Thammanaickanpatti H/o MookanankurichyMookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Thammanaikkanpatty ward 3 , 2.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Arumaikaran Puthur Ward 3 Kandasarapatti ,H/o Mookanankurichy1.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Kandasarapatty Ward 3 , 2.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Muthukuliur Ward 3 , 3.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Periyavarappatty Ward 4 , 4.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Chinnavarappatty Ward 4
27Panchayat Union Ele.School, East Facing. North South Building. ,Vijayapuram H/o Mookanankurichy1.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Ammapatty ward 5 , 2.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Kannimar Patty Ward 4 , 3.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Vijayapuram Ward 5
28Panchayat Union Middle School, North Facing, East West Building, ,Chinnamookanankurichi H/o Mookanankurichy1.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Chinna Mookkanankuruchi Ward 5 , 2.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Naiyakkanur Ward 5 , 3.Mookkanankuruchi (R.V) and (P) Thottiyapatty Ward 5
29Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Alamarathupatti H/o K.Pitchampatti1.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) Othaiyur ward2 , 2.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) Alamarathupatti Ward2 , 3.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) K.Alamarathupatty Ward2 , 4.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) Rakkiya Goundan Pudur Ward5 , 5.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) Thuraiur Ward5
30Panchayat Union Ele.School, Southern Building, North Facing, ,K.P.Thalaippatti, K.Pitchampatti Village1.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) Block 8 k.p thalapatty east ward4 , 2.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) Block 8 K.P Thalapatty West Ward4 , 3.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) Vijayanagaram Ward 3
31Panchayat Union Ele.School, East Facing Building, ,P.Kullampatti. K.Pitchampatti Village1.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) Kullampatty Ward5 , 2.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) Kullampatty Kalluvandikalam Ward5 , 3.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) Kulathur Ward5
32Panchayat Union Ele.School,New Building ,K.pitchampatti1.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) Block 10 vellagoundampatty ward 1 , 2.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) Block 11 Vellagoundampatty Ward 1 , 3.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) KasbaPitchampatty Ward 3 , 4.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) Vasukumaranpatty Ward 1 , 5.K. Pitchampatty (R.V) and (P) Pitchagoundanur Ward 3
33Govt. Hr. Sec. School North New Building ,Velliyanai1.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai kasba surya nagar ward 1 , 2.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai Kaspa Kuditheru South Ward 1 , 3.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai Kaspa Kuditheru North Ward 1 , 4.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai Kaspa Adidravidar Kudiyiruppu Ward 1 , 5.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai kaspa Railway Colony Ward 1 , 6.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai Kaspa Kadaiveethi Ward 1 , 7.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai Kaspa Perumal Kovil steet Ward 1 , 8.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai Kaspa Kavalar Kudiyiruppu Ward 1 , 9.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai Kaspa Chettiyar Street Ward 1
34Govt. Hr. Sec. School South New Building ,Velliyanai,6391181.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai kasba ganapathy nagar ward 1 , 2.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai Kasba Adidravidar North Street Ward 1 , 3.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai Kasba Adidravidar South Street Ward 1 , 4.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai Kasba Chettiyar Street Ward 1 , 5.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai Kasba East Mettupudhur Ward 1 , 6.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai Kasba West medu Ward 1 , 7.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai Kasba Sandaithottam Ward 1 , 8.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Thirumudigoundanur Ward 2 , 9.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Onthaampatti West Ward 4 , 10.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Onthaampatti East Ward 4
35P.U.Ele.School New Building ,Chellandipatti,6391181.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Chellandipatti North Street Ward 2 , 2.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Chellandipatti South Street Ward 2 , 3.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Chellandipatti Adidravidar Street Ward 2 , 4.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Kumarapalayam Pudur Ward 2 , 5.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Kumarapalayam Kudi Street Ward 2 , 6.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Kumarapalayam Adidravidar Seet Ward 2 , 7.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Kumarapalayam Naickar Street ward 2
36P.U.Ele. School Addl. School Block ,Velayuthampalayam,639118v1.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velayuthampalayam North Ward 3 , 2.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velayuthampalayam South Ward 3 , 3.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Karuvattiyur Ward 3 , 4.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Rajagoundanur Ward 3 , 5.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Muthukappatty Ward 3 , 6.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Thirumalainathanpatty North street Ward 3 , 7.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Thirumalainathanpatty South street Ward 3 , 8.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Krishna Reddiyur Ward 3
37P.U.Ele. School, North side, Addl Building ,Vellianai,6391181.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Bagavathiamman koil street east ward4 , 2.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Velliyanai East St Ward4 , 3.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Vellianai Dheena Nagar North Ward4 , 4.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Vellianai Dheena Nagar South Ward4 , 5.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Bagavathiamman Koil Street West Ward4 , 6.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Vellianai Kadaiveethi Ward4
38P.U.Ele. School South Building ,Vellianai,6391181.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Thaliyapatti west kudi street ward 2 , 2.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Thaliyapatti East Kudi Street Ward 2 , 3.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Thaliyapatti South Kudi Street Ward 2 , 4.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Thaliyappatti Adidravidar Street Ward 2 , 5.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Samathuvapuram South Ward 2 , 6.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Samathuvapuram Nadutheru Ward 2 , 7.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Samathuvapuram North Ward 2 , 8.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Venkidapuram Ward4 , 9.Velliyanai North (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) East Mettupudur Ward4
39P.U. Ele. School, East New building facing West ,Pachapatti,6391181.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) South mettupatti ward 4 , 2.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Kambilinaicker steet ward 4 , 3.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Nadumettupatty Ward 4 , 4.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) North Mettupatty Kudi street Ward 4 , 5.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) North Mettupatty Adidravidar street Ward 4 , 6.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Pallasanganur Ward4
40P.U.Ele. School, Old building facing south ,Pachapatti,6391181.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Pachapatti Ward4 , 2.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Mamarathupatti Ward4 , 3.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Indira Nagar Ward4 , 4.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Lakshmipuram Ward4 , 5.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Devagoundanur Ward4 , 6.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Kattarikoundanur Ward4 , 7.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Muthukoundanur Ward4
41P.U.Middle .School West side ,Jallipatti,6391181.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Chinnathalapatti Ward 5 , 2.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Parayur Ward 5 , 3.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Chettichinnagoundanur Ward 5 , 4.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Jallipatti Kudi Street West Ward 5 , 5.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Jallipatti Kudi Street East Ward 30 , 6.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Jallipatti Adidravidar street South Ward 5 , 7.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Jallipatti Adidravidarr street North Ward 5 , 8.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Jallipatti Annanagar Ward 5 , 9.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Adidravidar Arunthathiyar street ward 5 , 10.Velliyanai South (R.V) ,Velliyanaii (P) Valiyampudur Ward 5
42P.U.Ele. School, Western Portion North Building ,Jagathabi,6391181.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Murugankoil Street Ward 1 , 2.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Adidravidar Colony North Ward 1 , 3.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) AdidravidarStreet North Ward 1 , 4.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) West Street Ward 3 , 5.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Nadutheru Ward 3 , 6.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) East Street Ward 3
43P.U.Ele. School Eastern Portion North Building ,Jagathabi,6391181.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) South Street Ward 23 , 2.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 23 , 3.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Middle Street Ward 23 , 4.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) East Street Ward 23 , 5.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Adidravidar Street Ward 23 , 6.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Southmedu Ward 23
44P.U.Ele. School, Western side ,Thulasikodumbu,6391181.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Thulasi Kodumbu South Ward 5 , 2.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Thulasi Kodumbu North Ward 5 , 3.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Palvarpattu Ward 7 , 4.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Karunalliyagoundanur South Ward 8 , 5.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Karunalliyagoundanur North Ward 8
45Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Allaligoundanur,6391181.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Thadikarichilur Ward 9 , 2.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) ArumaikaranPuthur Ward 10 , 3.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Allaligoundanur Adidravidar Street Ward 11 , 4.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Allaligoundanur Kudistreet Ward 11 , 5.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Krishnagoundanur Ward 12 , 6.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Molagoundanur Ward 13
46P.U.Ele.School, Western Side New Building, Facing East,Porani ,H/O Jegathabi1.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Vathagoundanur Ward 15 , 2.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Ananthagoundanur Ward 16 , 3.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Kummayampatti Ward 17 , 4.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Subbareddiyur Ward 18 , 5.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Porani North Ward 21 , 6.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Porani South Ward 22 , 7.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Rengavalasu Ward 19 , 8.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Alagapuriyanur Ward 20 , 9.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Ramasamireddiyur Ward 23 , 10.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Kamakkammavur Ward 24
47P.U.Middle School, South Facing ,Pommannuthupatti 639118 H/o Jegadapi1.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Pommanuthupatti west kudistreet ward 25 , 2.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Pommanuthupatti North Adidravidar Street Ward 25 , 3.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Pommanathupatti South Kudi Street Ward 25 , 4.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Devachigoundanpudur Ward 25 , 5.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Ayyampalayam Kudi street West Ward 26 , 6.Jegathabi (R.V) and (P) Ayyampalayam Adidravidar Stree Ward 26
48P.U.Ele. School ,Lingathur,6391141.Uppidamangalam (TP) Kulathupalayam adidravidar street ward 1 , 2.Uppidamangalam (TP) Kulathupalayam South Street Ward 1 , 3.Uppidamangalam (TP) Kulathupalayam North Street Ward 1 , 4.Uppidamangalam (TP) Lingathur East Street Ward 1 , 5.Uppidamangalam (TP) Lingathur Adidravidarr Street Ward 15 , 6.Uppidamangalam (TP) Saralapatti Adidravidar Street Ward 1 , 7.Uppidamangalam (TP) Saralapatti Kudistreet Ward 1 , 8.Uppidamangalam (TP) Lingathur Sandanasamy Kovil Street Ward 15 , 9.Uppidamangalam (TP) Lingathur South Street Ward 15
49P.U.Ele. School Eastern Side Addl Building ,Lingathur,6391141.Uppidamangalam (TP) Lingathur puthu street ward 14 , 2.Uppidamangalam (TP) Lingathur Sub Station Street Ward 14 , 3.Uppidamangalam (TP) Lingathur A.B. Nagar Ward 14 , 4.Uppidamangalam (TP) Karrupampalayam Adidravidar Street Ward 14 , 5.Uppidamangalam (TP) Karrupampalayam South Street Ward 14 , 6.Uppidamangalam (TP) Lingathur West Street Mamarathupatty Ward 14
50P.U.Ele.School , South Building ,Rengapalayam,6391141.Uppidamangalam (TP) Palayarengapalayam adidravidar street ward 12 , 2.Uppidamangalam (TP) Palayarengapalayam East Street Ward 12 , 3.Uppidamangalam (TP) Parappatti Ward 12 , 4.Uppidamangalam (TP) Puthurengapalayam Ward 12 , 5.Uppidamangalam (TP) Nachiyappa Goundan Puthur Ward 10 , 6.Uppidamangalam (TP) Chinnagoundanur Adidravidar Street Ward 10 , 7.Uppidamangalam (TP) Chinnagoundanur West Street Ward 11 , 8.Uppidamangalam (TP) Chinnagoundanur East Street Ward 11 , 9.Uppidamangalam (TP) Chinnagoundanur Madhuraiveeran Kovil St.Ward 11
51P.U.Ele. School ,Uppidamangalam-6391141.Uppidamangalam (TP) Uppidamangalam Mela Theru Ward13 , 2.Uppidamangalam (TP) Uppidamangalam Middle Street Ward 9 , 3.Uppidamangalam (TP) Uppidamangalam South Street Ward 9 , 4.Uppidamangalam (TP) Uppidamangalam North Street Ward 9 , 5.Uppidamangalam (TP) Uppidamangalam East street Ward 13 , 6.Uppidamangalam (TP) Uppidamangalam Adidravidar Street Ward 13
52P.U.Ele. School, South Building,North Facing, ,Pudhu Kanjamanur1.Uppidamangalam (TP) Palambalpuram Ward 10 , 2.Uppidamangalam (TP) PalayaKanjamanur Ward 10 , 3.Uppidamangalam (TP) Puthukanjamanur Adidravidar Steet Ward 10 , 4.Uppidamangalam (TP) Puthukanjamanur North Street Ward 9 , 5.Uppidamangalam (TP) Chinnagoundanur Puthu Theru Ward 9
53P.U.Ele. School West Portion ,Vaiyapurigoundanur 6391141.Uppidamangalam (TP) Kaliyappagoundanur South Street Ward 2 , 2.Uppidamangalam (TP) Kaliyappagoundanur Adidravidar Street Ward 2 , 3.Uppidamangalam (TP) Kaliyappagoundanur North Street Ward 2 , 4.Uppidamangalam (TP) Kaliyappagoundanur West Street Ward 2 , 5.Uppidamangalam (TP) Vaiyapurigoundanur Puthu Theru Ward 2 , 6.Uppidamangalam (TP) Vaiyapurigoundanur Adidravidar Street Ward 2 , 7.Uppidamangalam (TP) Vaiyapurigoundanur East Street Ward 2 , 8.Uppidamangalam (TP) Jothivadam East Street Ward 8 , 9.Uppidamangalam (TP) Jothivadam Adidravidar Theru Ward 8 , 10.Uppidamangalam (TP) Vaiyapurigoundanur West Street Ward 8 , 11.Uppidamangalam (TP) Jothivadam Nayakkar Street Ward 8 , 12.Uppidamangalam (TP) Jothivadam Nayakkar West Street Ward 8 , 13.Uppidamangalam (TP) Jothivadam Pudhutheru Ward 8 , 14.Uppidamangalam (TP) Jothivadam Nayakkar Hospital Street Ward 8 , 15.Uppidamangalam (TP) Kumaragoundanur North Street Ward 7 , 16.Uppidamangalam (TP) Kumaragoundanur South Street Ward 7 , 17.Uppidamangalam (TP) Kumaragoundanur Puthu Theru Ward 7
54P.U.Ele. School, Eastern Portion ,Pugaiyilaikurichiannur,6391141.Uppidamangalam (TP) Pugaiyilaikurichiyanur Adidravidar Street Ward 7 , 2.Uppidamangalam (TP) PugaiyilaiKurichianur West Street Ward 6 , 3.Uppidamangalam (TP) Pugaiyilaikurichianur East Street Ward 6 , 4.Uppidamangalam (TP) Pugaiyilaikurichianur Nadu Theru Ward 6 , 5.Uppidamangalam (TP) Vennilai Sadachiyamman Kovil Theru Ward 6 , 6.Uppidamangalam (TP) Vennilai Adidravidar Street Ward 6
55zP.U.Ele. School, East South Building, ,Pugaiyilaikurichiannur,6391141.Uppidamangalam (TP) Vadugapatti Ward 7 , 2.Uppidamangalam (TP) Rasapattiyan Puthur Ward 7 , 3.Uppidamangalam (TP) Lakshmanampatti West Street Ward 5 , 4.Uppidamangalam (TP) Kuppagoundanur Ward 5 , 5.Uppidamangalam (TP) Lakshmanampatti East Street Ward 5 , 6.Uppidamangalam (TP) Lakshmanampatti Adidravidar Street Ward 5
56Government High School. ,Karuppur Ward-21.Uppidamangalam (TP) Pappureddiyur ward 4 , 2.Uppidamangalam (TP) Salapatti West Street Ward 4 , 3.Uppidamangalam (TP) Salapatti East Street Ward 4 , 4.Uppidamangalam (TP) Rasa goundanur Ward 4 , 5.Uppidamangalam (TP) Karuppur East Street Ward 3 , 6.Uppidamangalam (TP) Karuppur Adidravidar Theru-1 Ward3 , 7.Uppidamangalam (TP) Karuppur AdidravidarTheru-2 Ward 3 , 8.Uppidamangalam (TP) Karuppur North Street Ward 3 , 9.Uppidamangalam (TP) Karuppur South Street Ward 3
57P.U.Ele. School West Building ,Manickapuram 639 005 H/o. Manavadi1.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Manickapuram West Street Ward 2 , 2.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Manickapuram East street Ward 2 , 3.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Karuppagoundanpudur Ward 2 , 4.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Maruthampatti Ward 2 , 5.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Maruthampatti Colony Ward 2 , 6.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Perumalpatti Colony Ward 3 , 7.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Kannimarpalayam Ward 2
58P.U.Ele. School East Portion ,Kathalapatti 639 0051.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Chinnathambipalayam Ward 1 , 2.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Mamarathupatti Ward 1 , 3.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Sellipalayam Ward 1 , 4.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Kathalapatti North Street Ward 4 , 5.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Kathalapatti South Street 1 Ward 4 , 6.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Kathalapatti Colony Ward 4 , 7.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Kathalapatti South Street 2 Ward 4
59P.U.Ele. School Old Tiled Building, ,South North Building, East Facing Manavadi1.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Kathalapatti puthur ward 4 , 2.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Manavadi Kasba North Street Ward 5 , 3.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Manavadi Kaspa South Street Ward 5 , 4.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Manavadi Road street Ward 5 , 5.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Nallachellipalayam Ward 5 , 6.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Ayyampalayam Colony Ward 5 , 7.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Bismi Nagar Ward 5 , 8.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Perumalpatti Ward 3 , 9.Manavadi (R.V) and (P) Ayyampalayam Ward 3
60P.U.Ele. School West Wing ,Emur 639 0051.Emur (R.V) and (P) Emur Kaspa Kudistreet North Ward 1 , 2.Emur (R.V) and (P) Emur Kaspa Kudistreet South Ward 2 , 3.Emur (R.V) and (P) Emur Kaspa Adidravidar Street Ward 1 , 4.Emur (R.V) and (P) Nadupalayam Kuditheru Ward 3 , 5.Emur (R.V) and (P) Nadupalayam Adidravidar Street Ward 3 , 6.Emur (R.V) and (P) Nadupalayam Adidravidar Street East Ward 3 , 7.Emur (R.V) and (P) Kunnanur Ward 4
61P.U.Ele. School ,Emur Pudur 639 0051.Emur (R.V) and (P) Emur puthur Kudistreet Ward 5 , 2.Emur (R.V) and (P) Emur Pudur Old Adidravidar Street Ward 5 , 3.Emur (R.V) and (P) Emur Pudur New Adidravidar Street Ward 6 , 4.Emur (R.V) and (P) Emur Pudhur MGR Gongu Colony Ward 6 , 5.Emur (R.V) and (P) Seethapatty Kuditheru Ward 6 , 6.Emur (R.V) and (P) Seethapatty (N) New Adidravidar Colony Ward7 , 7.Emur (R.V) and (P) Seethapatty (S) Old Adidravidar Colony Ward7 , 8.Emur (R.V) and (P) Seethapatty (S) Kudi Street Ward 7 , 9.Emur (R.V) and (P) Seethapatty (S) Kudi Street Ward 7
62Adhi Dravidar Welfare High School, East Facing Building, ,Middle Room, Sanapiratti1.Karur (M) Adidravidar Street ward 33 , 2.Karur (M) Kudi Street Ward 33 , 3.Karur (M) Agraharam Ward 33
63St. Marys High School. South Facing. ,West Portion, Pasupathipalayam1.Karur (M) Visuvasapuram Ward 33 , 2.Karur (M) A.V.P.Nagar Ward 33
64Adi. Dravidar Welfare High School, East Facing Building. ,South Room, Sanapiratti1.Karur (M) Sanapiratti padhaiyur ward 33 , 2.Karur (M) Sanapiratti Bharathiar Nagar Ward 33 , 3.Karur (M) Selvanagar Ward 36
65Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Old Tiled Building, S.Vellalapatti 639 0041.Karur (M) Keela theru ward 34 , 2.Karur (M) Melatheru Ward 34 , 3.Karur (M) Mettutheru Ward 34
66Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,New Asbestos Building, S.Vellalapatti 639 0041.Karur (M) Tholilpettai ward 34 , 2.Karur (M) Muthiyachettiyar Colony ward 34 , 3.Karur (M) Cylone Colony Ward 34 , 4.Karur (M) Athidiravidar Colony Ward 34 , 5.Karur (M) Vellalapatti North Street Ward 34 , 6.Karur (M) R.S.Pudur Ward 34
67Child Jesus Primary & Nursery School, North South Building. East Facing ,(South Side) Thillai Nagar, Sanapiratti Village1.Karur (M) Thillai Nagar ward 35
68Panchayat Union Elementary School, Eastern side ,North Facing Building, Narikatiyur, H/o Sanapiratti1.Karur (M) Teachers Colony Ward 35 , 2.Karur (M) Narikattiyur East Ward 35
69Panchayat Union Elementary School, North Facing Building (West Side) ,Narikatiyur, H/o Sanapiratti1.Karur (M) Narikattiyur West Ward 35 , 2.Karur (M) Moolakattanur Ward 35 , 3.Karur (M) Tamil Nadu Housing Board Ward 35
70Panchayat Union Middle school Northern building ,Western Portion, Gandhigramam Colony1.Karur (M) TNHB ward 36 , 2.Karur (M) TNHB Appartments Ward 36
71Macmillan Primary & Nursery School, North South Building. South Side ,(Room No.4) North Gandhigramam1.Karur (M) Gandhigramam North Ward 36 TNHB Rental Appartments , 2.Karur (M) Gandhigramam North Ward 36 Kongu Nagar , 3.Karur (M) Gandhigramam North Ward 36 Amarjothi Garden and Vangalamman Nagar
72Macmillan Primary & Nursery School, Periyar Nagar ,North Gandhigramam1.Karur (M) Gandhigramam North Ward 36 Periyar Nagar , 2.Karur (M) Gandhigramam North Ward 36 JJ Garden and EB Colony
73Panchayat Union Middle School, Northern Building ,Eastern wing, Gandhigramam Colony 639 0041.Karur (M) Gandhigramam Bharathiyar 1st theru ward 36 , 2.Karur (M) Gandhigramam Bharathiar 2nd Street Ward 36 , 3.Karur (M) Gandhigramam Bharathiar 3rd Street Ward 36 , 4.Karur (M) Gandhigramam Bharathiar 4th Street Ward 36
74Brindhavan Nursery & Primary School, Kalaiarangam South Facing, ,Gandhigramam 639 0041.Karur (M) Gandhigramam E.B.Colony South Street Ward 36 , 2.Karur (M) Gandhigramam Bharathiar 5th Street Ward 36 , 3.Karur (M) Gandhigramam Bharathiar 6th Street Ward 36
75Panchayat Union Middle School, Southern Building, North facing, Western wing, Gandhigramam Colony 639 0041.Karur (M) Gandhigrammam E.B.Colony North Street ward 36
76Panchayat Union Middle School, Southern Building ,Eastern wing, Gandhigramam Colony1.Karur (M) Gandhigramam E.B.Colony ward 36
77Brindavan Nursery & Primary School ,East Facing, North Portion, Gandhigramam1.Karur (M) Gandhigramam Ward 36
78Panchayat Union Middle School, New Building ,West Facing, Northern wing, Gandhigramam Colony 6390041.Karur (M) Ward 36 Ramanoor Rajanagar 1st Street , 2.Karur (M) Ward 36 Ramanoor Rajanagar 2nd Street , 3.Karur (M) Ward 36 Ramanoor Rajanagar 3rd Street , 4.Karur (M) Ward 36 Ramanoor Rajanagar 4th Street , 5.Karur (M) Ward 36 Ramanoor Rajanagar 5th Street
79Panchayat Union Middle School, West Side ,South Facing Building, Gandhigramam Colony 6390041.Karur (M) Ward 36 Ramanoor Rajanagar 6th Street , 2.Karur (M) Ward 36 Ramanoor Rajanagar 7th Street , 3.Karur (M) Ward 36 Ramanoor Rajanagar 8th Street , 4.Karur (M) Ward 36 Ramanoor Kamadhenu Nagar and Amman Nagar
80Panchayat Union Elementary School, Southern Building, West Facing , Koyampalli 639 1141.Koyampalli (R.V) and (P) Koyampalli west kudi street ward2 , 2.Koyampalli (R.V) and (P) Koyampalli East kudi Street Ward1 , 3.Koyampalli (R.V) and (P) Koyampalli Adidravidar Street Ward1 , 4.Koyampalli (R.V) and (P) Sellipalayam Pudhur Ward1
81Government High School, ,Terraced Northern Building, West facing, Koyampalli 639 1141.Koyampalli (R.V) and (P) Sellipalayam athidravidar street west ward3 , 2.Koyampalli (R.V) and (P) Sellipalayam Adhidravidar Street East Ward3 , 3.Koyampalli (R.V) and (P) Sellipalayam South Ward4 , 4.Koyampalli (R.V) and (P) Sellipalyam North Ward 4
82Government High School, ,Terraced Northern Building, West facing, Koyampalli 639 1141.Melapalayam (R.V) and (P) Melapalayam agraharam ward1 , 2.Melapalayam (R.V) and (P) Melapalayam kudi Street Ward1 , 3.Melapalayam (R.V) and (P) Nathamedu Railway Station Ward2 , 4.Melapalayam (R.V) and (P) Melapalayam Athidravidar Street Ward2 , 5.Melapalayam (R.V) and (P) Melapalayam Ward2
83Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,(Vadakkupalayam) M.Vellalapatti 639 1141.Melapalayam (R.V) and (P) M.vellalapatti kudi street east ward3 , 2.Melapalayam (R.V) and (P) M.Vellalapatti West Ward3 , 3.Melapalayam (R.V) and (P) M.Vellalapatti Adidravidar Street Ward4
84Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Eastern Building (Western wing), Puravipalayam 639 1141.Puliyur (TP) Venkitapuram ward 7 , 2.Puliyur (TP) Kollapalayam (South Street) Ward 7 , 3.Puliyur (TP) Kollapalayam (East Street) Ward 7,8 , 4.Puliyur (TP) Puravipalayam Ward 8,9 , 5.Puliyur (TP) Puravupalayam Adi dravidar Street Ward 8,9 , 6.Puliyur (TP) Kulathupalayam Ward 10
85Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Odamudaiyarpalayam 639 1141.Puliyur (TP) Kovil palayam ward1 , 2.Puliyur (TP) Odamudaiyarpalayam 2nd Street Ward1 , 3.Puliyur (TP) Odamudaiyarpalayam 3rd Street Ward1 , 4.Puliyur (TP) Odamudaiyarpalayam 4th Street Ward1 , 5.Puliyur (TP) Chinnamanaickenpatti Ward2
86Panchayat Union Elementary School, ,Kalipalayam 639 1141.Puliyur (TP) Kalipalayam athidravidar theru ward2 , 2.Puliyur (TP) Old Kalipalayam 1st Street Ward3 , 3.Puliyur (TP) Old Kalipalayam 2nd Street Ward3
87Rani Meiyyammai Hr. Sec. School, ,Northern Building, Room No.3, CCC, Puliyur 639 1141.Puliyur (TP) Chettinadu cement corporation colony a type ward4 , 2.Puliyur (TP) Chettinadu Cement Corporation Colony B type Ward4 , 3.Puliyur (TP) Chettinadu Cement Corporation Colony C type Ward4 , 4.Puliyur (TP) Chettinadu Cement Corporation Colony D type Ward4 , 5.Puliyur (TP) Chettinadu Cement Corporation Colony E type Ward4 , 6.Puliyur (TP) Chettinadu Cement Corporation Colony F type Ward4 , 7.Puliyur (TP) Chettinadu Cement Corporation Colony G type Ward4 , 8.Puliyur (TP) Puthiya Kaalipalayam Ist Street Ward5 , 9.Puliyur (TP) Puthiya Kaalipalayam 2nd Street Ward5 , 10.Puliyur (TP) Puthiya Kaalipalayam 3rd Street Ward5 , 11.Puliyur (TP) Puthiya Kaalipalayam 4th Street Ward5 , 12.Puliyur (TP) Puthiya Kaalipalayam 5th Street Ward5
88Panchayat Union Elementary School, South facing, ,Building, Western wing, Goundampalayam 639 1141.Puliyur (TP) Puravipalayam kudi street ward9 , 2.Puliyur (TP) Puliyur Kaspa Ward9 , 3.Puliyur (TP) Otthukarapatti Ward6 , 4.Puliyur (TP) Care Colony West Ward6 , 5.Puliyur (TP) Care Colony 1st Street Ward7 , 6.Puliyur (TP) Care Colony 2nd Street Ward7 , 7.Puliyur (TP) Care Colony 3rd Street Ward7 , 8.Puliyur (TP) Care Colony 4th Street Ward7 , 9.Puliyur (TP) Care Colony 5th Street Ward7 , 10.Puliyur (TP) Care Colony 6th Street Ward7 , 11.Puliyur (TP) Care Colony 7th Street Ward7 , 12.Puliyur (TP) Care Colony 8th Street Ward6 , 13.Puliyur (TP) Care Colony 9th Street Ward6 , 14.Puliyur (TP) Care Colony 10th Street Ward6 , 15.Puliyur (TP) Care Colony 11th Street Ward6 , 16.Puliyur (TP) Care Colony 12th Street Ward6 , 17.Puliyur (TP) Care Colony 13th Street Ward6 , 18.Puliyur (TP) Care Colony 14th Street Ward6
89Panchayat Union Elementary School, Western Building, ,Northern wing, Goundampalayam 639 1141.Puliyur (TP) Ganesapuram main road ward11 , 2.Puliyur (TP) Ganesapuram middle street Ward11 , 3.Puliyur (TP) Ganesapuram R.S road Ward11 , 4.Puliyur (TP) Ganesa Puram North Ward10
90Panchayat Union Elementary School, North facing, ,New Building, Eastern wing, Goundampalayam 639 114 1.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam east 1st street ward12 , 2.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam East 2nd Street Ward12 , 3.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam East 3rd Street Ward12 , 4.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam East 4th Street Ward12 , 5.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam East 5th Street Ward12 , 6.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam East 6th Street Ward12 , 7.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam Mainroad 1st Street Ward13 , 8.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam West 2nd Street Ward13 , 9.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam West 3rd Street Ward13 , 10.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam West 7th Street Ward13 , 11.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam West 8th Street Ward13 , 12.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam West 9th Street Ward13
91Panchayat Union Elementary School, North facing, ,New Building, Western wing, Goundampalayam 639 1141.Puliyur (TP) Chettipalayam ward13 , 2.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam Main Road Ward13 , 3.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam 4th Street ward13 , 4.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam 5th Street Ward13 , 5.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam 6th Street Ward13 , 6.Puliyur (TP) Goundanpalayam 7th Street Ward13
92Panchayat Union Middle School, North facing ,Building, Eastern wing, P.Vellalapatti 639 114 Puliyur1.Puliyur (TP) Vellalapatti kelur 1st street ward14 , 2.Puliyur (TP) Vellala patti Keelur 2nd Street Ward14 , 3.Puliyur (TP) Vellapatti Keelur Arunthatiar Street Ward14 , 4.Puliyur (TP) Vellalapatti Melur 1st street Ward15 , 5.Puliyur (TP) Vellalapatti Melur 2nd street Ward15 , 6.Puliyur (TP) Vellalapatti Melur 3rd street Ward15 , 7.Puliyur (TP) Vellalapatti Melur 4th street Ward15 , 8.Puliyur (TP) Vellalapatti Melur 5th street Ward15 , 9.Puliyur (TP) Vellalapatti Melur 6th street Ward15 , 10.Puliyur (TP) Vedikaranpatti Ward15 , 11.Puliyur (TP) Vellalapatti Melur Athidravidar Street Ward15
93Adhidravidar Welfare Higher Secondary School West Side Addl ,Building, Chinnamanayakkanpatti 639 1141.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Kudistreet ward 1 , 2.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) East Street Ward 1 , 3.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 1 , 4.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) West Street Ward 1 , 5.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) South Street Ward 1 , 6.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Natarajapuram Kudistreet Ward 2 , 7.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) South Street Ward 2 , 8.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) North Street Ward 2
94Adhidravidar Welfare Ele School ,Andipalayam 639 1141.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Andipalayam melatheru ward 10 , 2.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Andipalayam Keelatheru Ward 10 , 3.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Andipalayam V.O.C. Nagar Melatheru Ward 10 , 4.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Andipalayam V.O.C. Nagar Keelatheru Ward 10 , 5.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Andipalayam Ganesh Nagar Melatheru Ward 10 , 6.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Andipalayam Ganesh Nagar Keelatheru Ward 10
95P.U. Middle School, New Addl Building ,Veerarakkiyam 639 1141.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Veerarakkiyam east street ward 3 , 2.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Veerarakkiyam South Street Ward 3 , 3.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Veerarakkiyam North Street Ward 4 , 4.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Veerarakkiyam West Street Ward 4
96P.U.Middle.School, New Main Building, ,East portion, Veerarakkiyam 639 1141.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Veerarakkiam kudi street (north) ward 5,6 , 2.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Vadukappatty North Ward 9 , 3.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Vadukappatty South Ward 9
97P.U. Middle.School, North Portion South Building, ,Facing East, Veerarakkiyam 639 1141.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Veerarakkiam Kudi street (South) Ward 7,8 , 2.Balarajapuram (R.V) and (P) Veerarakkiam Kudi street (West) Ward 7,8
98P.U.Ele., School, N Rural Employment ,Scheme building Nathamedu 639 1081.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Melakattalai west ward 1 , 2.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Melakattalai East Ward 1 , 3.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Nathamedu West Ward 1 , 4.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Nathamedu North Ward 1 , 5.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Nathamedu South Ward 1 , 6.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Nathamedu East Ward 1
99Panchayat Union Elementary School New Building North Side ,Kattalai 639 1081.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Kattalai agaraharam west ward 2 , 2.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Kattalai Agraharam South Ward 2 , 3.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Kattalai Agraharam East Ward 2 , 4.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Kattalai Agraharam East Ward 2 , 5.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Renganathapuram Kudistreet West Ward 3 , 6.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Renganathapuram Kudistreet North Ward 3 , 7.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Renganathapuram Kudistreet South Ward 3
100Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Building South Side ,Kattalai 639 1081.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Kattalai adidravidar colony west ward 3 , 2.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Kattalai Adidravidar Colony North Ward 2 , 3.Renganathapuram North (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Kattalai Adidravidar Colony South Ward 2
101P. U. Ele. School ,R. Puthukottai 639 1081.Renganathapuram South (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) R.puthukottai north adidravidar street ward 4 , 2.Renganathapuram South (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) R.Puthukottai South Adidravidar Street Ward 4 , 3.Renganathapuram South (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) R.Puthukottai East Adidravidar Street Ward 4 , 4.Renganathapuram South (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Konapparayankulam North Adidravidar Colony Ward 4 , 5.Renganathapuram South (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Konapparayankulam Adidravidar Colony Ward 4 , 6.Renganathapuram South (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Konapparayankulam South Adidravidar Colony Ward 4 , 7.Renganathapuram South (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Konapparayankulam Kudistreet Ward 4
102P.U.Ele. School New Building ,Valayalkaranpudur 639 1081.Renganathapuram South (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Valayalkaranputhur south adidravidar street ward 5 , 2.Renganathapuram South (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Jananur Ward 5 , 3.Renganathapuram South (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Valayalkaranputhur North Adidravidar Theru Ward 5 , 4.Renganathapuram South (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Valayakaranputhur South Kudistreet Ward 5 , 5.Renganathapuram South (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Valaiyalkaranpudur North Kudistreet Ward 5 , 6.Renganathapuram South (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Valayalkaranpudur West Kudistreet Ward 5 , 7.Renganathapuram South (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Valayalkaranpudur Bagavathiammankoilnadu St Ward 5 , 8.Renganathapuram South (R.V) ,Renganathapuram (P) Valayalkaranpudur School Street Ward 5
103P. U.Middle. School New Building ,Manavasi 639 1081.Manavasi (R.V) and (P) Manavasi kudistreet , 2.Manavasi (R.V) and (P) Manavasi Bhagavathiamman Koil Street , 3.Manavasi (R.V) and (P) Manavasi Samathuvapuram
104P. U.Middle. School, East West (SSA) Building, ,Facing North, Western Portion, Manavasi 639 1081.Manavasi (R.V) and (P) Manavasi Adidravidar Street , 2.Manavasi (R.V) and (P) Manavasi Indira Colony
105P.U. Elementary School, ,Korakuthi 639 1081.Manavasi (R.V) and (P) Korakuthi south street , 2.Manavasi (R.V) and (P) Korakuthi North Street , 3.Manavasi (R.V) and (P) Nathamedu , 4.Manavasi (R.V) and (P) Mettanginam
106P.U. Elementary School, ,Korakuthi 639 1081.Mayanur (R.V) and (P) Mayanur pajanai mada street ward 6 , 2.Mayanur (R.V) and (P) Mariamman Kovil Street Ward 8 , 3.Mayanur (R.V) and (P) Mayanur Kaman Kovil Street Ward 7
107Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Building ,North Western Portion, Mayanur 639 1081.Mayanur (R.V) and (P) Mayanur Santhaipettai Ward 1 , 2.Mayanur (R.V) and (P) Kilinjanatham Ward 2
108Govt. Higher Sec.School, New Building, North Western Portion, Mayanur 639 108 ,Mayanur 639 1081.Mayanur (R.V) and (P) Mayanur kasba puthu theru ward 1 , 2.Mayanur (R.V) and (P) K.C.P. Arasu Nagar Ward 1
109Govt. High.School, New Building North Eastern Portion, ,Mayanur 639 1081.Mayanur (R.V) and (P) Kasa Colony -1 Ward 1 , 2.Mayanur (R.V) and (P) Kasa Colony Ward 1
110P.U.Ele. School, Addl Building ,Melamayanur 639 1081.Mayanur (R.V) and (P) Mela mayanur north ward 5 , 2.Mayanur (R.V) and (P) Mela Mayanur South Ward 5 , 3.Mayanur (R.V) and (P) Kela Mayanur Ward 4
111Panchayat Union Ele School East West Building ,Western Portion, Thirukkampuliyur 639 1081.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Thirukkampuliyur east street , 2.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Thirukampuliyur Kaman Kovil Street , 3.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Thirukkampuliur Melatheru
112Panchayat Union Middle School, North South Central Building, ,North Portion, Kattur1.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Kattur East Street , 2.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Kattur West Street
113Panchayat Union Elementary School North Building ,Mettu Thirukkampuliyur1.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Mettu thirukkampuliyur bagavathiamman kovil street , 2.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Mettu Thirukkampuliyur Vadakku Street , 3.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Mettu Thirukkampuliyur School Street
114Panchayat Union Elementary School West Facing Building ,Southern Side, Mettu Thirukkampuliyur1.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Mettu Thirukkampuliyur Adidiravidar Street , 2.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Mettut Thirukkampuliyur South Street
115P.U.Ele. School Block 4 ,Sekkanam 639 1021.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Sekkanam south street , 2.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Sekkanam North Street , 3.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Eluthiyampatti North Street , 4.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Eluthiyampatti South Street
116P.U.Ele. School Block -5 ,Malaipatti 639 1081.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Malaipatti , 2.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Malaipatti Adidravidar Street , 3.Thirukkampuliyur(R.V) and (P) Malaipatti South Street
117P.U.Middle School West Building ,Krishnarayapuram 639 1021.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Valayarpalayam East Ward 4 , 2.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Valayarpalayam West Ward 4 , 3.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Vedar Street Ward 4 , 4.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Adidravidar colony East Ward 3 , 5.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Adidravidar Colony West Ward 3 , 6.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Krishnarayapuram Adidiravidar Colony New Ward3 , 7.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Melakara East Street Ward 2 , 8.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Melakara West Street Ward 2
118G.Hr.Sec. School M.P. Building ,North Side Room No 7 Krishnarayapuram 639102Krishnarayapuram (TP) East Agraharam East Ward2 , 2.Krishnarayapuram (TP) East Agraharam West Ward2 , 3.Krishnarayapuram (TP) East Agraharam Pillayarkoil Street Ward2 , 4.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Mela Agraharam South Ward1 , 5.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Mela Agraharam Main Road Ward1 , 6.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Angalamman Koil Street Ward1 , 7.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Kadaiveethi West Ward 15 , 8.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Kadaiveethi North Ward 15
119G.Hr.Sec.School M.P. Building South Side Room No 5 ,Krishnarayapuram1.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Muthaliyar street north ward 12 , 2.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Muthaliar Street West Ward 12 , 3.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Muthaliar Street East Warrd 12 , 4.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Adidravidar West Colony Ward 12 , 5.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Adidravidar East Street Colony Ward12 , 6.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Manjamedu West Street Ward 11 , 7.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Manjamedu Nadutheru Ward 11 , 8.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Manjamedu East Street Ward 11
120Govt. Higher Secondary School Near Computer Room ,Krishnarayapuram1.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Bagavathiyamman kovil theru Ward 15 , 2.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Bagavathiammankoil street West Ward 15 , 3.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Mariammankoil street south ward13 , 4.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Mariammankoil street North Ward13 , 5.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Mariammankovil Street West Ward 14 , 6.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Arasavalli Street East Ward 13 , 7.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Arasavalli Street South Ward 13 , 8.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Arasavalli Street West Ward 13 , 9.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Sannasikoil Street Ward14 , 10.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Alingipillayar koil street north Ward14
121P.U.Middle School, ,Pitchampatti 639 1021.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Pitchampatti west kudi theru ward 10 , 2.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Pitchampatti East Adidravidar theru Ward 10 , 3.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Pitchampatti Adidravidar West Street Ward 5 , 4.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Pitchampatti Adidravidar South Street Ward 5 , 5.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Pitchampatti Adidravidar Norh Street Ward 5
122P.U.Ele. School Tharapurathunur ,Krishnarayapuram1.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Tharapurathanur north ward 8 , 2.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Tharapurathanur Paraikalam Ward 8 , 3.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Tarapurathanur (South) Ward 8 , 4.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Kovilpatti KudiStreet West Ward 9 , 5.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Kovilpatti KudiStreet Adidravidar Street Ward 9 , 6.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Sevakanur Kudi Street North Ward 9 , 7.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Thottiapatti South , 8.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Thottiapatti Adidravidar Street , 9.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Nadupatti Kudi Street West
123P.U.Middle School, Northern Building, Middle Portion, ,East Facing, Kovakulam1.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Kovakkulam Kudi Street East Ward 6 , 2.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Kovakkulam Kodikkal Street North Ward 7 , 3.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Kovakkulam Kodikal St West Ward 7 , 4.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Kovakkulam Adidravidar Street Ward 7 , 5.Krishnarayapuram (TP) Kovakkulam Naicker Street Ward 7
124P.U.Elementary School ,Kammanallur1.Kammanallur (R.V) and (P) Kammanallur Adidravidar StreeWest Ward 5 , 2.Kammanallur (R.V) and (P) Kammanallur Adidravidar East Ward 5 , 3.Kammanallur (R.V) and (P) Kammanallur North Kuditheru West Side Ward 6 , 4.Kammanallur (R.V) and (P) Kammanallur North Kudi Street Keelpagam Ward 6 , 5.Kammanallur (R.V) and (P) Kammanallur South Kudi Street Melpagam Ward 6 , 6.Kammanallur (R.V) and (P) Kammanallur South Kudi Street Keelpagam Ward 6
125P.U.Ele. School,Near Noon Meal Centre South Building ,Poyyaputhur H/O Kammanallur1.Kammanallur (R.V) and (P) Poyyaputhur Kudi theru Melpaguthi Ward 1 , 2.Kammanallur (R.V) and (P) Poyyaputhur Kudi Street Middle side Ward 1 , 3.Kammanallur (R.V) and (P) Poyyaputhur Kudi Street Keelpaguthi Ward 1 , 4.Kammanallur (R.V) and (P) Poyyapudur Kavalkaran Street Ward 2 , 5.Kammanallur (R.V) and (P) Poyyaputhur Adidravidar Street North Ward 4 , 6.Kammanallur (R.V) and (P) Poyyaputhur South Adidravidar St South Melpagam W-3 , 7.Kammanallur (R.V) and (P) Poyyaputhur Adidravidar St South Keelpagam Ward 3
126Panchayat Union Middle School. South North Building, East Facing, ,Mahadanapuram1.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Theethampalayam East Ward 1 , 2.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Theethampalayam West Ward 2 , 3.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Mahadhanapuram Agraharam West 2 , 4.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Mahadanapuram East Agraharam south Ward 2 , 5.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Mahadanapuram East Agraharam North Ward 2
127P.U.Middle School North Building ,Mettu Mahadanapuram1.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Mettu Mahadanapuram kudi theru East Ward 3 , 2.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Mettu Makadhanapuram Kuditheru West Ward 3 , 3.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Mahalakhsmi Amman Kovil St. South East Side W 5 , 4.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Mahalakhsmi Amman Kovil St. South West Side W 5 , 5.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Mettu Mahadanapuram Kudistreet (South) Ward 5
128Panchayat Office Building, ,Mettu Mahadanapuram1.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Mahalakhsmi Kovil North Side-1 East Ward 4 , 2.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Mahalakhsmi Kovil North Side-1 West Ward 4 , 3.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Mahalakhsmi Kovil North Side-2 West Ward 4 , 4.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Mahalakhsmi Kovil North Side-2 East Ward 4
129Panchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, Mettu MahadanapuramPanchayat Union Middle School ,New Building, Mettu Mahadanapuram1.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Mallankoil adidravidar street ward 6 , 2.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) School Adidravidar St Ward 6 , 3.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) North Adidravidar Street West Ward 6 , 4.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Adidiravidar Middle Street Ward 12
130Panchayat Union Middle School, North South Building, ,East Facing, South Portion, Mettu Mahadanapuram1.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Saruppannasamykovil Adidravidar Street Ward 8 , 2.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) South Adidravidar NaduStreet Ward 8 , 3.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) Mattankovil Adidravidar Street Ward 8 , 4.Mahadanapuram North (R.V) Mahadanapuram (P) East Adidravidar Street Ward9
131Panchayat Union Middle School ,Kuppureddipatti 6391051.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Omanthur old colony street ward 2 , 2.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Omanthur New Colony Street Ward 2 , 3.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Pillayar Kovil Street Ward 3 , 4.Palayajayamkondam (TP) East Street Ward 2 , 5.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Nadu Theru Ward 2 , 6.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Kuppureddipatti Colony Ward 2 , 7.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Mariammankovil Street Ward 2 , 8.Palayajayamkondam (TP) West Street Ward 2 , 9.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Alwar Street Ward 3 , 10.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Kamatchiyamman Kovil Street Ward 3 , 11.Palayajayamkondam (TP) School Street Ward 5 , 12.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Thathagoundampatty Ward 5
132Govt. Higher Sec., School North Building West Side ,Palayajayakonda - Cholapuram,6391021.Palayajayamkondam (TP) East Colony Street Ward 5 , 2.Palayajayamkondam (TP) East Kalastreet Ward 5 , 3.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Palayajeyankondam Alamara Street West Ward 8 , 4.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Palayajeyankondam Alamara Street East Ward 8 , 5.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Bhagavathiyamman Kovil Street Ward 13 , 6.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Palayajeyankondam Rice Mill Street Ward 8
133Panchayat Union Ele.School, South North Building, ,East Facing, M.PuthupattiPalayajayamkondam (TP) Pudupatty Keela Street Ward 6 , 2.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Pudupatty Middle Street Ward 6 , 3.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Mariammankovil Street Ward 6 , 4.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Pudupatty Colony Street Ward 6 , 5.Palayajayamkondam (TP) South Pannai Street Ward 6 , 6.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Mamarathu pannai Street Ward 6 , 7.Palayajayamkondam (TP) New Colony Street Ward 6
134Govt. Higher, Sec., School Addl. Building, facing East ,North portion Palayajayamkonda - Cholapuram1.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Palayajayamkondam South Street Ward 12 , 2.Palayajayamkondam(TP) Palayajayamkondam Kudi Street South Street Ward 12 , 3.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Palayajayamkondam Kudi Street Ward 12 , 4.Palayajayamkondam(TP) Palayajayamkondam North Kalathu Street W 13 , 5.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Palayajayamkondam Old Colony Ward 13 , 6.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Palayajayamkondam New Colony Ward 13
135P.U.Ele.School, East West Building ,South Facing, Thottiyapatti1.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Thottiapatti Palayur Manthai Street Ward 15 , 2.Palayajayamkondam (TP) North Thottiapatty East Ward 15 , 3.Palayajayamkondam (TP) North Thottiapatty West Ward 14 , 4.Palayajayamkondam (TP) South Thottiapatty Ward 14
136P.U.Ele.School ,Alagapuri1.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Lakhsmanampatty North Street Ward 7 , 2.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Lakhsmanampatty Pillaiyar Kovil Street Ward 7 , 3.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Lakhsmanampatty Colony Street Ward 7 , 4.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Lakhsmanampatty East Kalathu Street Ward 7 , 5.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Lakhsmanampatty Pambalammankovil Street Ward7 , 6.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Lakhsmanampatty Middle Street Ward 9 , 7.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Lakhsmanampatty South Street Ward 9 , 8.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Alagapuri North Street Ward 1 , 9.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Alagapuri School Street Ward 10 , 10.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Udayakulathupatty Nadu Street Ward 11
137P.U.Ele.School,East West Building,South Facing ,PoovambadiPalayajayamkondam (TP) Pambalammankovil Street Ward 11 , 2.Palayajayamkondam (TP) West Street Ward 11 , 3.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Poovambadi Muthalamman Kovil Street Ward 10 , 4.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Poovambadi North Street Ward 10 , 5.Palayajayamkondam (TP) Poovambadi Colony Street Ward 10
138P.U. Middle School, South Facing Building, ,Melamunayanur H/O Sithalavai1.Chithalavai (R.V) and (P) Keelamunaiyanur Kudi Street Ward 2 , 2.Chithalavai (R.V) and (P) Keelamunaiyanur Adhidravidar Street Ward 2 , 3.Chithalavai (R.V) and (P) Melamunaiyanur Adidravidar Street Ward 3 , 4.Chithalavai (R.V) and (P) Melamunaiyanur Kudi Street Ward 3 , 5.Chithalavai (R.V) and (P) Melamunaiyanur South Street Ward 3
139P.U. Ele School, East West Building, ,Sankaramalaipatty1.Chithalavai (R.V) and (P) Sankaraimalaipatti North Ward 1 , 2.Chithalavai (R.V) and (P) Sangaranmalaipatti Adhidravidar Street Ward 1 , 3.Chithalavai (R.V) and (P) Sangaranmalaipatti Kudi Street Ward 1
140P.U.Ele.School ,meladai1.Chithalavai (R.V) and (P) Kundangakalpatty kuditheru ward4 , 2.Chithalavai (R.V) and (P) Kundakkangalpatti Adidravidar Street Ward 4 , 3.Chithalavai (R.V) and (P) Meladai North Ward 5 , 4.Chithalavai (R.V) and (P) Meladai Ward 5 , 5.Chithalavai (R.V) and (P) Chinnakinathupatty Ward 6
141Panchayat Union Middle School. North South Building, ,South Portion, East Facing, Kamaraj Arangam, Sengal1.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Sengal north colony north street ward 2 , 2.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Sengal North Sri Bagavathiamman Kovil Street Ward 2 , 3.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Sengal South Sri Ellaiamman Kovil Street Ward 3 , 4.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Sengal South Sandaipettai Street Ward 3
142Government High School ,Chinna Sengal 6391021.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Chinnasengal poovambadi road ward 1 , 2.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Chinnasengal colony Ward 1 , 3.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Chinnasengal Nadutheru Ward 1 , 4.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Chinnasengal West Ward 1 , 5.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Chinnasengal Samathuvapuram Ward 1 , 6.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Chinnasengal Melathottam Ward1 , 7.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Kuttykaran Pudur Ward 8
143P.U.Ele. School, North Facing, East West Building, Manickapuram, H/o. Sengal1.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Sukkampatti Ward 4 , 2.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Keeladai Maniyarkalam Ward 5 , 3.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Keeladai Athalipattan Koil Street Ward 5 , 4.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Keeladai Colony Street Ward 5 , 5.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Keeladai Kuditheru East Ward 5 , 6.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Keeladai Kuditheru West Ward 5 , 7.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Pudhursukkampatty Ward 6 , 8.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Manikkapuram Ward 7 , 9.Sengal (R.V) and (P) Devachigoundanpudhur Ward 7
144P.U.Ele. School ,Muthurengampatti1.Muthurengampatti (R.V) and (P) Vellaimadaipatti Ward 1 , 2.Muthurengampatti (R.V) and (P) Pamparamuthampatti West Ward 1 , 3.Muthurengampatti (R.V) and (P) Pamparamuthampatti Adidravidar Street Ward 1 , 4.Muthurengampatti (R.V) and (P) Pambaramuthampatti East Ward 1 , 5.Muthurengampatti (R.V) and (P) Muthurengampatti North Ward 2 , 6.Muthurengampatti (R.V) and (P) Muthurengampatti Adidravidar Street Ward 2 , 7.Muthurengampatti (R.V) and (P) Muthurengampatti South Street Ward 2 , 8.Muthurengampatti (R.V) and (P) Seethakkattanur East Street Ward 3 , 9.Muthurengampatti (R.V) and (P) Seethakkattanur West Street Ward 3
145P.U.Ele. School ,Muthurengampatti1.Pappayambadi (R.V) and (P) Ellaiamman Kovilpatti Ward 1 , 2.Pappayambadi (R.V) and (P) Pommagoundanur Ward 2 , 3.Pappayambadi (R.V) and (P) Pappayambadi North Ward 3 , 4.Pappayambadi (R.V) and (P) Pappayambadi East Ward 3 , 5.Pappayambadi (R.V) and (P) Pappayambadi West Ward 3 , 6.Pappayambadi (R.V) and (P) Poppureddipatti Ward 4
146P.U.Ele. School ,Muthurengampatti1.Vadavambadi (R.V) and (P) Muthampatti North Ward 1 , 2.Vadavambadi (R.V) and (P) Muthampatti South Ward 1 , 3.Vadavambadi (R.V) and (P) Poolampatti South Ward 2 , 4.Vadavambadi (R.V) and (P) Poolampatti Colony Ward 2 , 5.Vadavambadi (R.V) and (P) Poolampatti North Ward 2
147P.U.Ele. School ,Karattupatti1.Vadavambadi (R.V) and (P) Karattupatti West Ward 1 , 2.Vadavambadi (R.V) and (P) Karattupatti East Ward 1 , 3.Vadavambadi (R.V) and (P) Karattupatti Adidiravidar Colony Ward 1 , 4.Vadavambadi (R.V) and (P) Vadavambadi North Ward 4 , 5.Vadavambadi (R.V) and (P) Vadavambadi Adidiravidar Colony Ward 2 , 6.Vadavambadi (R.V) and (P) Vadavambadi South Ward 2 , 7.Vadavambadi (R.V) and (P) Poosaripatty Ward 3 , 8.Vadavambadi (R.V) and (P) Konatchipatty West Ward 4 , 9.Vadavambadi (R.V) and (P) Konatchipatty East Ward 4
148P.U.M. School, South Building ,VelayuthampalayamVellapatti (R.V) and (P) Velayuthampalayam (s) street ward 1 , 2.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Velayuthampalayam North Street Ward 1 , 3.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Velayuthampalayam Adidravidar Street Ward 2 , 4.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Velayuthampalayam Adidravidar Colony Ward 2 , 5.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Velayuthampalayam Ambetkar Street Ward 2 , 6.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Velayuthampalayam West Street Ward 2 , 7.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Sandaipettai Ward 3 , 8.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Thanneerpatti Ward 4 , 9.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Parapatti Mettukalam Ward 12 , 10.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Parappatti Ward 12 , 11.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Parappatti Puliyampatti Ward 12
149P.U.Ele. School ,Kottampatti1.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Kalaipatti Ward 5 , 2.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Kottampatty West Ward 4 , 3.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Kottampatti North Ward 4 , 4.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Kottampatti Vandipannai Ward 4 , 5.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Kottampatti East Ward 4 , 6.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Kottampatti Vathiarkalam Ward 4 , 7.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Kottampatti Paraikalam Ward 4 , 8.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Kottampatti Andikoundarkalam Ward 4 , 9.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Kottampatti Ramalingakalam Ward 4 , 10.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Ponnipatti Ward 6
150P.U.Ele. School ,Chinnadevanpatti1.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Kanakkapillaiyur North Ward 7 , 2.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Kanakkupillaiyur South Ward 7 , 3.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Vellapatti South Ward 10 , 4.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Vellapatti Colony Ward 10 , 5.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Vellapatti North Ward 10 , 6.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Pallathupatti Ward 11 , 7.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Puliyampatti Mandai Ward 12 , 8.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Puliyampatti colony Ward 12 , 9.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Onaraiparaipatti Ward 8 , 10.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Chinnathevanpatti North Ward 9 , 11.Vellapatti (R.V) and (P) Chinnadevanpatti South Ward 9
151P.U.Ele. School, West Facing Building, ,Puthuvadi1.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Nacharpatti ward 1 , 2.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Karaiyampatti Ward 2 , 3.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Puthuvadi West Ward 3 , 4.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Puduvadi South Ward 3 , 5.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Puduvadi North Ward 3
152Panchayat Union Elementary School. North Facing Building. ,Puthuvadi1.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Malaipatti Ward 4 , 2.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Vellapatti West Ward 5 , 3.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Vellapatti East Ward 5 , 4.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Kunnadaiyagoundanpatti West Ward 6 , 5.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Kunnadaiyagoundanpatti East Ward 6
153P.U.Middle. School ,Thalumagoundanur1.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Kattapulipatti ward 7 , 2.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Anaikaraipatti Ward 8 , 3.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Onthakoundanur South Ward 8 , 4.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Onthagoundanur North Ward 8 , 5.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Selaikattiyur Ward 9
154P.U.Middle. School,Addl.Building(MP Fund) East Facing ,Thalumagoundanur1.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Thalumagoundanur Ward 10 , 2.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Samipillaipudur South Ward 11 , 3.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Samipillaipudur East Ward 11 , 4.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Samipillaipudur West Ward 11
155P.U.Middle School ,Keeranur 6391191.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Meenachipuram ward 12 , 2.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Keeranur East Ward 13 , 3.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Keeranur South Ward13 , 4.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Keeranur North Ward 14 , 5.Keeranur (R.V) and (P) Nesamani Nagar Ward 14
156Panchayat Union Elementary School, East West Building, South Facing, ,Posiyampatti1.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Kalayapatiyanur ward 1 , 2.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Allinagaram Ward 1 , 3.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Adidravidar Colony Southkalam Ward 1 , 4.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Posiyampatti Ward 1
157Panchayat Union Middle School, ,Manjapulipatti1.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Manjapulipatti Ward 2 , 2.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Veeramalaipalayam North Ward 2 , 3.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Veeramalaipalayam South Ward 2 , 4.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Thanakkappanur Ward 3 , 5.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Valiyampatti Ward 4 , 6.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Nallachipatti Ward 4
158P.U.Middle School North facing New Building, ,Mamarathupatti1.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Kottaikaraiyanpatti ward 4 , 2.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Elayaperumalpatti Ward 5 , 3.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Sooruthondiyur Ward 3 , 4.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Kakkaveeriampatti Ward 3 , 5.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Mamaruthpatti Kudithru North Ward 3 , 6.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Mamaruthpatti Kudithru South Ward 3 , 7.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Mamaruthpatti Adidiravidar Street Ward 3 , 8.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Mamaruthpatti Kuditheru West Ward 3
159P.U.Ele. School Eastern portion ,Keelachakkarakottai1.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Ammapatty Ward 4 , 2.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Kalingapatti Ward 4 , 3.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Kalathur Ward 4 , 4.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Maelachakkarakottai Ward 5 , 5.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Keelachakkarakottai Maniyar Street Ward 5 , 6.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Keelachakkarakottai Asariyar Street Ward 5 , 7.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Keelachakkarakottai Arasakondar Street Ward 5 , 8.Thennilai (R.V) and (P) Keelachakkarakottai South Street Ward 5
160St.Joseph (Girls) Elementary School, West Building, North Facing, Middle Portion P.Udaiyapatti 6213011.Pannappatti (R.V) nad (P) Pannapatti ward 1 , 2.Pannappatti (R.V) nad (P) Komalipatti Ward 4 , 3.Pannappatti (R.V) nad (P) P.Udayapatti North Ward 3
161St.Joseph (Girls) Elementary School,North Facing West Building, P.Udaiyapatti,6213011.Pannappatti (R.V) nad (P) P.Udayapatti South Ward 2 , 2.Pannappatti (R.V) nad (P) P.Udayapatti West Ward 2 , 3.Pannappatti (R.V) nad (P) P.Udayapatti East Ward 2
162P.U.Ele. School South New Building facing West, KovilPatti1.Pannappatti (R.V) nad (P) Rengapalayam ward 8 , 2.Pannappatti (R.V) nad (P) Sukkampatti North Street Ward 9 , 3.Pannappatti (R.V) nad (P) Sukkampatti South Street Ward 9 , 4.Pannappatti (R.V) nad (P) Ramanathapuram Ward 10 , 5.Pannappatti (R.V) nad (P) Palanichettiyur Ward 11 , 6.Pannappatti (R.V) nad (P) Kovilpatti Ward 12
163P.U.Ele. School South New Building facing West, KovilPatti1.Pannappatti (R.V) nad (P) Nallamuthupalayam ward 5 , 2.Pannappatti (R.V) nad (P) Vengakalpatti Ward 6 , 3.Pannappatti (R.V) nad (P) Sonampatti Ward 7
164Govt Higher Sec.School North Building Western ,Portion, Kaniyalampatti1.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Kaniyalampatti melpagam north ward 3 , 2.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Kaniyalampatti Melpagam Nadutheru Ward 3 , 3.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Kaniyalampatti Melpagam South Street Ward 3 , 4.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Kalathur Adidravidar Colony Ward 4 , 5.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Kalathur Adidravidar keelpagamMandaiThottaSt W- 4 , 6.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Kalathur Keelpagam North Street Ward 4 , 7.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Kalathur Keelpagam Kaanikalathur Ward 4 , 8.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Kalathur Keelpagam Nanniparai Ward 4
165P.U.M.School ,Veeriapatti1.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Veeriyapatti middle street ward 1 , 2.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Veeriyapatti West Street Ward 2 , 3.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Pambalammankovil Street Ward 1 , 4.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Koraimadai Ward 2 , 5.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Adidravidar Street Ward 2 , 6.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Northkalam ward 2 , 7.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) East Kalam Ward 2 , 8.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) South Kalam Naicker street Ward 2
166P,U,Ele.School ,Manjanayakanpatti1.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Pitchampatti (East) Ward 5 , 2.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Pitchampatti (West) Ward 5 , 3.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Manjanaickanpatty Asari Street Ward 10 , 4.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Manjanaickenpatty Kudi Street Ward 10 , 5.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Manjanaickenpatti North Street Ward 10 , 6.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Rasakovilur Ward 10
167P.U.Middle School Additonal Building ,Vilvamarathupatti 621301v1.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Kallapommanpatti Ward 6 , 2.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Nathapatti Ward 7 , 3.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Manikapuram East Ward 7 , 4.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Manikapuram West Ward 7 , 5.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Palapatti Ward 8 , 6.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Vilwamarathupatti Ward 9 , 7.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Chellandipuram Ward 9 , 8.Manjanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Koralappanpatti Ward 9
168Punitha Savarier Middle School South Facing building ,K.Chinnandipatti H/O Kalayapatti1.Kalayapatti (R.V) and (P) Chinnandipatti North Street Ward 2 , 2.Kalayapatti (R.V) and (P) Chinnandipatti East Street Ward 2 , 3.Kalayapatti (R.V) and (P) Chinnadipatti West Street Ward 2 , 4.Kalayapatti (R.V) and (P) Chinnandipatti South Street Ward 2 , 5.Kalayapatti (R.V) and (P) Salikkaraipatti Colony Street Ward 3 , 6.Kalayapatti (R.V) and (P) Salikkaraipatti West Street Ward 3 , 7.Kalayapatti (R.V) and (P) Salikkaraipatti East Street Ward 3
169Panchayat Union Ele School, North Facing Building ,Kalayapatti1.Kalayapatti (R.V) and (P) Kalayapatti west street ward 1 , 2.Kalayapatti (R.V) and (P) Kalayapatti East Street Ward 1 , 3.Kalayapatti (R.V) and (P) Kalayapatti Colony Street Ward 1
170Govt. Higher Secondary School Additional Terraced ,building Western side Kurunnikulathupatti1.Devarmalai (R.V) and (P) Devarmalai kasba ward 1 , 2.Devarmalai (R.V) and (P) Kalathupatty Ward 2 , 3.Devarmalai (R.V) and (P) Kurunikulathupatti North Street Ward 3 , 4.Devarmalai (R.V) and (P) Kurunikulathupatti Middle Street Ward 3 , 5.Devarmalai (R.V) and (P) Kurunikulathupatti South Street Ward 3
171P.U.Middle School, East Facing Seethapatti 6213011.Devarmalai (R.V) and (P) Seethapatty adidiravidar street north ward 8 , 2.Devarmalai (R.V) and (P) Seethapatty Middle Kuditheru Ward 7
172P.U.Middle School.North Eastern Side(New Building), ,North Facing,Seethapatti 6213011.Devarmalai (R.V) and (P) Seethapatty South Kuditheru Ward 7 , 2.Devarmalai (R.V) and (P) Seethapatty Adidiravidar Street East Ward 8
173P.U.Ele. School ,Ayyampalaya1.Devarmalai (R.V) and (P) Ayyampalayam adidiravidar street north ward 9 , 2.Devarmalai (R.V) and (P) Ayyampalayam Middle Kuditheru Ward 10 , 3.Devarmalai (R.V) and (P) Ayyampalayam South Kuditheru Ward 10 , 4.Devarmalai (R.V) and (P) Kudivandai Ward 10
174Ponnaiah Nidhi Nadum Elementary School West Facing Building , Viralipatti H/O MelapaguthiMelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) C puthur ward 1 , 2.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Alagapuri Coimbatore Ward 1 , 3.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Viralipatti North Street Ward 2 , 4.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Viralipatti West Street Ward 2 , 5.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Viralipatti North Kovil Street Ward 3 , 6.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Viralipatti South Colony Street Ward
175P.U.Middle. School Addl. Building North Facing Building ,Aanaigoundanpatti H/O Melapaguthi1.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Sarakkampatti West Street Ward 8 , 2.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Sarakkampatti East Street Ward 8 , 3.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Malapatti East Street Ward 9 , 4.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Malapatti West Street Ward 9 , 5.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Keela Anaigoundampatty Ward 10 , 6.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Mela Anaigoundampatty Ward 10 , 7.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Veeragoundampatti Ward 11
176Panchayat Union Middle School, North New Building, West Portion, ,South Facing, Veeranampatti (H/O) Melapaguthi villageMelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Veeranampatti North Street Ward 6 , 2.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Veeranampatti Colony Street ward 6 , 3.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Veeranampatty South Street Ward 6 , 4.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Veernampatti West Kalanji Street Ward 6 , 5.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Veriyampatty North Street Ward 7 , 6.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Veriyampatty South Side Ward 6
177Panchayat Union Ele.School, East Facing Building ,Kolluthannipatty (H/O) Melapaguthi1.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Kolluthannipatti north street ward 4 , 2.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Kolluthannipatti South Street Ward 4 , 3.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) KarIchipatti North Street Ward 5 , 4.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Karichipatti West Street Ward 5 , 5.Melapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Karichipatti South Street Ward 5
178P.U.Middle School ,Varavanai 6213011.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Varavanai east ward 1 , 2.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Varavanai South Ward 1 , 3.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Varavanai Adidravidar Street South Ward 1 , 4.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Varavanai Adidravidar Street North Ward 1 , 5.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) M.T.Vellapatty Ward 2 , 6.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) K.T.Vellapatty Ward 2
179P.U.Ele. School New terraced building facing south ,Sundukulipatti1.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Sundukulipatti kaspa ward 11 , 2.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Sundukulipatti Adidiravidar Street Ward 11 , 3.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Sullamanipatti Ward 12 , 4.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Odugampatti Ward 13
180P.U.Ele. School ,Pappanampatti1.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Kottapulipatti ward 5 , 2.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Serupplipatti Ward 3 , 3.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Melachakkarakkottai Ward 3 , 4.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Papanampatti (South) Ward 4 , 5.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Pappanampatti North Ward 4
181P.U.Ele. School ,Veppangudi,6213011.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Veppankudi north ward 6 , 2.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Veppankudi South Ward 6 , 3.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Chinandipatti Ward 7
182P.U.Ele. School, South Facing, North Portion, ,Veppangudi,6213011.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Veeramalaipalayam Ward 8 , 2.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Palapatti Ward 9 , 3.Varavanai (R.V) and (P) Karnapuram Ward 10
183Govt.Hr.Sec.School, South West Terraced building ,Tharagampatti1.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Tharagampatti bajar north street ward 1 , 2.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Tharagampatti Bajar East Street Ward 1 , 3.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Tharagampatti Bajar West Street Ward 1 , 4.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Tharagampatti South Street Ward 2 , 5.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Tharagampatti Middle Street Keelpagam Ward 3 , 6.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Tharagampatti Middle Street Maelpagam Ward 3
184Govt.Hr.Sec.School New Building, West portion ,West Portion, Tharagampatti1.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Tharagampatti west ward 4 , 2.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Tharagampatti Kudi Street North Ward 4 , 3.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Tharagampatti Adidravidar Street North Ward 5 , 4.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Tharagampatti KKM Nagar Ward 5
185Panchayat Union Ele School, South Facing Building ,Sangipoosariyur1.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Sanglipoosariyur Kaspa Ward 1 , 2.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Navakulam Ward 1 , 3.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Vaiyalimadai Ward 1
186P.U.Middle School New Building North Portion ,Mailampatti1.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Mylampatti west street northernside ward 10,16 , 2.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Mylampatti West Street Southernside Ward 11,12 , 3.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Mylampatti Nadutheru Ward 13 , 4.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Mylampatty East Street North side Ward 15 , 5.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Mylampatti East Street South side Ward 14 , 6.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Mylampatty East Street Keel Pagam Ward 14,16
187P.U.M. School Addl. Building South ,Chinthamanipatti1.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Chinthamanipatti east street north ward 6 , 2.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Chinthamanipatti East South Ward 6 , 3.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Chinthamanipatti NaduStreet Ward 7 , 4.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Chinthamanipatti West Street ward 8 , 5.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Chinthamanipatti North Street Melpagam Ward 9 , 6.Keelapaguthi (R.V) and (P) Chinthamanipatti North keelpagam Ward 9
188P.U.Middle School, North Building ,Valvarmangalam1.Valvarmangalam (R.V) and (P) Valvarmangalam ward 1 , 2.Valvarmangalam (R.V) and (P) Othakkadai Ward 1 , 3.Valvarmangalam (R.V) and (P) Thennagar Ward 1 , 4.Valvarmangalam (R.V) and (P) Chinnamanaickenpatti Ward 3 , 5.Valvarmangalam (R.V) and (P) Veerasingampatty Ward 4 , 6.Valvarmangalam (R.V) and (P) Kumaragoundanur Ward 5 , 7.Valvarmangalam (R.V) and (P) Athupatti Ward 6
189Panchayat Union Ele. School, West Facing Building ,(West Wing) Kannimarpalayam1.Valvarmangalam (R.V) and (P) Kannimarpalayam Ward 2 , 2.Valvarmangalam (R.V) and (P) Annanagar Ward 2
190P.U.Middle School ,Kalutharikkapatti 6213111.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Perumalkovilpatti ward 1 , 2.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Venkateswara Nagar Ward 2 , 3.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Kalutharikkapatti North Ward 3 , 4.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Kalutharikkapatti South Ward 3 , 5.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Pasupathipalayam Ward 5 , 6.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Vinopasipuram Ward 6 , 7.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Manakattunaickanur Ward 7
191Adhi Dravidar Welfare High School East Facing Building ,Mavathur1.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Mavathur east ward 14 , 2.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Mavathur West Ward 14 , 3.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Muthagoundanpatti Adidiravidar Colony Ward 15 , 4.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Muthagoundanpatti Kudi Theru Ward 16 , 5.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Akkaraipatti Ward 17
192P.U.Middle.School North Building ,East Portion, Thasireddipatti H/O MavathurMavathur (R.V) and (P) Thasireddipatti West Ward 10 , 2.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Thasireddipatti East Ward 10 , 3.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Masalur Ward 12 , 4.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Nachipatti Ward 13 , 5.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Devanurreddiapatty Ward 9
193P.U.Ele. School, ,Kodangipatty H/O Mavathur1.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Kodangipatti ward 3 , 2.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Kamanaickanur Ward 11 , 3.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Kunamanaickanur Ward 8 , 4.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Kambiliyanaickanur Ward 9
194P.U.Ele.School ,Chinnampatti1.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Chinnampatti east 1 ward 5 , 2.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Chinnampatti Eas t2 Ward 5 , 3.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Chinnampatti West Ward 4 , 4.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Kulakaranpatti East Ward 6 , 5.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Kulakaranpatti North Ward 7 , 6.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Kulakaranpatti West Ward 7 , 7.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Kulakaranpatti South Ward 7 , 8.Mavathur (R.V) and (P) Kurumbapatti Ward 8
195P.U.Ele.School ,Eruthikonpatti1.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Uppanatham Ward 2 , 2.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Othapatty Ward 2 , 3.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Eruthikonpatti West Ward 8 , 4.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Eruthikonpatti East Ward 8 , 5.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Eruthikonpatti Adidravidar Street North Ward 8 , 6.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Mandirikonpatty South Street Ward 7 , 7.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Mandirikonpatti North Street Ward 7
196P.U.Ele.School ,Melamettupatti1.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Palmadaipatti North Street Ward 1 , 2.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Palmadaipatti South Street Ward 1 , 3.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Palmadaipatti West Street Ward 1 , 4.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Palmadaipatty East Street Ward 1 , 5.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Keelamettupatti Kuditheru West Ward 9 , 6.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Keelamettupatti Kuditheru South Ward 9 , 7.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Keelamettupatti Athidiravidar Street West Ward 9 , 8.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Keelamettupatty Adidrvidar Street East Ward 9 , 9.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Melamettupatty South Street Ward 10 , 10.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Melamettupatti West Street Ward 10 , 11.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Melamettupatti East Street Ward 10 , 12.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Melamettupatti North Street Ward 10
197P.U.Ele.School East building Western portion, Chennampatti1.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Sennampatti North Street Ward 5 , 2.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Sennampatti East Street Ward 5 , 3.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Sennampatti South Street 1 Ward 5 , 4.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Sennampatti Southstreet 2 Ward 5 , 5.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Sennampatti Middlestreet Ward 5 , 6.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Sennampatti West Street Ward 5 , 7.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Senkadu North Street Ward 6 , 8.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Senkadu East Street Ward 6 , 9.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Senkadu Southstreet Ward 6
198P.U.Ele.School, South Facing Building , Servaikaranur1.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Servaikaranur (a) kalathupatti north street ward 3 , 2.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Servaikaranur (a) Kalathupatti West St. Ward 3 , 3.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Servaikaranur (a) Kalathupatti South Street Ward 3 , 4.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Servaikaranur (a ) East South Street Ward 3 , 5.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Sevalur East Street ward 4 , 6.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Sevalur North Street Ward 4 , 7.Athanur (R.V) and (P) Sevalur West Street Ward 4
199Panchayat Union Elementary School. South New Building, ,North Facing, Nalluranpatti1.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Semmanakonpatti ward 1 , 2.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Molapatti Ward 2 , 3.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Molapatti Colony Ward 2 , 4.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Nallagoundanpatti Ward 3 , 5.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Chinnagoundanur Ward 4 , 6.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Adidravidar Colony Ward 5 , 7.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Nalluranpatti North Street Ward 6 , 8.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Nalluranpatti South Street Ward 6
200P.U.Ele.School ,NariyampattiSempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Nayakkanur ward 24 , 2.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Nariyampatti North Ward 25 , 3.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Nariyampatti South Ward 25 , 4.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Pudur Ward 26
201P.U.Ele.School South New terraced building, Facing East Rayappagoundanur1.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Pallirengampatti ward 7 , 2.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Kamampatti Ward 8 , 3.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Vellanur Ward 9 , 4.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Rayappagoundanur Ward 10 , 5.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Sundeliyur Ward 11 , 6.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Kuriniyur Ward 15
202P.U.Middle School.East West New Building ,South Facing, Poosaripatty1.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Pusaripatti Ward 12 , 2.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Pusaripatti School Street Kalathu Veedu Ward 12 , 3.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Sukkaliyur Ward 13 , 4.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Salaiyur Ward 14
203P.U.M.School West Building ,Arasagoundanur1.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Annavipusaripatti ward 16 , 2.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Arasagoundanur East Ward 17 , 3.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Arasagoundanur West Ward 17 , 4.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Chinnamuthampatti West Ward 18 , 5.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Chinnamuthampatti East Ward 18
204P.U.M.School South North Building ,West Facing, Arasagoundanur 6213111.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Kullagoundanpatti Ward 19 , 2.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Panduthakaranur Ward 20 , 3.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Mettur Ward 21 , 4.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Thirumalainarayanapuram Ward 22 , 5.Sempiyanatham (R.V) and (P) Manpathaiyur Ward 23
205Panchayat Union Middle School ,West Building, Palaviduthi1.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Palaviduthi West Street Ward 1 , 2.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Palaviduthi Nadutheru Ward 2 , 3.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Palaviduthi East Street Ward 3
206Panchayat Union Middle School ,East Building Palaviduthi1.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Palaviduthi North Street Ward 3 , 2.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Kozhikara Street Ward 3 , 3.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Nadukkalam Street Ward 3 , 4.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Athikulathupatti ward6 , 5.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Rengappanaickenpatty Ward 6
207Adhi Dravidar Welfare Ele. School, New Building, Terraced Building, East West Building, North Facing, East Portion, Thulipatti1.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Thulipatti north kalam , 2.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Thulipatti West Kalam Ward 4 , 3.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Thulipatti Nadukalam Ward 4 , 4.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Thulipatti Oldnatham Ward 4 , 5.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Thulipatti South Kalam Ward 4 , 6.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Kurumbapatti North Street Ward 5 , 7.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Kurumbapatti South Street Ward 5 , 8.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Kurumbapatti East Street Ward 5
208P.U.Ele. School ,Singampatti 621 311Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Singampatti South Street Ward 8 , 2.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Singampatti North Street Ward 8 , 3.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Singampatti North kalam Ward 8 , 4.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Singampatti Westkalam Ward 8
209Govt.Adidravidar Welfare Ele.School, East West Building, North Facing, Santhuwarpatti1.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Sandhuvarpatti south street ward 7 , 2.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Sandhuvarpatti North Street Ward 7
210P.U.Ele. School South building ,Senkkattupatti1.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Kasthurikurumpanpatti ward 9 , 2.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Kalathur Ward 9 , 3.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Sengattupatti North Street Ward 10 , 4.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Sengattupatti South Street Ward 10 , 5.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Alamarathu Street Ward 10 , 6.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Kavarapatti North Street Ward 11 , 7.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Kavarapatti South Street Ward 11 , 8.Palaviduthi (R.V) and (P) Kavarapatti Thoppu North Street Ward 11
211P.U.Middle School ,Mullipadi 6213151.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Settiyapatti East Street Ward 1 , 2.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Settiapatti West Street Ward 1 , 3.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Malapatti East Street Ward 2 , 4.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Malapatti West Side Ward 2 , 5.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Mullipadi North Street Ward 3 , 6.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Mullipadi South Street Ward 3 , 7.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Mullipadi West Street Ward 3
212P.U.M. School East building ,Servaikaranpatti1.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Servaikaranpatty north ward 6 , 2.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Servaikaranpatti South Ward 7 , 3.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Servaikaranpatti West Ward 7 , 4.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Thalivasal North Street Ward 8 , 5.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Thalivasal Middle Street Ward 8 , 6.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Thalivasal East Street Ward 8
213Panchayat Union Middle School North Building, Servaikaranpatti1.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Veeragoundanpatti East Street Ward 4 , 2.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Veeragoundanpatti Nadutheru Ward 5 , 3.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Veeragoundanpatti Attukaratheru Ward 5
214P.U.M. School North Facing Building ,Thalivasal1.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) ThaIivasal Nadutheru Ward 9 , 2.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Thalivasal West Street Ward 10 , 3.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Thalivasal South Street Ward 9 , 4.Mullippadi (R.V) and (P) Kalathupatty Ward 10
215P.U.M. School North Facing Building ,Thalivasal1.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kadavur North Street Ward 3 , 2.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kadavur Reddiar Street Ward 2 , 3.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kadavur Nadutheru Ward 2 , 4.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kadavur Nadutheru West Ward 2
216P.U.Middle. School West Building South Portion ,Kadavur 6213111.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kadavur Nadutheru East Ward 2 , 2.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kadavur Mariammankovil Street Ward 4 , 3.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kadavur Kaliammankovil Street Ward 4
217P.U.Middle. School North Building ,Kadavur – 6213111.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kadavur North Murugan Kovil Street Ward 3 , 2.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kadavur North EswaranKovil Street Ward 3 , 3.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kadavur Nadutheru Ward 3 , 4.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kadavur Mariamman Kovil Street Ward 3
218P.U.Middle. School East West New Building ,South Facing - Kelakku Rajapatti1.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kelakkurajapatti North Street Ward 15 , 2.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kelakkurajapatti Middle Street Ward 15 , 3.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kelakkurajapatti Rajastreet Ward 15 , 4.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) West Rajapatti East Street Ward 16 , 5.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) West Rajapatti West Street Ward 16
219P.U.Middle. School West Building South portion ,Kadavur 6213111.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Surumanpatti north street ward 5 , 2.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Surumanpatti East Street Ward 5 , 3.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Surumanpatty Murugan Kovil Street Ward 5 , 4.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Nadukkalam Ward 6 , 5.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Pappanaickanur Ward 6 , 6.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Vedikkaranaickanur Ward 6 , 7.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kadirkamanaickanur Ward 6 , 8.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Muthubabu Seelamanaickanur Ward 6 , 9.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Thanneerpandalmedu Ward 6 , 10.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Northkalam Ward 6 , 11.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Surumanpatty Kannimar Kovil Street Ward 5 , 12.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Surumanpatty West Street Ward 5
220P.U.Middle School ,Sukkampatti - 6213111.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Sukkampatti Periyur Ward 7 , 2.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Sukkanpatti School Street East Ward 7 , 3.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Thammanaickanur Ward 7 , 4.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Thammuchilnaickanur Ward 7 , 5.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Sukkampatti West Ward 7 , 6.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Poyan Street Ward 7 , 7.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Sukkampatti (E) Adidravidar Colony Ward 8 , 8.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Sukkampatti (N) Adidravidar Colony Ward 7
221P.U.Middle School, North New Building, ,South Facing, Alathur1.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Alathur East Ward 9 , 2.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Alathur West Ward 9 , 3.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Alathur South Ward 9 , 4.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Chitraseelamanaickanur Ward 10 , 5.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Pambalammankovilpatti Ward 10 , 6.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Sonamanaickanur South Ward 10 , 7.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Sonamanaickanur West Ward 10
222P.U.Ele. School East portion ,Pungampadi1.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Pongampadi kaspa ward 11 , 2.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Poothikamanaickanur Ward 11 , 3.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kotayanaicker Street Ward 11 , 4.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Pongampatti School Street Ward 11 , 5.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kachinamkattitheru Ward 11 , 6.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Chennamanaickanur Street Ward 11 , 7.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Thopputhottam Ward 11 , 8.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Veerampusari Street Ward 11 , 9.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Periyapattinaickanur Ward 11 , 10.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kondappanaickanur Ward 11
223P.U.Middle School ,Poonjolaipatti 6213111.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Poonjolaipatti , 2.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) MGR Nagar , 3.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Thekkamalaikovilpatti , 4.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Southkalam , 5.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Adidravidar Street
224Panchayat Union Middle School, South West Building, East Facing, ,South Portion, D.Edaiyapatti1.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) T.edaiyapatti north street ward 13 , 2.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) T.Edaiyapatti West Street Ward 13 , 3.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) T.Edaiyapatty South Street Ward 14 , 4.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) T.Edaiyapatty East Street Ward 14 , 5.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) T.Edaiyapatty Adidravidar North Street Ward 14 , 6.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) T.Edaiyapatty Adidravidar North Street Ward 14
225P.U.M. School North Building Eastern portion ,D.Edaiyapatti1.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) T.edaiyapatty kudi street ward 13 , 2.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Eluvakkariyur Ward 14 , 3.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Goundampalayam Ward 14 , 4.D.Edayapatti East (R.V), Kadavur (P) Pudumadaipudur Ward 14
226P U.M. School, South building ,Ayyampalayam1.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) East Ayyampalayam South Kalam Ward 17 , 2.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) East Ayyampalayam Adidravidar Colony Ward 17 , 3.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) East Ayyampalayam Kaspa Ward 17 , 4.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) East Ayyampalayam Kamanaickanur Ward 17 , 5.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) West Ayyampalayam Keelpagam Ward 17 , 6.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) West Ayyampalayam Middle Pagam Ward 17 , 7.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) West Ayyampalayam Melpagam Ward 17
227U.Ele. School ,Valayapatti1.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Sevaappur Kundangal Street Ward 19 , 2.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Sevaappur Kundangal Andiutru South St Ward 19 , 3.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kottakarai Ward 19 , 4.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Valayapatty West Street Ward 20 , 5.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Kelsevappur Ward 20 , 6.D.Edayapatti West (R.V), Kadavur (P) Valayapatty East Street Ward 20

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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