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List of Polling Booths in Aranthangi Assembly

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1PUMS (ADDITIONAL TERRACED BUILDING) ,Mookkudi 614616 1.Mookkudi (R.V), Mookkudi (P) Ward-1 Periya Mookudi
2PUMS, North Tiled building, Western portion, Facing South ,Mookkudi 614616 1.Mookkudi (R.V), Mookkudi (P) Ward-1 Viswanathapuram , 2.Mookkudi (R.V), Mookkudi (P) Ward-2 Chinna mookudi Nadutheru , 3.Mookkudi (R.V), Mookkudi (P) Ward-2 Mela Theru
3PUMS South Tiled Building, Eastern Portion, South facing ,Mookkudi 614616 1.Mookkudi (R.V), Mookkudi (P) Ward-2 Manattu Thidal , 2.Mookkudi (R.V), Mookkudi (P) Ward- 2 Kamaraj nagar
4PUMS South Building Facing west North portion , Koothadivayal - 614616 1.Mookudi (RV), Rethinakottai (P) Ward-1 Vadakku kudiyiruppu , 2.Mookudi (RV), Rethinakottai (P) Ward-1 Konar kudiyiruppu , 3.Mookudi (RV), Rethinakottai (P) Ward-1 Vallambar theru , 4.Mookudi (RV), Rethinakottai (P) Ward-1 Ceylon Colony
5PUMS South Building Facing West South Portion , Koothadivayal - 614616 1.Mookudi (RV), Rethinakottai (P) ward-1 Narikuravar colony , 2.Mookudi (RV), Rethinakottai (P) ward-1 Senthamil nagar , 3.Mookudi (RV), Rethinakottai (P) Ward-1 Mill kudiyiruppu , 4.Rethinakkottai (RV), Rethinakottai (P) Ward-1 Pattukottai Road , 5.Rethinakkottai (RV), Rethinakottai (P) Ward-1 Kurumbakadu
6PUMS South Side, New Terraced Building Facing East (North Portion) , Rethinakkottai - 614616 1.Rethinakottai (R.V) Rethinakottai (P) Ward-2 Muslim theru, Kadaiveethi
7PUMS South Side, New Terraced Building Facing East (South Portion) , Rethinakkottai - 614616 1.Rethinakottai (R.V) Rethinakottai (P) Ward-2 Aathidhiravidar Kudiyiruppu , 2.Rethinakottai (R.V) Rethinakottai (P) Ward-2 Soman kudiyiruppu , 3.Rethinakottai (R.V) Rethinakottai (P) Ward-2 Nariyan kudiyiruppu , 4.Rethinakottai (R.V) Rethinakottai (P) Ward-2 Agrahara kudiyiruppu
8PUMS New Eastern Building West Portion , Vairivayal - 614616 1.Rethinakottai (P) Ward-5 Vandangottai , 2.Rethinakottai (P) Ward-6 Vairivayal
9T.E.L.C MIDDLE SCHOOL West Facing East Building, North Portion , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-1 Annanagar 1st Theru , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-1 Annanagar 2nd Theru. , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-1 Annanagar 3rd Theru , 4.Aranthangi (M) Ward-1 Annanagar 4th Theru , 5.Aranthangi (M) Ward-1 Annanagar 5th Theru.
10TELC Middle School, West building middle portion , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-1 Rengojibava Theru (Agraharam) , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-6 Jeeva theru , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-6 Rengojibava theru
11T.E.L.C MIDDLE SCHOOL, East side Building, West facing, south portion , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Ezhil nagar (M) Ward-2 Ezhil nagar 1st Theru , 2.Ezhil nagar (M) Ward-2 Ezhil nagar 2nd Theru , 3.Ezhil nagar (M) Ward-2 Ezhil nagar 3rd Theru , 4.Ezhil nagar (M) Ward-2 Ezhil nagar 4th Theru , 5.Ezhil nagar (M) Ward-5 Ezhil nagar 5th Theru , 6.Ezhil nagar (M) Ward-2 Ezhil nagar 6th Theru
12T.E.L.C Middle School,West building north portion , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Ezhil nagar (M) Ward-3 Ezhil nagar 7th Theru , 2.Ezhil nagar (M) Ward-3 Ezhil nagar 8th Theru , 3.Ezhil nagar (M) Ward-3 Ezhil nagar 9th Theru , 4.Ezhil nagar (M) Ward-2 Ezhil nagar 10th Theru , 5.Ezhil nagar (M) Ward-3 Ezhil nagar 11th Theru , 6.Ezhil nagar (M) Ward-3 Ezhil nagar 12th Theru , 7.Ezhil nagar (M) Ward-3 Ezhil nagar 13th Theru , 8.Ezhil nagar (M) Ward-3 Ezhil nagar 14th Theru , 9.Ezhil nagar (M) Ward-3 Ezhil nagar 15th Theru
13Andavarayar Memorial Aided Middle School, North side, Asbestos building , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-4 Gengatharapuram (periyar theru) , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-4 Puthutheru , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-4 Bharathiyar theru , 4.Aranthangi (M) Ward-6Kallichanthu.
14Andavarayar Memorial Aided Middle School, North tiled building , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-4 Bharathiyar theru , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu 1st St. , 4.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu 2nd theru , 5.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu 3rd theru , 6.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu 4th theru , 7.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu 5th theru , 8.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu 6th theru
15Andavarayar Memorial Aided Middle School, Tiled building, (South portion) , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu 7th theru , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu 8th theru , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 N G G O Colony Main Road , 4.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 N G O Colony Main kurukku theru , 5.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 N G O Colony Main kurukku theru , 6.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 N G O Colony Main kurukku theru , 7.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 N G O Colony , 8.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu bharathi nagar
16ANDAVARAYAR MEMORIAL AIDED MIDDLE SCHOOL NOON MEAL BUILDING , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 N G O Colony 1st St. , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu 10th st. , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu jeevanagar , 4.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu 1st Theru , 5.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu 2nd Theru , 6.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu bharathinagar , 7.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu 3rd Theru , 8.Aranthangi (M) Ward-5 Kalappakadu 5th Theru
17TELC Middle School,West building South portion , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-7 Pattukottai Road , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-8 Railway Feedar road , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-8 Annatheru , 4.Aranthangi (M) Ward-8 Nehru theru
18Sathiyamoorthy memorial aided middle school, East building north portion , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-13,3 Sannathivayal 1st Theru , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-13,4 Sannathivayal 2nd Theru , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-13,5 Sannathivayal 3rd Theru , 4.Aranthangi (M) Ward-17 Avadayarkovil Road-1 , 5.Aranthangi (M) Ward-18,1 Manivilan-7
19Sathiyamoorthy memorial aided middle school, North tiled building , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-15,1 Avudaiyarkovil Road -1 , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-15,2 Avudaiyarkovil Road-2 , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-15,3 Gobalasamuthiram-1 , 4.Aranthangi (M) Ward-15,4 Gobalasamuthiram-2 , 5.Aranthangi (M) Ward-15,5 Gobalasamuthiram-3 , 6.Aranthangi (M) Ward- 16,1 Manivilan-1 , 7.Aranthangi (M) Ward-15,6 Gobalasamuthiram 4th Theru , 8.Aranthangi (M) Ward-15,7 Gobalasamuthiram 5th Theru
20Sathiyamoorthy memorial aided middle school, East building (South portion) , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-16 Manivilan 2nd St , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-16 Manivilan 3rd Theru , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-16 Manivilan 4th Theru , 4.Aranthangi (M) Ward-16 Manivilan 5th Theru , 5.Aranthangi (M) Ward-16 Manivilan 6th Theru , 6.Aranthangi (M) Ward-16 Manivilan 1st Theru , 7.Aranthangi (M) Ward-18 Manivilan 8th Theru
21Govt. Boys Hr. Sec. School, East First Building Middle portion , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-27 Angalamman kovil theru , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-8 Pattukottai Road , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-27 Veeramakaliyamman kovil theru
22Govt. Boys Hr. Sec. School, East Second Building South portion , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-26 Kamatchiyamman kovil theru , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-26 Vadiyan theru , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-26 Raja theru , 4.Aranthangi (M) Ward-26 Thiyagi Srinivasan theru
23Govt. Boys Hr. Sec. School, East Third Building second room , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-27 Valaiyalkaratheru , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-27 Valaiyalkaratheru-1 , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-8 Pattukotai Road -3
24MUNICIPAL MIDDLE SCHOOL, West side building East Facing North Portion ,Lakshmi Narasimmapuram Aranthangi - 614616 West side building East Facing North Portion ,Lakshmi Narasimmapuram Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-9 Vaireevayal , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-10 Lakshmi narasimmapuram
25MUNICIPAL MIDDLE SCHOOL, Noon Meal Building ,Lakshmi Narasimmapuram Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-10 Lakshmi narasimmapuram
26MUNICIPAL MIDDLE SCHOOL (North Building) L.N.Puram , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-11 Lakshminarasimmapuram , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-11 Lakshminarasimmapuram-2
27MUNICIPAL MIDDLE SCHOOL , East Building , Lakshmi Narasimmapuram, Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-12 Lakshminarasimmapuram 5th Theru
28Municipality Middle School, L.N.Puram, East side, South building , Lakshmi Narasimmapuram, Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-12 Lakshminarasimmapuram 6thTheru , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-12 Sannathivayal
29Municipality Middle School, West side, South building , L.N.Puram, Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-12 & 14 Lakshmi Narasimmapuram , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-14 Sannathivayal
30MUNICIPAL ELEMENTARY SCHOOL EAST , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-13 Old Hospital Road-2 , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-13 Bharathidasan Theru , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-17 Akbar Theru , 4.Aranthangi (M) Ward-17 Abdul hameed Theru , 5.Aranthangi (M) Ward-17Jaheer Usen Theru
31GOVERNMENT GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL, WEST BUILDING (MIDDLE PORTION) , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-19 pallivasal Theru.-1 , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-19 pallivasal Theru-2 , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-19 pallivasal Theru-3 , 4.Aranthangi (M) Ward-19 pallivasal Theru.-4 , 5.Aranthangi (M) Ward-19 pallivasal 5 , 6.Aranthangi (M) Ward-19 kadai theru , 7.Aranthangi (M) Ward-19 Old Hospital Road , 8.Aranthangi (M) Ward-19 Kamaraja Theru , 9.Aranthangi (M) Ward- 19 kadaitheru , 10.Aranthangi (M) Ward-20 Kottai-1
32GOVERNMENT GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL NORTH BUILDING , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi(M) ward-25 Kottai 5th st. , 2.Aranthangi(M) ward-25 Kottai 7th St. , 3.Aranthangi(M) ward-25 Kottai 8th St. , 4.Aranthangi(M) ward-25puduKottai main Road , 5.Aranthangi(M) Ward-24 Angalamman Kovil theru
33GOVERNMENT GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL EAST BUILDING , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-20 Kottai 1-st Theru , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-21 Kottai 2st Theru , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-21 Kottai 3rd Theru
34CHRISTU RAJA R.C. MIDDLE SCHOOL ,TERRACED BUILDING (WEST PORTION) , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-25 Kottai 4th Theru , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-25 Kottai 6th Theru , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-22 Pudukkottai Road , 4.Aranthangi (M) Ward-22 Kottai 2nd Theru , 5.Aranthangi (M) Ward-23 Mathakovil theru , 6.Aranthangi (M) Ward-23 Thiruvaluvar theru
35CHRISTU RAJA R.C. MIDDLE SCHOOL, TERRACED BUILDING , EAST PORTION , Aranthangi - 614616 1.Aranthangi (M) Ward-22,23 Pudukkottai Road , 2.Aranthangi (M) Ward-23 Vadakku vadi , 3.Aranthangi (M) Ward-23 Raja Gopal theru , 4.Aranthangi (M) Ward-23 Thiruvaluvar theru , 5.Aranthangi (M) Ward-23 Thiyaki chinnaiah theru
36PUMS , Alapiranthan - 622202 1.Aalapiranthan (R.V) Aalapiranthan (P) Ward-1 Aalapiranthan , 2.Aalapiranthan (R.V) Aalapiranthan (P) Ward-1 purakkudikadu
37PUES , Karuvidaicheri - 622202 1.Aalapiranthan (R.V), Aalapiranthan (P) Ward-4 kudimary , 2.Aalapiranthan (R.V), Aalapiranthan (P) Ward-5 Perumal patti , 3.Aalapiranthan (R.V), Aalapiranthan (P) Ward-6 Karuvidacheri , 4.Aalapiranthan (R.V), Aalapiranthan (P) Ward-7 Kudikadu
38PUMS East Terraced Building , Kongudi - 622202 1.konkudi (R.V), konkudi (p) Ward-1 konkudi , 2.konkudi (R.V), konkudi (p) Ward-2 Yombal Puram , 3.konkudi (R.V), konkudi (p) Ward-3 Aavakkulam , 4.konkudi (R.V), konkudi (p) Ward-4 Allampatti , 5.konkudi (R.V), konkudi (p) Ward-5 Mettukanakkan vayal , 6.konkudi (R.V), konkudi (p) Ward-6 kanjiran vayal , 7.konkudi (R.V), konkudi (p) Ward-7 Thalichery , 8.konkudi (R.V), konkudi (p) Ward-1 Athane
39PUMS , Pachalur - 622202 1.Kulathur (R.V), Kulathur (p) Ward-1 patchalur , 2.Kulathur (R.V), Kulathur (p) Ward-2 Ukkanvayal , 3.Kulathur (R.V), Kulathur (p) Ward-3 Kulathur , 4.Kulathur (R.V), Kulathur (p) ward- 4 Manivilan , 5.Kulathur (R.V), Kulathur (p) Ward-5 Sevikkottai , 6.Kulathur (R.V), Kulathur (p) Ward-6 Mottaiyandi , 7.Kulathur (R.V), Kulathur (p) Ward-7 Surakkudi
40PUES , Edaiayar - 614616 1.Edaiyar (R.V), Edaiyar (P) Ward-1 Konar Kudieruppu , 2.Edaiyar (R.V), Edaiyar (P) Ward-1 Devar kudieruppu , 3.Edaiyar (R.V), Edaiyar (P) Ward-1 Etaiyar thital , 4.Edaiyar (R.V), Edaiyar (P) Ward-1 kalliyembal , 5.Edaiyar (R.V), Edaiyar (P) Ward-2 Sembottai viswanathapuram , 6.Edaiyar (R.V), Edaiyar (P) Ward-2 Subramaniyapuram , 7.Edaiyar (R.V), Edaiyar (P) Ward-3 Sengaluneer Ootai , 8.Edaiyar (R.V), Edaiyar (P) Ward-3 Veeradan
41PUMS, North Building, , Kammangadu - 614616 1.Dharmarajanvayal (RV) Kammankadu (p) Ward-1 Dharmarajan vayal , 2.Dharmarajanvayal (RV) kammankadu (p) Ward-1 Avuranivayal , 3.Kammangadu (RV) kammankadu (p) Ward-2 kamankadu , 4.Ulagalanthanvayal kammankadu (p) Ward-1 Athani , 5.Ulagalanthanvayal (RV) kammankadu (p) Ward-1 Ulakanthan vayal , 6.Ulagalanthanvayal (RV) Kammankadu (p) Ward-1 Kalluruppan vayal , 7.Ulagalandanvayal (R.I) Kammankadu (P) Ward-2 Patharasankottai
42PUES, (Terraced Building), ,Ulagalanthanvayal - 614616 1.Ulagalanthanvayal (RV) kammankadu (p) Ward-1 Devar vayal , 2.Ulagalanthanvayal (RV) kammankadu (p) Ward-1 Pillaiyanedhal , 3.Kammankadu (RV), Kammankadu (p) Ward-Eambavayal , 4.Kammankadu (RV) kammankadu (p) Ward-1 Patharasan kottai , 5.Ulagalandanvayal (R.I) Kammankadu (P) Ward-1 Athani , 6.Ulagalandanvayal (R.I) Kammankadu (P) Ward-1 Ulagalandanvayal , 7.Ulagalandanvayal (R.I) Kammankadu (P) Ward-1 Kallaruppanvayal
43PUMS , Panchathi - 614616 1.Panjanthi (R.V) Panjanthi (P) Ward-1 Panjanthi Devar kudieruppu , 2.Panjanthi (R.V) Panjanthi (P) Ward-1 Panjanthi MelaKudieruppu , 3.Panjanthi (R.V) Panjanthi (P) Ward-2 vitthiranvayal , 4.Amanji (R.V), Amanji (P) Ward-3 Ammanji Devar Kudieruppu , 5.Panjanthi (R.V) Panjanthi (P) Ward-4 Ammanji Arisana kudieruppu , 6.Panjanthi (R.V) Panjanthi (P) Ward-4 Silambavayal
44PUMS , Puduvakkottai - 614616 1.Puduvakkottai (R.V) Panjanthi (p) Ward-4 paruthini kudieruppu , 2.Puduvakkottai (R.V) Panjanthi (p) Ward-1 keelaparuthini kudieruppu , 3.Puduvakkottai (R.V) Panjanthi (p) Ward-5 Puduvakkottai Melakudieruppu , 4.Puduvakkottai (R.V) Panjanthi (p) Ward-5 Puduvakkottai Nadukudieruppu , 5.Puduvakkottai (R.V) Panjanthi (p) Ward-5 Puduvakkottai Therukkukueruppu , 6.Puduvakkottai (R.V) Panjanthi (p) Ward-6 Senganaththi , 7.Puduvakkottai (R.V) Panjanthi (p) Ward-7 Thalicheri , 8.Puduvakkottai (R.V) Panjanthi (p) Ward-9 Samban Otai , 9.Puduvakkottai (R.V) Panjanthi (p) ward-10 Navilankan
45PUMS, South Building, (West Portion) , Vigneshwarapuram - 614616 1.Pallathivayal (R.V), Oorvani (p) Ward-2 Pallathivayal , 2.Pallathivayal (R.V), Oorvani (p) Ward-2 vigneshwarapuram , 3.Pallathivayal (R.V), Oorvani (p) ward-3 Amaravathikkadu
46PUES , Alangudi - 614616 1.Oorvani (RV) Oorvani (p) Ward-1 pakkudi , 2.Oorvani (RV) Oorvani (p) Ward-1 Oorvani , 3.Oorvani (RV) Oorvani (p) Ward-1 Sullani , 4.Alangudi (RV) Oorvani (p) Ward-3 Alangudi , 5.Oorvani (RV) Oorvani (p) Ward-1 Settiyanedhal , 6.Oorvani (RV) Oorvani (p) Ward-1 kollamatainedal
47PUES, South side tiled building , Melappattu - 61461 1.Melapattu (R.V), Melapattu (P) Ward-1 Pillaivayal kudiyiruppu , 2.Melapattu (R.V), Melapattu (P) Ward-2 Melapattu Aathidhiravidar kudiyiruppu
48PUES, North side terraced building, west portion , Melappattu - 614616 1.Melapattu (R.V), Melapattu (P) Ward-2 Melapattu PC kudiyiruppu , 2.Melapattu (R.V), Melapattu (P) Ward-3 Vanniyapillai vayal
49PUMS, North building facing south, West portion ,IDAYANGADU - 614616 1.Allaraimelavayal (R.V), Ammanji (P) Ward-8 Sevidangadu , 2.Allaraimelavayal (R.V), Ammanji (P) Ward-9 Idaiyangadu
50PUMS, North Building, Facing South , Durayarasapuram - 614616 1.Ammanji (P) Ward-2 Dhuraiyarasapuram Aathithiravidar puram , 2.Ammanji (P) Ward-2 Dhuraiyarasapuram Old Colony , 3.Kundagavayal (RV), Ammanji (P) Ward-2 Allarau melavayal New Colony
51PUMS , Perungadu - 614616 1.Venhoor (R.V), Perungadu(P) Ward-1 Manjakarai , 2.Venhoor (R.V), Perungadu(P) Ward-2 Vayirandi , 3.Venhoor (R.V), Perungadu(P) Ward-3 Koothangudi , 4.Venhoor (R.V), Perungadu(P) Ward-4 Thuvarakambal puram , 5.Venhoor (R.V), Perungadu(P) Ward-6 Mela perungadu
52PUMS SOUTH BUILDING , Perungadu - 614616 1.Kovilvayal (RV), Perungadu(P) Ward-5 Keela perungadu , 2.Kovilvayal (RV), Perungadu(P) Ward- 7 Kovil vayal , 3.Kovilvayal (RV), Perungadu(P) Ward-8 Keelakadu , 4.Venkoor (RV), Perungadu(P) Ward-10 Mamandai , 5.Venkoor (RV), Perungadu(P) Ward-11 Vengur , 6.Venkoor (RV), Perungadu(P) Ward-12 Eraiyonpatti
53PUMS , Memangalam - 614616 1.Memangalam (R.V) , Memangalam (P) Ward-1 Memangalam East kudiyiruppu , 2.Memangalam (R.V) , Memangalam (P) Ward-2 Memangalam South kudiyiruppu , 3.Memangalam (P) Ward-3 Memangalam North Aathithiravidar kudiyiruppu
54PUES , Tittakkudi - 614616 1.Melmangalam (R.V), Vettivayal (P) Ward-1 Menakkadu , 2.Melmangalam (R.V), Vettivayal (P) Ward-1 Kammanjery Ambalakarakudiyiruppu , 3.Melmangalam (R.V), Vettivayal (P) Ward-2 Aathidhiravidar kudiyiruppu , 4.Melmangalam (R.V), Vettivayal (P) Ward-1 Thittakudi , 5.Melmangalam (R.V), Vettivayal (P) Ward-2 Vishwanathapuram kovil kudiyiruppu
55PUMS, Tiled Building , Karungulikadu - 614616 1.Melmangalam (R.V), Vettivayal (P) Ward-2 Vettivayal murugan kovil kudiyiuruppu , 2.Melmangalam (R.V), Vettivayal (P) Ward-2 Vettivayal pallivasal muslim kudiyiruppu , 3.Melmangalam (R.V), Vettivayal (P) Ward-3 Veeraragavapuram
56PUMS, Tarreced Building , Karungulikadu - 614616 1.Melmangalam (R.V), Vettivayal (P) Ward-3 karungulikadu Ambalakara kudiyiruppu , 2.Melmangalam (R.V), Vettivayal (P) Ward-3 karungulikadu muslim kudiyiruppu
57Panchayat Union Elementary School, , Seenamangalam - 614616 6 1.Ariyamaraikadu (RV) Nagudi (P) Ward-5 Ariyamarai kadu , 2.Ariyamaraikadu (RV) Nagudi (P) Ward-6 Ariyamaraikadu Ukkadai seenamangalam , 3.Seenamagalam (RV) Nagudi (P) Ward-7 Seenamangalam , 4.Arunachalapuram (RV), Nagudi (P) Ward-8 Idaiyangottai , 5.Arunachalapuram (RV), Nagudi (P) Ward-8 Arunachalapuram
58GHSS, North building facing south , Subramaniyapuram - 614805 1.Subramaniyapuram (R.V), Subramaniyapuram (P) Ward-1 North St. , 2.Subramaniyapuram (R.V), Subramaniyapuram (P) Ward-1 Keelatheru , 3.Subramaniyapuram (R.V), Subramaniyapuram (P) Ward-2 Athidiravidar Theru , 4.Subramaniyapuram (R.V), Subramaniyapuram (P) Ward-2 Therkku Theru , 5.Subramaniyapuram (R.V), Subramaniyapuram (P) Ward-2 Mela Theru , 6.Subramaniyapuram (R.V), Subramaniyapuram (P) Ward-3 Kuganur Melatheru. Pillaiyar Kovil Theru
59Govt. Hr. Sec. School, South Building., West Side , Subramaniyapuram - 614805 1.Koohanur (RV) Subramaniya Puram (p) Ward-2 Panankattutheru , 2.Subramaniya Puram (RV) Subramaniya Puram (p) Ward-3 Mariyamman Kovil theru , 3.Koohanur (RV), Subramaniya Puram (p) Ward-3 Athidiravidar Theru
60Govt. Hr. Sec. School, South Building., East Side , Subramaniyapuram - 614805 1.Subramaniya Puram (RV) Subramaniya Puram (p) Ward-3 Ambalakarar Theru , 2.Sithakanni (RV) Subramaniya Puram (p) Ward-4 Sithakanni
61PUES , Karavayal - 614616 1.Karavayal (RV) KeelKudi Ammansakki (p) Ward-4 Karavayal , 2.Keelkudi (RV) KeelKudi Ammansakki (p) Ward-1 Keelkudi
62PUMS (West Side) , Nagudi - 614616 1.Kalakkudi (R.V), Nakkudi (P) Ward-1 Kalakkudi , 2.Kalakkudi (R.V), Nakkudi (P) Ward-1 kalakkudi thoppu
63PUMS East Side , Nagudi - 614616 1.Ammanjakki (RV) Keelkkudi Ammansakki (p) Ward-1 Ammansakki , 2.Maivayal (RV) Keelkkudi Ammansakki (p) Ward-2 Maivayal , 3.Brahmanavayal (RV) Keelkkudi Ammansakki (p) Ward-1 Bramanavayal , 4.Manavanallur (RV) Keelkkudi Ammansakki (p) Ward-1 Manavanallur , 5.Nagudi (RV) Nagudi (p) Ward-1 Nakkudi
64R.C. Aided Middle School, West Portion, South Building, ,Eaganivayal 1.Kodivayal (RV), Kodivayal (P) Ward-3 Rayanvayal , 2.Aganivayal (R.V), Aganivayal (p) Ward-1 Santhamanai , 3.Aganivayal (R.V), Aganivayal (p) Ward-1 Athidiravidar kudiyiruppu Kadaitheru
65R.C. Aided Middle School, East Portion, South Building, ,Eaganivayal 1.Aganivayal (R.V), Aganivayal (p) Ward-2 Southpart , 2.Aganivayal (R.V), Aganivayal (p) Ward- 4 KaluguMunai , 3.Aganivayal (R.V), Aganivayal (p) Ward-5 Purankadu
66PUES, south side tiled building , Egaperumallur - 614616 1.Kandisankadu (RV) Egaperumalur (p) Ward-11 Kandisankadu , 2.Omakkanvayal (RV) Egaperumalur (p) Ward-12 Omakkanvayal , 3.Thedakki (RV) Egaperumalur (p) Ward-2 Thedakki
67PUES TERRACED BUILDING EAST SIDE , Egaperumallur - 614616 1.Egaperumalur (RV) Egaperumalur (P) Ward-5 Thiruvangur , 2.Egaperumalur (RV) Egaperumalur (p) Ward-6 Egaperumalur , 3.Adalaikalabairavapuram (RV) Egaperumalur (p) Ward-7 Aatalai , 4.Karaikadu (RV) Egaperumalur (p) Ward-7 Karakkollai
68PUES TERRACED BUILDING WEST SIDE ,Nemmelikadu - 614616 1.Nemelikadu (RV) Egaperumalur (p) Ward-8 Nemelikadu Vadakku , 2.Nemelikadu (RV) Egaperumalur (p) Ward-9 Nemmelikadu Therkku
69PUMS, Terraced Building Western Side North Portion , Athani - 614630 1.Athani (R.V) Athani (p) Ward-1 Malaiyappan Kudiyiruppu , 2.Athani (R.V) Athani (p) Ward-1 Kalachiyakollai , 3.Athani (R.V) Athani (p) Ward-1 Karakollai , 4.Athani (R.V) Athani (p) Ward- 1 Kallamparai , 5.Athani (R.V) Athani (p) Ward-1 ThivanColony , 6.Athani (R.V) Athani (p) Ward-1 Agrakaram
70PUMS, Terraced Building South Portion, Western Side , Athani - 614630 1.Athani (R.V) Athani (p) Ward-3 Thiruvappadi , 2.Athani (R.V) Athani (p) Ward-3 Kanapatti Puram , 3.Athani (R.V) Athani (p) Ward-3 Meladevar Kudiyiruppu
71PUMS Terraced Building Eastern Side South Portion , Athani - 614630 1.Athani (RV) Athani (p) Ward-2 Keelakudiyiruppu , 2.Athani (RV) Athani (p) Ward-2 Umaiyan Kudiyiruppu , 3.Thiruvappadi (RV) Athani (p) Ward-2 Thoppu Ricemill , 4.Athani (RV) Athani (p) Ward-Athidiravidar Kudiyiruppu , 5.Thiruvappadi (RV), Athani (p) Ward-2 Thiruvapadi , 6.Athani (RV) Athani (p) Ward-2 Annathan Kollai
72PUES , Kalakkamangalam - 614630 1.Kalakkamangalam (R.V) , Athani (p) Ward-4 Thattanvayal , 2.Kalakkamangalam (R.V) , Athani (p) Ward-4 Kalakamangalam West , 3.Kalakkamangalam (R.V) , Athani (p) Ward-4 Manakkollai , 4.Kalakkamangalam (R.V) , Athani (p) Ward-4 Kollanvalasai , 5.Kalakkamangalam (R.V) , Athani (p) Ward-4 Kalakkamangalam , 6.Kalakkamangalam (R.V) , Athani (p) Ward-4 Kalakkamangalam East , 7.Kalakkamangalam (R.V) , Athani (p) Ward-4 Thoppuvayal
73PUES , Aladdikadu-Kudikadu - 614630 1.Vettanur (RV) Vettanur (p) ward-1 Puthukudiyiruppu , 2.Vettanur (RV) Vettanur (p) Ward-1 Alatikadu Kudikadu , 3.Vettanur (RV) Vettanur (p) Ward-1 Etaiyankollai , 4.Vettanur (RV) Vettanur (p) Ward-1 Etaiyankollai , 5.Vettanur (RV) Vettanur (p) Ward-1 Alatikadu , 6.Kasavayal (RV) Vettanur (p) Ward-4 Kasavayal
74CHIEF MINISTER NOON MEALS CENTER , Vettanur - 614630 1.Vettanur (RV) Vettanur (p) Ward-3 Santhaiveli , 2.Vettanur (RV) Vettanur (p) Ward-2 Vettanur West , 3.Vettanur (RV) Vettanur (p) Ward-3 Vettanur East , 4.Vettanur (RV) Vettanur (p) Ward-3 Ambethkar Nagar , 5.Pangayathankudi (RV) Vettanur (p) Ward-5 Pankayathankudi , 6.Vettanur (RV) Vettanur (p) Ward-3 Settikadu , 7.Vettanur (RV) Vettanur (p) Ward-3 Sathakudi
75PUES, North Building, Facing South, East Portion , Keelacherri - 614616 1.Kuntagavayal (RV) Kuntagavayal (p) Ward-1 Kuntagavayal , 2.Kuntagavayal (RV) Kuntagavayal (p) Ward-2 Saniyanaikadu , 3.Kuntagavayal (RV) Kuntagavayal (p) Ward-3 janaganethal , 4.Kuntagavayal (RV) Kuntagavayal (p) Ward-4 Athithanpatti , 5.Kuntagavayal (RV) Kuntagavayal (p) Ward-4 Vellaichetti vayal , 6.Kuntagavayal (RV) Kuntagavayal (p) ward-5 Maruthakkudi , 7.Kuntagavayal (RV) Kuntagavayal (p) Ward-6 Nanakudi
76PUES, North Building, Facing South, West Portion , Keelacherri - 614616 1.Kuntagavayal (RV) Kuntagavayal (p) ward-7 Pirajapathi vayal , 2.Keelachery (RV) Kuntagavayal (p) Ward-8 Keelachery , 3.Sevanthankadu (RV) Kuntagavayal (p) Ward-2 Sevanthankadu , 4.Keelachery (RV) Kuntagavayal (p) Ward-3 Kanakanvayal , 5.Keelachery (RV) Kuntagavayal (p) Ward-4 Karunkulithavu , 6.Keelachery (RV) Kuntagavayal (p) Ward-9 Navinivayal , 7.Keelachery (RV) Kuntagavayal (p) Ward-10 Kotugavayal , 8.Keelachery (RV) Kuntagavayal (p) Ward-11 Munuthan vayal
77PUES East Portion , Veeramangalam - 614616 1.Veeramangalam (R.V), Veeramangalam (p) Ward-1 Muslim St. , 2.Veeramangalam (R.V), Veeramangalam (p) Ward-1 Utaiyar St. , 3.Veeramangalam (R.V), Veeramangalam (p) Ward-1 Chinnasenkerai , 4.Veeramangalam (R.V), Veeramangalam (p) Ward-1 Veeramangalam North , 5.Veeramangalam (R.V), Veeramangalam (p) Ward-1 Vaniyan Kudiyiruppu , 6.Veeramangalam (R.V), Veeramangalam (p) Ward-2 Patchanathan Kuriyiruppu , 7.Veeramangalam (R.V), Veeramangalam (p) Ward-2 Indiranagar , 8.Veeramangalam (R.V), Veeramangalam (p) Ward-2 Mulliyanvayal
78PUES West Portion , Veeramangalam - 614616 1.Veeramangalam (R.V), Veeramangalam (p) Ward-2 Sinna Veeramangalam , 2.Veeramangalam (R.V), Veeramangalam (p) Ward-2 Sethuramanvayal , 3.Veeramangalam (R.V), Veeramangalam (p) Ward-2 Chellappankottai , 4.Veeramangalam (R.V), Veeramangalam (p) Ward-2 Makilankottai , 5.Veeramangalam (R.V), Veeramangalam (p) Ward-2 Kamaraj Nagar , 6.Veeramangalam (R.V), Veeramangalam (p) Ward-2 Karambakudi
79PUMS, Terraced Building, ,Paramanthur - 614618 1.Perunavalur (RV) Perunavalur (p) Ward-1 Matathuvayal , 2.Perunavalur (RV) Perunavalur (p) Ward-1 Paramanthur North , 3.Perunavalur (RV) Perunavalur (p) Ward-1 paramanthur , 4.Perunavalur (RV) Perunavalur (p) Ward-1 Avuyanenthal , 5.Perunavalur (RV) Perunavalur (p) Ward-1 Vathukadu
80PUES Terraced Building ,Kallanendal - 614618 1.Sevanthankadu (RV) perunavalur (p) Ward-6 Nettiyenthal , 2.Sevanthankadu (RV) perunavalur (p) Ward-7 Kallanenthal , 3.Sevanthankadu (RV) perunavalur (p) Ward-8 Karavayal
81PUMS, North Building, Facing North , Perunavallur - 614618 1.Perunallur (R.V) Perunallur (P) Ward-2 Meenankudi , 2.Perunallur (R.V) Perunallur (P) Ward-1 Thaniyanenthal , 3.Perunallur (R.V) Perunallur (P) Ward-1 Elangudi , 4.Perunallur (R.V) Perunallur (P) Ward-1 Punniyanenthal , 5.Perunallur (R.V) Perunallur (P) Ward-2 Perunavalur , 6.Perunallur (R.V) Perunallur (P) Ward-2 Annanagar , 7.Perunallur (R.V) Perunallur (P) Ward-2 Panaian Kudiyiruppu , 8.Perunallur (R.V) Perunallur (P) Ward-2 Kalliperichi , 9.Perunallur (R.V) Perunallur (P) Ward-2 MGR Nagar
82PUMS , Thondaimanenthal - 614616 1.Puduvakkadu (RV) , Thondaimanenthal (p) Ward-1 Echankudi , 2.Kidangivayal (RV), Thondaimanenthal (p) Ward-2 Thondaimanenthal , 3.Esaimangalam (RV), Thondaimanenthal (p) Ward-4 Valaiyan vayal
83PUES, New Terraced building, ,Karaniyanenthel - 614616 1.Puthuvakkadu (R.V), Thondaimanenthal (p) Ward-1 puthuvakkadu , 2.Puthuvakkadu (R.V), Thondaimanenthal (p) Ward-2 Karaniyanenthal
84PUES New Terraced Building Easter Wing , Kunnur - 614616 1.Kunnur (RV) Kunnur (p) Ward-1 Kunnur , 2.Kunnur (RV) Kunnur (p) ward-2 Pallathivayal , 3.Kunnur (RV) Kunnur (p) Ward-3 Vennamozhienthal , 4.Kunnur (RV) Kunnur (p) ward-4 Muthuvalarkudi , 5.Vethinivayal (RV) Kunnur (p) Ward-5 Vethinivayal , 6.Kunnur (RV) Kunnur (p) Ward-6 yettichery , 7.Kunnur (RV) Kunnur (p) Ward-7 Seppilavayal
85PUES, South Facing Terraced Building , Kidangivayal - 614618 1.Palavarasan (RV) Palavarasan (P) Ward-1Palavarasan , 2.Mahaliyenthal (RV) Palavarasan (P) Ward-2 Makaliyenthal , 3.Kandayankottai (RV) Palavarasan (P) Ward-3 kantaiyan kottai , 4.Kidangivayal (RV), Palavarasan (P) Ward-4 Sirugavayal , 5.Kidangivayal (RV), Palavarasan (P) Ward-5 Esaimangalam , 6.Esamangalam (RV) Palavarasan (P) Ward-9 Varandhi
86PUES, North Facing New Terraced Building, West Building , Kidangivayal - 614618 1.Kidangivayal (RV), Palavarasan (P) Ward-6 Kitangivayal , 2.Kidangivayal (RV), Palavarasan (P) Ward-7 UthayaManickam , 3.Esamangalam (RV) Palavarasan (P) Ward-8 Navakkudi
87PUES , Sirumaruthur - 614618 1.Sirumaruthur (RV), Sirumaruthur (p) Ward-1 Sirumaruthur , 2.Sellanenthal (RV) Sirumaruthur (p) Ward-2 Sellanenthal , 3.Poovalur Utkadai V.B.B Puram (RV) Sirumaruthur (p) Ward-3 Sevitandiyenthal , 4.Piranthini (RV) Sirumaruthur (p) Ward-4 Karakudi Ukadai Lakshmiyenthal
88PUES, Terraced Building ,Karakudi - 614618 1.Kudikadu (RV) Sirumaruthur (p) Ward-5 Kudikadu, Sengamala Puram
89PUES ,Keelkudi Vattathur - 614618 1.Kelkudi vaatathur (p) Ward-1 Vellivayal , 2.puthuvayal Ukadai Subramaniyapuram (RV) Kelkudi vaatathur (p) Ward-2 puthuvayal Ukadai Subramaniyapuram , 3.Pattamutaian (RV) Kelkudi vaatathur (p) Ward-2 Pattamutaian , 4.Kallakkathan (RV) Kelkudi vaatathur (p) Ward-4 kalakathan
90PUES, Southern Side, New Building Eastrn Room, , Keelkudi - 614618 1.Sirukasa vayal (RV) Kelkudi vaatathur (p) Ward-3 Sirukasa vayal , 2.Vattathur (RV) Kelkudi vaatathur (p) Ward-5 Vattathur , 3.Kelkudi (RV) Kelkudi vaatathur (p) Ward-6 Kelkudi Sevittan vayal
91PUES EAST BUILDING - NEW BUILDING , Thiruperunthurai - 614618 1.Esamangalam (RV) Thiruperundurai (p) Ward-2 panaiyavayal , 2.Esamangalam (RV) Thiruperundurai (p) Ward-2 Duraiyavayal , 3.Avudayarkovil (RV) Thiruperundurai (p) Ward-3 Vadakkalur , 4.Avudaiyarkovil (RV) Thiruperundurai (p) Ward-4 Harijana Colony
92St. Joesph Middle School, Facing East North Side 1st Room , Thiruperunthurai - 614618 1.Avudaiyarkovilkovil (R.V), Thiruperundurai (p) Ward-3 Poonkudi , 2.Avudaiyarkovilkovil (R.V), Thiruperundurai (p) Ward-4 East St, South St.
93St. Joesph Middle School, Facing East South Side Last Room , Thiruperunthurai - 614618 1.Avudaiyarkovilkovil (R.V), Thiruperundurai (p) Ward-5 Kulathu Kudiyiruppu
94GHSS MIDDLE PORTION , Thiruperunthurai - 614618 1.Avudaiyarkovilkovil (R.V), Thiruperundurai (p) Ward-1 Melaveethi Southmatavilagam
95GHSS EAST SIDE NORTH BUILDING , Thiruperunthurai - 614618 1.Avudaiyarkovilkovil (R.V), Thiruperundurai (p) Ward-2 North St. , 2.Avudaiyarkovilkovil (R.V), Thiruperundurai (p) Ward-2 Kurichikulam
96PUES EAST SIDE , Punniyavayal - 614618 1.Puniyavayal (RV) Puniyavayal (P) Ward-1 Panneyur , 2.Puniyavayal (RV) Puniyavayal (P) Ward-3 Puniyavayal North Kudiyiruppu , 3.Elunutrimangalam (RV) Puniyavayal (P) Ward-2 Elunutrimangalam , 4.Puniyavayal (RV) Puniyavayal (P) Ward-4 Pazhanthamarai
97PUES, WEST SIDE , Punniyavayal - 614618 1.Puniyavayal (RV) Puniyavayal (P) Ward-2 Puniyavayal Keelakudiyiruppu
98PUMS SOUTH BUILDING ,Elunootrimangalam - 614618 1.Elununtrimangalam (R.V) Puniyavayal (P) Ward-5 Kamalakkudi , 2.Elununtrimangalam (RV) Puniyavayal (P) Ward-6 Elununtrimangalam Kelkudiyiruppu
99PUES , Karuppur - 614618 1.Elunootrimangalam (R.V), Puniyavayal (P) Ward-4 Karuppur
100PUMS EAST BUILDING , Pandipathiram - 614618 1.Pandipathiram (p) Ward-1 Mavayal , 2.Pandipathiram (P) Ward-2 Pandipathiram
101PUES, Eastern Side New Building , Poovalur - 614618 1.Poovalur Ukkadai V.B.B. Puram (RV), Poovalur (p) Ward-1 Karunkadu , 2.Poovalur Ukkadai V.B.B. Puram (RV), Poovalur (p) Ward-2 Vadavayal , 3.Poovalur (RV) Poovalur (p) Ward-3 Poovalur
102PUES NEW BUILDING , Poovalur - 614618 1.Poovalur (RV) Poovalur (p) Ward-4 Thenvayal , 2.Piranthini (RV) Poovalur (p) Ward-5 Piranthani
103PUES, New Building. , Vilanoor - 614618 1.Veelimangalam (RV) Vilanur (p) Ward-1 Vilanur papakottai , 2.Veelimangalam (RV) Vilanur (p) Ward-2 Vilanur Kallakottai , 3.Veelimangalam (RV) Vilanur (p) Ward-3 Veelimangalam , 4.Veeliyathur (RV), Vilanur (p) Ward-4 Vanganaragam
104PUES WEST SIDE , Sattiyakudi - 614618 1.Sathiyadi (RV) Satiyakudi (p) Ward-1 Narikudi , 2.Sathiyakudi (RV) Satiyakudi (p) Ward-1 Satiyakudi , 3.Sathiyakudi (RV) Satiyakudi (p) Ward-1 Ettanur , 4.Sathiyakudi (RV) Satiyakudi (p) Ward-1 Kunathiran Vayal , 5.Pallathivayal (RV) Satiyakudi (p) Ward-3 Thatchamalli
105PUES WEST SIDE , Sattiyakudi - 614618 1.Narasingapuram (RV) Satiyakudi (p) Ward-4 Sivakri , 2.Narasingapuram (RV) Satiyakudi (p) Ward-5 Kutchanvettivayal , 3.Pallathivayal (RV) Satiyakudi (p) Ward-6 Aduthamangalam , 4.Narasingapuram (RV) Satiyakudi (p) Ward-7 Nalkiramam , 5.Pallivayal (RV) Satiyakudi (p) Ward-8 Kanneriyenthal , 6.Pallivayal (RV) Satiyakudi (p) Ward-9 Peravayal , 7.Pallivayal (RV) Satiyakudi (p) Ward-10 Othakudi , 8.Pallivayal (RV) Satiyakudi (p) Ward-11 Maravanenthal
106PUES, NEW SSA BLD., , Okkur - 622204 1.Elunootrimangalam (RV) Okkur (p) Ward-1 Kuruvekuthanenthal , 2.PERUNTHAMARAI OKKUR (P) WARD-2 PERUNTHAMARAI , 3.Alathivayal (RV) Okkur (p) Ward-3 Alathivayal , 4.Okkur (RV) Okkur (p) Ward-4 Okkur Keelakudiyiruppu
107PUES, NEW SSA BLD., , Okkur - 622204 1.Okkur (RV) Okkur (p) Ward-5 Melakudiyiruppu , 2.Perunthamarai (RV) Okkur (p) Ward - 6 Avarakudi
108PUMS SOUTH TERRACE BUILDING , Sithakoor - 622204 1.Sithakkur (RV) Thutchanur (P) Ward-1 Avathanikottai , 2.Sithakkur (RV) Thutchanur (p) Ward-2 Sithakkur
109PUMS, New SSA Building (East Side) , Sithakoor - 622204 1.Thunjanur (RV) Thunjanur (p) Ward-3Thunjanur , 2.Thunjanur (RV) Thutchanur (p) Ward-4 Marthandapuram Bit 1 , 3.Thunjanur (RV) Thutchanur (p) Ward-5 Marthandapuram Bit 2 , 4.Sananenthal (RV) Thutchanur (p) Ward-6 Kuttipulitchiyenthal , 5.Sananenthal (RV) Thutchanur (p) Ward-7 Sanaenthal
110GOVERNMENT HIGH SCHOOL WEST PORTION , Amaradakki - 614618 1.Pallivayal (RV) Amaratakki (p) Ward-1 Pallivayal , 2.Narasinga Puram (RV) Amaratakki (p) Ward-1 Narasinga Puram , 3.Veluvur (RV) Amaratakki (p) Ward-2 Veluvur , 4.Amaradakki (RV) Amaratakki (p) Ward-2 Amaratakki North , 5.Amaradakki (RV) Amaratakki (p) Ward-3 Amaratakki South
111GHSS EAST SIDE , Amaradakki - 614618 1.Soundiranayagi Puram (RV) Amaratakki (p) Ward-3 Soundiranayagi Puram , 2.Siruveli (RV) Amaratakki (p) Ward-4 Siruveli , 3.Veliyathur (RV) Vilanur (p) Ward-5 Veliyathur , 4.Kanur (RV) Vilanur (p) Ward-6 Kannur Ukadai , 5.Kavathukudi (RV) Vilanur (p) Ward-7 Avanam Preunkudi
112PUES , Kanadu - 614621 1.Kaanadu (RV) Kaanadu (p) Ward-1 Kanadu , 2.Palaya Vettivayal (RV) Kaanadu (p) Ward-2 Palaya Vettivayal , 3.THALANUR (RV) KAANADU (p) Ward-3 THATTHANI
113PUMS EAST SIDE Block 4 , Thalanur - 614621 1.Thalanur (RV) Thalanur (p) Ward-1 Pariveeramangalam , 2.Puthuvettivayal (RV) Thalanur (p) Ward-2 Koolalur , 3.Thalanur (RV) Thalanur (p) Ward-3 Thalanur , 4.Thalanur (RV) Thalanur (p) Ward-4 Thalanur
114PUES NEW BUILDING , Kavathukudi - 614618 1.Kavathukudi (RV) Kavathukudi (p) Ward-1 Sullani , 2.Kavathukudi (RV) Kavathukudi (p) Ward- 3 Kavathukudi , 3.Kavathukudi (RV) Kavathukudi (p) Ward-2 Kulathiranpatti , 4.Thalanur (RV) Kavathukudi (p) Ward-4 Chithiravitangan , 5.Thalanur (RV) Kavathukudi (p) Ward-5 Mariyur , 6.THANIKONDAN (R.V) Kavathukudi (p) Ward-6 Thanikondan , 7.THANIKONDAN (R.V) Kavathukudi (p) Ward-7 Pattamangalam , 8.THANIKONDAN (R.V) Kavathukudi (p) Ward-8 Pattamangalam Ukadai , 9.Ponbethi (RV) Kavathukudi (p) Ward-9 Nineyur
115PUMS WEST SIDE ,Karur - 614619 1.Karur (RV) Karur (p) Ward-1 papankudi , 2.Karur (RV) Karur (p) Ward-4 Vilankattur , 3.Karur (RV) Karur (p) Ward-4 Niramangalam , 4.Karur (RV) Karur (p) Ward-3 Sirukottaiyur , 5.Karur (RV) Karur (p) Ward-1 periyaKottaiyur
116PUMS, New Terraced building West side, North Portion ,Karur - 614619 1.Karur (RV) Karur (p) Ward-1 Karur
117PUMS, New Terraced building , (North Portion) ,Kumulur - 614619 1.Kumulur (RV) Karur (p) Ward-2 Varikudi , 2.Karur (p) Ward-2 Vadavathi , 3.Koonerienthal (RV) Karur (p) Ward-2 Koonerienthal , 4.Kumulur (RV) Karur (p) Ward-3 Kumulur
118Govt. Highier Sec. School, Terreced Building , Karur - 614619 1.Karur (RV) Karur (p) Ward-1 Thiruviruthavayal , 2.Karur (RV) Karur (p) Ward-1 Valaiyanvayal , 3.Karur (RV) Karur (p) Ward-4 Vettivayal , 4.Karur (RV) Karur (p) Ward1 Marayakudi , 5.Karur (RV) Karur (p) Ward-3 Elambavayal
119PUES, SSA BLD., , Theeyur - 614629 1.Peranur (RV) Theeur (p) Ward-1 Embakottai , 2.Theeyur (RV) Theeur (p) Ward-1 Yeduthanur , 3.Kathiramangalam (RV) Theeur (p) Ward-1 Vennathur , 4.Peranur (RV) Theeur (p) Ward-1 Pallaiyur , 5.Kathiramangalam (RV) Theeur (p) Ward-1 Atampur , 6.Theeyur (RV) Theeur (p) Ward-1 Theeur , 7.Theeyur (RV) Theeur (p) Ward-1 Aavanam
120PUES , Athavathur - 614629 1.Kalapam (RV) Kalapam (p) Ward-1 Koothamangalam , 2.Kalapam (RV) Kalapam (p) Ward-2 Kalapam , 3.Kalapam (RV) Kalapam (p) Ward-3 Aavathur , 4.Kovinikidangu (RV) Kalapam (p) Ward-4 Kovinikidangu , 5.Kalapam (RV) Kalapam (p) Ward-1 Thirukalyana Puram
121PUES SSA Building Western Side , Ponbethi - 614629 1.Thalanur (RV) Ponpethi (p) Ward-1 Yetichery , 2.Thalanur (RV) Ponpethi (p) Ward-2 Mariyur Ukadai , 3.Ponpethi (RV) Ponpethi (p) Ward-3 pandimanai Ukadai Bit 1 , 4.Ponpethi (RV) Ponpethi (p) Ward-6 Pandimanai Ukadai Bit 2 , 5.Peranur (RV) Ponpethi (p) Ward-8 Peranur , 6.Ponbethi (RV) Ponpethi (p) Ward-7 Erayamangalam
122PUES New Building , Ponbethi - 614629 1.Ponbethi (RV) Ponpethi (p) Ward-3 Ponpethi North Part , 2.Ponbethi (RV) Ponpethi (p) Ponpethi Southpart
123PUES , Perungulam - 614629 1.Kathiramangalam (RV) Kathiramangalam (p) Ward-1 Chinnapattamangalam , 2.Ponbethi (RV) Kathiramangalam (p) Ward-2 Ponbethi Siruvarai , 3.Sathiyadi (RV) Kathiramangalam (p) Ward-3 Perunkulam , 4.Sathiyadi (RV) Kathiramangalam (p) Ward-4 Saathiyadi , 5.Kavathukudi (RV) Kathiramangalam (p) Ward-5 Aalamangalam
124PUES , Sadayamangalam - 614629 1.Kathiramangalam (RV) Kathiramangalam (p) Ward1 Kathiramangalam , 2.Kathiramangalam (RV) Kathiramangalam (p) Ward-2 Kathiramangalam , 3.Kathiramangalam (RV) Kathiramangalam (p) Ward-3 Sataiyamangalam
125PUMS, SSA BUILDING., , Velvarai 614621 1.Velvarai (RV) Velvarai (p) Ward-1 Thandakaranenthal , 2.Pilluvalasai (RV) Velvarai (p) Ward-2 Pilluvalasai , 3.Pilluvalasai (RV) Velvarai (p) Ward-3 Koluvanur , 4.Nariyanenthal (RV) Velvarai (p) Ward-4 Nariyanenthal , 5.Velvarai (RV) Velvarai (p) Ward-5 Velvarai , 6.Nariyanenthal (RV) Velvarai (p) Ward-6 Alazhiyavanenthal
126PUES, EAST BUILDING., ,PILLUVALASAI 614621 1.Nattanipurasakudi (RV) Velvarai (p) Ward-7 Purasakudi , 2.Nattanipurasakudi (RV) Velvarai (p) Ward-8 Naattani , 3.Narianendal (R.V) Velvarai (P) Ward-6 Alazhayavananendal
127PUES SSA New Terraced Building North Portion , Gopalapattinam - 614621 1.Nattanipurasakudi (RV) Purasakudi (P) Ward-3 Mathinsha Nagar Naina Kadaiveethi Gopalapattinam
128PUES SSA New Terraced Building South Portion , Gopalapattinam - 614621 1.Nattanipurasakudi (RV) Purasakudi (P) Ward-3 Avuliya Nagar Pallivasal Street Gopalapattinam
129PUES EAST TERRACED BUILDING NORTH PORTION ,Gopalapattinam - 614621 1.Nattanipurakudi (RV) Purakudi (P) Ward-4 Gopalapattinam Muslim kudiyiruppu Vadakku
130PUES EAST TERRACED BUILDING SOUTH PORTION , Gopalapattinam - 614621 1.Nattanipurakudi (RV) Purakudi (P) Ward-5 Gopalapattinam muslim kudiyiruppu Therkku
131GHSS South Building (New NAWAD), Terraced building, North Portion ,Mimisal - 614621 1.Mimisal (RV) Mimisal (P) Ward-1 Sathirampattinam
132GHSS South Building New NAWAD, Terraced building, South Portion ,Mimisal - 614621 1.Mimisal Sathirampattinam (RV) Mimisal (P) Ward-1 Mimisal , 2.Mimisal Sathirampattinam (RV) Mimisal (P) Ward-4 Sathirampattinam
133PUES West side, Terraced building, North facing , Mimisal - 614621 1.Mimisal Sathirampattinam (RV) Mimisal (p) Ward-4 Murukinivayal
134Panchayat Union Office Back Side , Mimisal - 614621 1.Alathur (RV) Mimisal (p) Ward-2 Aalathur , 2.Alathur (RV) Mimisal (p) Ward-6 Yembakottai
135PUES, ,Velivayal 1.Velivayal (RV) Velivayal (p) Ward-1 Velivayal
136PUES West Portion ,Velivayal 1.Velivayal (RV) Velivayal (p) Ward-2 Vengakudi , 2.Panankulam (RV) Velivayal (p) Ward-3 Panankulam , 3.Alathur (RV) Velivayal (p) Ward-4 Oiyanenthal , 4.Alathur (RV) Velivayal (p) Ward-5 Thalavarai
137PUMS, SSA BUILDING. , Puthuppattinam - 614621 1.Natani Purasakudi (RV) Purasakudi (p) Ward-6 Puthupattinam , 2.Natani Purasakudi (RV) Purasakudi (P) Ward-8 Ganapathipattinam
138PUES , Puthuppattinam - 614621 1.Nattani Purasakudi (RV) Purasakudi (P) Ward-7 Puthupattinam
139PUES WEST SIDE , Theeyathur - 614629 1.Theeyathur (RV) Theeyathur (p) Ward-1 Velimangalam , 2.Theeyathur (RV) Theeyathur (p) Ward-2 Antheriyenthal , 3.Theeyathur (RV) Theeyathur (p) Ward-3 Theeyathur
140PUES WEST SIDE , Theeyathur - 614629 1.Kulathur (RV) Theeyathur (p) Ward-4 Kulathur , 2.Na.Purasakudi (RV) Na.Purasakudi (p) Ward- 10 Kurichivayal , 3.Na.Purasakudi (RV) Na.Purasakudi (p) Ward-11 Bhatharakudi , 4.Na.Purasakudi (RV) Na.Purasakudi (p) Ward-12 Kutalur
141PUES EAST SIDE , Senganam - 614629 1.Senganam (RV) Senganam (p) Ward-1 Senganam , 2.Senganam (RV) Senganam (p) Ward-2 Kanthanvur , 3.Senganam (RV) Senganam (p) Ward-3 Ayeekudi , 4.Senganam (RV) Senganam (p) Ward-4 vettivayal , 5.Kannamangalam (RV) Senganam (p) Ward-5 Mangalam Ukadai , 6.Kannamangalam (RV) Senganam (p) Ward-6 Mangalamthirapu
142PUES NEW BUILDING ,Parayathur - 614629 1.Thenmari (RV) Senganam (p) Ward-7 Thenmariukadai , 2.Thenmari (RV) Senganam (p) Ward-8 Thenmarithirapu , 3.Paraiyathur (RV) Senganam (p) Ward-9 Peaiyadikottai , 4.Parayathur (RV) Senganam (p) Ward-10 Melavasanthanur , 5.Parayathur (RV) Senganam (p) Ward-11 Keelavasanthanur
143R.C.SIRUMALAR PRIMARY SCHOOL EAST SIDE TILED BUILDING ,Idayur - 614629 1.Paraiyathur (RV) Puthampur (P) Ward-1 Paraiyathur , 2.Paraiyathur (RV) Puthampur (P) Ward-2 Yetichery , 3.Paraiyathur (RV) Puthampur (P) Ward-3 Puthampur , 4.Paraiyathur (RV) Puthampur (P) Ward-4 Poovadiyenthal
144R.C.SIRUMALAR PRIMARY SCHOOL WEST SIDE TILED BUILDING ,Idayur - 614629 1.Paraiyathur (RV) Puthampur (P) Ward-5 Alamanjikadu , 2.Kannamangalam (RV) Puthampur (P) Ward-6 Mathavanenthal , 3.Kannamangalam (RV) Senganam (P) Ward-7 Etaiyur
145PUMS SOUTH SIDE , Arasanagripattinam - 614621 1.Kadavakkottai (RV) Ponnamangalam (p) Ward-1 Antakudi , 2.Kadavakkottai (RV) Ponnamangalam (p) Ward-2 Semakkottai , 3.Kadavakkottai (RV) Ponnamangalam (p) Ward-3 Ponnamangalam
146PUMS SOUTH SIDE , Arasanagripattinam - 614621 1.Kadavakkottai (RV) Ponnamangalam (p) ward-4 Ponnamangalam , 2.Kadavakkottai (RV) Ponnamangalam (p) Ward-5 Pulavankurichi , 3.Kadavakkottai (RV) Ponnamangalam (p) Ward-6 Kadavakkottai
147PUES , Sirukadavakkottai - 614621 1.Kadavakkottai (RV) Ponnamangalam (p) Ward-12 ParaiyanYenthal , 2.Sirukadavakkottai (RV) Ponnamangalam (p) Ward-13 Sirukatavakottai , 3.Sirukadavakkottai (RV) Ponnamangalam (p) Ward- 14 MakkalNatchi , 4.Vizhimar (RV) Ponnamangalam (p) Ward-15 Vizhimar , 5.Kadavakkottai (RV) Ponnamangalam (p) Ward-7 Kaduvetti, Puthukuta
148PUES , Muthukuda - 614621 1.N.Purasakudi (RV) Purasakudi (P) Ward-9 Muthukuda
149PUMS , Poyyathanallur - 614621 1.Thirupunavasal (RV) Thirupunavasal (P) Ward-1 Kadathivayal , 2.Thirupunavasal (RV) Thirupunavasal (P) Ward-2 Pooiyathinallur , 3.Thirupunavasal (RV) Thirupunavasal (P) Ward-3 Enathi , 4.Thirupunavasal (RV) Thirupunavasal (P) Ward-4 Keelavetti
150PUES, East Facing Terraced Building North Portion , Thirupunavasal - 614629 1.Thirupunavasal (RV) Thirupunavasal (P) Ward-5 Thirupunavasal Northkudiyiruppu , 2.Kannamangalam (R.V) Thirupunavasal (P) Ward-8 Kannamangalam
151PUES, East Facing Terraced Building, South Portion , Thirupunavasal - 614629 1.Thirupunavasal (RV) Thirupunavasal (P) Ward-6 East St. South St. Athidiravidar St. , 2.Thirupunavasal (RV) Thirupunavasal (P) Ward-7 North St. East St. South St.
152PUES, New Terraced Building, West Portion ,Madagam - 622204 1.SEPAVAYAL (RV) MATHAGAM (P) Ward-1 Seppavayal , 2.Thillaivayal (RV) Magatham (p) Ward-2 Thillaivayal , 3.MATHAGAM (RV) MATHAGAM (P) Ward-3 Magatham , 4.Thirapidungi (RV) Magatham (p) Ward-4 Thirapidungi , 5.Thanikadu (RV) Magatham (p) Ward-6 Thanikadu , 6.Yenangam (RV) Kurungalur (p) Ward-5 Yenangam , 7.Yenangam (RV) Kurungalur (p) Ward-6 Aantakkottai
153PUES Seperate Entrance ,Kurungalur - 622204 1.Kurungalur (RV) Kurungalur (P) Ward-1 Kurungalur , 2.Kurungalur (RV) Kurungalur (P) Ward- 1 Kovilanvayal , 3.Kurungalur (RV) Kurungalur (P) Ward-2 Valiayanvayal , 4.Kurungalur (RV) Kurungalur (P) Ward-2 Sirukathankudi , 5.Kurungalur (RV) Kurungalur (P) Ward-3 Velaani , 6.Kurungalur (RV) Kurungalur (P) Ward-3 Vairani , 7.Kurungalur (RV) Kurungalur (P) Ward-4 Thenkudi , 8.Kurungalur (RV) Kurungalur (P) Ward-4 Kuthankudi
154PUMS EAST TERRACED BUILDING WEST FACING ,Irumbanadu - 622204 1.Irumba nadu (p) Ward-1 Irumba nadu Melpart , 2.Irumba nadu (p) Ward-2 Irumba nadu Keelpart
155PUMS NORTH ASBESTOS BUILDING SEPERATE ENTRANCE ,Irumbanadu - 622204 1.Irumba nadu (RV) Irumba nadu (p) Ward-3 Irumba nadu , 2.Thonankudi (RV) Irumba nadu (p) Ward-4 Nallikudi , 3.Thonankudi (RV) Irumba nadu (p) Ward-5 Thonankudi
156PUES, Terraced Building , Thiruvakudi Vadakku Paguthy - Sitharambur - 622204 1.Maruthakkudi (RV) Thiruvakudi (p) Ward-1 Maruthankudi , 2.Thiruvakkudi (RV) Thiruvakudi (p) Ward-2 Thiruvakudi , 3.SITHARAMBHUR (RV) THIRUVAKKUDI (P) Ward-2 SITHARAMBHUR , 4.Sathirapatti (RV) Thiruvakudi (p) Ward-3 Sathirapatti , 5.Velalavayal (RV) Thiruvakudi (p) Ward-3 Velalavayal , 6.Arasoor (RV) Thiruvakudi (p) Ward-4 Arasoor , 7.Arasoor Madagam (RV) Thiruvakudi (p) Ward-4 Arasoor Madagam
157PUES (West Portion) , Embal - 622204 1.Yembal (RV) Yembal (p) Ward-1 Sivankovil , 2.Yembal (RV) Yembal (p) Ward-2 Andakudi , 3.Yembal (RV) Yembal (p) Ward-3 Anadakudi paraiyan kudiyiruppu , 4.Yembal (RV) Yembal (p) Ward-4 Muthupattinam
158GHSS North Terraced Building, West Portion , Embal - 622204 1.Embal (RV) Embal (p) Ward-5 viruthanvayal , 2.Embal (RV) Embal (p) Ward-6 Chandirattan vayal
159GHSS North Facing Terraced Building East Portion , Embal - 622204 1.Ichikkottai 2-nd bit (RV) Yembal (p) Ward-7 Ichikkottai 2-nd bit
160GHSS TERRACE BUILDING , Kattumavadi - 614630 1.Kattumavadi (p) Ward-1 Enathi , 2.Kattumavadi (p) Ward-3 Ochakudi Athidiravidar Theru , 3.Kattumavadi (p) Ward3 Muthaiah Nagar , 4.Kattumavadi (p) Ward-3 Puthumanai St. , 5.Kattumavadi (p) Ward-3 Keelakudieruppu , 6.Kattumavadi (p) Ward-3 Ravuthanvayal , 7.Kattumavadi (p) Ward-3 Pallar Pitchanenthal
161PUES (New Building - West Portion) , Kattumavadi - 614630 1.Alaganvayal (R.V), Kattumavadi (p) Ward-1 Pathakara Theru , 2.Alaganvayal (R.V), Kattumavadi (p) Ward-2 Athidiravidar Theru
162PUES (New Building - East Portion) , Kattumavadi - 614630 1.Alaganvayal (R.V), Kattumavadi (p) Ward-1 Muslim St. , 2.Alaganvayal (R.V), Thinayakudi (p) Ward-2 Kuppadevan street
163PUES ,Eastern faced,West tiled buiding , Karrakkottai - 614630 1.Karakkottai (R.V) Karakkottai (p) Ward-3 Ammankoil kudiyiruppu , 2.Karakkottai (R.V) Karakkottai (p) Ward-3 Agrakaram kudiyiruppu , 3.Karakkottai (R.V) Karakkottai (p) Ward-3 Kolisanam , 4.Karakkottai (R.V) Karakkottai (p) Ward-3 Kolisanam Athidiravidar kudiyiruppu , 5.Karakkottai (R.V) Karakkottai (p) Ward-3 Athampur
164PUES ,Eastern faced,West terraced buiding, (north portion) ,Karrakkottai - 614630 1.Karakkottai (p) Ward-1 Kulathuvai kudiyiruppu , 2.Karakkottai (p) Ward-1 Vadivasal kudiyiruppu , 3.Karakkottai (p) Ward-1 Ramamoorthi Nagar , 4.Karakkottai (p) Ward-1 kulathuvai Vellkudiyiruppu , 5.Karakkottai (p) Ward-1 Venaithirtha Gopala Puram , 6.Karakkottai (p) Ward-1 venaithirtha Gopala Puram Agrakaram , 7.Karakkottai (p) Ward-1 Kantapillaivayal
165PUMS (New Building) , Singavanam - 614630 1.Karakkottai (p) Ward-1 Pettivayal Kudiyiruppu , 2.Karakkottai (p) Ward-2 Thalikottai kudiyiruppu , 3.Karakkottai (p) Ward-3 Singavanam Kudiyiruppu , 4.Karakkottai (p) Ward-3 Singavamam Athidiravidar Kudiyiruppu , 5.Karakkottai (p) Ward-4 Dharmarajanvayal Kudiyiruppu
166PUES (North Portion) , Thirunellivayal - 614630 1.Thinaiyakudi (p) Ward-1 Thinaiyakudi , 2.Thinaiyakudi (p) Ward-1 Namarangur , 3.Thinaiyakudi (p) Ward-1 Thirumansolai , 4.Thinaiyakudi (p) Ward-1 ThiruNellivayal , 5.Thinaiyakudi (p) Ward-1 Mavalinganethal , 6.Thinaiyakudi (p) Ward-1 Kambar Kovil
167PUES,Western faced,south terraced building , Gopalapuram - 614630 0 1.Bramanavayal (p) Ward-1 Bramanavayal kudiyiruppu , 2.Bramanavayal (p) Ward-1 Kuthanur Kudiyiruppu , 3.Bramanavayal (p) Ward-2 Gopala Puram
168PANCHAYAT OFFICE BUILDING NEW BUILDING , Edayathur - 614616 1.Etaiyathur (p) Ward-1 Etaiyathur , 2.Etaiyathur (p) Ward-1 kadaiEtaiyathur , 3.Etaiyathur (p) Ward-1 Kokkumutai , 4.Etaiyathur (p) ward-1 Solani , 5.Etaiyathur (p) ward-1 Seelathani
169PUES, Terraced Bld., , Koompallam - 614630 1.Etaiyathur (p) Ward-2 Kumbalam , 2.Etaiyathur (p) Ward-2 vellattumangalam
170PUMS, Terraced Bld., ,Vethiyankudi - 614630 1.Etaiyathur (p) Ward-2 Neervilankulam , 2.Etaiyathur (p) Ward-2 Vethiyankudi
171PUMS Eestern faced west building(north portion) , Nilaiyur - 614630 1.Nilaiur (p) Ward-1 Poikai vayal , 2.Nilaiur (p) Ward-2 Nilaiur Kudikkadu
172PUMS Eestern faced west building(south portion) , Nilaiyur - 614630 1.Nilaiur (p) Ward-3 Sutalai vayal , 2.Nilaiur (p) Ward-4 Sellappankottai , 3.Nilaiur (p) Ward-5 Kattukudi
173PUES, EAST BLD., , Edayathimangalam - 614620 1.Etaiyathimangalam (p) Ward-1 Manankathi , 2.Etaiyathimangalam (p) Ward-1 Asarikudiyiruppu , 3.Etaiyathimangalam (p) Ward-1 North Kudiyiruppu , 4.Etaiyathimangalam (p) Ward-2 Poosari Kudiyiruppu , 5.Etaiyathimangalam (p) Ward-2 Nambithital
174PUES, WEST BUILDING , Edayathimangalam - 614620 1.Etaiyathimangalam (p) Ward-2 Kollankudiyiruppu , 2.Etaiyathimangalam (p) Ward-2 Pandidevan Kudiyiruppu , 3.Etaiyathimangalam (p) Ward-2 Thennikal Kudiyiruppu , 4.Etaiyathimangalam (p) Ward-2 Panniyan Kudiyiruppu , 5.Etaiyathimangalam (p) Ward-2 Arithikkarai Kudiyiruppu , 6.Etaiyathimangalam (p) Ward-3 Kallakuruchi
175PUES NEW BUILDING , Ollanur - 614620 1.Karakottai (p) Ward-1 Ollanur Melakudiyiruppu , 2.Karakottai (p) Ward-1Ollanur Keelakudiyiruppu
176PUES NEW BUILDING ,PANAVAYAL - 614620 1.Karakottai (p) Ward-1 Pillankudi , 2.Karakottai (p) Ward-1 panavayal
177PUES NEW BUILDING , Krishnajippattinam - 614620 1.Krishnajipattinam (P) ward-1 Kolluthital , 2.Krishnajipattinam (P) Ward-1 Nemmelivayal , 3.Krishnajipattinam (P) Ward-1 Etaiyanvayal , 4.Krishnajipattinam (P) Ward-1 Krishnajipattinam
178PUMS (South Building) , Prathabiramanpattinam - 614630 1.Subramaniyapuram (R.V), Krishnajipattinam (P) Ward-2 Pirathapiramanpattinam
179PUMS NORTH BUILDING , Prathabiramanpattinam - 614630 1.Krishnajipattinam (P) Subramaniya Puram , 2.Krishnajipattinam (P) Thirumangalapatti , 3.Krishnajipattinam (P) Pillaiyarthital
180PUES, NEW BUILDING , Pattangadu - 614620 1.Mumpalai (p) Ward-2 Mumpalai pattinam , 2.Mumpalai (p) Ward-1 Kantani Vayal , 3.Mumpalai (p) Ward-1 Athidiravidar kudiyiruppu , 4.Mumpalai (p) Ward-2 Seetharamanpattinam , 5.Mumpalai (p) Ward-1 Melashthanam North , 6.Mumpalai (p) Ward-1 Melashthanam East , 7.Melasdhanam (RV) Mumbalai (P) Ward-1 Pattankadu West , 8.Melasdhanam (RV) Mumbalai (P) Ward-1 Pattankadu East
181PUMS ,Melasthanam - 614620 1.Mumpalai (p) Ward-3 Pattankadu West , 2.Mumpalai (p) Ward-3 Pattankadu East , 3.Melasdhanam (RV) Mumbalai (P) Ward-1 kandanivayal , 4.Melasdhanam (RV) Mumbalai (P) Ward-1 Adithiravidar Kudiruppu , 5.Melasdhanam (RV) Mumbalai (P) Ward-2 Seetharamanpattinam , 6.Melasdhanam (RV) Mumbalai (P) Ward-1 Melasdhanam West , 7.Melasdhanam (RV) Mumbalai (P) Ward-1 Melasdhanam East
182PUES, ,PERUMARUTHUR 1.Minnamozhi (p) Ward-3 Saliyam Ukadai , 2.Perumaruthur (p) Ward-1 Perumathur
183PUES, ,Minnamozhi 614618 1.Minnamozhi (p) Ward-1 Saliyam , 2.Minnamozhi (p) Ward-1 Minnamozhi Agampattaian vayal
184PUES , Vellur Seruvarai - 614618 1.Perumathur (P) Ward-2 Vellur Siruvarai , 2.Perumathur (P) Ward-2 Nattani , 3.Perumathur (P) Ward-2 Notchiyenthal
185PUES , Manalur - 614620 1.Manalur (p) Ward-2 Manalur , 2.Manalur (p) Ward-2 Parimanankudi , 3.Manalur (p) Ward-3 Athavathur
186PUES ,Keeranur - 614620 1.Manalur (p) Ward-3 Keeranur , 2.Manalur (p) Ward-3 Nagamangalam
187PUMS South Building , East Portion , Karkamalam - 614620 1.Karkamalam (R.V), Manalur (p) Ward-1 Malan Kudiyiruppu , 2.Karkamalam (R.V), Manalur (p) Ward-2 Nathanvayal kudiyiruppu , 3.Karkamalam (R.V), Manalur (p) Ward-2 kattubramana Vayal
188PUMS South facing East Building Middle Portion , Karkamalam - 614620 1.Karkamalam (R.V), Manalur (p) Ward-1 Periyakudiyiruppu , 2.Karkamalam (R.V), Manalur (p) Ward-1 Puttuvayal kudiyiruppu , 3.Karkamalam (R.V), Manalur (p) Ward-1 Karkamalam Colony Kudiyiruppu
189PUMS EAST BUILDING ,UDAIYARKOIL 1.Vellur (R.V), vellur (p) Ward-1 vellur Kudiyiruppu , 2.Vellur (R.V), vellur (p) Ward-1 Athidiravidar kudiyiruppu , 3.Vellur (R.V), vellur (p) Ward-2 Utaiyarkovil Athidiravidar Kudiyiruppu , 4.Vellur (R.V), vellur (p) Ward-2 Sundarrajapuram , 5.Vellur (R.V), vellur (p) Ward-2 Karavattan Kudiyiruppu
190PUMS, western faced centre building , Thandalai - 614620 1.Thattalai (p) Ward-1 Thattalai , 2.Thattalai (p) Ward-1 Karuppakuruchi , 3.Thattalai (p) Ward-2 Keelakurichi , 4.Thattalai (p) Ward-2 Seeganivayal , 5.Thattalai (p) Ward-2 Nallaivayal , 6.Thattalai (p) Ward-2 Vettanivayal
191PUES NORTH BUILDING , Manamelkudi - 614620 1.Manamelkudi (RV) Manamelkudi (p) Ward-1 vadakkur
192PUES NORTH BUILDING , Manamelkudi - 614620 1.Manamelkudi (RV) Manamelkudi (p) Ward-1 Gurunamatam
193PUES, North Building, , Manamelkudi - 614620 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (p) Ward-4 pothaian kudiyiruppu , 2.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (p) Ward-4 Usilankadu , 3.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (p) Ward-4 Anthoniyar Puram
194PUMS, New Terraced Building West Portion , Manamelkudi - 614620 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (p) Ward-4 Meenavar Colony
195PUMS New Building West Portion ,Vadakkuammappattinam - 614620 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (p) Ward-2 Pathakara St
196PUMS NEW BUILDING NORTH SIDE , Vadakkuammappattinam - 614620 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (p) Ward-2 muslim st.
197PUES CENTER BUILDING , Manamelkudi - 614620 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (p) Ward-3 Patthakadu , 2.Manthankudi (RV), Manamelkudi (p) Ward-3 Nallur
198PUES ,Manthankudi - 614620 1.Manthankudi (RV), Manamelkudi (p) Ward-3 Manthankudi
199GOVERNMENT GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL EAST BUILDING NORTH PORTION , Manamelkudi - 614620 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (P) Ward-5 keelkudiyiruppu , 2.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (P) Ward-5 Santhaipetti , 3.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (P) Ward-5 Agrakaram
200GOVERNMENT GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL EAST BUILDING SOUTH PORTION , Manamelkudi - 614620 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (P) Ward-5 Manjakulam , 2.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (P) Ward-5 AnnaNagar , 3.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (P) Ward-5 jakadeeshvara kovil St. , 4.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (P) Ward-5 Ayyanar Kovil St
201GOVERNMENT GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL EAST BUILDING , Manamelkudi - 614620 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (p) Ward-5 Sengundar Puram , 2.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (p) Ward-5 Sivankovil Theru , 3.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (p) Ward-5 Maniakara Theru , 4.Manamelkudi (RV), Manamelkudi (p) Ward-5 Therkur Ammankovil Theru
202Government Girls Hr. sec School, West New Building ,Ammappattinam - 614617 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Ammapattinam (p) Ward-1 Ammapattinam North 1st Theru
203PUES (Girls) ,Ammappattinam - 614617 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Ammapattinam (p) Ward-1 Ammapattinam North 1st Theru
204GOVT GIRLS HR SEC SCHOOL, West New Building South Portion ,Ammappattinam - 614617 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Ammapattinam (p) Ward-1 Ammapattinam 2nd Theru , 2.Manamelkudi (RV), Ammapattinam (p) Ward-1 Kammalar Theru
205Govt. Girls Higher sec. School, western faced East terraced building , Ammappattinam - 614617 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Ammapattinam (p) Ward-2 North 2nd St.
206Govt. Girls Higher sec. School, eastern faced North west terraced building,(north portion) , Ammappattinam - 614617 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Ammapattinam (p) Ward-2 Pataiyachi St. , 2.Avudayarpattinam (RV), Ammapattinam (p) Ward-2 Avudaiyarpattinam
207PANCHAYAT UNION BOYS MIDDLE SCHOOL eastern faced South west terraced Building , Ammappattinam - 614617 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Ammapattinam (p) Ward-5 South 1st Street
208PANCHAYAT UNION BOYS MIDDLE SCHOOL eastern faced North west terraced Building , Ammappattinam - 614617 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Ammapattinam (p) Ward-6 South 2nd Theru
209PUMS (Boys) southern faced Centre terraced building, (East Portion) , Ammappattinam - 614617 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Ammapattinam (p) Ward-1 Ammapattinam South 1st , 2.Manamelkudi (RV), Ammapattinam (p) Ward-3 Puthukudi
210PUMS (Boys) , southern faced Centre terraced building, (West Portion) , Ammappattinam - 614617 1.Manamelkudi (RV), Ammapattinam (p) Ward-2 Ayepattinam , 2.Manamelkudi (RV), Ammapattinam (p) Ward-4 Ootankarai Aliyamsaval , 3.Manamelkudi (RV), Ammapattinam (p) Ward-5 Thirvupathi Ammbalpuram
211SAINT SUSAIYAPPAR HIGHER SEC.SCHOOL , northern faced South building,(west portion) , Vichoor - 614627 1.Vichur (RV), Vichur (p) Ward-1 Kurichivayal , 2.Vichur (RV), Vitchur (p) Ward-1 Manakadu , 3.Vichur (RV), Vitchur (p) Ward-1 Otankarai , 4.Vichur (RV), Vitchur (p) Ward-2 Vitur , 5.Vichur (RV), Vitchur (p) Ward-2 Mulavayal
212SAINT SUSAIYAPPAR HIGHER SEC.SCHOOL , northern faced South building, (east portion) , Vichoor - 614627 1.Vichoor (RV), Vichoor (p) Ward-4 Thappathanvayal , 2.Vichoor (RV), Vichoor (p) Ward-4 Rahamath Nagar , 3.Vichoor (RV), Vichoor (p) Ward-4 Vanneechipattinam , 4.Vichoor (RV), Vitur (p) Ward-3 Kunapathi Mangalam , 5.Vichoor (RV), Nelveli (p) Ward-3 Nelveli , 6.Vichoor (RV), Nelveli (p) Ward-3 Kolluvayal
213PUMS, southern faced North terraced Building, ,Karakathikottai - 614619 1.KarakathiKottai (p) Ward-1 Keelapapanur , 2.KarakathiKottai (p) Ward-2 Melapapanur , 3.KarakathiKottai (p) Ward-3 KarakathiKottai Vaniyakudiyiruppu , 4.KarakathiKottai (p) Ward-4 Karakathikottai
214PUMS MIDDLE SIDE TILLED BUILDING , Karakathikottai - 614619 1.Nelveli (p) Ward-1 Paranur Veruthuvayal , 2.Nelveli (p) Ward-3 Payamariyanenthal
215Govt. Higher sec. School, southern faced Centre tiled building,(west portion) , Ambalavananendal - 614618 1.Neikuppai (p) Ward-1 Kattukarai , 2.Neikuppai (p) Ward-1 Etaiyavayal , 3.Neikuppai (p) Ward-2 Alinjiyenthal
216Govt. Higher sec. School, southern faced Centre tiled building,(east portion) , Ambalavananendal - 614618 1.Nelveli (p) Ward-1 Nelveli , 2.Nelveli (p) Ward-1 Embakottai , 3.Nelveli (p) Ward-2 Karuvanenthal , 4.Nelveli (p) Ward-3 Sithavanam , 5.Nelveli (p) Ward-3 Azhagankottai , 6.Nelveli (p) Ward-3 Semmanampottal
217PUES, southern faced North terraced Building, , Kolenthiram - 614617 1.Kolenthiram (RV), Kolenthiram (p) Ward-1 Kolenthiram Melakkottai , 2.Kolenthiram (RV), Kolenthiram (p) Ward-1 Kolenthiram , 3.Kolenthiram (RV), Kolenthiram (p) Ward-2 Athidiravidar Kudiyiruppu , 4.Kolenthiram (RV), Kolenthiram (p) Ward-2 Vellalankollai , 5.Kolenthiram (RV), Kolenthiram (p) Ward-2 Purasakudi
218SAINT MARY AIDED MIDDLE SCHOOL Northern faced south east terraced building west portion) , Moovanur - 614618 1.Retaiyalam (RV), Saathiyadi (p) Ward-1 Seeganenthal , 2.Retaiyalam (RV), Saathiyadi (p) Ward- 2 kirushthava Kudiyiruppu , 3.Retaiyalam (RV), Saathiyadi (p) Ward-2 Periyakudiyiruppu , 4.Retaiyalam (RV), Saathiyadi (p) Ward-2 Vasavan Kudiyiruppu , 5.Retaiyalam (RV), Saathiyadi (p) Ward-2 Athidiravidar Colony , 6.Retaiyalam (RV), Saathiyadi (p) Ward-2 Muslim Theru
219SAINT MARY AIDED MIDDLE SCHOOL, Northern faced south east terraced building,(east portion) , Moovanur - 614618 1.Saathiyadi (p) Ward-2 Saathiyadi , 2.Saathiyadi (p) Ward-2 Moovanur , 3.Saathiyadi (p) Ward-2 Sathamangalam , 4.Saathiyadi (p) Ward-2 Thirunarayanamangalam , 5.Saathiyadi (p) Ward-1 Kavanur , 6.Saathiyadi (p) Ward-3 Kannakkur
220PUMS North Building East Side , Manjakudi - 614619 1.Manjakudi (RV) Manjakudi (p) Ward-1 Vilathur , 2.Manjakudi (RV) Manjakudi (p) Ward-1 North Kudiyiruppu, Athidiravidar kudiyiruppu
221PUMS West Building , Manjakudi - 614619 1.Manjakudi (RV) Manjakudi (p) Ward-1 Manjakudi
222GHSS Eastern faced West terraced Building, (Room no.5) , Kottaippattinam - 614619 1.Kodikulam (RV), Kottaipattinam (p) Ward-2 Kottaipattinam North St.
223GHSS Eastern faced West terraced Building, Room no.6 , Kottaippattinam - 614619 1.Kodikulam (RV), Kottaipattinam (p) Ward-2 Kottaipattinam middle St
224PUES(Girls), Eastern faced north west terraced Building,(south portion) ,Kottaippattinam - 614619 1.Kodikulam (RV), Kottaipattinam (p) Ward-3 Kottaipattinam pavadi street , 2.Kodikulam (RV), Kottaipattinam (p) Ward-3 Kottaipattinam Sangam Street
225PUES, SSA Building, ,Kottaippattinam - 614619 1.Kodikulam (RV), Kottaipattinam (p) Ward-7 Therkku Street.
226Govt. Girls High School, Western faced, South tiled Building, (south portion) , Kottaippattinam - 614619 1.Kodikulam (RV) Kottaipattinam (p) Ward-2 Mela St.Thajmahal Street.
227Govt. Girls High School, Western faced South tiled Building, (north portion) , Kottaippattinam - 614619 1.Kodikulam (RV) Kottaipattinam (p) Ward-2 MelaSt. Thajmahal St. , 2.Kodikulam (RV) Kottaipattinam (p) Ward-5 Ranivayal, yakoofhashan Petti
228MGovt. Hr Sec. School, Eastern Faced west terraced building (Room No-7) , Kottaippattinam - 614619 1.Kodikulam (RV) Kottaipattinam (p) Ward-4 sathiram street
228A(W)Govt. Hr Sec School, Eastern faced west terraced building , (Room No- 8) , Kottaippattinam - 614619 1.Kodikulam (RV) Kottaipattinam (p) Ward-4 sathiram street
229PUMS,southern faced, North east terraced Building, (west portion) Meenavar Colony ,Kottaippattinam - 614619 1.Kodikulam (RV) Kottaipattinam (p) Ward-1 sathiram st.
230PUMS,southern faced, North east terraced Building, (East portion), Meenavar Colony ,Kottaippattinam - 614619 1.Kodikulam (RV) Kottaipattinam (p) Ward-1 sathiram First Street
231PUMS SOUTH SIDE , Pudukkudi - 614619 1.Kodikulam (RV), Kottaipattinam (p) Ward-1 kodikulam
232PANCHAYAT UNION MIDDLE SCHOOL SOUTH SIDE , Pudukkudi - 614619 1.Kodikulam (RV) Kottaipattinam (p) Ward-1 Puthukudi
233PUES, western faced ,North east terraced building (South Portion) , Jagathappattinam - 614619 1.Kelamanjakudi (p) part Ward-1 Keelakavanur , 2.Kelamanjakudi (p) part Ward-1 Vethathur , 3.Kelamanjakudi (p) part Ward-1 Kodakudi , 4.Kelamanjakudi (p) part Ward-1Kelamanjakudi , 5.Kelamanjakudi (p) part Ward-1 padiyakottai , 6.Kelamanjakudi (p) part Ward-2 Sempumahadevipattinam
234PUES, western faced ,North east terraced building (north Portion) , Jagathappattinam - 614619 1.Keelamanjakudi (RV) Kelamanjakudi (p) Ward-1 Jagathapattinam East
235PUMS NEW BUILDING , Chellanenthal - 614619 1.Kelamanjakudi (p) Ward-2 sellanenthal
236PUMS NEW BUILDING , Chellanenthal - 614619 1.Kelamanjakudi (p) Ward-2 Ayampattiam , 2.Kelamanjakudi (p) Ward-2 Sithanenthal , 3.Kelamanjakudi (p) Ward-2 Parvathiyammal Puram
237PUMS, western faced centre terraced building (north Portion) , Chellanenthal - 614619 1.Kelamanjakudi (p) Ward-3 sellanenthal
238PUMS, western faced centre terraced building (centre Portion) ,Chellanenthal - 614619 1.Kelamanjakudi (p) Ward-1 Sellanenthal
239PUMS, West Building, ,Chellanenthal - 614619 1.Kelamanjakudi (p) Ward-2 Balakudi
240PUES EAST SIDE , Kilaravayal - 614621 1.Vettivayal (p) Ward-2 Kumarappanvayal , 2.Vettivayal (p) Ward-3 Aathivayal , 3.Vettivayal (p) Ward-3 Muthanenthal , 4.Vettivayal (p) Ward-3 Embavayal , 5.Vettivayal (p) Ward-3 Kurunthadi Aandiyenthal , 6.Vettivayal (p) Ward-4 Narayanapuram , 7.Vettivayal (p) Ward-3 Pothaianvayal , 8.Vettivayal (p) Ward - 3 Vishwanathapuram
241PUES WEST SIDE , Kilaravayal - 614621 1.Vettivayal (p) Ward-1 Kilaravayal , 2.Vettivayal (p) Ward-1 Mangalam , 3.Vettivayal (p) Ward-1 Maravanenthal , 4.Vettivayal (p) Ward-1 kasankudi , 5.Vettivayal (p) Ward-1 Saikudi , 6.Vettivayal (p) Ward-1 Vettivayal , 7.Vettivayal (p) Ward-2 Paakam
242PUES , Seyyanam - 614621 1.Seyanam (RV) Seyanam (p) Ward-1 Athidiravidar kudiyiruppu , 2.Seyanam (RV) Seyanam (p) Thavidan Kudiyiruppu , 3.Seyanam (RV) Seyanam (p) Ward-1 Muthurasa Kudiyiruppu , 4.Seyanam (RV) Seyanam (p) Ward-1 periya Kudiyiruppu , 5.Seyanam (RV) Seyanam (p) Ward- 1 Maravar Kudiyiruppu , 6.Seyanam (RV) Seyanam (p) Ward-1 Agrakarar Kudiyiruppu , 7.Seyanam (RV) Seyanam (p) Ward-1 Agamutaiar Kudiyiruppu , 8.Seyanam (RV) Seyanam (p) Ward-1 Vellaar Kudiyiruppu , 9.Seyanam (RV) Seyanam (p) Ward-1 Kollan Kudiyiruppu , 10.Seyanam (RV) Seyanam (p) Ward-1 mela Kudiyiruppu , 11.Seyanam (RV) Seyanam (p) Ward- 1 Yenthal Kudiyiruppu , 12.Seyanam (RV) Seyanam (p) Ward-1 Yathavar Kudiyiruppu , 13.Seyanam (RV) Seyanam (p) Ward-2 Keelayembal North Kudiyiruppu , 14.Seyanam (RV) Seyanam (p) Ward-2 Keelayembal South Kudiyiruppu

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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