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List of Polling Booths in Bhavani Assembly Constituency

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1P.U.E.S, Thanneerpandalpalayam- 638504 ,Southfacing WestSide BuildingIlipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 13 Kuppadasagoundan Kottai , 2.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 13,14 Pooverykadu
2P.U.E.S, Thanneerpandalpalayam- 638504 ,Southfacing EastSide Building1.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 14 Mottaiyanur Boyer Street , 2.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 13,14 Thaneerpanthalpalayam , 3.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 14 Vilamarathukadu , 4.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvarettiyur (P) Ward 14 Gandhinagar
3P.U.E.S,Olayur-638504 ,Southfacing TerracedBuilding 1.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward15 Dandavarayan Olaiyur Kilakumarku Kottaikal , 2.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 15 Olaiur , 3.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 15 Olaiur Kattukottai
4P.U.M.S, Konarpalayam-638504 ,Westfacing SouthSide buildingIlipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 9 Konarpalayam South Thotta Kottaikal , 2.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 10,11 Konarpalayam , 3.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 9 , 10 Elur , 4.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 10 Konaperumal Kovil
5P.U.M.S, Konarpalayam-638504 ,Westfacing NorthSide Building1.Ilipili(R.V), Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 11 Kanavanur Oriyakanavanur , 2.Ilipili(R.V), Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 11 Oriyakanavanur Colony , 3.Ilipili(R.V), Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 11 Jothipuram Boyer Street , 4.Ilipili(R.V), Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 12 Palagoundanpudur Kattukottaikal
6Govt.Hr.Sec.School, Guruvareddiyur-638504 ,Eastfacing South Side FirstBuilding1.Ilipile (R.V) ,GURUVARETTIYUR (P) Ward 1 Aanaigoundanur North Street , 2.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvarettiyur (P) Ward 1, 2 Aanaigoundanur South Street , 3.Ilipile (R.V), Guruvarettiyur(P) Ward 2,3 Aanaigoundanur West Street
7Govt.Hr.Sec.School, Guruvareddiyur-638504 ,Eastfacing SouthSecondBuilding1.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 4,5 Guruvareddiyur West (P) , 2.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 4,5 Guruvareddiyur North , 3.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 4,5 Guruvareddiyur Center Part
8Govt.Hr.Sec.School, Guruvareddiyur-638504 ,Eastfacing West Third Building1.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 5,6 Guruvareddiyur South , 2.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 3,4 Guruvareddiyur East
9Govt.Hr.Sec.School, Guruvareddiyur-638504 ,Northfacing EastSide building1.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 6,7 Kalangkattukottai , 2.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 4, 5 Guruvareddiyur West
10Govt.Hr.Sec.School, Guruvareddiyur-638504 ,North Facing Building West Side1.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 5,6,7 Mettupalayam Colony , 2.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 5,6 Senkuttai M G R Colony , 3.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvareddiyur (P) Ward 5, 6 Guruvareddiyur Chinnasakilistreet
11P.U.E.S, MoongilPalayam-638504 ,Westfacing building NorthSide1.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvarettiyur (P) Ward 7, 8 Moonkilpalayam North Kattukottaikal , 2.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvarettiyur (P) Ward 7, 8 Moonkilpalayam South Kattukottaikal , 3.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvarettiyur (P) Ward 9 Moonkilpalayam East Kattukottaikal , 4.Ilipile(R.V),Guruvarettiyur (P) Ward 9 Konaperumal Kovil
12P.U.M.S,Palakuttaipattipudur- 638504 ,East Facing South Building1.Kannapalli (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Palakuttaipattipudur , 2.Kannapalli (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Aanaigoundanur Kattukottaikal , 3.Kannapalli (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Poolampaali , 4.Kannapalli (R.V) And (P) Ward 4 Saanathikal
13P.U.M.S,Palakuttaipattipudur- 638504 ,Eastfacing NorthSide BuildingKannapalli (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Palakuttaipatti Palaiyur , 2.Kannapalli (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Kanakkanthottam , 3.Kannapalli (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Panagkattuchery
14P.U.E.S, Muliyanur-638504 ,Southfacing BuildingWestSide1.Kannapalli(R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Kuttaikadu , 2.Kannapalli (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Muniyanur , 3.Kannapalli (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Palakuttaipatty Palaiyurkattukottaikal , 4.Kannapalli (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 2 Venkatareddiyur Harjan Colony , 5.Kannapalli (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Venkatareddiyur
15P.U.E.S, Thoppampalayam- 638504 ,Northfacing WestSide Building1.Kannapalli (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Venkatareddiyur , 2.Kannapalli (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Chellayur , 3.Kannapalli (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Poravipalayam
16P.U.E.S, Thoppampalayam- 638504 ,Northfacing east side Building1.Kannapalli (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Thoppalayam
17R.C.M.School, Chinnapallam- 638311 ,Eastfacing Building1.Nerunjipet (T.P) Ward 1 Mettur Bhavani Road , 2.Nerunjipet (T.P) Ward 1 Chinnapallam , 3.Nerunjipet (T.P) Ward 1 Perumpallam , 4.Nerunjipet (T. P) Ward 15 Kattukottaikal , 5.Nerunjipet (T.P) Ward 15 Chittaian Nagar
18Govt.High.School, Nerunjipettai- 638311 ,Southfacing EastSide Building1.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 2 Harijan Colony First Street , 2.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 2 Harijan Colony 2nd Street , 3.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 2 Harijan Colony 3 Rd Street , 4.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 3 Mettur Bhavani Road , 5.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 3 Harijan Colony 4 Th Street , 6.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 3 Harijan Colony 5 Th Street , 7.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 3 Harijan Colony 6 Th Street , 8.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 3 Harijan Colony 7 Th Street , 9.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 3 Ammasai Maniyakarar Street , 10.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 4 Thear Street , 11.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 4 Gurunathan Street , 12.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 4 Sarkkarai Street
19P.U.E.S,Nerunjipettai-638311 ,SouthfacingTiledBuilding WestSideNerunjipet (T. P) Ward 4 Mettur Bhavani Road , 2.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 3 Thear Street , 3.Nerunjipet (T . P) Ward 5 Mirasa Street , 4.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 6 Muthusamy Street , 5.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 6 Indhra Street , 6.Nerunjipet (T .P) Ward 8 Barage Quarters , 7.Nerunjipet (T . P) Ward 7 Nehru Street , 8.Nerunjipet (T. P) Ward 7 Naudu Mariyaman Kovil Street , 9.Nerunjipet (T.P) Ward 5 Perumal Kovil Street , 10.Nerunjipet (T.P) Ward 5 Mettu Street , 11.Nerunjipet (T.P) Ward 6 Mirasa Street North , 12.Nerunjipet (T.P) Ward 7 Anna Street , 13.Nerunjipet (T.P) Ward 7 Chen Street , 14.Nerunjipet (T.P) Ward 13 Gori Street
20P.U.E.S,Nerunjipettai-638311 ,South Facing East Side Terraced Building1.Nerunjipet (T.P) Ward 14 Mrttur Bhavani Road , 2.Nerunjipet (T.P) Ward 14 Vanniyar Street , 3.Nerunjipet (T.P) Ward 13 Diversion Road , 4.Nerunjipet (T.P) Ward 13 Murugan Rice Mill Road Kattu Kottaikal , 5.Nerunjipet (T. P) Ward 12 West Kattu Kottaikal
21P.U.E.S, Nerunjipettai-638311 ,South Facing West Side Terreaced Building1.Nerunchi Pettai(T.V) Ward 9 Mettur Bhavani Road , 2.Nerunchi Pettai(T.P) Ward 11 Kovil Karadu , 3.Nerunchi Pettai(T.P) Ward 9 Kombur , 4.Nerunchi Pettai(T.P) Ward 10 Aariya Goundanur Harijan Colony , 5.Nerunchi Pettai(T.P) Ward 9 Aariya Goundanur Kattukottai
22Periasamy Aided M.School, Ammapettai-638311 ,WestfacingSouthSide Building1.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 7,10 Kamarajar Street , 2.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 10 P.S.P Street
23Periasamy Aided M.School, Ammapettai-638311 ,Westfacing NorthSide Building1.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 8,10 Ammapettai Harijan Colony , 2.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 11 Bank Street , 3.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 11,12 Bharathiyar Street
24P.U.Office,Ammapetti-638311 ,Westfacing Meeting Hall1.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 9,12 Old Mariyamman Kovil Street , 2.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 9 Vetnari Hospital Street , 3.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 13 Pattanjavadi , 4.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 13 Selambanur
25P.U.Office,Ammapetti-638311 ,Westfacing Meeting Hall1.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 15 Moonasavadi , 2.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 13 Anna Nagar , 3.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 14 Marapanur , 4.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 14 Marappanur Boyar Street , 5.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 15 Lakshmi Puram (SANATHIKAL)
26P.U.E.S, Munanjavadi-638311 ,EastfacingBuildingSouth Part1.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 2 Kolakaranur , 2.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 1 & 2 Anthonipuram , 3.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 1 & 2 Kaduman Kottai , 4.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 2 & 3 Indhira Nagar , 5.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 3 & 2 Kattu Kottaiygal
27P.U.M.S, Umareddiyur-638311 ,SouthFacing BuildingWest Part1.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 3 Sundharam Palayam , 2.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 3 Sundharampalayam Kattu Kottaigal , 3.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 4 Sundharam Palayam Harijan Colony Kattukottaigal , 4.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 2 Sundharam Palayam Vadakku , 5.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 3 Sundharampalayam South
28P.U.M.S, Umareddiyur-638311 ,SouthFacing EastBuilding1.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 2 Umareddiyur , 2.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 2 Sundharampalayam , 3.Ammapettai (T.P) Ward 4 Ammapettai Main Road
29P.U.M.S, Unjapalayam-638311 ,EastfacingBuilding NorthSide 1.Boothapadi(R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Balamarathu Kottai , 2.Boothapadi(R.V)And (P) Ward 1 Sadaiperiya Goundanur,Rajiv Nagar , 3.Boothapadi(R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Manalkadu Colony , 4.Boothapadi (R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Kullanoor
30P.U.M.S, Unjapalayam-638311 ,Eastfacing terraced Building South side1.Boothapadi(R.V)And (P) Ward 1 Boothapadi Arundhathiyar Colony , 2.Boothapadi (R.V)and(P) Ward 2 Boothapadi Kattukottaikal
31P.U.M.S, Unjapalayam-638311 ,East facingBuilding South Side1.Boothapadi(R.V)And (P) Ward 2 Unjapalayam , 2.Boothapadi(R.V) And (P)WARD 2 Adi Dravidar Colony , 3.Boothapadi (R.V) And(P) Ward 2 & 3 Unjapalayam, Anna Nagar, Kattukottaikal , 4.Boothapadi (R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Unjapalayam Arundhadhiyar Colony , 5.Boothapadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Unjapalayam Ka. Kottaikal , 6.Boothapadi(R.V ) And (P) Ward 3 Ranganchery Gandhisilay Kattu Kottaigal
32P.U.M.S, Unjapalayam-638311 ,East facingBuilding South Side1.Padavalkaalvai(R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Ammapettai Lakshmi Nagar , 2.Padavalkaalvai (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Singampettai Gate , 3.Padavalkaalvai (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Eri Thottam , 4.Padavalkaalvai (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Katur(Padaval Kalvai)
33Govt.Hr.Sec.School, Singampettai- 638311 ,EasSingampettai(R.V)And (P) Singampettai Gate New Colony Ward 2 , 2.Singampettai (R.V) And (P) Singampettai Ward 1 , 3.Padavalkaalvai(R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Pothiyan Thundu Colony , 4.Padavalkaalvai(R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Iyer Thottam , 5.Singampettai (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Singampettai Harijan Street
34Govt.Hr.Sec.School, Singampettai- 638311 ,South Facing Building East Side New No 31.Singampettai (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Aatakalanur , 2.Singampettai(R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Sottayanur , 3.Padavalkalvai (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Settiyar Thottam , 4.Paval Kalvai(R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Eri Thottam , 5.Padaval Kalvai (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 New Colony (PADAVAL Kalvai) , 6.Singampettai(R.V) ,PADAVALKALVAI (P) Ward 2 New Quarters , 7.Singampettai(R.V) And Padavalkalvai (P) Ward 2 Erankadu
35P.U.E.S, Singampettai-638311 ,West Facing Tiled Building North Side Room No 1Singampettai (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Anandhampalayam
36P.U.E.S, Singampettai-638311 ,North Facing Building1.Singampettai (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Sudamuthan Patti , 2.Singampettai (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Kuthiraikalmedu , 3.Singampettai (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 E.B. Quarters
37P.U.E.S, Mondipalayam-638311 ,North Facing Terraced Building East Side1.Singampettai (R.V) And (P) Alangariur Ward 3 , 2.Singampettai (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Ellaikadu , 3.Singampettai (R.V) And(P) Ward 3 Mondipalayam
38P.U.E.S, Mondipalayam-638311 ,North Facing Terraced Building West SideSingampettai (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Chinna Seeranganur , 2.Singampettai (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Sendaputhur , 3.Singampettai (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Pallakattu Thottam , 4.Singampettai(R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Chinna Katur , 5.Singampettai (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Singampettai Main Road , 6.Singampettai (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Chinna Mettur , 7.Singampettai (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Chinna Veeran Kottai , 8.Singampettai (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Mananthottam
39P.U.M.S, Patlut-638314 ,EastfacingBuilding NorthSide1.Patlur (R.V) And (P) Ward 4 Patlur North Thottam , 2.Patlur(R.V) And (P) Ward 9 Kalipatti Karatur
40P.U.M.S, Patlur-638314 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building1.Patlur (R.V) And (P) Ward 5 Four Road , 2.Patlur (R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Patlur Kattu Kottaikal
41P.U.E.S, Pusariyur-638314 ,SouthfacingBuildingEastSidePatlur (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Kemiyampatti
42P.U.E.S, Pusariyur-638314 ,SouthfacingBuildingWestSide1.Patlur (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Poosariyur , 2.Patlur (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Makkallur
43P.U.M.S, MaravanKuttai-638314 ,EastfacingBuilding New Building1.Patlur (R.V) And (P) Ward 6 Maravankuttai , 2.Patlur (R.V) And (P) Ward 7 Maravankuttai West Street , 3.Patlur (R.V) And (P) Ward 7 Maravankuttai Kattukottaikal
44Harijan Welfare.E.School Sokkanathan Karattucheri-638314 ,Eastfacing NorthSide Building1.Patlur (R.V) And (P) Ward 8 Poiyankuttai , 2.Patlur (R.V) And (P) Ward 9 Sokkanathamalaiyur
45HarijanWelfare.E.School, Sokkanathan Karatucheri-638314 ,Eastfacing SouthSide Building1.Patlur (R.V) And (P) Ward 10,12 Bommanpatti Anna Nagar , 2.Patlur (R.V) And (P) Ward 12 Bommanpatti Puduvalavu
46P.U.E.S, Mosugoundanur-638314 ,Southfacing New Building1.Patlur (R.V) And (P) Ward 13 Muthugoundanpudur Mosugoundanur , 2.Patlur (R.V) And (P) Ward 13 ,14 Vengakallur Poosariyur Mosugoundanur
47P.U.E.School, Attavanaipudur- 638314 ,Eastfacing South Building1.Attavanai Pudur(R.V) And (p) Ward1 Attavanai Pudur Colony , 2.Attavanai Pudur(R.V) And (P) Ward1 Main Road , 3.Attavanai Pudur (R.V) And(P) Ward1 Nadu Street
48P.U.E.School Attavanaipudur- 638314 ,East Facing Building Northside1.Attavanai Pudur(R.V) And (p) Ward2 Pethakka Palayam,Angamuthu Colony , 2.Attavanai Pudur (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Attavanai Pudur Main Road , 3.Attavanai Pudur (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Samayatharanur , 4.Attavanai Pudur (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Konamookanur Colony , 5.Attavanai Pudur (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Konamookanur Kaspa , 6.Attavanai Pudur (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Panankadu
49P.U.E.School Mugasipudur- 638314 ,Northfacing Building Westside1.Mugasipudur (R.V) And (p) Ward1 Kotthukaran Kottai , 2.Mugasipudur(R.V) And (P) Ward1,2 Mugasipudur Harijan Colony2
50P.U.E.School Mugasipudur- 638314 ,East Side Building Facing North West Side1.Mugasipudur (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Mugasipudur Kaspa , 2.Mugasipudur (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Thoppukattur , 3.Mugasipudur (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Sottaiparai Street , 4.Mugasipudur (R.V) And (P) Ward2 East Mariyamman Kovil Streer , 5.Mugasipudur(R.V) And (P) Ward2 Kurichi Road2 , 6.Mugasipudur (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Mariyamman Kovil Street2
51P.U.E.School Mugasipudur- 638314 ,Northfacing Building Eastside1.Mugasipudur(R.V) And (P) Ward3 Chinna Muliyanur , 2.Mugasipudur(R.V)And (P) Ward2,3 Naganur , 3.Mugasipudur(R.V)And (P) Ward2 Amman Kovil Thottam , 4.Mugasipudur(R.V)And (P) Ward2 Kalliyankattu Pudur , 5.Mugasipudur (R.V) And (P) Ward1,2 Mugasipudur Harijan Colony
52P.U.E.School Kurichi-638314 ,Eastfacing Building Southside1.Kurichi (R.V)and (P) Ward1 Karaimedu , 2.Kurichi (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Muniyappan Kovil Street , 3.Kurichi(R.V) And (P) Ward1 Kurichi , 4.Kurichi(R.V) And (P) Ward1 Karupamoopanur
53P.U.E.School Kurichi-638314 ,Eastfacing Building Northside1.Kurichi(R.V) And (P) Ward1,2 Kurichi , 2.Kurichi (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Thiruven Kottai , 3.Kurichi(R.V) And (P) Ward2 Kalaramani
54P.U.E.School Kurichi-638314 ,Southfacing north Building east Side1.Kurichi(R.V) And (P) Ward2 Nagampalayam , 2.Kurichi(R.V) And (P) Ward2 Pottali Kottai
55P.U.E.School Koochikallur- 638314 ,Northfacing Building Eastside1.Kurichi (R.V) And (P) Ward 2,3 Sembada Palayam , 2.Kurichi (R.V) And (P) Ward3 Subburayan Kottai , 3.Kurichi(R.V) And (P) Ward3 Koochikallur Kattukottai , 4.Kurichi (R.V) And (P) Ward3 Akkaraiur , 5.Kurichi (R.V) And (P) Ward3 Ramachi Playam Kattukottai , 6.Kurichi (R.V) And (P) Ward3 Patchakalanur
56P.U.E.School Koochikallur- 638314 ,Northfacing Building Westside1.Kurichi (R.V) And (P) Ward6 Kutchikallur , 2.Kurichi (R.V) And (P) Ward7 Ramatchipalayam , 3.Kurichi (R.V) And (P) Ward8 Sellankuttai , 4.Kurichi (R.V) And (P) Ward9 Selligoundanur
57P.U.E.School Selligoundanur- 638314 ,Southfacing Building Eastside1.Kurichi (R.V) And (P) Ward10 Seelampatti , 2.Kurichi (R.V) And (P) Ward9 Selligoundanur Sakkili Street , 3.Kurichi (R.V) And (P) Ward9 Selligoundanur
58`P.U.E.School, Sempadapalayam- 638314 ,Northfacing Building EastsideX1.Poonachi (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Mollagoundan Kottai , 2.Poonachi (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Nathamedu , 3.Poonachi (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Manakadu , 4.Poonachi (R.V) And (P) Ward3 Onakkal Medu , 5.Poonachi (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Palanivelpuram , 6.Poonachi (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Ramachandirapuram , 7.Poonachi (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Katthiriyan Kadu
59P.U.E.School Sempadapalayam- 638314 ,Westfacing Building Northside1.Poonachi (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Sempadapalayam , 2.Poonachi(R.V) And (P) Ward2 Kondaiyan Kottai , 3.Poonachi (R.V) And (P) Ward3 Kona Reddypalayam , 4.Poonachi (R.V) And (P) Ward3 Puduvalavu Colony , 5.Poonachi (R.V) And (P) Ward3 Onakkal Medu , 6.Poonachi (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Thoppu Thottam , 7.Poonachi (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Kuppagoundan Colony
60Panchayath Office , Kadappanallur-638311 ,Northfacing Building1.Kadappanallur(R.V) And (P) Ward2 Kadappanallur , 2.Kadappanallur(R.V) And (P) Ward1 Parasuraman Kattur , 3.Kadappanallur(R.V) And (P) Ward2 Peramatchipalayam , 4.Kadappanallur (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Kuruvanur Govindhampalayam , 5.Kadappanallur(R.V) And (P) Ward1 Muthagoundanur
61P.U.E.School Kadappanallur- 638311 ,Northfacing Building1.Kadappanallur(R.V) And (P) Ward1 Kadappanallur Muthugoundanur , 2.Kadappanallur(R.V) And (P) Ward1 Kadappanallur Kattukottai , 3.Kadappanallur (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Parasuraman Kattur , 4.Kadappanallur (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Bungalow Thottam , 5.Kadappanallur(R.V) And (P) Ward2 Peramatchiplalayam
62P.U.M.School, Manickampalayam- 638314 ,Northfacing Building Westside1.Kurichi (R.V) ,Manickampalayam (P) Ward1 Manickampalayam Pudur , 2.Kurichi (R.V),MANICKAMPALAYAM (P) Ward1 Sullimedu , 3.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward1 Manickampalayam Kaspa , 4.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward1 Manickampalayam Division , 5.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam(P) Ward1 Sangothi Thottam , 6.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward1 Kuthiraikalmedu Main Road
63P.U.M.School, Maickampalayam- 638314 ,Northfacing Building Eastside1.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward1 Koolikadu , 2.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward 2 Singili Kottai , 3.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward2 Anandhampalayam , 4.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward2 Poonjolai Kottai , 5.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward2 Kuthiraikalmedu , 6.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward1 Manickampalayam Division , 7.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward2 Kuthiraikalmedu Colony
64P.U.E.School, PeriaKurumpapalayam-638314 ,Southfacing Building Eastside1.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (p) Ward2 Manickampalayam , 2.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward2 Periya Kurumpalayam , 3.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward 2 Chinna Kurumpalayam , 4.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward 2 Indira Nagar , 5.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward2 Chinna Goundanur , 6.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward2 Vannandurai Medu
65P.U.E.SchoolPeriaKurumpapalaya m-638314 ,Southfacing Building Westside1.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (p) Ward 2 Periya Kurumpalayam , 2.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward3 Periyandipalayam Harijan Street , 3.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward3 Thottipalayam , 4.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward3 Periyandipalayam , 5.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward 3 Kasimaran Thottam , 6.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward 3 Kunnudaiyanur , 7.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward 3 Kattoor , 8.Kurichi(R.V),Manickampalayam (P) Ward2 Pudunagaram
66P.U.E.School, Olagadam-638314 ,Southfacing Building1.Olakadam (TP) Ward 8 Kunjumariyamman Kovil Street , 2.Olakadam (TP) Ward 8 Muslim Street , 3.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 8 Kullalar , 4.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 8 Adi Thiravidar Colony , 5.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 8 Periyanna Pillai Lane , 6.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 8 Nadar Street , 7.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 8 Navithar Street , 8.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 8 Olagadam Main Road , 9.Olakadam (T.P) Ward14 Perumal Kovil Street , 10.Olakadam (TP) Ward 14 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 11.Olakadam (TP) Ward 14 Ottapalayam Road , 12.Olakadam (TP) Ward 14 Gandhi Road
67Govt.Higher.Sec..School, Olagadam-638314 ,Southfacing Terraced Building Eastside1.Olagadam (T.P) Ward 2 Kuttaimedu , 2.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 2 Gankai Thottam , 3.Olakadam (T.P) Ward12 Vedikaranpalayam East Street
68Govt.Higher.Sec..School, Olagadam-638314 ,Southfacing Terraced Building Eastside1.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 12 Thandampalayam Kattu Kottai , 2.Olakadam (T.P) Ward13 Thandampalayam South Street , 3.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 13 Thandampalayam North Street
69Govt.Higher.Sec.School, Olagadam-638314 ,North facing Terraced Building east side1.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 2 Gandhi Square , 2.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 2 Eswaran Kovil Street , 3.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 2 Mill Mettu Kottaigal , 4.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 13 Thandampalayam Harijan Colony , 5.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 13 Thandampalayam Newcolony , 6.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 15 Kundhupayur , 7.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 15 Thasa Goundan Kattu Kottaigal , 8.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 1 Kuntriyur , 9.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 1 Chinna Goundan Kattu Kottaigal
70P.U.E.School, Nagireddypalayam- 638314 ,North facing Building West side1.Olagadam (T.P) Ward 3 Mandira Reddy Kottaigal 1 .54 , 2.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 3 Mariyamman Kovil Street 1 . 44 , 3.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 3 Angalamman Kovil Street 1 . 58 , 4.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 3 Nagi Reddy Palayam East Street 1 . 9 , 5.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 3 Nagireddy Nadutheru 1. 43 , 6.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 4 Reddiyar Kottai 1 . 3 , 7.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 4 Ponni Kottai 1 . 23
71P.U.E.School, Kolanthapalayam- 638314 ,North Facing Terraced Building East Side1.Olakadam (TP) Ward 4 Podara Gounder Kattu Kottaigal 1. 71 , 2.Olakadam (TP) Ward 4 Kolanthapalayam Keeltheru 1 . 30 , 3.Olakadam (TP) Ward 4 Kolanthapalayam Nadutheru 1 40 , 4.Olakadam (TP) Ward 5 Kolanthapalayam Mariyamman Kovil Street , 5.Olakadam (TP) Ward 5 Kolanthapalayam Kattu Kottaigal 1. 63 , 6.Olakadam (TP) Ward 6 Mummi Reddipalayam Kattu Kottaigal 1 . 27 , 7.Olakadam (TP) Ward 6 Mummireddy Palayam Harijan Colony 1 . 67 , 8.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 6 Mummi Reddy Palayam South Street , 9.Olakadam (TP) Ward 6 Mummi Reddy Palayam North Street 1 . 27 , 10.Olakadam (TP) Ward 6 Kunkummapalayam 1 40 , 11.Olakadam (TP) Ward 6 Kunkumma Palayam Colony 1 . 10 , 12.Olakadam (TP) Ward 5 Kolanthapalayam , 13.Olakadam (TP) Ward 6 Mummireddypalayam West Street , 14.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 5 Kolanthapalayam
72P.U.E.School, Thalapalayam- 638314 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building Southside1.Olakadam (TP) Ward 7 Pugaiyelai Reddyur 1 . 25 , 2.Olakadam (TP) Ward 7 Rajakumaranur 1 . 99 , 3.Olakadam (TP) Ward7 Thekkoor , 4.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 7 Thalapalayam Medu 1 40 , 5.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 9 Thalapalayam South Street 1 .70 , 6.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 9 Thalapalayam North Street 1 . 25 , 7.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 9 Thalapalayam Kattu Kottaigal 1 . 32
73P.U.E.School, Thalapalayam- 638314 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building Northside1.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 9 Thalapalayam Harijan Colony , 2.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 9 Thalapalayam Jayanthi Colony , 3.Olakadam (TP) Ward 9 Chinna Karukkupalayam , 4.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 10 Mosuvan Palani Kattu Kottaigal , 5.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 10 Koonakkapalayam Kuravan Colony , 6.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 10 Koonakkapalayam East Street , 7.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 10 Koonakkapalayam Mariyamman Kovil Street East , 8.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 10 Koonakkampalayam Mariyamman Kovil Street West
74P.U.E.School, Thalapalayam- 638314 ,East Facing Terraced Building North Side1.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 11 Periya Karukkupalayam , 2.Olakadam (TP) Ward 11 Molagoundan Kottai , 3.Olakadam (TP) Ward 11 Chinns Goundan Kattu Kottai , 4.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 11 Solaiyampalayam Mariyamman Kovil Streer , 5.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 11 Solaiyampalayam Nadutheru , 6.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 11 Solaiyampalayam Kattu Kottai , 7.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 11 Vedikaranpalayam Mariyamman Kovil Street , 8.Olakadam (T.P) Ward 12 Vedikaranpalayam West Street , 9.Olakadam (TP) Ward 12 Vedikaranpalayam
75P.U.E.School, Kesarimangalam- 638311 ,Southfacing Building Westside1.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And ( P) Ward1 Salukkanur , 2.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Andigoundan Pudur , 3.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Sitthar Kattu Kottai , 4.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Kesarimangalam Kattu Kottai , 5.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Kesarimangalam
76P.U.E.School, Kesarimangalam- 638311 ,Southfacing Building Eastside1.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Andigoundan Pudur Kattu Kottaigal , 2.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Sitthar Mettur Main Road ,KURITCHI Road , 3.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Kompu Thottam,Patcha.M.Thottam.Patuka Thottam , 4.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Mettukattu Periyankadu , 5.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward1 Kesarimangalam Division
77P.U.E.School, Kesarimangalam- 638311 ,West Facing Terraced Building South SideKesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Kesarimangalam Adi Thiravidar Colony , 2.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward3 Koothampatty Gounder Street , 3.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Koothampatty Chettiyar Street , 4.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Kesarimangalam Kattu Kottai , 5.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward2 3 Koothampatty Kattu Kottai
78Govt.HighSchool Kuppichipalayam-638311 ,Northfacing Newbuilding Westside1.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (p) Ward4 Yamampalayam 1 278 , 2.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward4 Yamampalayam 1 278
79Govt.High.School, Kuppichipalayam-638311 ,Northfacing Newbuilding Eastside1.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward5 Kuppitchipalayam,Kattu Kottaigal , 2.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward5 Kannakaradu.Ramagoundan Pudur , 3.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward5 Mamarathottam , 4.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward4 Kutta Muniyappankovil,Nallipalayam,Kudumiyan Pudur
80G.H.School, Kuppichipalayam- 638311 ,Southfacing Newbuilding Eastside1.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward6 Kuppichipalayam , 2.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward6 Kuppichipalayam,Kattu Kottaigal , 3.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward7 Reddiyar Thottam , 4.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward7 Krishnapuram , 5.Kesarimangalam (R.V) And (P) Ward7 Vhaikkalmedu Kattu Kottaigal
81P.U.E.School, Kalpavi-638314 ,Eastfacing Terraced Building Northside1.Kalpaavi (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Thottipalayam.Muthureddiyur 1 307 , 2.Kalpaavi (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Kattiyagoundanur 314
82P.U.E.School, Kalpavi-638314 ,Eastfacing Building Southside1.Kalpaavi (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Kandampalayam,Periyakurumpalayam Colony , 2.Kalpaavi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Kalpaavi Nallipalayam ,MELUR
83P.U.E.School, Ottapalayam- 638314 ,Northfacing Tiled Building WestsideOttapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Kundhubayur,Ramagoundanur,Vettunanoor , 2.Ottapalayam (P) Ward 1 Ottapalayam ,VELLA Karatoor
84P.U.E.School, Ottapalayam- 638314 ,South Facing Building1.Ottapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward 1,2 C.T.Palayam,N.T.Kottai.K.Kottai , 2.Ottapalayam (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Sempulichampalayam
85P.U.E.School, Ottapalayam- 638314 ,South Facing Building1.Ottapalayam(R.V) And (P) Ward 2.3 Sempulichampalayam
86P.U.E.School, Ammanpalayam- 638312 ,Westfacing New Tiled building Northside1.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 2.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Indira Nagar , 3.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Amman Palayam Ist Street
87P.U.E.School, Ammanpalayam- 638312 ,West Facing Building South Side1.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Ammanpalayam West Street , 2.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Ammanpalayam South Street , 3.Paruvachi(R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Ammanpalayam East Street , 4.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Ammanpalayam North Street , 5.Paruvachi(R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Nehru Nagar
88P.U.E.School, Paruvachi-638312 ,Eastfacing Building Northside1.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Thottiyanur , 2.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Paalampalayam , 3.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Gandhi Nagar , 4.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Paruvachi
89P.U.E.School, Paruvachi-638312 ,South Facing Old Building West Side1.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Sathiya Nagar , 2.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Pichanur
90P.U.E.School, Paruvachi-638312 ,South facing Old tiled BuildingWestside1.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Paruvachi North Street , 2.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Paruvachi , 3.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Nadu Veethi , 4.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Anna Nagar , 5.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Purasa Katoor , 6.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Puthu Perumapalayam , 7.Paruvachi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Paruvachi Katoor
91P.U.E.School, Andipalayam- 638314 ,Eastfacing Old tiled building NorthsideMylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Ponnaiyagoundanur , 2.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Krishnapuram
92P.U.E.School, Andipalayam- 638314 ,East Facing Old Building South Side1.Mylampadi(R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Andipalayam
93P.U.E.School, Andipalayam- 638314 ,East Facing Old Terraced Building North Side1.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Andipalayam Pudur , 2.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Vishnu Nagar
94P.U.E.School, Andipalayam- 638314 ,Northfacing Addtional Tiled Building1.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Katoor Harijan Colony , 2.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Kalvanaickanur Harijan Colony
95P.U.E.School, Kannadipalayam- 638314 ,Westfacing Terraced building Northside1.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Potthanaickenpudur , 2.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Bothanaickenur , 3.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Kathampalayam , 4.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Kompukadu , 5.Mylampadi(R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Sakthi Nagar
96P.U.E.School, Kannadipalayam- 638314 ,WestfacingNew terraced building Southside1.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Kannadipalayam , 2.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Kannadipalayam Colony , 3.Mylampadi(R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Mondipalayam , 4.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Pudupalayam Kattu Kottai , 5.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 4 Pachapali
97P.U.E.School, Koonakkapalayam- 638314 ,Eastfacing Old tiled Building1.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 4 Koonakkapalayam , 2.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 4 Patchapali , 3.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 4 Solaiyampalayam Colony , 4.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 4 Atthimara Thottam , 5.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 4 Somalaiyampalayam
98P.U.E.School, Koonakkapalayam- 638314 ,Westfacing Newbuilding1.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 4 Sanaarpalayam Chery , 2.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 4 Kondureddypalayam Rangan Nagar , 3.Mylampadi(R.V) And (P) Ward 4 South Thottam , 4.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 4 Sanarpalayam , 5.Mylampadi (R.V) And (P) Ward 4 Ranga Nagar
99P.U.E.School, V.Mettupalayam- 638311 ,Northfacing Building1.Sanyasipatty(R.V) And (P) Ward1 Sanyasipatty , 2.Sanyasipatty(R.V) And (P) Ward2 Mettupalayam
100P.U.M.School, Chinnaperitchipalayam-638311 ,Eastfacing Terraced Building north side1.Varadhanallur (R.V) And (P) Ward2 Mettupalayam , 2.Varadanallur (R.V) And (P) Ward 3 Chinna Perichipalayam Pudur
101P.U.M.School, Chinnaperitchipalayam-638311 ,Southfacing Terraced Building1.Thalakulam (R.V) And (P) Ward 6 Thala Kulam , 2.Varadhanallur (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Chinna Perichipalayam Harijan Colony , 3.Varadanallur(R.V) And (P) Ward 2 Chinna Perichipalayam
102Nethaji Aided Elementry School,Koolikaranpalayam- 638311 ,Northfacing New terraced Building west side1.Varadanallur (R.V) And (P) Ward 4 Koolikaran Palayam
103Panchayath union Office,Vengakkalmedu-638311 ,Eastfacing Terraced Building1.Varadanallur(R.V) And (P) Ward 4 Koolikaranpalayam Harijan Street , 2.Varadanallur (R.V) And (P) Ward 1 Varadanallur , 3.Varadanallur (R.V) And (P) Ward 5 Vengakkal Medu , 4.Varadanallur (R.V) And (P) Ward 5 Karuma Goundan Pudur
104P.U.M.School, Thippuchettipalayam-638302 ,Northfacing Building Eastside1.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 1 Thippichettypalayam , 2.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 2 Pudukadaiyampatty , 3.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 3 Pillaiyar Kovil Street , 4.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 4 Amman Kovil Street
105P.U.M.School, Thippichettipalayam-638302 ,North facing Tiled Building Westside1.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 1 Iservarayanpalayam
106P.U.M.School, Thippichettipalayam-638302 ,East facing Tiled Building1.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 2 Thalapaiyanur Harijan Colony , 2.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 3 Thottipalayam , 3.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 4 Thalapaiyanur , 4.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 5 Manakattu Thottam
107P.U.E.School,Thottipalayam- 638302 ,Eastfacing New Terraced building Northside1.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 7 Thottipalayam , 2.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 8 Semmana Kuzhi , 3.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 8 Panankadu Street , 4.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 8 Veeri Kattu Thottam , 5.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 8 Palayacheri
108P.U.E.School, Selampagoundanpalayam-638302 ,Southfacing Building1.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 9 Selambagoundanpalayam , 2.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 9 Selambagoundanpalayam Thottakattupudur , 3.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 11 Molagoundanpudur , 4.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 10 Kottaikattupudur , 5.Bhavnai(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 11 Arumaikaran Pudur , 6.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 11 Molagoundanpudur Colony , 7.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 11 Molagounder Pudur
109P.U.M.School,Sankaragoundampal ayam-638311 ,Westfacing tiled Building southside1.Bhavani(R.V), Thottipalayam(P) Aerappanaickan Palayam,Chettikaran Thottam Ward 12 , 2.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 15,16 Anjuvallakadu,Poosari Panakadu , 3.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward12 Erappanaickenpalayam
110P.U.M.School,Sankaragoundampal ayam-638311 ,Westfacing tiled Building Northside1.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward13 14 Sankaragoundanpalayam , 2.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 16 Sankaragoundanpalayam , Annanagar
111P.U.E.School,Uratchikottai- 638302 ,East Facing Terraced Building North Side1.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward15 Uratchi Kottai
112P.U.E.School,uratchikottai- 638302 ,West Facing North Wing1.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward15 Uratchi Kottai , 2.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 15 E.B.Colony Barrege , 3.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 15 Jeeva Nagar
113P.U.E.School,Uratchikottai- 638302 ,East Facing Terraced Building South Side1.Bhavnai(R.V) ,Thottipalayam (p) Ward 16 Uratchi Kottai , 2.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 15,16 Uratchi Kottai ,M.G.R.NAGAR , 3.Bhavani(R.V),Thottipalayam (P) Ward 15 Anjuvallakadu
114P.U.E.School, Thurusanampalayam-638312 ,Southfacing Building1.Jambai (TP) Ward 1 Periya Karuppusamy Kovil Street , 2.Jambai (T.P) Ward 1 Muthalamman Kovil Street , 3.Jambai (T.P) Ward 2,6,9 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 4.Jambai (T.P) Ward 1 Makaliyamman Kovil Street , 5.Jambai (T.P) Ward 1 Veppankattupudur
115P.U.E.School, Nallipalayam- 638312 ,Newterraced Building FacingSouth1.Jambai (T.P) Ward 1 Chinna Karuppusamy Kovil Street , 2.Jambai (T.P) Ward 2,6,9 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 3.Jambai (T.P) Ward2 Nallipalayam West Street , 4.Jambai (TP) Ward2 Nallipalayam East Street
116P.U.M.School, Vaaikalpalayam- 638312 ,Tiled Facing West1.Jambai (T.P) Ward 3 Pilagiri Naickenpalayam , 2.Jambai (TP) Ward 4 Selambagoundanpalayam East Street , 3.Jambai (T.P) Ward 4 Chinniyampalayam Pudur
117P.U.M.School, Vaaikalpalayam- 638312 ,West Facing Terraced Building East Side1.Jambai (TP) Ward 3 Vaaikala Street
118P.U.M.School, Jambai-638312 ,Eastfacing Terraced Building Northside1.Jambai (TP) Ward 4,5 Chinniyampalayam Jambai Road , 2.Jambai (TP) Ward 5 Pathrakaliyamman Kovil Street
119P.U.M.School, Jambai-638312 ,Eastfacing Terraced Building Southside1.Jambai (TP) Ward 5,6 Mariyamman Kovil Street(Seethampalayam) , 2.Jambai (TP) Ward 6 Periya Andavar Kovil Street(Seethapalayam) , 3.Jambai (TP) Ward 5,6 Mariyamman Kovil Street,Chinnamolapalayam , 4.Jambai (TP) Ward 6 Mariyamman Kovil Street ,HARIJAN Street , 5.Jambai (T.P) Ward 5 Gandhi Nagar , 6.Jambai (T.P) Ward6 Vivekanandar Street
120P.U.M.School,Jambai-638312 ,Southfacing Central Tiled Building1.Jambai (TP) Ward7,9 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 2.Jambai (T.P) Ward 9 Matharasa Street , 3.Jambai (TP) Ward9 Andavar Street
121C.S.I. Aided Elementry School,Jambai-638312 ,Southfacing Tiled Building Westside1.Jambai (TP Ward 5,8 Sakthi Road , 2.Jambai (TP) Ward8 Bharathi Nagar
122C.S.I.Aided Elementry School,Jambai-638312 ,North Facing Terraced Building East Side1.Jambai (TP) Ward 7,8 Palaniyandavar Kovil Street , 2.Jambai (T.P) Ward 7 Majidh Street
123Govt,Higher Sec..School, Thalavaipettai-638312 ,South Facing Terraced Building East Side1.Jambai (TP) Ward 10 Bhavani Nathi Street , 2.Jambai (TP) Sathy Main Road Periya Molapalayam Ward 11
124Govt,Higher Sec..School, Thalavaipettai-638312 ,South Facing Terraced Building West Side1.Jambai (TP) Ward 10 Ongaliyamman Kovil Street , 2.Jambai (T.P) Ward 11 Savalakal Street , 3.Jambai (T.P) Ward 11,15 Perumal Kovil Street , 4.Jambai (TP) Ward 11 Post Office Street
125Govt,Higher Sec..School, Thalavaipettai-638312 ,North Facing Terraced Building East Side1.Jambai (TP) Ward 12 Madeswaran Kovil Street ,thalavai Pet
126Govt,Higher Sec..School, Thalavaipettai-638312 ,North Facing Terraced Building West Side1.Jambai (T.P) Ward 12 Vinayagar Kovil Street ,THALAVAI Pet , 2.Jambai (T.P) Ward 11 Sekundanpalayam , 3.Jambai (T.P) Ward 13 Mariyamman Kovil Street,Peruma Palayam , 4.Jambai (T.P) Ward 10 Koodal Nagar , 5.Jambai (T.P) Ward 11 Post Office Street ,THALAVAI Pet
127P.U.E.School, Karukkupalayam- 638312 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building Northside1.Jambai (T.P) Pudur Road ,PERUMA Palayam Ward 13 , 2.Jambai (T.P) Mariyamman Kovil Street,Peruma Palayam Ward 13 , 3.Jambai (T.P) Serankadu Street,Karukkupalayam Ward 13 , 4.Jambai (T.P) Ward 13 Kalungu Street , 5.Jambai (T.P) Ward 14 Natthakattu Street , 6.Jambai (T.P) Ward 14 South Street , 7.Jambai (T.P) Ward 12,14 Vinayagar Kovil Street , 8.Jambai (T.P) Ward 15 Nadar Street
128P.U.E.School, Periyavadamalaipalayam-638312 ,North Building FacingSouth1.Jambai (TP) Ward 15 Perumal Kovil Street , 2.Jambai (TP) Ward 15 Appichiyar Kovil Street , 3.Jambai (T.P) Ward 15 Kamaraj Colony , 4.Jambai (TP) Ward 15 Alamarathu Veethi , 5.Jambai (T.P) Ward 15 Chinna Vadamalai Palayam
129P.U.M.School, Punnam-638312 ,West Facing Terraced Building1.Punnam(R.V) And (P) Selingampalayam Angappan Kottai Ward1 , 2.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Koothadi Kottai, Ward1 , 3.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Periya Mettur, Ward1
130P.U.M.School, Punnam-638312 ,West Facing Terraced Building1.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Paalapalayam Ayyam Palayam Ammasai Kottai Ward1 , 2.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Chinna Mettur, Ward1
131P.U.M.School,Punnam-638312 ,Westfacing back side Terraced Building south side1.Punnam(R.V) And (P) Seligampalayam, Ward1 , 2.Punnam(R.V) And (P) Angamuthu Kottai, Ward1 , 3.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Kuppana Kottai, Ward1 , 4.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Sengodampalayam, Ward1 , 5.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Kaspa, Ward2
132P.U.E.School,Velamarathur- 638312 ,Eastfacing Northside Building1.Punnam(R.V) And (P) Velamarathur Narapalayam Nalla Naickanur, Ward3 , 2.Punnam(R.V ) And (P) Velamarathur, Ward3 , 3.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Narapalayam, Ward3 , 4.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Velamarathur Colony, Ward3
133P.U.M.School,Punnam-638312 ,Westfacing South-Backside Tiledbuilding1.Punnam(R.V) And (P) V.T.R. Thottam, Ward3 , 2.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Punnam Kaspa, Ward2 , 3.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Punnam Paarai Kadu, Ward2 , 4.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Punnam Harijan Colony, Ward2 , 5.Punnam(R.V) And (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street, Ward2 , 6.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Palani Naickanur, Ward2 , 7.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Chinna Moopan Thottam, Ward2 , 8.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Chettykuttai, Ward2 , 9.Punnam (R.V) And (P) Poosari Ranga Naickanur, Ward2
134P.U.M.School,Kuruppanaickenpala yam-638301 ,Northfacing Terraced Building west street1.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Rana Nagar, Ward 1 , 2.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Natarajapuram, Ward 1
135P.U.M.School,Kuruppanaickenpala yam-638301 ,Northfacing Terraced Building East portion1.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) N.G.G.O. Colony,Ward 1 , 2.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Senkadu,Ward 1 , 3.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Seed Farm Road, Ward 1 , 4.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Mettur Main Road, Ward 1 , 5.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Vedagiripuram, Ward 1 , 6.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) North Street, Ward 1
136P.U.M.School,Kuruppanaickenpala yam-638301 ,Northfacing Terraced Building East portion1.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (p) Kuruppanaicken Palayam North Street, Ward 1,2
137P.U.M.School,Kuruppanaickenpala yam-638301 ,Southfacing Tiled Building West Side1.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Kuruppanaicken Palayam South Street, Ward 2 , 2.Uratchikottai(R.V) ,KURUPPANAICKEN Palayam (P) Mettur Main Road, Ward 2 , 3.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) N.G.G.O. Colony, Ward
138P.U.E.School,Kuruppanaickenpala yam-638301 ,Westfacing terraced Building South side1.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (p) Rotary Colony, Ward 3 , 2.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Ward 3 Kasapu Kadai Veethi , 3.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Finance Street, Ward 3 , 4.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Manoharan Maligai Street, Ward 3 , 5.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Arunagiri Street, Ward 3
139P.U.E.School,Kuruppanaickenpala yam-638301 ,Westfacing Terraced Building North side1.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Bharani Rice Mill Street, Ward 3 , 2.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Sadasivam Rice Mill Street, Ward 3 , 3.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Chinema Kottai Street, Ward 3 , 4.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Nethaji Nagar, Ward 3 , 5.Uratchikottai(R.V),Kuruppanaicken Palayam (P) Angalamman Kovil Street, Ward 3
140P.U.M.School,Kadaiyampatti- 638312 ,Westfacing Building Southside1.Andi kulam (R.V) and (p) ward1 2 Palaya kadaiyampatty
141Municipal Elementry School, Kamaraj Nagar-638301 ,South Facing Terraced Building Northside1.Bhavani (m) Sokkarayan kadu, ward 1
142Municipal Elementry School, Kamaraj Nagar-638301 ,North Facing Terraced Building East SideBhavani (m) Sokkarayan kadu, ward 1
143Municipal Elementry School, Kamaraj Nagar-638301 ,East Facing Terraced Building West SideBhavani (m) Kamarajnagar, ward 2
144Municipal Elementry School, Kamaraj Nagar-638301 ,East Facing Terraced Building South Side1.Bhavani (m) Kamarajnagar, ward 2 , 2.Bhavani (M) Mainroad, Ward 2 , 3.Bhavani (M) Sokkarayan Extn., Ward 1 , 4.BHAVANI (M) KAMARAJ NAGARM 2 PERUMALPURAM WARD 4
145Municipal Elementry School, Kamaraj Nagar-638301 ,Southfacing Building Westside1.Bhavani (m) Varnapuram 5th road anna nagar ward 3
146Municipal Higher Elementry School,Varnapuram-638301 ,Facing EastNorthern Side Terraced Building1.Bhavani (m) Varnapuram 1st Road, Ward 5 , 2.Bhavani (M) Ward 5 Varnapuram 2 Nd Road , 3.Bhavani (M) Ward 4 Varnapuram 3rd Road
147Municipal Higher Elementry School,Varnapuram-638301 ,East Facing South Run Side1.Bhavani (M) Ward 4 Varnapuram 4rd Street , 2.Bhavani (M) Ward 6 Varnapuram 5th Road
148Municipal Middle School,Varnapuram-638301 ,Westfacing Newterraced Building Northside1.Bhavani(M) Meenachi Kalyana Mandapam Street Ward 6 , 2.Bhavani(M) Main Road Ward 4 , 3.Bhavani (M) Ward 5 Gurunatha Gounder Street
149Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavani- 638301 ,West Facing Terraced Building South Side Room No.71.Bhavani(M) Nanthanar Theru, Ward 12 , 2.Bhavani(M) Mahathma Gandhi Theru Ward 12 , 3.Bhavani (M) Varasandai Road, Ward 12,13
150Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavani- 638301 ,Southfacing Newmeeting Hall Building Eastside Room No.3ABhavani (m) Palanipuram 2rd Street, Ward 9 , 2.Bhavani (M) Palanipuram 3rd Street, Ward 9 , 3.Bhavani (M) Palanipuram 4rd Street, Ward 9 , 4.Bhavani (M) Palanipuram 5th Street, Ward 9 , 5.Bhavani (M) Palanipuram 6th Street, Ward 9 , 6.Bhavani (M) Palanipuram 7th Street, Ward 9
151Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavani- 638301 ,Northfacing Terraced Building Eastside Room No.63Bhavani (m) Devapuram, Ward 11
152Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavani- 638301 ,Northfacing Terraced Building Westside Room No.621.Bhavani (m) Main Road, Ward 11 , 2.Bhavani (M) Gurunathan Road, Ward 5 , 3.Bhavani (M) Bavadi Street, Ward 10 , 4.Bhavani (M) Devapuram,Ward 11
153Municipal Middle School,Bhavani- 638301 ,West Facing North East Building South Side1.Bhavani (m) Main Road, Ward 14 , 2.Bhavani (M) Anthiyur Road, Ward 8 , 3.Bhavani (M) Somasundharapuram, Ward 8
154Municipal Elementry School,Bhavani-638301 ,Westfacing Northeast Building Northside1.Bhavani (m) Devarajan Chandu, Ward 14 , 2.Bhavani (M) Siva Gnanam Chandu, Ward 14 , 3.Bhavani (M) Thana Savadi Chandu, Ward 14 , 4.Bhavani (M) Thiruvalluvar Nagar, Ward 7
155Municipal Elementry School,Palanipuram-638301 ,Eastfacing Terraced Building north side1.Bhavani (m) Palanipuram 1st Road, Ward 10
156Municipal Elementry School,Palanipuram-638301 ,Northfacing Building Westside1.Bhavani (m) Thiruneelakandar Street, Ward 15 , 2.Bhavani (M) Palaiya Panjachayatoffice Road, Ward 18 , 3.Bhavani (M) Palaiya Panjachayatoffice Road Ward 20,24 , 4.Bhavani (M) Mann Tholilalar 3rd Road, Ward 15
157C.S.I.School,Bhavani-638301 ,North Facing New Terraced Building East Side1.Bhavani (m) Pasuveshwarar Street, Ward 13,22
158C.S.I.School,Bhavani-638301 ,North Facing New Terraced Building West Side1.Bhavani (M) Sinivasapuram Extn, Ward 25
159Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavani- 638301 ,East Facing New Terraced Buiding Southside1.Bhavani (m) Mann Tholilalar 2nd Lane, Ward 16 , 2.Bhavani (M) Mann Tholilalar 2nd Street, Ward 16 , 3.Bhavani (M) Mann Tholilalar 1st Lane, Ward 17
160Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavani- 638301 ,East Facing Centre Building1.Bhavani (M) Mann Tholilalar 1st Road, Ward 17
161Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavani- 638301 ,Southfacing Terraced Building West Side Room no.28Bhavani (m) Srinivasapuram Wednaryhospital Road, Ward 20 , 2.Bhavani (M) Palaniyandavar Kovil Street, Ward 14 , 3.Bhavani (M) Palaniyandavarkovil Street, Ward 10 , 4.Bhavani (M) Mann Tholilalar 3rd Road, Ward 15,16 , 5.Bhavani (M) Mariyammankovil Street, Ward 21
162Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavani- 638301 ,South Facing Near Steps Second Room South Portion1.Bhavani (M) Palaniyandavarkovil Lane, Ward 21 , 2.Bhavani (M) Palaniyandavarkovil Street, Ward 21 , 3.Bhavani (M) Srinivasapuram 2rd Road, Ward 20 , 4.Bhavani (M) Manntholilalar 1st Lane, Ward 17 , 5.Bhavani (M) Thiruneelakandar Street, Ward 15
163Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavani- 638301 ,Eastfacing building Northside1.Bhavani (m) Kaltholilalar 1st Road, Ward 18
164Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavani- 638301 ,East Facing 3rd Room1.Bhavani (M) Kaltholilalar 2rd Road, Ward 18 , 2.Bhavani (M) Kaltholilalar 3rd Road, Ward 19 , 3.Bhavani (M) Makkan Street, Ward 24
165Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavani- 638301 ,Southfacing Terraced Building Westside Room no.31.Bhavani (m) Royaltheatre 1st Road, Ward 24 , 2.Bhavani (M) Royaltheatre 2rd Road, Ward V
166Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavani- 638301 ,South Facing Eastern Side Old Building1.Bhavani (M) Jothi Vinayagar Kovil Street, Ward 20 , 2.Bhavani (M) Royaltheatre 2rd Road, Ward 19
167Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavani- 638301 ,Southfacing New terraced Building West side1.Bhavani (m) Bus Stand Road, Ward 26 , 2.Bhavani (M) Bus Stand Road Ward 24
168Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Bhavani- 638301 ,Southfacing New terraced Building East Side1.Bhavani (M) Mainroad Ward 21 , 2.Bhavani (M) Mainroad Ward 27 , 3.Bhavani (M) Mainroad Ward 26
169Swamy Vivekanandar Aided Elementry School,Bhavani- 638301 ,TerracedBuildingfacingWest,Main road Bhava1.Bhavani (m) Kavery Street Ward 22 , 2.Bhavani (M) Kavery Street Ward 13 , 3.Bhavani (M) Kavery Street Ward 23 , 4.Bhavani (M) Kavery Street Ward 27
170Municipal Middle School,Kavery Street,Bhavani-638301 ,Westfacing Building Southside1.Bhavani (m) Pookadai Srteet Ward 26 , 2.Bhavani (M) Kavery Street Keeraikara Street Ward 26 , 3.Bhavani (M) Balakkarai Stret Ward 26 , 4.Bhavani (M) East Kannara Street Ward 21 , 5.Bhavani (M) West Kannarastreet Ward 21 , 6.Bhavani (M) Keeraikara Street Ward 23 , 7.Bhavani (M) Bajanai Kovilstreet Ward 22 , 8.Bhavani (M) Thanthai Periyar Street Ward 23
171P.U.M.School,Oricherypudur- 638315 ,Westfacing Building Northside1.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Orichiri Ward 2 , 2.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Indiranagar Ward 2
172P.U.M.School,Oricherypudur- 638315 ,Northfacing Terraced Building1.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Oricheri Kaspa Ward 2 , 2.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Oricheripudur Ward 2 , 3.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Annanagar Ward 2 , 4.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Postoffice Street Ward 2 , 5.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Gandhinagar Ward 2 , 6.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Sathy Mainroad Ward 2
173P.U.M.School, Oricherypudur- 638315 ,Westfacing Building Southside1.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Pappakavur Ward 1 , 2.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Malliyur Ward 1 , 3.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Chinnanaickanoor Ward 1
174P.U.M.School, Oricherypudur- 638315 ,Northfacing Tiled Building1.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Paruvachi Naickanpudur Ward 1 , 2.Orichery (R.V) And (P) Kattur Ward 2 , 3.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Kattur Colony Ward 2 , 4.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Sathanaickanoor Ward 1 , 5.Orichery(R.V) And (P) Gounden Pudur Ward 2
175P.U.M.School, Oricherypudur- 638315 ,Northfacing Tiled Building1.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Oricheri Pudur Ward 3 , 2.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Oricheri Pudur West Colony Ward 3 , 3.Oricheri (R.V) And (P) Sathy Mainroad Ward 3
176P.U.E.School, A.Pudupalayam- 638315 ,Northfacing Terraced Building Westside1.Appakudal (TP ) Thirumalainagar Kamanaickenpalayam Ward 4 , 2.Appakudal (TP) Pudupalayam Mainroad Thottasalaikal Ward 4 , 3.Appakudal (TP) Kalliyur Ward 4 , 4.Appakudal (TP) Bhavani Road Ward 4 , 5.Appakudal (TP) Appakudal Thottasalaikal Ward 4 , 6.Appakudal (TP) Oricheri Road Ward 4 , 7.Appakudal (tp) Ambethkar Street Ward 7
177P.U.E.School,A.Karattupalayam- 638315 ,Eastfacing Building1.Appakudal (TP) Periya Thottipalayam Ward 3 , 2.Appakudal (TP) Palaniyur Ward 3 , 3.Appakudal (TP) Kattikaranur Ward 3 , 4.Appakudal (TP) Sathanur Ward 3 , 5.Appakudal (TP) Gandhi Street Ward 2
178P.U.E.School,A.Karattupalayam- 638315 ,East Facing Terraced Building South SideAppakudal (TP) Nehru Street Ward 2 , 2.Appakudal (TP) Bharathi Street Ward 1 , 3.Appakudal (TP) Ilango Street Ward 1 , 4.Appakudal (TP) Kambar Street Ward 2
179Sakthinagar Elementry School,Sakthinagar-638315 ,Eastfacing North Aspestos Building1.Appakudal (TP) Sakthinagar Ward 12 , 2.Appakudal (TP) Sathi Bhavani Road Ward 13 , 3.Appakudal (TP) Sathinagar Kuladukkarai Ward 11
180Sakthinagar Elementry School,Sakthinagar-638315 ,EastfacingSouth Building1.Appakudal (TP) Manjamadai Ward 11 , 2.Appakudal (TP) Kamarajar Colony Ward 4 , 3.Appakudal (TP) Puthupalayam Mainroad Ward 5 , 4.Appakudal (TP) Puthupalayam Mainroad 1st Street Ward 5 , 5.Appakudal (TP) Puthupalayam Mainroad 2nd Street Ward 15 , 6.Appakudal (TP) Ramakrishna Nagar Ward 13
181P.U.M.School,Appakudal-638315 ,Westfacing Centralbuilding1.Appakudal (TP) Kamarajar Street Ward 10 , 2.Appakudal (TP) Arthanari Street Ward 7 , 3.Appakudal (TP) Muniappan Kovil Street Ward 7 , 4.Appakudal (TP) Amman Kovil Street Ward 7 , 5.Appakudal (TP) Rajaji Street Ward 10 , 6.Appakudal (TP) Thapalkarar Street Ward 10 , 7.Appakudal (TP) Mahali Street Ward 10 , 8.Appakudal (TP) Kavundapadi Road Ward 10
182P.U.M.School,Appakudal-638315 ,Northfacing West Terraced Building1.Appakudal (TP) Annananagar Ward 11 , 2.Appakudal (TP) P.K.R.Bakdari Street Ward 11 , 3.Appakudal (TP) Colony Street Ward 9 , 4.Appakudal (TP) Thiruvaluvar Street Ward 11 , 5.Appakudal (TP) Gandhinagar Ward 9 , 6.Appakudal (TP) Jothinagar Ward 9
183Govt.Higher.School- A.Pudupalayam-638315 ,Southfacing Building Westside1.Appakudal (TP) Senkudairoad Ward 14 , 2.Appakudal (TP) Pudupalayam Ward 14
184Govt.Higher.School- A.Pudupalayam-638315 ,Southfacing Building Eastside1.Appakudal (TP) Nandhavana Street Ward 14 , 2.Appakudal (TP) Thirivalluvar Ward 15 , 3.Appakudal (TP) Thiru.Ve.Ka.Street Ward 15 , 4.Appakudal (TP) Kumaran Street Ward 15 , 5.Appakudal (TP) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward 1 , 6.Appakudal (TP) Ongaliyamman Kovil Street Ward 1 , 7.Appakudal (TP) Va.Vu.Se.Street Ward 5
185Phildelphiya Mission School, Chinnapuliyur-638315 ,North Facing Main Building1.Chinnapuliyur (R.V) And (P) Chinnapuliyur Ward1 , 2.Chinnapuliyur (R.V) And (P) Rama Goundenvalasu Ward 2 , 3.Chinnapuliyur (R.V) And (P) Chinnapuliyur Kattukotaykal Ward 1 , 4.Chinnapuliyur (R.V) And (P) Periyarnagar Ward 1 , 5.Chinnapuliyur (R.V) And (P) Ramakrishnapuram Ward 1 , 6.Chinnapuliyur (R.V) And (P) Karattupudur Ward 1,2
186P.U.M.School,Vairamangalam- 638312 ,South Facing East Terraced Building1.Vairamangalam (R.V) And (P) Vairamangalamkasbha Ward 1 , 2.Vairamangalam (R.V) And (P) Karattupalayam Karuppareddyarsalai Ward 12 , 3.Vairamangalam (R.V) And (P) Karattupalayam Colony Ward 2 , 4.Vairamangalam (R.V) And (P) Vengamedu Ward 1
187P.U.M.School,Kuttipalayam- 638312 ,West Facing Tiled Bulding South Side1.Vairamangalam(R.V) And (P) Palaiyagoundan Puthur Ward 2 , 2.Vairamangalam (R.V) And (P) Goundenpudur Ward 2 , 3.Vairamangalam (R.V) And (P) Patchagoundenur Ward 2 , 4.Vairamangalam (R.V) And (P) Angappagoundenpudur Ward 2 , 5.Vairamangalam (R.V) And (P) Karattupalayampudur Ward 2 , 6.Vairamangalam (R.V) And (P) Mallanaickanur Ward 2 , 7.Vairamangalam (R.V) And (P) Rangagoundenpudur Ward 2
188P.U.M.School,Kuttipalayam- 638312 ,North Facing Terraced Building West Side1.Vairamangalam (R.V) And (P) Kuttipalayam Ward 3 , 2.Vairamangalam (R.V) And (P) Kuttipalayam Colony Ward 3
189P.U.M.School,Siraimeetanpalayam -638312 ,Northfacing Tiled Building Eastside1.Chinnapuliyur (R.V) And (P) Mettur Ward 2 , 2.Chinnapuliyur (R.V) And (P) Kunduchettipalayam Ward 2,3 , 3.Chinnapuliyur (R.V) And (P) G. D.Naidu Colony Ward 3 , 4.Chinnapuliyur (R.V) And (P) Sirai Meetanpalayam Ward 3 , 5.Chinnapuliyur (R.V) And (P) Kanjinagar Ward 2 , 6.Chinnapuliyur (R.V) And (P) Rottarynagar Ward 3 , 7.Chinnapuliyur (R.V) And (P) Vaikalmedu Ward 2 , 8.Chinnapuliyur (R.V) And (P) Ulavankadu Ward 3
190Somasundaram Memorial Govt.High.School,Nanchagoundan palayam-638455 ,Southfacing tiledBuilding Westside1.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) O.Nanjagoundenpalayam Ward 1 , 2.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) O.Nanjagoundenpalayam Poyar Street Ward 1
191Somasundaram Memorial Govt.High.School,Nanchagoundan palayam-638455 ,Southfacing tiled Building eastside1.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Komarapalayam Ward 1 , 2.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Otadurai Ward 2 , 3.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Otadurai Mariyammankovil Street Ward 2 , 4.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Malaimedu Ward 2 , 5.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Poyyerikarai Ward 2 , 6.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Nanjappanagar Ward 2 , 7.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Alankattu Thottam Ward 2 , 8.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Karkattu Thottam Ward 2 , 9.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Vannamadai Ward 2 , 10.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Mottaiyakarattu Thottam Ward 2
192Somasundaram Memorial Govt.High.School,Nanchagoundan palayam-638455 ,North facing Terraced building Western Side1.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Otadurai Melcolony Ward 1 , 2.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Otadurai Nanjagoundenpalayam Ward 1 , 3.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Rasa Kovilthottam Ward 1 , 4.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Indiranagar Ward 1 , 5.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Otadurai Down Colony Ward 2 , 6.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Otadurai Ward 2
193P.U.E.School,Pattayakalipalayam- 638455 ,Northfacing Terraced Building1.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Marappampalayam Ward 2 , 2.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Marappampalayam Pirivu Ward 4 , 3.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Suriyampalayam Ward 2 , 4.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Sellakumarapalayam Ward 2 , 5.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Narkattu Thottam Ward
194P.U.E.School,Pattayakalipalayam- 638455 ,Southfacing Terraced Building1.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Rangan Kattur Kunjanparai Ward 10 , 2.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Pattaiya Kalipalayam Ward 11 , 3.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Unchakallangadu Ward 11 , 4.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward 10 , 5.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Sakkiliyankattu Thottam Ward 10
195P.U.E.School,Palapalayam- 638455 ,Northfacing Terraced Building West Side1.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Palapalayam Ward 7 , 2.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Koothandipalayam Ward 9 , 3.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) L.M.Palapalayam Ward 9
196P.U.E.School,Palapalayam- 638455 ,Northfacing Terraced 1st Building East Side1.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Palapalayam Ward 8 , 2.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Korai Thottam Ward 8 , 3.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) L.M.Palapalayam Ward 8 , 4.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Koothadipalayam Pudhucolony Ward 8
197P.U.E.School,Panankatoor-638455 ,Southfacing Tiled Building1.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Panagatur Arijanacolony Ward 11 , 2.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Panakattur Mariyammankovil Street,2,3,Street Ward 12 , 3.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Panakatur Konakkadu 1st Street Ward 12 , 4.Otadurai (R.V) And (P) Panakattur Ward 12
198P.U.E.School,Nalligoundanur- 638455 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building1.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) Nalligoundanur, Ward 2 , 2.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) Mariammankoil Street Ward 2 , 3.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) Harijan Colony Nalli Goundenur Ward 2 , 4.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) Vadakattu Palayam Ward 2
199P.U.M.School,Kavundapadipudur ,Westfacing Terraced Building South Portion building1.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street K.Pudur Ward 2 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Mainroad K.Pudur Ward 2
200P.U.M.School,Kavundapadipudur ,Westfacing Terraced Building North Portion1.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Nourth Street K.Pudur Ward 2 , 2.Kavindapadi(R.V) And (P) First Cross Street, Nethaji Street, Ward 2 , 3.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) Second Cross Street K.Pudur Voc Street Ward 2 , 4.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Third Cross Street K Pudur Periyar Street Ward 2 , 5.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Fourth Cross Street K Pudur Vivekandana Street Ward 2
201P.U.M.School,Kavundapadipudur ,West Facing Tiled Building Center PortionKavindapadi (R.V) And (P) Main Road 5th Cross Street, Kamarajar Street Ward 2 , 2.Kavindapadi(R.V) And (P) Mainroad 4th Cross Street,Bank Street,Annamalaistreet Ward 2 , 3.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) Vallalar Nagar,Chenkattu Street Ward 2 , 4.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) K.Pudur 6th Cross Street Ward 2 , 5.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) K.Pudur 7th Cross Street,Gandhiji Street,Bharathi Street Ward 2
202P.U.M.School,Kavundapadipudur ,South facing Teraced building East side1.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) K.Pudur North Street Ward 2 , 2.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) K.Pudur 2nd Cross Street Ward 2 , 3.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) Mariamman Koil Street Ward 2 , 4.Kavindapadi(R.V) And (P) Vaiyapuri Street Ward 2 , 5.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) Palanisamy Veethi Ward 2 , 6.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) Palanisamy Street Cross Cut Lane Ward 2 , 7.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) K.Pudur Mainroad Ward 2 , 8.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) Nallagoundenpalayam Ward 2 , 9.Kavindapadi(R.V) And (P) Palaniappa Mudaliyar Street K.Pudur Ward 2
203Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School,Kavunda padi-638455 ,North Facing Terraced Building East Side Room No 471.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) Thiruvalluvar Street Kavindapadi Ward 2 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Thruneelakandar Street Kavundapadi Ward 2 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Kattapomman Street Kavundapadi Ward 4 , 4.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Dharmapuri 1st Street Ward 3 , 5.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Dharmapuri 2nd Street Ward 3 , 6.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Dharmapuri 3rd Street Ward 3
204Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School,Kavunda padi-638455 ,West Facing Terraced Building Room No. 34Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) R.K.Samy Street Kavunthapadi Ward 4 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Bhavani Road Kavundapadi Ward 3 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Bharathiyar Street Kavundapadi Ward 3
205Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School,Kavunda padi-638455 ,North Facing Terraced Building Centre Side Room No 481.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Navalar Nagar Ward 4 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Ayyankadu Ward 4
206Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School,Kavunda padi-638455 ,West Facing Terraced Building Room No. 351.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Siruvalur Road Ward 4 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Sathi Road Cross Street Ward 4 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Erode Road Ward 4
207Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School,Kavunda padi-638455 ,Southfacing Terraced Building, West side1.Kavindhapadi (R.V) And (P) Sathy Road Ward 3 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Thambinagar Ward 3
208Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Kavunda padi-638455 ,West Facing Buiding 10 th Std A Room No 41.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Palanisamy Street Ward 3 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Thiru Vi Ka Street Ward 3
209Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Kavunda padi-638455 ,Westfacing Building Southside 10th-Std-A Room No.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Ramasamy Street Ward 3 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Sikkanthar Street Ward 3 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Kumaran Street Ward 3 , 4.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Gurumoorthy Colony Ward 3 , 5.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Anna Colony Ward 3 , 6.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Annacolony Ward 3
210Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Kavunda padi-638455 ,Westfacing Centralbuilding 10 C Room No.6Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Pommanpatti Road Ward 3 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) North Street Cross Lane Second Ward 3
211Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Kavunda padi-638455 ,West Facing Southern Building1.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Mahatma Puram Cross Lane Ward 3 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) North Street Cross Lane First Ward 3 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) North Street Cross Lane Third Ward 3 , 4.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Mahatma Gandhipuram Ward 3 , 5.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) North Street Ward 3 , 6.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) North Street 4th Street Ward 3
212Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Kavunda padi-638455 ,West Facing Southern Building1.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Gandhipuram Ward 2 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Nehrunagar Ward 2
213Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Kavunda padi-638455 ,West Facing Terraced Building IX Std Room No 71.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Ramadurai Colony Pudur Ward 2 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Sooranaickanur Ward 2 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Kannadipudur Ward 2 , 4.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Siruvalur Road Ward 2 , 5.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Reddykadu Ward 2 , 6.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) North Thottam Ward 2 , 7.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Puliyamara Thottam Ward 2 , 8.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Mettuthottam Ward 2 , 9.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Moola Thottam Ward
214Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Kavunda padi-638455 ,Eastfacing Southside Terraced Building Room No.151.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Hospital Street Ward 2
215 Govt.Girls.Hr.Sec.School,Kavunda padi-638455 ,East Facing Northern Side Building Room No 161.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Ammankovil Thottam Ward 2 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Arijana Colony K Pudur Ward 2 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Hospital Road Ward 2 , 4.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Hospital Cross Street Ward 2
216P.U.E.School,Velampalayam- 638455 ,Southfacing Newbuilding Westside1.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Ayyanvalasu Ward 5 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Velampalayam Mettur Ward 5 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Velampalayam Arjanacolony Ward 5 , 4.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Velampalayam Mainroad Ward
217P.U.E.School,Velampalayam- 638455 ,Southfacing Building Eastside1.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Kettukarar Street Ward 5 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Kattuvalasu Ward 5 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Maniankattur Ward 5 , 4.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Mariyammankovil Street Ward 5 , 5.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Maniankattur Colony Ward 5
218P.U.E.School, Perumapalayam- 638455 ,Westfacing Terraced Building SouthsideKavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Perumapalayam, Mettur Ward 5 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Perumapalayam Colony Ward 5 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Kullampalayam Ward 5 , 4.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Perumapalayam Ward 5
219P.U.E.School, Perumapalayam- 638455 ,Westfacing Terraced Building Northside1.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Thannasipatti Ward 5 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Thannasipatti Colony Ward 5 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Maniyampalayam Ward 5 , 4.Kavindapadi (R.V) And (P) Nedunkattu Thottam, Maniampalayam Ward 5 , 5.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Valkadu Ward 5
220P.U.E.School,Manickampalayam- 638455 ,Southfacing Tiled Building1.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Avarankattur Cross Street Ward 5 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Avarankattur Ward 5 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Puluvapatti Ward 5 , 4.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Pavandagoundenur Ward 5 , 5.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Avarankattur Colony Ward 5 , 6.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Avarankattur Power House Ward 5 , 7.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Sathy Main Road Ward 5
221P.U.E.School,Thenkattupalayam- 638455 ,Northfacing Tiled Building Westside1.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Pommanapatti Road Ward 1 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Thenkattupalayam Colony Ward 1 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Chinna Goundenur , 4.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Chinniyampalayam Thenkattupalayam Ward 1
222P.U.E.School,Thenkattupalayam- 638455 ,Northfacing Tiled Building Westside1.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Pappankattur Ward 1 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Main Road ,POMMANPATTI Ward 1 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Muthukumarasamy Kovil Street,Pommanpatti Ward 1
223P.U.M.School,Pommanpatty- 638455 ,South Facing Terraced Building East Side1.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Kamatchiamman Kovil Street,Pommanpatti Ward 1 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Ramasamy Street,Pommanpatti Ward 1 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Annamar Kovil Sreet,Pommanpatti Ward 1 , 4.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Panankattur Ward 1 , 5.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Gandhi Street,Pommanpatti Ward 1
224Govt.High.School,Ayyampalayam- 638455 ,South Facing East Terraced Building1.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Ayyampalayam Main Road Cross Street Ward 1 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Kalaivanar Street Ward 1
225Govt.High.School,Ayyampalayam- 638455 ,South Facing West Side Terraced Building 1.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward 1 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Bharathiyar Street Ward 1 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Nehru Street Ward 1 , 4.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Kamaraj Street Ward 1 , 5.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Annna Street Ward 1
226P.U.E.School,Ayyampalayam- 638455 ,North Facing Terraced Building West SideKavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Ambethkar Street Ayyampalayam Colony Ward 1 , 2.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) Navalar Street Ayyampalayam Colony Ward 1 , 3.Kavunthapadi (R.V) And (P) M.G.R.Street Ayyampalayam Colony Ward 1
227Govt High School,Thattarpalayam- 638455 ,South Facing Tiled Building East Side1.Aalathur (R.V) and (P) Erranaickanoor ward 1 , 2.Aalathur (R.V) and (P) Thasa Naickanoor Ward 1 , 3.Aalathur (R.V) and (P) Thattarpalayam Ward 1
228P.U.E.School,V.Ramanathapuram- 638455 ,Northfacing Tiled Building Eastside1.Aalathur (R.V) and (P) Aalathur ward 2 , 2.Aalathur ((R.V) and (P) Appanaickanoor Ward 2 , 3.Aalathur (R.V) and (P) Ramanathapuram Ward 2
229P.U.E.School,Poolapalayam- 638455 ,South facing tiled Building Westside 1.Periyapuliyur (R.V) and (P) Poolappalayam ward 1
230P.U.E.School,Periyapuliyur- 638455 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building Northside1.Periyapuliyur (R.V) and (P) Kanniyamadaipudhur adhidravidar street ward 4 , 2.Periyapuliyur (R.V) and (P) Periyapuliyur Ward 4
231P.U.E.School,Thaierpalayam- 638455 ,Southfacing Terraced Building Eastside1.Periyapuliyur (R.V) and (P) Valaiyakaran palayam ward 1,2 , 2.Periyapuliyur (R.V) and (P) Thayirpalayam Kandhasamyur Ward 1,2 , 3.Periyapuliyur (R.V) and (P) Manigounder Nagar Ward 1,2
232P.U.M.School,Sempoothampalaya m-638455 ,Northfacing Tiled Building Eastside1.Chettipalayam (R.V) , Periapuliyur (P) Chettipalayam ward 2 , 2.Chettipalayam (R.V) Periyapuliyur (P) Selvanagar Colony Ward 2
233P.U.M.School, Sempoothampalayam-638455 ,Southfacing Terraced Building east side1.Chettipalayam (R.V) Periyapuliyur (P) Sembutham palayam Ward 2 , 2.Chettipalayam (R.V) Periyapuliyur(P) Chellakuttypalayam Ward 2 , 3.Chettipalayam (R.V) Periyapuliyur (P) Palakkatoor Ward
234P.U.M.School,Sevagoundanur- 638455 ,Westfacing Tiled Building Northside1.Periyapuliyur (R.V) and (P) Mandhaikattoor ward 3 , 2.Periyapuliyur (R.V) and (P) Soolai Medu Ward 3 , 3.Periyapuliyur (R.V) and (P) Kasilingapuram Ward 3,4
235P.U.M.School,Sevagoundanur- 638455 ,East Facing Sounthern Side Building1.Periyapuliyur (R.V) and (P) Jeeva Nagar Ward 3 , 2.Periyapuliyur (R.V) and (P) Kottampalayam Ward 3 , 3.Periyapuliyur (R.V) and (P) J. J. Nagar Ward 4
236P.U.M.School,Sevagoundanur- 638455 ,Westfacing Tiled Building SouthsidePeriyapuliyur (R.V) and (P) Sevakgoundanur ward 4
237P.U.E.School, Salangapalayam- 638455 ,South Facing Terraced New Building East Side1.Salangapalayam (TP) Gandhi street ward 1 , 2.Salangapalayam (TP) Nadu Street Ward 1 , 3.Salangapalayam (TP) Mariyamman Kovil Street Ward 1 , 4.Salangapalayam (TP) Nethaji Street Ward 1 , 5.Salangapalayam (TP) Kamaraj Street Ward 1 , 6.Salangapalayam (TP) Nehru Street Ward 1 , 7.Salangapalayam (TP) Salaikkatu Street Ward 1 , 8.Salangapalayam (TP) Harijan Colony Nethaji Street Ward 2 , 9.Salangapalayam (TP) Harijana Kamaraj Street Ward 2
238P.U.E.School, Salangapalayam- 638455 ,South Facing Terraced New Building West Side1.Salangapalayam (TP) Annamar Kovil Street Ward 2 , 2.Salangapalayam (TP) Kulathu Street Ward 2 , 3.Salangapalayam (TP) Senthampalayam Colony Ward 2 , 4.Salangapalayam (TP) Shanmugapuram Pillaiyar Kovil Street ward 2
239P.U.E.School, Salangapalayam- 638455 ,South Facing West Side Terraced New Building1.Salangapalayam (TP) Sathy bhavani main road ward 3 , 2.Salangapalayam (TP) Goundenpalayam 2nd St Ward 3 , 3.Salangapalayam (TP) Goundenpalayam 3rd St Ward 3 , 4.Salangapalayam (TP) Goundenpalayam 4th St Ward 3 , 5.Salangapalayam (TP) Goundenpalayam 5th St Ward 3 , 6.Salangapalayam (TP) Bhavani Main Road Ward 5 , 7.Salangapalayam (TP) Postal way 2nd St Ward 5 , 8.Salangapalayam (TP) Mariamman Kovil St (M. K. Pudur) Ward 6 , 9.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 3 Ramagoundanur Ward 3 , 10.Salangapalayam (TP) Sathy Bhavani Main Road Cross St 1 Ward 3 , 11.Salangapalayam (TP) Sathy Bhavani Main Road Cross St Second Ward 3 , 12.Salangapalayam (TP) Sathy Bhavani Main Road Cross St 3 Ward 5 , 13.Salangapalayam (TP) Sarhy Bhavani Main Road Cross St 4 Ward 5 , 14.Salangapalayam (TP) Sathy Bhavani Main Road Cross St 5 Ward 3 , 15.Salangapalayam (TP) Sathy Bhavani Main Road Cross St 6 Ward 3
240P.U.M.School, Salangapalayam- 638455 ,Eastfacing TerracedNewbilding South side1.Salangapalayam (TP) Middle st shanmugapuram ward 4 , 2.Salangapalayam (TP) Pannari Amman Koil St Ward 4 , 3.Salangapalayam (TP) Pattakarar St Ward 4 , 4.Salangapalayam (TP) Mettu St Ward 4 , 5.Salangapalayam (TP) Madha Kovil St Ward 4 , 6.Salangapalayam (TP) Mariamman Kovil St Ward 4 , 7.Salangapalayam (TP) Maranaickenur St Ward 4 , 8.Salangapalayam (TP) Nesavalar Colony Ward 5 , 9.Salangapalayam (TP) S0athy Erode Road Ward 6 , 10.Salangapalayam (TP) Pillaiyar Kovil St kuppanaikanur Ward 6 , 11.Salangapalayam (TP) Postal St 1st St Ward 5 , 12.Salangapalayam (TP) Perayur Ward 6 , 13.Salangapalayam (TP) Sathy Bhavani Road Ward 14 , 14.Salangapalayam (TP) Kamatchiamman Kovil 3rd St Ward 14
241P.U.M.School, Salangapalayam- 638455 ,South Facing Terraced Building West Side1.Salangapalayam (TP) Kottapulimedu 1st st ward 6 , 2.Salangapalayam (TP) Kottapulimedu 2nd St Ward 6 , 3.Salangapalayam (TP) Kottalipuli Medu 3rd St Ward 6 , 4.Salangapalayam (TP) School St Ward 14 , 5.Salangapalayam (TP) Harijan Colony (Dharmapuri) Ward 13
242P.U.M.School, Salangapalayam- 638455 ,EastFacing Terraced Building middle portion1.Salangapalayam (TP) Road Dam Ist St Ward 13 , 2.Salangapalayam (TP) Road dam 2nd St Ward 13 , 3.Salangapalayam (TP) Road Dam 3rd St Ward 13 , 4.Salangapalayam (TP) Kamatchiamman Koil 1st St Ward 14 , 5.Salangapalayam (TP) Kamatchiamman Kovil St , Second Ward 14 , 6.Salangapalayam (TP) Kariakuppanan St Ward 14
243Govt H.School Salangapalayam- 638455 ,Westfacing Tiled Building South Side1.Salangapalayam (TP) Raja st ward 14 , 2.Salangapalayam (TP) Pattathalaichi Amman Kovil St Ward 13 , 3.Salangapalayam (TP) Pillaiyar Kovil St Ward 13 , 4.Salangapalayam (TP) Mariamman Kovil St Ward 13 , 5.Salangapalayam (TP) Harijan Colony Ward 14 , 6.Salangapalayam (TP) Vellaparai Ward 5 , 7.Salangapalayam (TP) Merkala thottam Ward 13 , 8.Salangapalayam (TP) Salangapalayam,Minnavettuvampalaym Road Ward 5 , 9.Salangapalayam (TP) Karattan Kattu St Ward 5 , 10.Salangapalayam (TP) Dharamapuri 1St Street Ward 15
244Govt. Hr. School, Salangapalayam- 638455 ,South Facing Terraced Building Eastern Side1.Salangapalayam (TP) Dharmapuri 2nd St Ward 15 , 2.Salangapalayam (TP) Dharamapuri 3rd St Ward 15 , 3.Salangapalayam (TP) Dhrmapuri 4Th St Ward 15 , 4.Salangapalayam (TP) Dharmapuri 5th St Ward 15 , 5.Salangapalayam (TP) Dharmapuri 6th St Ward 15
245P.U.E.School,K.Ramanathapuram- 638455 ,South Facing Tiled Building East side1.Salangapalayam (TP) Encharam 1st st ward 7 , 2.Salangapalayam (TP) Eancharam 2nd St Ward 7 , 3.Salangapalayam (TP) Salaiyur Ward 7 , 4.Salangapalayam (TP) Eancharam Medu Ward 7 , 5.Salangapalayam (TP) Kurukkan Valasu Ward 8 , 6.Salangapalayam (TP) Kuruchan Valasu Harisana Colony Ward 8 , 7.Salangapalayam (TP) Manipuram Ramanathapuram Kanchi kovil Road Ward 8
246P.U.E.School,K.Ramanathapuram- 638455 ,Northfacing Eastside Terraced Building1.Salangapalayam (TP) ward 8 Erappa naickenur , 2.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 9 Vaikkal Puthur , 3.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 9 Valkadu St , 4.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 9 Mettur St , 5.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 9 Mettur Harijana Colony , 6.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 9 E.I.T.Road
247P.U.M.School,Minnavettuvampala yam-638455 ,Westfacing New Tiled building NorthsideSalangapalayam (TP) ward 7 Minnavettuvampalayam 1st street , 2.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 12 Sathy Erode Road , 3.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 12 Kanchikoil Road , 4.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 7 Minnavettuvampalayam 2nd St , 5.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 7 Minnavettuvampalayam 3rd St , 6.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 7 Minnavettuvampalayam , 7.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 12 Krishnapuram Colony
248P.U.E.School,Ayyanvalasu- 638455 ,Northfacing Westside Terraced Building1.Salangapalayam (TP) ward 10 Manicka valasu , 2.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 11 Aayigoundanur , 3.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 10 Ramanpet , 4.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 10 Pattaiyan St , 5.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 10 Vengakalmedu , 6.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 10 Anaiputhur , 7.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 10 Harijan Colony(Periya Gounden Valasu) , 8.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 10 Sambankadu(Periagoundenvalasu) , 9.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 10 Alamarathu St
249P.U.E.School,Ayyanvalasu- 638455 ,Northfacing Eastside Terraced Building1.Salangapalayam (TP) ward 10 Mariamman koil st , 2.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 10 Nehru St , 3.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 11 Kanjanaickenur , 4.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 11 Raja St (Kasilingagoundenputhur) , 5.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 11 Second St(Kasilinga Goundenputhur) , 6.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 11 Iyyan Valasu , 7.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 11 Verali Medu,Thattukaraikadu , 8.Salangapalayam (TP) Ward 11 Iyyan Valasu ,Harijan Colony

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

Last Updated on: April 30, 2016