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List of Polling Booths in Bhavanisagar Assembly Constituency

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1P.U.M.S, Arulavadi-638461 ,Southfacing Building Right Side1.Arulavadi (R.V) Mallankuli (p)ward1 Arulawadi , 2.Arulavadi (R.V) Mallankuli (P)WARD1 Arulawadi Adhidravidar Colony West Street , 3.Arulavadi (R.V)MALLANKULI (P)WARD1 Arulawadi Adhidravidar Colony East Street
2P.U.M.S, Arulavadi-638461 ,Southfacing Building Left Side1.Arulavadi (R.V) Mallankuli (P)WARD2 Sothanpuram , 2.Arulavadi (R.V) Mallankuli (P)WARD1 Arulawadi Chetty Street
3 R0man catholic Aided Elementary School Soosaipuram -638461 ,North Facing Building (Left Side)1.Arulavadi (R.V) Mallankuli (p)ward2 Susaiya Puram , 2.Arulavadi (R.V) Mallankuli (P)WARD2 Sothanpuam , 3.Arulavavi (R.V) Mallankuli (P)WARD2 Oonganpuram , 4.Arulavadi (R.V) Mallankuli (P)WARD2 Gurubarahindi
4Roman Cactholic Aided Elementary School Soosaipuram - 638461 ,North Facing Building (Right Side1.Arulavadi (R.V) Mallankuli (P)WARD2 Beemaraj Nagar , 2.Arulavadi (R.V) Mallankuli (P)WARD2 Susaiyapuram West Street , 3.Arulavadi (R.V) Mallankuli (P)WARD2 Susaiyapuram East Street , 4.Arulavadi (R.V) Mallankuli (P)WARD2 Thottasallaikal
5P.U.E.S, Mettalvadi-638461 ,Nortfaced Building (Right Side)1.Arulavadi (R.V) Mallankuli (p)ward3 Mettalwadi Lingayathu Street , 2.Arulavadi (R.V) Mallankuli (P)WARD3 Mettalwadi Adhidravidar Colony West , 3.Arulavadi (R.V) Mallankuli (P)WARD3 Mettalwadi Adhidravidar Colony East , 4.Arulavadi (R.V) Mallankuli (P)WARD3 Mettalwadi Hosur
6P.U.E.S, Mettalvadi-638461 ,Northfaced Tiled Building (Left Side)1.Mallanguli and (P) Mallanguli Lingayat Street , 2.Mallankuli (R.V) and (P)WARD5 Mallankuli Kurumbar Street , 3.Mallankuli (R.V) and (P)WARD5 Mallankuli Adhidravidar Colony
7P.U.M.S, Thalavadi-638461 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building Right Side1.Thalavadi (R.V) and (p) Ward2 Thalawadi Kurumbar Street , 2.Thalavadi(R.V) and (P) Ward Boojaegoundanur Street , 3.Thalavadi (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Harijan Stree
8P.U.M.S, Thalavadi-638461 ,South facing Terraced Building West Side1.Thalavadi(R.V) and (P) Ward1 Muslim Street , 2.Thalavadi(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Thalamalai Road
9P.U.M.S, Thalavadi-638461 ,South Facing Terraced Building East Side1.Thalavadi(R.V) and (p) Ward1 Thalawadi Pudu Kurumbar Street , 2.Thalavadi(R.V) and (P) Ward1 Kurumbar Street , 3.Thalavadi (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Marati Street , 4.Thalavadi(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Lingayathu Street
10P.U.M.S, Thalavadi-638461 ,West Facing Terraced Building North Side1.Thalavadi(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Naicker Street , 2.Thalavadi (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Hosur Road , 3.Thalavadi (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Panchayath Union Road
11P.U.M.S, Thalavadi-638461 ,West facing Building Middle wing1.Thalavadi(R.V) and (p) Ward2 Muslim Street , 2.Thalavadi(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Lingayath Street , 3.Thalavadi(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Chettiyar Street , 4.Thalavadi (R.V) and (P) Ward1,2 Kurumbar Street , 5.Thalavadi (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Kuttai Street , 6.Thalavadi(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Kuyavar Street
12P.U.M.S, Thalavadi-638461 ,West facing Building South Side1.Thalavadi(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Bharathipuram , 2.Thalavadi (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Ramapuram , 3.Thalavadi(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Seshan Nagar
13P.U.E.S, Gumtapuram-638461 ,North Facing Building1.Thalavadi (R.V) and (p)ward 3 Harijan Colony Kumdapuram , 2.Thalavadi (R.V) and (P)WARD 3 Lingayath Street North
14P.U.E.S, Gumtapuram-638461 ,East Facing Terraced Building1.Thalavadi(R.V) and (P)WARD 3 Beereshwarar Koil Street , 2.Thalavadi(R.V) and (P)WARD 3 Lingayth Street South
15Roman CatholicAided.E.School,Thottagaja nur-638461 ,Northfacing Building Right Side1.Thottagajanoor (R.V) Thalavadi (p)ward 5 Thottakajanur , 2.Thoddakajanoor (R.V) Thalavadi (P)WARD5 Thotta Colony
16Roman CatholicAided.E.School,Thottagaja nur-638461 ,Northfacing Building Right Side1.Thoddakajanoor (R.V) Thalavadi (P)WARD 5 Chettiyar Street , 2.Thoddakajanoor (R.V) Thalavadi (P)WARD 5 Pudu Street , 3.Thoddakajanoor (R.V) Thalavadi (P) Ward 5 Anna Nagar
17Roman CatholicAided.E.School,Thottagaja nur-638461 ,North Facing Tiled Building Left SideThoddakajanoor (R.V) Thalavadi (p)ward5 Thottakajnur , 2.Hodakajanoor (R.V) Thalavadi (P)WARD5 Kovil Block
18Roman CatholicAided.E.School,Thottagaja nur-638461 ,North Facing Tiled Building Left SideThoddakajanoor (R.V) Thalavadi (P)WARD5 Thottathu Salaikal , 2.Thoddakajanoor (R.V) Thalavadi (P)WARD5 Dharmapuram
19P.U.E.S, Sikkakagajanur-638461 ,NorthFacedBuilding1.Chikkakajanoor (R.V) Thalavadi (p)ward4 Chikkahajanur , 2.Chikkakajanoor (R.V) Thalavadi (P)WARD4 Kurumbar Street , 3.Chikkakajanoor (R.V) Thalavadi (P) Ward 4 Pudu Street
20P.U.E.S,Maharajapuram-638461 ,Eastfacing Building Left Side1.Marur (R.V) Thalavadi (p)ward 5 Giripuram , 2.Marur (R.V) Thalavadi (P) Ward 5 Giripuram Harijan Colony1.Marur (R.V) Thalavadi (p)ward 5 Giripuram , 2.Marur (R.V) Thalavadi (P) Ward 5 Giripuram Harijan Colony
21P.U.E.S,Maharajapuram-638461 ,North Facing Terraced Building1.Marur (R.V) Thalavadi (P)WARD 3 Marur , 2.Marur (R.V) Thalavadi (P) Ward 3 Maharajanpuram , 3.Marur (R.V) Thalavadi (P) Ward 3 School Campus , 4.Marur (R.V) Thalavadi (P) Ward 3 Cucoon Colony
22P.U.E.S, Kermalam-638461 ,Eastfacing Building Right Side1.Thingalur (R.V) Kermalam (p)ward 1 Kermalam , 2.Thingalur (r.v) Kermalam (p)ward 1 Boothlapuram , 3.Thingalur (R.V) Kermalam (P) Ward 1 Thaluthi , 4.Thingalur Kermalam (P) Ward 1 Oruthi
23P.U.E.S, Kermalam-638461 ,South facing Building Left Side1.Thingalur Kermalam (P) Ward 1 Sikkunisepalayam , 2.Thingalur(R.V) Kermalam and (P) Ward 1 Johigoundanur , 3.Thingalur (R.V) Kermalam and (P) Ward 1 Kanakkarai , 4.Thingalur (R.V) Kermalam (P) Ward 1 J.R.S. Puram , 5.Thingalur (R.V) Kermalam (P) Ward 1 V.M. Thotti
24P.U.E.S,Kadupasuvanmalam- 638461 ,Westfacing Tiled Building Left Side1.Thingalur(R.V)and (p)ward 2 Kottamaalam
25P.U.E.S,Kadupasuvanmalam- 638461 ,West facing Tiled Building Right Side1.Thingalur(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Vaidiyanathapuram , 2.Thingalur (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Sikkunandhi , 3.Thingalur (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Pedarpalayam , 4.Thingalur (r.v) (p) Ward 1 Kadatti , 5.Thingalur (R.V) and (P)WARD1 Mandhaithotty
26P.U.E.S, Kadupasuvanmalam- 638461 ,South facing Terraced Building Left Side1.Thingalur (r.v) and (p) Ward 1 Kadupasuvanmalam , 2.Thingalur (R.V) and (P)WARD1 Neerkundi , 3.Thingalur (R.V) and (P)WARD1 Silumiththotty , 4.Thingalur (R.V) and (P)WARD 2 Sujilkarai , 5.Thingalur (R.V) and (P)WARD 2 Sikkunandhi
27P.U.E.S,Igalur-638461 ,East Facing Terraced Building1.Ikkalur(R.V) and (P)WARD 1 Ikkalur Ambedkar Colony , 2.Ikkalur(R.V) and (P)WARD 1 Ikkalur Harijan Colony , 3.Ikkalur (R.V) and (P)WARD 1 Ikkalur Naicker Street , 4.Ikkalur (R.V) and (P)WARD 1 Ikkalur Palapadukai
28P.U.E.S,Iggalore-638461 ,North Facing Tiled Building1.Ikkalur(R.V) and (P)WARD 1 Lingayath Street , 2.Ikkalur (R.V) and (P)WARD 1 Ikkalur Kalipuram Road
29P.U.E.S, Chiikkahalli-638461 ,North Facing Terraced BuildingIkkalur (R.V) and (p)ward 3 Chikkahalli Harijan Street , 2.Ikkalur(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Chikkahalli Mel Street , 3.Ikkalur (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Chikkahalli Keel Street , 4.Ikkalur (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Chikkahalli Naicker Street , 5.Ikkalur(R.V) (P) Ward 3 Chikkahalli Curumber Street
30P.U.E.S,Thiginarai-638461 ,West Facing Tiled Building Right Side1.Karalavadi (R.V) Tikinarai (p) Ward 1 Lingayath Street , 2.Tikinarai (P) Karalavadi (R.V) Ward 1 Mariyapuram , 3.Tikinarai (P) Karalavadi (R.V) Ward 1 Paraiyur , 4.Tikinarai (P) Karalavadi (R.V) Ward 1 Adhidravidar Colony , 5.Tikinarai (P) Karalavadi (R.V) Ward 1 Thottasalaikal
31P.U.E.S,Thiginarai-638461 ,West Facing Building Left sideTikinarai (R.V) and (p) Ward 2,3,4 Adhidravidar Street
32Government High School, Thiginarai-638461 ,East facing Building SouthSide1.Tikinarai (R.V) and (P) Ward 2,3,4 Lingaythu Street , 2.Tikinarai (R.V) and (P) Ward 2,3,4 Naicker Street
33P.U.M.S,Thiginarai-638461 ,Northfacing Terraced Building Left Side1.Tikinarai (R.V) and (p) Ward 2,3,4 Naicker Street
34P.U.M.S,Thiginarai-638461 ,North Facing Terraced Building Right Side1.Tikinarai(R.V) and (P) Ward 2,3,4 Thottasalaigal , 2.Tikinarai (R.V) and (P) Ward 2,3,4 Lingaythu Street , 3.Tikinarai (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Malkuthipuram , 4.Tikinarai (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Malkuthipuram Thotty , 5.Tikinarai (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Krishnapuram
35P.U.E.S, Eranahalli-638461 ,Northfacing Tiled BuildingLeft Side1.Erahanahali (R.V) and Tikinarai (p) Ward 5 Poyer Street , 2.Erahanahalli (R.V) Tikinarai (P) Ward 5 Lingayth Street , 3.Erahanahalli (R.V) Tikinarai (P) Ward 5 Vannar Street , 4.Tikinarai(R.V) (P) Ward 5 Uppilichettiyar Street , 5.Erahanahalli (R.V) Tikinarai (P) Ward 5 Thotthusalaigal , 6.Erahanahalli (R.V) Tikinarai (P) Ward 5 Harijan Colony Erahana Halli , 7.Erahanahalli (R.V) Tikinarai (P) Ward 5 Anuman Thotti , 8.Erahanahalli (R.V) Tikinarai (P) Ward 5 Solakar Thotti , 9.Erahanahalli (R.V) Tikinarai (P) Ward 5 Thotthusalaigal Basappan Thotty
36P.U.E.S, Erahanahalli-638461 ,East Facing Terraced Building Right Side1.Erahanahalli (R.V) Tikinarai (p) Ward 6 Lingaythu Street , 2.Erahanahalli (R.V) Tikinarai (P) Ward 6 Poyer Street , 3.Erahanahalli (R.V) Tikinarai (P) Ward 6 Vanniyar Street , 4.Erahanahalli (R.V) Tikinarai (P) Ward 6 Uppilichetty Street , 5.Erahahali (R.V) Tikinarai (P) Ward7 Kalmandipuram Thottasalaigal , 6.Erahanahalli (R.V) Tikinarai (P) Ward 7 Adhidravidar Street , 7.Erahanahali (R.V) Tikinarai (P) Ward 7 Kurumbar Street
37P.U.E School, Payanapuram- 638461 ,Westfacing Tiled Building1.Paiyanapuram (R.V) and (P)WARD 2 Chimtahalli , 2.Paiyanapuram (R.V) and (P)WARD 1 Pairappan Kovil Street
38P.U.E School, Byannapuram- 638461 ,South facing Building Right Side1.Paiyanapuram (R.V) and (p)ward 1 Paiyanapuram , 2.Paiyanapuram (R.V) (P) Ward 1 Ethikkattai Road , 3.Paiyanapuram (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Ambedkar Colony , 4.Paiyanapuram (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Adhidravidar Colony , 5.Paiyanapuram (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Hosurmalam Ramnagar
39P.U.E School, Payanapuram- 638461 ,North Facing Terraced Building NoonMeal Centre1.Paiyanapuram (R.V) and (p)ward 1 Kamaiyanpuram , 2.Madalli (R.V) Paiyanapuram (P)WARD1 Madahalli , 3.Paiyanapuram (R.V) and (P)WARD1 Joere Hosur , 4.Paiyannapuram (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Tamilpuram
40P.U.E.School, Panagahalli-638461 ,SouthfacingTiled Building Left SideBanahali (R.V)PAIYANAPURAM (P)WARD3 Adhidravidar Street , 2.Banahalli and Paiyanapuram (P)WARD3 Adhidravidar Street
41P.U.E.School, Panakahalli-638461 ,West Facing terraced Building Left Side1.Banagalli (R.V) Paiyanapuram (p)ward 3 Lingayathu Street , 2.Banahalli (R.V) and Paiyanapuram (P)WARD 3 Naicker Street , 3.Banahalli (R.V) and Paiyanapuram (P)WARD3 Muhamathiyar Street , 4.Banahalli (R.V) and Paiyanapuram (P)WARD3 Thottasalaigal , 5.Panahalli (R.V) Paiyanapuram (P)WARD 3 Narikuravar Street
42P.U.E.S,Gettavadi-638461 ,North Facing Terraced Building1.Kettavadi (R.V) Paiyanapuram (p) Ward 4 Geerahalli , 2.Kettavadi (R.V) Paiyanapuram (P) Ward 4 Singanpuram
43P.U.E.S,Gettavadi-638461 ,East Facing Tiled Building Right Side1.Gettavadi (R.V) Paiyanapuram (P) Ward 4 Gettavadi
44P.U.E.S,Gettavadi-638461 ,East Facing Tiled Building Left Side1.Kongalli (R.V) and Paiyanapuram (p)ward4 Kongahalli , 2.Thottamuthukarai (R.V) and Paiyanapuram (P)WARD3 Dhoddamuthukarai , 3.Pannapuram (R.V) and (P)WARD3 Pannapuram Dhoddamuthukarai , 4.Kongalli (R.V) Pannapuram (P)WARD3 Belathur , 5.Kongalli (R.V) Pannapuram (P)WARD 3 Mallianpuram
45P.U.E.SOngalvadi-638461 ,Southfacing Building Right Side1.Hasanur (R.V) and (p)ward 1 Koil Hasanur , 2.Hasanur (R.V) (P) Ward 2 Gethesal
46P.U.E.S,Ongalvadi-638461 ,Southfacing Building Left Side1.Hasanur (R.V) (p) Ward 2 Hasanur Bunglow Thotty , 2.Hasanur (R.V.) and (P) Ward 2 Hongalvadi , 3.Hasanur (R.V) (P) Ward 2 Center Thotty , 4.Hasanur (R.V) (P) Ward 2 Arepalayam , 5.Hasanur (R.V) (P) Ward 2 Pudu Thotty
47P.U.M.S, Kottadai-638461 ,SouthFacing Tiled Building1.Hasanur (R.V) and (p) Ward 4 Kottadai , 2.Hasanur (R.V) (P) Ward 4 Ossatti , 3.Hasanur (R.V) (P) Ward 4 Kuliyadai , 4.Hasanur (R.V) (P) Ward 4 Kalkuchi , 5.Hasanur (R.V) (P) Ward 4 Pattaraithottai , 6.Hasanur (R.V) (P) Ward 4 Uppatti , 7.Hasanur (R.V) (P) Ward 4 Pudukadu , 8.Hasanur (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Seekatti , 9.Hasanur (R.V) and (P)WARD4 Attapadi , 10.Hasanur (R.V) (P) Ward 4 Odamandhai , 11.Hasanur (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Devarnatham , 12.Hasanur (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Kelmavallam , 13.Hasanur (R.V) (P) Ward 3 Melmavallam
48P.U.M.S, Thottapuram-638461 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building Left Side1.Talamalai (R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Naicker Street (dhoddapuram) , 2.Talamalai (R.V) (P) Ward 1 Ganesh Koil Street (DHODDAPURAM) , 3.Talamalai (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Adhidravidar Street (DHODDAPURAM)
49P.U.M.S,Thottapuram-638461 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building Right SideTalamalai (R.V) and (p) Ward 2 Naicker Street (dhottapuram) , 2.Talamalai (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Koil Street (DHOTTAPURAM) , 3.Talamalai (R.V) (P) Ward 1,2 Seeregoundan Halli (DHOTTAPURAM) , 4.Talamalai (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Gandhinagar (DHOTTAPURAM
50P.U.M.S, Neydhalapuram-638461 ,West facing Building1.Neithalapuram (R.V) and (p) Ward 2 Neithalapuram Harijan Street , 2.Neithalapuram (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Lingayth Street , 3.Neithalapuram (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Kurumbar Street , 4.Neithalapuram (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Kodampalli Thotty , 5.Neithalapuram (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Allapuram Thotty
51Govt.Adi Diravidar Residential School,Thalamalai ,West Facing Terraced Building Right Side1.Talamalai (R.V) (P) Ward 1 Kodipuram (DHOTTAPURAM) , 2.Talamalai (R.V) and (p) Talamalai Kaspa
52Govt.AdhithiravidarWelfare Schoole,Bejalatti-638461 ,Eastfacing Building1.Talamalai (R.V) (p) Ward 3 Ittarai , 2.Talamalai (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Bejalatti , 3.Talamalai (R.V) (P) Ward 3 Kalithimbam , 4.Talamalai (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Thadasalatti , 5.Talamalai (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Mavanatham Forest Settlement , 6.Talamalai (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Ramar Dam Forest Settlement
53RomanCatholic Aided.E.School,Muthiyanur- 638461 ,Westfacing Building1.Talamalai (R.V) and (p ) Ward 1 Muthiyanur
54KashthurubaAdharakalviSchool, Puthubirkadavu-638451 ,East Facing Terraced Building North Side1.Pudubeerkadavu (r.m) and (p) Ward 1 Pudubeerkadavu , 2.Pudubeerkadavu (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Pudubeerkadavu North , 3.Pudubeerkadavu (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Pattaramangalam
55KasthuribaGandhiAdharaSchool, Puthubirkadavu-638451 ,East facing Terraced Building South Side1.Pudubeerkadavu (R.M) and (P) Ward 1 Poothikuppam , 2.Pudubeerkadavu (R.V) (P) Ward 1 Kembarai , 3.Pudubeerkadavu (R.M ) (P) Ward 1 Uppupallam Forest Settelment , 4.Pudubeerkadavu (R.V) (P) Ward 2 Pattaramangalam Puthur
56P.U.M.S,Pasuvapalayam-638451 ,Eastfacing BuildingPudubeerkadavu (R.V) (P) Ward 3 Pasuvapalayam
57P.U.M.S,Pasuvapalayam-638451 ,West facing Terraced BuildingPudubeerkadavu (R.V) (P) Ward 3 Pasuvapalayam
58KasthuribaNikedhan.Hr.Sec.Schoo l, RajanNAgar-638451 ,Westfacing HostalBuilding Left Side1.Rajan Nagar (R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Rajan Nagar Kaspa
59KasthuribaNikedhan.Hr.Sec.Schoo l, RajanNAgar-638451 ,West Facing Additional Class room Northern Side Building.RAJAN Nagar(R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Harijan Colony , 2.Rajan Nagar (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Kasthuri Nagar
60Kasthuribanikedhan.Hr.Sec.School , Rajan Nagar-638451 ,WestfacingHostelBuilding CenterwingRajan Nagar(R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Rajan Nagar Kaspa,Harijan Colony , 2.Rajan Nagar (R.V) (P) Ward 5 Thottasalaigal
61P.U.E.School, PudhuVadavalli, Vedan Nagar-638451 ,West facing Terraced Building Right Side1.Rajan Nagar (R.V) and (p) Ward 3 Pudu Vadavalli
62P.U.E.School, PudhuVadavalli, Vedan Nagar-638451 ,EastfacingNewTarracedBuilding Centerwing1.Rajan Nagar (R.V) and (p) Ward 2 Pudu Kuiyanur
63P.U.E.S, Sikkarasampalayam- 638401 ,East facing New TerracedBuilding Right Side1.Sikkarasampalayam(R.V) and (p) Ward 1,3 Sikkarasampalayam , 2.Chikkarasampalayam (R.V) and (P)WARD 2 Thottathusalaiga
64P.U.E.S, Sikkarasampalayam- 638401 ,SouthfacingBuilding WestSideChikkarasampalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 4,5 Sikkarasampalayam
65P.U.E.S, Sikkarasampalayam- 638401 ,SouthfacingBuilding WestSide1.Chikkarasampalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 4,5 Sikkarasampalayam
66Roman Catholic Aided.E.School,Sikkarampalayam- 638401 ,North facing terraced Building East side R.No.11.Chikkarasampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 7 Thottahusalaigal
67Roman Catholic Aided.E.School,Sikkarampalayam- 638401 ,North facing tiled Building West side1.Chikkarasampalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 6 Sikkarasampalayam , 2.Chikkarasampalayam(R.V ) and (P) Ward 7 Bannari , 3.Chikkarasampalayam(R.V) and (P)WARD 7 Vedar Colony
68RomancatholicAidedE.School, Sikkarasampalayam-638401 ,EastfacingBuilding R.No.21.Chikkarasampalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 7,4 Thottathusalaigal
69RomancatholicAidedE.School, Chikkarasampalayam-638401 ,South facing Terraced Building1.Chikkarasampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Thottathusalai , 2.Chikkarasampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Sikkarasampalayam , 3.Chikkarasampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 7 Vedar Colony
70P.U.E.S, Chikkarasampalayam- 638401 ,Jawahar EmploymentScheme South FacedTiled Building East side1.Pattavarthiayyampalayam (R.V) andchikkarasampalayam(P) Ward 8 Pattavarthy Ayyampalayam , 2.Chikkarasampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 8 Thannirpallam
71JohnBritto.Girls.High.School,Sathy -638401 ,North Facing Eastern Side Building Room No VIC1.Sathyamangalam (m) Ward 10 Forest Depo East Street , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward10 Forest Depo East Street 1 Katta Pomman Nagar , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward10 Forest Depo East Street 2 , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-9 Sathy Rural (ANNA Nagar
72JohnBritto.Girls.High.School,Sathy -638401 ,East Facing Rightwing First Room No IV A1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 6 Forest Depo North Street , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 6 Thandumariyammankovil Street 1 Ramarkovilstreet , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 5,12 Tippu Suldan Road , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 10 Sathy Rural(Puliyamkompai Road) , 5.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 9 Thandu Mariyamman Kovil Street 5
73JohnBritto.Girls.High.School,Sathy -638401 ,North Facing Eastern Side Building Room No VIB1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 6 Thandu Mariyamman Kovil Street 1 , 2.Sathyamangalam(M) Ward 7 Thandu Mariyamman Kovil Street 2 , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-7 Thandu Mariyamman Kovil Street-3 , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-5,6,7 Thandu Mariyamman Kovil Street-4
74JohnBritto.Girls.High.School,Sathy -638401 ,North Facing Rightwing Third Room No VI ASathyamangalam (M) Ward-6 Thandu Mariyamman Kovil Street-5 , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-5 Thandu Mariyamman Kovil Street-6 , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-7 Thandu Mariyamman Kovil Street-7 , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-5 Thandu Mariyamman Kovil West Street
75JohnBritto.Girls.Ele.School,Sathy- 638401 ,East Facing Right Side Building Room No 3D1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 4 Urumaiyan Street , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-5 Thandu Mariyamman Kovil North Lane , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-4 Veerapathira Kovil East Street , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-4 Thandu Mariyamman Kovil West Lane
76JohnBritto.Girls.Ele.School,Sathy- 638401 ,East Facing Right Wing Building Room No 4B1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-15 Sunnampukara Lane , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-18 Bazaar Street
77Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School, AthaniRoad-Sathy-638401 ,South Facing Terreced Building western side Room 161.Sathyamangalam (m) Ward 15 Peruvaiyappan Street , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-15 Periya Palli Vasal Street , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-15 Mariyamman Kovil Street
78Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School, AthaniRoad-Sathy-638401 ,South Facing Building Eastern Side Room No 171.Sathyamangalam (m) Ward-14 Venkatachalam Periya Street , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-14 Venkatachalam Chinna Street
79Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School, SathyAthaniRoad-638401 ,East Facing Building Right Side1.Sathyamangalam (m) Ward 9 Sathyamangalam Rural Anna Nagar , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward9 Sathyamangalam Rural Indira Nagar , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 10 Forest Depo East Street 1 (KATTA Pomman Nagar)
80Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School, SathyAthaniRoad-638401 ,East Facing Building Left Side1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 9 Sathy Rural Ottakuttai Road , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-9 Sathy Rural Pulliyamkompai Road , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-10 Sathy Rural Puliyamkompai Road , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-10 Sathy Rural Kasi Kadu , 5.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 10 Forest Depo East Street (SOORI Pallam) , 6.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-10 Soori Pallam
81JohnBritto.ElimentrySchool, Sathy-638401 ,EastfacingBuilding NorthSide ClassR.No.5D1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 8 Thiru Neelakandar Kalyana Mandapam Street , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-8 Thandal Rahiman Lane , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-8 Annaiyan Street , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-8 Annaiyan East Street , 5.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 8 Annaiyan Street , 6.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-9 Sathy Rural Indira Nagar , 7.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-9 Sathy Rural Ootakuttai Road , 8.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-12 North Pet Road , 9.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-12 North Pet Road Lane-1, (VELLALAR Street) , 10.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-11 Cutchery Street
82Govt.Hr.Sec.School,AthaniRoad- Sathi-638401 ,WestfacingBuilding AspectosSheet, Room.No.191.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 16 Nanchappa Lane , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-16 Pathirakaliyamman Kovil Pudulane , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-16 Pathirakaliyamman Kovil Pudu Street , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-16 Pathirakaliyamman Kovil West Street , 5.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-16 Pathirakaliyamman Kovil Street , 6.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-12 Municipal Padasalai Street , 7.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 12 Municipal Padasalai North Street
83M.M.School,Sathy(Govt.Hospital. Opp)638401 ,East Facing Tiled Building Northern Side1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 20 Mathimaradurai Street , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-20 Old Post Office Street , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-20 Old Post Office North Street , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-20 Old Post Office South Street-1 , 5.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-20 Old Post Office South Street- 2 , 6.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-20 Old Post Office South Street-3 , 7.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-20 Old Post Office South Street-4
84M.M.School,Sathy(Govt.Hospital. Opp)638401 , East Facing Tiled Building Southern Side1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-22 Head Post Office South Street , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-22 Pillaiyar Kovil Street , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-22 Big Bazzar Street , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-22 Head Post Office Street
85M.M.School,Sathy(Govt.Hospital. Opp)638401 ,MahaBharathiyarCen.Mem.South facedBuilding west side1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 21 Venkituthasar Street , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-21 Kamatchiyamman Kovil Street , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-21 Bhimar Street , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-21 Kamatchiyar Street , 5.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-21 Boatjeetty Lane , 6.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-21 Boat Jeetty Street , 7.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-20 Meenakchiyamman Kovil West Street , 8.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-21 Meenakchiyamman Kovil Street , 9.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-21 Mamarathuthurai Lane , 10.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-20 Mathimarathurai Street
86M.M.School,Sathy(Govt.Hospital. Opp)638401 ,MahaBharathiyarCen.Mem.South facedBuilding west sideSathyamangalam (M) Ward-19 Muniyappan Kovil Street-1 , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-19 Muniyappan Kovil Street-2 , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-19 Muniyappan Kovil Street-3 , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-20 Kaikolar Street , 5.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-22 Venugopalsamy Kovil Lane , 6.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-22 Sirunkeri Mut , 7.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-22 Bazzar Street , 8.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-22 Venugopalsamy Kovil Street
87Municipal.E.S, Kolathur-638401 ,SouthfacingBuilding EastSide1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-2 Periya Kulam Road (VARATHAMPALAYAM Rural) , 2.Sathyamangalam(M) Ward-2 Nadar Colony(Varathampalayam Rural) , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-2 J.J. Nagar Varathampalayam Rural , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-2 Kolathur -VARATHAMPALAYAM Rural , 5.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-2 Danavasi Road (VARATHAMPALAYAM Rural)
88Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School.SathyAt haniRoad-638401 ,WestfacingBuilding SuerateRoom.No.321.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-10 Sathyamangalam Rural Puliyamkompai Road , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-10 Sathyamangalam Rural Athanni Road (KASI Kadu) , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-10 Sathyamangalam Rural Pudu Varavu , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-11 Atthani Road , 5.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-11 Atthani Road Lane-1(Rajiv Nagar) , 6.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-11 Atthani Road Lane-2 (KONGU Nagar) , 7.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-6 Ramarkovilstreet(Thandumariyammankovilstreet-1) , 8.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-11 Katchery Street
89M.H.School, Rangasamuthiram- 638402 ,East Facing Terraced Building (Middle) South Side1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-26 Jallikuzhi Main Road , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-25 Boatjetty Street , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-26 Jallikuzhi Street , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 27 Mysore Trunk Road , 5.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-26 Jallikuzhi Street-3 , 6.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-26 Jallikuzhi Street-5
90M.H.School, Rangasamuthiram- 638402 ,West Facing Tiled Building Left Side1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-26 Thelkaradu Street-1 , 2.Sathyamangalam (m) Ward-26 Thelkaradu Street-5 , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-26 Thelkaradu Street-3 , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-26 Thelkaradu Street-2 , 5.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-26 Thelkaradu Street-4
91M.Hr.Sec.School, Rangasamuthiram-638402 ,East Facing Tiled Building Northern Side1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward 25 Thirunagar Colony (METTUPALAYAM Road) , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-25 Boatjetty Street , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-27 Rangasamudiram Lane No:1 To 14 , 4.Sathyamangalam (m) Ward-23 Karatur Road , 5.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-26 Pillaiyar Kovil Street , 6.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-23 Bharathi Nagar , 7.Sathyamangalam(M) Rangasamudram Lane4 , 8.Sathyamangalam(M) Rangasamudram Lane6 , 9.Sathyamangalam(M) Rangasamudram Lane8 , 10.Sathyamangalam(M) Rangasamudram Lane10 , 11.Sathyamangalam(M) Rangasamudram Lane12 , 12.Sathyamangalam(M) Rangasamudram Lane13 , 13.Sathyamangalam(M) Rangasamudram Lane14 , 14.Sathyamangalam(M) Rangasamudram Lane15
92M.Hr.Sec.School, Rangasamuthiram-638402 ,East Facing Terraced Building Left Wing1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-23 Thelkaradu Colony (ANNA Nagar) , 2.Sathyamangalam(M) Rangasamudram Lane2
93Municipal M.School, Govt. Hospital Opp. - Sathy - 638401 ,North Facing New Building Eastern Side1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-13 Pathirakaliyamman Kovil East Street , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-13 Pathirakaliyamman Kovil Street
94RamaniAided.Elementry.School, Kottuveerampalayam-638401 ,South FacingNew Terraced Building Right Room1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-18 Sowdamman Kovil Lane -1 , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-18 Sowdamman Kovil Lane-2 , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-18 Sowdamman Kovil Street , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-18 Rice Mill Road , 5.Sathyamangalam(M) Ward-19 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 6.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-1 M.G.R. Nagar
95RamaniAided.Elementry.School, Kottuveerampalayam-638401 ,South FacingNew Terraced Building Left Room1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-1 Kombupallam , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-1 Kottu Veeram Palayam Rural , 3.Sathyamangalam Ward1 Dhanavasi Road , 4.Sathyamangalam(M) Ward 1 Bazaarst(Iyappan Nagar)
96RamaniAided.Elementry.School, Kottuveerampalayam-638401 ,NorthfacingBuildingLeft Side1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-17 Thoppur Street-1 , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-17 Thoppur Street-2 , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-17 Thoppur Street-3 , 4.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-16 Pathirakaliyamman Kovil West Street , 5.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-2 Varadampalayam Rural(Bhagiyalaxmi Nagar)
97Municipal Middle School Sathyamangalam OPP GH - 638401 ,West Facing Terraced Building North Side1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-3 Varathampalayam Rural Street-1 , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-3 Varathampalayam Rural Madeswarappan Kovil Road , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-3 Varathampalayam Rural Ottakuttai Road
98Municipal Middle School Sathyamangalam OPP GH - 638401 ,West Facing Terraced Building South side1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-3 Varathampalayam Rural -2 , 2.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-3 Varathampalayam Rural Kolathur Road , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-3 Tippusultan Road
99M.Hr.Sec.School,Rangasamuthira m-638402 ,North Facing Building Right Side1.Sathyamangalam (m) Ward-24 Govindarajapuram Street-1 , 2.Sathyamangalam (m) Ward-24 Extention Street-1 , 3.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-24 Extention Street-4
100M.Hr.Sec.School,Rangasamuthira m-638402 ,North Facing Building Left sideSathyamangalam (M) Ward-24 Extention Street-2 , 2.Sathyamangalam (m) Ward-26 Extention Street-5
101M.Hr.Sec.School,Rangasamuthira m-638402 ,East Facing Terreced Building Northern side1.Sathyamangalam (m) Ward-25 Koothanur Road
102M.Hr.Sec.School,Rangasamuthira m-638402 ,East Facing Terreced Building Southern side1.Sathyamangalam (M) Ward-25 Mettupalayam Road , 2.Sathyamangalam (m) Ward-25 Thirunagar Colony
103P.U.E.S, Anganagoundanputhur- 638401 ,SouthFacing Tiled Building Right SideMaliadipudur (R.V) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 5 Karanachery , 2.Komarapalayam (P)WARD 5 Nanchappa Chetty Pudur , 3.Maliadipudur and Komarapalayam (P)WARD 5 M.G.R.Nagar
104P.U.E.S, Anganagoundanputhur- 638401 ,SouthFacingBuilding Left SideMaliadipudur (R.V) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 5 Indira Nagar , 2.Maliadipudur (RV) and Komarapalayam (P)WARD 5 Kamaraj Nagar , 3.Maliadipudur (R.V) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 5 V.N.S.Nagar , 4.Maliadipudur (R.V) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 5 Thottasalaigal South , 5.Maliadipudur (R.V) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 5 Thottasalaigal North , 6.Maliadipudur (R.V) Komarapalayam(P) Ward 5 Narikuravar Colony
105P.U.E.S, Anganagoundanputhur- 638401 ,East facing Tiled Building Left Side1.Maliadipudr (R.V) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 2,3 Thottasalaigal , 2.Maliadipudur (R.V) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 2,3 Anganagoundanpudur East , 3.Maliadipudr (R.V) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 2,3 Anganagoundanpudur West , 4.Maliadipudur (R.) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 2,3 Anganagoundanpudur Harijan Colony , 5.Maliadipudur (R.V) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 2,3 Anganagoundanpudur South
106P.U.E School, Anganagoundanputhur-638401 ,West facing Terraced Building1.Dasaripalayam (R.V) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 1 Dasaripalayam Harijan Colony East , 2.Thasarypalayam(R.V) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 1 Dasaripalayam , 3.Thasarypalayam (R.V)KOMARAPALAYAM (P)WARD 1 Dasaripalayam Harijan Colony West , 4.Dasaripalayam (R.V) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 1 Dasaripalayam M.G.R Nagar Harijan Colony , 5.Thasarypalayam(R.V) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 1 Thottasalaigal , 6.Thasarypalayam (R.V) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 4 Sengotai Nagar , 7.Thasarypalayam (R.V) Komarapalayam (P)WARD 4 Karanaipudur Thottasalaigal
107P.U.M.S, Komarapalaym-638401 ,South Facing Building Right Side1.Komarapalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Indiranagar , 2.Komarapalayam(R.V) and (P)WARD 5 V.N.S.Nagar , 3.Komarapalayam(R.V) and (P)WARD 6 Komarapalayam Harijan Colony
108P.U.M.S, Komarapalaym-638401 ,South Facing Building Right Side1.Komarapalayam (R.V) and (P)WARD 6 Komarapalayam , 2.Komarapalyam (R.V) and (P) Transport Nagar
109P.U.M.S, Komarapalayam-638401 ,Westfacing TiledBuilding1.Komarapalayam (R.V) and (P)WARD 7 Komarapalayam , 2.Komarapalayam(R.V) and (P)WARD 7 Pathima Nagar
110P.U.M.S, Komarapalayam-638401 ,North facing Terraced Building1.Komarapalayam(R.V) and (P)WARD 8 Siviyarpalayam , 2.Komarapalayam (R.V) and (P)WARD 8 Siviyarpalayam Harijan Colony , 3.Komarapalayam(R.V) and (P)WARD 8 Thottasalaigal
111Government High School, Kenjanur-638401 ,NorthfacingBuilding Right Side1.Ikkarai Negamam(R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Kenjanur
112Government High School, Kenjanur-638401 ,NorthfacingBuilding Right SideIkkarai Negamam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Thandam Palayam , 2.Ikkarai Negamam(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Ikkarai Negamam Pudur
113Government High School, Kenjanur-638401 ,East facing Tiled Building Right Side1.Ikkarai Nahamam(R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Moolakadai , 2.Ikkarai Nahamam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Housing Unit Colony , 3.Ikkarai Nahamam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Thotta Salaigal
114Government High School, Kenjanur-638401 ,West Facing Terreced Building Right Side1.Ikkarai Nahamam(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Amman Kovil Block, Kenjanur
115Government High School, Kenjanur-638401 ,East Facing Tiled Building Left Side1.Ikkarai Nahamam (R.V) and (p) Ward 2 T.N.R Nagar, M.G.R Nagar, Thandam Palayam , 2.Ikkarai Nahamam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Housing Unit Colony , 3.Ikkarai Nahamam(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Thotta Salaigal
116P.U.M.S, Alathukombai-638401 ,SouthfacingBuilding Right Side1.Alathukombai (R.V) Sadumugai (P) Ward 5 Alathukombai Therku,Thottasalaigal,Harijan Colony
117P.U.M.S, Alathukombai-638401 ,South facing Building Left Side1.Alathukombai (R.V) Sadhumugai (p) Ward 5 Alathukomabai North, Harijan Colony , 2.Alathukombai (R.V) Sadhumugai (P) Ward 5 Thottasalaigal North, Anna Nagar,P.A.S.K Quaters
118P.U.M.S, Alathukombai-638401 ,West Facing Terraced Building Left SideAlthukombai (R.V) Sadhumugai (p) Ward 7 Sembadapalayam,Thottasalaigalnorth, Harijancolony , 2.Alathugombai (R.V) Sadhumugai (P) Ward 8 Anuppar Palayam North Thotta Salaigal,Harijan Colony
119P.U.M.S, Alathukombai-638401 ,West Facing Terraced Building Right Side1.Alathukombai (R.V) Sadhumugai (P) Ward 6 Sinnattipalayam,Chinnammanagar,J.J.Nagar,H.Colony , 2.Althugobai (r.v) Sadhumugai (p) Ward 6 Ondiyur Thotta Salaiga
120P.U.M.S, Sathumugai-638503 ,Eastfacing New Building Right Side1.Sadhumugai (R.V) and (p) Ward 1,2 Sathumugai East Tho.Salai North Shool
121P.U.M.S, Sathumugai-638503 ,East facing New Building Left Side1.Sadhumugai(R.V) and (P) Ward 1,2 Sadhumugai East,Thottasalaigal, Harijan Colony
122P.U.M.S, Sathumugai-638503 ,East facing Tiled Building Left Side1.Sadhumugai(R.V) and (p) Ward 3,4 Nadupalayamthonneranganur,H.Colony Tho.Salaigal , 2.Sadhumugai (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 K.Patti,Tho.Salaigal,Sadhumugainorththo.Salaigal
123P.U.E.S, KalKadambur-638503 ,WestfacingNewBuilding Left SideKuthiyalathur(R.V) and (p) Ward 2 Moolakadambur , 2.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Nadur , 3.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Kalkadambur
124P.U.E.S, KalKadambur-638503 ,West facing Building Room No.31.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P)WARD 3 Eriyur , 2.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Ellupadukai (PERIYASALATTIA
125P.U.E.S, KalKadambur-638503 ,West facing Tiled Building Right Side1.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (p) Ward 5 Senkadu , 2.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Jeevanagar (THONDUR) , 3.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Malliyamman Thurkkam
126P.U.E.S, KalKadambur-638503 ,West Facing Terraced Building Room No:11.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) (p) Ward 4 Athiyur , 2.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Melur Perimal Thotti , 3.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) (P) Ward 4 Athiyur Thotti , 4.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Athiyur Kermalamp.U.M.S, Iruttipalayam-638503 ,Westfacing Tiled Building
127P.U.M.S, Iruttipalayam-638503 ,Westfacing Tiled Building1.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (p) Ward 4 Iruttipalayam , 2.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Osapalayam , 3.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (P)WARD 3 Ikkaraithotti , 4.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Ramasamy Thotti
128P.U.M.S, Iruttipalayam-638503 ,North facing Terraced Building Room No:21.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (p) Ward 3 Pavalakuttai , 2.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Thinnayur, Kuppanna Goundan Thotti , 3.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Akkisivan Thotti , 4.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (P) Ward 3,4 Thasan Thotti, Sithan Thotti , 5.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P) Parapatta
129Govt High School Basuvanapuram ,North Facing Terraced Building Right SideKuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Periya Ulle Palayam , 2.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) (P) Ward 2 Chinna Ulle Palayam , 3.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Kulandhai Naickanur , 4.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Kemba Naickanur , 5.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Ukiniyam , 6.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Kakkarai
130Govt High School Basuvannapuraam ,North Facing Terraced Building Left Side1.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (p)ward 2 Thirumalai Naickanur , 2.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) (P) Ward 2 Thippa Naickanur , 3.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Annagobi Thotti , 4.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) (P) Ward 2 Gobiyur Thotti , 5.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) (P) Ward 2 Kombaiyur , 6.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) (P) Ward 2 Pathiyur Paduku , 7.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (P) Modi Kadavu
131PUESchool ,Ekathur-638503 ,East Facing Building1.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Kurumani Kuttai , 2.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) (P) Ward 1 Kongai Goundan Thotti , 3.Kuthiyalathur (P)WARD 1 Anaikarai , 4.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P)WARD 1 Thikkarai , 5.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Nagalur Forest Settlement
132P.U.E.S, Pasuvanapuram-638503 ,NorthfacingBulding Right Side1.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (p) Ward 3 Solathur , 2.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Kanakuthur Kudumiyan Thotti
133P.U.M.S, Karalayam-638503 ,North facing Bulding Room No.11.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and(P)Ward 3 Karalayam
134P.U.E.S, Pasuvanapuram-638503 ,East Facing Terraced Building1.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (p)ward 1 Basuvanapuram , 2.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P)WARD 1 Kottai Thotti , 3.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P)WARD 3 Kidde Goundan Thotti
135P.U.M.S, Arigiyam-638503 ,SouthFacing Terraced Building1.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Marikutinur , 2.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P)WARD 1 Kattainur , 3.Kuthiyalathur(R.V) and (P)WARD 1 Melur , 4.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (P)WARD 1 Mamarathotti , 5.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) and (P)WARD 1 Mosal Maduvu , 6.Kuthiyalathur (R.V) (P)WARD 1 Mari Kuttinur Melur
136P.U.M.S, Makkampalayam- 638503 ,SouthFacing Terraced Building1.Koothampalayam(R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Kombayur , 2.Koothampalam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Makkampalayam , 3.Koothampalam(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Kovilur
137RomancatholicAided.E.School, Kundri-638503 ,WestfacingBuilding Left Side1.Kundri (R,V) and (p) Ward 1 Vazhaimarathur , 2.Kundri (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Pannayathur , 3.Kundri (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Odayar Thambidi , 4.Kundri (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Chinna Kundri , 5.Kundri (R.V) (and) (P) Ward 1 Periya Kundri
138RomancatholicAidedSchool, Kundri-638503 ,WestfacingBuilding Right Side 1st Room1.Kundri (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Janur
139RomancatholicAidedSchool, Kundri-638503 ,WestfacingBuilding Right Side 2nd Room 1.Kundri (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Periakundri , 2.Kundri (R.V) (P) Ward 3 Eppalur, Kariya Goundan Palayur
140P.U.M.S, Kondappanaickenpalayam-638503 ,Westfacing Terraced Building1.Kemba Naicken Palayam (TP) Ward 1 Itteri Thotta Street , 2.Kemba Naicken Palayam (TP) Ward 2 South Thotta Street , 3.Kemba Naicken Palayam (TP) Ward 1 Mariyamman Kovil Street
141P.U.M.S, Kondappanaickenpalayam-638503 ,South Facing Tiled Building1.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Perumal Kovil Street , 2.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Pillayar Kovil Street , 3.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Palinjanur North Thottam , 4.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Pillayar Kovil Street , 5.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) North Thotta Street
142P.U.E.S, Kembanaickenpalayam- 638503 ,EastfacingBuilding Right Side1.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 8 Perumal Kovil Street , 2.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP Ward 13 Periyar Street , 3.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 13 East Street , 4.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 13 Kamaraj Street , 5.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 7 Market Street , 6.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 13 Dr.Ambathkar Street , 7.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 13 Arignar Anna Street
143P.U.E.S, Kembanaickenpalayam- 638503 ,EastfacingBuilding Left Side1.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 6 Periyasamy Kovil Street , 2.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 3 Narasapuram 1 , 3.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 6,3 Periyasamy Kovil Street Narasapuram
144P.U.E.S, Kembanaickenpalayam- 638503 ,South Facing Terraced Building Left SideKempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 4 Forest Road
145P.U.E.S, Kembanaickenpalayam- 638503 ,South Facing Terraced Building Right SideKempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 4 Forest Road
146P.U.E.School Kembanaickenpalayam-638503 ,Northfacing Westside SeperatebuildingKempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 7 Pattakarar Savadi Street , 2.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 7 Mavumill Street , 3.Kempanaicken Palayam (tp) Ward 7 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 4.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 7 Market Street , 5.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 7 Ramar Kovil Street
147P.U.E.School.Kembanaickenpalaya m-638503 ,North Facingbuilding Right Side1.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 9 East Street , 2.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 10 Pillaiyar Kovil Street , 3.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 10 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 4.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 9 Veeramathi Kovil Street , 5.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 9 Vasaka Salai Street
148P.U.E.School.Kembanaickenpalaya m-638503 ,North Facingbuilding Right Side1.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP ) Ward 11 Indra Memorial Colony , 2.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 10 Sellipalayam Thotta Street , 3.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 12 Naga Naicker Thotta Street , 4.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 11 Kalyur Kaliyamman Kovil Street , 5.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 11 Kaliyur Harijan Street , 6.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 12 Community Centre Street , 7.Kempanaicken Palayam (TP) Ward 11 Indra Colony, Kaliyur, Harijan Street
149P.U.M.School,Punkaar-638451 ,North Facing Terraced Building1.Pungar (R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Pungar , 2.Pungar (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Pungar Colony , 3.Pungar (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Karachi Korai , 4.Pungar (R.V) and (P) Ward 1,2 Periyar Nagar
150P.U.M.School,Punkaar-638451 ,South Facing Tiled Building1.Pungar (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Pungar , 2.Pungar (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Karachikorai , 3.Pungar (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Sujilkuttai , 4.Pungar (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Periyarnagar
151P.U.M.School,Kothamangalam- 638451 ,East Facing Terraced Building1.Kothamangalam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Kothamangalam Kaspa , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Kariya Goundan Puthur Thottasalaigal , 3.Kothamangalam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Kamaraj Nagar , 4.Kothamangalam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Karachikorai , 5.Kothamangalam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Nerinjipettai
152P.U.M.School,Kothamangalam- 638451 ,Southfacing Additional Terraced Building1.Kothamangalam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Thimmaya Goundan Puthur , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Indira Nagar , 3.Kothamangalam (P) Ward 1 Nerinjipettai , 4.Kothamangalam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Jeeva Nagar , 5.Kothamangalam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Kariya Goundan Puthur
153P.U.E.School,Velliyampalayamput hur-638451 ,Eastfacing Right Side BuildingIkkaraithathapalli (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Velliyampalayam Puthur Harijan Colony , 2.Ikkaraithathapalli (R.V) Kothamangalam (P)WARD 3 Velliyampalayam Puthur , 3.Ikkaraithathapalli (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Ward 2 Velliyampalayam Harijan Colony , 4.Ikkaraithathapalli (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Ward 2 J.J.Harijan Colony
154P.U.E.School,Velliyampalayamput hur-638451 ,Eastfacing Right Side Building1.Ikkaraithathapalli (R.V) Kothamangalam (p) Ward 2 Thaiyerpallam , 2.Ikkathathapalli (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Ward 2 Thairpallam , 3.Ikkraithathapalli (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Ward 2 Velliyampalayam , 4.Ikkathathapalli (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Ward 2 Kokkarakundi Thottasalaigal , 5.Ikkaraithathapalli (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Ward 2 Rajiv Nagar
155P.U.E.School,Ekkaraithatthapalli- 638451 ,Northfacing Right Side Building1.Ikkaraithathapalli (R.V) Kothamangalam (p) Ward 2 Thundasalai , 2.Ikkaraithapalli (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Ward 3 Ikkaraithathaoalli , 3.Ikkaraithathapalli (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Ward 3 Melvalavu , 4.Ikkaraithathaplli (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Ward 2 Annanagar
156P.U.M.School, Pakuthampalayam- 638451 ,South facing Terraced Building west side1.Baguthampalayam Kothamangalam (p) Ward 4 Paguthampalayam , 2.Baguthampalam (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Ward 4 Paguthampalayam Harijan Colony , 3.Baguthampalayam Kothamangalam (P) Ward 4 Uppupallam Harijan Colony
157P.U.M.School, Pakuthampalayam- 638451 ,Northfacing Tiled Building1.Baguthampalayam (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Ward 4 Uppupallam Thottasalaigal
158P.U.E.School,Uthandiyur-638402 ,North Facing Tiled Building1.Poosaripalayam (R.V) Uthandiyur (P) Ward 3 Thimmanaickenpudhur , 2.Poosaripalayam (R.V) Uthandiyur (P) Ward 2 Ottarur Ayyan Salai Ramapuram
159Govt high.School,Uthandiyur- 638402 ,East Facing Terraced New Building Room No 31.Poosaripalayam (R.V) Uthandiyur (P) Ward 4 Pade Goundan Puthur
160P.U.E.School,Uthandiyur-638402 ,South Facing Tiled Building1.Poosaripalayam (R.V) Uthandiyur (p) Ward 3 Maranur Colony , 2.Poosaripalayam (R.V) Uthandiyur (P) Ward 3 Maranur , 3.Poosaripalayam (R.V) Uthandiyur (P) Ward 3 Thirumoorthy Nagar
161Govt high School,Uthandiyur- 638402 ,East Facing New Terraced Building Room No 3 North Side1.Poosaripalayam (R.V) Uthandiyur (P) Ward 1 Uthandiyur , 2.Poosaripalayam (R.V) Uthandiyur (P) Ward 1 Vaikkal Puthur
162P.U.E.School,S.Aalampalayam- 638402 ,Eastfacing Building1.Karidodampalayam (R.V) Uthandiyur (P) Ward 5,6 Alampalayam Thotta Paguthi
163P.U.E.School,S.Aalampalayam- 638402 ,Eastfacing Terraced Building1.Karidodampalayam (R.V) Uthandiyur (P) Ward 5,6 Alampalayam Thotta Paguthi , 2.Karidodampalayam (R.V) Uthandiyur (P) Ward 7 Karithottampalayam Harijan Colony Thottam , 3.Karidodampalayam (R.V) Uthandiyur (P) Ward 3 J.J. Nagar
164P.U.M.School,Erankatoor-638402 ,Southfacing Left Side Building1.Akkarai Thathapalli Uthandiyur (P) Ward 8 Akkarai Thathapalli, Thottasalaigal , 2.Akkraiothapalli (R.V) Uthandiyur (P) Ward 8 Indhira Nagar Thottasalaigal , 3.Akkaraiothapalli (R.V) Uthandiyur (P) Ward 8 Erangatur Thottasalaigal
165P.U.M.School,Erankatoor-638402 ,Southfacing Right Side Building1.Akkraiothapalli (R.V) Uthandiyur (p) Ward 8 North Side Of Erangatur Vaikkal , 2.Akkraithapalli (R.V) Uthandiyur (P) Ward 8 Erangatur Shastrinagar South
166P.U.M.School,Kodepalayam- 638451 ,North facing Right side Building1.Thoppampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Godepalayam South , 2.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Godepalayam North & Thotta Salaigal , 3.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Kodepalayam Harijan Colony , 4.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Naal Road, V.K.C Nagar, Annanagar , 5.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Vellalapalayam , 6.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Vellalapalayam J.J.Colony
167P.U.M.School,Kodepalayam- 638451 ,North Facing Building Left Side 1.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Naal Road. V.K.C Nagar , 2.Thoppampalayam (R.V) (P) Ward 2 Anna Nagar , 3.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Manal Medu , 4.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Oththai Panai
168P.U.M.School,Thoppampalayam- 638451 ,South facing Terraced Building1.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Thoppampalayam East Side , 2.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Thoppampalayam West Side , 3.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Adi Diravidar Colony
169P.U.M.School,Thoppampalayam- 638451 ,North Facing Terraced Building1.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Thottap Paguthi Thoppampalayam , 2.Thoppampalayam (R.V) (P) Ward 1 Ammapalayam East Side , 3.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Ammapalayam West Side , 4.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Ammapalayam Harijan Colony
170P.U.E.School,Thottampalayam- 638451 ,West Facing Terraced Building North sideThoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 North Side Of Devarangapuram Main Road , 2.Thottampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 South Side Of Devarangapuram Main Road
171P.U.E.School,Thottampalayam- 638451 ,West Facing Terraced Building South sideThottampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 South Side Of Amman Kovil Road , 2.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 North Side Of Thottampalayam Amman Kovil Street
172P.U.E.School,Thottampalayam- 638451 ,Westfacing Tiled Building Right Side1.Thoppampalayam (R.V) (P) Ward 5 Anna Nagar , 2.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 North Side Of Banglowmedu , 3.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Harijan Colony , 4.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Vignesh Nagar, Rajiv Nagar South
173P.U.E.School,Thottampalayam- 638451 ,West facing Tiled Building Left side1.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 5 Anna Nagar (thottampalayam) , 2.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 South Side Of Thottam Palayam Main Road , 3.Thoppampalayam (R.V) (P) Ward 5 Thottampalayam Aadhi Dhravidar Colony , 4.Thoppampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Thottampalayam Thottam , 5.Thoppampalayam (R.V) (P) Ward 5 North Side Of Thottampalayam , 6.Mudukkandurai (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Mudukkandurai Market , 7.Mudukkandurai (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Mudukkandurai Kaspa
174Govt.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavanisagar- 638451 ,East facing New Terraced Building Room No.41.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 7,8,9,10 Coolisline , 2.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 6 Ex.Serviceman Colony
175Govt.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavanisagar- 638451 ,East Facing new Terraced Building Room No:51.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 13 Six Th Avenue , 2.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 13 Seventh Th Avenue , 3.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 13 Eight Th Avenue , 4.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 12 Nine Th Avenue , 5.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 13 Bhavanisagar , 6.Bhavanisagar (tp) Ward 4,5 Bagududurai , 7.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 2,3 Kallukothu
176Govt.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavanisagar- 638451 ,East Facing new Terraced Building Room No:61.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 1 Power House , 2.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 1 Dam Line Road , 3.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 1 Anna Nagar , 4.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 14 E.B Colony Central Road , 5.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 14 First Street , 6.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 14 First Avenue Street , 7.Bhavanisagar (tp) Ward 14 Second Avenue Street , 8.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 14 L.D.C Colony , 9.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 12 Kudil Nagar , 10.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 11 Mudukkan Durai , 11.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 14 Market Road , 12.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 15 Third Avenue , 13.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 15 Fourth Avenue , 14.Bhavanisagar (TP) Ward 14 Bhavanisagar
177R.C.Aided High School,Vaalipalayam-638402 ,East Facing Terraced Building North Side1.Vinnapalli (R.V) and (P) Ward1 Erappanaicken Palayam
178R.C.Aided High School,Vaalipalayam-638402 ,East Facing Terraced Building south Side1.Vinnapalli (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Chetti Puthur , 2.Vinnapalli (R.V)and(P) Ward3 Vali Palayam , 3.Vinnapalli (R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Sanarpathi , 4.Vinnapalli (R.V) and (P) Ward5 Thotta Salaigal
179P.U.E.School, PuthuRoad, Vinnapalli-638402 ,North Facing Terraced Building1.Kurumbapalayam (R.V),Vinnapalli (p) Ward 5 Vinnapalli , 2.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (P) Ward 5 Annanagar New Road , 3.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (P) Ward5 Chinnavavi Puthur , 4.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (P) Ward5 Vedachinnanur , 5.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (P) Ward5 Sanarpalayam , 6.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (P) Ward 5 Thotta Salaigal
180 P.U.E.School, PuthuRoad, Vinnapalli-638402 ,South Facing Terraced Building1.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (p) Ward6 Periya Sathanur , 2.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (P) Ward6 Chinnasathanur , 3.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (P)WARD 6 Kulle Gounden Puthur , 4.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (P)WARD 7 Kalliyankurai , 5.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (P)WARD 7 Panagattu Palayam , 6.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (P)WARD 7 Kurumbapalayam , 7.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (P)WARD 7 Thotta Salaigal
181P.U.E.School,Kurumpapalayam- 638402 ,South Facing Terraced Building1.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (p)ward 2,7,8 Kurumbapalayam , 2.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (P)WARD 8 Anne Gounden Palayam , 3.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (P)WARD 8 Bharathi Nagar , 4.Kurumbapalayam (R.V) Vinnapalli (P)WARD 8 Thottasalaigal
182P.U.E.School,Thatchaperumapalay am-638402 ,South Facing Right side Tiled Building1.Thatchaperumapalayam (R.V)Desipalayam (p)ward 1 Thacha Peruma Palayam , 2.Thatchaperumapalayam (R.V) Desipalayam (P) Ward 2 Ayyanpalayam , 3.Thatchaperumapalayam (R.V)DESIPALAYAM (P) Ward 2 Ayyanpalayam Aadhithiravidar Colony , 4.Thatchaperumapalayam (R.V) Desipalayam (P)WARD 2 Thottipalayam , 5.Thatchaperumapalayam (R.V) Desipalayam (P)WARD 2 Anayapalayam , 6.Thatchaperumapalayam (R.V) Desipalayam (P)WARD 2 Aadhi Thiravidar Colony
183P.U.E.School,Pungampalli- 638402 ,South Facing Terraced. Building1.Pungampalli (R.V) Desipalayam (P)ward 3,4 One Part Of Pungampalli
184P.U.E.School,Pungampalli- 638402 ,North Facing Terraced. Building1.Pungampalli (R.V) Desipalayam (P)WARD 4 Pungampalli Aadhi Thiravidar Street , 2.Pungampalli (R.V) Desipalayam (P)WARD 4 Madhapalayam
185P.U.E.School,Desipalayam- 638459 ,Northfacing Building1.Sungagaranpalayam (r.v) Desipalayam (p)ward 6,7,8 One Part Of Sungaran Palayam , 2.Sungagaranpalayam (R.V) Desipalayam (P)WARD 6,7,8 Second Part Of Sungaran Palayam , 3.Sungagaranpalayam (R.V) Esipalayam (P)WARD 5 Su.Desipalayam , 4.Sungagaranpalayam (R.V) Desipalayam (P)WARD 5 Kaikalan Kuttai
186P.U.E.School,Desipalayam- 638402 ,South Facing Terraced Building1.Sungakaranpalayam (R.V) Desipalayam (p)ward 5 Keeriyam Palayam , 2.Sungakaranpalayam (R.V) Desipalayam (P)WARD 5 Ravuthan Puthur , 3.Sungakaranpalayam (R.V) Desipalayam (P)WARD 5 Su.Desipalayam , 4.Sungakaranpalayam (R.V) Desipalayam (P)WARD8 Pachamallanur , 5.Sungakaranpalayam (R.V) Desipalayam (P)WARD 8 Aadhi Thiravidar Colony
187Govt.Hr.Sec.School,Pannaiyampall i-638459 ,Northfacing Building Right Side1.Panayampalli (R.V) and (p)ward 1,2,3 Panayampalli Aadhi Thiravidar Colony
188Govt.Hr.Sec.School,Pannaiyampall i-638459 ,Eastfacing Building Right Side1.Panayampalli (R.V) and (p)ward 1,2,3 Panayampalli Aadhi Thiravidar Colony
189Govt.Hr.Sec.School,Pannaiyampall i-638459 ,North facing Terraced Building Left Side1.Panayampalli(R.V) and (p) Block 4 Pujanganur, Anaikatti , 2.Panayampalli (R.V) and (P) Block 4 Indhira Nagar Aadhithiravidar Colony
190Govt.Hr.Sec.School,Pannaiyampall i-638459 ,Southfacing Tiled Building Westside1.Panayampalli (R.V) and (p) Block 5 Parasapalayam
191Govt.Hr.Sec.School,Pannaiyampall i-638459 ,West facing Building1.Panayampalli(R.V) and (P) Block 9 Solavanur
192P.U.M.School,Malliyampatti- 638459 ,South Facing Tiled Building1.Panayampalli (R.V) and (p) Block 6 Malliyampatti , 2.Panayampalli (R.V) and (P) Block 7 Uilampalayam
193P.U.M.School,Periyakallipatty- 638302 ,Northfacing Frontbuilding1.Periya Kallipatti (R.V) and (p) Ward 3 Periyakallipatti
194P.U.M.School,Periyakallipatty- 638302 ,west facing Frontbuilding1.Periya Kallipatti (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Oolakaranpalayam,Kottaiputhur
195P.U.E.School,Ayyampalayam- 641302 ,East Facing Tiled Building South sideAyyampalayam(R.V) Periya Kallipatti (p) Ward 1 Ayyanpalayam
196P.U.E.School,Ayyampalayam- 641302 ,East facing Tiled Building North Side1.Ayyampalayam (R.V) Periya Kallipatti (P) Ward 2 Chithan Kuttai J J Nagar Kanramokkai
197P.U.M.School,Venkanaickenpalaya m-638459 ,South facing Tiled Building Right SideMathampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1.2 Venganaikanpalayam , 2.Madhampalayam(R.V) and (P)WARD 1,2 Venganaicken Palayam Harijan Colony , 3.Madhampalayam (R.V) and (P)WARD 1,2 Muthunagar, Suppuroyal Kadu,Thottasalaigal
198P.U.M.School,Venkanaickenpalaya m-638459 ,South Facing Building Left side1.Madhampalayam (R.V) and (p)ward 1,2 Venganaicken Palayam , 2.Madhampalayam (R.BV) and (P)WARD 2 Kanakarasampalayam
199P.U.M.School,Venkanaickenpalaya m-638459 ,East Facing Tiled Building Right Side1.Madhampalayam (R.V ) (P)WARD 2 Venganaickenpalayam Harijan Colony , 2.Madhampalayam(R.V) and (P)WARD 2 Kanakarasampalayam , 3.Madhampalayam (R.V) and(P)Ward 2 Thottasalaigal
200P.U.M.School,Marayepalayam- 638459 ,West facing R.C.Building1.Madhampalayam (R.V) and (p)ward 3 Keelmudu Durai , 2.Marayepalayam(R.V) and (P)WARD3 Marayepalayam , 3.Madhampalayam(R.V) and (P)WARD3 Indiranagar Aadhi Thiravidar Colony , 4.Madhampalayam (R.V) and (P)WARD 3 Chinnaputhur , 5.Madhampalayam(R.V) and (P)WARD 3 Periya Puthur
201P.U.M.School,Mathampalayam- 638459 ,East Facing Tiled Building South sideMadhampalayam(R.V) and (p)ward4 Madhampalayam
202P.U.M.School,Mathampalayam- 638459 ,East Facing Tiled Building Northside1.Madhampalayam (R.V) and (P)WARD 4 Kallipalayam , 2.Madhampalayam(R.V) and (P)WARD 4 Madhampalayam Harijan Colony
203G.H.School,Nallur-638459 ,North facing Terraced building1.Nallore(R.V) and (p)ward 1,2 Nallore Kasba North Part
204G.H.School,Nallur-638459 ,East facing Building South side1.Nallore (R.V) (P)ward 1,2 Nallore Kaspa Southpart , 2.Nallore (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Pannadi Pudhur , 3.Nallore(R.V) and (P) Pungampallithottam , 4.Nallore(R.V) (P) Sellampalayam Thottam
205G.H.School,Nallur-638459 ,Eastfacing Building North side1.Nallore(R.V) (p)ward 4,5 Thasampalayam , 2.Nallore (R.V) and (P)ward 6 Pudhupalayam , 3.Nallore(R.V) and (P) Newcolony , 4.Nallore (R.V) and (P) Mullai Nagar
206P.U.E.School,Erankattupalayam- 638459 ,East Facing Buliding Right Side1.Nallore (R.V) and (p)ward 7 Ponnampalayam , 2.Nallore (R.V) and (P)ward 7 Gandhipuram
207P.U.E.School,Erankattupalayam- 638459 ,East Facing Building Left SideNallore (R.V) and (P)ward 7 Ganesapuram , 2.Nallore (R.V) and (P)ward 7 Nehru Nagar
208P.U.M.School Nehru Nagar ,North Facing Eastern Side BuildingNallore (R.V) and (p)ward 7 Nehru Nagar
209P.U.E.School,Erankattupalayam- 638459 ,North Facing Tiled BuildingNallore(R.V) and (P)ward 8 Erangattupalayam Adidravidarcolony
210P.U.E.School,Near police station P.Puliyampatti-638459 ,South facing Tiled Building Right Side1.Punjai Puliyampati (m) Ward-7 Anna Nagar Street-1 , 2.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-7 Anna Nagar Street-2 , 3.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-7 Anna Nagar Street-3 , 4.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-7 Anna Nagar Street-4 , 5.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-12 Thangasalai Street , 6.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-11 Gandhinagar Melpaguthi
211P.U.E.School,Near police station P.Puliyampatti-638459 ,South facing Tiled Building Left Side1.Punjai Puliyampati (m) Ward-10 Kelamel Street-1 , 2.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward- 10 Thenvadal Street-1 , 3.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-10 Thenvadal Street-2 , 4.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-10 Thenvadal Street-3 , 5.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-10 Kelamel Street-2 , 6.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-11 Newcolony Thenvadal Street-1 , 7.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-11 Newcolony Thenvadal Street- 2 , 8.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-10 Newcolony Thenvadal Street-3 , 9.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-10 Newcolony Thenvadal Street-4 , 10.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-11 Thottasalaikal , 11.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-10 Nambiyur Road , 12.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-8 Raja Street , 13.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-10 Gandhinagar Keelveethi , 14.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-10 Gandhinagar Keelmelveethi -2 , 15.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-10 Gandhinagar Thenvadal Street , 16.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-10 Newcolony
212K.V.K.Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School,P. Puliyampatti-638459 ,East Facing Terraced Building South Side Room1.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-13 Jawahar Street , 2.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward- 13 Avinashi Road , 3.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-13 Avinashi Road Street-1 , 4.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-13 Avinashi Road Street -2 , 5.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-13 Avinashi Road Street-3 , 6.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward 13 Oor Gounder Street , 7.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-13 Kalli Thotta Street , 8.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-13 Porikkarar Street , 9.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-13 Porikkarar Street-2 , 10.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-13 Indira Memorial Colony Street-1 , 11.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-13 Indira Memorialcolony Street-2 , 12.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-13 Indira Memorialcolony Street-3 , 13.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-13 Indira Memorialcolony Street-4 , 14.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-13 Thottasalaikal , 15.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-13 Goodluck Street
213P.U.E.School,Near Police stationP.Puliyampatti-638459 ,East Facing Building Northern Side1.Punjai Puliyampati (m) Ward15 Jawahar Street Paguthi , 2.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward 7 Raja Street Paguthi , 3.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-14 Mettupalayam Road , 4.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-14 Annamar Kovil Street , 5.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-14 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 6.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-14 Perumal Kovil Street
214P.U.E.School,Near Police stationP.Puliyampatti-638459 ,East Facing Building Southern Side1.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-14 J.J.Nagar , 2.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward 6 Asath Street Paguthi , 3.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward 6 Sultan Street Paguthi , 4.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-6 Church Street , 5.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-6 Periyar Street , 6.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-8 Kembanna Street , 7.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-8 Muthu Vinayagar Street , 8.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward 8 Anna Street Paguthi
215P.U.E.School,Near sathram P.Puliyampatti-638459 ,Southfacing Central Terraced Building1.Punjai Puliyampati (m) Ward-17,13 Maraimalaiyadikal Street , 2.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-17 Thiru.V.K.Street , 3.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-17 Nethaji Road , 4.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-17 Udumalai Narayanan Street , 5.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-17 Anbalagan Street , 6.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-17,1 Rajaji Street , 7.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-1 Sowdamman Kovil Street
216P.U.E.School,Near sathram P.Puliyampatti-638459 ,Northfacing Central Terraced BuildinPunjai Puliyampati (m) Ward-2 Elango Street , 2.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-2 Navalar Street , 3.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-2 V.O.C Street , 4.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-2 Chinnasamy Street , 5.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-2 Kelamel Street , 6.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-2 K.V.K.Samy Street , 7.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-2 Bharathidasan Street , 8.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-2 Thenvadal Street , 9.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-2 Madhampalayam Road , 10.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-2 Kamarajar Street , 11.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-3 Vinoba Street , 12.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward2 Ki.Po.Vishvanathan Street , 13.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-18 Thiru.V.K,Nagar , 14.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-18 Sultan Street , 15.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-18 Thiru.V.K.Join Street
217K.V.K.Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School,P. Puliyampatti-638459 ,East Facing Terraced. Building Central Room South Side1.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-15 Thiru.V.K. Street , 2.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-15 Balasubramaniam Street , 3.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-15 Kayethemillath Street , 4.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-16 Cheran Street , 5.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-16 Avai Street , 6.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-16 Nakkeeran Street , 7.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-16 Kannaki Street , 8.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-16 Madhavi Street , 9.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-16 Thottasalai
218P.U.E.School,Near sathram P.Puliyampatti-638459 ,NearChatram West facing BuildingPunjai Puliyampati (m) Ward-18 Thiru.V.K. Join Street , 2.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-2 S.R.D.Backside Street-1 , 3.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-2 S.R.D.Backside Street-2 , 4.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-2 S.R.D.Backside Street-3 , 5.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-2 S.R.D.Backside Street-4 , 6.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-2 S.R.D. Backside Street-5 , 7.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-18 Paneer Selvam Street , 8.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-3 Sultan Street , 9.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-3 Manicka Mudhaliyar Street , 10.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-3 Maraimalaiyadikal Street , 11.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-3 Manickam Street , 12.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-3 P.S.Sundaram Street , 13.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-18 No Section Name , 14.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-3 Vinoba Street , 15.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-1 Kilakumel Street , 16.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-3 Bharathi Street , 17.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-3 Sundaram Street
219P.U.M.School,Near police station P.Puliyampatti-638459 ,Northfacing Building Right Side1.Punjai Puliyampati (m) Ward 4,6,7,8, Jawahar Street Paguthi , 2.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-5 Kamachiyamman Kovil Street , 3.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-4 Sultan Street , 4.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-5 Kumaran Street , 5.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-6 Madheswaran Kovil Street , 6.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-6 Asaath Street , 7.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-6 Sokkappa Street , 8.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward- 7 Anna Street , 9.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-8 Raja Street , 10.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-9 Sarojini Street , 11.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-9 Kembanna Street , 12.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-9 Kattaiyappa Street , 13.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-9 Bharathi Street , 14.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-9 Rangappa Lane
220P.U.E.School,Near police station P.Puliyampatti-638459 ,Northfacing Tiled Building Left Side1.Punjai Puliyampati (m) Ward-5,4 Tagore Street , 2.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-5 Tagore Join Street , 3.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-4 Sengunthapuram Thenvadal Street-1 , 4.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-4 Sengunthapuram Thenvadal Street-2 , 5.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-4 Sengunthapuram Thenvadal Street-3 , 6.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-4 Sengunthapuram Kelamel Street-1 , 7.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-4 Sengunthapuram Kelamel Street-2 , 8.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-4 Sengunthapuram Kelamel Street-3 , 9.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-4 Sengunthapuram Keelamel Street-4 , 10.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-8 Anna Street , 11.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-5 Kumaran Street
221K.V.K.Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School.P. Puliyampatti-638459 ,West Facing Terraced Building South SidePunjai Puliyampati (m) Ward-7 Jawahar Street , 2.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-7 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 3.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-7 Kalivanar Street , 4.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-7 Devendra Street , 5.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward- 10 Pattakarar Street , 6.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-10 Nambiyur Road , 7.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-9 Kembanna Street
222K.V.K.Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School.P. Puliyampatti-638459 ,West Facing Terraced Building North SidePunjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-9 Thangasalai Street , 2.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-9 Chennimalai Street , 3.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-9 Subbarayalu Street , 4.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-9 Bharathi Street , 5.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-9 Sarojini Street , 6.Punjai Puliyampati (M) Ward-12 Thottasalai
223P.U.E.School,Alaampalayam- 638459 ,WestfacingTerraced Building southside1.Nochikuttai (p)PULIAMPATTY (M) Nochikuttai , 2.Nochikuttai (P) Puliampatty (M) Alampalayam
224P.U.E.School,Alaampalayam- 638459 ,WestfacingTerraced Building Northside1.Nochikuttai (P) Puliampatty (M) Kovilpudhur , 2.Nochikuttai (P) Puliampatty (M) Harijana Colony , 3.Nochikuttai (P) Puliampatty(M) Ponmedu , 4.Nochikuttai (P) Puliampatty (M) Nallakalipalayam
225P.U.M.School,Konamoolai- 638402 ,Northfacing Building Left Side1.Konnamoolai(R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Konnamoolai , 2.Konnamoolai(R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Annanagar , 3.Konnamoolai (R.V) and (P) Ward 1,2 Gandhinagar
226P.U.M.School,Konamoolai- 638402 ,Northfacing Terraced Building Right Side1.Konnamoolai (R.V) and (p) Ward 1,2 Gandhinagar , 2.Konamoolai(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Chennimoopanpudurward
227P.U.M.School,Nanchappagoundan pudur-638402 ,SouthFacing Terraced Building1.Konnamoolai (R.V) and (p) Ward 2 Nanjappagounden Pudhur , 2.Konnamoolai (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Nanjappagoundenpudhur Colony , 3.Konnamoolai (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Nanjappagoundenpudhur Tho.Sa
228P.U.M.School,Nanchappagoundan pudur-638402 ,East Facing Terraced BuildingAkkarinegamam (R.V) Konnamoolai (P) Ward 3 Akkarainegamam , 2.Akkarinegamam (R.V) Konnamoolai (P) Ward 4 Akkarainegamampudhur , 3.Akkarinegamam (R.V) Konnamoolai (P) Ward 3 Akkarainegamam Tho.Salaikal
229P.U.M.School,Palaiyakalaiyanur- 638402 ,West Facing Terraced BuildingRight Side1.Ariyappampalayam (TP) Ward 8 Murugar Street 2 , 2.Ariyappampalayam (T.P) Ward 6 Arunthathiyar Street North , 3.Ariyappampalayam (T P) Ward8 Eswaran Street , 4.Ariyappampalayam (T.P) Ward 6 Arunthathiyar Street , 5.Ariyappampalayam (T.P) Ward 8 Murugar Street , 6.Ariyappampalayam (T.P) Ward 8 Nanjappa Street , 7.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 9 Pillaiyar Kovil Street
230P.U.M.School,Palaiyakalaiyanur- 638402 ,West Facing Terraced Building Left tside1.Ariyappampalayam (T .p) Ward 7 Anna Street 1 , 2.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 7 Anna Street 2 , 3.Ariyappampalayam (TP) Ward 7 Anna Street 3 , 4.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 7 Annamalai Street , 5.Ariyappampalayam (T.P) Ward6 Sathy Erode Highways , 6.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 7 Rajaji Street , 7.Ariyappampalayam (T.P) Ward 7 Annamalai Street (Thottasalaikal) , 8.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 7 Perumal Kovil Street
231P.U.M.School,Palaiyakalaiyanur- 638402 ,North Facing Tiled Building Southern side1.Ariyappampalayam (T..P) Ward 9 Kamachiyamman Kovil Street , 2.Ariyappampalayam (T.P) Ward 8,9 Ariyappampalayam Kodikatha Kumaran Street , 3.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 9 Kodikatha Kumaran Street , 4.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 9 Thiruvalluvar Street , 5.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 9 Adidravidar Street , 6.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 9 Kaniyalar Street , 7.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 9 Bhavani River Street
232P.U.E.School,Periyur-638402 ,Southfacing Building Eastside1.Ariyappampalayam (T.p) Ward 13 Pattakarar Street(Kenjanaickanur) , 2.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 13 Ellaivai Gandhi Nagar (Kenjanaickanur) , 3.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 13 Alagiri Colony (Kenjanaickanur
233P.U.E.School,Periyur-638402 ,Southfacing Building Left Side1.Ariyappampalayam (T .p) Ward15 Kamarasar Street , 2.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward14 Kodanki Rangaiyan Street , 3.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 14 Thirumalai Street , 4.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 14 V.O.C.Street Kolloor , 5.Ariyappampalayam (T.P) Ward 15 Perumal Kovil Street , 6.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 15 Kattapomman Street , 7.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 15 Sathy Puliyampati Road
234Govt. High School,Indiyampalayam (Kothukadu)-638402 . ,North Facing Building Right Side1.Ariyappampalayam (T P) Ward 1 Palaya Kothukadu Mariyamman Kovil Street
235Govt. High School,Indiyampalayam (Kothukadu)-638402 . ,North Facing Building Left SideAriyappampalayam (T .p) Ward 11 Sathy Erode Main Road , 2.Ariyappampalayam (TP) Ward 10 Kondamuthanur Arunthathiyar Street , 3.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 10 Rangaiyan Street , 4.Ariyappampalayam (T P) Ward 11 Annanagar (Harijan Colony)
236P.U.E.School,Indiyampalayam(Kot hukadu)-638402 ,East Facing Terraced Building Left SideAriyappampalayam (T .p) Ward 11 Sathy Erode Main Road , 2.Ariyappampalayam (T P) Ward11 Muniyan Street 1 , 3.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 11 Kuppan Street 1 , 4.Ariyappampalayam (T.P) Ward 11 Kuppan Street 2
237P.U.E.School,Indiyampalayam(Kot hukadu)-638402 ,East Facing Terraced Building Right SideAriyappampalayam (T .P) Ward11 Veeramathi Kovil Street , 2.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 11 Nagaranai Salai , 3.Ariyappampalayam (T.P) Ward 11 Ammasai Street 1 , 4.Pudhukalaiyanur (T.P) Ward 11 Pudhukalaiyanur
238Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Thimmai yanpudur,Ariyappampalayam- 638402 ,Northfacing Building Eastside1.Ariyappampalayam (Tp) Ward 1 Nehrunagar West Street 1
239Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Thimmai yanpudur,Ariyappampalayam- 638402 ,Northfacing Building Southside1.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward1 Nehrunagar West Street 2
240Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Thimmai yanpudur,Ariyappampalayam- 638402 ,Northfacing Building Right Side room no-24 1.Ariyappampalayam (T .p) Ward 1 Nehru Nagar Arunthathiyar Street , 2.Ariyappampalayam (T.P) Ward 3 Sathy Erode Highways , 3.Ariyappampalayam (T .P)ward 3 Thimaiyanpudhur St 1,2 T.Pudhurextension St
241Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Thimmai yanpudur,Ariyappampalayam- 638402 ,North facing Terraced Building Left side Room No-231.Ariyappampalayam (T.p) Ward 4 Raja Street , 2.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 5 Ambedkar Street , 3.Ariyappampalayam (T.P) Ward 5 Gandhi Street (karatoor)
242Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Thimmai yanpudur,Ariyappampalayam- 638402 ,North Facing Building Room No-221.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 5 Subramaniam Street 1 , 2.Ariyappampalayam (T.P) Ward 5 Subramaniam Street 2 , 3.Ariyappampalayam (T P) Ward 5 Periyannan Street , 4.Ariyappampalayam (T.P) Ward 5 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 5.Ariyappampalayam (T .P) Ward 5 Maniyakaran Street , 6.Ariyappampalayam (T .P)ward 5 Ariyappampalayam Mariyamman Kovil St,Karatoor
243P.U.E.School,Vedachinnanur- 638402 ,Northfacing Tiled Building Right Side1.Senbagapudhur (R.V) and (p)ward 3 Vedachinnanur , 2.Senbagapudhur(R.V) and (P)ward 3 Thammakavur , 3.Senbagapudhur(R.V) and (P)ward 3 Poyagoundenur Harijan Colony
244P.U.E.School,Vedachinnanur- 638402 ,Northfacing Tiled Building Lefttside1.Senbagapudhur (R.V) and (P)ward3 Nadupalayam , 2.Senbagapudhur (R.V) and (P)ward 3 Nadupalayam A.D.Colony , 3.Senbagapudhur (R.V) and (P)ward 3 Chinnakuttaipudhur , 4.Senbagapudhur(R.V) and (P)ward 3 Thanganagaram , 5.Senbagapudhur(R.V) and (P)ward 3 Salaiyu
245P.U.E.School,Vedachinnanur- 638402 ,Westfacing Building Right Side1.Senbagapudhur (R.V) and (p)ward 2 Ponthali Thasariyur , 2.Senbagapudhur(R.V) and (P)ward1 Mullikkapalayam , 3.Senbagapudhur (R.V) and (P)ward 2 Senbagapudhur , 4.Senbagapudhur(R.V) and (P)ward2 Sennappanur , 5.Senbagapudhur(R.V) and (P)ward 2 Oppalavadanur
246P.U.M.School,Kundibommanur- 638402 ,East Facing Terraced Building Right side1.Senbagapudhur(R.V) and (p)ward 1 Mettur , 2.Senbagapudhur(R.V) and (P)ward 1 Kuttaimettur
247P.U.M.School,Kundibommanur- 638402 ,East Facing Terraced Building Left Side1.Senbagapudhur(R.V) and (P)ward 2 Chinthanaickenpalayam , 2.Senbagapudhur(R.V) (P)ward 1 Kundibommanur
248P.U.M.School,Ukkaram-638402 ,East Facing Terraced Building Right Side1.Ukkaram (R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Ukkaram , 2.Ukkaram(R.V) and (P) Ward 7 Kuppanthurai Colony
249P.U.M.School,Ukkaram-638402 ,East facing Terraced building left SideUkkaram(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Samanagar
250P.U.M.School,Ukkaram-638402 ,East Facing Tiled Main Building1.Ukkaram (R.V) and (p)ward 7 Kuppanthurai , 2.Ukkaram (R.V) and (P)ward 7 Pongiyanur , 3.Ukkaram (R.V) and (P) Ward 7 Kuppanthurai Colony
251P.U.M.School,Kalikulam-638402 ,West facing Terraced Building Room No:21.Ukkaram(R.V) and (p)ward 8 Kalikulam , 2.Ukkaram(R.V) and (P) Ward 12 Kethampalayam , 3.Ukkaram (R.V) and (P) Ward 12 Kakrakuttai
252P.U.M.School-Kalikulam638402 ,West facing Terraced Building Room No:31.Ukkaram(T.P) and (p) Ward 8 Kalikulam , 2.Ukkaram (T.P) and Ward 6 Mallanaickanpalayam , 3.Ukkaram (T.P) and Ward 6 Annanagar , 4.Ukkaram(R.V) and (P) Ward 6 Millmedu , 5.Ukkaram(R.V) and (P) Ward 6 M.G.R.Nagar, Thottasalaikal
253P.U.E.School- Sanarpalayam638402 ,Eastfacing Building Left Side1.Ukkaram (p) Ward 11 Sanarpalayam , 2.Ukkaram(R.V) and (P) Ward12 Kakrakuttai (Podipalayam) , 3.Ukkaram(R.V) and (P) Ward 12 Kakrakuttaikaradu
254P.U.E.School- Sanarpalayam638402 ,East facing Building Right side1.Ukkaram (R.V) and (P) Ward 12 Millmedu , 2.Ukkaram (P) Ward 12 Periyar Nagar
255P.U.M.School,Vandipalayam63840 2 ,WestfacingNew Terraced BuildingRight Side1.Ukkaram(R.V) and (p) Ward3 Madhipanur , 2.Ukkaram (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Ganesapuram
256P.U.M.School,Vandipalayam63840 2 ,WestfacingNewBuildingLeft Side1.Ukkaram(R.V) and (p) Ward 4 Vandipalayam East , 2.Ukkaram(R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Vandiyapalayam West , 3.Ukkaram(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Vandiyapalayam Colony , 4.Ukkaram(R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Vellinagar , 5.Ukkaram(R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Kumarnagar
257P.U.M.School,Kullampalayam638 454 ,Northfacing Building1.Arasur (R.V) and (p)ward 4 Kullampalayam , 2.Arasur (R.V) and (P)ward 4 Thasanaickanur , 3.Arasur (R.V) and (P)ward 4 Arasur
258P.U.M.School,Arasur638454 ,Southfacing Building Right Side1.Makkinangombai (R.V) and (p) Ward 4 T.Puram,Ganeshapuram,Arasur Palaiyur,A.Nagar , 2.Makkinangombai(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 A.D.Colony,Ganapathynagar,A.M.Road,J.J.Nagar , 3.Makkinangombai(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 T.Pudhur,A.D.Colony,Thanganagar,T.Salaikal
259P.U.M.School,Arasur638454 ,Southfacing Building Left Side1.Makkinangombai(R.V) and (p) Ward 4 Thevangapuram,Ganeshapuram,Arasur,Palaiyur,A.Nagar , 2.Makkinangombai(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Arasura.D.Colony,G.Nagar,A.M.Road,J.J.Nagar , 3.Makkinangombai(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Thattampudhur,T.P.Colony,T.Nagar,T.Salaikal
260Govt high School,Makkinagombai638462 ,South Facing Building Right SideMakkinangombai(R.V) and (p)ward 2 Makkinangombai
261Govt High School,Makkinagombai 638454 ,North Facing Building Right SideMakkinangombai(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Mangalapuram Adidravidar Colony , 2.Makkinangombai(R.V) and (P)ward 3 Kongaradu,Vellimalai,A.Colony,T.Salaikal
262P.U.M.School,Arasur638462 ,West facing Tiled Building Right Side1.Indiyampalayam(R.V) and (p)ward 1 Indiyampalayam Adidravidar Colony , 2.Indiyampalayam(R.V) and (P)ward 2 I.Mettupudhur , 3.Indiyampalayam (R.V) and (P)ward 1 Indiyampalayam Kasba
263P.U.M.School,Arasur638454 ,Westfacing Building Left Side1.Indiyampalayam(R.V) and (p) Ward 3 Arasurpudur,Kannadasannagar,Naickenpudur , 2.Indiyampalayam (R.V) Ward2 E.Mettuputhur , 3.Indiyampalayam(R.V) and (P)WARD 3 Kuravarcolony ,THOTTASALIGAL

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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