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List of Polling Booths in Aravakurichi Assembly Constituency

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1Panchayat Union.Middle.School, Eastern Building ,Pandilingapuram H/o Anjur- 6381511.Anjur (R.V) and (P) Kolakkaranpalayam ward 2 , 2.Anjur (R.V) and (P) Narikattuvalasu Ward 2 , 3.Anjur (R.V) and (P) Karuvayampalayam Ward 2,3 , 4.Anjur (R.V) and (P) Pandipalayam Ward 3 , 5.Anjur (R.V) and (P) Karuvayampalayam Murungakadu Ward 3 , 6.Anjur (R.V) and (P) Pandilingapuram Ward 3 , 7.Anjur (R.V) and (P) Pandilingapuram Gandhinagar Colony Ward 3 , 8.Anjur (R.V) and (P) Kolanthapalayam Nanthanar Colony Ward 3 , 9.Anjur (R.V) and (P) Kolanthapalayam Ward 3 , 10.Anjur (R.V) and (P) Kolanthapalayam Bajar Street Ward 3 , 11.Anjur (R.V) and (P) Velauthampalayam Ward 3 , 12.Anjur (R.V) and (P) Velauthampalayam Saliankattupallam Ward 3
2Panchayat Union.Ele.School, West Facing Building ,Kuppagoundanvalasu H/o.Anjur - 6381511.Anjur (RV) and (P) Valaiyapalayam ward 1 , 2.Anjur (RV) and (P) Chinnavalaiyapalayam Athidiravidar Street Ward 1 , 3.Anjur (RV) and (P) Chinnavalaiyapalayam Ward 1 , 4.Anjur (RV) and (P) Chinnavalaiyapalayam Vaiykalmedu Athidiravidar St. W 1 , 5.Anjur (RV) and (P) Chinnavalaiyapalayam Velliankattuvalasu W1 , 6.Anjur (RV) and (P) Chinnavalaiyapalayam Molakadu Ward 1 , 7.Anjur (RV) and (P) Papavalasu Onjakadu Ward 1 , 8.Anjur (RV) and (P) Papavalasu Athidiravidar Colony Ward 1 , 9.Anjur (RV) and (P) Papavalasu Ward 1 , 10.Anjur (RV) and (P) Papavalasu Southvalavu Ward 1 , 11.Anjur (RV) and (P) Pillapalayam Adhidravidar Colony Ward 4 , 12.Anjur (RV) and (P) Pillapalayam Ward 4 , 13.Anjur (RV) and (P) Pillapalayam Periyakadu Ward 4
3Panchayat Union.Ele.School, East Facing Building ,Kuppagoundanvalasu H/o.Anjur - 6381511.Anjur (RV) and (P) Pillapalayam Kallipallam Ward 4 , 2.Anjur (RV) and (P) Pillapalayam Ellakattuthottam Ward 4 , 3.Anjur (RV) and (P) Kumarapalayam Ward 4 , 4.Anjur (RV) and (P) Kuppagoundanvalasu Ward 5 , 5.Anjur (RV) and (P) Kuppagoundanvalasu West Thottam Ward 4,5 , 6.Anjur (RV) and (P) Kuppagoundanvalasu Adhidravidar Colony East W 5 , 7.Anjur (RV) and (P) Kuppagoundanvalasu Adhidravidar Colony West W 5
4Panchayat Union Elementary School, North Facing Tiled Building, Thukkatchi – 6381511.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Ungampalayam north street ward 1 , 2.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Ungampalayam South Street Ward 1 , 3.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Ungampalayam Athidiravidar Street Ward 1 , 4.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Kattur Ward 1 , 5.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Muralai Athidiravidar East Street Ward 1 , 6.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Muralai Athidiravidar West Street Ward 1 , 7.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Thukkachi Ward 2 , 8.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Thukkachi Atthikadu thottam Ward 2 , 9.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Kattampatty Ward 2 , 10.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Kattampatty Athidiravidar Street Ward 2
5Panchayat Union.Ele.School, North Facing Tiled Building, Semmangarai H/o.Thuikkachi-6381511.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Thukkachi pudur ward 3 , 2.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Velankattur Ward 3 , 3.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Velayuthampalayam Athidiravidar Colony Ward 3 , 4.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Velayuthampalayam Ward 3 , 5.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Semmangarai Ward 3 , 6.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Semmangarai Athidiravidar Colony Ward 3 , 7.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Semmangarai Ganapathy Nagar Ward 3 , 8.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Akilandapuram Ward 3 , 9.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Kandasamypalayam Ward 4 , 10.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Chinna Akilandapuram Ward 4 , 11.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Eellakattu valasu Ward 4 , 12.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Thukkachi Kollamparappu Ward 4 , 13.Thukkachi (RV) and (P) Nadupalayam Ward 4
6Govt.High School, Southern Building, Karvazhi-6381511.Karvazhi (RV) and P Karvazhi ward 1 , 2.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) (R.V) and (P) Karvazhi Athidravidar Theru Ward 1 , 3.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Nachivalasu Ward 1 , 4.Karvazhi (RV) and P Kokkani palayam ward 2 , 5.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Seelanayakkanpatty Kilankadu Ward 2 , 6.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Seelanayakkanpatty Annanagar Ward 2 , 7.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Seelanayakkanpatty Nattham Ward 2 , 8.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Seelanayakkanpatty balamarathukadu Ward 2 , 9.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Seelanayakkanpatty Pallimedu Ward 2 , 10.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Seelanayakkanpatty Vengamedu Ward 2 , 11.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Seelanayakkanpatty Mettankadu Ward 2 , 12.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Kancherikka Valasu Ward 3 , 13.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Athappagoundan Valasu Ward 3 , 14.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) ChinnaKamatchipuram Ward 3 , 15.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Athappagoundan Valasu Colony Ward 3 , 16.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Ramasamy goundanpudur Ward 4 , 17.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Kumara Valasu Ward 4 , 18.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Kumara Valasu colony Ward 4 , 19.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Anjur kadu Ward 3 , 20.Karvazhi (R.V) and (P) Ayyar Thottam Ward 3 , 21.Karvazhi (R
7Panchayat Union Middle School West Block, ,Thottampatty, Monjanur – 6392061.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Poondipalayam ward1 , 2.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Karunchelli palayam Ward1 , 3.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Kasthuri palayam Ward1 , 4.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Meenatchi Valasu Colony Ward1 , 5.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Meenatchi Valasu Ward 1 , 6.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Uppupalayam Ward4 , 7.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Kandasamy Valasu Ward 4 , 8.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Veerankadu Ward 4 , 9.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Karaivalasu Ward2 , 10.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Pasupathipalayam Ward 2 , 11.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Pasupathipalayam Colony Ward 2
8Panchayat Union Middle School Easten Building ,Thottampatty H/o.Monjanur -6392061.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Thottampatty ward 2 , 2.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Thottampatty Colony Ward 2 , 3.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Reddivalasu Ward 2 , 4.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Nochikattuvalasu Colony Ward 3 , 5.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Nochikattuvalasu Ward 3 , 6.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Kumarampalayam Ward 3 , 7.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Akilandapuram Ward4 , 8.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Vairamadai Ward 4 , 9.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Vettukattuvalasu Ward 4 , 10.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) EllakattuValasu Ward4 , 11.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Thottiapatticolony Ward2 , 12.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Thottiapatti Ward2 , 13.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Sivanmalaivalasu Ward 3 , 14.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Devanampalayam Ward 3 , 15.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Devanampalayam Colony Ward 3 , 16.Monjanur E (RV) and (P) Kalipalayam Ward 3
9Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Building, Koonampatti H/o,Thennailai West-6092061.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Koonampatty kaspa east street ward 2 , 2.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Koonampatty Kaspa North Street Ward 2 , 3.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Koonampatty Adhidravidar Old Colony Ward 2 , 4.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Koonampatty North New Colony Ward 2 , 5.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Koonampatty South New Colony Ward 2 , 6.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Perakkampalayam Kudi Street Ward 3 , 7.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Perakkampalayam Adhidravidar Street Ward 3 , 8.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Karaithottam Ward 2 , 9.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Mookananthottam Ward 2 , 10.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Pannaiyakkarar Thottam Ward 2
10Panchayat Union Elementary School, Facing West Tiled Building, ,Chinnavangalampalayam H/o.ThennilaiWest-6392061.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Devandirapuram ward1 , 2.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Thennilai Ward1 , 3.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Arikaranpalayam Ward1 , 4.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Chinnavangalampalayam Adhidravidar Street Ward1 , 5.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Chinnavangalampalayam Kudi street Ward1 , 6.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Chinnavangalampalayam Adhidravidar Colony Ward1 , 7.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Paaraiyur Ward1 , 8.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Chinnathottam Ward4 , 9.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Athikattur Ward4 , 10.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Thoppur Ward4 , 11.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Velliyankattur Ward4 , 12.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Navamarathottam Ward4 , 13.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Itchikattur Ward4 , 14.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Palakattur ward4 , 15.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Aavuthipalayam Kudi Street Ward4 , 16.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Aavuthipalayam Adhidravidar Street Ward4
11Panchayat Union Elementary School, East Facing Asbestos Building ,Kullampalayam H/o.ThennilaiWest- 6392061.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Puliampatti Ward1 , 2.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) M.G.R. Nagar Ward1 , 3.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Perumalgoundanur Ward4 , 4.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Kullampalayam Kudi Street Ward5 , 5.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Kullampalayam Nadarpathi Ward5 , 6.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Kullampalayam Adhidravidar Street Ward 5 , 7.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Katchaikattivalasu ward5 , 8.Thennilai west (RV) and Thennilai (P) Periavangalampalayam Ward5
12Panchayat Union Elementary School, East Facing Tiled Building, Semmandampalayam H/o Thennilai East-6392061.Thennilai east (RV), Thennilai (P) Semmandampalayam ward 1 , 2.Thennilai east (RV), Thennilai (P) Semmandampalayam Adhidravidar Colony Ward 1 , 3.Thennilai east (RV), Thennilai (P) Thalikottai Kudi street Ward 6 , 4.Thennilai east (RV), Thennilai (P) Thalikottai Adhidravidar Street Ward6 , 5.Thennilai east (RV), Thennilai (P) Venkakkalpatty Kudi street Ward 10 , 6.Thennilai east (RV), Thennilai (P) Venkakalpatti Adhidravidar Colony Ward10 , 7.Thennilai east (RV), Thennilai (P) Malapalayam Ward6 , 8.Thennilai east (RV), Thennilai (P) Vellachi Thottam Semmandampalayam Ward 1 , 9.Thennilai east (RV), Thennilai (P) Kanuvakadu Thottam Semmandampalayam Ward 1 , 10.Thennilai east (RV), Thennilai (P) Kinathankadu Thottam Semmandampalayam Ward 1
13Panchayat Union Elementary School, South Facing, Tiled Building ,Malakovil, H/o Thennilai East- 639206Thennilai east (RV), Thennilai (P) Ammapatty Selvinagar Adhidravidar Colony Ward 2 , 2.Thennilai east (RV), Thennilai (P) Karaipalayam Kudi street Ward 1 , 3.Thennilai east (RV), Thennilai (P) Ammapatty Kalipatty Adhidravidar street Ward 2 , 4.Thennilai east (RV), Thennilai (P) Ammapatty Kudi street Ward 2 , 5.Thennilai east (RV) Thennilai (P) Malakovil Ward 3 , 6.Thennilai east (RV) Thennilai (P) Malakovil Adhidravidar Colony Ward 3 , 7.Thennilai east (RV) Thennilai (P) Ponnivadipudur Adhidravidar Colony Ward 3 , 8.Thennilai east (RV) Thennilai (P) Ponnivadipudur Kudi street Ward 3
14Panchayat Union Ele.School New building western side ,Thennilai - 6392061.Thennilai east (RV) Thennilai (P) Thennilai kaspa ward 4 , 2.Thennilai east (RV) Thennilai (P) Thennilai - Kodumudi Road Melpuram Ward 4 , 3.Thennilai east (RV) Thennilai (P) Malaiyampalayam Ward 4 , 4.Thennilai east (RV) Thennilai (P) Malaiyampalayam Adhidravidar Colony Ward4 , 5.Thennilai east (RV) Thennilai (P) Malaiyampalayam Kothukarar Thottam Ward4 , 6.Thennilai east (RV) Thennilai (P) Velayuthampalayam Ward4 , 7.Thennilai east (RV) Thennilai (P) Athipalayam Natham Ward5 , 8.Thennilai east (RV) Thennilai (P) Athipalayam Road Side Thottam Ward 5 , 9.Thennilai east (RV) Thennilai (P) Kattupalayam Kudi steet Ward 5 , 10.Thennilai east (RV) Thennilai (P) Kattupalayam Adhidravidar Street Ward 5 , 11.Thennilai east (RV) Thennilai (P) kattupalayam North Thottam Ward 5
15Panchayat Union Elementary School, North Facing Tiled Building, Thoppampatti H/o Thennilai East- 6392061.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) Neikaran Kattur Ward7 , 2.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) Pullakovil Kattur Ward7 , 3.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) Rakkiya Goundan Pudur Ward7 , 4.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) Ayyampalayam Ward7 , 5.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) Thoppampatty Kudi Street Ward8 , 6.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) Thoppampatty Kadaiveethi Ward8 , 7.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) Thoppampatty Adhidravidar Colony Ward8 , 8.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) Thoppampatty Karaimedu Adhidravidar Colony Ward8 , 9.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) T.patty North Athumedu Annanagar Ward8 , 10.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) T.patti East Muthusami kovil Street Ward 8 , 11.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) Servakaranpalayam Ward8 , 12.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) Poomandampalayam Ward9 , 13.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) Kidaikkaranpalayam Kudi steet Ward 9 , 14.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) Kidaikkaranpalayam Adhidravidar Colony Ward9 , 15.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) Sakkiliankadu Kudi Street Ward9 , 16.Thennilai East (RV) ,Thennilai (P) Panjukara
16Panchayat Union Middle School ,Athipalayam-6391111.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Athipalayam kudi street ward1 , 2.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P)) Athipalayam Andiparappu Thottam Ward 1 , 3.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Vinayagar Street Colony Ward1 , 4.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Kamaraj Nagar Salai Medu Ward2 , 5.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Indira Adhidravidar Colony Ward2 , 6.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Athipalayam Pudur Ward 2 , 7.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Athipalayampudur Adhidravidar Colony Ward2 , 8.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Kovilmedu Ward2 , 9.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Gandhi Nagar Ward2 , 10.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Vethirnathampudur Ward 2 , 11.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Vethirnathampudur East Ward 2 , 12.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Vethirnathampudur Nadar street Ward 2
17Panchayat Union Middle School ,Athipalayam-6391111.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Kulathupalayam ward 3 , 2.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Mettukadai Ward 3 , 3.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Selvanagar Harijan Colony Ward 3 , 4.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Mettukadai Harijan street Ward 3 , 5.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Valaiyapalayam School near Ward 4 , 6.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Valaiyapalayam East street Ward 4 , 7.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Valaiyapalayam Nadu street Ward 4 , 8.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Valaiyapalayam West street Ward 4 , 9.Atthipalayam (RV) and (P) Valaiyapalayam Attru Mettu street Ward 4
18Panchayat Union Elementary School, South Facing, Tiled Building, Velampalayam H/o.Munnur-6391111.Munnur (R.V) and (P) Athiyappagoundan valasu ward 3 , 2.Munnur (R.V) and (P) Athiappagoundan Valasu Adhidravidar Street Ward3 , 3.Munnur (R.V) and (P) Aalampalayam Kudi Street Ward 3 , 4.Munnur (R.V) and (P) Velampalayam Kudi Street Ward 4 , 5.Munnur (R.V) and (P) Velampalayam Adhidravidar Street Ward 4 , 6.Munnur (R.V) and (P) VelampalayamKrasarMedu Colony Adhidravidar W-4
19Panchayat Union Elementary School, North Facing, Tiled Building, Munnur.-6391111.Munnur (R.V) and (P) Munnur kaspa kudi street ward2 , 2.Munnur (R.V) and (P) Munnur Adhidravidar Street Ward2 , 3.Munnur (R.V) and (P) Munnur Gandhinagar colony ward 2 , 4.Munnur (R.V) and (P) Maragathapuri Ward2 , 5.Munnur (R.V) and (P) Annanagar,Molapalayam Adi Dravidar Colony Ward 5 , 6.Munnur (R.V) and (P) Molapalayam Kudi Street Ward 5 , 7.Munnur (R.V) and (P) Saminathapuram Ward 5
20Panchayat Union Ele.School, North Facing, Tiled Building, Kuppam- 6391111.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Kuppam Kuditheru Ward 1 , 2.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Kirasarmedu Ward 1 , 3.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Kuppam Athidravidar Theru South Ward 2 , 4.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Kuppam Adidravidar Street North Ward 2 , 5.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Sakkarapalayam Ward 2 , 6.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Nadupalayam Ward 3 , 7.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Ayyampalaym Ward 3 , 8.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Gosalapuri Ward 3
21Panchayat Union Elementary School, East Facing Tiled Building, Uppupalayam H/o.Kuppam-6391111.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Kalipalayam ward 6 , 2.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Arasampalayam Kuditheru Ward 9 , 3.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Thalaiyuthupatty Ward 6 , 4.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Arasampalayam Athidiravidar Street Ward 9 , 5.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Uppupalayam Kuditheru Ward 7 , 6.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Uppupalayam Athidiravidar Street Ward 7 , 7.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Andipatti Ward 8 , 8.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Pudhurpatti Ward 8 , 9.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Nochikattur Ward 8 , 10.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Gonkarai Ward 8
22Panchayat Union Middle School, New building ,Salipalayam H/o.Kuppam-6391111.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Gangayampalayam kuditheru ward 4 , 2.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Salippalayam Kuditheru Ward 4 , 3.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Gangayampalayam Athidiravidar St. Ward 4 , 4.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Andisankilipalayam Ward 5 , 5.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Velayuthampalayam Kuditheru Ward 5 , 6.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Velayuthampalayam Athidiravidar St. Ward 5 , 7.Kuppam (RV) and (P) Salipalayam Athidiravidar St. Ward 5
23Panchayat Union Elementary School, Eastern Wing South Facing Tiled Building ,Olappalayam H/o Vettamamangalam (East)-6391361.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Vettamangalam kuditheru east ward 2 , 2.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Vettamangalam Athidiravidar Street Ward 2 , 3.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Vadugapatti Ward 2 , 4.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Munuttupalayam Ward 1 , 5.Vettamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Athiyamankottai Ward 1 , 6.Vettamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Gonku Nagar Ward 1
24Community Hall North Facing Building ,Olappalayam H/o Vettamamangalam (East)-6391361.Vettamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Olapalayam Ward 1 , 2.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Asaripattarai Ward 1 , 3.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Unnuthupalayam Ward 1 , 4.Vettamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Nallikovil Ward 1
25Govt.E.V.R.Higher Sec. School, Northern Building ,East Portion Noyyal -639117 H/O Vettamangalam(W)1.Kombupalayam (R.V) and (P) Semanki periyar nagar ward 3 , 2.Kombupalayam (R.V) and (P) Semanki Anna Nagar Ward 3 , 3.Kombupalayam (R.V) and (P) Noyyal Ward 3 , 4.Vettamangalam (R.V) and (P) Kurukkusalai Bangalaw Nagar East Ward 3
26Panchayat Union Elementary School, Facing South ,Velliampalayam, Vettamangalam West -6391171.Vettamangalam (R.V) and (P) Kurukkusalai North Ward 3 , 2.Vettamangalam (R.V) and (P) Kurukkusalai Annannagar North Ward 3 , 3.Vettamangalam (R.V) and (P) Kurukkusalai Annannagar South Ward 3 , 4.Vettamangalam (R.V) and (P) Kurukkusalai South Ward 3 , 5.Vettamangalam (R.V) and (P) Kurukkusalai Bangalaw Nagar West Ward 3
27Govt. E.V.R.Higher Sec. School, Northern building ,Western Portion Noyyal -639117 H/o Vettamangalam (W)1.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Velliyampalayam ward 3 , 2.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Noyyal karuvelangkadu Ward 3 , 3.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Noyyal Ward 3 , 4.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Noyyal Neikuppam Ward 3 , 5.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Noyyal Kongu Nagar Ward 3 , 6.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Maravapalayam Athidiravidar Colony Ward 3 , 7.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Maravapalayam Ward 3 , 8.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Maravapalayam Madhurai Veeran theru Ward 3 , 9.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Nadarpuram Ward 3
28P.U.Ele.School, Eastern side, West facing, Additional Building, Kunthanipalayam -639117 H/O Vettamangalam (West)1.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Kunthanipalayam ward2 , 2.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Kunthanipalayam Old Colony Ward2 , 3.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Kunthanipalayam New Colony Ward2 , 4.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Natthamedu Ward2 , 5.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Ganapathipalayam Ward2 , 6.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Velliyampalayam Ward2
29P.U.Ele.School, North Side, South Facing, New Building, Kulathupalayam-639117 H/O Vettamangalam (West1.Vettamangalam East, West (R.V) and (P) Kalipalayam ward3 , 2.Vettamangalam East, West (R.V) and (P) Kulathupalayam Ward4 , 3.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Kamaraj Nagar Ward4 , 4.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Orampupalayam Ward4 , 5.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Pungodai Ward4
30P.U.Ele.School Western Wing ,Semangi-639117 H/o Vettamangalam(West)1.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Orambupalayam kowndanpudur ward 1,4 , 2.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) SemangiKowndanpudur Ward 1,5 , 3.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Semangi Ward 4,5 , 4.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Muthanur Ward 5 , 5.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Sottaiyur Ward 5
31Anganvadi Center North Facing Building ,Semangi H/o Vettamangalam(West) 6391171.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Vadivel Nagar Ward 5 , 2.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Chettythottam Ward 5 , 3.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Selvanagar Ward 4 , 4.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) M.G.R.Nagar Ward 4 , 5.Vettamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Muninathapuram Ward 5
32Arangaswamy Gounder Hr Sec.School, Northern Building ,Eastern Wing ,Nadayanur,Thirukkaduthurai- 6391171.Kombupalayam (R.V) and (P) Kombupalayam ward1 , 2.Kombupalayam (R.V) and (P) Nathamettu Palayam I st Street Ward 1 , 3.Kombupalayam (R.V) and (P) Nathamettu Palayam 2nd Street Ward 2 , 4.Kombupalayam (R.V) and (P) Thirukatudurai Ward 2 , 5.Kombupalayam (R.V) and (P) Muninathapuram Ward 2 , 6.Kombupalayam (R.V) and (P) Muthanur Ward 2 , 7.Kombupalayam (R.V) and (P) Periyar Nagar Ward 2
33Panchayat Union Elementary School, New Building, Northern wing ,Thirukkaduthurai-6391171.Thirukadudhurai (R.V) and (P) Thirukadudhurai East Ward 1 , 2.Thirukadudhurai (R.V) and (P) Thirukadudhurai West Ward 2
34Anganvadi Centre, East Facing Building ,Karaipalayam, Thirukkaduthurai-6391171.Thirukadudhurai (R.V) and (P) Karaipalayam ward 2 , 2.Thirukadudhurai (R.V) and (P) Ambethkar Nagar Ward 2 , 3.Thirukadudhurai (R.V) and (P) Alamarathumedu South Ward 2 , 4.Thirukadudhurai (R.V) and (P) Alamarathumedu North Ward 2
35Panchayat Union Ele. School, Block 2, South Side Tiled Building, ,Karaipalayam,-639117 H/o. ThirukkaduthuraiThirukadudhurai (R.V) and (P) Pollancolony South Ward 3 , 2.Thirukadudhurai (R.V) and (P) Poolancolony North Ward 3 , 3.Thirukadudhurai (R.V) and (P) Elango Nagar Ward 3 , 4.Thirukadudhurai (R.V) and (P) Nadaiyanur North Ward 3 , 5.Thirukadudhurai (R.V) and (P) Nadayanur South Ward 3
36Panchayat Union Middle School, Eastern Wing, North Facing Building, Pugalur Kaspa- 639113.H/O Punjai pugalur TP1.Punjai pugalur (TP) Pugalur kaspa keelamel veethi ward 1 , 2.) Pugalur Kaspa Bhagavathiyamman Santhu Ward 1 , 3.Pugalur kaspa Vannara Santhu Ward 1 , 4. Pugalur Kaspa Chettiamman Santhu Ward 1 , 5.Pugalur Kaspa East Veethi Ward 1 , 6. Pugalur Kaspa Main Veethi Ward 1 , 7. Pugalur Kaspa Gurusamypillai Street Ward 1 , 8.Puglalur Kaspa Mudaliar Street Ward 1 , 9.kattur East Veethi Ward 1 , 10.Kattur West Veethi Ward 1 , 11.Kattur Maistry Muthusamy 1st Street Ward 2 , 12.Kattur Maistry Muthusamy 2nd street Ward 2 , 13.Kattur Maistry Muthusamy 3rd street Ward 2 , 14.Kattur Natham Thottam Ward 2, 15.Gouthamapuram (North Veethy) Ward 2 , 16.Gouthamapuram (Keelamel Veethy) Ward 2 , 17.Gouthamapuram (vellaiyan Santhu) Ward 2 , 18.Gouthamapuram (East Veethy) Ward 2 , 19.Gouthamapuram (Paraiveethy) Ward 2 , 20.Mooppastreet Vadivel nagar Ward 2 , 21.Mooppa street main Veethy Ward 2 , 22.Mooppa street (North Veethy ) Ward 2 , 23. Mooppa street (Poosari Veethy) Ward 2 , 24.Mooppa Street (Bharathiyar Street) Ward 3
37E.I.D.Parry(P) Ltd Ele,School, Eastern Block ,Punjai Pugalur - 639113.H/O Punjai pugalur TP1.Punjai pugalur (TP) Murugampalayam north street ward 3 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Murugampalayam South Street Ward 3 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Katchiyappa nagar Ward 3 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Nanaparappu Road Sembadapalayam Ward 5 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Nadar Street Sembadapalayam Ward 5 , 6.Punjai Pugalur (TP) E.I.D. Pari Street Ward 4 , 7.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sarkarai aalai Street Ward 4 , 8.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sakkarai Alai 1st Street Ward 4 , 9.Punjai Pugalur (TP) E.B.Nagar Ward 5
38Govt. Boys Higher Sec.School New Building North facing Room No.2 ,Velayuthampalayam H/oPunjai Pugalur TP -6391131.Punjai pugalur (TP) Pasupathi nagar ward 7 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Mathew Nagar Ward 5 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Andiyappa Pillai Colony Ward 7
39Govt. Boys Higher Sec. School New Building Room No.4 Facing North ,Velayuthampalayam H/oPunjai Pugalur TP -6391131.Punjai Pugalur (TP) High School EastWest Main Ward 7 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) High School Eastwest Main 1st Street Ward 7 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) High School Eastwest Main 2nd Street Ward 7 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) High School Eastwest 3rd Street Ward 7 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) High School Southnorth Street Main Ward 7
40E.I.D Parry (P) Ltd Ele.School, Western Block ,Punjai Pugalur TP - 639113.1.Punjai pugalur (TP) Sembadapalayam kelaku veethi ward 4 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sembadapalayam Merku Veethi Ward 4 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sembadapalayam Kadai Veethi Ward 4 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sembadapalayam Kadai Veethi 1st Street Ward 4 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sembadapalayam Kadai Veethi 2nd Street Ward 4 , 6.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sembadapalayam Kadai Veethi 3rd Street Ward 4 , 7.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sembadapalayam Kadai Veethi 4th Street Ward 4 , 8.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sembadapalayam Kadai Veethi 5th Street Ward 4 , 9.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sembadapalayam Kadai Veethi 6th Street Ward 4 , 10.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sembadapalayam Kadai Veethi 7th Street Ward 4
41Govt.Boys Higher Sec.School, Main Building Room No.2 ,VelayuthampalayamH/O Punjai Pugalur TP -6391171.Punjai pugalur (TP) Kakkan colony 1st street ward5 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kakkan colony 2st Street Ward5 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Mariyapilai colony Ward5 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Salai Thottam Ward5 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kovil Nanaparappu Kovil veethi Ward6 , 6.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kovil Nanaparappu Car Street Ward6 , 7.Punjai Pugalur (TP) NaduNanaparappu kelaku veethi Ward6 , 8.Punjai Pugalur (TP) NaduNanaparappu Merku veethi Ward6 , 9.Punjai Pugalur (TP) VadiVelampalayam Nadu theru Ward6 , 10.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Vadivelampalayam Thottathu theru Byepass Ward6 , 11.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Vadivel Goundar Street Ward18 , 12.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kulanthaimalai nagar 1st ward17 , 13.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kulandaimalai Nagar 2th Street Ward17 , 14.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kulaidai malai nagar 3rd street ward17 , 15.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kulandai malai nagar 4th street ward17 , 16.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kulandaimalai nagar 5th street ward17 , 17.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kulandaimalai nagar 6th street ward17
42Govt.Boys Higher Secondary School, Western Block Room No.21 ,Velayuthampalayam, H/o Punjai Pugalur TP -639117.1.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Moolimangalam Road Ward 8 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kumaran Nagar Ward 8 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Water Tank Street Ward 8 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Thiruvalluvar Nagar south 1st street Ward 8 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Thiruvalluvar Nagar south 2nd street ward 8 , 6.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Thiruvalluvar Nagar South 3rd street Ward 8
43Govt.Boys.Higher.Secondary School,New Building, Room No.5, North Facing ,Velayuthampalayam, H/o Punjai Pugalur TP -639117.Punjai pugalur (TP) Thiruvalluvar nagar 1st street, ward 8 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Thiruvalluvar Nagar 2nd street Ward 8 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Thiruvalluvar Nagar 3rd Street Ward 8 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Thiruvalluvar Nagar 4th street Ward 8 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Thiruvalluvar Nagar Kilamel 1st street Ward 8 , 6.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Thiruvalluvar Nagar Kilamel 2nd street Ward 8
44Govt.Boys Higher Sec.School, Northern Building, Eastern Wing, Room No.2 ,Velayuthampalayam, Punjai pugalur TP -639117.1.Punjai pugalur (TP) Pirivu road ward17 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Pirivuroad East Street 1st Street Ward17 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Pirivuroad East Street 2nd Street Ward17 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sundarambal nagar 1st street ward17 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sundarambal Nagar 2nd street ward8 , 6.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sundarambal nagar 3rd street ward8 , 7.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sundarambal Nagar 4th street ward8 , 8.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sundarambal nagar 5th street ward8 , 9.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Sundarambal nagar main street ward8 , 10.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kandasamy palayam Valluvar Nagar South Ward8
45P.U.Gandhiyar Middle School, Central -Northern New Building ,Velayuthampalayam H/o.Punjai Pugalur TP -639117.1.Punjai pugalur (TP) Kandampalayam vembu veettu santhu ward 13 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kandampalayam Palakattu Santhu ward 13 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kandampalayam N.Subbuveetu sandhu Ward 13 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kandampalayam Ramasamy Veetu Santhu Ward 13 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kandampalayam Pipeline Santhu Ward 13 , 6.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kandampalayam Palaniappan Veettu Santhu Ward 13 , 7.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kandampalayam Karumanan Veettu santhu Ward 13 , 8.Punjai pugalur (TP) Kandampalayam maniyakkarar Veetu Sandhu Ward 13 , 9.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kandampalayam Erodekarur Main Road Ward 13 , 10.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kandampalayam Adidravidar Colony Ward 13 , 11.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kandampalayam O.K.Nachimuthu VeettuSandhu Ward 13
46Panchayat Union Gandhiyar Middle School, New Building East Portion, Facing South, Velayuthampalayam H/o.Punjai Pugalur TP -639117.1.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kattipalayam SouthNorth 1st Street Ward14 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kattipalayam Thenvadal 2nd street ward 14 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kattipalayam Thenvadal 3rd street Ward 14 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kattipalayam Thenvadal 4th street Ward 14 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kattipalayam Thenvadal 5th street Ward 14 , 6.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kattipalayam Nadu street Ward 14 , 7.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kattipalayam Kilamel Main Road Ward 14 , 8.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Manicka nagar Ward 16 , 9.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Nalliyannagounder Street Ward 16 , 10.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Veerapathiran Street Ward 16 , 11.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Chellappagounder Street Ward 16 , 12.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Krishnampillai street Ward 16 , 13.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Karuppanna Pillai street Ward 16
47P.U.Ele.School, Eastern Block Western Wing ,South Facing Building, Koolagoundanur P.Pugalur TP -639113.1.Punjai pugalur (TP) Kulakowdanur nadar street ward18 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kulakowndanur vairavel chettiyar colony ward18 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kulakowdanur pajana madath theru ward18 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kulakowndanur pudhuth theru Ward18 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) K.Kowndanur vai.chinnappa kowndanur theru ward18 , 6.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kulakowndanur Kolantha kowndar sandhu ward18 , 7.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kulakowndanur theru ward18 , 8.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Velayuthampalyam ramsingkattu theru ward15
48P.U.Ele.School West side ,North Portion East Facing Building Koolagoundanur P.Pugalur TP - 639117.1.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Velayuthampalayam sodakaran theru ward15 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Velayuthampalayam marudhappachettiyar theru ward15 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Velayutham palayam pasuvaikowndar theru ward15 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Velayuthampalayam Periyur Street Ward15 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Velayuthampalayam karuppannakowndar theru ward15 , 6.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Velayuthampalayam chettiyar theru ward15 , 7.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Velayuthampalayam Gurukkal Street Ward 15 , 8.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Velayuthampalayam K.S.N.Ricemill Street Ward 15 , 9.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Velayutham palayam sadaiyanna kowndar theru ward15 , 10.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Velaytham palayam kothukarar theru ward15 , 11.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Velayuthampalayam o.k.ramasamy kowndar theru , 12.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Velayuthampalayam Bazzar theru Ward15 , 13.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Member Kandasamy Street Ward 16 , 14.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Pugazhi Nagar Ward 15
49Panchayat Union Gandiyar Middle School, New Addl.Building, Facing East, ,Velayuthampalayam H/o.Punjai Pugalur TP-6391171.Punjai pugalur (TP) Bazaar mainroad ward 16 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Malaiveethi Erode Main Road Ward 16 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Adidravidar Colony Ward 10
50Panchayat Union Gandiyar Middle School, New Building ,Facing West Velayuthampalayam H/o. Punjai Pugalur-6391171.Punjai pugalur (TP) Malaiveethi karur main road ward 9 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Malaiveethi Karur Main Road 1st Street Ward 9 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Malaiveethi Karur Main Road 2nd Street Ward 9 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Malaiveethi Karur Main Road 3rd Street Ward 9 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Malaiveethi Nandhavanam Street Ward 9
51Panchayat Union Gandiyar Middle School, New Building, Southern side, Facing West ,Velayuthampalayam H/o. Punjai Pugalur-639117.1.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Malaiveethi Mariyamman kovil Street Ward 12 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Malaveethi Street Ward 12 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Malaikaval Kovil Street Ward 12 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Kavalar Kudieruppu Ward 12 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) R.S.Road annanagar Ward 12 , 6.Punjai Pugalur (TP) M.G.R.Nagar Ward 12
52Agricultural Extension Centre, ,Velayuthampalayam H/o. Punjai Pugalur TP-6391171.Punjai Pugalur (TP) E.B.Colony Ward 12 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 1st street Ward 11 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 2nd street ward 11 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 3rd street Ward 11 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 4th street Ward 11 , 6.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 5th street Ward 11 , 7.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 6th Street Ward 11 , 8.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 7th Street Ward 11
53Panchayat Union Gandiyar Middle School, New Building, Western Portion, Facing South, Velayuthampalayam H/o. Punjai Pugalur TP-639117.1.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Malaiveethy Ward 12 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Railway Station Road Ward 12 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Mullainagar 1st street Ward 12 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Mullainagar 2nd street Ward 12 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Mullainagar 3rd street Ward 12 , 6.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Mullai Nagar 4th street Ward 12 , 7.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Mullainagar 5th street Ward 12 , 8.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Mullainagar 6th street Ward 12 , 9.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Mullai Nagar 7th street Ward 12 , 10.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Mullai Nagar 8th street Ward 12
54Panchayat Union Gandhiyar Middle School, West facing, North west Block, south side, NABARD Building, First Room, Velayuthampalayam H/o. Punjai Pugalur TP-6391171.Punjai pugalur (TP) Anna nagar eastwest street ward 10 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Anna Nagar 1st Street Ward 10 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Anna Nagar 2nd Street Ward 10 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Anna Nagar 3rd Street Ward 10 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Anna Nagar 4th Street Ward 10 , 6.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Anna Nagar 5th Street Ward 10 , 7.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Anna Nagar 6th Street Ward 10 , 8.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Anna Nagar 7th Street Ward 10 , 9.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Anna Nagar 8th Street Ward 10 , 10.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Mullai Nagar 5th Street Ward 10 , 11.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Mullai Nagar 6th Street Ward 10
55Panchayat Union Gandhiyar Middle School,Old Building, Facing West, Velayuthampalayam H/o. Punjai Pugalur TP-6391171.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 1st street Ward 11 , 2.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 2nd street ward 11 , 3.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 3rd street Ward 11 , 4.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 4th street Ward 11 , 5.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 5th street Ward 11 , 6.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 6th Street Ward 11 , 7.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 7th Street Ward 11 , 8.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 8th Street Ward 11 , 9.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 9th Street Ward 11 , 10.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 10th Street Ward 11 , 11.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 11th Street Ward 11 , 12.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar 12th Street Ward 11 , 13.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Gandhi Nagar South Street Ward 11 , 14.Punjai Pugalur (TP) Pannai Rice mill Street Ward 16
56Panchayat Union Middle School, Eastern Block, North Facing Building, Thavittupalayam, H/o Nanjaipugalur-6391131.Nanjai pugalur (R.V) and (P) Thavittupalayam east 1 ward 2 , 2.Nanjai pugalur (R.V) and (P) Thavittupalayam East 2 Ward 3 , 3.Nanjai pugalur (R.V) and (P) Thavittupalayam West 1 Ward 3 , 4.Nanjai pugalur (R.V) and (P) Thavittupalayam West 2 Ward 3
57Panchayat Union Middle School, Western Block, Western wing, North Facing Building, Thavittupalayam. H/o Nanjaipugalur-6391131.Nanjai pugalur (R.V) and (P) Thavittuapalayam east ward 2 , 2.Nanjai pugalur (R.V) and (P) Kattipalayam Ward 3 , 3.Nanjai pugalur (R.V) and (P) Modhukadu Ward 1 , 4.Nanjai pugalur (R.V) and (P) Palanimuthu Nagar Ward 1 , 5.Nanjai pugalur (R.V) and (P) Nanchai Pugalur Kaspa Ward 1 , 6.Nanjai pugalur (R.V) and (P) Agraharm Ward 1
58Panchayat Union Middle School, Eastern side North Facing Building, East Thavuttupalayam H/o. Punjai Thottakkurichi TP-6391131.Punjai thottakuruchi (TP) Veerarajapuram ward 1 , 2.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Dharmarajapuram Ward 1 , 3.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Mettupalayam Ward 2
59Panchayat Union Elementary School,S.S.A Building Head Master Room, Facing South ,East Thavuttupalayam H/o. Punjai Thottakkurichi TP-6391131.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Eastthavuttupalayam West Part Ward 1 , 2.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Eastthavuttupalayam East Part Ward 2
60C.S.I. Aided Elementary School , Thalavapalayam,H/o.Punjai Thottakkurichi TP-6391131.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Thalavapalayam Athidiravidar South Street W 6 , 2.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Thalavapalayam West 1st Street Ward 6
61Panchayat Union Middle School North Facing Building ,(Western wing) Thalavapalayam H/o.Punjai Thottakkurichi TP-6391131.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Thalavapalayam Kadai Veethi Ward 5 , 2.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Malayampalayam Ward 7 , 3.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Malayampalayam Athidiravidar Street Ward 7 , 4.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Ammapatti Ward 7 , 5.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Mettukattur Ward 7 , 6.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Keel Orathai Ward 7
62Panchayat Union Middle School South Facing, Northen Building, Thalavapalayam H/o.Punjai Thottakkurichi TP-6391131.Punjai thottakuruchi (TP) Govinthampalayam north ward 3 , 2.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Govinthampalayam South Ward 3 , 3.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Kunnikattur Ward 3 , 4.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Thalavapalayam Athidravidar East Street W 3 , 5.Punjai thottakuruchi (TP) Thalavapalayam mariyammankovil street ward 5 , 6.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Thalavapalayam Overtank Street Ward 4 , 7.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Thalavapalayam Pajanamadai Street Ward 4
63P.U.Ele.School, North Side, East Facing New Building, Moorthipalayam H/o.Punjai Thottakkurichi TP-6391131.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Sengalpalayam Ward 8 , 2.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Sengalpalayam Athidravidar Street Ward 8 , 3.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Melorathai Ward 8 , 4.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Periyapudur Ward 8 , 5.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Moorthipalayam Ward 9 , 6.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Ganapathipalayampudur Ward 9 , 7.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Moorthipalayam Athidiravidar Street Ward 9
64P.U.Ele.School, South Side, North facing Middle Building, Ayyampalayam H/o.Punjai Thottakkurichi TP-6391131.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Senkattanur ward 10 , 2.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Ayyampalayam kattur Ward 10 , 3.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Ayyampalayam Adidravidar Street Ward 11 , 4.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Ayyampalayam Ward 11 , 5.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Avarankattupudur Ward 10 , 6.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Moonuttupalayam Ward 10
65Govt.High school Eastern Block, Middle Portion ,Punjai Thottakurichi TP-6391131.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Pillaiyar kovil street ward 12 , 2.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Muthurajapuram Ward 12 , 3.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) P.Thottakuruchi Athidravidar Street West W14 , 4.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) P.Thottakuruchi Athidravidar theru East W14
66Panchayat Union Elementary School Western Block ,Middle Portion, Punjai Thottakurichi TP-639113Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) Punjaithottakuruchi athidravidar 2nd st. ward 13 , 2.Punjai Thottakuruchi (TP) PunjaiThottakuruchi Athidravidar 3rd St. Ward 15
67Panchayat Union Middle School, North Facing Building ,Moolimangalam TNPL Pugalur TP- 6391171.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Nalliyampalayam Ward1 , 2.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Kandhasamy palayam west street Ward1 , 3.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Onakkal medu 1st street Ward2 , 4.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Onakkal medu 2nd street Ward2 , 5.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Sokkan kadu Ward1 , 6.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Sottaiyur Ward 1 , 7.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Moolimangalam thenvadal veethi Ward3 , 8.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Chinnakarur Street Ward4 , 9.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Moolimangalam Kelmelveethi Ward3 , 10.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Nattukkal main Veethi -1 ward3 , 11.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Nattukkal main Veethi -2 ward3 , 12.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Nattukkal main Veethi -3 ward3 , 13.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Nattukkal main Veethi -4 ward3 , 14.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Nattukkal main Veethi -5 ward3 , 15.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Mulimangalam main bazzar theru ward3 , 16.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Nagaram Street Ward3 , 17.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Mulimangalam athidravidar theru ward4 , 18.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Moolimangalam Adidravidar Street 2 Ward4 , 19.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Moolimangalam Adidravidar street 3 Ward 4
68Community Hall ,Puthukurukkupalayam, Punjaipugalur (S)1.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Pugalur railway station middle road ward 8 , 2.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Railway colony Ward 8 , 3.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Kurukku palayam North Street Ward 8 , 4.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Kurukku palayam pillaiyar kovil Street Ward 8 , 5.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Kurukku palayam Nayakkar veethi Ward 8
69Panchayat Union Elementary School, East Side, North Facing, Tiled building, Masagoundanpudur TNPL Pugalur TP-6391171.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Moolimangalam pillaiyar koil street ward 5 , 2.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Pandipalayam Pakavathiyamman Kovil Street Ward 5 , 3.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Masagoundan Pudur Ward6 , 4.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Renganathapuram Ward 6 , 5.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Railway Station Ward 8 , 6.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Masagoundanpudhur Pilliyar Kovil Street Ward 6 , 7.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Masagoundanpudhur Athidiravidar Street Ward 6
70TNPL Matriculation Higher Secondary (Primary) School, ,Room No.87, West Facing Building Kagithapuram TNPL TP-6391361.Kagitha Alai (T.P) A type colony ward 12 , 2.Kagitha Alai (T.P) D.A Type Colony Ward 12 , 3.Kagitha Alai (T.P) B Type Colony Ward 12 , 4.Kagitha Alai (T.P) S4 C Type Colony Ward 12 , 5.Kagitha Alai (T.P) S5 D Type Colony Ward 12 , 6.Kagitha Alai (T.P) S6 E Type Colony Ward 9
71TNPL Matriculation Higher Secondary (Primary) School, , Room No.83 East Facing Building, Kagithapuram, TNPL TP-6391361.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Hostel ward 11 , 2.Kagitha Alai (T.P) F Type Colony Ward 11 , 3.Kagitha Alai (T.P) 230 KV EB Quarters Ward 7 , 4.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Semmadai Kudi iruppu Kongu Nagar Ward 7 , 5.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Semmadai 1st Street Ward7 , 6.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Semmadai 2nd Street Ward7 , 7.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Semmadai Middle Street Ward7 , 8.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Railway Gate South Side Ward 7 , 9.Kagitha Alai (T.P) Railway Gate North Side Ward 7
72P.U.Ele.School, East Facing Tiled Building, Pasupathipalayam H/o.Punnam-639136Punnam (RV) and (P) Punnam kuditheru ward 1 , 2.Punnam (RV) and (P) Punnam East Athidravidar Street Ward 1 , 3.Punnam (RV) and (P) Punnam North Athidravidar Street Ward 1 , 4.Punnam (RV) and (P) Sadaiyampalayam Ward 8 , 5.Punnam (RV) and (P) Kailasapuram kuditheru Ward 8 , 6.Punnam (RV) and (P) Kailasapuram Athidravidar Street Ward 8 , 7.Punnam (RV) and (P) Pasupathipalayam Kuditheru Ward 9 , 8.Punnam (RV) and (P) Pasupathipalayam Athidravidar Street Ward 9 , 9.Punnam (RV) and (P) Kulathur Ward 9
73Panchayat Union Ele.School, North Facing Tiled Building, Nadupalayam H/o.Punnam-6391361.Punnam (RV) and (P) Nadupalayam kuditheru ward 2 , 2.Punnam (RV) and (P) Nadupalayam Athidiravidar Theru Ward 2 , 3.Punnam (RV) and (P) Chinna Nadupalayam Ward 2 , 4.Punnam (RV) and (P) Ayyanur Ward 2 , 5.Punnam (RV) and (P) Melapalayam Ward 3 , 6.Punnam (RV) and (P) Malaiyur Ward 3 , 7.Punnam (RV) and (P) Velauthampalayam Vattarakadu Ward 3 , 8.Punnam (RV) and (P) Vallipuram Ward 3 , 9.Punnam (RV) and (P) Panjayankuttai Ward 3 , 10.Punnam (RV) and (P) Pullaiyar Palayam Ward 3
74Panchayat Union Ele.School, North Facing, Tiled Building, Alampalayam H/o.Punnam-6391361.Punnam (RV) and (P) Palamapuram north athidravidar 1st street ward 6 , 2.Punnam (RV) and (P) Palamapuram Kuditheru Ward 6 , 3.Punnam (RV) and (P) Palamapuram North Athidiravidar 2nd Street Ward 6 , 4.Punnam (RV) and (P) Aalampalayam Athidiravidar Street Ward 7 , 5.Punnam (RV) and (P) Aalampalayam Kuditheru Ward 7 , 6.Punnam (RV) and (P) Thannerpanthal Pudhur Ward 7 , 7.Punnam (RV) and (P) Kuttakadai Ward 7
75Panchayat Union Middle School, East Facing ,Southern Building Punnamchatram H/o.Punnam-6391361.Punnam (RV) and (P) Chinnarangapalayam Ward 4 , 2.Punnam (RV) and (P) Prem Nagar Ward 4 , 3.Punnam (RV) and (P) Satthiram Ward 4 , 4.Punnam (RV) and (P) Perumal Nagar Ward 4 , 5.Punnam (RV) and (P) Periyarangapalayam Ward 4
76Panchayat Union Middle School, North Block North Portion East Facing Tiled Building , Punnamchatram H/o.Punnam-6391361.Punnam (RV) and (P) Velliyampalayam Ward 4 , 2.Punnam (RV) and (P) Kariyampatti Ward 4 , 3.Punnam (RV) and (P) Ponniyappagoundan Pudhur Ward 5 , 4.Punnam (RV) and (P) Thathampalayam Ward 5
77P.U.Middle School, Southern Building Facing North ,Viswanathapuri-639002Vishvanathapuri (R.V) and (P) Main road ward 1 , 2.Vishvanathapuri (R.V) and (P) Chettiyar Kadaitheru Ward 1 , 3.Vishvanathapuri (R.V) and (P) Salavaikal Ist Street Ward 1 , 4.Vishvanathapuri (R.V) and (P) Salavaikal 2nd Street Ward 1 , 5.Vishvanathapuri (R.V) and (P) Salavaikal 3rd Street Ward 2 , 6.Vishvanathapuri (R.V) and (P) Post Office Street Ward 2 , 7.Vishvanathapuri (R.V) and (P) Senkamalai Street Ward 2 , 8.Vishvanathapuri (R.V) and (P) Mallamman Kovil Street Ward 2 , 9.Vishvanathapuri (R.V) and (P) Ther Street Ward 2 , 10.Vishvanathapuri (R.V) and (P) M.G.R.Nagar Ward 1 , 11.Vishvanathapuri (R.V) and (P) Aniyapuram Ward 2 , 12.Vishvanathapuri (R.V) and (P) Chinnathadampalayam Ward 2
78P.U.Ele.School, Facing North Building, Tiled Building, Salapalayam H/o.Pavithram-6390021.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Mandagiriyur ward 1 , 2.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) V.ThannerPandhal Ward 1 , 3.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Muthucholipalayam Ward 1 , 4.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Jayanthi Nagar Ward 1 , 5.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Salapalayam Ward 1 , 6.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Melasalapalayam Ward 1 , 7.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Kolanjikattur Ward 1
79Panchayat Union Ele.School South Facing Tiled Building, Salapalayam H/o.Pavithram-639002Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Chinna Kulathupalayam Ward 1 , 2.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Kulathupalayam -1 Ward 1 , 3.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Kulathupalayam -2 Ward 1 , 4.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Kulathupalayam -3 Ward 1 , 5.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Notchipalayam Ward 1 , 6.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) P.Viswanathapuri Annanagar West Ward3 , 7.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) P. Viswanathapuri Annanagar East Ward 5
80P.U.Ele.School, North side, Facing south Building ,Pavithram-6390021.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Malaiyur ward 2 , 2.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Kurumpapatty Adhidravidar Street Ward2 , 3.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Rasampalayam Ward 2 , 4.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Kurumpapatty North Ward2 , 5.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Kurumpapatty South Ward2 , 6.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Pavithram Kudi theru Ward2,3 , 7.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Pavithiram Adhidravidar Street Ward 3 , 8.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) pavithram Adhidravidar colony Ward 3 , 9.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Kumaragoundan Pudur Ward 3 , 10.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Kandampalayam ward3 , 11.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Panjamadevi Pudur Ward 3 , 12.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Pavithram Poopali Ward 3 , 13.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Pavithram Medu Ward 3
81P.U.Ele.School, New Building Facing South ,Pallamaruthapatti H/o.Pavitharm-6390021.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Pallamaruthapatty Kudistreet Ward4 , 2.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Pallamaruthapatty Kuditheru East Ward 4 , 3.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Pallamaruthapatty Kuditheru West Ward 4 , 4.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Poonaiyankattur Ward 4 , 5.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Elappakinathupatty Ward 3 , 6.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Kiluvampalayam Ward 3 , 7.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Malaichipudur Ward 3
82P.U.Ele.School, New West Facing Pucca Building ,Pallamaruthapatti H/o.Pavitharm-6390021.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) P.visvanathapuri kudi street ward5 , 2.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) P.Viswanathapuri Muthaliar, Muthuraja Street Ward5 , 3.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Ganapathipalayam Ward5 , 4.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Chinnathadampalayam Ward5 , 5.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Pallamaruthapatty Adhidravidar Street Ward4
83P.U.Middle School, South Facing Building ,Periyathadhampalayam H/o.Pavitharm-6390021.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Kulathur patty Ward5 , 2.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Keela kulathurpatty Ward 5 , 3.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Mela kulathurpatty Kudi Street Ward5 , 4.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Melakulathurpatty Kudi Street East Ward5 , 5.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Periya thathampalayam kuditheru ward 5 , 6.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Periya Thathampalayam Naiyakkartheru Ward 5 , 7.Pavithiram (R.V) and (P) Kotthapalayam Ward 3
84Panchayat Union Middle School, Tiled Building, Facing South, ,Karudaiyampalayam-6391111.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Karudaiyampalayam ward 3 , 2.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) East Street Ward 2 , 3.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Kaspa Kottai Ward 2 , 4.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Rajivgandhi Nagar Ward 2 , 5.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Kasba Kottai Adhidravidar Street Ward 2 , 6.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Navaladi Nagar Ward 2 , 7.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Kariyampatty Ward 2 , 8.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Anna Nagar Ward 2 , 9.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Soouriyampalayam Ward 2 , 10.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Otthakadai Ward 2 , 11.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Panaipalayam Ward 1 , 12.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Indira Nagar Colony Ward 1 , 13.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Velappagoundanur Ward
85P.U.Ele.School, East Facing North Terraced Building, Pudhukkanelli H/o. Karudaiyampalayam-6391111.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Puthukkanalli thoppu ward 4 , 2.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) puthukkanalli Colony Ward 4 , 3.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Puthukkanalli Nayakkar Street Ward 4 , 4.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Puthukkanelli Kuditheru Ward 4 , 5.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Malappalayam Pudhur Ward 5 , 6.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Valnaiyakkanpatty Kuditheru Ward 5 , 7.Karudaiyampalayam (R.V) and (P) Valnaiyakkanpatty Colony Ward 5
86Panchayat Union Elementary School, Facing West, Tiled Building, ,Melanedungur H/o.Nedungur- 6391111.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Kaspa pudur ward 1 , 2.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Kaspa Nedungur Ward 1 , 3.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Kasba Nedungur Athidiravidar Street Ward 1 , 4.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Kandasamipalayam Ward 1 , 5.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Venkadapuram Athidiravidar Street Ward 2 , 6.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Mela Nedungur Kuditheru Ward 3 , 7.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Mela Nedungur Athidiravidar Street East Ward 3 , 8.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Mela Nedungur Athidiravidar Street West Ward 3 , 9.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Venkadapuram Kuditheru Ward 2
87Panchayat Union Elementary School, North Facing, Tiled Building, ,Melanedungur H/o.Nedungur- 639111Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Varatharajapuram Athidiravidar Street Ward 4 , 2.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Varatharajapuram Kuditheru Ward 4 , 3.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Renganathapuram Ward 4 , 4.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) N.Pasupathipalayam Ward 4 , 5.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Selvapuram Ward 4 , 6.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Lakshimipuram ward 5 , 7.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Poomandampalayam Adhidravidar Street Ward 5 , 8.Nedungur (R.V) and (P) Poomandampalayam Kuditheru Ward 5
88P.U.Elemantary School, East Facing, Tiled Building, Kalipalayam H/o.Paramathi-6391111.Munnur (R.V) and (P) Kattumunnur kudistreet ward 1 , 2.Munnur (R.V) and (P) kattumunnur Athidiravidar Street Ward 1 , 3.Munnur (R.V) and (P) Rayagoundanputhur Ward 2 , 4.Munnur (R.V) and (P) Perumalpalayam Ward 2
89Govt. Hr.Sec.School, Facing West Building, ,K.Paramathi-6391111.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Mariyamman kovil east street ward 1 , 2.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Mariyamman Kovil West Street Ward 1 , 3.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Indira Nagar Ward 2 , 4.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Noyyal Road Ward 2
90Govt.Higher Sec.School New Southern Building Ground Floor ,Facing North, Eastern Portion, K.Paramathi-6391111.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Annai Nagar Ward 2 , 2.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Bajar Street Ward 2 , 3.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Kulam Nagar Ward 2 , 4.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) West Thottam Ward 2 , 5.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Nachi Muthu Nagar Ward 2 , 6.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Kamaraj Nagar Ward 2 , 7.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Krishnapuram Ward 2 , 8.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Amman Nagar Ward 2
91P.U.Ele.School, Additional Building North Facing ,K.Paramathi-6391111.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) k.Paramathy Athidiravidar Street Ward 3 , 2.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Athirettypalayam Kuti theru Ward 3 , 3.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Athirettypalayam Athidiravidar Street Ward 3 , 4.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Semmandampalayam Ward 4 , 5.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Kuppagoundanvalasu Ward 4 , 6.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) Poolankali Valasu Ward 4 , 7.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) P.Kalipalayam Kudi street Ward 4 , 8.K.paramathi (R.V) and (P) P.Kalipalayam Adhidravidar Street Ward 4,5
92Panchayat Union Ele.School, New Building ,Nadanthai North-6391111.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Nadanthai east ward 1 , 2.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Nadanthai West Ward1 , 3.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Vettaiyarpalayam East Street Ward2 , 4.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Paruthikattupalayam ward2 , 5.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Venkitapuram Ward1,2 , 6.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Muthurajapuram Adhidravidar Colony Ward1 , 7.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Nallipalayam Kudistreet ward4 , 8.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Kuppampalayam Ward4
93Panchayat Union Middle School,Old Building ,Thulukampalayam H/o Nadanthai North-639202Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Vettaiyar palayam adhidravidar colony south ward4 , 2.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Vettaiyarpalayam Adhidravidar Colony North Ward3 , 3.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Vettaiyarpalayam Kuditheru West Ward3 , 4.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Velliyampalayam Ward3 , 5.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Kukkalpatty Ward3 , 6.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Poomagoundanvalasu Ward3 , 7.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Chinnamarpatty Ward3 , 8.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Thulukkampalayam Adhidravidar Street Ward5 , 9.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Thulukkampalayam Kudi Street Ward5 , 10.Nadanthai north (R.V) Nadanthai (P) Nallipalayam Adhidravidar Street Ward4
94Panchayat Union Ele.School, New Building, Eastern side ,Thennilai- 6392061.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Thondukalipalayam ward 4 , 2.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Thondukalipalayam Athidiravidar Street Ward 4 , 3.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Kanakkupillaipudhur Ward 4 , 4.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Sullimadaipalayam Ward 4 , 5.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Karuppanna Kovilpudur Ward 4 , 6.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Madaikkattupudhur Ward 2 , 7.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Thennilai Natthamedu Ward 2 , 8.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Thennilai Salaithottam Ward 2 , 9.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Lakshmi Nagar Ward 2 , 10.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Palvarpatty Ward 2 , 11.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Palvarpatty Adhidravidar Street Ward 2 , 12.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Masaiyampalayam Ward 2 , 13.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Mettupatty Ward 2 , 14.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Kumaragoundanpudhur Ward 2
95Govt.Higher Sec.School Western wing, North facing, ,South side, Room No.4, Thennilai-6392061.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Meenakshi valasu south street ward1 , 2.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Meenakshi Valasu North Street Ward 5 , 3.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Meenakshi Valasu Old Colony Ward 1 , 4.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Meenakshi Valasu New Colony Ward 5 , 5.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Mettukattur Ward 5 , 6.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Anumantha Nagar Ward 5 , 7.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Poolankattur Ward 1 , 8.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Malaikovil Colony Ward 1 , 9.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Amirthapuri Ward 3 , 10.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Sencheri Valasu Ward 3 , 11.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Sencheri Valasu Adhidravidar Colony Ward 3 , 12.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Sundamedu Ward 3
96Govt.Higher Sec.School south building, East wing, West portion north facing, Room No 18, Thennilai- 6392061.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Valnaicken patty Ward 3 , 2.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Nallipalayam Ward 3 , 3.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Kolanthakattupudur Ward 3 , 4.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Sadatchi Valasu Ward3 , 5.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Vijayanagaram Ward 3 , 6.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Perakkampalayam Ward 3 , 7.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Koonampatty M.G.R Nagar Ward 3 , 8.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Chetti Thottam Ward 3 (Vadukanar) , 9.Thennilai south (R.V), Thennilai (P) Kumaragoundan Valasu Ward 3 (Vadukanar)
97Panchayat Union Middle School ,Gudalur West-6392061.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Chennimalaipalayam kuditheru ward 1 , 2.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Chennimalaipalayam Athidiravidar Street Ward 1 , 3.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Oothukaraipalayam Ward 1 , 4.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Pudupalayam Athidiravidar Street Ward 3 , 5.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Pudupalayam Kuditheru Ward 3 , 6.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Pullagoundanpalayam Kuditheru Ward 3 , 7.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Pullagoundanpalayam Adhidravidar Theru Ward 3 , 8.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Gudalur Kaspa Kuditheru Ward 2 , 9.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Gudalur Kasba Naiyakkar Street Ward 2 , 10.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Gudalur Kasba Adhidravidar Street Ward 2 , 11.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Karunelli valasu Kuditheru Ward 5 , 12.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Karunelli Valasu Adhidravidar Street Ward 5 , 13.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Kovilpalayam Pudur Ward 5
98Panchayat Union Middle School, Old Building ,Kodandur-6392061..Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Kodanthur ward1 , 2..Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Vettukkattuvalasu Ward2 , 3..Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Komalivalasu Ward2 , 4..Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Kokkumadaipalayam Ward2 , 5..Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Chinnakumaravalasu Ward3 , 6..Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Nalligoundan valasu ward3 , 7..Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Karukkanpalayam Ward3
99Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Muthanampalayam H/o Kodanthur- 6392061..Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Mutthanampalayam ward7 , 2..Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Muthaligoundanputhur Ward8
100Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Udaiyampalayam H/o Kodanthur- 639206Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Vandaripalayam ward 4 , 2..Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Naiyakkanvalasu Ward 4 , 3..Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Natchipalayam Ward 5 , 4..Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Udaiyampalayam Ward 5 , 5..Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Vettuvapalayam Ward 6 , 6..Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Kariyamapudur Ward 6 , 7..Kodanthur North (R.V), Kodanthur (P) Vadakarai Ward 6
101Panchayat Union ELementary School, Periyathirumangalam H/o Gudalur west-6392061.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Kalipalayam ward 4 , 2.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Kalipalayampudur Ward 4 , 3.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Madakalli Ward 8 , 4.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Mannukattypalayam Ward 8 , 5.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Arunkaraiyamman Kovil Kuditheru Ward 8 , 6.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Periyathirumangalam Adhidravidartheru Ward 7 , 7.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Periyathirumangalam Kuditheru Ward 7 , 8.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Kovilpalayam Adhidravidar Street Ward 6 , 9.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Kovilpalayam Kuditheru Ward 6 , 10.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) KurukkalKattu Pudur Ward 7 , 11.Gudalur west (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Ponniyagoundan Pudur Ward 7
102Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Chinnathirumangalam H/o Gudalur East-6392061.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Kamatchipuram ward 1 , 2.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Kailasapuram Ward 1 , 3.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Velliyampalayam Ward 1 , 4.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Dharmakodangipatty Ward 1 , 5.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Gudalur East Ward 1 , 6.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Kattu Palayam Ward 2 , 7.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Molaiyandipatty Ward 2 , 8.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Gudalur Pudur Ward 2 , 9.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Chinnathirumangalam Ward 3 , 10.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Panaiyampalayam Ward 3
103P.U.Middle School, Western Building ,Rangapalayam H/o Gudalur East-II-6392021.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Pillaiarpalayam ward 3 , 2.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Chinnamathiyagudalur Ward 3 , 3.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Periyamathiya Gudalur Ward 3 , 4.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Anaipudur Ward 4 , 5.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Malachiyur Ward 5 , 6.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Nadupalayam Ward 5 , 7.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Kongu Nagar Ward 5 , 8.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Arangappalayam North Ward 5 , 9.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Arangappalayam South Ward 5
104P.U.Middle School, New Building, South side ,Rangapalayam H/o Gudalur East-II-6392021.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) M.g.r.nagar ward 5 , 2.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Malachiyur Ward 5 , 3.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Arangapalayam North Ward 5 , 4.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Othamanthurai Ward 5 , 5.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Selva Nagar Ward 5 , 6.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Ponnagar Ward 5 , 7.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Kongu Nagar Ward 5 , 8.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Arangapalayam South Ward5
105Panchayat Union Middle School, New Building ,Rangapalayam H/o Gudalur East-II-6392021.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Selva nagar ward 5 , 2.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) M.G.R.Nagar Ward 5 , 3.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Malachiyur Ward 5 , 4.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Othamanthurai Ward 5 , 5.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Kongu Nagar Ward 5 , 6.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Arangapalayam South Ward 5 , 7.Gudalur East (R.V) ,Gudalur (P) Pon Nagar Ward 5
106Govt Boys .Hr.Sec.School, Matching grand Hall East ,Room No.7, Chinnadarapuram-6392021.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Chinnadharapuram nehru nagar ward 1 , 2.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Chinnadharapuram Sivasakthi Nagar Ward 7 , 3.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Chinnadharapuram Vaykkal Thottam Ward 1 , 4.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Chinnadharapuram Main Road Ward 1 , 5.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Chinnadharapuram Bangalaw Theru Ward 1 , 6.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Chinnadharapuram East Christian Theru Ward 1
107Govt. Boys Higher Sec.School, Matching grand Hall, Eastern Building, West Facing Room No.7 Chinnadarapuram-6392021.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Adhidravidar theru ward2 , 2.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Fishermen Street Ward3 , 3.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) North Christian Street Ward3 , 4.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Puliyamarathottam Ward3 , 5.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Kuditheru West Ward 4 , 6.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Kuditheru East Ward6
108Panchayat Union Ele.School North Building ,Chinnadarapuram-639202Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Chinnadharapuram gandhi road ward 8 , 2.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Chinnadarapuram Akraharam Ward 10 , 3.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Chinnadharapuram West Musleem Theru Ward 11 , 4.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Chinnapuliyampatty Ward 12 , 5.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Bharathiar Nagar Colony Ward 12 , 6.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Periapuliyampatti Ward 13 , 7.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Bus Stand Side Ward 10
109Govt.Teacher.Tr.Institute For Women Prayer Hall ,Left Wing, Block1, T.Vengidapuram (R.V), Chinnadharapuram-6392021.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Kattamputhur ward 5 , 2.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Bharathiyar Street Ward 5 , 3.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Naduppalayam Ward 5 , 4.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Amaravadhi Nagar Ward 5
110G.Teacher.Tr.Institute For Women Prayer Hall, Right Wing, Block1, T.Vengidapuram (R.V), Chinnadharapuram-6392021.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Kattamputhur ward5 , 2.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Annanagar Ward 5 , 3.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Navalnagar Ward 5 , 4.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Indira Nagar Ward 5
111G.Teacher.Tr.Institute For Women Prayer Hall ,South Building Wing Block1, T.Vengidapuram (R.V), Chinnadharapuram-6392021.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Mallanatham ward7 , 2.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Karuppagoundanpudur Ward7 , 3.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Adidravidar street North Ward7 , 4.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) T.Venkidapuram Kaspa Ward7 , 5.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) T.Venkitapuram Krishthuva Street Ward7 , 6.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Aruvankattuthottam Ward9 , 7.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Sumaithangi Ward9 , 8.Chinnadharapuram (R.V) and (P) Mudaliyar thottam Ward9
112Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Andichettipalayam H/o Sudamani- 6392021.Sudamani (R.V) and (P) Paruthikattupalayam ward 4 , 2.Sudamani (R.V) and (P) Jallipatti Ward 4 , 3.Sudamani (R.V) and (P) Andichettipalayam Ward 4 , 4.Sudamani (R.V) and (P) Mallanatham ward 4
113P.U.Ele.School, Northern Portion Block-II ,Uthupatty H/o Sudamani- 6392021.Sudamani (R.V) and (P) Uthupatti ward 1 , 2.Sudamani (R.V) and (P) Uthupatti Uppukinatru Thottam Ward 1 , 3.Sudamani (R.V) and (P) Sudamani Ward 1 , 4.Sudamani (R.V) and (P) Katharmangalam Ward 1 , 5.Sudamani (R.V) and (P) Valayanur Kolakattuthoppu Ward 2
114Panchayat Union Ele.School South Side Block II ,Uthupatty H/o Sudamani-6392021.Sudamani (R.V) and (P) Valaiyanur ward 2 , 2.Sudamani (R.V) and (P) Thottampatty Ward 2 , 3.Sudamani (R.V) and (P) Akilandapuram Ward 3 , 4.Sudamani (R.V) and (P) Rajapuram pirivu Road Ward 3
115Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Elavanur-639202Elavanur (R.V) and (P) Elavanur gandhi nagar ward 2 , 2.Elavanur (R.V) and (P) Elavanur MGR Nagar Ward 2 , 3.Elavanur (R.V) and (P) Elavanur Adidravidar Street North Ward 2 , 4.Elavanur (R.V) and (P) Elavanur Ration shop street Ward 2,3 , 5.Elavanur (R.V) and (P) Elavanur East Street Ward 1,2,3,4 , 6.Elavanur (R.V) and (P) Elavanur Bajar Street Ward 2,3 , 7.Elavanur (R.V) and (P) Elavanur Athidiravidar Colony South Ward 3 , 8.Elavanur (R.V) and (P) Mettur Ward 3 , 9.Elavanur (R.V) and (P) Chinnamettur Ward 3 , 10.Elavanur (R.V) and (P) Chinnaiyagoundanpudhur Ward 4 , 11.Elavanur (R.V) and (P) Nallaiagoundanpudur Ward 4 , 12.Elavanur (R.V) and (P) Rasakattu Thottam Ward 4 , 13.Elavanur (R.V) and (P) Kondamanaickanpudur Ward 4
116P.U.Ele.School Southern Block North facing Tiled Building ,Thokkupatti Puthur H/o Thokkupatti- 6392021.Thokkupatty (R.V) and (P) Thokkupatty north street ward1 , 2.Thokkupatty (R.V) and (P) Thokkupatty South Street Ward1 , 3.Thokkupatty (R.V) and (P) Thokkupatty West Street Ward1 , 4.Thokkupatty (R.V) and (P) Thokkupatty East Street Ward 1 , 5.Thokkupatty (R.V) and (P) Karungalpuliyampatti Adhidravidar Street Ward1 , 6.Thokkupatty (R.V) and (P) Karungal puliyampatty Kudi Street Thottam Ward 1
117Panchayat Union Elementary School Western Portion East Facing Building ,Thokkupatti Puthur H/o Thokkupatti-6392021.Thokkupatty (R.V) and (P) Ponnapuram West Ward 1 , 2.Thokkupatty (R.V) and (P) Ponnapuram East Ward 1 , 3.Thokkupatty (R.V) and (P) Ananthapuram Athidiravidar Street Ward 2 , 4.Thokkupatty (R.V) and (P) Ananthapuram East Street Ward 2 , 5.Thokkupatty (R.V) and (P) Ananthapuram West Street Ward 2 , 6.Thokkupatty (R.V) and (P) Thokkupattypudur North Street Ward 2 , 7.Thokkupatty (R.V) and (P) Thokkupattypudur South Street Ward 2 , 8.Thokkupatty (R.V) and (P) Thokkupattypudur East Street Ward 2 , 9.Thokkupatty (R.V) and (P) Thokkupattypudur Adidravidar Street Ward 3
118P.U.M.School, West Building, North Portion ,Block1, Rajapuram-6392011.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Mariyammankovil street ward1 , 2.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Kadaiveethi North Street Ward1 , 3.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Kadai veedhi South Street Ward2 , 4.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Akraharam Ward2 , 5.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Eswaran Kovil Street Ward3 , 6.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Kandar Nagar Ward 3
119P.U.M.School, North Building West Portion ,Block1 Rajapuram-6392011.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Vasuvapatty ward6 , 2.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Chinnamanayakkanur Ward6 , 3.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Rajapuram Adidravidar street Ward4 , 4.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Rajapuram Adidravidar Street South Ward5 , 5.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Adhidravidar Street East Ward5 , 6.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Ellakadu Ward6
120Panchayat Union Middle School, New Building ,Nambagoundanur H/o Rajapuram-6392011.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Vettaikaranputhur ward7 , 2.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Vaikkalur Ward7 , 3.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Nombagoundanur Ward7 , 4.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Serangagoundanur Ward7 , 5.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Serangagoundanur East Ward7 , 6.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Staline Nagar Ward7 , 7.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) M.G.R Nagar Ward7 , 8.Rajapuram (R.V) and (P) Panankadu Ward7
121Panchayat Union Middle School New Building, Southern side, ,Tiled roofing, Kasipalayam H/o Punjaikalakurichi-6390021.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Kasipalayam west ward 1,2 , 2.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Kasipalayam East Ward 1,2 , 3.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Kasipalayam Main Road Ward 1,2 , 4.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Kasipalayam East Adhidravidar Street Ward1 , 5.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Kasipalayam South Adhidravidar Street Ward 2 , 6.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Vanikarayar Thottam Ward 2 , 7.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Kasipalayam Thottam West Ward 1
122Panchayat Union Ele.School, New Building, Tiled roofing, ,Kunjampatty H/o Punjaikalakurichi- 6390021.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Kunjampatty ward 3 , 2.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Kunjampatty East Thottam Ward 3 , 3.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Kunjampatty North Thottam Ward 3 , 4.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Kunjampatty katcheriyar South Thottam Ward 3 , 5.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Valaiyanur Ward 3 , 6.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Ellaimedu Ward 3 , 7.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Ellaimedu Athidiravidar Colony Ward 3 , 8.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Ellaimedu Pudhur Ward 3 , 9.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Katchinampatti Ward 4 , 10.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Katchinampatti Kollamparai Ward 4 , 11.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Salapalayam North Ward 4 , 12.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Salapalayam South Ward 4
123Panchayat Union Middle School,New Building, South Facing ,Tiled roofing, Nanjakalakurichi, H/o.Nanjaikalakurichi-6390021.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Nanjaikalakurichi kaspa ward1 , 2.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Nanjaikalakurichi Adidravidar Street West ward2 , 3.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Nanjaikalakurichi Adidravidar Street East Ward 2 , 4.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Nanjaikalakurichi West Kudi Street Ward 1 , 5.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Karai Pasupathipalayam Ward3
124Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Punjakalakurichi-6390021.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Notchipallam ward 5 , 2.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) VanikaraiKaspa Ward 5 , 3.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Vanikkarai East Thottam Ward 5 , 4.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Vanikarai Salakaraiyan Thottam Ward 5 , 5.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Vanikarai Adhidravidar Street Ward 5 , 6.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Punjai Kalakurichi Adi dravidartheru Ward 5 , 7.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Punjaikalakurichi Periyathottam Ward 5 , 8.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Punjaikalakurichi Kaspa Kudi Street Ward 6 , 9.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Mekarai Adidravidar Street Ward 6
125Panchayat. Union Elementary School, Addinal Building ,Punjakalakurichi-6390021.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Mekarai kuditheru Ward 7 , 2.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Venkakalpatty Bungalaw Street Ward 7 , 3.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Venkakalpatty Venkakal Mettu Street Ward 7 , 4.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Venkakalpatty Adidravidar Street Ward 7 , 5.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Venkakalpatty Kudi Street Ward 7 , 6.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Venkakalpatty Naidu Street Ward 7 , 7.Punjaikalakurichi (R.V) and (P) Venkakalpatty North Thottam Ward 7
126Panchayat Union Elementary School ,Ariyur-6391111.Aariyur (R.V) and (P) Aariyur kaspa ward1 , 2.Aariyur (R.V) and (P) Ariyur East Adhidravidar St Ward 1 , 3.Aariyur (R.V) and (P) Aariyur adhidravidar theru west Ward2 , 4.Aariyur (R.V) and (P) Chinnamuthampalayam Ward 2 , 5.Aariyur (R.V) and (P) Chinnamuthampalayam Adhidravidar Street Ward 2 , 6.Aariyur (R.V) and (P) Palapali Thottam Ward 2 , 7.Aariyur (R.V) and (P) Velayuthampalayam Ward3 , 8.Aariyur (R.V) and (P) Velayuthampalayam Adhidravidar Street Ward 3 , 9.Aariyur (R.V) and (P) Avinasi thottam Ward 2 , 10.Aariyur (R.V) and (P) Ulavar Pallam Ward 4 , 11.Aariyur (R.V) and (P) Nallachellipalayam Ward 4
127Panchayat Union Elementary School ,P.Anaipalayam-6390021.P.anaipalayam (R.V) and (P) P.anaipalayam ward 1 , 2.P.anaipalayam (R.V) and (P) Pudur Ward 1 , 3.P.anaipalayam (R.V) and (P) Kangayempalayam Ward 1 , 4.P.anaipalayam (R.V) and (P) Amman Nagar Ward 1 , 5.P.anaipalayam (R.V) and (P) Thottivadi Ward 4
128P.U.Ele.School, Facing West Pucca Building ,Mudiganam H/o P.Ananipalayam-6390021.P.anaipalayam (R.V) and (P) Mudikanam kudistreet south ward 2 , 2.P.anaipalayam (R.V) and (P) Mudikanam Adhidravidar Street Ward 2 , 3.P.anaipalayam (R.V) and (P) Mudikanam Kudi street North Ward 2 , 4.P.anaipalayam (R.V) and (P) Niminthapatty Kudistreet South Ward 3 , 5.P.anaipalayam (R.V) and (P) Niminthapatty Adhidravidar Street Ward 3 , 6.P.anaipalayam (R.V) and (P) Niminthapatty Kudi street North Ward 3
129Panchayat Union Elementary School, Old Building ,Thumbivadi-639002Thumbivadi (R.V) and (P) Thumbivadi kaspa ward1 , 2.Thumbivadi (R.V) and (P) Puravipalayam Kudi Street Ward2 , 3.Thumbivadi (R.V) and (P) Puravipalayam Adhidravidar Street Ward2 , 4.Thumbivadi (R.V) and (P) Kulathur Ward3 , 5.Thumbivadi (R.V) and (P) Thumbivadi 5roads Ward3 , 6.Thumbivadi (R.V) and (P) Vellaripatty Ward4 , 7.Thumbivadi (R.V) and (P) Sivancolony Ward4
130P.U.Ele.School, New Building, Southern side, west portion, ,Tiled roofing, Thumbivadi-639002Thumbivadi (R.V) and (P) T.pasupathipalayam ward5 , 2.Thumbivadi (R.V) and (P) Sivancolony ward5 , 3.Thumbivadi (R.V) and (P) Sengalapuram Kudi Street Ward6 , 4.Thumbivadi (R.V) and (P) Sengalapuram Adhidravidar Street Ward 5 , 5.Thumbivadi (R.V) and (P) Anur Ward 6 , 6.Thumbivadi (R.V) and (P) Sakthi Nagar Ward6
131P.U.M.School, South Side Building ,Facing East, Seethapatti Colony H/o Kodaiyur-6391091.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Kakkarampatti ward 1 , 2.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Malaiyur Ward 1 , 3.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) AinthuRoad Ward 1 , 4.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Ganagapuri Ward 1 , 5.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Nallakumaranpatti Ward 1 , 6.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Karaipalayam Ward 1 , 7.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Venkidapuram Kuditheru Ward 2 , 8.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Venkidapuram Adidiravidar Street Ward 2 , 9.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Podampatty Ward 2 , 10.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Chinnampatty Ward 3 , 11.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Meenatchipuram Ward 3 , 12.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Seethapatty OldColony Ward 5
132P.U.M School, Southern Building North Facing Room West Side ,Seethapatti Colony H/o Kodaiyur- 6391091.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Seethapatty ward 4 , 2.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Rengapalayam Ward 4 , 3.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Karuvedampatti Ward 4 , 4.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Arasampalayam Ward 4
133P.U.M School, Southern side North Facing East Building ,Seethapatti Colony H/o Kodaiyur-6391091.Kodaiyur (R.V) and (P) Seethappatti Old New Colony Ward 5
134Government Higher Sec. School, SSA Building, East portion, South Facing, Malaikovilur, H/o.Nagampalli-6391091.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Kuppamettupatti ward 1 , 2.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Malaikovilur Valluvarnagar Ward 1 , 3.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Malaikovilur Lingathuparai Ward 1 , 4.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Malaikovilur ward 1 , 5.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Malaikovilur Janatha Colony Ward 1
135Government Higher Sec. School, New Building, Room No.3, North Facing, Malaikovilur, H/o.Nagampalli-6391091.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Moolapatti kudi street ward 1 , 2.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Moolappatty Adhidravidar Colony Ward1 , 3.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Malaikovilur Ambethkar Nagar Ward 1 , 4.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Malaikovilur Bharathi Nagar Ward 1 , 5.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Malaikovilur Gandhi Nagar Ward 1 , 6.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Panaiyampalayam Ward 1
136Government Higher Sec. School, SSA Building, West Portion, South Facing, Malaikovilur, H/o.Nagampalli-6391091.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Periyakethampatty ward 2 , 2.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Onthampatti Ward 2 , 3.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Padathanaiyakkanpatti Ward 3 , 4.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Sellipalayam Ward 3 , 5.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Chinnakethampatti Ward 3 , 6.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Chinnapudur Ward 3 , 7.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Pethankottai Ward 4 , 8.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) salapalayam Thumpalapatti Ward 4 , 9.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Vadukanagampalli Ward 5
137Panchayat Union Ele.School South Facing, New Building, Nagampalli- 6391091.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Muthugoundanpalayam athidiravidar street ward 4 , 2.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) MuthugoundanPalayam Ward 4 , 3.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Arasampalayam Ward 4 , 4.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) N.Venkidapuram Ward 5 , 5.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Nagampalli West Ward 5 , 6.Nagampalli (R.V) and (P) Nagampalli East Ward 5
138Panchayat Union Elementary School, New building, South facing, ,Chinnakariyampatti, Venjamangudalur West-6391091.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Periyakariyampatty ward3 , 2.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Chinnakariyampatty Ward 3 , 3.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Othaiyur Ward3
139Health Sub Centre ,Venjamagudalur West-6391091.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Venjamangudalur ward2 , 2.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Periyapudur Ward2 , 3.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Senathipalayam Ward 2 , 4.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Parappatti Ward4 , 5.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Mamarathupatti Ward4
140Panchayat Union Middle School, South Facing Tiled Building, Thirumanickampatti, Venjamangudalur West-6391091.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Vellakkampatty Ward 5 , 2.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Thirumanickampatty Ward 5
141Panchayat Union Elementary School, Facing South, Tiled Building, Nanthanur H/o Venjamangudalur East-6391091.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Nandanur ward 1 , 2.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Seethapatty Pudhur Ward 1 , 3.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Nandanur Colony Ward 1 , 4.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Karumparappu Colony Ward 1 , 5.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Seelanaickanur Ward 1 , 6.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Chellappampalayam Ward 1 , 7.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Natchipalayam pudur Kudi Street Ward 1 , 8.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Natchipalayam pudur Colony Ward 1 , 9.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Uthukkarai Colony Ward 1 , 10.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Uthukkarai Kudi street Ward 1
142Panchayat Union Ele.School North Facing, New Terraced Building, Varikapatti H/o Venjamangudalur East-6391091.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Chettia goundan pudur ward2 , 2.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Varikkappatti North Ward2 , 3.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Varikkapatti Colony Ward2 , 4.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Varikkapatti South Ward2 , 5.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Kattur Sembakinam Ward2 , 6.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Sambakinam Colony Ward2 , 7.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Kovilpatti Ward2
143Panchayat Union Middle School, West Facing, Tiled Building, Senpaganam H/o Venjamangudalur East -6391091.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Sambakinam Ward 3 , 2.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Sambakinam Colony Ward 3 , 3.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Vavikanam Colony Ward 3 , 4.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Vavikanam Kudi Street Ward 3 , 5.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Parappudurai Ward 3 , 6.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Kovilpatty Ward 3
144Panchayat Union Middle School North Building, South Facing, Eastern Side ,Senpaganam H/o Venjamangudalur East -6391091.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Pudupatty ward 3 , 2.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Kuravanjimadai Ward 3 , 3.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Nagalur Ward 3 , 4.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Arkattu naiyakkanur Ward 3
145Panchayat Union Elementary School, North Facing, Terraced Building, Kallimaruthupatti H/o Venjamangudalur East-6391091.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Othaiyur ward4 , 2.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Ravuthampatti Ward4 , 3.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Ravuthampatti Colony Ward4 , 4.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Ravuthampatti Thottam Ward4 , 5.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Kallimarathupatti Ward4 , 6.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Kallimarathupatti Colony Ward5 , 7.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Thottathur Ward5 , 8.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Mathireddipatti Thottam Ward5 , 9.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Mathireddipatti Colony Ward5 , 10.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Mathireddipatti BC Colony Ward5 , 11.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Kuravanjimadai Ward5
146Panchayat Union Ele.School Western Side ,Rasapatti H/o Venjamangudalur West-6391091.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Rasapatty ward1 , 2.Venjamangudalur west (R.V) ,Venjamangudalur(P) Kurumbapatti Ward1
147P.U.Ele.School, New Building, North side, Facing South ,Sadaiyapagoundanpudur H/o Pungampadi East-6392011.Pungampadi east (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Pongampadi ward1 , 2.Pungampadi east (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Athumedu Ward1 , 3.Pungampadi east (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Nallanagoundan pudur Ward1 , 4.Pungampadi east (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Sadaiyappagoundan pudur Ward1 , 5.Pungampadi east (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Kolinjivadi Ward1 , 6.Pungampadi east (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Kolinjivadi Ward2 , 7.Pungampadi east (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Nallampatti Ward2
148Panchayat Union Ele.School, New Building ,Kanakkuvellampatti H/o Pungampadi East-6392011.Pungampadi east (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Chinnaiyampatti ward3 , 2.Pungampadi east (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Lakshminathapuram Ward3 , 3.Pungampadi east (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Palvarpatti pudur Ward3 , 4.Pungampadi east (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Kanakkuvelampatti Ward 3 , 5.Pungampadi east (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Uthirasampatti Ward4 , 6.Pungampadi east (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Kuthilinaickenpudur Ward4
149Panchayat Union Elementary School, East Fasing New Building, Periyavalayapatti H/o Pungampadi West-6392011.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Periyavalaiyapatty kudi street ward3 , 2.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Periyavalaiyapatty South Kudiiruppu Ward3 , 3.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Periyavalaiyapatty Adidiravidar Kudiiruppu Ward3 , 4.Pungampadi east (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Chitharayanur ward3 , 5.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Ramagoundanpudur ward3 , 6.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Chinnavalaiyapatti ward3 , 7.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Ramanathapuram Kuditheru ward3 , 8.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Ramanathapuram Adhidravidar Kudiiruppu ward3
150Panchayat Union Elementary School, North Facing Terraced Building, Ariyur H/o Pungampadi West- 6392011.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Kalamedupatty north ward1 , 2.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Kalamettupatti South Ward1 , 3.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Ariyur Ward1 , 4.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Navamani Nagar Ward1 , 5.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Vangalayee pudur Ward1 , 6.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Thadakoil North Ward1 , 7.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Thadakoil South Ward1 , 8.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Thadakoil Athumedu Ward1 , 9.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Thadakoil Ganeshnagar Ward1 , 10.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Thadakoil Adhidravidar Kudiiruppu Ward1 , 11.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Kanakkuvelanpatti Poonjolai Thottam Ward1 , 12.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Kanakkuvelanpatti Adidravidar Kudiiruppu ward1
151Panchayat Union Elementary School, North Facing Tiled Building, Therapadi H/o Pungampadi West- 6392011.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Palvarpatti east ward4 , 2.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Palvarpatti West Ward4 , 3.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Therapadi Ward4 , 4.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Therappadi Naluparai Ward4 , 5.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Kokkattipatti Adhidravidar Kudiiruppu Ward4 , 6.Pungampadi West (R.V) Pungampadi (P) Kokkattipatti Kudiiruppu Ward4
152P.U.Ele.School, South Facing New Building ,Kotthapalayam H/o Aravakurichi TP-6392011.Aravakurichi (TP) Ramachandrapuram Thottakkal South Ward 2 , 2.Aravakurichi (TP) Ramachandrapuram Thottakkal North Ward 2 , 3.Aravakurichi (TP) Kothapalayam Old Colony Ward 2 , 4.Aravakurichi (TP) Kothapalayam Thottakal North Ward 2 , 5.Aravakurichi (TP) Kothapalayam Ward 2
153Government Higher Secondary School, Room No.18, South Facing Northern Building, Aravakurichi TP- 6392011.Aravakurichi (TP) Karadipatty natham ward 3 , 2.Aravakurichi (TP) Karadipatty K.Palayam 1 Milekal Thottam Ward 3 , 3.Aravakurichi (TP) Karadipatty Pillaikalmedu Ward 3 , 4.Aravakurichi (TP) Kalaivanar Street Javuli Kadaiveethi Ward 12 , 5.Aravakurichi (TP) Kalaivanar Street 1st Santhu Ward 12 , 6.Aravakurichi (TP) Kalaivanar Street 2nd Santhu Ward 12 , 7.Aravakurichi (TP) Kalaivanar Street 3rd Santhu Ward 12 , 8.Aravakurichi (TP) Kalaivanar St. AD Colony Sunampukarasandu W 12
154Govt.Higher Sec.School, New Building Room No 15 ,Aravakurichi TP-6392011.Aravakurichi (TP) Kamaraj nagar north 1st santhu ward 13 , 2.Kamaraj Nagar North 2nd Santhu Ward 13 , 3.Kamaraj Nagar North 3rd Santhu Ward 13 , 4.Kamaraj Nagar North 4th Santhu Ward 13 , 5.Kamaraj Nagar North 5th Santhu Ward 13 , 6.Kamaraj Nagar South 1st Santhu Ward 13 , 7.Kamaraj Nagar South 2nd Santhu Ward 13 , 8.Kamaraj Nagar South 3rd Santhu Ward 13 , 9.Kamaraj Nagar South 4th Santhu Ward 13 , 10.North Street 1st Santhu Ward 13 , 11.North Street 2nd Santhu Ward 13 , 12.North Street 3rd Santhu Ward 13 , 13.North Street 4th Santhu Ward 13 , 14.North Street 5th Santhu Ward 13 , 15.North Street 6th Santhu Ward 13 , 16.North Street 7th Santhu Ward 13 , 17.Middle Street 1st Santhu Urus Pallivasal Ward 9 , 18.Middle Street Kavarsthan 2nd Santhu Ward 9 , 19.Middle Street Pugaielaikadai 3rd santhu Ward 9 , 20.Middle Street Poopanthal 4th Santhu Ward 9 , 21.Middle Street Bus Stand South SideWard 9
155Govt.Higher Sec.School, New Building, Room No 17 ,Aravakurichi TP-6392011.Aravakurichi (TP) Periyakadaiveethy kanakkupillai santhu ward 10 , 2.Periyakadaiveethy Subramanikovil Santhu Ward 10 , 3.Periyakadaiveethy Thermutty Santhu Ward 10 , 4.Periyakadaiveethy Pugaielaikadai santhu Ward 10 , 5.Periyakadaiveethi Chekkumettu North Santhu Ward 10 , 6.PeriyakadaiVeethi Chekkumettu SouthSanthu Ward 10 , 7.Pallivasal Street Market Santhu Ward 11 , 8.Pallivasal Street East Santhu Ward 11 , 9.Pallivasal Street Urusu Santhu Ward 11 , 10.Pallivasal Street Muttachetty East Santhu Ward 11 , 11.Pallivasal Street Muttachetty West Santhu Ward 11 , 12.Tharka Street Panchayat Union Valagam Ward 8 , 13.Tharka theru care Nagar 5th Santhu Ward 8 , 14.Tharka theru care nagar 4th Santhu Ward 8 , 15.Tharka Theru care Nagar 3rd Santhu Ward 8 , 16.Tharka Theru care Nagar 2nd Santhu Ward 8 , 17.Tharka Theru care Nagar 1st Santhu Ward 8
156P.U.Middle.School, South side, West Building West Portion ,Aravakurichi TP-6392011.Aravakurichi (TP) South street sevier old sandhu ward7 , 2.South Street Sevier East Santhu Ward 7 , 3.SouthStreet sevier West Santhu Ward 7 , 4.South Street Lath Pattarai Santhu Ward 7 , 5.South Street New Jeorge West Santhu Ward 7 , 6.South Street New Jeorge South santhu Ward 7 , 7.South Street Amman Nagar North Santhu Ward 7 , 8.South Street Amman Nagar South Santhu Ward 7 , 9.South Street Eyakara Santhu Ward 7 , 10.South Street Pattukkara 1st santhu Ward 7 , 11.South Street Pattukkara 2nd Santhu Ward 7 , 12.Jubli Nagar Ward 7 , 13.Santhaipettai Street S.Amman Odai 1Street Ward 11 , 14.Santhaipettai Street S.Amman Odai 2nd Street Ward 11 , 15.Santhaipettai Street S.Amman Odai 3rd Street Ward 11 , 16.Andimedu 1st Sandhu Ward 11 , 17.Andimedu 2nd Sandhu Ward 11 , 18.Andimedu 3rd Sandhu Ward 11 , 19.Santhaipettai Street 1st Santhu Ward 11 , 20.Santhaipettai 2nd santhu Ward 11 , 21.Santhaipettai 3rd Santhu Ward 11
157Panchayat Union Middle School, Northern side ,Aravakurichi TP- 6392011.Aravakurichi (TP) Jeeva nagar 1st Sandhu Ward7 , 2.Aravakurichi (TP) Jeeva nagar 2nd Sandhu Ward7 , 3.Aravakurichi (TP) Jeeva nagar 3rd Sandhu Ward7 , 4.Aravakurichi (TP) Jeeva nagar 4th Sandhu Ward7 , 5.Aravakurichi (TP) Jeeva nagar 5th Sandhu Ward7 , 6.Aravakurichi (TP) Mariyammankovil Street 1st Sandhu Ward11 , 7.Aravakurichi (TP) Mariyammankovil Street 2nd Sandhu Ward11 , 8.Aravakurichi (TP) Mariyammankovil Street 3rdSandhu Ward11 , 9.Aravakurichi (TP) Mariyammankovil Street 4th Sandhu Ward11 , 10.Aravakurichi (TP) Sellandiyamman kovil street 1st Sandhu Ward11 , 11.Aravakurichi (TP) Sellandiyamman kovil street 2nd Sandhu Ward11 , 12.Aravakurichi (TP) Care Nagar Ward11 , 13.Aravakurichi (TP) BAVA NAGAR WARD 7
158Panchayat Union Middle School, South Building, Western Side, North Facing ,Aravakurichi TP-6392011.Aravakurichi (TP) Pudhu theru 1st sandhu ward7 , 2.Aravakurichi (TP) Pudhu theru 2nd Sandhu Ward7 , 3.Aravakurichi (TP) Pudhu theru 3rd Sandhu Ward7 , 4.Aravakurichi (TP) Pudhu theru 4th Sandhu Ward7 , 5.Aravakurichi (TP) Pudhu theru 5th Sandhu Ward7 , 6.Aravakurichi (TP) Pudhu theru 6th Sandhu Ward7 , 7.Aravakurichi (TP) Pudhu theru 7th Sandhu Ward7 , 8.Aravakurichi (TP) Pudhu theru 8th Sandhu Ward7
159Panchayat Union Middle School, New building ,Aravakurichi TP- 6392011.Aravakurichi (TP) Sub register street 1st veethi ward 14 , 2.Aravakurichi (TP) Sub Register Street 2nd Veethi Ward14 , 3.Aravakurichi (TP) Sub Register Street 1st Cross Street Ward 14 , 4.Aravakurichi (TP) Sub Register Street 2nd Crosss Street Ward 14 , 5.Aravakurichi (TP) Sub Register Street 3rd Cross street Ward 14 , 6.Aravakurichi (TP) East Street 1 Ward 14 , 7.Aravakurichi (TP) East Street 2 Ward 14 , 8.Aravakurichi (TP) Kulalar Street Ward 14 , 9.Aravakurichi (TP) Sayakara Street (Dhandapani Street) , 10.Aravakurichi (TP) East Vettuvastreet Ward 15 , 11.Aravakurichi (TP) Iyer Street Ward 15 , 12.Aravakurichi (TP) Nadar Street Ward 15 , 13.Aravakurichi (TP) Mudaliar Street Ward 15 , 14.Aravakurichi (TP) East Street 3 Ward 15 , 15.Aravakurichi (TP) Maruthuvamanai Uliar Kudiiruppu Ward 15 , 16.Aravakurichi (TP) Kavalar Kudiiruppu Ward 15 , 17.Aravakurichi (TP) S.P.Nagar Ward 15 , 18.Aravakurichi (TP) Rajiv Nagar Ward 15 , 19.Aravakurichi (TP) Gandhi Nagar Ward 15
160Panchayat Union Elementary School, East Facing, Tiled Building, Kanakkupillaiputhur H/o Aravakurichi TP-6392011.Aravakurichi (TP) Kamakkapatty Ward4 , 2.Aravakurichi (TP) Kamakkapatti Thotta Veedukal Ward4 , 3.Aravakurichi (TP) Kanakkupillai Puthur Ward4 , 4.Aravakurichi (TP) Antimedu ward4 , 5.Aravakurichi (TP) Vengamettuputhur Ward4 , 6.Aravakurichi (TP) Magalakshmipuram Ward4 , 7.Aravakurichi (TP) Kumarandanvalasu Athidravidar Theru Ward6 , 8.Aravakurichi (TP) Kumarandanvalasu, Dindugal Road Ward6 , 9.Aravakurichi (TP) Kumarandanvalasu East Ward6 , 10.Aravakurichi (TP) Jeeva nagar Ward 7 , 11.Aravakurichi (TP) Hapeep Nagar Ward1
161P.U.Ele.School Additiional Building Facing West ,Poolamvalasu H/o Aravakurichi TP-6392011.Aravakurichi (TP) Poolamvalasu South Street Ward 5 , 2.Aravakurichi (TP) Nalligoundanur Ward 5 , 3.Aravakurichi (TP) Verichinampatti ward5 , 4.Aravakurichi (TP) Poolamvalasu North Street Ward 5 , 5.Aravakurichi (TP) Poolamvalasu Colony Ward 5
162Panchayat Union Elementary School, South facing, West Portion, Terraced Building, Chinnagoundanur H/o Aravakurichi TP-6392011.Aravakurichi (TP) Ettiyagoundanur ward5 , 2.Aravakurichi (TP) Venkadramapalayam Ward5 , 3.Aravakurichi (TP) Kalaivanar Street Ward12 , 4.Aravakurichi (TP) Pon Nagar Ward 12 , 5.Aravakurichi (TP) Avvai Nagar Ward12 , 6.Aravakurichi (TP) Ayyavu Nagar 1st Street Ward1 , 7.Aravakurichi (TP) Ayyavu Nagar 2nd Street Ward1 , 8.Aravakurichi (TP) Ayyavu Nagar 3rd Street Ward1 , 9.Aravakurichi (TP) Angu Nagar Ward1 , 10.Aravakurichi (TP) Chinnagoundanur Colony Ward1 , 11.Aravakurichi (TP) Chinnagoundanur Ward1 , 12.Aravakurichi (TP) Keelathalaiyur West Street Ward1 , 13.Aravakurichi (TP) Keelathalaiyur East Street Ward1
163Panchayat Union Ele.School, North Facing, New Tiled Building, Malapatti H/o Modakur East -6392071.Modakkur east (R.V) Modakkur (P) Ellappanaikkanputhur ward1 , 2.Modakkur east (R.V) Modakkur (P) Kolappamppatty Ward1 , 3.Modakkur east (R.V) Modakkur (P) Thippampatti Ward1 , 4.Modakkur east (R.V) Modakkur (P) Varatharajapuram Ward1 , 5.Modakkur east (R.V) Modakkur (P) Verichinampatti Kudistreet ward2 , 6.Modakkur east (R.V) Modakkur (P) Verichinampatti Adhidravidar Colony Ward2 , 7.Modakkur east (R.V) Modakkur (P) Malapatty Kudi Street Ward2 , 8.Modakkur east (R.V) Modakkur (P) Malapatty Adhidravidar Colony Ward 2
164Panchayat Union Elementary School, East Facing Tiled Building, Meenachivalasu H/o Modakur East- 6392071.Modakkur east (R.V) Modakkur (P) Meenachi valasu kudistreet ward4 , 2.Modakkur east (R.V) Modakkur (P) Meenakshi Valasu Adhidravidar Colony Ward4 , 3.Modakkur east (R.V) Modakkur (P) Vadukappatti Kudi street Ward5 , 4.Modakkur east (R.V) Modakkur (P) Vadukappatti Adhidravidar Colony Ward5 , 5.Modakkur east (R.V) Modakkur (P) Thirumalaisamy palayam Kudi street Ward3 , 6.Modakkur east (R.V) Modakkur (P) Thirumalaisamypalayam Adhidravidar Colony Ward3 , 7.Modakkur east (R.V) Modakkur (P) Notchipatti Kudi Street Ward3
165Panchayat Union Ele.School, New Building, Facing South, Tiled roofing, ,Senkalivalasu H/o Santhapadi -6392021.Santhapadi (R.V) and (P) Eravanaikanpatty Ward1 , 2.Santhapadi (R.V) and (P) Kottappampatty Ward3 , 3.Santhapadi (R.V) and (P) Sengalivalasu Ward6 , 4.Santhapadi (R.V) and (P) Anankoor Ward7 , 5.Santhapadi (R.V) and (P) Lakshmanaikan valasu Ward6
166Panchayat Union Ele.School, South Facing New Tiled Building, Santhapadi-6392071.Santhapadi (R.V) and (P) Santhapadi kudi street ward 4,5 , 2.Santhapadi (R.V) and (P) Santhapadi Adhidravidar Street Ward 4 , 3.Santhapadi (R.V) and (P) Nadarpathi Ward2 , 4.Santhapadi (R.V) and (P) Sadaiyagoundanpudur Ward2 , 5.Santhapadi (R.V) and (P) Uppukarai Ward 2 , 6.Santhapadi (R.V) and (P) Vellinagar Ward 2 , 7.Santhapadi (R.V) and (P) Kariyanchettyvalasu Ward 2
167Govt.High.School, North side Eastern portion South Facing building, Koviloor H/o Modakur West-6392071.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Rengapalayam ward1 , 2.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Manarpatti Kudiiruppu Ward1 , 3.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Manarpatti Adidravidar Kudiiruppu Ward1 , 4.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Pillandraparappu Ward1 , 5.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Valukkuthurai Kudiiruppu Ward5 , 6.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Valukkuthurai Adidravidar Kudiiruppu Ward5 , 7.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Kunjivalasu Ward5 , 8.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Alamarathupatti Kudiiruppu Ward2 , 9.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Alamarathupatti Adidravidar Kudiiruppu Ward2
168Govt.High.School, Western Buidling ,Koviloor, H/o Modakur West- 6392071.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Modakkur kudieiruppu ward 3 , 2.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Modakkur Krishthuva Adidravida Kudiiruppu Ward5 , 3.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Modakkur Adidravidar Kudiyiruppu Ward 3 , 4.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Palanigoundanpudur Ward 3 , 5.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Ramanaickenpudur Ward 4 , 6.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Pudupalayam Ward 4 , 7.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Kovilur Ward 4 , 8.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Ammankovilpalayam Quarters Ward 4 , 9.Modakkur west (R.V) ,Modakkur (P) Ammankovilpalayam Athidiravidar Quadres W 4
169P.U.MiddleSchool, South Side Block- 2 ,Chellandiamman Kovil Puthur H/o Inunganur-639205Inunganur (R.V) and (P) Sellandiyammankovilpudur ward2 , 2.Inunganur (R.V) and (P) Thalaiyarippatty Kudiiruppu Ward3 , 3.Inunganur (R.V) and (P) Thalaiyaripatty Krishthuva Adhidravidar Ward3 , 4.Inunganur (R.V) and (P) Salarapatty Kudieiruppu Ward 5 , 5.Inunganur (R.V) and (P) Salarapatty Adidravidar Kudieiruppu Ward 5 , 6.Inunganur (R.V) and (P) Sooripali Kudieiruppu Ward 5 , 7.Inunganur (R.V) and (P) Sooripali Adidravidar Kudieiruppu Ward 5
170P.U.Middle School, West Side, East Facing Tiled Building, Chellandiamman Kovil Puthur H/o Inunganur-6392051.Inunganur (R.V) and (P) Inunganur kudieiruppu ward1 , 2.Inunganur (R.V) and (P) Inunganur Adhidravidar Kudieiruppu Ward1 , 3.Inunganur (R.V) and (P) Vellammapuram Kudieiruppu Ward1 , 4.Inunganur (R.V) and (P) Vedikaranpatti Ward4 , 5.Inunganur (R.V) and (P) Vedikaranpatti Adhidravidar Kudieiruppu Ward4
171P.U.Middle School,West Side New Building Block-7, A.Vengadapuram H/o Sentahamangalam West-6392051.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Kottappatty Ward1 , 2.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Kottapatti (Kadaiveethi) Thanneerpandal Ward1 , 3.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Kottapatti Thottam Ward1 , 4.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Periyakattuthottam KudiStreet Ward1 , 5.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Periyakattuthottam Adhidravidar Colony ward1 , 6.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Vaalnaickanur Ward1 , 7.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Mondiuthangarai Ward1 , 8.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Kumarapalayam (Kudi Street) Ward2 , 9.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Kumarapalayam Adhidravidar Street Ward2 , 10.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Kumarapalayam Thottam Ward2
172P.U.M.School, East Side New Building Block- 7 ,A.Vengadapuram H/o Sentahamangalam West-6392051.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Surippali ward 3 , 2.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Surippali Thottam Ward 3 , 3.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) S.Kattur Ward 3 , 4.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) R.Ellappatty Ward 3 , 5.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) A.Venkatapuram Kuditheru Ward 7 , 6.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) A.Venkatapuram Christuva Street Ward 7 , 7.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) A.Venkatapuram Thottam Ward 7 , 8.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Thachankattu Pudur Ward 7
173Panchayat Union Elementary School, East Facing, Tiled Building, Karuppapillaipudur H/o Sentahamangalam West-6392051.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Navamarathupatty Kudi street Ward4 , 2.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Navamarathupatty Adhidravidar Street Ward4 , 3.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Kamatchipuram Ward4 , 4.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Kamatchipuram Thottam Ward4 , 5.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Karuppapillaipudur Kudi street Ward5 , 6.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Karuppapillaipudur Adhidravidar Street Ward5 , 7.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Chinnamanaickanpudur Ward5 , 8.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Veeralipatti Ward5 , 9.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Veeralipatti Thottam Ward5 , 10.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Kattukkattur Ward 5 , 11.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Paraiyur Kudistreet Ward6 , 12.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Paraiyur Adhidravidar Street Ward6 , 13.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Paraiyur Thottam Ward6 , 14.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Rayagoundanvalasu Ward6 , 15.Senthamangalam West (R.V) and (P) Rayagoundanvalasu Thottam Ward6
174Panchayat Union.Ele.School, South Portion ,Pappanaickanpatti H/o Velampadi-6392051.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Ponnapuram ward2 , 2.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Anaithottam Pudhur Ward 2 , 3.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Murugan Nagar Ward 2 , 4.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Velampadi kaspa Ward 2 , 5.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Mondiuthangarai Ward 2
175Panchayat Union Ele.School, North Portion ,Pappanaickanpatti H/o Velampadi-6392051.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Pappanaiyakanpatty kuditheru ward3 , 2.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Pappanaiyakenpatty Adhidravidar Colony Ward 3 , 3.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) J.J. Nagar Ward3
176P.U.Ele.School, West Side New Building Facing North ,Soundarapuram H/o Velampadi- 6392051.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Care nagar ward 4 , 2.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) M.G.R.Nagar Ward 4
177Panchayat Union .Ele.School Centre Building ,Soundarapuram H/o.Velampadi-6392051.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Soundarapuram krishthuvar street ward 4 , 2.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Sountharapuram Kudi Street Ward4 , 3.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Soundarapuram East Ward4 , 4.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Podur Ward4 , 5.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Annanagar Ward4
178Panchayat Union Ele.School East Building, West Facing ,Soundarapuram H/o Velampadi- 6392051.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Annanagar west ward4 , 2.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Annanagar East Ward4 , 3.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Tamil Nagar Ward4
179Panchayat Union Ele.School, West Facing North side building, Soundarapuram pudur, H/o Velampadi-6392051.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Etchipatty ward 1 , 2.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Sountharapuram Adhidiravidar Colony Ward 4 , 3.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Sountharapuram Kuditheru Ward 4 , 4.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Sountharapuram Kasba Ward 4
180Panchayat Union Middle School New Buidling ,Molaiyandipatti H/o.Velambadi-6392051.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Molaiyandipatty west kuditheru ward 5 , 2.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Molaiyandipatty West Adhidiravidar Colony Ward 5 , 3.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Molaiyandipatty East Kuditheru Ward 5 , 4.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Molaiyandipatty East Adhidiravidar Colony Ward 5 , 5.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Mettupatty Ward 5 , 6.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Ponnagoundanur Ward 5 , 7.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Perumalgoundanur Ward 5
181Panchayat Union Middle School New Eastern Buidling South Facing ,Molaiyandipatti H/o.Velambadi- 6392051.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Rengaraj Nagar Ward 5 , 2.Velampadi (R.V) and (P) Puduvadi Ward 5
182P.U.Primery School South Side Building ,Facing North, Pallapatt TP -6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Athidiravidar colony ward1 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Ajees sahip Street Ward15 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Kalipa Sayapu Street Ward15 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Leppai Sayapu Street Ward15 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Jinna Street Ward15 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) J.P.Nagar Ward15
183Rural Library North Facing Building ,Santhaipettai Street, Pallapatti TP - 6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Rajapettai street ward 18
184P.U.Primery School North Side South Facing Building ,Pallapatti TP -6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Santhaipettai Street Ward 1 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Santhaipettai Section 1 Ward 1 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Manthiri Street Ward17
185P.U.M.School, Southern Portion, East Facing Building , Urusu Street, Pallapatti TP -6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Umaian street ward14 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Puthu Sayapu Street Ward14 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Pallivasal Street Ward14 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Urusu Street Ward14 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Sengalvarayan pettai Ward14 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) Maraikkayar street Ward14
186P.U.M. School, North Side, East Facing Building ,Urusu Street, Pallapatti TP -6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Pattani street north 1 ward13 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Pattani Street North 2 Ward13 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Pattani Street West 1 Ward13 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Pattani Street South 2 Ward13
187Big Masque Mathersa School North Side ,Facing South Building Pallapatti TP -6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Nottakaran street ward12 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Meer Ismaeil Street Ward12 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Pookkaran Street Ward12 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Periyakadai Street Ward16 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Kummanan Street Ward16 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) Vaiyali Street Ward16 , 7.Pallapatty (TP) Semiyan Street Ward16 , 8.Pallapatty (TP) Suliyan Kinatru Street Ward11 , 9.Pallapatty (TP) Virupachian Street Ward16
188Big Masque Mathersa School South side, Mess Hall ,Pallapatti TP - 6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Thaikkal street ward12 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Thaikkal Street South 1st Street Ward12 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Thaikkal Street East Ward12 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Sukkankuli Nadutheru Ward12 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Hamath Nagar 1st Street Ward12 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) Thaikkal Street Pallivasal Street Ward12 , 7.Pallapatty (TP) South Street Ward12
189P.U.Miiddle School, New Building, West Portion ,South Manthai, Pallapatti TP -6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Meerabhava Street North Ward10 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Meerabava 1st Sandhu West Ward 10 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Meerabhawa Street 2nd Sandhu Ward10 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Meerabhawa street South 3rd Sandhu Ward10 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Meerabhawa Street South 4th Sandhu Ward10 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) Meerabhawa Street South Ward10 , 7.Pallapatty (TP) South Mandhai Street Main Road West Ward10 , 8.Pallapatty (TP) South Mandhai Street East Ist Sandhu Ward7 , 9.Pallapatty (TP) South Mandhai Street East 2nd Sandhu Ward7 , 10.Pallapatty (TP) South Mandhai Street East 3rd Sandhu Ward7 , 11.Pallapatty (TP) South Mandhai Street East 4th Sandhu Ward7 , 12.Pallapatty (TP) South Mandhai Street 4th Sandhu South Ward7 , 13.Pallapatty (TP) South Mandhai Street South Ward7 , 14.Pallapatty (TP) Hasath Nagar Ward7
190P.U.Middle.School, Eastern Portion, ,South Manthai, Pallapatti TP - 6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Salathi street ward 10 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Karutthappa Street Ward 11 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Mamanjith Street Ward 11 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Shavas Street Ward 9 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Chinna Kadai Street Ward 11 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) Kattamugamadu Street Ward 7 , 7.Pallapatty (TP) Kanakkupillai Street Ward 11 , 8.Pallapatty (TP) Thavakkayan Street Ward 9 , 9.Pallapatty (TP) Poonaikannan street north mel pagam ward 10 , 10.Pallapatty (TP) Poonaikannan Street North Keelpagam Ward10 , 11.Pallapatty (TP) Poonaikannan Street South Ward10
191Panchayat Union Middle School,North Building ,South Manthai, Pallapatti TP -6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Chinna odai street ward17 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Periya Odai Street South Side Ward9
192Pallapatti.Hr. Sec. School,Inner Building (Eastern Side) ,Pallapatti TP -6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Thottakaran street north ward 17 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Thottakaran Street South Ward 17 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Periya Odai Street West Ward 9 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Periya Odai Street East Ward 9 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Kanappa Street West Ward 8 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) Kanappa Street East Ward 8 , 7.Pallapatty (TP) Mongan Street West Ward 8 , 8.Pallapatty (TP) Mongan Street East 1 Ward 8 , 9.Pallapatty (TP) Mongan Street East 2 Ward 8 , 10.Pallapatty (TP) Mongan Street East 3 Ward 8
193Cresent.Matric.Hr.Sec.School, Western Side ,Middle Building East Portion, Pallapatti TP -6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Puliyamara street ward2 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar -E.B. Cross East Street Ward5 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar B.E 13th Cross Ward5 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar B.E 15th Cross Ward5 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar B.E 16th Cross Ward5 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar B.E 17th Cross Ward5 , 7.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar B.E 18th Cross Ward5 , 8.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar B.E 19th Cross Ward5 , 9.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C30 Cross Ward5 , 10.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C32 Cross Ward5 , 11.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C33 Cross Ward5 , 12.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C34 Cross Ward5 , 13.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar D17 Cross Ward5
194Pallapatti Hr.Sec.School West side, East facing, New building, Room No.23, Pallapatti, Pallapatti TP - 6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Sha nagar c21nd cross ward5 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C22nd Cross Ward5 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C23 Cross Ward5 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C24 Cross Ward5 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C25 Cross Ward5 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C26 Cross Ward5 , 7.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C27 Cross Ward5 , 8.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C28 Cross Ward5 , 9.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C29 Cross Ward5 , 10.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar D5 Cross Ward5 , 11.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar D6 Cross Ward5 , 12.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar D7 Cross Ward5 , 13.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar D8 Cross Ward5 , 14.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar D10 Cross Ward5 , 15.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar D12 Cross Ward5 , 16.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar D13 Cross Ward5 , 17.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar D14 Cross Ward5 , 18.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar D15 Cross Ward5 , 19.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar D16 Cross Ward5
195Pallapatti Hr.Sec.School Room No 6 ,South Building, Eastern Wing, Block 3, Pallapatti TP -6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Sha nagar a7 cross ward5 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar A8 Cross Ward5 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Kayeethe Millath Nagar 1st Cross Ward5 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Kayeethe Millath Nagar 2nd Cross Ward5 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar BE 1st Cross Ward5 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar BE 2nd Cross Ward5 , 7.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar BE 3rd Cross Ward5
196Pallapatty Hr.Sec School Room No.5 ,South Facing Building, Eastern Wing, Block 3, Pallapatti TP - 6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar BE 4th Cross Ward5 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar BE 5th Cross Ward5 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar BE 6th Cross Ward5 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar BE 7th Cross Ward5 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar BE 8th Cross Ward5 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar BE 9th Cross Ward5 , 7.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar BE 10th Cross Ward5 , 8.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar BE 11th Cross Ward5 , 9.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar BE 12th Cross Ward5 , 10.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar EB Cross West Street Ward5
197Pallapatti Hr.Sec.School West side, East facing, New building, Room No.22, Pallapatti, Pallapatti TP - 6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Sha nagar bw 1st cross ward6 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar BW 2nd Cross Ward6 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar BW 3rd Cross Ward6 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar BW 4th Cross Ward6 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar A1 Cross Ward6 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar A2 Cross Ward6 , 7.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar A3 Cross Ward6 , 8.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar A4 Cross Ward6 , 9.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar A5 Cross Ward6 , 10.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar A6 Cross Ward6 , 11.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar A7 Cross Ward6
198Pallapatty Hr.Sec.School, Room No 32 North South Building, East Facing ,Pallapatti TP -6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C1 Cross Ward6 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C3 Cross Ward6 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C4 Cross Ward6 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C6 Cross Ward6 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C8 Cross Ward6 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C9 Cross Ward6 , 7.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C10 Cross Ward6 , 8.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C11 Cross Ward6 , 9.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C12 Cross Ward6 , 10.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C13 Cross Ward6 , 11.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C14 Cross Ward6 , 12.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C15 Cross Ward6 , 13.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C16 Cross Ward6 , 14.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C17 Cross Ward6 , 15.Pallapatty (TP) Sha nagar c18 cross ward6 , 16.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar C19 Cross Ward6 , 17.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar D1 Cross Ward6 , 18.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar D2 Cross Ward6 , 19.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar D3 Cross Ward6 , 20.Pallapatty (TP) Sha Nagar D4 Cross Ward6
199Cresent Matric.Higher Secondary School ,West Side South Building, Pallapatti TP -6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Habeeb nagar 1st cross ward 2 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Habeeb Nagar 2nd Cross Ward 2 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Habeeb Nagar 3rd Cross Ward 2 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Habeeb Nagar 4th Cross Ward 2 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Habeeb Nagar 5th Cross Ward 2 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) Habeeb Nagar 6th Cross Ward 2 , 7.Pallapatty (TP) Habeeb Nagar 7th Cross Ward 2 , 8.Pallapatty (TP) Habeeb Nagar 8th Cross Ward 2 , 9.Pallapatty (TP) Habeeb Nagar 9th Cross Ward 2 , 10.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugul Road West 10th Cross Ward 3 , 11.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugul Road West 11th Cross Ward 3 , 12.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugul Road West 12th Cross Ward 3 , 13.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugul Road West 13th Cross Ward 3 , 14.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugul Road West 14th Cross Ward 3 , 15.Pallapatty (TP) D.Road (W) Shauvas Nagar 15th Cross Ward 3 , 16.Pallapatty (TP) D.Road (W) Shavas Nagar 16th Cross Ward 3 , 17.Pallapatty (TP) D.Road (W) Shavas Nagar 17th Cross Ward 3 , 18.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugul Road West 18th Cross Ward 3
200Panchayat Union Ele.School, South Facing, Tiled building, Manmari H/o Pallapatti TP -6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Manmari periyakadai street ward4 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Muniyappan kovil Street Ward4 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Manmari Thotta veedukal Ward4 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Manmari adi dravidar street Ward4 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) South Street Ward4 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) West Street Ward4 , 7.Pallapatty (TP) North street Ward4
201Pallapatti Hr.Sec.School, Room No.15, North Facing, East side building, West portion, Pallapatti, Pallapatti TP -6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal road east 1st cross t.m.h.nagar ward , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 2nd Cross Ward 3 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 3rd Cross Ward 3 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 4th Cross Ward 3 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 5th Cross Ward 3 , 6.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 6th Cross Ward 3 , 7.Pallapatty (TP) D.Road (E) Ponnagoundanur Road 7th Cross Ward 3 , 8.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 8th Cross Ward 3 , 9.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 9th Cross Ward 3 , 10.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 10th Cross Ward 3 , 11.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 11th Cross Ward 3 , 12.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 12th Cross Ward 3
202Pallapatti Higher.Sec.School, Room No.37 Facing South ,Pallapatti TP - 6392051.Pallapatty (TP) D.Road (E) Shauvas Nagar 13rd Cross Ward 3 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 14th Cross Ward 3 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 15th Cross Ward 3 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 16th Cross Ward 3 , 5.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 17th Cross Ward 3
203Pallapatti Higher Sec.School, Room No.40 North South Building, West Facing ,Pallapatti TP -6392051.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 18th Cross Ward 3 , 2.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 19th Cross Ward 3 , 3.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 20th Cross Ward 3 , 4.Pallapatty (TP) Dindugal Road East 21st Cross Ward 3
204Panchayat Union Ele.School, Old Building ,Lingamanaickanpatti - 6392071.Lingamanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Lingamanayakkanpatty kudistreet ward1 , 2.Lingamanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Lingamanaickenpatti Athidiravidar Street Ward1 , 3.Lingamanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Chinnavarapatti Ward1 , 4.Lingamanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Chokalapuram Four Road Side Ward3
205P.U.Ele.School Western Portion New Building ,Lingamanaickanpatti H/o Pallapatti -6392071.Lingamanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Poomatheyvam Ward2 , 2.Lingamanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Poomadevam Adidravidar Colony Ward2 , 3.Lingamanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Karungalpatty North Ward2 , 4.Lingamanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Karungalpatti South Ward2 , 5.Lingamanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Kattur Ward3 , 6.Lingamanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Poosari Naickanur Ward3 , 7.Lingamanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Chokkalapuram Ward 3 , 8.Lingamanaickanpatti (R.V) and (P) Manmaripudur Ward 3
206Panchayat Union Ele.School, North Building, Eastern side, Facing South, ,Tiled roofing, Kurumpapatti - 639205 H/o Sentahamangalam East1.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Kurumbapatty North Ward 3 , 2.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) kurumbapatti East Ward 3 , 3.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Kurumbapatti West Ward3 , 4.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Olikarattur Ward3 , 5.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Kurikaran Valasu BC Kudieiruppu Ward2 , 6.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Sellivalasu Ward5 , 7.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Ramanaiyakkanpudur Ward5
207Panchayat Union Ele.School, New Building South side ,Kurumpapatti - 639205 H/o Senthamangalam Eas1.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Palanigoundanvalasu colony ward3 , 2.Palanigoundanvalasu old colony ward3 , 3. Palanigoundanvalasu ward3 , 4.Cheyyakka Thottam Ward3 , 5. Uthukaraipalayam East Ward3 , 6.Kurikaranvalasu Colony Ward3 , 7.Uthukaraipalayam West Ward3 , 8.Koraiyothu East Ward 3 , 9Koraiyuthu West Ward 3 , 10.Koraiyothu South Ward 3 , 11.Kadarampudur Colony Ward5 , 12.Kadarampudur Ward5 , 13.Chellivalasu South Ward5 , 14.Chellivalasu North Ward5 , 15.Chellivalasu Colony Ward5 , 16.Vellaigoundanpudur Ward5 , 17.Ramanaickenpudur Ward5 , 18.Periaseethapatti Ward5 , 19.Mathiniparaiyur Ward5
208Govt.High. School, North Building ,Kurumpapatti -639205 H/o Senthamangalam East 1.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Rengappagoundanvalasu West Ward 4 , 2.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Rengappagoundanvalasu North Ward 4 , 3.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Rengappagoundanvalasu South Ward 4 , 4.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Rengappagoundanvalasu Thottam Ward 4 , 5.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Puliyampatty North Ward 5 , 6.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Puliyampatty West Ward 5 , 7.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Puliyampatty East Ward 5 , 8.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Puliyampatty Thottankal Ward 5 , 9.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Varapatty Ward 5
209Panchayat Union Elemantary School, South Facing Building ,R.Puthupatti, Senthamangalam East - 6392051.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) R.Pudupatti BC Kudiiruppu Ward1 , 2.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) R.Pudupatti SC Kudiiruppu Ward1 , 3.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) R.Pudupatti Kamatchipuram SC Kudiiruppu Ward1 , 4.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) R.Pudupatti North Thottangal Ward1 , 5.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) R.Pudupatti South Thottangal Ward1 , 6.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Malaipatti East Street Ward1 , 7.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Malaipatti South Street Ward1 , 8.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Malaipatti Thottangal (West) Ward1 , 9.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Malaipatti SC Kudiiruppu Ward1 , 10.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Ermanaickanur Ward1 , 11.Senthamangalam East (R.V) and (P) Ermanaickanur Thottangal Ward1
210Govt.Hr.Sec.School, North Portion Building ,Andipattikottai -639207 H/o Alamarathupatti1.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Annanagar ward1 , 2.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Kamarajpuram Ward1 , 3.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Aalamarathupatti East Ward1 , 4.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Aalamarathupatti West Ward1 , 5.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Thottam House Ward1
211Govt.Hr.Sec.School, Room No.10, East Facing Building, North Portion, Andipattikottai H/o Alamarathupatti - 6392071.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Chinna Andipatti East St Ward3 , 2.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Chinna Andipatty West St Ward3 , 3.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Thoppupatti Ward3 , 4.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Nagalapuram ward3 , 5.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Mettupatti Ward3 , 6.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Vandarichinampatti Ward 4 , 7.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Anumandampatti Ward 4 , 8.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Surappa naickanur Ward 4 , 9.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Kottaiyur Ward 4 , 10.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Kottaiyur Gandhi Nagar Ward 4
212Govt.Hr.Sec.School, Southern Building South Side ,Andipattikottai H/o Alamarathupatti - 6392071.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Andipatty east ward 3 , 2.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Andipatti West Street Ward 3 , 3.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Andipatti South Street Ward 3 , 4.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Kannimanagar Ward3 , 5.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Jangalpatty West Ward2 , 6.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Jangalpatti East Ward2 , 7.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Jangalpatti North Ward2 , 8.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Kanavai Ward2 , 9.Alamarathupatty (R.V) and (P) Jangalpatti Thottaveedu ward2
213Panchayat Union Ele.School, Eastern Side ,Velanjchettiyur H/o Thethupatti -6392071.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Velanchettiyur kuditheru ward 4 , 2.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Velanchettiyur Athidiravidar Street Ward 4 , 3.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Soorappanaiyakkanur Ward 4 , 4.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Banagarpadi Ward 4 , 5.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Ramanathpuram Ward 4 , 6.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Puthukkattur Ward 4 , 7.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Indira Nagar Ward 2 , 8.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Chinnathupparpatti Ward 2 , 9.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Periyathupparpatti Ward 2 , 10.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Thetthupatty Ward 2
214Panchayat Union Ele.School, Western Side ,Velanjchettiyur, H/o Thethupatti-6392071.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Kannadiyanur Ward1 , 2.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Kanjamaranpatty Kudi Street Ward1 , 3.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Kanjamaranpatti Adidravidar Street Ward1 , 4.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Odapatti Ward3 , 5.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Oothupatti Ward3 , 6.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Chinnamanaickanur Ward3 , 7.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Thettupatty Ward2 , 8.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Periya Thupparpatti Ward2 , 9.Thethupatty (R.V) and (P) Velanchettiyur ward4
215Panchayat Union Elementary School, South Facing, Tiled Building, Pethachi Nagar, H/o Erumarpatti - 6392071.Erumarpatty (R.V) and (P) Anjagoundanpatty athidiravidar colony ward 3 , 2.Erumarpatty (R.V) and (P) Anjagoundanpatty Kuditheru Ward 3 , 3.Erumarpatty (R.V) and (P) Pannapatty Athidiravidar Colony Ward 1 , 4.Erumarpatty (R.V) and (P) Pannapatty Kuditheru Ward 1 , 5.Erumarpatty (R.V) and (P) Rajivgandhi Nagar Colony Ward 2 , 6.Erumarpatty (R.V) and (P) Pethatchi Nagar Colony Ward 2 , 7.Erumarpatty (R.V) and (P) Pethatchi Nagar East Ward 2 , 8.Erumarpatty (R.V) and (P) Kulathur Ward 2 , 9.Erumarpatty (R.V) and (P) Chinna kulathur Ward 2 , 10.Erumarpatty (R.V) and (P) Odappatti Ward 2
216Panchayat Union Middle School, Southern Side, West Facing, Tiled Building, Esanatham Puthur, H/o Esanatham -6392031.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Malaiandigoundanur ward1 , 2.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Esanatham Pudur South Street Block 1 Ward1 , 3.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Easanatham Pudur South Street Block 2 Ward1 , 4.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Esanatham Pudur Masque Street Block 1 Ward1 , 5.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Easanatham Pudur Nadu Street Block 2 Ward1 , 6.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Naranaickanur Block 2 Ward1 , 7.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) East Naranaiyakkanur Street Block 2 Ward 1 , 8.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Naranaiyakkanur Street Block 1 Ward 1 , 9.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) M.R.P.Nagar Block 1 Ward 1 , 10.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Golden Nagar West Block 1 Ward1 , 11.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Golden Nagar Block 1 Ward1
217Panchayat Union Middle School, Northern side ,Esanatham Puthur, H/o Esanatham 6392031.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Kottaiyur block 3 ward5 , 2.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Samiappa Nagar Block 3 Ward 5 , 3.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Kaspa Street Block 3 Ward5 , 4.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) East Kaspa Street Block 3 Ward 5 , 5.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Muthammal Nagar Block 3 Ward 5 , 6.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Muthusamy Nagar Block 3 Ward 5 , 7.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Vai.Go.Nagar Block 3 Ward 5 , 8.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Kamarajar Nagar Block 3 Ward 5 , 9.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Mallaiyanagar North Block 3 Ward 5 , 10.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Mallaiyanagar South Block 3 Ward 5 , 11.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Seerangapuram Kulathu Thottam Block 3 Ward 5 , 12.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Thottaveedugal Vaigo Pannai Block 3 Ward 5
218Govt. Hr. Sec. School,North Old Building ,West Portion Esanatham 6392031.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Nallamanaikkanpatty block 4 ward4 , 2.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Veeramalainaicker Thottam Block4 Ward4 , 3.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Nagamanaicker Thottam Block 4 Ward4 , 4.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) South Manameetupatty Block 4 Ward 4 , 5.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Northmanameetupatty Block 4 Ward 4 , 6.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Karungalpatti Block 4 Ward4 , 7.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Mamarathu Thottam Block 5 Ward4 , 8.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Aalamarathupatti Block5 Ward3 , 9.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Aalamarathupatti Adidravidar Street Block 5 Ward3 , 10.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Anaikal Thottam Block 5 Ward3 , 11.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Senthampatti Block5 Ward3 , 12.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Anthoniar Street Block5 Ward3 , 13.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Kullamapatti Block 5 Ward3
219Govt.Higher Sec.School North Old Building ,East Portion Esanatham - 6392031.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Kullama patty block 6 ward2 , 2.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Mettukattur Block 6 Ward2 , 3.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Muthugoundanur Block 6 Ward 2 , 4.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Kakkavadi Block 6 Ward2 , 5.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) NadurBlock 6 Ward2 , 6.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Sukkampatti Kaliamman Kovil Street Ward2 , 7.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Sukkampatty Athidiravidar Street Block 7 Ward 2 , 8.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Pon Nagar Block 7 Ward 2 , 9.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Venkadapuram Pudhur Block 7 Ward 2 , 10.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) East Thotta Veedukal Block 7 Ward 3 , 11.Esanatham (R.V) and (P) Muthu Nagar Block 7 Ward 2
220Panchayat Union Middle School, South Portion, Facing East, Tiled Building, ,Zamin Atthur, H/o Ammapatti -6392031.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Vallappampatty ward 3 , 2.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Vallappampatty East Thottam Ward 3 , 3.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Athur Muslim Street Ward 4 , 4.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Z Athur Thottam Ward 4 , 5.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Z Athur Thottam Colony Ward 4 , 6.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Karungalpatty Ward 4
221Panhayat Union Ele.School, East Facing, New Building, Ammapatti - 6392031.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Ammapatty west colony ward1 , 2.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Ammapatty Kudi Street Ward1 , 3.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Ammapatty East Colony Ward1 , 4.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Vellalapatty Ward 1 , 5.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Sangaranarpatty Ward 1 , 6.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Saminathapuram Ward 2
222Panhayat Union Elemantary School, Addtional Building, South Facing ,Solathasan patti, Ammapatti -6392031.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Santhaipettai Ward2 , 2.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Othapatty Ward 2 , 3.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Soladasanpatti Kudi Street Ward2 , 4.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Soladasanpatty South Colony Ward 2 , 5.Ammapatty (R.V) and (P) Soladasanpatty East Street Ward 2
223P.U.Ele.School, East Facing New Building ,Periya Manjuveli -6392031.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Alagampatti ward 2 , 2.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Nadupatti Ward 2 , 3.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Kiriyapanaiyakanur Ward 2 , 4.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Nandalnaiyakkanur Ward 2 , 5.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Kadamankurichi Ward 2 , 6.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Jangalpatti Ward 4 , 7.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Rengapalayam Ward 4 , 8.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Kumarapalayam Ward 4 , 9.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Chinnakumarapalayam Ward 4 , 10.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Nelligombai Ward 4 , 11.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Chinna jangalpatty Ward 3
224P.U.Ele.School, Old Building Facing North ,Periya Manjuveli -6392031.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Periya manjuveli ward 1 , 2.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Vellaiam Patty Ward 3 , 3.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Semparaipatti Ward 3 , 4.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Chinna jangalpatty Ward 3 , 5.Periya manjuveli (R.V) and (P) Ganavay Ward 3

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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