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List of Polling Booths in Gandarvakottai Assembly

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LIVE UPDATES    4:01:05 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar 42.47 Badli North West Delhi Read More…

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Delhi Elections Live News Updates of Polling. Follow 4:00:07 PM Constituency Voter Turnout (%) as of 04:00 PM Nerela North West Delhi 49.76 Burari 32.20 Timarpur 38.19 Adarsh Nagar Read More…

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1PUES, New R C C Building, West Building ,Vennamuthupatti 622504 ,Vennamuthupatti 622504 1.Chettipatti (R.V) Chettipatti (P) Ward-1, 2 Chettipatti , 2.Chettipatti (R.V) Chettipatti (P) Ward-1 Uravikadu , 3.Chettipatti (R.V) Chettipatti (P) Ward-1 Vennamuthupatti Mathakoil Theru , 4.Chettipatti (R.V) Chettipatti (P) Ward-4 Vennamuthupatti Adidravidar Kudiyeruppu , 5.Chettipatti (R.V) Chettipatti (P) Ward-1 Vennamuthupatti Nadutheru , 6.Chettipatti (R.V) Chettipatti (P) Ward-1 Vennamuthupatti
2PUES, Tilled Building, East Building ,Vennamuthupatti 622504 1.Chettipatti (R.V) Chettipatti (P) Ward-2 Kayampatti Mathakoil Theru , 2.Chettipatti (R.V) Chettipatti (P) Ward-2 Kayampatti , 3.Chettipatti (R.V) Chettipatti (P) Ward-2 Kayampatti Nadu Theru , 4.Chettipatti (R.V) Chettipatti (P) Ward-2 Mekudipatti , 5.Chettipatti (R.V) Chettipatti (P) Ward-2 Kolupatti
3PUMS NEW R.C.C. BUILDING ,Kannagudi 622504 1.Kannangudi (R.V) Kannangudi (P) Ward-1 Melatheru( Vellalar Theru) , 2.Kannangudi (R.V) Kannangudi (P) Ward-1 Kelatheru , 3.Kannangudi (R.V) Kannangudi (P) Ward-1 Anthoniarkovil Theru , 4.Kannangudi (R.V) Kannangudi (P) Ward-1 Kuravar Theru , 5.Kannangudi (R.V) Kannangudi (P) Ward-1 Koluppatti , 6.Kannangudi (R.V) Kannangudi (P) Ward-2 Oorathupatti keela theru , 7.Kannangudi (R.V) Kannangudi (P) Ward-2 Oorathupatti Poikudi Salaiku Killakku , 8.Kannangudi (R.V) Kannangudi (P) Ward-2 Oorathupatti Poikudi Salaiku Merkku , 9.Vellapillayapatti(R.V) Kannangudi (P) Ward-3 Vellapillayapatti
4PUES NEW R.C.C BUILDING ,Melapatti 622502 1.Sengalur (R.V) Sengalur (P) Ward-1 Melapatti , 2.Sengalur (R.V) Sengalur (P) WArd-2 Rasapatti , 3.Sengalur (R.V) Sengalur (P) Ward-2 Lekudipatti
5PUES NEW R.C.C BUILDING ,Sengalur 622502 1.Sengalur (R.V) Sengalur (P) Ward-2 Sengalur Kallar Theru , 2.Sengalur (R.V) Sengalur (P) Ward-2 Sengalur Adidravidar colony , 3.Sengalur (R.V) Sengalur (P) Ward-2 Sengalur Mathakovil Theru , 4.Sengalur (R.V) Sengalur (P) Ward-2 Vadakkipatti , 5.Kattukottaipatti(R.V) Sengalur (P) Ward-2 Kattukottaipatti , 6.Kattukottaipatti(R.V) Sengalur (P) Ward-3 Kannamundanpatti , 7.Kattukottaipatti(R.V) Sengalur (P) Ward-3 Nandanpatti , 8.Kattukottaipatti(R.V) Sengalur (P) Ward-3 Pilakollaipatti
6PUES, New R C C Building, North Side ,Killukkottai 622502 1.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-1 Asari Theru , 2.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-1 Konar Theru , 3.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-1 Kallar Theru , 4.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-1 Muthuraja Theru , 5.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-1 Arisana Theru , 6.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-2 Muthuraja Theru , 7.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-2 Konar Theru
7PUES, Tiled Building, South Side ,Killukkottai 622502 1.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-2 Udayar Theru , 2.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-3 Udayar Theru , 3.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward- 3 Agraharam , 4.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-3 Konar Theru , 5.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-3 Vanniar Theru , 6.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-3 Kallar Theru , 7.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-3 Vannara Theru , 8.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-3 Chettiar Theru , 9.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-3 Renganathapuram konar Theru , 10.Killukkottai (R.V) Killukkottai (P) Ward-3 Harijana puthu colony
8PUES Terraced Building ,Malaiyadipatti 622502 1.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) T. Keelaiyur (P) Ward-2 Kulavaipatti , 2.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) T. Keelaiyur (P) Ward-3 Malaiyadipatti , 3.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) T. Keelaiyur (P) Ward-3 Malaiyadipatti Poosari theru , 4.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) T. Keelaiyur (P) Ward-3 kaliapatti
9PUES ,KEELAIYUR 622502 1.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) T. Keelaiyur (P) Ward-2 Adidravidar colony , 2.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) T. Keelaiyur (P) Ward-3 Nachiyarpatti , 3.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) T. Keelaiyur (P) Ward-2 Othapatti , 4.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) T. Keelaiyur (P) Ward-3 Ayipatti , 5.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-1 Nadutheru , 6.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-1 Therkutheru , 7.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward- 1 Adiodrravidar therkku colony , 8.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-1 Adidravidar vadakku olony , 9.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-1 Kottukaranpatti , 10.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-1 Mottudayanpatti , 11.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-1 Ayipatti
10PUES TILED BUILDING ,Visalur 622502 1.Visalur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-1 Ayyapatti , 2.Visalur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-1 Kovilpatti Block -2 , 3.Visalur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-2 Sivakamipuram , 4.Visalur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-3 Visalur Rottirkku Therkku , 5.Visalur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-2 Poosari Theru , 6.Visalur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-3 Visalur Rottirkku Vadakku , 7.Visalur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-3 Adidravidar colony , 8.Visalur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-3 Policepatti , 9.Visalur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-3 Thalayathipatti , 10.T. Keelaiyur (R.V) Visalur (P) Ward-2 T. Keelaiyur Vadakku
11PUES, R C C Building , West Side ,Puliyur 622504 1.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-2 Ponnankudipatti , 2.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-2 Veerapatti Mela Theru , 3.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-1 Nallathangalpatti , 4.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-1 Patcheripatti , 5.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-2 Mudaliarkalam , 6.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-2 CVL Thottam , 7.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-2 Sappanipatti , 8.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-1 Regunathapuram , 9.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-1 Uravikadu , 10.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-2 Palandarkalam , 11.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-2 Kalaripatti , 12.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-2 Mathiyanikalam , 13.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-2 Thoppukadu
12PUES, New R C C Building, West Side, East Facing ,Puliyur 622504 1.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-3 Korakadu , 2.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-3 Vadakku Theru , 3.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-3 Therkku Theru , 4.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-2 Savariyarpuram , 5.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-2 Veerapatti keela theru , 6.Puliyur (R.V) Puliyur (P) Ward-2 Veerapatti Harijana theru
13PUMS NEW R.C.C BUILDING ,Valiyampatti 622502 1.Valiyampatti (R.V) Valiyampatti (P) Ward-1 Valiyampatti Vadakku theru , 2.Valiyampatti (R.V) Valiyampatti (P) Ward-1 Valiyampatti Muslim theru , 3.Valiyampatti (R.V) Valiyampatti (P) Ward-1 Valiyampatti Vadakkutheru -2 , 4.Valiyampatti (R.V) Valiyampatti (P) Ward-1 Valiyampatti Muslim theru-2 , 5.Valiyampatti (R.V) Valiyampatti (P) Ward-1 Valiyampatti Therkku theru , 6.Valiyampatti (R.V) Valiyampatti (P) Ward-1 Valiyampatti Harijana theru , 7.Valiyampatti (R.V) Valiyampatti (P) Ward-2 Navapatti , 8.Valiyampatti (R.V) Valiyampatti (P) Ward-3 Avudayankovilpatti , 9.Valiyampatti (R.V) Valiyampatti (P) Ward-3 Thammanipatti , 10.Valiyampatti (R.V) Valiyampatti (P) Ward-3 Thandukaraimedu
14PUES ,Konguthirayanpatti 622502 1.Valiyampatti (R.V) Valiyampatti (P) Ward-3 Chillathupatti , 2.Valiyampatti (R.V) Valiyampatti (P) Ward-2 Kongathirayanpatti Harijana Theru , 3.Valiyampatti (R.V) Valiyampatti (P) Ward-2 Kongathirayanpatti Vadakku theru , 4.Valiyampatti (R.V) Valiyampatti (P) Ward-2 Kongathirayanpatti Poosari theru , 5.Valiyampatti (R.V) Valiyampatti (P) Ward-2 Kongathirayanpatti Therkku theru
15PUES TERRACED BUILDING WEST PORTION ,Odugampatti 622502 1.Odugampatti (R.V) Odugampatti (P) Ward-1 Odugampatti Kallar Theru , 2.Odugampatti (R.V) Odugampatti (P) Ward-1 Odugampatti Therkku Theru , 3.Odugampatti (R.V) Odugampatti (P) Ward-1 Odugampatti keelatheru
16Govt. High School, Terraced Building ,Odugampatti 622502 1.Odugampatti (R.V) Odugampatti (P) Ward-1 Mettupatti , 2.Odugampatti (R.V) Odugampatti (P) Ward-2 Nadupatti , 3.Odugampatti (R.V) Odugampatti (P) Ward-1 Pallathupatti , 4.Odugampatti (R.V) Odugampatti (P) Ward-1 Semathupatti , 5.Odugampatti (R.V) Odugampatti (P) Ward-2 Vilavayal
17PUMS Tilled Building East Side ,Udayalipatti 622502 1.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-1 Melatheru , 2.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-1 Vadakku theru , 3.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward- 1 Mangalavayal , 4.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-1 Keelatheru , 5.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-2 Harijana Theru , 6.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-1 Kovil Theru , 7.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-1 Therkku theru , 8.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-1 Nadu Theru , 9.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-1,3 Chinnaooranipatti , 10.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-1 Sannasi kovil Theru
18PUMS, New R C C Building, Sothern Side ,Udayalipatti 622502 1.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-3 Chatrapatti , 2.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-1 Alvampatti Konar Theru , 3.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-1 Alvampatti Melatheru , 4.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-1 Alvampatti Therkkutheru , 5.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward- 1 Othaveedu , 6.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-1 Kalathuveedu , 7.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-2 Harijana palaya Theru , 8.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-1 V.O.C. Nagar , 9.Udayalipatti (R.V) Udayalipatti (P) Ward-1 Anna nagar
19PUMS TILED BUILDING ,Rakkathampatti 622502 1.Rakkathanpatti (R.V) Rakkathanpatti (P) Ward-1 2-nd Therkku Theru , 2.Rakkathanpatti (R.V) Rakkathanpatti (P) Ward-1 Muthuraja Theru , 3.Rakkathanpatti (R.V) Rakkathanpatti (P) Ward-1 Mela Theru , 4.Rakkathanpatti (R.V) Rakkathanpatti (P) Ward-1,2,3 Keelatheru , 5.Rakkathanpatti (R.V) Rakkathanpatti (P) Ward-1,2,3 Nadutheru , 6.Rakkathanpatti (R.V) Rakkathanpatti (P) Ward-1,2,3 1-st Therkku Theru , 7.Rakkathanpatti (R.V) Rakkathanpatti (P) Ward-1,2,3 Adidravidar colony , 8.Rakkathanpatti (R.V) Rakkathanpatti (P) Ward-1, Palaiyur , 9.Rakkathanpatti (R.V) Rakkathanpatti (P) Ward-1 Othapatti
20PUES ,Ulagankathanpatti 622502 1.Killukulavaipatti (P) Ward-1 Ulangankathnpatti kalar Theru , 2.Killukulavaipatti (P) Ward-1 Muthuraja Theru , 3.Killukulavaipatti (P) Ward-1 Arijana Theru , 4.Killukulavaipatti (P) Ward-1 Killukulavaipatti kallar Theru , 5.Killukulavaipatti (P) Ward-1 Servar Theru , 6.Killukulavaipatti (P) Ward-1 Konar Theru , 7.Killukulavaipatti (P) Ward-1 Udayar Theru , 8.Killukulavaipatti (P) Ward-2 Udayar Theru , 9.Killukulavaipatti (P) Ward-2 Care colony Harijana Theru , 10.Killukulavaipatti (P) Ward-2 Annanagar kallar Theru , 11.Killukulavaipatti (P) Ward-2 Kalakudipatti Harijana Theru , 12.Killukulavaipatti (P) Ward-2 Kallar Theru , 13.Killukulavaipatti (P) Ward-2 Muthuraja Theru , 14.Killukulavaipatti (P) Ward-2 Kumarapatti Muthuraja Theru
21PUMS, New Terraced Building ,Koppampatty 622203 1.Themmavur (R.V) Koppampatty (P) Ward-1 Musilm Theru , 2.Themmavur (R.V) Koppampatty (P) Ward-1 Muthuraja Vadakku Theru , 3.Themmavur (R.V) Koppampatty (P) Ward-1 Arijana Theru , 4.Themmavur (R.V) Koppampatty (P) Ward-2 Muthuraja Therkku Theru , 5.Themmavur (R.V) Koppampatty (P) Ward-2 Kallar Theru
22Govt. High School, Themmavur ,Themmavur 622203 1.Themmavur (R.V) Themmavur (P) Ward-2 Themmavur kallar theru , 2.Themmavur (R.V) Themmavur (P) Ward-2 Themmevur muthuraja theru , 3.Themmavur (R.V) Themmavur (P) Ward-2 Themmevur Athi Dravidar Theru , 4.Themmavur (R.V) Themmavur (P) Ward-2 Poochikudivayal , 5.Themmavur (R.V) Themmavur (P) Ward-2 Vellaikalpatti
23PUES, Themmavur ,Themmavur 622203 1.Themmavur (R.V) Themmavur (P) Ward-3 Karadi vayal Muthuraja theru , 2.Themmavur (R.V) Themmavur (P) Ward-3 karadivayal AthiDravida Theru , 3.Themmavur (R.V) Themmavur (P) Ward-3 Vaduthavayal , 4.Themmavur (R.V) Themmavur (P) Ward-3 Vaduthavadi , 5.Themmavur (R.V) Themmavur (P) Ward-3 Neiveli , 6.Themmavur (R.V) Themmavur (P) Ward-3 Vidani Vayal , 7.Themmavur (R.V) Themmavur (P) Ward-3 Palayur , 8.Themmavur (R.V) Themmavur (P) Ward- 3 Chinna ooranipatti , 9.Themmavur (R.V) Themmavur (P) Ward-3 Chinna Ooranipatti Adhi Dravidar Theru
24PUMS New Building ,Kunnandarkoil 622502 1.KunnandarKoil (R.V) KunnandarKoil (P) Ward-1 Ankurapatti , 2.KunnandarKoil (R.V) KunnandarKoil (P) Ward-1 BalaPatti , 3.KunnandarKoil (R.V) KunnandarKoil (P) Ward-1 Kogoor , 4.KunnandarKoil (R.V) KunnandarKoil (P) Ward-1 Millathupatti , 5.KunnandarKoil (R.V) KunnandarKoil (P) Ward-1 Kunnandarkoil , 6.KunnandarKoil (R.V) KunnandarKoil (P) Ward-1 Bharathi Nagar
25R.C. AIDED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL EAST PORTION ,Nanjur 622502 1.Nanjur (R.V) Nanjur (P) Ward-1 Melananjur Melatheru , 2.Nanjur (R.V) Nanjur (P) Ward-1 Melananjur Harijanatheru , 3.Nanjur (R.V) Nanjur (P) Ward-1 Keelasaveriarpattinam , 4.Nanjur (R.V) Nanjur (P) Ward-2 Melasaveriarpattinam Harijana Theru , 5.Nanjur (R.V) Nanjur (P) Ward-2 Melasaveriarpattinam
26R.C.AIDED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL WEST PORTION ,Nanjur 622502 1.Nanjur (R.V) Nanjur (P) Ward-1 Melananjur keelatheru , 2.Nanjur (R.V) Nanjur (P) Ward-1 Keelananjur , 3.Nanjur (R.V) Nanjur (P) Ward-1 Keelananjur therkkikadu , 4.Maruthur(R.V) Nanjur (P) Ward-2 Maruthur , 5.Maruthur(R.V) Nanjur (P) Ward-2 Kallankuthu , 6.Maruthur(R.V) Nanjur (P) Ward-2 Maruthur Melatheru
27PUES R.C.C. BUILDING ,Krishnaparapatti 622502 1.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-3 Krishnaparapatti , 2.Brahathambalpuram(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-2 Brahathambalpuram , 3.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-3 Soosaipudaiyanpatti , 4.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-3 Udavayal , 5.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-3 Kalathuveedu
28PUMS, New R C C Building, South Side ,Pallathupatti 622502 02 1.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-2 Pallathupatti Kallar Theru , 2.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-2 Pallathupatti Vadaku Theru , 3.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-2 Pallathupatti Therkku Theru , 4.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-2 Pallathupatti Adidravidar Theru , 5.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-2 Pangunivayal , 6.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-2 Kadambapatti
29 PUMS Tilled Building, North Side ,Pallathupatti 6225021.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-2 Anna Nagar , 2.VKeeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-2 Kuravar colony , 3.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-2 Anthoniarpuram , 4.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-2 Seenivayal , 5.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-2 OVK nagar , 6.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-2 Vivekanantha Nagar , 7.Keeranur(R.V) Pallathupatti (P) Ward-2 Seetharamapura
30GOVERNMENT BOYS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL BLOCK 1 WEST PORTION ,Keeranur 622502 1.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-11 Sannathi Veethi , 2.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-11 Amman Ssannithi , 3.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward- 11 Vadakku Madavalaga Veethi , 4.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-11 Therkku madavalags Veethi , 5.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-11 Arasu Aluvalar Kudiyeruppu , 6.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-6 Taluk Aluvalaga Salai , 7.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-6 Ezhil nagar main Veethi
31GOVERNMENT BOYS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, EAST BUILDING , SOUTH PORTION ,Keeranur 622502 1.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-6 Ezhil nagar 1st, Veethi , 2.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-6 Ezhil nagar 2, Veethi , 3.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward- 6 Ezhil nagar 3, Veethi , 4.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-6 Ezhil nagar 4, Veethi , 5.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-6 Ezhil nagar 5, Veethi , 6.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-6 Ezhil nagar 6, Veethi , 7.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-6 Ezhil nagar 7, Veethi , 8.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-6 Ezhil nagar 8, Veethi , 9.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward- Velayutha Nagar
32GOVERNMENT BOYS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL,NEW BUILDING EAST BUILDING , SOUTH SIDE ,Keeranur 622502 1.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-8 Car Colony 1-st Veethi , 2.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-8 Car Colony 2 Veethi , 3.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward- 8 Car Colony 3 - Veethi , 4.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-8 Car Colony 4 - Veethi , 5.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-12 Mela Gandi Nagar 1- st Veethi , 6.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-13 Mela Gandi Nagar 2 -nd Veethi
33GOVERNMENT BOYS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, NEW BUILDING EAST BUILDING , MIDDLE PORTION ,Keeranur 622502 1.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-10 Therkku ratha Veethi , 2.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-9 Parapatti salai , 3.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-9 Jeganathapuram , 4.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-7 Echankadu car colony , 5.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-7 Egai nagar
34GOVERNMENT GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, NORTH BUILDING , EAST ROOM ,Keeranur 622502 1.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-14 Mela Vadavalaga Veethi , 2.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-14 Trichy Main Road (Therkku Muthal Veethi) , 3.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-15 Asari Theru , 4.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-15 Palaya Post Office Veethi , 5.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-15 Sundararajan chettiyar Veethi , 6.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-1 Udayappa Veethi , 7.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-1 Perunthu Nilaya Salai , 8.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-1 Jaihind Nagar , 9.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-1 Veettuvasathivariya Kudiyeruppu
35GOVERNMENT GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, NORTH BUILDING , CENTER ROOM ,Keeranur 622502 1.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-14 Kallukadai Veethi , 2.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-1 Ambalakara Veethi , 3.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward- 1 Trichy Main Road Melapuduvayal Salaivarai
36GOVERNMENT GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, EAST BUILDING, WEST FACING , NORTH ROOM , Keeranur 622502 1.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-9 Pudukkottai Main Road ( Anna nagar) , 2.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-9 Pothupanithurai Kudiyeruppu , 3.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-12 O.S. Konar Theru (O.S.V. Nagar) , 4.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-12 Konar Colony , 5.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-12 Keela Gandhi Nagar Thoguppu Veedugal , 6.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-12 Muthaliar colony , 7.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-4 Vadakku Ratha veethi , 8.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-4 Uppukara Theru
37GOVERNMENT GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, EAST BUILDING, WEST FACING , SOUTH ROOM , Keeranur 622502 1.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-4 Karuppar kovil Theru , 2.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-8 Ezhil Nagar 9th Veethi , 3.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-5 Ezhil nagar Killakku Veethi , 4.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-13 Malayandi Nagar , 5.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-13 Vari Therkku Veethi , 6.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-15 Vari vadakku Theru , 7.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-14 Chinnaiya chettiyar Veethi , 8.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-13 Abdul Raheem Veethi , 9.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-13 Mothinar Veethi , 10.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-13 Pallivasal Veethi
38GOVERNMENT GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, WEST BUILDING, WEST FACING ,CENTER ROOM ,Keeranur 622502 1.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward- 10 Balakrishnapuram , 2.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-10 Keelaratha veethi , 3.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward- 15 Sulthan veethi , 4.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-15 Mailasi veethi , 5.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-2 Nattar Veethi
39GOVERNMENT GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, WEST BUILDING, WEST FACING ,NORTH ROOM ,Keeranur 622502 1.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-15 Palaya Santhaipetti Therkku , 2.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-2 Puliyur Road Melpuram , 3.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-3 Pushpa nagar , 4.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-3 Pugaivandi Nilaya Salai , 5.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-3 Puliyur Road Keelpuram , 6.Keeranur (R.V) Keeranur (SP) Ward-15 Palaya Santhaipettai
40GHS R.C.C BUILDING WEST PORTION ,Uppiliakudi 622504 1.Uppiliyakudi (R.V) Uppiliyakudi (P) Ward-1 Uppiliyakudi , 2.Uppiliyakudi (R.V) Uppiliyakudi (P) Ward-2 Vadugapatti
41GHS R.C.C BUILDING WEST PORTION, Centre Room. ,Uppiliakudi 622504 1.Uppiliyakudi (R.V) Uppiliyakudi (P) Ward-3 Kanniyapatti , 2.Uppiliyakudi (R.V) Uppiliyakudi (P) Ward-3 Thattampatti , 3.Uppiliyakudi (R.V) Uppiliyakudi (P) Ward-3 Porkanivayal , 4.Uppiliyakudi (R.V) Uppiliyakudi (P) Ward-3 ATK Nagar
42PUES Terraced Building ,Vazhamangalam 622504 1.Valamangalam (R.V) Valamangalam (P) Ward-1 Nadar Theru , 2.Valamangalam (R.V) Valamangalam (P) Ward-1 Valamangalam , 3.Seemanur(R.V) Valamangalam (P) Ward-1,2 Valamangalam
43PUES NEW R.C.C. BUILDING ,Mangadevanpatti 622502 1.Mangathevanpatti (R.V) Mangathevanpatti (P) Ward-1 Mangathevanpatti
44PUMS East Wing Centre ,Mosakudi 622502 1.Mangathevanpatti (R.V) Mangathevanpatti (P) Ward-2 Kottrapatti , 2.Mangathevanpatti (R.V) Mangathevanpatti (P) Ward-2 Thulukkapatti , 3.Mangathevanpatti (R.V) Mangathevanpatti (P) Ward-2 Mosakudi
45PUMS ,Koilveerakudy 622203 1.Veerakudi (R.V) Veerakudi (P) Ward-1 Koilveerakudi Keela Theru , 2.Veerakudi (R.V) Veerakudi (P) Ward-1 Koil Veerakudi Colony Theru , 3.Veerakudi (R.V) Veerakudi (P) Ward-1 Koil Veerakudi Mele Theru , 4.Veerakudi (R.V) Veerakudi (P) Ward-1 Koil Veerakudi Kallar Theru , 5.Veerakudi (R.V) Veerakudi (P) Ward-1 Koil Veerakudi Therku Theru , 6.Veerakudi (R.V) Veerakudi (P) Ward-1 Palaya Veerakudi Nadu Theru , 7.Veerakudi (R.V) Veerakudi (P) Ward-1 Palaiya Veerakudi Mele Theru , 8.Veerakudi (R.V) Veerakudi (P) Ward-1 Palaiya Veerakudi Vadakku Theru , 9.Veerakudi (R.V) Veerakudi (P) Ward-1 Thiruppur , 10.Veerakudi (R.V) Veerakudi (P) Ward-1 Ichadipatti
46CHANDIRA AIDED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL , New Terraced Building,East Side ,Killanur 622203 1.Killanur (R.V) Killanur (P) Ward-3 Killanur Mela Theru , 2.Killanur (R.V) Killanur (P) Ward-2 Killanur Therku Theru , 3.Killanur (R.V) Killanur (P) Ward-3 Killanur Nadu Theru
47CHANDIRA AIDED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL , Terraced Building,West Side ,Killanur 622203 1.Killanur (R.V) Killanur (P) Ward-2 Perambur Salai , 2.Killanur (R.V) Killanur (P) Ward-2 Killanur Keela Theru , 3.Killanur (R.V) Killanur (P) Ward-2 Killanur Therukku Colony , 4.Killanur (R.V) Killanur (P) Ward-2 Vadakkuppatti Vadakku Colony , 5.Killanur (R.V) Killanur (P) Ward-2 Vadakkuppatti Keela Theru , 6.Killanur (R.V) Killanur (P) Ward-1 Vadakkuppatti Meela Theru , 7.Killanur (R.V) Killanur (P) Ward-2 Sondampatti Vadakku , 8.Killanur (R.V) Killanur (P) Ward-2 Sondampatti Therkku , 9.Killanur (R.V) Killanur (P) Ward-1 Kangampatti Vadakku , 10.Killanur (R.V) Killanur (P) Ward-1 Kangampatti Therkku
48PUES Terraced Building, North Wing Facing South ,Andakulam 622203 1.Andakulam ( R.V) Andakulam (P) Ward-1 Malaiyappa Colony , 2.Andakulam ( R.V) Andakulam (P) Ward-2 Kadiyapatti , 3.Andakulam ( R.V) Andakulam (P) Ward-2 Kalingarayanpatti , 4.Andakulam ( R.V) Andakulam (P) Ward-2 Pongala Patti
49PUES Tiled Building,West Wing, Facing East ,Andakulam 622203 1.Andakulam ( R.V) Andakulam (P) Ward-2 puthukkudiyanpatti , 2.Andakulam ( R.V) Andakulam (P) Ward-2 Ayavayal , 3.Andakulam ( R.V) Andakulam (P) Ward- 2 Kurinchi patti , 4.Andakulam ( R.V) Andakulam (P) Ward-2 Paravayal , 5.Andakulam ( R.V) Andakulam (P) Ward-2 Pana vayal , 6.Andakulam ( R.V) Andakulam (P) Ward-2 Pillayarpatti
50GHr.Sec.S North Side ,Andakulam 622203 1.Andakulam ( R.V) Andakulam (P) Ward-2,3 Andakulam
51GHSS South Side ,Andakulam 622203 1.Andakulam ( R.V) Andakulam (P) Ward-3,4 Sempatti , 2.Andakulam ( R.V) Andakulam (P) Ward-3,4 Themmandanpatti , 3.Santhinipatti ( R.V) Andakulam (P) Ward-3,4 santhinipatti , 4.Santhinipatti ( R.V) Andakulam (P) Ward-3,4 Poongudipatti
52PUMS ,Seenayakudi 622502 1.Senayakudi ( R.V) Senayakudi (P) Ward-1 Senaiyakudi Vadakku Theru , 2.Senayakudi ( R.V) Senayakudi (P) Ward-1 Senaiyakudi Keelatheru , 3.Senayakudi ( R.V) Senayakudi (P) Ward-1 Therkku Theru , 4.Senayakudi ( R.V) Senayakudi (P) Ward-1 Katthalampatti , 5.Senayakudi ( R.V) Senayakudi (P) Ward-1 Perandaiyanpatti Vadakku Theru , 6.Senayakudi ( R.V) Senayakudi (P) Ward-1 Perandaiyanpatti Therkku Theru , 7.Senayakudi ( R.V) Senayakudi (P) Ward-1 Kumarapatti
53PUMS ,Thirumalairayapuram 622504 1.Valamangalam (R.V) Thirumalairayapuram (P) Ward-3 Thirumalairayapuram Nadupatti , 2.Valamangalam (R.V) Thirumalairayapuram (P) Ward-3 Thirumalairayapuram Keelapatti , 3.Valamangalam (R.V) Thirumalairayapuram (P) Ward-3 Arisana Colony , 4.Valamangalam (R.V) Thirumalairayapuram (P) Ward- 1D. Melapatti
54PUMS TILED BUILDING , Facing South, ,Kothamangalapatti 622504 ,Kothamangalapatti 622504 1.Ammachathiram (R.V) Ammachathiram (P) Ward-1 Kopilikadu , 2.Ammachathiram (R.V) Ammachathiram (P) Ward-1 Ammachathiram , 3.Ammachathiram (R.V) Ammachathiram (P) Ward-1 Kothamangalapatti Vadakku Theru , 4.Ammachathiram (R.V) Ammachathiram (P) Ward-2 Kothamangalapatti , 5.VAmmachathiram (R.V) Ammachathiram (P) Ward-2 Kalavarampatti , 6.Ammachathiram (R.V) Ammachathiram (P) Ward-2 Kurumba Theru
55PUMS New building, West Wing, Facing South, Kothamangalapatti 622504 ,Kothamangalapatti 622504 1.Ammachathiram (R.V) Ammachathiram (P) Ward-3 Thattampatti , 2.Ammachathiram (R.V) Ammachathiram (P) Ward-3 Vellalapatti , 3.Ammachathiram (R.V) Ammachathiram (P) Ward-3 Pasumalaipatti Harijantheru , 4.Ammachathiram (R.V) Ammachathiram (P) Ward- 2,3 Pasumalaipatti , 5.Ammachathiram (R.V) Ammachathiram (P) Ward -3 Pommadimalai
56PUES Tiled BUILDING ,Narthamalai 622101 1.Narthamalai (R.V) Narthamalai (P) Ward-1 Narthamalai Anna nagar , 2.Narthamalai (R.V) Narthamalai (P) Ward-2 Harijana Theru , 3.Narthamalai (R.V) Narthamalai (P) Ward-2 Maniyadipatti
57PUES Samathuvapuram ,Narthamalai 622101 1.Narthamalai (R.V) Narthamalai (P) Ward-2 Avudayankadu , 2.Narthamalai (R.V) Narthamalai (P) Ward-2 Pommadimalai , 3.Narthamalai (R.V) Narthamalai (P) Ward-1 Samathuvapuram
58ES ,Neduncheri 622501 1.Sathiyamangalam (R.V) Sathiyamangalam (P) Ward-2 Pommadimalai , 2.Sathiyamangalam (R.V) Sathiyamangalam (P) Ward-1 Puduvettivayal , 3.Sathiyamangalam (R.V) Sathiyamangalam (P) Ward-1 Annapatti (Anna nagar) , 4.Sathiyamangalam (R.V) Sathiyamangalam (P) Ward-1 Annapatti , 5.Sathiyamangalam (R.V) Sathiyamangalam (P) Ward-1 Naduncheri , 6.Sathiyamangalam (R.V) Sathiyamangalam (P) Ward-1 Ganesh Nagar
59Government High School New R.C.C. Building,West Side ,Sathiyamangalam 622501 1.Sathiyamangalam (R.V) Sathiyamangalam (P) Ward-3 Sathiyamangalam , 2.Sathiyamangalam (R.V) Sathiyamangalam (P) Ward-2 Sannayapatti , 3.Sathiyamangalam (R.V) Sathiyamangalam (P) Ward-2 Udayandipatti
60GHS NEW R.C.C. BUILDING, East Side ,Sathiyamangalam 622501 1.Sathiyamangalam (R.V) Sathiyamangalam (P) Ward-1 Parangivayal , 2.Sathiyamangalam (R.V) Sathiyamangalam (P) Ward-3 Sathiyamangalam Main Salai , 3.Sathiyamangalam (R.V) Sathiyamangalam (P) Ward-3 Sathiyamangalam , 4.Sathiyamangalam (R.V) Sathiyamangalam (P) Ward-2 Ponnandapatti , 5.Sathiyamangalam (R.V) Sathiyamangalam (P) Ward-2 Therkku Udayandipatti , 6.Sathiyamangalam (R.V) Sathiyamangalam (P) Ward-2 Senthapatti
61PUES ,Irumbali 622101 1.Irumbali (R.V) Irumbali (P) Ward-1 Irumbali , 2.Irumbali (R.V) Irumbali (P) Ward-1,2 Paravettivayal , 3.Irumbali (R.V) Irumbali (P) Ward-1 Kallampatti , 4.Irumbali (R.V) Irumbali (P) Ward-1 Pudupatti , 5.Irumbali (R.V) Irumbali (P) Ward-1 Koothinipatti
62PUES, New Building , South Wing ,Melur 622501 1.Melur (R.V) Melur (P) Ward-2 Kulamuthupatti , 2.Melur (R.V) Melur (P) Ward- 2 Melur
63PUES, TERRACED BUILDING , North Wing ,Melur 622501 1.Melur (R.V) Melur (P) Ward-2 Melur , 2.Melur (R.V) Melur (P) Ward-3 Amman pettai , 3.Melur (R.V) Melur (P) Ward-3 Eachanari , 4.Melur (R.V) Melur (P) Ward-2 Chatravayal , 5.Melur (R.V) Melur (P) Ward-3 Thottivayal , 6.Melur (R.V) Melur (P) Ward-3 Nakkeerarvayal , 7.Melur (R.V) Melur (P) Ward-3 Anna Nagar
64PUES Tilled Building , West Portion ,Vellanur 622501 1.Vellanur (R.V) Vellanur (P) Ward-1 Kiliyur , 2.Vellanur (R.V) Vellanur (P) Ward-1 Thideer Nagar
65PUES Tilled Building South Portion ,Vellanur 622501 1.Vellanur (R.V) Vellanur (P) Ward-2 Vellanur
66PUES TILED BUILDING ,Melamuthudaiyanpatti 622501 1.Vellanur (R.V) Vellanur (P) Ward-3 Keelamuthudayanpatti , 2.Vellanur (R.V) Vellanur (P) Ward-3 Meelamuthudayanpatti
67PUES, Tiled Building, North Wing, Facing North ,Vadacheripatti 622501 1.Vellanur (R.V) Vellanur (P) Ward-4 VadacheriPatti , 2.Vellanur (R.V) Vellanur (P) Ward-4 Sivapatti
68PUES, New Terraced Building, South Wing, Facing East ,Vadacheripatti 622501 1.Vellanur (R.V) Vellanur (P) Ward-4 Thavudumill (SIPCOT) , 2.Vellanur (R.V) Vellanur (P) Ward-4 Rengammal chatram , 3.Vellanur (R.V) Vellanur (P) Ward-4 Mullai Nagar
69PUMS ,Poongudi 622501 1.Poongudi (R.V) Poongudi (P) Ward-3 Poongudi , 2.Poongudi (R.V) Poongudi (P) Ward-3 Mekkudipatti , 3.Poongudi (R.V) Poongudi (P) Ward-3 Indra Nagar
70PUES, ,Keela Muthukadu 622501 1.Muthukadu (R.V) Muthukadu (P) Ward-1 Puduvayal , 2.Muthukadu (R.V) Muthukadu (P) Ward-2 Keelamuthukkadu
71PUES, Vengaivayal 622501 1.Vengaivayal (R.V) Muthukadu (P) Ward-2 Vengaivayal , 2.Muthukadu (R.V) Muthukadu (P) Ward-3 Eraiyur
72GHSS,South Side ,Cauveri Nagar 622501 1.Muthukkadu (R.V) Muthukkadu (P) Ward-1 Melamuthukkadu , 2.Muthukkadu (R.V) Muthukkadu (P) Ward-1 Railway Nilaiyam , 3.Muthukkadu (R.V) Muthukkadu (P) Ward-4 Cauveri Nagar
73GHSS, North Side ,Cauveri Nagar 622501 1.Muthukkadu (R.V) Muthukkadu (P) Ward-5 Sathiyamoorthy Colony , 2.Muthukkadu (R.V) Muthukkadu (P) Ward-3 Tholilalar Etturuthi Marunthaga Kudiyeruppu
74PUES , East Wing ,Thudaiyur 622501 1.Thudaiyur (R.V) Thudaiyur (P) Ward-1,2 Thudaiyur
75PUES, West Wing ,Thudaiyur 622501 1.Thudaiyur (R.V) Thudaiyur (P) Ward-1 Panikondanpatti , 2.Thudaiyur (R.V) Thudaiyur (P) Ward-2 Paraiatti , 3.Thudaiyur (R.V) Thudaiyur (P) Ward-2 Thakkiripatti , 4.Thudaiyur (R.V) Thudaiyur (P) Ward-2 Thideer Nagar
76PUES ,Vathanakurichy 622504 1.Vathanakuruchi (R.V) Vathanakuruchi (P) Ward-2 Kummupatti , 2.Vathanakuruchi (R.V) Vathanakuruchi (P) Ward-2 Velvayalpatti , 3.Vathanakuruchi (R.V) Vathanakuruchi (P) Ward-2 Vathanakuruchi Colony , 4.Vathanakuruchi (R.V) Vathanakuruchi (P) Ward-1 Soosaiyapparpattinam , 5.Vathanakuruchi (R.V) Vathanakuruchi (P) Ward-1 Velankudipatti , 6.Vathanakuruchi (R.V) Vathanakuruchi (P) Ward-2 Vathanakuruchi
77PUES ,Moottampatty 622203 1.Moottampatti ( R.V ) Moottampatti (P) Ward-1 Agamudaiyar Theru , 2.Moottampatti ( R.V ) Moottampatti (P) Ward-1 Kavundar Theru , 3.Moottampatti ( R.V ) Moottampatti (P) Ward-1 Muthuraja Theru , 4.Moottampatti ( R.V ) Moottampatti (P) Ward-1 Puthu Theru , 5.Moottampatti ( R.V ) Moottampatti (P) Ward-1 Aranipatti , 6.Moottampatti ( R.V ) Moottampatti (P) Ward-1 Aranipatti Athi Dravidar Colony , 7.Moottampatti ( R.V ) Moottampatti (P) Ward-1 Surundapatti , 8.Moottampatti ( R.V ) Moottampatti (P) Ward-1 Kasturi Theru
78PUES New Building,West Side ,Uchani 622203 1.Thennankudi ( R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-1 Thennankudi Therukku Veethi , 2.Thennankudi ( R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-1 Thennankudi Merkku Theru , 3.Thennankudi ( R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-1 Thennankudi Vadakku Veethi , 4.Thennankudi ( R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-1 Thennankudi Keela Veethi , 5.Thennankudi ( R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-1 Thennankudi Pudu Theru , 6.Thennankudi (P) Ward-1 Thennankudi Palaiya Athi Dravidar Kudiyeruppu , 7.Thennankudi (P) Ward-1 Thennankudi Pudiya Athi Dravidar Kudiyeruppu , 8.Thennankudi ( R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-1 Kilavanpatti Udaiyar Theru , 9.Thennankudi ( R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-1 Nada Theru , 10.Thennankudi ( R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-1 Keela theru , 11.Uchani (R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-1 Uchani Udaiyar Theru , 12.Uchani (R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-1 Uchani Kallar Theru
79PUES New Building, East Side ,Uchani 622203 1.Uchani (R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-2 Uchani Kavundar Theru , 2.Uchani (R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-2 Uchani Pudiya Coloni , 3.Uchani (R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-2 Palaiya Athi Dravidar Kudiyeruppu , 4.Seerankanpatti (R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-2 Seerangampatti Vannara Theru , 5.Seerankanpatti (R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-2 Seeranganpatti Udaiyar Theru , 6.Seerankanpatti (R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-2 Seerangampatti Athi Dtavidar Theru , 7.Seerankanpatti (R.V) Thennankudi (P) Ward-2 Seerangampatti Kavundar Theru
80Government High School Southern Side ,Vaithur 622203 1.Vaithur (R.V) Vaithur (P) Ward-2 Chettiyar Theru
81PUES Tilled Building South Side ,Vaithur 622203 1.Vaithur (R.V) Vaithur (P) Ward-2 Chettiyar Theru 2 , 2.Vaithur (R.V) Vaithur (P) Ward-2 Ambalakara Theru , 3.Vaithur (R.V) Vaithur (P) Ward-2 Muthuraja theru
82GHS North Side ,Vaithur 622203 1.Vaithu (R.V) Vaithur (P) Ward-1 Vaithikoil Chetti Theru , 2.Vaithu (R.V) Vaithur (P) Ward-1 Vaithi koil Ambalakara Theru , 3.Vaithu (R.V) Vaithur (P) Ward-1 Vaithikovil Muthuraja Theru , 4.Vaithu (R.V) Vaithur (P) Ward-1 Vaithikoil Athi Dravidar Colony , 5.Vaithu (R.V) Vaithur (P) Ward-1 Vaithi koil Kallar Theru , 6.Vaithu (R.V) Vaithur (P) Ward-1 Tholuthanpatti , 7.Vaithur (R.V) Vaithur (P) Ward-1 Pokkisakaranpatti
83ST. THOMAIYAR AIDED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL . ,Periyathambiyudanpatty 622203 1.Andalkulam (R.V) Periyathambi Udaiyanpatti(P) Ward-1,2 Alangarapatti , 2.Andalkulam (R.V) Periyathambi Udaiyanpatti(P) Ward-1,2 PeriyaThambi Udaiyanpatti
84MAHATMA GANGHI AIDED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL . New Building ,Perambur 622203 1.Perambur ( R.V) Perambur (P) Ward-1 Perambur , 2.Perambur ( R.V) Perambur (P) Ward-1 Konar Theru , 3.Perambur ( R.V) Perambur (P) Ward-2 Athi Dravidar Theru , 4.Perambur ( R.V) Perambur (P) Ward-2 Poosari Theru , 5.Perambur ( R.V) Perambur (P) Ward-1 Velar Theru , 6.Perambur ( R.V) Perambur (P) Ward-2 Palaiya Athi Dravidar Colony , 7.Perambur ( R.V) Perambur (P) Ward-3 Karaiyapatti , 8.Perambur ( R.V) Perambur (P) Ward-3 Puduppatti
85PUMS, New Terraced Building, ,Vathanakottai 622203 1.Vathanakottai (R.V) Vathanakottai (P) Vathanakottai Kallar Theru , 2.Vathanakottai (R.V) Vathanakottai (P) Ward-1 Vathanakottai Poojari Theru , 3.Vathanakottai (R.V) Vathanakottai (P) Ward-1 Vathanakottai Athi Dravidar Theru , 4.Vathanakottai (R.V) Vathanakottai (P) Ward-1 Sondam patti
86PUES North ,Pappudayanpatty 622203 1.Minnathur (R.V) Pappudaiyan Patti(P) Ward-1 Pappudaiyanpatti Vadakku Theru , 2.Minnathur (R.V) Pappudaiyan Patti(P) Ward-2 Pappudaiyanpatti Nadu Theru , 3.Minnathur (R.V) Pappudaiyan Patti(P) Ward-3 Pappudaiyanpatti therkku Theru
87PUES South Side ,Pappudayanpatty 622203 1.Minnathoor (R.V) Minnathoor (P) Ward-2 Uppiliyam patti , 2.Minnathoor (R.V) Minnathoor (P) Ward-2 Pilakollaipatti , 3.Minnathoor (R.V) Minnathoor (P) Ward-2 Naragianpatti vadakku Theru , 4.Minnathoor (R.V) Minnathoor (P) Ward-2 Narangiyanpatti therukku Theru , 5.Minnathoor (R.V) Minnathoor (P) Ward-2 Ramudaiyanpatti Vadakku theru , 6.Minnathoor (R.V) Minnathoor (P) Ward-2 Athi Dravidar Theru , 7.Minnathoor (R.V) Minnathoor (P) Ward-2 Therkku Theru
88PUES Tiled Building Nallapudaiyanpatti ,Nallapudaiyanpatti 622203 1.Minnathur (R.V) Minnathoor (P) Ward-1 Ravusapatti , 2.Minnathur (R.V) Minnathoor (P) Ward-1 Nallapudaiyan Patti Vadakku Theru , 3.Minnathur (R.V) Minnathoor (P) Ward-1 Nallapudaiyanpatti Therukku Theru , 4.Minnathur (R.V) Minnathoor (P) Ward-2 NallapudaiyanPatti Nadutheru
89PUES Eastern Side ,Minnathur 622203 1.Minnathur (R.V) Minnathoor (P) Ward-2 Minnathur Muthuraja Theru , 2.Minnathur (R.V) Minnathoor (P) Ward-2 Minnathur Kallar Theru , 3.Minnathur (R.V) Minnathoor (P) Ward-3 Minnathur Athi Dravidar Theru , 4.Minnathur (R.V) Minnathoor (P) Ward-3 Minnathur Kallar Theru
90PUMS ,Manganur 613301 1.Manganur (R.V) Manganur (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Theru , 2.Manganur (R.V) Manganur (P) Ward-2 Nadu Theru , 3.Manganur (R.V) Manganur (P) Ward-1 Meela Theru , 4.Manganur (R.V) Manganur (P) Ward-3 Poosari theru , 5.Manganur (R.V) Manganur (P) Ward-3 Arisana Theru
91PUES New Building ,Nathamadipatti 613301 1.Nodiyur( R.V) Nathamadipatti (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Theru , 2.Nodiyur( R.V) Nathamadipatti (P) Ward-1 NaduTheru , 3.Nodiyur( R.V Nathamadipatti (P) Ward-1 Therkku Theru , 4.Nodiyur( R.V Nathamadipatti (P) Ward-2 Merkku Colony , 5.Nodiyur( R.V) Nathamadipatti (P) Ward-2 Poosari Theru merkku , 6.Nodiyur( R.V) Nathamadipatti (P) Ward-1 Poosari Theru Kilakku , 7.Nodiyur( R.V) Nathamadipatti (P) Ward-2 Arisanak Colony , 8.Nodiyur( R.V) Nathamadipatti (P) Ward-2 Kariyampatti
92PUMS New Building ,Solagampatti 613301 1.Nodiyur( R.V) Nodiyur(P) Ward-1 Vadakku Theru , 2.Nodiyur( R.V) Nodiyur(P) Ward-1 Nadu Theru , 3.Nodiyur( R.V) Nodiyur(P) Ward-3 Palaiya Arijana Theru , 4.Nodiyur( R.V) Nodiyur(P) Ward-2 Therkku Poosari Theru , 5.Nodiyur( R.V) Nodiyur(P) Ward-3 Nodiyur
93PUMS ,Kurumboondi 613402 1.Kurumboondi (R.V) Kurumboondi (P) Ward-1 Kurumboondi Kudiyana Theru Vadakku , 2.Kurumboondi (R.V) Kurumboondi (P) Ward-2 Kurumboondi KudiyanaTheru Therkku , 3.Kurumboondi (R.V) Kurumboondi (P) Ward-1 Kurumboondi Arisana Theru , 4.Kurumboondi (R.V) Kurumboondi (P) Ward-2 Nattani kudiyana Theru , 5.Kurumboondi (R.V) Kurumboondi (P) Ward-2 Nattani Arisana Theru
94PUES Eastern Side ,Thachankurichi 613301 1.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-1 Colony Theru Therkku , 2.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-1 Colony vadakku Theru , 3.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-1 Rottu Theru , 4.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-1 Meela Theru , 5.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Theru , 6.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-1 Nadu Theru , 7.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-1 Therkku Theru , 8.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-2 KeelaTheru (Chettiyar Thery)
95PUES Southern Side Facing North ,Thachankurichi 613301 ,Thachankurichi 613301 1.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-2 Therukku Theru (Asari Theru) , 2.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-2 Therkku Theru (Pallar Theru) , 3.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-2 Keela Theru (Kovil Theru) , 4.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-2 Vadakku Theru , 5.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-2 Keela Theru (Pallar Theru) , 6.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-3 Saveriyarpatti (Kovil Theru) , 7.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-3 Vadakku Arisana Pallar Theru , 8.Thanchankuruchi (R.V) Thanchankuruchi (P) Ward-3 Arisana Theru
96PUES Eastern Building ,Kallupatti 613301 1.Viralipatti ( R.V) Viralipatti (P) Ward-2 Poosari Theru , 2.Viralipatti ( R.V) Viralipatti (P) Ward-2 Arisana Theru , 3.Viralipatti ( R.V) Viralipatti (P) Ward-2 Kudiyana Theru , 4.Viralipatti ( R.V) Viralipatti (P) Ward-2 Thiranipatti Kallr Theru , 5.Malaiyapatti (R.V) Viralipatti (P) Ward-1 Malaiyapatti Kallar Theru , 6.Malaiyapatti (R.V) Viralipatti (P) Ward-1 Malaiyapatti Arisana Theru
97PUES Western Side ,Kallupatti 613301 1.Malaiyapatti (R.V) Viralipatti (P) V.Kotthampatti , 2.Malaiyapatti (R.V) Viralipatti (P) Ward-4 Kallar Theru , 3.Viralipatti (R.V) Viralipatti (P) Ward-3 Athi Dravidar Theru
98PUES Western Side ,Komapuram 613301 1.Komapuram (R.V) Komapuram (P) Ward-1 Kallar Theru
99PUES, New Terraced Bld., East Side ,Komapuram 613301 1.Komapuram (R.V) Komapuram (P) Ward-2 Anna Nagar , 2.Komapuram (R.V) Komapuram (P) Ward-3 Samuthirapatti
100PUMS, New Terraced Building., ,Ariyanitipatti 613303 1.Ariyanipatti ( R.V) Ariyanipatti (P) Ward-1 Ariyanipatti Therukku theru , 2.Ariyanipatti ( R.V) Ariyanipatti (P) Ward-2 Ariyanipatti Ambalakara Theru , 3.Ariyanipatti ( R.V) Ariyanipatti (P) Ward-3 Kotthampatti Korampatti
101PUMS Tiled Building , Manchapettai 613303 1.Manchapettai (P) Ward-1 Manchapettai Kallar Theru,Udaiyar Theru,Konar Theru
102PUMS South Look East Side Building , Manchapettai 613303 1.Manchapettai (R.V)) Manchapettai (P) Ward-1 Manchapettai Arijana Colony
103PUMS ,Punakulam 613303 1.Punakulam (R.V) Punakulam (P) Ward-1 Punakulam Kallar Theru , 2.Punakulam (R.V) Punakulam (P) Ward-1 Punakulam Arijana Theru , 3.Punakulam (R.V) Punakulam (P) Ward-3 Kadavarayanpatti
104PUES ,Thethuvasalpatti 613303 1.Punakulam ( R.V) Punakulam (P) Ward-2 Kudiyana Theru , 2.Punakulam (R.V) Punakulam (P) Ward-2 Arijana Colony
105PUMS, Western Side ,Mudukulam 613303 1.Mudukulam (R.V) Mudukulam (P) Ward-1 Mudukulam Keela Theru , 2.Mudukulam (R.V) Mudukulam (P) Mudukulam therukku theru , 3.Mudukulam (R.V) Mudukulam (P) Ward-1,2 Mudukulam Meela Theru , 4.Mudukulam (R.V) Mudukulam (P) Ward-2 Mudukulam Vadakku theru
106PUMS, Eastern Side ,Mudukulam 613303 1.Mudukulam (R.V) Mudukulam (P) Ward-2 Mudukulam Harija Theru , 2.Mudukulam (R.V) Mudukulam (P) Ward-2 Mookapudaiyanpallam , 3.Mudukulam (R.V) Mudukulam (P) Ward-3 Atjuthapuram
107PUES, New Building, ,Thurusupatti 613301 1.Pudunagar (R.V) Thirusupatti (P) Ward-1 Keela theru , 2.Pudunagar (R.V) Thirusupatti (P) Ward-2 Mela Theru , 3.Pudunagar (R.V) Thirusupatti (P) Ward-3 Arisana Theru
108PUES New Building ,Pudunagar 613301 1.Pudu Nagar ( R.V) Pudu Nagar (P) Ward-1 Therkku Theru , 2.Pudu Nagar ( R.V) Pudu Nagar (P) Ward-2 Mela Theru , 3.Pudu Nagar ( R.V) Pudu Nagar (P) Ward-3 Vadakku Theru , 4.Pudu Nagar ( R.V) Pudu Nagar (P) Ward-3 Keela Theru , 5.Pudu Nagar ( R.V) Pudu Nagar (P) Ward-3 Vadakku 2nd Theru , 6.Pudu Nagar ( R.V) Pudu Nagar (P) Ward-3 Arisana Theru , 7.Pudu Nagar ( R.V) Pudu Nagar (P) Ward- 3 Arisana Theru
109PUMS, New Terraced Building., Western Side, ,Pallaiya Gandarvakottai 613301 1.Palaiya Gandarvakottai (R.V)Palaiya Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Theru , 2.Palaiya Gandarvakottai (R.V)Palaiya Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-1 Keela theru , 3.Palaiya Gandarvakottai (R.V)Palaiya Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-1 Padaiyachi Theru , 4.Palaiya Gandarvakottai (R.V)Palaiya Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-1 Meela Theru , 5.Palaiya Gandarvakottai (R.V)Palaiya Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-1 Therkku Theru , 6.Palaiya Gandarvakottai (R.V)Palaiya Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-1 Arijana Theru , 7.Palaiya Gandarvakottai (R.V)Palaiya Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-1 Nadu Theru
110PUMS, Terraced building, ,Meikudipatti 1.Palaiya Gandarvakottai (R.V) Palaiya Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-2 Sollagampatti , 2.Meikudipatti (R.V) Palaiya Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-3 Meikudipatti , 3.Meikudipatti (R.V) Palaiya Gandarvakottai (P) Meikudipatti Nadu Theru , 4.Meikudipatti (R.V) Palaiya Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-3 Meikudipatti Mela theru , 5.Meikudipatti (R.V) Palaiya Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-3 Meikudipatti Therkku theru , 6.Meikudipatti (R.V) Palaiya Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-3 Meikudipatti Arijana Theru
111PUES , New Terraced Building ,Vadugapatti 613301 1.Vadugapatti (R.V) Vadugapatti (P) Ward-1 Vadugapatti Therkku , 2.Vadugapatti (R.V) Vadugapatti (P) Ward-1 Kallar Theru , 3.Vadugapatti (R.V) Vadugapatti (P) Ward-1 Athi dravidar Palaiya Theru , 4.Vadugapatti (R.V) Vadugapatti (P) Ward-1 Athi Dravida Colony , 5.Vadugapatti (R.V) Vadugapatti (P) Ward-2 Vandaiyanpatti
112PUES , Aravampatti 613301 1.Aravampatti (R.V) Aravampatti (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Theru , 2.Aravampatti (R.V) Aravampatti (P) Ward-2 Meela Theru , 3.Aravampatti (R.V) Aravampatti (P) Ward-1 Tholan Theru , 4.Aravampatti (R.V) Aravampatti (P) Ward-3 Keela Theru , 5.Aravampatti (R.V) Aravampatti (P) Ward-3 Arisana Theru , 6.Aravampatti (R.V) Aravampatti (P) Ward-3 Vala Theru
113PUMS New Building, ,Sothupalai 622202 1.Sothupalai ( R.V) Sothupalai (P) Ward-1 Uriyampatti , 2.Sothupalai ( R.V) Sothupalai (P) Ward-1 Narangiyampatti , 3.Sothupalai ( R.V) Sothupalai (P) Ward- 1 kariyapatti , 4.Sothupalai ( R.V) Sothupalai (P) Ward-1 Sothupalai
114PUMS New Building, South side ,Valavampatti 613301 1.Valavampatti ( R.V) Valavampatti (P) Ward-1 Narikollaipatti , 2.Valavampatti ( R.V) Valavampatti (P) Ward-1 Uriyampatti , 3.Valavampatti ( R.V) Valavampatti (P) Ward-1 Solagampatti , 4.Valavampatti ( R.V) Valavampatti (P) Ward-2 Valavampatti
115PUMS New Building, North Side ,Valavampatti 613301 1.Valavampatti ( R.V) Valavampatti (P) Ward-2 ammaiyappan Theru , 2.Valavampatti ( R.V) Valavampatti (P) Ward-2 Pallar Theru , 3.Valavampatti ( R.V) Valavampatti (P) Ward-2 Kondaiyan Theru , 4.Valavampatti ( R.V) Valavampatti (P) Ward-2 Harija Theru , 5.Valavampatti ( R.V) Valavampatti (P) Ward-2 Palaiya Colony , 6.Valavampatti ( R.V) Valavampatti (P) Ward-2 Pudiya Colony
116PUMS NORTH PART ,Gandarvakottai 613301 1.Kovilur(R.I) Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-1 Kovilur Keela Theru , 2.Kovilur(R.I) Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-1 Kotha Theru , 3.Kovilur(R.I) Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-1 Perumal Kovil Theru , 4.Kovilur(R.I) Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-3 Chetti Theru , 5.Kovilur(R.I) Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-3 Mariyappan Kovil Theru
117PUMS, TILLED BLD., FACING WEST, SOUTHERN PORTION ,Gandarvakottai 613301 1.Kovilur(R.I) Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-1 Policeline , 2.Kovilur(R.I) Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-1 Yadava theru , 3.Kovilur(R.I) Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-1 Maruthuva Nagar
118PUMS, TILLED BLD., FACING WEST, NORTHERN PORTION ,Gandarvakottai 613301 1.Kovilur(R.I) Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-2 Chetti sathiram Theru , 2.Kovilur(R.I) Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-2 Udaiyar Theru
119PUMS First Building ,Gandarvakottai 613301 1.Kovilur (R.V) Gandarvakottai (p) Ward-2 Kalaiyam Padi Theru , 2.Kovilur (R.V) Gandarvakottai (p) Ward-2 Mugamathiyar Theru , 3.Kovilur (R.V) Gandarvakottai (p) Ward-2 Arisikara Theru
120GBHSS New Terraced Building, Room No.19, Southern side, Facing East ,Gandarvakottai 613301 1.Kovilur (R.V) Gandarvakottai (p) Ward-3 Chetti Theru , 2.Kovilur (R.V) Gandarvakottai (p) Ward-3 Vankara Ooda Theru , 3.Kovilur (R.V) Gandarvakottai (p) Ward-3 Aranmanai Theru , 4.Kovilur (R.V) Gandarvakottai (p) Ward-3 Mariyamman Kovil theru
121GBHSS Upper Portion East Look Terraced Building ,Gandarvakottai 613301 1.Kovilur (R.V) Gandarvakottai (p) Ward-4 Kumaran Colony , 2.Kovilur (R.V) Gandarvakottai (p) Ward-3 Mandela Nagar , 3.Kovilur (R.V) Gandarvakottai (p) Ward-4 Arijana theru
122GBHSS, Northern Wing, Facing, West, Southern Portion, (Computer Class Room) ,Gandarvakottai 613301 1.Kovilur (R.V) Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-3 Kotthagam , 2.Kovilur (R.V) Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-4 Arijana colony Indira Nagar , 3.Kovilur (R.V) Gandarvakottai (P) Ward-4 Kumaran Colony
123PUES ,Pisanathur 613301 1.Pisanathur ( R.V) Pisanathur (P) Ward-1 Vadugar Theru , 2.Pisanathur ( R.V) Pisanathur (P) Ward-1 Kottai Theru , 3.Pisanathur ( R.V) Pisanathur (P) Ward-2 Vandikara Theru , 4.Pisanathur ( R.V) Pisanathur (P) Ward-3 Arisana Theru
124PUMS, New Terraced Building., ,Akkachipatti 613301 1.Kattu naval (R.V) Akkachipatti (P) Ward-1 Kudiyana Theru , 2.Kattu naval (R.V) Akkachipatti (P) Ward-2 Valluvar Theru , 3.Kattu naval (R.V) Akkachipatti (P) Ward-2 Keela Arijana Theru , 4.Kattu naval (R.V) Akkachipatti (P) Ward-2 Vadakku Arijana Theru
125PUMS New Building, ,Kattunaval 613301 1.Kattu Naval (R.V) Kattu Naval (P) Ward-1 Kudiyana Theru , 2.Kattu Naval (R.V) Kattu Naval (P) Ward-3 Kallukollai , 3.Kattu Naval (R.V) Kattu Naval (P) Ward-3 Chettikadu
126PUMS North Side East Look Terraced Building ,Kattunaval 613301 1.Kattu Naval (R.V) Kattu Naval (P) Ward-3 Arisana Theru , 2.Kattu Naval (R.V) Kattu Naval (P) Ward-2 ThulakkamPatti
127PUMS EAST PART ,Mattangal 613301 1.Mattankal (R.V) Mattankal (P) Ward-1 Kudiyana Theru , 2.Mattankal (R.V) Mattankal (P) Ward-2 Rottu Theru , 3.Mattankal (R.V) Mattankal (P) Ward-3 Ambalakara Theru , 4.Mattankal (R.V) Mattankal (P) Ward-3 Arisana Theru
128PUMS Weaster wing, ,Mattangal 613301 1.Mattankal (R.V) Mattankal (P) Ward-4 Arijana Theru
129PUMS, New Terraced Building, ,Veeradipatti 613301 1.Veeradipatti (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Theru , 2.Veeradipatti (P) Ward-1 Keela theru , 3.Veeradipatti (P) Ward-1 Nadu Theru , 4.Veeradipatti (P) Ward-1 Meela Theru , 5.Veeradipatti (P) Ward-2 Therkku Theru , 6.Veeradipatti (P) Ward-2 Vadakku 2nd Theru , 7.Veeradipatti (R.V) Veeradipatti (P) Ward-2 Maruthuva Theru , 8.Veeradipatti (R.V) Veeradipatti (P) Ward-2 Athi Dravidar Theru , 9.Veeradipatti (R.V) Veeradipatti (P) Ward-2 Athi Dravidar Colony
130PUMS ,Pallavarayanpatti 613301 1.Veeradipatti (R.V) Pallavarayanpatti (P) Ward-1 Kallar Theru , 2.Veeradipatti (R.V) Pallavarayanpatti (P) Ward-1 Meelakathirikadu , 3.Veeradipatti (R.V) Pallavarayanpatti (P) Ward-1 Keela kathirikadu , 4.Veeradipatti (R.V) Pallavarayanpatti (P) Ward-2 Harija Theru , 5.Veeradipatti (R.V) Pallavarayanpatti (P) Ward-2 Konar Theru
131PUES ,Savier Kudikadu 614902 1.Seviyar kudikadu (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-1 vadakku Theru,Nadu theru , 2.Seviyar kudikadu (R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-1 Athi Dravidar theru
132GHS, Old Building, ,KulathurNaickerpatti 614902 1.Kulathur ( R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-3 Vadakku Theru, Nadu Theru , 2.Kulathur ( R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-3 Therukku Theru, Meela Theru , 3.Kulathur ( R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-3 Arisana Theru , 4.Kulathur ( R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-3 Sool Adaikkan Thoppu
133PUES New Building, ,Kulathur Naickerpatti 614902 1.Kulathur ( R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-4 Kovilpatti , 2.Kulathur ( R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-4 Ulavayal Meela Theru , 3.Kulathur ( R.V) Kulathur (P) Ward-3 AThagaraipatti
134PUMS New Terraced Building, Western Side, Facing South ,Nadupatti 614902 1.Nadupatti (R.V) Nadupatti (P) Ward-1 Nadupatti therukku theru , 2.Nadupatti (R.V) Nadupatti (P) Ward-1 Nadupatti Meela Theru , 3.Nadupatti (R.V) Nadupatti (P) Ward-1 Nadupatti Nadu Theru , 4.Nadupatti (R.V) Nadupatti (P) Ward-2 Nadupatti Nadu theru
135PUMS New Terraced Building, Eastern Side, Facing South ,Nadupatti 614902 1.Nadupatti (R.V) Nadupatti (P) Ward-2 Nadupatti Vadakku Colony , 2.Nadupatti (R.V) Nadupatti (P) Ward-2 Nadupatti Vannara Theru , 3.Nadupatti (R.V) Nadupatti (P) Ward-2 Nadupatti Therukku Colony , 4.Nadupatti (R.V) Nadupatti (P) Ward-3 ParukkaiViduthi Keela Theru , 5.Nadupatti (R.V) Nadupatti (P) Ward-3 Parukkaividuthi Vadakku theru , 6.Nadupatti (R.V) Nadupatti (P) Ward-3 ParukkaiViduthi therukku Theru , 7.Nadupatti (R.V) Nadupatti (P) Ward-3 Parukkaividuthi Meela Theru
136PUES ,Namburanpatti 613301 1.Nampuranpatti ( R.V) Nampuranpatti (P) Ward-1 Athi Dravida Theru , 2.Nampuranpatti ( R.V) Nampuranpatti (P) Ward-1 Kallar Theru , 3.Nampuranpatti ( R.V) Nampuranpatti (P) Ward-2 Andiyapatti , 4.Nampuranpatti ( R.V) Nampuranpatti (P) Ward-2 Chinnakulam , 5.Nampuranpatti ( R.V) Nampuranpatti (P) Ward-2 Vattakulapatti Muslim Theru , 6.Nampuranpatti ( R.V) Nampuranpatti (P) Ward-1 Vattakulapatti Ambalakara Theru
137PUMS Old Building, ,Mohanoor 613301 1.Periyakottai (R.V) Periyakottai (P) Ward-1 Keela Theru,Sivankovil Theru,Kallar Theru , 2.Periyakottai (R.V) Periyakottai (P) Ward-1 Meela Theru,Mettu Theru,Ambalakara Theru , 3.Periyakottai (R.V) Periyakottai (P) Ward-1 Moganur Athi Dravidar Theru , 4.Periyakottai (R.V) Periyakottai (P) Ward-1 Athi Dravida Colony
138PUMS Terraced Building ,Periyakottai 613301 1.Periyakottai (P) Ward-2 Kallar Theru,Konar Theru,Ambalakara Theru,Navitha Theru , 2.Periyakottai (R.V) Periyakottai (P) Ward-3 periyakottai Athi Dravidar Theru , 3.Periyakottai (R.V) Periyakottai (P) Ward-3 Othaveedu , 4.Periyakottai (R.V) Periyakottai (P) Ward-4 Kunju Theru
139PUMS New Terraced Building, ,Kothagapatti - 613301 1.Periyakottai (R.V) Periyakottai (P) Ward-4 Navakollaipatti , 2.Periyakottai (R.V) Periyakottai (P) Ward-4 Kothapatti Konar Theru,Kallar Theru , 3.Periyakottai (R.V) Periyakottai (P) Ward-4 Kotthagapatti Athi Dravidar Theru
140PUMS EASTERN SIDE ,Vembanpatti 613301 1.Pudupatti ( R.V) Pudupatti (P) Ward-1 Pudupatti , 2.Pudupatti ( R.V) Pudupatti (P) Ward-1 Vembanpatti
141PUMS, Western Side ,Vembanpatti 613301 1.Pudupatti ( R.V) Pudupatti (P) Ward-2 Malligai Nattham , 2.Pudupatti ( R.V) Pudupatti (P) Ward-2 Sivanthan Patti
142PUMS, Eastern Portion,, ,Sundampatti 613301 1.sundampatti (R.I) sundampatti (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Theru , 2.sundampatti (R.I) sundampatti (P) Ward-1 Athi Dravidar theru
143PUMS, Eastern Portion, ,Sundampatti 613301 1.sundampatti (R.I) sundampatti (P) Ward-4 Rajapatti , 2.sundampatti (R.I) sundampatti (P) Ward-4 Pudupatti , 3.sundampatti (R.I) sundampatti (P) Ward-4 Perichivanniyampatti
144PUMS Western Side, ,Sundampatti 613301 1.Sundampatti ( R.I) Sundampatti (P) Ward-2 Nadu Theru , 2.Sundampatti ( R.I) Sundampatti (P) Ward-2 Athi Dravidar Theru , 3.Sundampatti ( R.I) Sundampatti (P) Ward-3 Kollampatti
145PUMS Western Side, ,Sundampatti 613301 1.Sundampatti ( R.I) Sundampatti (P) Ward-3 Marungoorani , 2.Sundampatti ( R.I) Sundampatti (P) Ward-2 Vabbiyampatti
146PUES Northern wing ,Neppugai 613301 1.Neppugai (R.V) Neppugai (P) Ward-1 Neppugai Kudiyana Theru , 2.Neppugai (R.V) Neppugai (P) Ward-2 Neppugai Harija Theru
147PUES Southern wing, ,Neppugai 613301 1.Neppugai (R.V) Neppugai (P) Ward-1 Mulligapatti , 2.Neppugai (R.V) Neppugai (P) Ward-1 Asari Theru , 3.Neppugai (R.V) Neppugai (P) Ward-2 Uriyampatti , 4.Neppugai (R.V) Neppugai (P) Ward-3 Mettu Theeu , 5.Neppugai (R.V) Neppugai (P) Ward-3 othaveedu
148PUMS East part, ,Sangamviduthi 613301 1.Sangamviduthi (R.V) Sangamviduthi (P) Ward-1 Kuruvandan Theru,Harija Theru , 2.Sangamviduthi (R.V) Sangamviduthi (P) Ward-1 Kuruvandan Theru Kallar Theru , 3.Sangamviduthi (R.V) Sangamviduthi (P) Ward-1 Sangam Viduthi Keela Theru , 4.Sangamviduthi (R.V) Sangamviduthi (P) Ward-1 Sangam Viduthi Harijana Theru , 5.Sangamviduthi (R.V) Sangamviduthi (P) sangam Viduthi Meela Theru , 6.Sangamviduthi (R.V) Sangamviduthi (P) Sangam Viduthi Markaran Pettai , 7.Sangamviduthi (R.V) Sangamviduthi (P) Sangam Viduthi Posari Theri
149PUMS West part, ,Sangamviduthi 613301 1.Sangam Viduthi (R.V) Sangam Viduthi (P) Ward-1 Karaiyapatti Vadakku Kallar Theru , 2.Sangam Viduthi (R.V) Sangam Viduthi (P) Ward-1 KaraiyaViduthi Posari theru , 3.Sangam Viduthi (R.V) Sangam Viduthi (P) Ward-1 Karaiyaviduthi Harijan Theru , 4.Sangam Viduthi (R.V) Sangam Viduthi (P) Ward-1 Therukku Theru Karaiya Viduthi , 5.Sangam Viduthi (R.V) Sangam Viduthi (P) Ward-2 Sokam Pettai Pallar Theru , 6.Sangam Viduthi (R.V) Sangam Viduthi (P) Ward-2 Sokkam Pettai Vadukku Theru , 7.Sangam Viduthi (R.V) Sangam Viduthi (P) Ward-2 Sokkam Petti Harijana Theru , 8.Sangam Viduthi (R.V) Sangam Viduthi (P) Ward-2 Kaliyaran Theru , 9.Sangam Viduthi (R.V) Sangam Viduthi (P) Ward-2 Vellala Theru , 10.Sangam Viduthi (R.V) Sangam Viduthi (P) Ward-2 Madaipatti , 11.Sangam Viduthi (R.V) Sangam Viduthi (P) Ward-2 Vellipatti
150PUES ,Manjam patti 613301 1.Andanur( R.V) Andanur (P) Ward-1 Keelakku Theeu , 2.Andanur( R.V) Andanur (P) Ward-1 Therkku Theru , 3.Andanur( R.V) Andanur (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Theru , 4.Andanur( R.V) Andanur (P) Ward-1 Kumanankollai , 5.Andanur( R.V) Andanur (P) Ward-1 Vengidakonpatti3
151PUMS ,Andanur 613301 1.Andanur (R.V) Andanur (P) Ward-2 Andanivayal , 2.Andanur (R.V) Andanur (P) Ward-2 Athi Dravidar Colony , 3.Andanur (R.V) Andanur (P) Ward-2 Yathavar Theru , 4.Andanur (R.V) Andanur (P) Ward-2 Andanur Kallar Theru , 5.Andanur (R.V) Andanur (P) Ward-2 Veladipatti , 6.Andanur (R.V) Andanur (P) Ward-2 Periyamadai Kollai , 7.Andanur (R.V) Andanur (P) Ward-2 Veeladipatti KadaiVeethi
152PUMS Eastern wing, ,Vellalaviduthi 613301 1.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Ambalakara Theru Vadakku , 2.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Ambalakaraq Theru Therkku , 3.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Muslim Theru , 4.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Asari Theru , 5.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Vannan Theru , 6.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Ravuthar Theru , 7.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Theru , 8.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Nada Theru , 9.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Kovil theru , 10.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Nadu Theru , 11.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Pillayar kovil Theru , 12.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Therkku Theru , 13.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Velar Theru , 14.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Pallo koda Theru , 15.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Post Office Theru , 16.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Athi Dravidar Theru , 17.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalavidut
153PUMS West part, ,Vellalaviduthy 613301 1.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Valachesipatti Nadu Theru , 2.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Valacheripatti Mela theru-1 , 3.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Valacheripati Merkku Theru-2 , 4.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Valacheripatti therkku Theru-1 , 5.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Valacheripatti Therkku Theru , 6.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Valacheripatti Keelatheru Vadakku , 7.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Mangala kovil kudithangipatti , 8.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Mangala kovil Nadu Theru , 9.Vellalaviduthi ( R.V) Vellalaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Mangalakovil Vadakku Theru
154PUMS ,Athankaraividuthi 622301 1.Athankarai Viduthi (R.V) Athankarai Viduthi (P) Ward-1 therkkupatti , 2.Athankarai Viduthi (R.V) Athankarai Viduthi (P) Ward-1 Athankaraividuthi
155PUMS South Side Terrace Building ,Athankaraividuthi 622301 1.Athankarai Viduthi (R.V) Athankarai Viduthi (P) Ward-1 Adi Dravidar Theru ,Colony , 2.Athankarai Viduthi (R.V) Athankarai Viduthi (P) Ward-2 Mela Vandan Viduthi , 3.Athankarai Viduthi (R.V) Athankarai Viduthi (P) Ward-2 Keela Vandan Vithui
156GHS, Old Building, ,Thuvar 622302 1.Thuvar ( R.V) Thuvar (P) Ward-1 Pethari patti , 2.Thuvar ( R.V) Thuvar (P) Ward- 1 Petharipatti Yathavar Theru , 3.Thuvar ( R.V) Thuvar (P) Ward-1 Kallupatti , 4.Thuvar ( R.V) Thuvar (P) Ward-1 Athi Dravida Theru
157GHS, New Building, ,Thuvar 622302 1.Thuvar ( R.V) Thuvar (P) Ward-2 Keelappatti , 2.Thuvar ( R.V) Thuvar (P) Ward- 2 Pulakadaipatti , 3.Thuvar ( R.V) Thuvar (P) Ward-2 Andikulappam Patti , 4.Thuvar ( R.V) Thuvar (P) Ward-2 Kulavaipatti
158PUMS ,Kendayampatti 622302 1.Thuvar ( R.V) Thuvar (P) Ward-3 Kendaiyanpatti
159PUES, New Building, South Side ,Therku Vandanviduthi 622301 1.Athankarai Viduthi (R.V) Athankarai Viduthi (P) Ward-3 Maranvanpatti , 2.Athankarai Viduthi (R.V) Athankarai Viduthi (P) Ward-3 Therkku Vandan Viudhi , 3.Athankarai Viduthi (R.V) Athankarai Viduthi (P) Ward-Therkkupatti
160PUES Eastern wing, ,Kannugudipatti 622301 1 1.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-5 Chadirapatti , 2.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-5 Kandiyan Theru , 3.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-5 Idaiyan Kollaipatti , 4.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-5 Andan Theru , 5.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-5 Kannukudipatti
161PUES, Northern Side ,Kallakottai 622302 1.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-1 Kallar Theru , 2.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-1 Devar Theru , 3.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-1 Muslim Theru , 4.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-1 Mottaivan Theru
162PUES, Old building ,Kallakottai 622302 1.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-2 Arijana theru,Colony , 2.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-2 Puduvayal,Maruthuvar Theru
163PUES, Terraced Last Building, North Side ,Kallakottai 622302 1.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Kallakottai (P) Panthuvakottai Athi Dravida Theru , 2.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-4 Panthuvakottai Vadakku , 3.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-4 Panthuvakottai Therkku
164PUES, Terraced Last Building, North Side ,Kallakottai 622302 1.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-3 Poikara Theru , 2.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-3 Vamadai kollai , 3.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-3 KUyavar Theru , 4.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-4 Mailonkonpatti , 5.Kallakottai (R.V) Kallakottai (P) Ward-3 Vempadi Theru
165PUES (TERRACED BUILDING) ,Maruthankonviduthy 622302 1.Maruthankonviduthi(R.V), Maruthankonviduthi(P) Ward-1 Adidiravidar Colony , 2.Maruthankonviduthi(R.V), Maruthankonviduthi(P) Ward-1 Adidiravidar Colony , 3.Maruthankonviduthi(R.V), Maruthankonviduthi(P) Ward-1 Kallar Theru , 4.Maruthankonviduthi(R.V), Maruthankonviduthi(P) Ward-1 Harijana Theru Merkku , 5.Maruthankonviduthi(R.V), Maruthankonviduthi(P) Ward-2 Musilm Theru , 6.Maruthankonviduthi(R.V), Maruthankonviduthi(P) Ward-1 Harijana Theru Kilakku , 7.Maruthankonviduthi(R.V), Maruthankonviduthi(P) Ward-2 Nayakkar Theru , 8.Maruthankonviduthi(R.V), Maruthankonviduthi(P) Ward-2 Vilaripatti Vadakku Theru , 9.Maruthankonviduthi(R.V), Maruthankonviduthi(P) Ward-2 Vilaripatti Nadu Theru , 10.Maruthankonviduthi(R.V), Maruthankonviduthi(P) Ward- 2 Vilaripatti Therkku Theru
166LIBRARY, Terraced Building, Facing South ,Vandanviduthy 622302 1.Vandanviduthi (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Muthanviduthi Merkku , 2.Vandanviduthi (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Muthanviduthi Kilakku , 3.Vandanviduthi (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Vandanviduthi Vadakku Theru , 4.Vandanviduthi (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Vandanviduthi Harijana Theru , 5.Vandanviduthi (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Kuttari Theru
167PUES Terraced Building,Facing West ,Vandanviduthy 622302 1.Vandanviduthi (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Vandanviduthi Nadu Theru , 2.Vandanviduthi (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Vandanviduthi Therukku Theru , 3.Vandanviduthi (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-2 Puthu Theru , 4.Vandanviduthi (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-2 Suriyanviduthi Therkku Theru , 5.Vandanviduthi (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-2 Suriyanviduthi Vadakku Theru , 6.Vandanviduthi (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward- 2 Othaveedu
168PUES (MAIN TILED BUILDING) FACING SOUTH ,Regunathapuram 622302 1.Regunathapuram (R.V), Regunathapuram (P) Ward-1 Matha Kovil , 2.Regunathapuram (R.V), Regunathapuram (P) Ward-1 Regunathapuram Nadu Theru , 3.Regunathapuram (R.V), Regunathapuram (P) Ward-1 Regunathapuram Road Theru , 4.Regunathapuram (R.V), Regunathapuram (P) Ward-1 Regunathapuram Vadakku , 5.Regunathapuram (R.V), Regunathapuram (P) Ward-1 Regunathapuram Therkku
169PUES TERRECED BUILDING FACING SOUTH ,Regunathapuram 622302 1.Regunathapuram (R.V), Regunathapuram (P) Ward-1 Regunathapuram Kilakku , 2.Regunathapuram (R.V), Regunathapuram (P) Ward-1 Regunathapuram Merkku , 3.Regunathapuram (R.V), Regunathapuram (P) Ward-2 Kalliadippati , 4.Regunathapuram (R.V), Regunathapuram (P) ward-2 Regunathapuram Colony , 5.Regunathapuram (R.V), Regunathapuram (P) Ward-2 Regunathapuram Vadakku Harijana Colony , 6.Regunathapuram (R.V), Regunathapuram (P) Ward-2 Regunathapuram Kilakku Harijana Colony , 7.Regunathapuram (R.V), Regunathapuram (P) Ward-2 Kalarippatti
170PUMS (TERRACEDBUILDING) ,Thattamanaippatti 622302 1.Thattamanaippatti (R.V), Keerathur (P) Ward-1 Nayudu Theru , 2.Thattamanaippatti (R.V), Keerathur (P) Ward-1 Ambalakara Theru Kilakku , 3.Thattamanaippatti (R.V), Keerathur (P) Ward-1 Ambalakara Theru Merkku , 4.Thattamanaippatti (R.V), Keerathur (P) Ward-1 Adidiravidar Colony
171PUES (TILED BUILDING) ,Keerathur 622302 1.Keerathur (R.V), Keerathur (P) Ward-2 Ulvayal , 2.Keerathur (R.V), Keerathur (P) Ward-2 Keerathur Vadakku , 3.Keerathur (R.V), Keerathur (P) Ward-2 Keerathur Kilakku , 4.Keerathur (R.V), Keerathur (P) Ward-2 Keerathur Nadutheru , 5.Keerathur (R.V), Keerathur (P) Ward-2 Adidiravidar Colony , 6.Keerathur (R.V), Keerathur (P) Ward-2 Mela Theru , 7.Keerathur (R.V), Keerathur (P) Ward-2 Nayidu Theru , 8.Keerathur (R.V), Keerathur (P) Ward-2 Therkku Theru
172PUES, Tiled Building ,Kilangadu 622302 1.Kilankadu (R.V), Kilankadu Muthalipatti (P) Ward-1 Mutthanapatti Kallar Theru , 2.Kilankadu (R.V), Kilankadu Muthalipatti (P) Ward-1 Mutthanapatti , 3.Kilankadu (R.V), Kilankadu Muthalipatti (P) Ward-1 Mutthanapatti Merkku , 4.Kilankadu (R.V), Kilankadu Muthalipatti (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Keelatheru , 5.Kilankadu (R.V), Kilankadu Muthalipatti (P) Ward-1 Therkku Keelatheru , 6.Kilankadu (R.V), Kilankadu Muthalipatti (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Nadu theru , 7.Kilankadu (R.V), Kilankadu Muthalipatti (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Melatheru , 8.Kilankadu (R.V), Kilankadu Muthalipatti (P) Ward-1 Therkku Theru , 9.Kilankadu (R.V), Kilankadu Muthalipatti (P) Ward-1 Attrukarai Merkku , 10.Kilankadu (R.V), Kilankadu Muthalipatti (P) Ward-1 Harijana Theru
173PUMS ,Muthalippatti 614902 1.Muthalipatti (R.V), Kilankadu Muthalipatti (P) Ward-2 Muthalipatti Vadakku , 2.Muthalipatti (R.V), Kilankadu Muthalipatti (P) Ward02 Muthalipatti Therkku
174PUES, Terraced Building, North Side, East facing ,Sengamedu 622302 1.Sengamedu (R.V), Sengamedu (P) Ward-1 Vatthanappatti , 2.Sengamedu (R.V), Sengamedu (P) Ward-1Kannu thoppu , 3.Sengamedu (R.V), Sengamedu (P) Ward-1 Innanviduthi , 4.Sengamedu (R.V), Sengamedu (P) Ward-1 Sengamedu , 5.Sengamedu (R.V), Sengamedu (P) Ward-2 manamedai
175PUMS (NORTH BUILDING) ,Pathuthakku 622302 1.Sengamedu (R.V.), Sengamedu (P) Ward-2 Konar Theru , 2.Sengamedu (R.V.), Sengamedu (P) Ward-2 Keela Theru , 3.Sengamedu (R.V.), Sengamedu (P) Ward-2 Veeradipatti , 4.Sengamedu (R.V.), Sengamedu (P) Ward-2 Patthuthakku , 5.Thiruppakoil (R.V), Sengamedu (P) Ward-2 ThiruppaKoil
176PUMS Terraced Building, Middle Portion West Facing ,Pappapatti 622302 1.Pappapatti (R.V), Pappapatti (P) Ward-1Pappapatti Vadakku , 2.Pappapatti (R.V), Pappapatti (P) Ward-1 Pappapatti Therkku , 3.Pappapatti (R.V), Pappapatti (P) Ward-1Pappapatti Ayyanarpuram , 4.Pappapatti (R.V), Pappapatti (P) Ward-1 Pappapatti Pudunagar , 5.Pappapatti (R.V), Pappapatti (P) Ward-1 Pappapatti Vaduvakkan Theru
177PUMS ,Pudukkottaividuthy 622302 1.Kallumadai (R.V), Pappapatti (P) Ward-2 Arithodipatti , 2.Kallumadai (R.V), Pappapatti (P) Ward-2 Kallumadai Vadakku , 3.Kallumadai (R.V), Pappapatti (P) Ward-2 Kallumadai , 4.Pappapatti (R.V), Pappapatti (P) Ward-2 Nadinipatti , 5.Pappapatti (R.V), Pappapatti (P) Ward-3 Pudukkottaividuthi , 6.Pappapatti (R.V), Pappapatti (P) Ward-3 Adi Dravidar Colony , 7.Pappapatti (R.V), Pappapatti (P) Ward-3 Kadampatti
178PUES, Terraced Building, ,Puduviduthy 622302 1.Puduviduthi (R.V), Puduviduthi (P) Ward-1 kalliyadipatti , 2.Puduviduthi (R.V), Puduviduthi (P) Ward-1 puduviduthi Udaiyar Theru , 3.Puduviduthi (R.V), Puduviduthi (P) Ward-1 puduviduthi Vadakku , 4.Puduviduthi (R.V), Puduviduthi (P) Ward-1 puduviduthi Nadu Theru
179PUES, Terraced Building, ,Puduviduthy 622302 1.Puduviduthi (R.V), Puduviduthi (P) Ward-1 puduviduthi Mela Theru , 2.Puduviduthi (R.V), Puduviduthi (P) Ward-1 Puduviduthi Kadai Theru , 3.Puduviduthi (R.V), Puduviduthi (P) Ward-1 Puduviduthi Therkku , 4.Puduviduthi (R.V), Puduviduthi (P) Ward-1 Puduviduthi Kilakku , 5.Puduviduthi (R.V), Puduviduthi (P) Ward-1 Puduviduthi Adidiravidar Theru
180PUMS, Tiled Building, ,Irungulanviduthi, (Odappaviduthy) 614614 Odappaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Irugulanviduthi Konar Theru , 2.Odappaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Irugulanviduthi , 3.Odappaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Manamedai Colony , 4.Odappaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Irugulanviduthi Adidravidar Theru , 5.Odappaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Azhaganviduthi Adidravidar Theru Merkku , 6.Odappaviduthi (P) Ward- 2 Azhaganviduthi Adidravidar Colony Kilakku , 7.Odappaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Azhaganviduthi , 8.Odappaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Thiruppakoil , 9.Odappaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Odappaviduthi , 10.Odappaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Odappaviduthi Adidravidar Theru , 11.Odappaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Illuppaviduthi
181PUMS Terraced Building ,Chinnankonnviduthi 622302 1.Odappaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Kadalathipatti , 2.Odappaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Vellathankollai , 3.Odappaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Puduchery , 4.Odappaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Chinnankonviduthy , 5.Odappaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Chinnankonviduthy Colony
182PUES Tiled Building Facing South ,Peyadippatti 622302 Peyadippatti (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-3 Peyadipatti Vadakku , 2.Peyadippatti (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-3 Peyadipatti Therkku , 3.Peyadippatti (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-3 Anganviduthi Merkku , 4.Peyadippatti (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-3 Anganviduthi Therkku , 5.Peyadippatti (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-3 Anganviduthi Vadakku , 6.Peyadippatti (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-3 Sevidanviduthi Vadakku , 7.Peyadippatti (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-3 Sevidanviduthi Therkku , 8.Peyadippatti (R.V), Vandanviduthi (P) Ward-3 Mazhavaranpatti
183PUES (TERRACED BUILDING) ,Panduvakkottai 622302 1.Panthuvakkottai (R.V), Panthuvakkottai (P) Ward-1 K.K.Patti Koil Theru Vadakku , 2.Panthuvakkottai (R.V), Panthuvakkottai (P) Ward-1 K.K.Patti Koil Theru Therkku , 3.Panthuvakkottai (R.V), Panthuvakkottai (P) Ward-1 K.K.Patti Therkku Theru , 4.Panthuvakkottai (R.V), Panthuvakkottai (P) Ward-1 K.K.Patti Vadakku Theru , 5.Panthuvakkottai (R.V), Panthuvakkottai (P) Ward-2 Panthuvakkottai Therkku Theru , 6.Panthuvakkottai (R.V), Panthuvakkottai (P) ward-2 Panthuvakkottai Poosari Theru Kilakku , 7.Panthuvakkottai (R.V), Panthuvakkottai (P) Ward-2 Panthuvakkottai Poosari Theru Merkku , 8.Panthuvakkottai (R.V), Panthuvakkottai (P) ward-2 Panthuvakkottai Nadutheru , 9.Panthuvakkottai (R.V), Panthuvakkottai (P) Ward-2 Panthuvakkottai Vadakku , 10.Panthuvakkottai (R.V), Panthuvakkottai (P) Ward-2 Pallikkooda theru
184PUMS Terraced Building ,Karambaviduthy 622302 1.Karambaviduthi (R.V), Karambaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Karaithopu , 2.Karambaviduthi (R.V), Karambaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Pilluvettividuthi Vadakku , 3.Karambaviduthi (R.V), Karambaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Pilluvettividuthi Therkku , 4.Karambaviduthi (R.V), Karambaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Vilaripatti , 5.Karambaviduthi (R.V), Karambaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Navakollaipatti , 6.Karambaviduthi (R.V), Karambaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Karambaviduthi Kilakku , 7.Karambaviduthi (R.V), Karambaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Karambaviduthi Adidravidar Colony , 8.Karambaviduthi (R.V), Karambaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Kallar Theru Kilakku, Karambaviduthi , 9.Karambaviduthi (R.V), Karambaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Kallar Theru Merkku, Karambaviduthi , 10.Karambaviduthi (R.V), Karambaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Karambaviduthi Adidravidar Colony
185PUES Tiled Building ,Sokkampettai 622302 1.Karambaviduthi (R.V), Karambaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Chokkampettai Dever Theru Kilakku , 2.Karambaviduthi (R.V), Karambaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Chokkampettai Poosari Theru , 3.Karambaviduthi (R.V), Karambaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Chokkampettai Devar Theru Merkku , 4.Karambaviduthi (R.V), Karambaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Chokkampettai Adidravidar colony
186PUMS ,Mailankonpatti 622302 1.Mailankonpatti (R.V), Mailankonpatti (P) Ward-1 Harijana Theru Vadakku , 2.Mailankonpatti (R.V), Mailankonpatti (P) Ward-1 Ayer Theru Vadakku , 3.Mailankonpatti (R.V), Mailankonpatti (P) Ward-1 Pandara Theru , 4.Mailankonpatti (R.V), Mailankonpatti (P) Ward-1 Harijana Theru , 5.Mailankonpatti (R.V), Mailankonpatti (P) Ward-1 Velar Theru , 6.Mailankonpatti (R.V), Mailankonpatti (P) Ward-1 Ayer Theru
187PUES Terraced Building Facing East North Portion ,Ambukovil 622302 1.AambuKovil (R.V), AambuKovil (P) Ward-1 Valakuttaiyan Theru , 2.AambuKovil (R.V), AambuKovil (P) Ward-1 Soratthan Theru , 3.AambuKovil (R.V), AambuKovil (P) Ward-1 Velar Theru , 4.AambuKovil (R.V), AambuKovil (P) Ward- 1 Kandiyanpatti , 5.AambuKovil (R.V), AambuKovil (P) Ward-2 Eagali Theru
188PUMS,South Terraced Building, ,Ambukovil 622302 1.AambuKovil (R.V), AambuKovil (P) Ward-2 Pitchar Theru , 2.AambuKovil (R.V), AambuKovil (P) Ward-2 Idaiyankollaipatti , 3.AambuKovil (R.V), AambuKovil (P) Ward-2 K.R.Colony , 4.AambuKovil (R.V), AambuKovil (P) Ward-2 Ambukovil , 5.AambuKovil (R.V), AambuKovil (P) Ward-2 Rakkan Theru , 6.AambuKovil (R.V), AambuKovil (P) Ward-2 Kondaiyan Theru
189PUMS Tiled Building Facing South ,Sevvaippatti (Pilaviduthy) 622302 1.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Sevvaipatti , 2.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-1 Pattammal Viduthi , 3.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-4 Poosari Theru , 4.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-4 Ammanipattu Kilakku Merkku , 5.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-4 Ammanipattu Adidravidar Merkku Theru , 6.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-4 Adidiravidar Kilakku Theru , 7.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-4 Kondaiyan Theru , 8.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-4 Kootthampatti
190PUMS South East Terraced Building ,Pilaviduthy 622302 2 1.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Vellalakollai , 2.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Vellalakollai Colony , 3.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Pilaviduthi Keela thoppu , 4.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Andan Theru Colony , 5.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Pilaviduthi Chettiyar Theru , 6.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Andal Theru , 7.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Pilaviduthi Vadakku , 8.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-2 Sanchadi Theru
191PUMS Nort East Terraced Building West Facing ,Theethanviduthi 622302 1.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Karumari Theru , 2.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Pilaviduthi Therkku Theru , 3.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Vankan Theru Adi Dravidar Colony , 4.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Pilaviduthi Merkku Theru , 5.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-3 malavarayar Theru , 6.Pilaviduthi (R.V), Pilaviduthi (P) Ward-3 Maniyavayal
192PUES Terraced Building West Facing ,Thattavurani 622302 1.Theethanviduthi (R.V), Theethanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Ambalakara Theru , 2.Theethanviduthi (R.V), Theethanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Kallar Theru Vellalar Theru , 3.Theethanviduthi (R.V), Theethanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Harijana Theru , 4.Theethanviduthi (R.V), Theethanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Sukkiranviduthi Harijana Theru , 5.Theethanviduthi (R.V), Theethanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Sukkiranviduthi Kallar Theru Vellalar Theru
193PUES Terraced Building West Facing ,Theethanviudhty 622302 1.Theethanviduthi (R.V), Theethanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Narangipatti , 2.Theethanviduthi (R.V), Theethanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Thattaoorani Kilakku , 3.Theethanviduthi (R.V), Theethanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Thattaoorani Merkku , 4.Theethanviduthi (R.V), Theethanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Sukkiranviduthi Ambalakarar Theru
194PUES (TERRACED BUILDING) ,Ooranipuram (Theethanviduthy) 622302 1.Theethanviduthi (R.V), Theethanviduthi (P) Ward-2 Ooranipuram Therkku , 2.Theethanviduthi (R.V), Theethanviduthi (P) Ward-2 Ooranipuram Vadakku , 3.Theethanviduthi (R.V), Theethanviduthi (P) Ward-2 Chinna theethanviduthi Vadakku , 4.Theethanviduthi (R.V), Theethanviduthi (P) Ward-2 Chinna theethanviduthi Therkku
195PUMS South Facing Terraced Building ,Kulanthiranpattu 1.Kulanthiranpattu (R.V) AND (P) Ambalakara Street Ward-1 , 2.Kulanthiranpattu (R.V) AND (P) Wast A.D.Colony Ward-1 , 3.Kulanthiranpattu (R.V) AND (P) East A.D.Colony Ward-2 , 4.Kulanthiranpattu (R.V) AND (P) Kulanthiranpattu Ward-1 , 5.Kulanthiranpattu (R.V) AND (P) Narankiyapattu Kallar Street Ward-1 , 6.Kulanthiranpattu (R.V) AND (P) Vairavan Street Ward-1 , 7.Kulanthiranpattu (R.V) AND (P) Narankipattu Ambalakara Street Ward-1 , 8.Kulanthiranpattu (R.V) AND (P) Narankiyapattu Valar Street Ward-1
196PUMS Southern East Facing Terraced Building ,Kulanthiranpattu 1.Kulanthiranpattu (R.V) AND (P) Pillakkuruchi Wd -2 , 2.Kulanthiranpattu (R.V) AND (P) Kamatchi Street Ward-2 , 3.Kulanthiranpattu (R.V) AND (P) Sivaveduthi Ward-2 , 4.Kulanthiranpattu (R.V) AND (P) Ballathanmanai Ward-2 , 5.Kulanthiranpattu (R.V) AND (P) Kulanthiranpattu Nagali Street Ward-2 , 6.Kulanthiranpattu (R.V) AND (P) Kalanchikadu Ward-2 , 7.Kulanthiranpattu (R.V) AND (P) Kaittuvanpirai Ward-2
197PUMS North Facing Terraced Building ,Rankiyan Viduthi 614614 1.Rankiyan Viduthi (R.V) AND (P) Sivaveduthi Ward-2 , 2.Rankiyan Viduthi (R.V) AND (P) Adithiravidar Street Ward-2 , 3.Rankiyan Viduthi (R.V) AND (P) Edai Street -wd1 , 4.Rankiyan Viduthi (R.V) AND (P) West street wd-1 , 5.Rankiyan viduthi (R.V) AND (P) Kalatchan kadu -wd1
198PUES TILED BUILDING FACING EAST, SOUTH SIDE ,Karambakudi 622302 1.Karambakudi (R.V), Karambakudi (SP) Ward-7 Thttaoorani , 2.Karambakudi (R.V), Karambakudi (SP) Ward-7 Narangiayappattu Boki Theru , 3.Karambakudi (R.V), Karambakudi (SP) Ward-9 Thattara Theru , 4.Karambakudi (R.V), Karambakudi (SP) Ward-8 Vannathi Santhu , 5.Karambakudi (R.V), Karambakudi (SP) Ward-9 Pallivasal Theru , 6.Karambakudi (R.V), Karambakudi (SP) Ward-8 Therkku Pudu Theru
199PUES TILED BUILDING FACING EAST NORTH PORTION ,Karambakudi 622302 1.Karambakudi (R.V), Karambakudi (SP) Ward-8 Sulaiman Nagar , 2.Karambakudi (R.V), Karambakudi (SP) Ward-8 Puliyan Solai
200PUMS Terraced Building North side, East portion South Facing ,Karambakudi 622302 1.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-13 Idatheru , 2.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-11 Keela Theru , 3.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-12 Nadiyan Theru , 4.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-12 Valankondan Theru
201PUMS Terraced Building Southern Side, East Portion, Nort Facing ,Karambakudi 622302 1.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-12 Vappi Theru , 2.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-12 Udaiyar Theru , 3.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-11 Therkku Harijana Theru , 4.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-11 Therkku Chetti Theru , 5.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-11 Arasu Melnilaippalli Theru
202TELC Elementary School Tiled Building North East Building West Portion South Facing ,Karambakudi 622302 1.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-15 Agrakaram Merkku , 2.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-15 Agrakaram Vadkku , 3.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-15 Agrakaram Therkku , 4.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-15 Pudukkottai Road
203PUES Terraced Building Facing East North Portion ,Anumarkoil Theru, Karambakudi 622302 1.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-5 Vadakku Puthu Theru , 2.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-5 Pallivasal Theru , 3.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-5 Vadakku theru , 4.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward- 5 Nadu Theru
204PUES (SOUTH WEST BUILDING) ,Karambakudi 622302 1.Karamabakudi (R.V) Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-4 Settitheru , 2.Karamabakudi (R.V) Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-6 Ambukoil Salai , 3.Karamabakudi (R.V) Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-7 Narangiyam Patti Kallar St. , 4.Karamabakudi (R.V) Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-7 Narangiyam pattu Setti St. , 5.Karamabakudi (R.V) Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-7 Narangiyam Pattu Vellar St. , 6.Karamabakudi (R.V) Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-7 Narangiyam Konar St
205PUES (NORTH EASTERN BUILDING) ,Karambakudi 622302 1.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-14 Ambukovil Theru , 2.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-14 Kulakkaran Theru , 3.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-14 Neiveli Road , 4.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-9 Periyakadaiveethi , 5.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-Thatara Theru
206NOON MEALS CENTER (ASBESTOS BUILDING) ,INDIRA NAGAR Karambakudi 622302 1.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-2 Kandiyan Theru , 2.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-3 Harijana Colony , 3.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-3 Indira Nagar , 4.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-3 Vadakku Theru
207Government Girls Higher Secondary School Terraced Building Facing North East Portion ,Karambakudi 622302 1.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-6 Vaniya Theru , 2.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-10 Ulkadai Veethi , 3.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-10 Santhaipetti (Tolgate) , 4.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-10 Katcheri Veethi
208TELC Elementary School Tiled North East Side middle portion south facing ,Karambakudi 622302 1.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-2 Malavarayan Theru , 2.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-10 Sevugan Theru , 3.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-13 Kacheri Veethi , 4.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-13 Kanakkar Theru
209T.E.L.C Elementary School, Tiled Building Nort East Side, East Portion South Facing ,Karambakudi 622302 1.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-1 Karamabakudi Mela Harijana Theru , 2.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-1 Thondaman Theru , 3.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-1 Sathan Theru , 4.Karamabakudi (R.V), Karamabakudi (SP) Ward-1 Sadaiyan Theru

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

Last Updated on: March 25, 2016