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List of Polling Booths in Anthiyur Assembly Constituency

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1P.U.E.School,Oosimalai-638501 ,Eastfacing Building1.Bargur (R.V) Bargur(P) Thattakarai Ward 1 , 2.Bargur (R.V) Bargur(P) Solaganai Ward 1 , 3.Bargur (R.V)BARGUR(P) Oosimalai Ward
2Panchayath Union Middle School, Thurusanampalayam 638501 ,North Facing Western Side Terraced Building1.Bargur (R.V) and (p) Thurusanampalayam Ward 1 , 2.Bargur (R.V) and (P) Kathirimalai Ward1
3AdiDiraviderWelfareResidential E. School,Burgur-638501 ,North facing New Terraced Building1.Bargur (R.V) and (P) Bargur Ward 1
4AdiDiraviderWelfareResidential High School,Burgur-638501 ,North facing new terraced Building1.Bargur (R.V) and(P) Thottasolaganai Ward 1 , 2.Bargur (R.V) and (P) Nadusolaganai Ward1 , 3.Bargur(R.V) and (P) Bejjilpalayam Ward 2
5Harijan WelfareResidential School,Kuttaiyur-638501 ,NorthfacingNewTerraced Building1.Bargur (R.V) and (P) Velampatti Ward 5 , 2.Bargur(R.V)and (P) Kuttaiyur Ward 5 , 3.Bargur (R.V)and (P) Mattimarakalli Ward 5
6P.U.M.School, Devarmalai- 638501 ,Southfacing West SideBuilding1.Bargur (R.V) and (P) Devarmalai Ward 2
7P.U.M.School, Devarmalai- 638501 ,South Facing Building East Side1.Bargur (R.V)and(P) Elachipalayam Ward4 , 2.Bargur (R.V) and (P) Epathampalayam Ward 4 , 3.Bargur(R.V) and (P) Vellimalai Ward4
8P.U.M.School Thamaraikarai ,West Facing Terraced Building South Side1.Bargur (R.V) and (P) Tholli Ward 5 , 2.Bargur (R.V)and(P) Thamaraikkarai Ward3
9P.U.M.School Thamaraikarai ,West Facing Building South Side1.Bargur (R.V)and (P) Sundappur Ward2 , 2.Bargur(R.V)and (P) Thalakarai Ward5
10P.U.M.S,Ereddi Minthangi ,North Facing Tiled Building1.Bargur (R.V) and (P) Eeratti Minthangi Ward 3
11P.U.M.S,Ereddi Minthangi ,West Facing North Side New Building1.Bargur (R.V) and(P) Kadaieraddi Ward3 , 2.Bargur(R.V)and (P) Onthanai Ward3
12P.U.M.S, Periya Sengulam ,East Facing Terraced Building1.Bargur(R.V)and (P) Sengkulam Ward5
13P.U.M.S,Osur-638501 ,East Facing Building North side1.Bargur(R.V)and (P) Thammareddy Ward5 , 2.Bargur (R.V) and(P) Hosur Ward 5 , 3.Bargur(R.V)and (P) Onnakarai Ward5
14AdiDiravidarWelfare Residential School, Kongadai-638501 ,North facing Building East side1.Bargur(R.V) and (P) Kongadai Colony Ward5 , 2.Bargur(R.V)and (P) Periyur Ward5 , 3.Bargur(R.V)and (P) Karthotti Ward5 , 4.Bargur(R.V)and (P) Jeevanthotti Ward5 , 5.Bargur(R.V) and (P) Pattapalayam Ward5
15P.U.M.S,Bejalatti-638501 ,North facing East Side tiled building1.Bargur(R.V)and (P) Bejalatti Ward4 , 2.Bargur (R.V) and (P) Bejalatti Colony Ward4 , 3.Bargur(R.V) and (P) Kalvarai Ward4 , 4.Bargur(R.V) and (P) Thinnakadu Ward4 , 5.Bargur(R.V)and (P) Madam Ward4 , 6.Bargur(R.V)and (P) Anaippodu Ward4
16P.U.E.S,Veppamarathur-638504 ,South Facing Terraced Building West Side1.Komarayanur(R.V)and (P) Ettimarathukadu Ward1 , 2.Komarayanur (R.V) and (P) Thottikinaru Ward1 , 3.Komarayanur(R.V) and (P) Veppamarathur Ward3
17P.U.E.S,Veppamarathur-638504 ,South Facing Terraced Building Eastside1.Komarayanur(R.V)and (P) Boomiyanthanda Ward2 , 2.Komarayanur(R.V)and (P) Keeriyanthottam Ward2 , 3.Komarayanur(R.V) and (P) Pachappali Ward1 , 4.Komarayanur(R.V) and (P) Devalanthanda Ward1 , 5.Komarayanur(R.V)and (P) Sembathottam Ward1 , 6.Komarayanur(R.V)and (P) Komarayanur Ward3 , 7.Komarayanur(R.V)and (P) Devalanthanda Kottai Ward1
18P.U.M.S, Masagoundanur-638504 ,Northfacing Terraced Building Eastside1.Komarayanur(R.V)and (P) Manickamthottam Ward3 , 2.Komarayanur(R.V) and(P) Masagoundanur Ward5 , 3.Komarayanur (R.V)and(P) Masagoundanur Ward5 , 4.Komarayanur(R.V)and (P) Komarayanur Ward4 , 5.Komarayanur (R.V)and(P) Koopukkadu Ward4 , 6.Komarayanur(R.V)and (P) Malaiyalandh Thottam Ward4 , 7.Komarayanur(R.V) and (P) Ayyan Thottam Ward4 , 8.Komarayanur(R.V)and (P) Boomiyanthanda Ward4 , 9.Komarayanur(R.V)and (P) Thanneerpallam Ward5 , 10.Komarayanur (R.V)and(P) Thandhaiperiyar Nagar Ward4 , 11.Komarayanur(R.V)and (P) Oadaimedu Ward4
19P.U.E.S,Puthur-638504 ,South facing Tiled Building1.Puthur(R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Puttukkari Kottai Ward 1 , 2.Pudur (R.V)and(P) Ward 1&2 Pappathikattupudur Kaspa Ward 1,2 , 3.Pudur (R.V)and(P) Ward 1 Irattaikarattupudur Ward 2 , 4.Pudur (R.V)and(P) Ward 1 Pappathi Kattupudur Kattukottai Ward 1 , 5.Pudur (R.V)and(P) Ward 2 Pudur Harijan Street Ward 2 , 6.Pudur(R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Pothaneri Ward 2 , 7.Pudur (R.V)and(P) Ward 1 Vattaparaikadu Ward 1 , 8.Pudur (R.V)and(P) Ward 2 Koopukadu Ward 2
20P.U.E.S, Kittampatti-638504 ,Southfacing RCC Building1.Chennampatti (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Kittampatti , 2.Chennampatti(R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Kittampatti Harijan Colony Kattukottaikal
21Govt.Hr.Sec.School, Sennampatti- 638504 ,South facing Building East Side Room No.131.Chennampatti (R.V)and(P) Ward 1 Chennampatti Harijan Colony
22Govt.Hr.Sec.School, Sennampatti- 638504 ,West Facing Building South Side1.Chennampatti(R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Chennampatti East , 2.Chennampatti(R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Chennampatti West Kattukottai Chennampatti North
23P.U.E.S,Sanisandhai-638504 ,WestfacingBuilding NorthSide1.Chennampatti(R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Ki.Ka.Kottaikal Sanisanthai Karungkaradu , 2.Chennampatti(R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Kallavaram Kottai Minimaduvu Murali Kattu Kottaikal , 3.Chennampatti (R.V)and(P) Ward 2 Madeshwarankaradu
24P.U.M.S, Murali-638504 ,Southfacing West Side RCC Building1.Chennampatti(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Murali North Harijan Colony , 2.Chennampatti(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Murali South Murali West
25P.U.M.S, Murali-638504 ,Southfacing NewBuildingWestSide RCC1.Chennampatti(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Muralipudur , 2.Chennampatti (R.V)and(P) Ward 3 Murali Kattukottaikal , 3.Chennampatti (R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Jarathal Kattukottaikal
26P.U.M.S,Jarathal-638504 ,Eastfacing SouthSide tiled Building1.Chennampatti(R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Jarathal East , 2.Chennampatti (R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Kurinji Nagar
27P.U.M.S,Jarathal-638504 ,North Facing Building West Side1.Chennampatti (R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Jarathal West Harijan Colony , 2.Chennampatti(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Jarathal South Nayakan Thottam , 3.Chennampatti (R.V)and(P) Ward 4 Jarathal West
28P.U.M.S,Jarathal-638504 ,North Facing Building West Side1.Chennampatti(R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Jarathal North Kattu Kottaikal , 2.Chennampatti(R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Ayyanpudur , 3.Chennampatti(R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Kittampatti Muniyamoorthi Colony
29P.U.M.S,Reddipalayam-638504 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building SouthSide1.Vellithirupur (R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Vellakkarattur , 2.Vellitirupur (R.V)and (P) Ward 1, 2 Vellakkaratur Valluvar Street , 3.Vellitirupur (R.V)and(P) Ward 1,2,3 Vellakkaruttur Valluvar St Kattukottaikal North
30P.U.M.S,Reddipalayam-638504 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building NorthSide1.Vellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 4,5 Reddipalayam Palayam East Street , 2.Vellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 6,7,8 Reddipalayam South Street , 3.Vellitirupur (R.V)and (P) Ward 6,7,8 Reddipalayam South Street Kattukottaikal , 4.Vellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 7 Kurumbapalayam , 5.Vellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 2, 3 Reddipalayam Nehru Nagar
31P.U.M.S,Reddipalayam-638504 ,Westfacing terraced Building SouthSideVellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 2,3,4 Reddipalayam Sakkili Street , 2.Vellitirupur (R.V)and(P) Ward 2,3 Reddipalayam North Street , 3.Vellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 2,3 Reddipalayam Nehru Nagar South
32P.U.E.S, Kurumbalayam-638314 ,Eastfacing South terraced Building1.Vellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Kurumbapalayam North Street , 2.Vellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Kurumbapalayam Harijan Street , 3.Vellitirupur (R.V)and(P) Ward 2 Kurmbapalayam Karaimedu , 4.Vellitirupur (R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Kurumbapalayam South
33P.U.E.S, Kurumbalayam-638314 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building NorthsideVellitirupur (R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Poravipalayam North Kattukottaigal , 2.Vellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Poravipalayam Boyar Colony Kattukottaigal , 3.Vellitirupur (R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Poravipalayam
34 P.U.E.School ,Vellitirupur-638314 ,Southfacing TerracedBuilding1.Vellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Villamarathur , 2.Vellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Vellitirupur East , 3.Vellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Vellitirupur West
35P.U.E.School ,Vellitirupur-638314 ,Westfacing Tiled Building1.Vellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Harijan Street Bharathi Nagar , 2.Vellitirupur (R.V)and(P) Ward 3 Alamarathu Thottam , 3.Vellitirupur (R.V)and(P) Ward 3 Vallaikuttai Thottam , 4.Vellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Paruvakattucheri , 5.Vellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Maravapalayam Kattukotaikal
36P.U.E.S, Viralikattur-638314 ,EastFacing tiled Building SouthSide1.Vellitirupur (R.V)and(P) Ward 4 Malaiyampapraikaradu , 2.Vellitirupur (R.V)and(P) Ward 4 Viralikattur , 3.Vellitirupur (R.V)and(P) Ward 4 Kurumbanurkadu
37P.U.E.S, Viralikattur-638314 ,East Facing Terraced Building NorthSide1.Vellitirupur(R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Devasthana Kattur , 2.Vellitirupur (R.V)and(P) Ward 4 Moolaiyur , 3.Vellitirupur(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Sendrayanur
38P.U.M.S, Maravapalayam-638314 ,South Facing New Terraced Building1.Mathur(R.V)and (p) Ward 1 Maravapalayam East , 2.Mathur(R.V)and (P) Ward1 Kothukaran Kottai , 3.Mathur (R.V)and(P) Ward 2 Kuruchikalikottai , 4.Mathur(R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Maravapalayam West
39P.U.M.S,Mathur-638314 ,Westfacing Terraced Building Northside1.Mathur(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Mathur East Boyan Street , 2.Mathur (R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Mathur West Street
40P.U.M.S,Mathur-638314 ,Westfacing terraced Building South side1.Mathur (R.V)and(P) Ward 3 Mathur Adappu Street Tho. Thottam Pa. Sa. Street
41Govt.Hr.Sec.School, Alampalayam-638314 ,Westfacing Building1.Mathur (R.V)and (P) Ward 5 Puliyampatti Chinnamathur , 2.Mathur (R.V) and (P) Ward 6 Alampalayam East
42Govt.Hr.Sec.School, Alampalayam-638314 ,Eastfacing Terraced Building Southside1.Mathur(R.V)and (P) Ward 7 Alampalyam North , 2.Mathur (R.V)and (P) Ward 8 Alampalayam South
43P.U.E.S, KundanThottam-638314 ,EastfacingTiled Building SouthSide1.Mathur(R.V) and (P) Ward 9 Mothangalpudur Kundanthottam
44P.U.E.S, KundanThottam-638314 ,East Facing Building North SideMathur (R.V)and (P) Ward 10 Goundenpudur Itteriyankottai Ramalingapuram
45P.U.M.S, Sangarapalayam-638501 ,Westfacing First Building1.Sangarapalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Sangkarapalayam Kaspa , 2.Sangarapalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Velayuthapuram , 3.Sangarapalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Vallalarpuram , 4.Sangarapalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Gurunathapuram
46P.U.E.S, Vattakadu-638501 ,Southfacing Terraced BuildingSangarapalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Kumbaravani Vattakadu
47P.U.M.S,Sangarapalayam-638501 ,Westfacing South Building1.Sangarapalayam (R.V)and(P) Ward 3 Kullaveerampalayam , 2.Sangarapalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Kakkayanur , 3.Sangarapalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Bharathi Nagar , 4.Sangarapalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Rajiv Street
48P.U.M.S,Sangarapalayam-638501 ,Westfacing South Building1.Anthiyur (R.V),Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 4 Michaelpalayam
49R.C.E.School, Michelpalayam- 638501 ,WestfacingBuilding NorthSide Next building1.Anthiyur (R.V),MICKELPALAYAM (P) Ward 4 Phonecall Thottam , 2.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam(P) Ward 4 Ettimarathu Kottaikal , 3.Athiyur (R.V)MICKELPALAYAM(P) Ward 4 Kandiyanur Mettur , 4.Anthiyur(R.V)Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 4 Vedhakarankuttai , 5.Anthiyur(R.V)Mickelpalayam(P) Ward 4 Sengkuttai
50P.U.E.S, Odaimedu-638501 ,WestfacingBuilding NorthSide RCC 1.Anthiyur (R.V),MICKELPALAYAM (P) Ward 3 Odaimedu
51P.U.E.S, Odaimedu-638501 ,West Facing Tailed Building1.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 4 Nanjamadaikuttai , 2.Anthiyur (R.V),MICKELPALAYAM (P) Ward 3 Palamarathur
52P.U.M.S, Ennamanagalam-638501 ,Northfacing Terraced Building South Side1.Ennamangalam (R.V)and(P) Ennamangalam East Ward 1 , 2.Ennamangalam(R.V) and (P) Ennamangalam North Ward 1 , 3.Ennamangalam(R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Ennamangalam South , 4.Ennamangalam (R.V)and(P) Ward 1 Ennamangalam , 5.Ennamangalam(R.V)and (P) Ward 1 E.K.R. Street , 6.Ennamangalam(R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Mudhaliyar Street , 7.Ennamangalam(R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Bazaar Street
53P.U.M.S, Kovilur-638501 ,Northfacing Terraced Building1.Ennamangalam(R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Kovilur Kottaikal , 2.Ennamangalam (R.V)and(P) Ward 4 Muniappankovil Street , 3.Ennamangalam(R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Ennamangalam East , 4.Ennamangalam(R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Malaiyanur Thottam , 5.Ennamangalam (R.V)and(P) Ward 4 Kunnakadu
54P.U.M.S, Kovilur-638501 ,Northfacing Terraced Building1.Ennamangalam (R.V)and(P) Ward 3 Kovilur Kottaikal , 2.Ennamangalam (R.V)and(P) Ward 3 Kovilur Amman Kuttai
55P.U.E.S, Kurumbapalayam Medu- 638501 ,Southfacing TerracedBuilding1.Ennamangalam(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Kovilur , 2.Ennamangalam(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Mutharasankuttai , 3.Ennamangalam(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Ramanagoundankottai
56P.U.M.S, Ennamanagalam-638501 ,Southfacing TerracedBuildingEnnamangalam (R.V)and(P) Ward 2 Viralikattur
57P.U.M.S,Sellampalayam-638501 ,East FacingTiled Building1.Ennamangalam(R.V)and (P) Ward 6 Chellampalayam East , 2.Ennamangalam (R.V)and(P) Ward 6 Chellampalayam West
58P.U.M.S,Sellampalayam-638501 ,South Facing Terraced New BuildingEnnamangalam(R.V)and (P) Ward 6 Melur , 2.Ennamangalam(R.V)and (P) Ward 6 Moongilpalayam , 3.Ennamangalam(R.V)and (P) Ward 6 Ambedkar Nagar
59P.U.E.S, Poyyerikarai-638501 ,East facing Building North Side1.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 2 Newmariyamman Kovilstreet , 2.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 2 Indhira Nagar , 3.Anthiyur (R.V),MICKELPALAYAM (P) Ward 2 Nanjappagoundan Kottai , 4.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam(P) Ward 2 Samathuvapuram
60P.U.E.S, Poyyerikarai-638501 ,Eastfacing Building NorthSide1.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 2 Anthiyur Pudhu Palayam , 2.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 2 Athappampalayam , 3.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 2 Kudumiyanur
61P.U.M.S, Gandhinagar-638501 ,East facing RCC Building SouthSide1.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 4 Gettisamuthiram Colony
62P.U.M.S, Gandhinagar-638501 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building NorthSide1.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 4 Kinathadi Forest Settlement , 2.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 1 Pudukkadu Ghandhi Nagar
63P.U.M.S, Gandhinagar-638501 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building South Side1.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 4 Velangkuttai , 2.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 4 Palakuttai , 3.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 4 Modappali Thottam , 4.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 4 Gandhinagar
64P.U.M.S, Gandhinagar-638501 ,Northfacing RCC Building1.Anthiyur(R.V),Mickelpalayam (P) Ward 1 Kumbaravani Mandhai
65P.U.M.S, A.Puthupalayam-638501 ,Eastfacing Tiled BuildingNorth SideKettisamutharam (R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Pudupalayam North Street
66P.U.M.S, A.Puthupalayam-638501 ,East Facing Building1.Kettisamutharam (R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Pudupalayam North Street , 2.Kettisamutharam (R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Koochikkallur
67P.U.M.S, A.Puthupalayam-638501 ,Southfacing Tiled Building1.Gettisamutharam (R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Kattur Pudupalayam Ka. Ko. Colony Street , 2.Gettisamutharam(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Puthupalayam South Street , 3.Kettisamuthiram (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Puthupalayam Adi Diravidar Street , 4.Gettisamutharam(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Vellai Pillaiyar Kovil Street
68P.U.E.School,PuthurasanKulam- 638501 ,Northfacing Building East SideKettisamutharam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Pudhurasankulam , 2.Kettisamutharam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Palaiyarasangkulam
69P.U.E.School,PuthurasanKulam- 638501 ,North facing Building West SideGettisamutharam (R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Ellampalayam Pudhupalayam Kattu Kottai
70P.U.E.School,PuthurasanKulam- 638501 ,North facing Building East SideGettisamutharam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Puliyamarathottam Erangkadu , 2.Gettisamutharam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Krishnapuram
71P.U.E.S, Kollapalayam-638501 ,Northfacing Building1.Pachampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Kollapalayam , 2.Pachampalayam (R.V)and(P) Ward 1 Kollapalayam Vadakku Kottaikal,638314 , 3.Pachampalayam (R.V ) and (P) Ward 1 Kollapalayam Therkukottaikal,638314
72P.U.E.School, Pallipalayam- 638314 ,North Facing Building West Side1.Pachampalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Maravankuttai, Pallipalayam Kottaigal,638314 , 2.Pachampalayam (R.V)and(P) Ward 2 Pachampalayam Kottaikal,638314 , 3.Pachampalayam (R.V)and(P) Ward 1 Kuruppanayakkan Karadu,638314 , 4.Pachampalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Pachampalayam,638314 , 5.Pachampalayam (R.V)and(P) Ward 2 Maravankuttai Paguthi,638314 , 6.Pachampalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Vadakku Theru,638314 , 7.Pachampalayam (R.V)and(P) Ward 2 Periyar Nagar,638314 , 8.Pachampalayam (R.V)and(P) Ward 1 Pallapalayam Someshwara Kovil Thottam,638314
73P.U.E.S, Pallipalayam-638314 ,North Facing Centre Building1.Pachampalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Pallipalayam Vadakku,638314 , 2.Pachampalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Pallipalayam Kilakku,638314 , 3.Pachampalayam (R.V) and(P) Ward 3 Pallipalayam West
74P.U.E.S,Sidhireddipalayam- 638311 ,Northfacing Building East Side1.Pachampalayam(R.V)and (P)WARD 5 Aanaigoundanur Kattukottaikal,638314 , 2.Pachampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Pallipalayam Kattukottaigal,638314 , 3.Pachampalayam(R.V)and (P)WARD 5 Aanai Goundanur,638314 , 4.Pachampalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward 5 Pallipalayam Pirivu,638314 , 5.Pachampalayam (R.V)and(P) Ward 5 Pallipalayamwestkottaikal,638314
75P.U.E.S,Sidhireddipalayam- 638311 ,Northfacing BuildingWest Side1.Pachampalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Sithirettipalayam Kattukottaikal,638314 , 2.Pachampalayam (R.V)and(P) Ward 3 Sidhireddipalayam,638314 , 3.Pachampalayam (R.V)and(P)WARD 3 Annamaduvu,638314 , 4.Pachampalayam (R.V)and (M) Ward 3 Bhavaniroad Colony,638314
76P.U.E.School, Kattur-638501 ,Westfacing Terraced Building1.Pachampalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Katur,S.Goundenputhur, Kattukottai,638314 , 2.Pachampalayam(R.V)and (P)WARD 4 Santhipalayam,638314
77P.U.E.School, Kattur-638501 ,Southfacing Tiled Building1.Pachampalayam(R.V)and (P)WARD 4 Katur Iyyan Thottam,638314 , 2.Pachampalayam(R.V)and (P)WARD 4 Irulaikarayanur,638314 , 3.Pachampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Ganapathi Katur,638314 , 4.Pachampalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Karaimedu,638314
78Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School, andhiyur-638501 ,Northfacing WestBuilding1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 3,5,18 Therveethi East Side , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 1 Kamarasar Salai Kurukku Street 1 , 3.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 3 Pattakarar Street , 4.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 3 M.G.R Street , 5.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 2 Kamarajar Kurukku Street 2 , 6.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 2 Kamarajar Kurukku Street 3 , 7.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 1,2,6 Kamarajar Road
79Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School, andhiyur-638501 ,Northfacing Building EastSide1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 1,2,6 Kamarajar Road (BARGUR Road) , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 3 Meenavarmariyamman Kovil Street(Thenpuram) , 3.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 3 Majit Street(Thenpuram) , 4.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 1 Kamarajar Road , 5.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 2,6 Police Quarters , 6.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 18 Mavilakku Mariyamman Kovil Street , 7.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 2 Kannappan Kinatru Veethi
80Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School, andhiyur-638501 ,Southfacing Tiled Building1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 3,5,18 Ther Street , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 3 M.G.R Street Vadakku , 3.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 3 Majith Street , 4.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 5 Valliyammal Street , 5.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 5 Velayutham Street , 6.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 5 Muthukumarasamy Kovil Street , 7.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 5 Kalaingar Street
81Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School, andhiyur-638501 ,North facing Central Building East Side1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 18 Pettai Perumal Kovil Street , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 3,5,18 Ther Veethi West Side , 3.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 1 Modakurichiyanur,Vedar Colony, Nandhini Nagar
82Govt.Boys.Hr.Sec.School, andhiyur-638501 ,North Facing Central Terraced Building East Side1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 1,2,6 Kamarajar Road , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 1 Sweaper Colony
83P.U.M.School,andhiyur-638501 ,East facing Tiled Building1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 4 Thiruneelakandar Street , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 4 Periyamariyamman Kovil Street , 3.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 4 Kaliyappa Street , 4.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 4 Chinnamariyamman Kovil Street , 5.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 4 Perumal Kovil Street , 6.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 17 Mariyappa Street
84P.U.M.School,andhiyur-638501 ,West facing Tiled Building1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 7 Anna Salai Sathiy Road , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 18 Mavilakku Mariyamman Kovilstreet , 3.andhiyur (S,Vp) Ward - 1,2 Kamarasar Salai (BARGUR Road) , 4.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 5 Singara Street , 5.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 7 Sathya Nagar
85P.U.E.S,(East) andhiyur-638501 ,Southfacing TerracedBuilding1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 6 Nehru Street , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 7 Teachers Colony
86P.U.E.S,(East) andhiyur-638501 ,Southfacing TerracedBuilding1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 7 Sivsakthi Nagar Kurukku Street , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 7 Teachers Colony , 3.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 7 Annasalai Cross Street , 4.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 7 Sathya Nagar , 5.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 7 Bhavani Road
87P.U.E.S, Thavittupalayam-638501 ,East Facing Terraced Building South Side1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 12 Vengaiyar Street , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 9 Vivekanandhar Street , 3.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 9 Thilakar Street , 4.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 9 Gandhiveethi Cross Street , 5.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 9 Thiruvalluvar Street , 6.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 11 Guruvappan Street , 7.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 11 T.V. Govindan Street
88P.U.E.S, Thavittupalayam-638501 ,Westfacing NewTerracedBuildingNorth side1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 11 E.V.R. Periyar Street , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 11 Avinasiyappan Street , 3.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 8,14 Annasalai
89P.U.E.S, Thavittupalayam-638501 ,East Facing First New Building1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 9 Nanjappa Street , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 14 Annasalai (ATHANI Road) Cross Street , 3.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 14 Annasalai Cross 3 , 4.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 11 Anthiyur Periyar Street
90P.U.E.S, Thavittupalayam-638501 ,Westfacing NewTerraced FirstBuilding SouthSide1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 10 Nanjappa Street Cross Street 1 , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 10 Nanjappa Street Cross Street 2 , 3.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 10 Nanjappa Street Cross Street 3 , 4.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 9 Nanjappa Street
91P.U.E.S, Thavittupalayam-638501 ,2nd NewTerraced West facingbuilding NorthSide1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 8 Annasalai Cross Street 1 , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 8 Annaisalai Cross Street 2 , 3.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 9 Gandhiji Road Cross Street 4 , 4.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 8 Gandhiji Road
92P.U.E.S, Thavittupalayam-638501 ,East Facing First Terraced New Building1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 9 Gandhiji Road Cross Street 5 , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 8 Gandhiji Road Cross Street 3 , 3.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 8 Gandhiji Road Cross Street 1 , 4.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 12 Velayudham Street , 5.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 13 Nethaji Street , 6.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 13 V.O.C Road , 7.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 13 Bharathi Road , 8.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 13 Samraj Street
93Govt.High.School, Thavittupalayam-638501 ,Southfacing TerracedBuilding WestSide1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 12 Velayutham Street , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 12 Velayutham Street Croos Street , 3.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 13 Indhra Street , 4.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 12 M.G Gurunathan Street , 5.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 13 Bagavathiyamman Kovil Street
94Govt.High.School, Thavittupalayam-638501 ,Southfacing EastSide TerracedBuilding1.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 17 Dr.Ambedkar Street , 2.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 16 Dr.Ambadkar Street Cross Street 1 , 3.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 15 Dr.Ambedkar Street Cross Street 2 , 4.andhiyur (T.P) Ward 14 Annasalai
95P.U.E.School Kamaraj Nagar 638501 ,West Facing Terraced Building North Side1.Anthiyur (T.P) Ward 14 A.K.Palaniyappa Street , 2.Anthiyur (T.P) Ward 16 A.K. Palaniyappa Street 1 , 3.Anthiyur (T.P) Ward 16 A.K. Palaniyappa Street 2 , 4.Anthiyur (T.P) Ward 16 A.K.Palaniyappa Street 3 , 5.Anthiyur (T.P) Ward 16 A.K. Palaniyappa Street 4 , 6.Anthiyur (T.P) Ward 15 A.K. Palaniyappa Street 5 , 7.Anthiyur (T.P) Ward 15 A.K. Palaniyappa Street 6 , 8.Anthiyur (T.P) Ward 15 A.K. Palaniyappa Street 7 , 9.Anthiyur (T.P) Ward 15 A.K. Palaniyappa Street 8
96P.U.E.S, Thavittupalayam-638501 ,WestfacingThirdTerracedBuilding south side1.Anthiyur (T.P) Ward 14 A.K. Palaniyappa Street
97P.U.E.S, Vellayamapalayam- 638501 ,Northfacing Building West Side1.Anthiyur (R.V),CHINNATHABI Palayam (P) Panakantur Ward 3 , 2.Anthiyur(R.V), Chinnathabi Palayam (P) Thasariyur Ward 3
98P.U.E.S, Vellayamapalayam- 638501 ,North Facing New Building1.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathabi Palayam (P) Mannthathan Street Ward 3 , 2.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathabi Palayam (P) Nadar Street Ward 3
99P.U.M.S, Pudumettur-638501 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building1.Anthiyur(R.V) , Chinnathambipalayam(P) Colony Street Ward 4 , 2.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathabi Palayam (P) Old Mettur Ward 4 , 3.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathabi Palayam (P) Ward 4,3 New Mettur Thasariur
100P.U.E.S, Chinnathambipalayam- 638501 ,Southfacing TerracedBuilding1.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathabi Palayam (P) Ward 4 Pudhu Manjala Naickanur , 2.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathabi Palayam (P) Ward 2 Annamar Kovil Street , 3.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathambi Palayam (P) Ward 2 Annamar Palayam , 4.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathambi Palayam (P) Ward 4 Nagalur Pirivu
101P.U.E.S, Chinnathambipalayam- 638501 ,Westfacing TerracedBuilding1.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathabi Palayam (P) Ward 2 Karatupalayam , 2.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathabi Palayam (P) Ward 4 Sellappa Gounden Street , 3.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathambi Palayam (P) Ward 2 Pachappalimedu (MALAIKARUPPUSAMY Kovil Road
102AdiDiravidar WelfareSchool- andhiyurColony-638501 ,Southfacing Building1.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathabi Palayam (P) Ward 1 Anthiur Colony
103 AdiDiravidarWelfareSchool, andhiyurColony-638501 ,SouthfacingBuilding WestPart1.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathambi Palayam (P) Ward 1 Perumal Kovil Puthur , 2.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathambi Palayam (P) Ward 1 Puthukadu , 3.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathambi Palayam (P) Ward 2 Thangapalayam , 4.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathambi Palayam (P) Ward 2 Paraiyur , 5.Anthiyur(R.V),Chinnathambi Palayam (P) Ward 2 Kandiyanur Mettur
104R.C.E. School, Nagalur-638501 ,Nortfacing Tiled BuildingWestSide LastPart 1.Nagalur(R.V) and (P) New Manjala Naickanur Ward 1 , 2.Nagalur (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Muniyappampalayam
105R.C.E. School, Nagalur-638501 ,Westfacing Building North Last Part1.Nagalur (R.V)and (P) Nagalur Ward 1 , 2.Nagalur (R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Appanaicker Street , 3.Nagalur (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Kakayankorai
106P.U.E.S, Kondayamapalayam- 638501 ,Westfacing Building1.Nagalur(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Kondayampalayam , 2.Nagalur (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Gundu Moopanur , 3.Nagalur(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Veeranur , 4.Nagalur (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Kondayampalayam Harijan Colony
107P.U.E.S, Kondayamapalayam- 638501 ,Northfacing Terraced Building West Part1.Nagalur(R.V)and (P) Perumapalayam Ward 4 , 2.Nagalur (R.V ) and (P) Ward 5 Kombuthukkiyamman Kovil , 3.Nagalur (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Kundupuliyamaram , 4.Nagalur (R.V) and(P) Ward 4 Selampan Kuttai , 5.Nagalur (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Kakkayan Korai
108P.U.E.S, Perumapalayam-638501 ,Northfacing Aspectos Building West Side1.Nagalur(R.V)and (P) Perumapalayam Ward4 , 2.Nagalur (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Perumapalayam Azhagunagar
109P.U.E.S, Perumapalayam-638501 ,Northfacing Aspectos Building East Side1.Nagalur(R.V)and (P) Ward 5 Esaparaiyur , 2.Nagalur(R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Solagar Colony , 3.Nagalur (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Karadikal Thottam , 4.Nagalur (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Muniyappa Kovil Thottam
110Govt High School. Athani-638502 ,North Facing Terraced Building South Side1.Athani (T.P) Ward 10 Kamarajar Salai Athani Bhavani Road , 2.Athani (T.P) Ward 11 Selliyandiyamman Kovil Street , 3.Athani (T.P) Ward 11 Bharathidhasan Street Cross Street
111Govt High School, Athani-638502 ,West Facing Terraced Building East Side Room No 5Athani (T.P) Ward 10 Angalamman Kovil Street , 2.Athani (T.P) Ward 9 Padasalai Street , 3.Athani (T.P) Ward 9 Panjayath Office Street , 4.Athani (T.P) Ward 8 Mahaliyamman Kovil Street , 5.Athani (T.P) Ward 8 Thandumariyamman Kovil Street , 6.Athani (T.P) Ward 8 Nadutheru , 7.Athani (T.P) Ward 7 Radio Room Street , 8.Athani (T.P) Ward 7 Old Harijan Street
112Govt High School, Athani-638502 ,West Facing Terraced Building East Side Room 71.Athani (T.P) Ward 7 Muniyappan Kovil Street , 2.Athani (T.P) Ward 6 New Harijan Colony , 3.Athani (T.P) Ward 6 Puthukadu Street
113Govt.High.School, Athani-638502 ,East facing Terraced Building South Side1.Athani (T.P) Anna Road Street Ward 9 , 2.Athani (T.P) Ward 9 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 3.Athani (T.P) Ward 12 Thiruvalluvar Nagar1.Athani (T.P) Anna Road Street Ward 9 , 2.Athani (T.P) Ward 9 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 3.Athani (T.P) Ward 12 Thiruvalluvar Nagar
114 P.U.M.S, L.Sempulichampalayam- 638502 ,Westfacing North side tiled Building1.Athani (T.P) Ward 1 Karuppa Gounden Puthur Ward1 , 2.Athani (T.P) Ward 1 Athani Colony
115P.U.M.S, L.Sempulichampalayam- 638502 ,East Facing Terraced Building South Side1.Athani (T.P) Ward 15 Parapuli Medu , 2.Athani (T.P) Ward 15 Sempulichampalayam , 3.Athani (T.P) Ward 3 Kakkachi Thottam
116P.U.M.S, L.Sempulichampalayam- 638502 ,Eastfacing TerracedBuilding Southside1.Athani (T.P) Perumapalayam Ward 3 , 2.Athani (T.P) Ward 3 Perumapalayam Harijan Colony , 3.Athani (T.P) Ward 4 Madhayankovil Puthur , 4.Athani (T.P) Ward 13 Ramalingapuram , 5.Athani (T.P) Ward 13 Stluran Kadu
117P.U.M.S, Kuppandampalayam- 638502 ,Northfacing TiledBuilding Eastside1.Kuppandampalayam (R.V)and(P) Ward 2 Kuppandampalayam East , 2.Kuppandampalayam (R.V)and(P) Ward 2 Harijan Colony , 3.Kuppandampalayam (R.V) and(P) Ward 2 M.G.R Nagar , 4.Kuppandampalayam (R.V)and(P) Ward2 Karatur Road , 5.Kuppandampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward2 Pannadi Street
118P.U.M.S, Kuppandampalayam- 638502 ,Northfacing TiledBuilding West Side1.Kuppandampalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward2 Kuppandampalayam East , 2.Kuppandampalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward2 Kuppandam Palayam West , 3.Kuppandampalayam (R.V)and(P) Ward2 Anna Nagar , 4.Kuppandampalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward2 Kamarajapuram , 5.Kuppandampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward2 Perumal Kovil Puthur
119P.U.E.S, KaruvalvadiPuthur- 638502 ,Westfacing Tiled Building1.Kuppandampalayam (R.V) and (P) Karuvalpadi Puthur Ward1
120P.U.E.S, KaruvalvadiPuthur- 638502 ,North Facing Building1.Kuppandampalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward1 Bhavani Road Pirivu , 2.Kuppandampalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward2 Nanjundapauram Sengattuputhur
121P.U.M.S, Karattur-638502 ,Westfacing Tiled Building EastSide1.Kuppandampalayam (R.V) and (P) Sellappagoundan Puthur Ward3 , 2.Kuppandampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Kolathur , 3.Kuppandampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Karatur , 4.Kuppandampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward3 Karadur Harijan Colony
122P.U.M.S, Karattur-638502 ,West facing Terraced Building South Side Q1.Kuppandampalayam (R.V) and (P) Nadar Colony Ward4 , 2.Kuppandampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward4 Karatur Medu , 3.Kuppandampalayam (R.V)and(P) Ward4 Thoppur, Paraiyur, Alamarathur
123P.U.M.S, Karattur-638502 ,South Facing Terraced Building West Side1.Kuppandampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward4 Karattur , 2.Kuppandampalayam(R.V)and (P) Ward4 J.J.Nagar
124P.U.M.S,A.Sempulichampalayam- 638502 ,South Facing Terraced Building West Side1.Brahmadesam (R.V) and (P)ward1 Sempulichampalayam North , 2.Brahmadesam (R.V)and (P) Ward2 Sembulichampalayam South
125P.U.M.S,A.Sempulichampalayam- 638502 ,North Facing Terraced Building South Side1.Brahmadesam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 S.Palayam,Nadutheru,Westkattukottaigal,Koothadiyur , 2.Brahmadesam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 West Kadu
126P.U.M.S,A.Sempulichampalayam- 638502 ,West facing Terraced Building SouthSide1.Brahmadesam (R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Chinnaparuvachi West Kottaigal , 2.Brahmadesam (R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Sempulichampalayam North , 3.Brahmadesam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Chinnaparuvachi
127P.U.M.School, Kattupalayam- 638315 ,West Facing Terraced Building North Side1.Brahmadesam(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Mookapalayamputhur,Ki.Ka.Palayam Kattukottaigal , 2.Brahmadesam (R.V) and(P) Ward 3 Mookampalayam
128P.U.M.School, Kattupalayam- 638315 ,West Facing Terraced Building South SideBrahmadesam(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Kattupalayam
129P.U.M.S, Brammadesam-638315 ,Northfacing Tiled BuildingWestSide1.Brahmadesam (R.V)and (P) Ward 3 Santhipalayam , 2.Brahmadesam (R.V)and (P) Ward 4 Puthur West , 3.Brahmadesam(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 South Street Puthur
130P.U.M.S, Brammadesam-638315 ,Northfacing Tiled Building EastSide1.Brahmadesam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Brahmadesam , 2.Brahmadesam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 East Street , 3.Brahmadesam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 4.Brahmadesam(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 South Street , 5.Bramhadesam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 West Street
131P.U.M.S, Brammadesam-638315 ,Northfaced Terraced Building1.Brahmadesam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Sandhipalayam South , 2.Brahmadesam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Bramhadesam North , 3.Brammadesam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Brammadesam , 4.Brammadesam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Sandhipalayam West
132P.U.E.S, Puthukaradiyanur- 638315 ,Northfacing EastSide Tiled building1.Brahmadesam(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Chinnakulam,Thasanaickenpalayam Aatukallur , 2.Brahmadesam(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Ariyanoor
133P.U.E.S, Puthukaradiyanur- 638315 ,Northfacing Tiled Building WestSide1.Brahmadesam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Puthukaradiyanur Kattukottaigal , 2.Brammadesam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 New Karadiyanur
134P.U.E.S, Puthukaradiyanur- 638315 ,Southfacing Terraced Building WestSide1.Brahmadesam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Thammanaickanur Thoppur Gundukalampalayam , 2.Brahmadesam (R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Old Karadiyanur
135P.U.M.S, Thottakudiyampalayam- 638315 ,Southfacing Tiled BuildingWestSide1.Vempathi(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Thottakudiyampalayam , 2.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Sindha Goundan Palayam
136P.U.M.S, Thottakudiyampalayam- 638315 ,Southfacing Tiled Building EastSide1.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Kooli Valasu , 2.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Selamba Goundan Valasu
137P.U.E.S, Thalakuttaiputhur- 638315 ,Southfacing Tiled Building1.Vempathi(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Makkalputhur , 2.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Thalakuttai Puthur , 3.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Muniyappam Palayam
138P.U.E.S, Vellalapalayam-638315 ,Northfacing Tiled BuildingWestSide1.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Vellala Palayam , 2.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Nachimuthupuram
139P.U.E.S, Vellalapalayam-638315 ,Northfacing Tiled Building East Side1.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Nalli Goundanputhur , 2.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Nalligoundan Puthur Harijan Street , 3.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Nalligoundanputhur North Harijan Street , 4.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Vellalapalayam Adhi Dravidar Street , 5.Vempathi(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Vellalapalayam Harijan Street
140P.U.M.S, Sethunampalayam- 638315 ,Southfacing tiled Building EastSide1.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Pothiya Moopanur , 2.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Sethunampalayam South , 3.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Sethunampalayam
141P.U.E.S, Nallamoopanar-638315 ,Southfacing Tiled Building1.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Ettikuttaipalayam , 2.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Nallamoopanar
142P.U.M.S, SinthaGoundanpalayam- 638315 ,Southfacing Tiled Building East Part1.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Sethunampalayam Aadhithiravidar Street , 2.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Mailadikkal Thottam , 3.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Sindhagoundanpalayam Harijan Street , 4.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Panaikadu , 5.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Marigoundan Puthur , 6.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Sethunampalayam
143P.U.M.School, Osaipatti-638315 ,North Facing Terraced Building South Side1.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Oosaipatti
144P.U.M.School, Osaipatti-638315 ,West Facing Terraced Building East Side1.Vempathi (R.V) and(P) Ward 1 Settikuttai , 2.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Karuppanakattukottai , 3.Vempathi (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Murugan Kattu Kottai
145Govt.High.School, Moongilpatti- 638315 ,Eastfacing Terraced Building NorthPart1.Moongilpatti (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Moongilpatti , 2.Moongilpatti (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Boga Naickanur
146Govt.High.School, Moongilpatti- 638315 ,Eastfacing Terraced Building South Part1.Moongilpatti (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Moongilpatti, Ketha Naickanur , 2.Moongilpatti (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Thiruvalluvar Nagar
147Govt.High.School, Moongilpatti- 638315 ,EastFacing Terraced Building Northside1.Moongilpatti (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Kuchalur
148Govt.High.School, Moongilpatti- 638315 ,EastFacing Terraced building southside1.Moongilpatti (R.V)and (P) Ward 1 Indhira Nagar , 2.Keelvani (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Keelvani , 3.Keelvani (R.V) and (P) T.R Colony Ward 1
149P.U.M.S, Koothampoondi-638315 ,North Faced tiled BuildingP.U.M.S, Koothampoondi-638315 ,North Faced Tiled Building
150P.U.M.S, Koothampoondi-638315 ,SouthFaced RCC Building1.Koothampoondi(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Koothampoondi East
151P.U.E.S, SennimalaiGoundanPuthur- 638315 ,Westfacing Building1.Keelvani (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Kallangattuputhur , 2.Keelvani (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Se.Ka.Puthur, Ponnaiya Nagaram, Kalapuram , 3.Keelvani (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Sennimalai Goundan Puthur1.Keelvani (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Kallangattuputhur , 2.Keelvani (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Se.Ka.Puthur, Ponnaiya Nagaram, Kalapuram , 3.Keelvani (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Sennimalai Goundan Puthur
152Panchayat Union Middle School, Savandapur-638313 ,South Facing Terraced Building West SideSavandappur (R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Savandappur
153Panchayat Union Middle School, Savandapur-638313 ,South Facing Terraced Building East sideSavandappur (R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Savandappur
154Panchayat Union Elementary School, S.Ganapathipalayam- 638313 ,South Facing Building Westside Room1.Savandappur (R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Ganapathipalayam
155Panchayat Union Elementary School, S.Ganapathipalayam- 638313 ,South Facing Building eastside Room1.Savandappur (R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Ganapathipalayam , 2.Savandappur (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 andhiyur Main Road , 3.Savandappur (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Kalaignar Colony , 4.Savandappur (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Indira Gandhi Street , 5.Savandappur (R.V) (P) Ward 5 Kennadi Street , 6.Savandappur (R.V) and (P) Ward 6 Nethaji Street , 7.Savandappur (R.V) and (P) Ward 7 Kattuvalavu , 8.Savandappur (R.V) and (P) Ward 8 Pottusamy Kovil Street , 9.Savandappur (R.V) and (P) Ward 9 Gandhi Street
156Panchayat Union Elementary School, Mevani-638313 ,East Facing Southside Tiled Building1.Mevani (R.V) and (P) Ward 1,2,3,4 Mevani
157Panchayat Union Elementary School, Mevani-638313 ,East Facing Northside Tiled Building1.Mevani (R.V) and (P) Ward 1,2,3,4 Mevani
158Panchayat Union Elementary School, Rakkanampalayam- 638313 ,West Facing Terraced BuildingAmmapalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 1,2 Ammapalayam , 2.Ammapalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Ganesan Pudur , 3.Ammapalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Rakkanampalayam
159Panchayat Union Middle School, Perundalaiyur-638315 ,North Facing Building Westside1.Perunthalaiyur (R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Perunthalaiyur Kaspa
160Panchayat Union Middle School, Perundalaiyur-638315 ,South Facing Building Eastsidec1.Perunthalaiyur (R.V) and (p) Ward 3 Perunthalaiyur Kaspa , 2.Perunthalaiyur (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Indira Nagar
161Panchayat Union Elementary School, Kuttipalayam-638315 ,East Facing Tiled Building1.Perunthalaiyur (R.V) and (p) Ward 4 Seraiyampalayam , 2.Perunthalaiyur (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Kuttypalayam
162Panchayat Union Elementary School,(North) P.Mettupalayam- 638315 ,North facing Terraced Building east side1.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 4 Main Street , 2.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 5 V.O.C Street , 3.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 5 Bharathiyar Street , 4.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 6 Kamaraj Street
163Panchayat Union Elementary School,(North) P.Mettupalayam- 638315 ,North facing Terraced Building West side1.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 6 Nethaji Street , 2.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 6 Ramakrishna Paramahamsar Street , 3.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 3 Ayyampalayam Road Adi Thiravidar Colony , 4.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 3 Ayyampalayam Road
164Panchayat Union Elementary School,(North) P.Mettupalayam- 638315 ,East Facing Terraced Building1.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 6 Parasakthi Street , 2.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 7 Pattinathar Street , 3.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 7 Saradamani Street , 4.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 7 Thiruvalluvar Street , 5.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 7 Ramalinga Swamigal Street , 6.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 11 Gandhi Nagar , 7.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 8 Madurai Veeran Colony , 8.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 2 Pillaiyar Kovil Street , 9.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 2 Ponnusamy Street , 10.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 3 Mottaiyan Kadu
165Panchayat Union Elementary School,(South) P.Mettupalayam- 638315 ,South Facing Tiled Building Westside1.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 6 Madeswaran Street , 2.P.Mettupalayam (S.VP) Ward 11 Main Street , 3.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 7 Ovvaiyar Street , 4.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 14 Nalli Goundanur Main Street , 5.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 4 Elango Street , 6.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 4 Kamban Street , 7.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 13 Palanisamy Street , 8.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 13 Thiru.Vi.Ka Street
166Panchayat Union Elementary School,(South) P.Mettupalayam- 638315 ,South Facing Tiled Building Westside1.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 9 Nehru Street , 2.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 13 Nedunchezhiyan Street , 3.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward13 Nepolean Street , 4.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 9 Poomandagoundanur Main Street , 5.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 9 Vinobaba Street
167Government Higher Sec School, P.Mettupalayam-638315 ,West Facing New Terraced Building Rightside1.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 11 Main Road , 2.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 10 Kennedy Street , 3.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 10 Rajan Babu Street , 4.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 10 Anna Street , 5.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 10 Periyar Street , 6.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 11 Gandhi Street , 7.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 11 Tamizhan Street
168Government Higher Sec School, P.Mettupalayam-638315 ,North Facing New Terraced Building Eastside1.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 11 M.G.R.Street , 2.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 11 Vivekanandan Street , 3.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 12 Poomandagoundanur Main Road , 4.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 9 Harijan Colony , 5.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 14 Nalligoundanur
169Panchayat Union Elementary School, Ponnachipudur-638315 ,South Facing Terraced Building1.P.Mettupalayam Tp) Ward 15 Otadurai Road , 2.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 15 Pillaiyar Kovil Street , 3.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 15 Lakshmanan Street , 4.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 15 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 5.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 15 Kattu Street , 6.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 15 Main Street , 7.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 1 Kugalur Road , 8.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 1 Well Street , 9.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 1 Savadi Street , 10.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 5 Ayyampalayam Road , 11.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 5 Harijan Colony , 12.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 15 andipalayam , 13.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 1 Ponnachi Pudur , 14.P.Mettupalayam (TP) Ward 5 P.Mettupalayam
170P.U.M.School Kattuvalavu - 638313 ,Facing South Terraced Building Western Side1.Pudukarai (R.V) Nanjai Gobi (P) Ward 2 Pudukarai Village , 2.Koogalur (TP) Ward 4 Kamarajar Street , 3.Koogalur (TP) Ward 4 Chellappan Street , 4.Koogalur (TP) Ward 4 Palani Street , 5.Koogalur (TP) Ward 4 Jayaprakash Street , 6.Koogalur (TP) Ward 4 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 7.Koogalur (TP) Ward 4 Nadu Veethi , 8.Koogalur (TP) Ward 1 Perumal Raj Street , 9.Koogalur (TP) Ward 3,4 Koogalur Main Road , 10.Koogalur (TP) Ward 4 Subbanan Street , 11.Koogalur (TP) Ward 4 Chinna Muthu Street , 12.Koogalur (TP) Ward 4 Pachiyappan Street , 13.Koogalur (TP) Ward 4 Kozhanthan Street
171P.U.M.School Kattuvalavu - 638313 ,Facing South Terraced Building Western Side1.Koogalur (TP) Ward 1 Manuvakadu Harijan Colony , 2.Koogalur (TP) Ward 1 Anthiyur Main Road , 3.Koogalur (TP) Ward 1 Poyar Colony , 4.Koogalur (TP) Ward 4 M.S.Muthu Street
172Panchayat Union Elementary School,Kattuvalavu,Kugalur- 638313 ,South Facing Building Westside1.Koogalur (TP) Ward 2 Bank Street , 2.Koogalur (TP) Ward 2 Muthaan Street , 3.Koogalur (TP) Ward 2 Alagappan Street , 4.Koogalur (TP) Ward 2 Kuchali Street , 5.Koogalur (TP) Ward 2 Vaiyapuri Street , 6.Koogalur (TP) Ward 2 Kuppusamy Street , 7.Koogalur (TP) Ward 2 Kandan Street , 8.Koogalur (TP) Ward 3 Kasthuribai Street , 9.Koogalur (TP) Ward 3 Ramasamy Street , 10.Koogalur (TP) Ward 3 Maran Street , 11.Koogalur (TP) Ward 3 Chidambaram Street , 12.Koogalur (TP) Ward 3 Kandappan Street , 13.Koogalur (TP) Ward 3 Vallalar Colony
173Panchayat Union Elementary School,Kattuvalavu,Kugalur- 638313 ,South Facing Building Westside1.Koogalur (TP) Ward 2 Karunkaradu Street , 2.Koogalur (TP) Ward 4 Pavadi Street , 3.Koogalur (TP) Ward 3 Mathesiyappan Street , 4.Koogalur (TP) Ward 3 Periya Kattu Street , 5.Koogalur (TP) Ward 5 Muniyappan Govil Street , 6.Koogalur (TP) Ward 5 Kudikinaru Street , 7.Koogalur (TP) Ward 5 Eswaran Kovil Street , 8.Koogalur (TP) Ward 5 Pillaiyar Street Street , 9.Koogalur (TP) Ward 5 Karuppan Street , 10.Koogalur (TP) Ward 3 Alaga Nachiyappan Street
174Panchayat Union Middle School, Kugalur-638313 ,South Facing Eastside Last Tiled Building1.Koogalur (TP) Ward 2 Old Post Office Street , 2.Koogalur (TP) Ward 12 Kakkan Street , 3.Koogalur (TP) Ward 14 Karuppanan Street , 4.Koogalur (TP) Ward 12 Ganapathi Street , 5.Koogalur (TP) Ward 14 Arumaikarar Street
175Panchayat Union Middle School, Kugalur-638313 ,South Facing Westside Last Tiled Building1.Koogalur (TP) Ward 12 K.R.Kaliyannan Street , 2.Koogalur (TP) Ward 10 Pongiyammal Street , 3.Koogalur (TP) Ward 11 Karuppan Street , 4.Koogalur (TP) Ward 11 Marappan Street , 5.Koogalur (TP) Ward 11 Raman Street , 6.Koogalur (TP) Ward 11 Thalai Kompu Pudur Street , 7.Koogalur (TP) Ward 11 Rama Poyan Street , 8.Koogalur (TP) Ward 10 Thottipalayam
176Panchayat Union Middle School, Kugalur-638313 ,South Facing Terraced Building Westside1.Koogalur (TP) Ward 10 Pattathalachiyamman Kovil Street , 2.Koogalur (TP) Ward 10 Palani Street , 3.Koogalur (TP) Ward 10 Perumal Kovil Street , 4.Koogalur (TP) Ward 10 Thalai Kompu Pudur Street , 5.Koogalur (TP) Ward 10 Muthan Street
177Panchayat Union Middle School, Kugalur-638313 ,South Facing terraced Building East side1.Koogalur (TP) Ward 6 Vaaikal Pudur Road , 2.Koogalur (TP) Ward 6 Nallan Street , 3.Koogalur (TP) Ward 6 Thimman Street , 4.Koogalur (TP) Ward 6 Pomman Street
178Panchayat Union Elementary School,Thaneerpandalpudur- 638313 ,East Facing New Terraced BuildingPanchayat Union Elementary School,Thaneerpandalpudur- 638313 ,East Facing New Terraced Building
179Panchayat Union Middle School,Thalakombupudur-638313 ,East Facing New Terraced Building1.Koogalur (TP) Ward 7 Konnamadai Road , 2.Koogalur (TP) Ward 7 Pongiyannan Street , 3.Koogalur (TP) Ward 7 Muthusamy Street , 4.Koogalur (TP) Ward 8 Kuttiyannan Street , 5.Koogalur (TP) Ward 8 Karuppusamy Street , 6.Koogalur (TP) Ward 7 Thalikompu Pudur Street
180Panchayat Union Middle School,Thalakombupudur-638313 ,South Facing Tiled Building1.Koogalur (TP) Ward 7 Kattapomman Street , 2.Koogalur (TP) Ward 8 P.Marappan Street , 3.Koogalur (TP) Ward 8 Karuppannadi Street , 4.Koogalur (TP) Ward 8 Makaliyamman Kovil Street , 5.Koogalur (TP) Ward 9 Ambedkar Street , 6.Koogalur (TP) Ward 9 Periya Kuruva Pannadi Street , 7.Koogalur (TP) Ward 9 Otadurai Main Road
181Panchayat Union Middle School Bommanaickenpalayam 638313 ,East Facing Southside Terraced Building1.Koogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (p) Ward 1 School Street , 2.Koogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (P) Ward 2 Makaliyamman Kovil Street , 3.Koogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (P) Ward 2 Karuvarayan Kovil Street , 4.Koogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (P) Ward 2 Karuvarayan Kovil Street
182Panchayat Union Middle School Bommanaickenpalayam 638313 ,East Facing North Terraced BuildingKoogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (P) Ward 2 Pattathalatchiyamman Kovil Street , 2.Koogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (P) Ward 2 Annanagar , 3.Koogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (P) Ward 2 Harijan Colony , 4.Koogaluir (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (P) Ward 3 Mariyamman Kovil Street
183Panchayat Union Middle School Bommanaickenpalayam 638313 ,Facing East Terraced Building Southern SideKoogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (p) Ward 4 Kottaikatoor
184Panchayat Union Middle School Bommanaickenpalayam 638313 ,Facing East Terraced Building Southern Side1.Koogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (P) Ward 4 Ottadurai Main Road , 2.Koogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (P) Ward 3 Konnanadai Thottam , 3.Koogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (P) Ward 2 Pommanaickenpalayam
185P.U.E. School K.Mettupalayam- 638455 ,North Facing Old Tiled Building1.Koogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (p) Ward 5 K.Mettupalayam
186P.U.E. School K.Mettupalayam- 638455 ,North Facing Old Tiled Building1.Koogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (P) Ward 6 Komalikarai Pudur ,KARADU , 2.Koogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (P) Ward 6 Thottakatoor Harijan Colony
187P.U.E. School K.Mettupalayam- 638455 ,South Facing New Terraced Building1.Koogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (p) Ward 7 Chellakumarapalayam , 2.Koogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (P) Ward 7 North Street , 3.Koogalur (R.V) Pommanaickenpalayam (P) Ward 7 Pommanaickenpalayam
188Panchayat Union Elementary School,Kallankattuvalasu-638476 ,North Facing Rightside Building1.Polavakkalipalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 2 Polavakkalipalayam Ward 2 , 2.Polavakallipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Perumagoundanpalayam Ward 2
189Panchayat Union Elementary School,Kallankattuvalasu-638476 ,North Facing Rightside Building1.Polavakallipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Perumagoundan Valasu Ward 2 , 2.Polavakallipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Kallankattu Valasu Ward 1
190Panchayat Union Elementary School,Kallankattuvalasu-638476 ,North Facing Eastside Building1.Polavakallipalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 4 Indira Nagar East , 2.Polavakallipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Indira Nagar West
191Panchayat Union Elementary School,Kallankattuvalasu-638476 ,North Facing Eastside Building1.Polavakallipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Poosari Valasu,Aruvankattu Valasu , 2.Polavakallipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Thasampalayam
192Panchayat Union Elementary School,Pitchandampalayam- 638476 ,East Facing Building Northside1.Polavakallipalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 3 Pichandampalayam
193Panchayat Union Elementary School,Pitchandampalayam- 638476 ,East Facing Building Southside1.Polavakallipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Nathakattu Thottam,Alankattu Puthur , 2.Polavakallipalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Gangampalayam ,PERIYAR Nagar
194CSI E.School,Kadukkampalayam 638476 ,North Facing Terraced Building1.Kadukkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Kadukkampalayam , 2.Kadukkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Seeranga Goundanpudur , 3.Kadukkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Chinna Goundanpudur
195Panchayat Union Ele.School, Kuttiyagoundenpudur-638476 ,Northfacing Building1.Kadukkampalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 2 Kuttiyakgoundanpudur , 2.Kadukkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Koraikattur , 3.Kadukkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Parambakattur , 4.Kadukkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Vanjimoopanur , 5.Kadukkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Karuppankattur , 6.Kadukkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 & 4 Puliankattur
196Panchayat Union Ele.School,Chandrapuram-638455 ,East Facing Building Northside1.Chandrapuram (R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Chandrapuram Pungankattur
197Panchayat Union Ele.School,Kalichettipalayam- 638455 ,North Facing Tiled Building1.Chandrapuram (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Kalichettypalayam
198Govt Girls Higher Sec.School T.N.palayam-638506 ,East Facing Terraced Building South Side1.Vaniputhur (S.VP) Ward 5 andavar Chettiyar Street , 2.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 5 Mookaiya Goundar Street , 3.Vaniputhur (S.VP) Ward 5 Senniyappan Lane , 4.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 13 Karuthiruman Lane , 5.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 6 Kattur Main Street , 6.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 6 Kattur Street 1 , 7.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 6 Kattur Street 2 , 8.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 6 Kattur Street 3 , 9.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 6 Kattur Street 4 , 10.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 6 Kattur Street 5 , 11.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 6 Kattur 6 , 12.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 6 Kattur 7 , 13.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 5 Dideer Nagar, Ilango Street , 14.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 3 T.N.P Street , 15.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 5 Sathy Athani Road , 16.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 5 Veerappa Goundar Street , 17.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 5 Rangammal Street
199Govt Girls Higher Sec.School T.N.palayam-638506 ,East Facing Terraced Building North Side1.Vaniputhur (TP Ward 12 Kumaran Kovil Street , 2.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward12 Hospital Street , 3.Vaniputhur (TP)WARD 14 Pongaliamman Street , 4.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 2 Perumal Kovil Street , 5.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 12 Kamaraj Street , 6.Vaniputhur (TP Ward 12 K.N.Palayam,P.U.E.School , 7.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 13 Karuthiruman Lane , 8.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 11 Anna Nagar , 9.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 11 Harijan Colony West , 10.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward14 New Street , 11.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 12 Devaraj Thotta Lane , 12.Vaniputhur (TP )WARD 13 Sathy Athani Main Road
200Govt Girls Higher Sec.School T.N.palayam-638506 ,Southfacing Building Leftside Pt..Union Office.Com1.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 11 Vaniputhur , 2.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 2 Perumal Kovil Street , 3.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 3 Periyar Street , 4.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 4 Palani Goundar Street , 5.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 12 Kamaraj Street , 6.Vaniputhur (TP ) Ward 3 T.N.B Street , 7.Vaniputhur (TP)WARD 5 Rangammal Street , 8.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 11 Rajammal Street , 9.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 11 Sathy Athani Road , 10.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 11 Sathy Athani Main Road
201Govt Girls Higher Sec.School T.N.palayam-638506 ,East Facing Terraced Building North Side1.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 2 Perumal Kovil Street , 2.Vaniputhur (TP Ward 1 Pallathu Medu Street
202Govt Girls Higher Sec.School T.N.palayam-638506 ,East Facing Terraced Building North Side1.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 12 Kanni Poyan Street , 2.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 2 West Street (POYAN Street) , 3.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 2 Nehru Street
203P.U.E.South School, T.N.Palayam-638506 ,West facing Terraced Building North Side Room1.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 4 Kumaran Kovil Street , 2.Vaniputhur (TP Ward 7 A.R.R. Colony 1 , 3.Vaniputhur (TP) A.R.R.Collony 2 Ward 7 , 4.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 2 Perumal Kovil Street , 5.Vaniputhur (TP Ward 7 Naicker Colony 1 , 6.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 7 Naicker Colony 2 , 7.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 7 A.R.R. Colony , 8.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 7 Naicker Street , 9.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 14 Forest Street(Kamaraj Street) , 10.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 7 Pannadi Colony Lane
204P.U.E.South School, T.N.Palayam-638506 ,East facing Terraced Building North Side Room1.Vaniputhur (TP Ward 13 T.V.K Street , 2.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 15 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 3.Vaniputhur (TP Ward 7 Chinna Kannan Street , 4.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 13 Sathy Athani Main Road , 5.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 7 Vaikkal Street , 6.Vaniputhur (TP)WARD 13 Vaniputhur , 7.Vaniputhur (TP ) Ward 13 Main Road
205P.U.E.School Mainroad T.N.palayam-638506 ,Northfacing RCC Building Rightside1.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 16 Kumaran Kovil Street , 2.Vaniputhur (TP War 10 Kongar Palayam Street , 3.Vaniputhur (TP Ward 15 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 4.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 4 Harijan Colony
206P.U.E.School Mainroad T.N.palayam-638506 ,Northfacing RCC Building Rightside1.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 5 T.N.P Street , 2.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 15 Sanjeevi Iyar Street , 3.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 13 Sathy Athani Main Road , 4.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 13 Vaniputhur
207P.U.M.School Kalliyankadu- 638506 ,Eastfacing Additional RCC Building1.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 8 Muniyappan Kovil Street , 2.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 10 Semmettukarai , 3.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 10 Gandhi Street , 4.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 10 Kambar Street , 5.Vaniputhur (TP ) Ward 8 Kalliyangattu Puthur
208P.U.M.School Kalliyankadu- 638506 ,East Facing old tiled Building1.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 9 Pallathur Road , 2.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 9 Pallathur Street(Pannadi Colony) , 3.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 9 Pannadi Colony 2 , 4.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 9 Pannadi Colony 3 , 5.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 9 Pannadi Colony Pallathur , 6.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward10 Dideer Nagar , 7.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 10 Mariyamman Kovil Street 1 , 8.Vaniputhur (S.VP) Ward 10 Mariyamman Kovil Street 2 , 9.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 9 Harijan Colony , 10.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 10 Sathy Athani Main Road , 11.Vaniputhur (TP Ward 9 M.G.R Nagar , 12.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 9 Pallathur Medu , 13.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 9 Mettuvalavu , 14.Vaniputhur (TP Ward 10 Tiruvalluvar Street , 15.Vaniputhur (TP) Ward 9 Pallathur Kalliyankattu Road
209Govt.H.School.Bungalapudur- 638506 ,Eastfacing Building Leftside1.Punjai Thurayam Palayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Harijan Street , 2.Punjai Thurayam Palayam(R.V ) and (P) Ward 2 Pillayar Kovil Street , 3.Punjai Thurayam Palayam(R.V) and(P) Ward 2 Veerappa Gouder Street , 4.Punjai Thurayam Palayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Gobi Main Road , 5.Punjai Thurayam Palayam (R.V ) and (P) Ward 1 East Street , 6.Punjai Thurayam Palayam (R.V) and(P) Ward 1 Nadu Veethi , 7.Punjai Thurayam Palayam (Rand(P) Ward 1 Sathy Athani Main Road
210Govt.H.School.Bungalapudur- 638506 ,Eastfacing Building Right side1.Punjai Thurayam Palayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 2 Gobi Main Road , 2.Punjai Thurayam Palayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Dhasappa Goundarstreet , 3.Punjai Thurayam Palayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Naduveethi West , 4.Punjai Thurayam Palayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 5.Punjai Thurayam Palayam (R.V) and(P) Ward 2 Vetnari Hospital Street
211Govt.H.School.Bungalapudur- 638506 ,Northfacing TiledBuilding LeftsidePunjai Thurayam Palayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Maniyakarar Street , 2.Punjai Thurayam Palayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Musjit Street , 3.Punjai Thurayam Palayam(R.V) and(P) Ward 1 Anna Nagar Road , 4.Punjai Thurayam Palayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 J.K.K College Road New Colony , 5.Punjai Thurayam Palayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Chinna Vaikkal Road
212P.U.M.School.Annanagar-638506 ,North Facing Terraced Building1.Punjai Thurayam Palayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 3 Anna Nagar Main Street 1 , 2.Punjai Thurayam Palayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Yuraligal Colony , 3.Punjai Thurayam Palayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Anna Nagar First Street , 4.Punjai Thurayam Palayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 5.Punjai Thurayam Palayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Anna Nagar Main Street 2
213P.U.E.School,Punjaiduraiyampalay am638506 ,Westfacing Terraced Building RightsidePunjai Thurayam Palayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Mariyamman Kovil Street , 2.Punjai Thurayam Palayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Punjai Thurayam Palayam
214P.U.E.School Punjaiduraiyampalayam-638506 ,Northfacing Building Rightside1.Punjai Thurayam Palayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 5 Punjay Thurayam Palayam, Kallarai Medu
215P.U.E.School Punjaiduraiyampalayam-638506 ,Northfacing Building Left side1.Punjai Thurayam Palayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 5 Punjay Thurayam Palayam, Kallarai Medu
216P.U.M.School Kondaiyampalayam-638506 ,Eastfacing tiled Building Rightside1.Kondayampalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 4 Pagala Gounder Puthur , 2.Kondayampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Pasuva Gounder Puthur Adhi Dhiravidar Street , 3.Kondayampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Palayur , 4.Kondayampalayam (P) Ward 1 Main Road , 5.Kondayampalayam (P) Ward 1 Kuravan Medu
217P.U.M.School Kondaiyampalayam-638506 ,Eastfacing Tiled Building LeftsideKondayampalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 4 Pasuva Goundan Puthur
218P.U.M.School Kondaiyampalayam-638506 ,Westfacing RCC Building1.Kondayampalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 4 Pasuva Goundan Puthur , 2.Kondayampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Kondayampalayam , 3.Kondayampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Kamakchiamman Kovil Street , 4.Kondayampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Sathy Main Road , 5.Kondayampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Pathra Goundan Puthur , 6.Kondayampalayam (R.V) and(P) Ward 2 Kuttayur , 7.Kondayampalayam (R.V)and (P) Ward 2 Ndrapuram , 8.Kondayampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Ambethkar Nagar
219P.U.E.School Kallipatty-638505 ,Southfacing Building Rightside1.Kondayampalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 5,6 Kallipatti Ward 5,6
220P.U.E.School Kallipatty-638505 ,Southfacing Building Left side1.Kondayampalayam (R.V) and (p) Ward 5,6 Kallipatti Ward 5,6
221P.U.E.School Kallipatty-638505 ,Westfacing Building South side1.Kondayampalayam (R.V) and (p) Block 7,8 Kallipatti , 2.Kondayampalayam (R.V) and (P) Block 9 Kallipatti
222P.U.E.School Kallipatty-638505 ,Westfacing Building North side1.Kondayampalayam (R.V) and (P) Block 9 Kallipatti
223P.U.M.School Kanakkampalayam- 638505 ,East Facing Terraced Building1.Kanakkam Palayam(R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Sathy Athani Main Road , 2.Kanakkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Kaspa Main Road , 3.Kanakkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Nehru Street
224P.U.M.School Kanakkampalayam- 638505 ,East Facing Terraced Building1.Kanakkampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Gandhi Street , 2.Kanakkampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 1 C.K.K Street , 3.Kanakkampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 1 New Colony Harijan
225P.U.M.School Kanakkampalayam- 638505 ,Northfacing Tiled Building1.Kanakkampalayam(R.V) An (p) Ward 2 Kanakkampalayam , 2.Kanakkampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Kamaraj Nagar , 3.Kanakkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Bharathi Street Old Colony
226 P.U.M.School Kanakkampalayam- 638505 ,Northfacing Tiled Building1.Kanakkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Old Colony M.G.R Nagar , 2.Kanakkampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Kanakkampalayam Puthur East Street Thottam
227P.U.M.School Kanakkampalayam- 638505 ,Westfacing Building Rightside1.Kanakkampalayam(R.V)and (p) Ward 3 Kalliyangadu Thottam , 2.Kanakkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Sundakaradu Perumapalayam Thottam , 3.Kanakkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Thandu Mariyamman Kovil Thottam , 4.Kanakkampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Vedhaparai,S.D People Colony , 5.Kanakkampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Bhagavthi Nagar Bhagavathi Amman Kovilthottam
228P.U.E.School Chinnakaliyur- 638505 ,East facing Building1.Kanakkampalayam(R.V) and (P0 Ward 4 Vadakallipatti Thottam , 2.Kanakkampalayam(R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Chinnakaliyur New and Old Harijan Colony , 3.Kanakkampalayam (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Bhagavathi Nagar Kovil Thottam
229P.U.E.School Erankattur-638505 ,Southfacing Building Rightside1.Perumugai (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Erangattor Godankuttai Thottapaguthy , 2.Perumugai(R.V) and(P) Ward 3 Thusu Nagar , 3.Perumugai(R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Erangattur Natham Nadu Veethi , 4.Perumugai(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Karuppusamy Kovil Medu , 5.Perumugai(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Sathyathani Roadthannir Pandhalblock,Erangatttur , 6.Perumugai(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Erangattur New Harijan Colony , 7.Perumugai(R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Erangattur Thottam , 8.Perumugai (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Kuruvikara Modakku Harijan Colony
230P.U.E.School Erankattur-638505 ,Southfacing Building Leftside1.Perumugai(R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Adausapalayam , 2.Perumugai (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Adasappalayam
231P.U.E.School Erankattur-638505 ,South Facing Building1.Perumugai (R.V) and (P) Kadayampalayam Kalramani, Ckk Nagar
232P.U.E.School Cyphenpudur- 638505 ,Southfacing Building Rightside1.Perumugai (R.V) and (p) Ward 3 Kolathukkadu
233P.U.E.School Cyphenpudur- 638505 ,Southfacingbuilding Leftside1.Perumugai(R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Thottankombai , 2.Perumugai(R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Perumugai , 3.Perumugai(R.V) and (P) Ward 5 Saiban Puthur
234P.U.E.School Cyphenpudur- 638505 ,Southfacing Building Rightside1.Perumugai (R.V) and (P) Ward 3 Kolathukadu , 2.Perumugai (R.V) and (P) Ward 4,3 Perumugai Puthur, Karumparai
235P.U.E.School Cyphenpudur- 638505 ,Southfacing Building RightsidePerumugai (R.V) and (P) Ward 4 Salaiputhur
236P.U.E.School Nanjaipuliampatti638506 ,South facing RCC Building1.Nanjaipuliyampatti (R.V) and (p) Ward 1 Nanjaipuliyampatti Kaspa , 2.Nanjaipuliyampatti(R.V) and (P) Ward 1 Nanjaipuliyampatti , 3.Nanjaipuliyampatti (R.V) and (P) Ward 2 Asari Medu

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

Last Updated on: April 30, 2016