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List of Polling Booths in Alangudi Assembly

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Polling Booths

P.S.No.Polling Station AddressPolling Station Areas
1PUMS North Tiled Building ,Thirukkattalai 622303 1.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-1 Mettupatti Colony Merkku , 2.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-1 Etti Theru , 3.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-1 Thiru Nagar , 4.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-1 Mettupatti Merkku , 5.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-1 Mettupatti , 6.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-1 Mettupatti Colony Kilakku , 7.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-1 Nanthana Vayal Colony , 8.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-1 Kepparai , 9.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-1 Vellala Theru
2PUMS Terraced Building South Side Western Wing ,Thirukkattalai 622303 1.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-2 Thirukattalai , 2.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-2 Thirukattalai Therkku , 3.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-2 Thirukattalai Merkku , 4.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-2 Vendavayal , 5.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-2 Sundaranayagipuram , 6.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-2 Pilikundu Ulvai
3PUMS Terraced Building East Side ,Thirukkattalai 622303 1.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-1 Melakollai , 2.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-1 Semmanankundu , 3.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-1 Thoppukollai , 4.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-2 Thoppukollai Indiranagar Colony , 5.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-1 Kottankadu , 6.Thirukattalai (R.V), Thirukattalai (P) Ward-1 Mathadikollai
4PUES (NORTH ASBESTOS BUILDING) ,Thiruvarankulam 622303 1.Thiruvarankulam (R.V), Thiruvarankulam (P) Ward-1 Theathanpatti , 2.Thiruvarankulam (R.V), Thiruvarankulam (P) Ward-1 Periyanayagipuram , 3.Thiruvarankulam (R.V), Thiruvarankulam (P) Ward-1 Thoppukollai , 4.Thiruvarankulam (R.V), Thiruvarankulam (P) Ward-1 Idaiyanvayal
5PUES West Tiled Building Northern Side ,Thiruvarankulam 622303 1.Thiruvarankulam (R.V), Thiruvarankulam (P) Ward-2 Thiruvarankulam , 2.Thiruvarankulam (R.V), Thiruvarankulam (P) Ward-2 KVS.Nagar , 3.Thiruvarankulam (R.V), Thiruvarankulam (P) Ward-2 Main Veethi
6PUES West Tiled Building Facing East South Side, ,Thiruvarankulam 622303 1.Thiruvarankulam (R.V), Thiruvarankulam (P) Ward-2 Amman Theru , 2.Thiruvarankulam (R.V), Thiruvarankulam (P) Ward-2 Therkku Theru , 3.Thiruvarankulam (R.V), Thiruvarankulam (P) Ward-3 Kittakadu
7GHSS East Terraced Building North Side ,Thiruvarankulam 622303 1.Thiruvarankulam (R.V), Veppankudi (P) Ward-2 Silon Agathigal Kudiyiruppu-1
8GHSS East Terraced Western Building North Side Facing East ,Thiruvarankulam 622303 1.Thiruvarankulam (R.V), Thiruvarankulam (P) Ward-1 Nimbaneswaram , 2.Thiruvarankulam (R.V), Veppankudi (P) Ward-2 Silon Agathigal Kudiyiuruppu-2
9PUMS (D.P.E.P TERRACED BUILDING) SOUTH SIDE ,Manganampatti 622303 1.Manganampatti (R.V), Manganampatti (P) Ward-1 Bharathiyar Nagar , 2.Manganampatti (R.V), Manganampatti (P) Ward-1 Manganampatti , 3.Manganampatti (R.V), Manganampatti (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Theru , 4.Manganampatti (R.V), Manganampatti (P) Ward-1 MGR.Nagar , 5.Manganampatti (R.V), Manganampatti (P) Ward-1 Konar Theru , 6.Manganampatti (R.V), Manganampatti (P) Ward-1 Kallupallam , 7.Manganampatti (R.V), Manganampatti (P) Ward-1 Thoppukara Theru , 8.Manganampatti (R.V), Manganampatti (P) Ward-1 Kayampatti Main Road
10PUMS Terraced Building Facing South Centre Hall Room No.2 ,Veppangudi 622303 1.Veppankudi (R) Veppankudi (P) Ward-1 Chinnakunnathur , 2.Veppankudi (R) Veppankudi (P) Ward-1 Porpanaikottai , 3.Veppankudi (R) Veppankudi (P) Ward-1 Manakollaithoppu , 4.Veppankudi (R) Veppankudi (P) Ward-1 Sevanthipatti , 5.Veppankudi (R) Veppankudi (P) Ward-1 Vadakkupatti
11PUMS New Terraced Building Facing South Centre Hall Room No.3 ,Veppangudi 622303 1.Veppankudi (R) Veppankudi (P) Ward-1 Nadupatti , 2.Immanampatti (R) Veppankudi (P) Ward-2 Therkku Immanampatti , 3.Immanampatti (R) Veppankudi (P) Ward-4 Theathampatti
12PUMS NORTH TILED BUILDING ,Veppangudi 622303 1.Veppankudi (R.V), Veppankudi (P) Ward-2 Melathoppu , 2.Veppankudi (R.V), Veppankudi (P) Ward-2 Rasathoppu , 3.Veppankudi (R.V), Veppankudi (P) Ward-2 Therkku Kallupallam , 4.Veppankudi (R.V), Veppankudi (P) Ward-2 Keela Veppankudi , 5.Veppankudi (R.V), Veppankudi (P) Ward-3 Mela Veppankudi , 6.Veppankudi (R.V), Veppankudi (P) Ward-3 Murugan Kovil Medu
13GHSS South Last Building Manjanviduthy 622303 1.Manjanviduthi (R.V), Manjanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Harijana Colony , 2.Manjanviduthi (R.V), Manjanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Keelappatti , 3.Manjanviduthi (R.V), Manjanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Manjanviduthy
14PUES (NORTH TERRACED BUILDING) ,Malavarayanpatti 622303 1.Manjanviduthi (R.V), Manjanviduthi (P) Ward-2 Malavaranyanpatti , 2.Manjanviduthi (R.V), Manjanviduthi (P) Ward-2 Keelapatti , 3.Manjanviduthi (R.V), Manjanviduthi (P) Ward-2 Hairjana Colony
15PUES (TILED BUILDING) ,Vamban 622303 1.Manjanviduthi (R.V), Manjanviduthi (P) Ward-3 Pilapatti , 2.Manjanviduthi (R.V), Manjanviduthi (P) Ward-3 Veeradipatti , 3.Manjanviduthi (R.V), Manjanviduthi (P) Ward-3 Vamban , 4.Manjanviduthi (R.V), Manjanviduthi (P) Ward-3 Pappanpatti Vamban 4 Road
16PUES (D.P.E.P NEW BUILDING) ,Kaliyanipuram 622303 1.Kotthakottai (R.V), Kotthakottai (P) Ward-1 Vamban 4 Road , 2.Kotthakottai (R.V), Kotthakottai (P) Ward-1 Kalyanipuram , 3.Kotthakottai (R.V), Kotthakottai (P) Ward-1 Kotthakottai Vadakku
17PUES (NEW TERRACED BUILDING) ,Thoppupatti 622303 1.Kotthakottai (R.V), Kotthakottai (P) Ward-2 Kotthakottai , 2.Kotthakottai (R.V), Kotthakottai (P) Ward-2 Vamban , 3.Kotthakottai (R.V), Kotthakottai (P) Ward-2 Keela kotthakottai , 4.Kotthakottai (R.V), Kotthakottai (P) Ward-2 Periyanayagi Samudram
18PUES, Western Terraced Building., East Facing ,Brakathambalpuram (Kothakottai) 622303 1.Kotthakottai (R.V), Kotthakottai (P) Ward-3 Thoppupatti Vadakku , 2.Kotthakottai (R.V), Kotthakottai (P) Ward- 3 Thoppupatti Therkku
19PUES North Tiled Building South Facing, Brakathambalpuram (Kothakottai) 622303 1.Kotthakottai (R.V), Kotthakottai (P) Ward-4 Bragathambalpuram , 2.Kotthakottai (R.V), Kotthakottai (P) Ward-4 Ammaiyanpuram
20R.C. ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (TILED BUILDING) ,Mickelpatti (Kovilur) 622303 1.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-4 Maikkelpatti Vadakku , 2.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-4 Maikkelpatti Kilakku , 3.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-4 Maikkelpatti Nadu Theru , 4.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-4 Maikkelpatti Merkku Theru , 5.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-4 Maikkelpatti Therkku Theru , 6.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-4 Harijana Theru , 7.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-4 Manjan Kudiyiruppu , 8.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-4 Thoongan Kudiyiuppu
21PUES (WESTERN TERRACED BUILDING) ,Kachiranpatti 622301 1.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-2 Katchiranpatti Vadakku , 2.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-2 Katchiranpatti Therkku , 3.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-2 Therkku Melakottai , 4.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-2 Sokkar Kudiyiruppu , 5.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-2 Melakottai Panaiyan Punjai
22PUES (WESTERN TERRACED BUILDING) ,Kachiranpatti 622301 1.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-3 Sambamanai Vadakku , 2.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-3 Sambamanai Therkku , 3.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-3 Therkku Melakottai Merkku , 4.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-3 Therkku Meelakottai Kilakku , 5.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-3 Therkku Melakottai Therkku
23PUES (WESTERN TERRACED BUILDING) ,Kovilur 622301 1.Kovilur Devasthanam (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-1 Kovilur Devasthanam , 2.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-1 Harijana Kudiyiruppu , 3.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-1 Harijana Kudiyiruppu Therkku , 4.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-1 Melakottai Harijana Theru , 5.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-1 Melakottai Devar Kudiyiruppu , 6.Kovilur (R.V), Kovilur (P) Ward-1 Melakkottai Ambalakarar Kudiyiruppu
24PUES (ASBESTOS BUILDING) ,Thavalaipallam (Kulandai Vinayagar Kottai) 622301 1.Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (R.V), Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (P) Ward-1 Thavalaipallam , 2.Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (R.V), Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (P) Ward-1 Fathima Nagar , 3.Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (R.V), Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (P) Ward-3 Urumanathapuram , 4.Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (R.V), Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (P) Ward-2 Thathapatti
25PUES NEW TERRACED BUILDING ,Kulandai Vinayagar Kottai 622301 1.Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (R.V), Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (P) Ward-2 Arasadipatti 4 Road , 2.Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (R.V), Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (P) Ward-2 Kallar Theru , 3.Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (R.V), Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (P) Ward-2 Pallivasal Theru , 4.Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (R.V), Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (P) Ward-2 Arisana Palaiya Kudiyiruppu , 5.Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (R.V), Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (P) Ward-2 Arisana Colony , 6.Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (R.V), Kulanthai Vinayagar Kottai (P) Ward-2 Pilapatti
26Saint Antoniyar Middle School New Terraced Building Western Side Facing South ,Arasadipatti 622301 1.Pudukkottaividuthi (R.V), Pudukkottaividuthi (P) Ward-4 Arasaradipatti
27Saint Antoniyar Middle School New Terraced Building Eastern Side Facing South ,Arasadipatti 622301 1.Pudukkottaividuthi (R.V), Pudukkottaividuthi (P) Ward-4 Soothiyanpatti , 2.Pudukkottaividuthi (R.V), Pudukkottaividuthi (P) Ward-4 MGR Nagar
28PUMS, New Terraced Building ,Kummangulam 622301 1.Pudukkottaividuthi (R.V), Pudukkottaividuthi (P) Ward-3 Kummankulam Udayar Theru , 2.Pudukkottaividuthi (R.V), Pudukkottaividuthi (P) Ward-3 Vadakku Adi Dravidar Theru , 3.Pudukkottaividuthi (R.V), Pudukkottaividuthi (P) Ward-3 Therkku Adi Dravidar Colony
29PUES, New Terraced Building, ,Pudukkottaividuthy 622301 1.Pudukkottaividuthi (R.V), Pudukkottaividuthi (P) Ward-1 Keela Theru , 2.Pudukkottaividuthi (R.V), Pudukkottaividuthi (P) Ward-1 Meela Theru , 3.Pudukkottaividuthi (R.V), Pudukkottaividuthi (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Theru
300 PUES (WESTERN SIDE TERRACED BUILDING) ,Mela Nemmakkottai 622301 1.Pudukkottaividuthi (R.V), Pudukkottaividuthi (P) Ward-2 Udaiyar Theru , 2.Pudukkottaividuthi (R.V), Pudukkottaividuthi (P) Ward-2 Harijana Theru , 3.Pudukkottaividuthi (R.V), Pudukkottaividuthi (P) Ward-2 Mela Nemmakottai , 4.Pudukkottaividuthi (R.V), Pudukkottaividuthi (P) Ward-2 Ganesh Nagar , 5.Pudukkottaividuthi (R.V), Pudukkottaividuthi (P) Ward-2 Keela Nemmakottai
31R.C.Middle School, South Side Terraced Building ,Alangudi 622301 1.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-1 Karambakudi Road (Gandhi Road) , 2.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-4 Gandhi Road , 3.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-3 Office Theru , 4.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-1 V.O.C Theru , 5.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-3 Police Line Theru
322 R.C.Middle School, Eastern Portion Building Facing West ,Alangudi 622301 1.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-3 Nehru Theru , 2.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-3 Aringar Anna Theru , 3.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-1 Andikulam Kilakku (Kummangulam Road) , 4.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-1 Andikulam Merkku
33GOVT BOYS HR SEC SCHOOL EASTERN SIDE TERRACED BUILDING SOUTHERN PORTION FACING WEST ROOM NO 1 ,Alangudi 622301 1.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-2 Pallivasal Theru , 2.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-2 Rajaji Theru , 3.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-2,3 Baharathidasan Salai (Adanakottai Road) , 4.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-2 Bharathidasan Salai Santhu , 5.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-2 Padel Nagar
34GOVT BOYS HR SEC SCHOOL EAST TERRACED BUILDING NORTHERN PORTION FACING WEST ROOM NO 4 ,Alangudi 622301 1.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-6 Sunnambukara Santhu , 2.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-6 Keel Sunnambukara Santhu , 3.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-6 Mela Sunnambukara Santhu , 4.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-4 Nadiyammal Theru , 5.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-7 Thiruvalluvar Salai , 6.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-12 Thaikkal Theru , 7.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-12 Jahir Usheen Theru , 8.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-12 Jahir Usheen Theru Santhu
35PUES Western Side Facing North Tiled Building Santhaipettai ,Alangudi 622301 1.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-13 Ramachandirapuram , 2.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-13 Gannagi Theru , 3.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-13 Gannagi Theru Virivakkam
366 PUMS (NORTH TERRACED BUILDING) ,Alangudi 622301 1.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-13,15 KVS.Nagar , 2.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-8 KVS Nagar Virivakkam
37GOVERNMENT GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL WESTERN SIDE TILED BUILDING) ,Alangudi 622301 1.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-8 Navalar Theru , 2.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-8 Periyar Theru , 3.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-10 Kalaingar Salai , 4.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-5 Ambatkar Nagar Main Theru , 5.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-8 Alagiri Theru , 6.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-12 Santhaipettai Theru , 7.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-13 Santhaipettai Theru Santhu
38GOVERNMENT GIRLS HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL SOUTH SIDE TILED BUILDING ,Alangudi 622301 1.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-13 Thaikkal Theru Santhu , 2.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-10 kamarajar Theru , 3.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-10 Indira Nagar , 4.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward- 5 Ambatkar Nagar Vadakku , 5.Aalngudi (R.V), Aalngudi (SP) Ward-5 Ambatkar Nagar Therkku
39PUMS New Terraced Building (92-93 Block) ,Alangudi 622301 1.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-5 Kambar Theru , 2.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-5 Therodum Keela Veethi
400 PUMS Tiled Building Facing North (92-93 Block) ,Alangudi 622301 1.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-8 Anna Nagar , 2.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-9 Therodum Therkku Veethi , 3.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-9 Sathiyamoorthi Nagar , 4.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-9 Therodum Mela Veethi , 5.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-9 Pathampatti , 6.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-9 R.S. Nagar , 7.Alangudi (R.V), Alangudi (SP) Ward-9 Anna Nagar Virivakkam
41PUES SOUTH TILED BUILDING FACING WEST NORTHERN PORTION ,Kallalangudi 622301 1.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-2,4 Kalifulla Nagar Colony , 2.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-4 Indira Nagar
42PUES SOUTH TILED BUILDING FACING WEST SOUTHERN PORTION ,Kallalangudi 622301 1.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-2,3 Therodum Mela Veethi , 2.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-4 Nadesan Nagar , 3.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-3,4 Thiruppathi Nagar
433 PUES (NORTH NEW TERRACED BUILDING) ,Kallalangudi 622301 1.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-2 Pagavathar Colony Kilakku , 2.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-2 Kattupatti , 3.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-2 Nayakkar Kudiyiruppu , 4.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-3 Kallalankudi , 5.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-3 Harijan Colony , 6.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-3 Keelapatti , 7.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-2 Samburanpatti
44PUES (EAST ASBESTOS BUILDING) ,Kalifullah Nagar (Kallalangudi) 622301 1.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-1 Kalifull Nagar , 2.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-1,2,4 Kalifulla Nagar Virivakkam
45PUES (NEW TERRACED BUILDING) ,Kalifullah Nagar (Kallalangudi) 622301 1.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-1 Nettuthukkarai , 2.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-1,2 Bharathi Nagar , 3.Kallalankudi (R.V), Kallalankudi (P) Ward-1 Pagavathar Colony Merkku
46PUMS, Terraced Building, South side, ,Pachikkottai 622301 1.Pachikottai (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-1 Solaikollai , 2.Pachikottai (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-1 Patchikkottai Keelapatti , 3.Pachikottai (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-1 Melapatti , 4.Pachikottai (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-1 Kandiyar Theru , 5.Pachikottai (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-1 Melakadu , 6.Pachikottai (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-1 Patchikkottai Adi Dravidar Colony
47PUMS NEW TERRACED BUILDING ,Pappanviduthy 622301 1.Pachikottai (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-2 Pappanviduthi , 2.Pachikottai (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-2 Pappanviduthi Colony , 3.Pachikottai (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-2 Manakollai , 4.Pachikottai (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-2 P.Kulavaipatti , 5.Pachikottai (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-2 Valakollai
48PUES Terraced Building Facing east Keelapatti Rasiyamangalam 622301 1.Keelapatti Rasiyamangalam (R.V), Keelapatti Rasiyamangalam (P) Ward-1 Keelapatti Rasiyamangalam Vadakku Theru , 2.Keelapatti Rasiyamangalam (R.V), Keelapatti Rasiyamangalam (P) Ward-2 Therkku Theru , 3.Keelapatti Rasiyamangalam (R.V), Keelapatti Rasiyamangalam (P) Ward-3 Sebasthiyar Kovil Theru
49PUES (D.P.E.P TERRACED BUILDING) ,Melappatti Rasiyamangalam 622301 1.M.Rasiyamangalam (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-3 Melapatti Rasiyamangalam , 2.M.Rasiyamangalam (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-3 Sarvothayapannai , 3.M.Rasiyamangalam (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-3 Megala Theater Kudiyiruppu , 4.Pachikottai (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-3 Sebasthiyarpuram Pappanvayal , 5.M.Rasiyamangalam (R.V), Pachikottai (P) Ward-3 Ayyanarpuram
50PUMS NORTH SIDE TERRACED BUILDING ,Melathur 622301 1.Melathur (R.V), Melathur (P) Ward-1 Melathur Vadakku Theru , 2.Melathur (R.V), Melathur (P) Ward-1 Melathur , 3.Melathur (R.V), Melathur (P) Ward-3 Melathur Keela Theru
51PUMS NORTH SIDE TERRACED BUILDING ,Melathur 622301 1.Melathur (R.V), Melathur (P) Ward-1 Sikkapatti Vadakku , 2.Melathur (R.V), Melathur (P) Ward-2 Sikkapatti Therkku , 3.Melathur (R.V), Melathur (P) Ward-3 Parapankadu , 4.Melathur (R.V), Melathur (P) Ward-3 Kadrampatti , 5.Melathur (R.V), Melathur (P) Ward-3 Nadupatti
52PUES Terraced Building Facing South Sooranviduthy 622301 1.Sooranviduthi (R.V), Meelathur (P) Ward-4 Sooranviduthi Therkku Theru , 2.Sooranviduthi (R.V), Meelathur (P) Ward-4 Sooranviduthi Vadakku Theru
53PUMS FACING SOUTH BUILDING ,Keelathur 622304 1.Keelathur (R.V), Keelathur (P) Ward-1,2,3 Kattiranpatti , 2.Keelathur (R.V), Keelathur (P) Ward-1,2,3 Kovilpatti , 3.Keelathur (R.V), Keelathur (P) Ward-1,2,3 Samathuvapuram , 4.Keelathur (R.V), Keelathur (P) Ward-1,2,3 Valamangalam , 5.Keelathur (R.V), Keelathur (P) Ward-1,2,3 pudukudiyiruppu , 6.Keelathur (R.V), Keelathur (P) Ward-1,2,3 Jeeva Nagar , 7.Keelathur (R.V), Keelathur (P) Ward-1,2,3 Shanthi Nagar
54PUMS FACING WEST BUILDING ,Keelathur 622304 1.Keelathur (R.V), Keelathur (P) Ward-1,2,3 Harijana Kudiyiruppu , 2.Keelathur (R.V), Keelathur (P) Ward-1,2,3 Keelathur
55PUES (ASBESTOS BUILDING) ,Vellakulam 622304 1.Keelathur (R.V) Keelathur (P) Ward-1 Kallampatti , 2.Keelathur (R.V) Keelathur (P) Ward-1 Vellalakulam , 3.Keelathur (R.V) Keelathur (P) Ward-1 Manapatti , 4.Keelathur (R.V) Keelathur (P) Ward-1 Uthapatti
566 PUES (D.P.E.P NEW BUILDING) ,Vadakadu (Servaikkaranpatti) 622304 1.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-4 Chetti Theru , 2.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-4 Satthanpatti , 3.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-4 Pilapunjai , 4.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-4 Chetti Theru Poonaikuttipatti
57PUES (D.P.E.P NEW BUILDING) ,Vadakadu (Servaikkaranpatti) 622304 1.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-5 Paruthi Punjai , 2.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-5 Koottampunjai , 3.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-5 Servaikaranpatti
58PUES, North Asbestos Building, ,Vadakadu (Therkkupatti) 622304 1.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-3 Pappamanai , 2.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-3 Harijana Theru
59PUES, SOUTH TILED BUILDING ,Vadakadu (Therkkupatti) 622304 1.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-3 Therkkupatti , 2.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-3 Vinayagampatti , 3.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-3 Mankuttipatti , 4.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-3 Main Road , 5.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-3 Vadakku Harijana Theru
60GHSS Ground Floor Terraced New Building Middle Portion, Facing East Room No. 3 ,Vadakadu 622304 1.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-1 Tholanpatti , 2.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-1 Kurunthadipunjai , 3.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-1 Vadakkupatti , 4.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-1 Kallilollai , 5.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-1 Mmeela Idaiyar Theru , 6.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-2 Keela Idayar Theru
61GHSS Terraced New Building Northern Portion, facing East Ground Floor Room No. 5 ,Vadakadu 622304 1.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-1 Sunthanpatti , 2.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-1 Muslim Theru , 3.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-1 Poonaikuttipatti , 4.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-1 Pallathividuthi
62PUES (NORTH TERRACD BUILDING) ,Vadakadu (Paramanpatti) 622304 1.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-2 Paraman Kudiyiruppu Thodakkappalli l Salai , 2.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-2 Paraman Kudiyiruppu , 3.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-2 Papper Mill Salai , 4.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-2 Malligaipunjai , 5.Vadakadu (R.V), Vadakadu (P) Ward-2 Pullachi Kudiyiruppu
63PUES, Tiled Building, North side, ,Mankadu (Manapunjai) 622304 1.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-4 Harijana Colony , 2.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-4 Saluvan Theru , 3.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-4 Mankattan Kollai , 4.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-4 Sulliya Theru , 5.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-4 Illuppa Punchai
64PUES, Terraced D.P.E.P. Building, Western side, ,Mankadu (Manapunjai) 622304 1.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-3 Avaiyan Theru , 2.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-3 Malavarayar Theru , 3.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-3 Main Road , 4.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-3 Vaniya Theru , 5.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-3 Thadiyamanai , 6.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-3 Patti Punjai
65PUES Terraced Building West Side, Facing East Room No.1 ,Sundarakudiyiruppu (Mankadu) 622304 1.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-1 Adaikathan Kudiyiruppu , 2.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-1 Periyakollai , 3.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-1 Sundaran Kudiyiruppu , 4.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-1 Usilankollai
66PUES Terraced Building West Side, Facing East Room No.2 ,Sundarakudiyiruppu (Mankadu) 622304 1.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-2 Sombiya Theru , 2.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-2 Chettikollai , 3.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-2 Chettiyar Theru , 4.Mankadu (R.V), Mankadu (P) Ward-2 Manapunjai
67PUES, D.P.E.P. Terraced Building, ,Mela Pullanviduthy 622304 1.Pullanviduthi (R.V), Pullanviduthi (P) Ward-1 Keelapullan Viduthi , 2.Pullanviduthi (R.V), Pullanviduthi (P) Ward-4 Solla Theru , 3.Pullanviduthi (R.V), Pullanviduthi (P) Ward-4 Kenjan Theru , 4.Pullanviduthi (R.V), Pullanviduthi (P) Ward-4 Nattar Theru , 5.Pullanviduthi (R.V), Pullanviduthi (P) Ward-4 Parattaiyan Theru , 6.Pullanviduthi (R.V), Pullanviduthi (P) Ward-4 Melapullanviduthi
68GHS (WEST TERRACED BUILDING) ,Pullanviduthy 622304 1.Pullanviduthi (R.V), Pullanviduthi (P) Ward-2,3 Harijana Colony , 2.Pullanviduthi (R.V), Pullanviduthi (P) Ward- 2,3 Seeriyar Theru , 3.Pullanviduthi (R.V), Pullanviduthi (P) Ward-2,3 Vadakku Theru , 4.Pullanviduthi (R.V), Pullanviduthi (P) Ward-2,3 Peyan Theru , 5.Pullanviduthi (R.V), Pullanviduthi (P) Ward-2,3 Perankollai , 6.Pullanviduthi (R.V), Pullanviduthi (P) Ward-2,3 Kollankollai
69PUES (ASBESTOS BUILDING) ,Pavalathalpuram (Neduvasal West)622304 1.Neduvasal Melpathi (R.V) Neduvasal Melpathi (P) Ward-1 Aranmanaithoppu , 2.Neduvasal Melpathi (R.V) Neduvasal Melpathi (P) Ward-2 Pavalathalpuram , 3.Neduvasal Melpathi (R.V) Neduvasal Melpathi (P) Ward-2 Konar Theru , 4.Neduvasal Melpathi (R.V) Neduvasal Melpathi (P) Ward-3 Velar Theru
70PUES TERRACED BUILDING ,Kuruvadi (Neduvasal West)622304 1.Neduvasal Melpathi (R.V) Neduvasal Melpathi (P) Ward-3 Vadakki Kadu , 2.Neduvasal Melpathi (R.V) Neduvasal Melpathi (P) Ward-1 Kuruvadi , 3.Neduvasal Melpathi (R.V) Neduvasal Melpathi (P) Ward-3 Aasari Theru , 4.Neduvasal Melpathi (R.V) Neduvasal Melpathi (P) Ward-3 Maruthuvar Theru
71GHSS New Terraced Building, East Portion West Facing Room No.1 ,Neduvasal Keelpathi 622304 1.Neduvasal Keelpathi (R.V), Neduvasal Keelpathi (P) Ward-4 Mela Theru , 2.Neduvasal Keelpathi (R.V), Neduvasal Keelpathi (P) Ward-4 Nadu Theru , 3.Neduvasal Keelpathi (R.V), Neduvasal Keelpathi (P) Ward-2 South Theru , 4.Neduvasal Keelpathi (R.V), Neduvasal Keelpathi (P) Ward-2 Anna Nagar , 5.Neduvasal Keelpathi (R.V), Neduvasal Keelpathi (P) Ward-2 Pudu Nagar
72GHSS New Terraced Building, East Portion West Facing Room No.3 ,Neduvasal Keelpathi 622304 1.Neduvasal Keelpathi (R.V), Neduvasal Keelpathi (P) Ward-1 Seruvaviduthi Salai , 2.Neduvasal Keelpathi (R.V), Neduvasal Keelpathi (P) Ward-1 Ambatgar Theru , 3.Neduvasal Keelpathi (R.V), Neduvasal Keelpathi (P) Ward-1 Kilakku THeru , 4.Neduvasal Keelpathi (R.V), Neduvasal Keelpathi (P) Ward-3 Vadakku Theru
73PUES (NORTH NEW TERRACED BUILDING) ,Lakshmi Narasimma Puram 622304 1.Anavayal II Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-8 Karunkan Theru Therkku , 2.Anavayal II Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-8 Valluvar Theru , 3.Anavayal II Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-8 Karunkan Theru Vadakku , 4.Anavayal II Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-8 Vathangan Theru , 5.Anavayal II Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-8 Pachikottayan Theru , 6.Anavayal II Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-8 Koothadi Theru , 7.Anavayal II Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-8 Poosari Theru , 8.Anavayal II Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-8 Kulakaran Theru , 9.Anavayal II Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-8 Thoppukollai , 10.Anavayal II Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-8 Seeriyar Theru , 11.Anavayal II Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-8 Senkollai Vadakku Theru , 12.Anavayal II Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-8 Senkollai Therkku Theru
74PUES, SSA New Terraced Eastern Bld., ,Thadiyamanai 622304 1.Anavayal I Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narachimmapuram (P) Ward-5 Santhaipettai Theru , 2.Anavayal I Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narachimmapuram (P) Ward-5 Chettiyar Theru , 3.Anavayal I Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narachimmapuram (P) Ward-5 Rajaji Theru , 4.Anavayal I Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narachimmapuram (P) Ward-5 Anavayal 1 Bit Thadiyamanai , 5.Anavayal I Bit (R.V), Lakshmi Narachimmapuram (P) Ward-6 Chettiyendal Thadiyamanai , 6.Andavarayapuram (R.V), Lakshmi Narachimmapuram (P) Ward-7 Andavarayapuram , 7.Andavarayapuram (R.V), Lakshmi Narachimmapuram (P) Ward-7 Nemmakollai , 8.Andavarayapuram (R.V), Lakshmi Narachimmapuram (P) Ward-7 Nemmakollai Therkku
75GHSS (NORTH WEST TERRACED BUILDING), SOUTHERN PORTION, FACING EAST ,Lakshmi Narasimma Puram 622304 1.Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-1 Jeeva Nagar , 2.Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-1 Jeva Nagar Therkku , 3.Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-1 Ambatkar Nagar , 4.Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-1 Vathangan Theru Kilakku , 5.Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-1 Vathangan Theru , 6.Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-1 Pachikottaiyan Theru , 7.Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-1 Pachikottaiyan Theru Vadakku
76GHSS NORTH WEST TERRACED BUILDING, NORTH PORTION FACING EAST, ,Lakshmi Narasimma Puram 622304 1.Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-2 Koothadi Theru , 2.Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-2 Chettioyar Theru , 3.Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-2 Main Road , 4.Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (R.V), Lakshmi Narasimmapuram (P) Ward-2 Patti Punjai
77PUES (TERRACED BUILDING) ,Pulichankadu 622304 1.Pulichankadu (R.V), Lakshmi Narachimmapuram (P) Ward-4 Patti Punjai , 2.Pulichankadu (R.V), Lakshmi Narachimmapuram (P) Ward-4 Pulichankadu , 3.Pulichankadu (R.V), Lakshmi Narachimmapuram (P) Ward-4 Pudukkottai Salai , 4.Pulichankadu (R.V), Lakshmi Narachimmapuram (P) Ward-4 Aranthangi Salai , 5.Pulichankadu (R.V), Lakshmi Narachimmapuram (P) Ward-4 Peravurani Salai , 6.Pulichankadu (R.V), Lakshmi Narachimmapuram (P) Ward-4 Anna Nagar , 7.Pulichankadu (R.V), Lakshmi Narachimmapuram (P) Ward-4 Sukkiran Theru
78PUES (TERRACED BUILDING) ,Karambakkadu Inam 614624 1.Seriyaloor Inam (P) Ward-1 Karambakadu Inam , 2.Seriyaloor Inam (P) Ward-1 Muslim KUdiyeruppu , 3.Seriyaloor Inam (P) Ward-2 Karambakadu Jameen
799 PUMS (TERRACED BUILDING) Golden Jubliee Building ,Seriyalur Jamin 614624 1.Seriyaloor Jamin (R.V), Seriyaloor Jamin(P) Ward-2 Seriyaloor Jamin Keelakudiyiruppu , 2.Seriyaloor Jamin (R.V), Seriyaloor Jamin(P) Ward-2 Harijana Theru , 3.Seriyaloor Jamin (R.V), Seriyaloor Jamin(P) Ward-2 Mela Kudiyeruppu Theru , 4.Seriyaloor Jamin (R.V), Seriyaloor Jamin(P) Ward-2 Therkku Kudiyiruppu
80PUMS (ASBESTOS BUILDING) ,Seriyalur Jamin 614624 1.Seriyaloor Inam (R.V), Seriyaloor Inam (P) Ward-1 Velar, Ambalakarar Kudiyiruppu , 2.Seriyaloor Inam (R.V), Seriyaloor Inam (P) Ward-1 Ambalakarar Kudiyiruppu , 3.Seriyaloor Inam (R.V), Seriyaloor Inam (P) Ward-1 Therkku Kudiyiruppu
81GOVT BOYS HR.SEC.SCHOOL Ground Floor Terraced Building North Portion, Facing West Room No. 1 ,Keeramangalam 614624 1.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-3 Aranmanai Kollai , 2.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-4 Saraboji Theru , 3.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-3 Therkku Theru , 4.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-3 Bharathi Theru
82GOVT BOYS HR.SEC.SCHOOL Ground Floor New Terraced Building, Centre Portion, Facing West Room No. 3 ,Keeramangalam 614624 1.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-3 Thiruvalluvar Theru , 2.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-4 Kumaran Salai , 3.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward- 3 Vadakki Kadu , 4.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-3 Rajaji Theru
83PUMS D.P.E.P (TERRACED BUILDING) ,Kasimpudupetti (Keeramangalam) 614624 1.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-1 Kittuvai Theru , 2.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-1 Muslim Theru , 3.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-1 Pallivasal Theru , 4.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-1 Kataponnam Theru , 5.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-1 Arunachaladevar Theru
84GOVT. BOYS HR SEC SCHOOL, Ground Floor New Terraced Building, Southern Portion Facing West Room No. 4 ,Keeramangalam North 614624 1.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-2 Chittathikadu Salai , 2.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-4 Merpanaikadu Salai , 3.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-4 Neruji Thidal , 4.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-11,12 Pattukottai, Aranthangi Salai , 5.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-4 VOC.Theru
85PUES, TERRACED BUILDING ,Keeramangalam North 614624 1.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-12 Narikuravar Colony , 2.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-1 Anna Nagar , 3.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-5 Kailasam Theru
86PUES, TERRACED BUILDING ,Keeramangalam North 614624 1.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-5 Darmar Koil Theru , 2.Keeramangalam North (R.V), Keeramangalam (TP) Ward-5 Gandhiji Theru
87PUES (TILED BUILDING), WESTERN PORTION SOUTH SIDE ,Melakadu Keeramangalam West 614624 1.Keeramangalam South (R.V), Keeramangalam South (TP) Ward-9 Pattukottai main Road , 2.Keeramangalam South (R.V), Keeramangalam South (TP) Ward-10 Sathyamoorthy Road
88PUES (TILED BUILDING), WESTERN PORTION FACING SOUTH ,Melakadu Keeramangalam West 614624 1.Keeramangalam South (R.V), Keeramangalam South (TP) Ward-9 Kamarajar Salai , 2.Keeramangalam South (R.V), Keeramangalam South (TP) Ward-11 V.O.C.Salai
899 PUES (TILED BUILDING) ,Kodikkarambai (Keeramangalam) 614624 1.Keeramangalam South (R.V), Keeramangalam South (SP) Ward-7 Kodikarambai Road , 2.Keeramangalam South (R.V), Keeramangalam South (SP) Ward-6 Aladikollai , 3.Keeramangalam South (R.V), Keeramangalam South (SP) Ward-6,7 V.O.C.Salai
90PUES, Terraced Bld., South Facing ,Nagaram 614624 1.Nagaram (R.V), Nagaram (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Veethi , 2.Nagaram (R.V), Nagaram (P) Ward-1 Therkku Veethi
91GHS TERRACED BUILDING NORTHERN PORTION FACING WEST ,Senthankudi 614624 1.Senthankudi (R.V), Senthankudi (P) Ward-1 Therkku Kudiyiruppu , 2.Senthankudi (R.V), Senthankudi (P) Ward- 1 Merkku Kudiyiruppu , 3.Senthankudi (R.V), Senthankudi (P) Ward-1 Adidiravidar Kudiyiruppu
92GHS TERRACED BUILDING SOUTHERN PORTION FACING WEST ,Senthankudi 614624 1.Senthankudi (R.V), Senthankudi (P) Ward-1 Senthankudi Kilakku Kudiyiruppu , 2.Senthankudi (R.V), Senthankudi (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Kudiyiruppu
93GHSS South Terraced Building North Facing ,Kothamangalam 614624 1.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-5 Vettikadu , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-5 Paluvan Theru
94GHSS New Terraced Building Northern Side Middle Portion Facing South ,Kothamangalam 614624 1.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-5 Vellaiyamorthy , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-5 Nanam periyan Theru Merkku
95PUES, Terraced Building Southern Facing ,Sankarankudiyiruppu (Kothamangalam East) 614624 1.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-1 Petthankollai Sankaran Theru , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-1 Keela kongan Theru , 3.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Koonery Theru , 4.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-1 Therkku Koonery Theru , 5.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-1 Ayyanar, Ambetgar Nagar , 6.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-1 Mela Kongan Theru
96PUES NEW BUILDING 2000 2001 ,Kothamangalam 614624 1.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-2 Maruthan Kudiyiruppu , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-2 Koonery Kudiyiruppu , 3.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-2 Nanan Piriyan Kudiyiruppu
97PUES NEW TERRACED BUILDING 95 96, ,Kothamangalam Centre 614624 1.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-3 Kodiya kudiyiruppu , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-3 Kongan Theru , 3.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-3 Koolachikollai Kilakku , 4.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-3 Sndangivalasai
98PUES (TILED BUILDING) ,Sundangikudiyiruppu Kothamangalam 614624 1.Kothamangalam (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Ward-1 Sundangivalasai , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Ward-2 Koolachikollai , 3.Kothamangalam (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Ward-3 Kotthamangalam Centre , 4.Kothamangalam (R.V) Kothamangalam (P) Ward-4 Chetti Theru
99PUES (EAST TILED BUILDING) ,Manavalan Nagar (Kothamangalam) 614624 1.Kothamangalam North (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-6 Kattaperiyan Theru , 2.Kothamangalam North (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-6 Manavalan Theru
100PUES (EAST TILED BUILDING) ,Manavalan Nagar (Kothamangalam) 614624 1.Kothamangalam North (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-6 Meenankollai , 2.Kothamangalam North (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-6 Pilakollai , 3.Kothamangalam North (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-8 Ambetkar Nagar , 4.Kothamangalam North (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-8 Panasakadu
1011 PUES, Terraced Building Western Side ,Chidambaraviduthy (Kothamangalam) 614624 1.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-7 Chidambaraviduthi , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-7 Otthankollai , 3.Kothamangalam (R.V), Kothamangalam (P) Ward-7 Vellaiyamorthy Theru
102PUES Terraced Building South Facing, Alangadu 1.Alankadu (R.V), Alankadu (P) Ward-1 Keelapatti , 2.Alankadu (R.V), Alankadu (P) Ward-1 Adidiravidar Colony , 3.Alankadu (R.V), Alankadu (P) Ward-1 Thondaiman Kudiyiruppu , 4.Alankadu (R.V), Alankadu (P) Ward-2 Irunkulavan Kudiyiruppu , 5.Alankadu (R.V), Alankadu (P) Ward-2 Therkkupatti , 6.Alankadu (R.V), Alankadu (P) Ward-2 Melapatti , 7.Alankadu (R.V), Alankadu (P) Ward-2 Uthapatti Adidiravidar Colony
103PUES (ASBESTOS BUILDING) ,Pallathividuthy 622301 1.Pallathividuthi (R.V), Pallathividuthi (P) Ward-1 Adidiravidar Kudiyiruppu , 2.Pallathividuthi (R.V), Pallathividuthi (P) Ward-1 Vadukkupatti , 3.Pallathividuthi (R.V), Pallathividuthi (P) Ward-1 Nadupatti , 4.Pallathividuthi (R.V), Pallathividuthi (P) Ward-2 Therkkupatti , 5.Pallathividuthi (R.V), Pallathividuthi (P) Ward- 2 Mayeladi kudiyiruppu , 6.Pallathividuthi (R.V), Pallathividuthi (P) Ward-2 Vaguthandi kudiyiruppu
104PUES (ASBESTOS BUILDING) ,Mela Karumbirankottai 622301 1.Pallathividuthy (R.V), Karumpirankottai (P) Ward-1 Keelakarumbirankottai , 2.Pallathividuthy (R.V), Karumpirankottai (P) Ward-1 Adidiravidal Colony , 3.Pallathividuthy (R.V), Karumpirankottai (P) Ward-1 Vandayar Theru , 4.Pallathividuthy (R.V), Karumpirankottai (P) Ward-2 Meelakarumbirankottai
105PUES Facing South Terraced Building ,Vanniyanviduthy 614622 1.Araiyapatti (R.V), Araiyapatti (P) Ward-1 Thondaiman Kudiyeruppu , 2.Araiyapatti (R.V), Araiyapatti (P) Ward- 1 Vanniyan viduthi , 3.Araiyapatti (R.V), Araiyapatti (P) Ward-2 Mariyamman Kovil Theru
106PUES Facing East Terraced Building ,Vanniyanviduthy 614622 1.Araiyapatti (R.V), Araiyapatti (P) Ward-1 Theethan Kudiyeruppu , 2.Araiyapatti (R.V), Araiyapatti (P) Ward-2 Melathoppu , 3.Araiyapatti (R.V), Araiyapatti (P) Ward-2 Surenthiriyam
107PUES (WEST TERRACED BUILDING) ,Araiyapatti 614622 1.Araiyapatti (R.V), Araiyapatti (P) Ward-3 M.Arayappatti Harijana Co Kaduvarikudi , 2.Araiyapatti (R.V), Araiyapatti (P) Ward-3 Keela Araiyapatti
108PUES (EAST TILED BUILDING) ,Araiyapatti 614622 1.Araiyapatti (R.V), Araiyapatti (P) Ward-3 Vellalakollai , 2.Araiyapatti (R.V), Araiyapatti (P) Ward-3 Therkku Araiyapatti
109PUMS (NORTH MAIN TERRACE BUILDING) ,Pathampatti 622301 1.Pathampatti (R.V), Pathampatti (P) Ward-1 Pallikkoodatheru , 2.Pathampatti (R.V), Pathampatti (P) Ward-1 Manjadi Theru , 3.Pathampatti (R.V), Pathampatti (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Patthampatti , 4.Pathampatti (R.V), Pathampatti (P) Ward-2 Vidankan Thoppu , 5.Pathampatti (R.V), Pathampatti (P) Ward-3 Therkku Patthampatti
110GOVERNMENT AIDED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (TILED BUILDING) ,Kuppakudi 622301 1.Kuppakudi (P) Ward-1 Ayeepatti , 2.Kuppakudi (P) Ward-1 Mangalapuram , 3.Kuppakudi (P) Ward-1 Meenatchipuram , 4.Kuppakudi (P) Ward-1 Moottanpatti , 5.Kuppakudi (P) Ward-1 Kuppakudi
111NOON MEALS CENTER (ASBESTOS BUILDING) ,Kuppakudi 622301 1.Kuppakudi (R.V), Kuppakudi (P) Ward-2 Harijana Colony , 2.Kuppakudi (R.V), Kuppakudi (P) Ward-2 Boomankollai , 3.Kuppakudi (R.V), Kuppakudi (P) Ward-2 Mottama Kollai , 4.Kuppakudi (R.V), Kuppakudi (P) Ward-2 Pottathi Kollai , 5.Kuppakudi (R.V), Kuppakudi (P) Ward-2 Karunkali Kollai , 6.Kuppakudi (R.V), Kuppakudi (P) Ward-2 Rengasumudram , 7.Kuppakudi (R.V), Kuppakudi (P) Ward-2 Pullan Thoppu
112PUMS, SSA Building Southern Side ,Kalyanapuram 622301 1.Kuppakudi (R.V), Kuppakudi (P) Ward-3 Kalyanapuram , 2.Kuppakudi (R.V), Kuppakudi (P) Ward-4 Thoppukollai
113GOVERNMENT AIDED ELEMENTARY SCHOOL (EASTERN WINGTILED BUILDING) ,KoolaiyanKadu 622201 1.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-1 Soothiyankadu , 2.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward- 1 Mayeladi Kadu , 3.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-1 Koolaiyankadu
114NOON MEALS CENTER, ,Koolaiyan Kadu(vennavalkudi) 622201 1.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-2 Karuvan Kudiyeruppu , 2.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-2 Kurunthadimanai , 3.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-2 Thenikadu , 4.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-2 Pasuvayal
115GHSS WESTERN BUILDING FACING EAST ROOM NO.11 ,Vennavalkudi 622201 1.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-4 Vadakku Agrakaram , 2.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-4 Soriyan Thoppu , 3.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-4 Vengidakulam , 4.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-4 Vallikadu , 5.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-4 Mathavadikadu
116GHSS (SOUTHERN SIDE BUILDING) FACING NORTH ROOM NO.7 ,Vennavalkudi 622201 1.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-4 Therkku Akraharam , 2.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-4 Ramachandirapuram , 3.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-4 Mela thiran kudiyiruppu , 4.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-4 Anguranpatti , 5.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Ward-4 Kotthakottaiyar kudiyiruppu
117PUES, Terraced Building, ,Vennavalkudi 622201 1.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Vennavalkudi , 2.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Harijana Colony , 3.Vennavalkudi (R.V), Vennavalkudi (P) Thanchan korapatthai
118R.C. HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL (EAST TERRACE BUILDING ROOM NO 10) ,Vengidakulam 622303 1.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Nadupaguthi , 2.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Kammakarai Irakkam , 3.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Therkku theru Merkku , 4.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Therkku Theru Kilakku , 5.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Therkku Theru , 6.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Ayyanar Kovil Vadakku Theru , 7.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Valacheripatti Killakku , 8.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Valacheripatti Merkku , 9.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Valacheripatti Colony , 10.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Santhaipettai Theru
119R.C. HIGHER SECONDARY SCHOOL (EAST TERRACE BUILDING ROOM NO 10) ,Vengidakulam 622303 1.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Ward-2 Nanthavanam Vadakku , 2.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Ward-2 Nanthavanam Therkku , 3.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Ward-2 Keela theru Therkku , 4.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Ward-2 Keela theru Vadakku , 5.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Ward-2 Vadakku Theru , 6.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Ward-2 Vengidakulam , 7.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Ward-2 Melatheru , 8.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Ward-2 Vengidakulam Nadupathi , 9.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Ward-2 Hrijana theru Merkku , 10.Vengidakulam (R.V), Vengidakulam (P) Ward-2 Hrijana theru Kilakku
120PUES, Terraced South Building, Western portion, ,Thetchinapuram 622303 1.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward--2 Kadaiyan Thoppu Vadakku , 2.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward--Kadaiyan Thoppu Therkku , 3.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward--2 Kadaiyan Thoppu Colony , 4.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward--2 Shanmuganathapuram , 5.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward--2 Shanmuganathapuram Therkku , 6.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward--2 Mudukkupunjai Vadakku , 7.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward--2 Mudukkupunjai , 8.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward--2 Mudukkupunjai Kilakku , 9.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward--2 Mudukkupunjai Merkku , 10.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward--2 Avudayarpatti , 11.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward--2 Iruthayapuram , 12.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward--2 Iruthayapuram Therkku , 13.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward--2 Iruthayapuram Vadakku
121PUES, South Terraced Building, East Portion, ,Thetchinapuram 622303 1.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward-1 Vadakku Theru , 2.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward-1 Meelatheru , 3.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward-1 Keelatheru , 4.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward-1 Harijana Theru , 5.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward-1 Therkku Theru , 6.Thetchinapuram (R.V), Thetchinapuram (P) Ward-1 Aasari Theru
122RAMA VEERAPPAN RAJAMMAL PUES, NORTH TERRACED BUILDING ,Vallathirakottai 622303 1.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-1 Kannan Theru , 2.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-1 Muthuraja Theru , 3.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-1 Dharmar Salai , 4.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-1 Beeman Salai , 5.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-1 Arjunan Salai , 6.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-1 Thiruvupathiyamman Salai , 7.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-1 Dharmar Kovil Theru , 8.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-1 Kunthidevi Salai , 9.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-2 Sagadevan Salai , 10.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-2 Anbetgar Nagar
123RAMA VEERAPPAN RAJAMMAL PUES, SOUTH TERRACED BUILDING ,Vallathirakottai 622303 1.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-2,3 Nagulan Salai , 2.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-3 Ramachandirapuram , 3.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-3 Karnan Theru , 4.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-Thuronar Theru , 5.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-3 Beshmar Theru , 6.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-3 Ithaya Theru , 7.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-3 Aranthangi Salai , 8.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-3 Veerapathran Salai , 9.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-3 Muneswarar Salai , 10.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-3 Kaliyammal Theru , 11.Vallathirakottai (R.V), Vallathirakottai (P) Ward-3 Karuppar Valamburi Vinayagar Theru
1244 PUMS SOUTH ASBESTOS BUILDING ,Poovarasakudi 622303 1.Poovarasakudi (R.V), Poovarasakudi (P) Ward-2,3 Poomathanpatti , 2.Poovarasakudi (R.V), Poovarasakudi (P) Ward-2,3 Sathirapatti , 3.Poovarasakudi (R.V), Poovarasakudi (P) Ward-2,3 Senthiraipatti , 4.Poovarasakudi (R.V), Poovarasakudi (P) Ward-2,3 Poovarasakudi , 5.Poovarasakudi (R.V), Poovarasakudi (P) Ward-2,3 Velar Theru
125PUMS, Terraced Building, Eastern Side, ,Poovarasakudi 622303 1.Poovarasakudi (R.V), Poovarasakudi (P) Ward-1,4 Kittakadu , 2.Poovarasakudi (R.V), Poovarasakudi (P) Ward- 1,4 Alagambalpuram , 3.Poovarasakudi (R.V), Poovarasakudi (P) Ward-1,4 Subbammalpatti , 4.Poovarasakudi (R.V), Poovarasakudi (P) Ward-1,4 Pirakasapuram , 5.Poovarasakudi (R.V), Poovarasakudi (P) Ward-1,4 Aasari Theru , 6.Poovarasakudi (R.V), Poovarasakudi (P) Ward-1,4 Ganesh Nagar
126PUMS (TILED BUILDING) ,Kaikuruchi 622303 1.Vijayaregunathapuram (R.V), Kaikuruchi (P) Ward-3 Alagambalpuram , 2.Vijayaregunathapuram (R.V), Kaikuruchi (P) Ward-2 Poomathanpatti , 3.Vijayaregunathapuram (R.V), Kaikuruchi (P) Ward-3 Vijayaregunathapuram Kallar Theru , 4.Vijayaregunathapuram (R.V), Kaikuruchi (P) Ward-3 Vijayaregunathapuram Harijana Theru , 5.Vijayaregunathapuram (R.V), Kaikuruchi (P) Ward-3 Kaikuruchi , 6.Vijayaregunathapuram (R.V), Kaikuruchi (P) Ward-4 Kaikuruchi Harijana Theru , 7.Vijayaregunathapuram (R.V), Kaikuruchi (P) Ward-4 Thatchan Vayal
127PUMS (NORTH ASBESTOS BUILDING) ,Kaikuruchi 622303 1.Kaikuruchi (R.V), Kaikuruchi (P) Ward-1 Velar Theru , 2.Kaikuruchi (R.V), Kaikuruchi (P) Ward-1 Kaikuruchi Kallar Theru , 3.Kaikuruchi (R.V), Kaikuruchi (P) Ward-1 Harijana Theru , 4.Kaikuruchi (R.V), Kaikuruchi (P) Ward-2 Thoppukollai , 5.Kaikuruchi (R.V), Kaikuruchi (P) Ward-2 Pappa Vayal , 6.Kaikuruchi (R.V), Kaikuruchi (P) Ward-2 Mootthanakuruchi , 7.Kaikuruchi (R.V), Kaikuruchi (P) Ward-2 Alagambalpuram
128PUES (NORTH TERRACED BUILDING) ,Vandakottai 622303 1.Vandakottai (R.V), Vandakottai (P) Ward-1 Vandakottai , 2.Vandakottai (R.V), Vandakottai (P) Ward-2 Adidiravitar Theru , 3.Vandakottai (R.V), Vandakottai (P) Ward-2 Ottankarachipatti , 4.Vandakottai (R.V), Vandakottai (P) Ward-2 Thiruvudaiyarpatti
129PUES (TERRACED BUILDING) ,Maniambalam 622303 1.Maniyambalam (R.V), Maniyambalam (P) Ward-1 Maniyambalam Ambetkar Nagar , 2.Maniyambalam (R.V), Maniyambalam (P) Ward-1 Keela Senthirai , 3.Maniyambalam (R.V), Maniyambalam (P) Ward-2 Mela Senthirai
130PUES (TERRACED BUILDING) ,Palakudipatti 622303 1.Kalankudi (R.V), Kalankudi (P) Ward-1 Kalangudi Adidiravidar Theru , 2.Kalankudi (R.V), Kalankudi (P) Ward- 1 Kalangudi Konar Theru , 3.Kalankudi (R.V), Kalankudi (P) Ward-1 Pillaiyar Kovil Theru. , 4.Kalankudi (R.V), Kalankudi (P) Ward-1 Sarukkupala Veethi , 5.Kalankudi (R.V), Kalankudi (P) Ward-1,2 Palakudipatti , 6.Kalankudi (R.V), Kalankudi (P) Ward-2 Kalathumedu , 7.Kalankudi (R.V), Kalankudi (P) Ward-2 Kinginipatti Pallikooda Salai , 8.Kalankudi (R.V), Kalankudi (P) Ward-2 Thiruvudayarpatti Salai , 9.Kalankudi (R.V), Kalankudi (P) Ward-1 Kinkinippatti Adi Dravidar Colony
131PUMS SOUTHERN SIDE, TERRACED BUILDING NORTH FACING ,Kathakuruchi 622303 1.Kathakuruchi (R.V), Kathakuruchi (P) Ward-2 Katthakuruchi Colony , 2.Kathakuruchi (R.V), Kathakuruchi (P) Ward-2 Katthakuruchi Vadakku , 3.Kathakuruchi (R.V), Kathakuruchi (P) Ward-2 Katthakuruchi Therukku , 4.Nambukuli (R.V), Katthakuruchi (P) Ward-1 Nambukuli , 5.Nambukuli (R.V), Katthakuruchi (P) Ward-1 Nambukuli Colony
132PUMS TILED BUILDING SOUTH FACING ,Kathakuruchi 622303 1.Kanniyapatti (R.V), Kathakuruchi (P) Ward-1 Madathupatti , 2.Kanniyapatti (R.V), Kathakuruchi (P) Ward-1 Avudaiyapatti , 3.Nambukuli (R.V), Katthakuruchi (P) Ward-1 Mudukku Punjai , 4.Kanniyapatti (R.V), Katthakuruchi (P) Ward-1 Periyanayagipuram , 5.Koodalur (R.V), Kathakuruchi (P) Ward-1 Koodalur
1333 Govt High School SSA Terraced Building North Side ,S.Kulavaipatti 622201 1.S.Kulavaippatti (R.V), S.Kulavaippatti (P) Ward-1 Idayar Natham , 2.S.Kulavaippatti (R.V), S.Kulavaippatti (P) Ward-2 Kulavaippatti Muhamathiayar Natham , 3.S.Kulavaippatti (R.V), S.Kulavaippatti (P) Ward-3 Adeswarankovil Natham , 4.S.Kulavaippatti (R.V), S.Kulavaippatti (P) Ward-2 Kalaivanar Theru , 5.S.Kulavaippatti (R.V), S.Kulavaippatti (P) Ward-2 Kallar Natham , 6.S.Kulavaippatti (R.V), S.Kulavaippatti (P) Ward-1 Kulavaipatti Harijana Colony , 7.S.Kulavaippatti (R.V), S.Kulavaippatti (P) Ward-1 Kuravar Natham
134PUES Terraced Building Facing West ,Muthupattinam 622201 1.S.Kulavaippatti (R.V), S.Kulavaippatti (P) Ward-1 Mela Kulavaippatti Natham , 2.Muthupattinam (R.V), S.Kulavaippatti (P) Ward-3 Muthupattinam Muhamathiayar Harijana Colony , 3.Muthupattinam (R.V), S.Kulavaippatti (P) Ward-3 Muthupattinam
135PUES Facing East Tilled Building ,Palaiyur 622201 1.Palaiyur (R.V) Palaiyur (P) Ward-2 Balan Nagar , 2.Palaiyur (R.V) Palaiyur (P) Ward-2 Kalinkipatti , 3.Palaiyur (R.V) Palaiyur (P) Ward-2 Patcheri , 4.Palaiyur (R.V) Palaiyur (P) Ward-2 Palangarai , 5.Palaiyur (R.V) Palaiyur (P) Ward-2 Palaiyur
1366 PUES Facing East Terraced Building ,Palaiyur 622201 1.Palaiyur (R.V) Palaiyur (P) Ward-1 Kamarajapuram Colony , 2.Palaiyur (R.V) Palaiyur (P) Ward-1 Pommanathapuram , 3.Malakudi (R.V), Palaiyur (P) Ward-3 Kandakudipatti , 4.Malakudi (R.V), Palaiyur (P) Ward- 3 Malakudi , 5.Malakudi (R.V), Palaiyur (P) Ward-3 Seeradum Selvi
137PUES, Terraced Building, ,Senthakudi 622201 1.Senthakudi (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-3 KovilpattiKallarIdayar Krishthu Natham , 2.Senthakudi (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-3 Senthavayal , 3.Senthakudi (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-3 Therkku Senthakudi , 4.Senthakudi (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-3 Senthavayal Pallar Natham , 5.Senthakudi (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-3 Senthakudi Kallar Natham , 6.Senthakudi (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-3 Harjana Colony , 7.Senthakudi (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-3 Idyar Natham , 8.Senthakudi (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-3 Pallar Natham
138PUMS (TERRACED BUILDING) ,Isugupatti (Kothamangalam) 622201 1.Kothamangalam (R.V), Palaiyur (P) Ward-4 Kothamangalam Vadakku , 2.Kothamangalam (R.V), Palaiyur (P) Ward-4 Kothamangalam South , 3.Isugupatti (R.V), Isugupatti (P) Ward-1 Nagarethina Pallam , 4.Isugupatti (R.V), Isugupatti (P) Ward-2 Sembadavayal , 5.Isugupatti (R.V), Isugupatti (P) Ward-2 Isugupatti , 6.Isugupatti (R.V), Isugupatti (P) Ward-3 Kovil Vasal , 7.Isugupatti (R.V), Isugupatti (P) Ward-3 Isugupatti Colony , 8.Isugupatti (R.V), Isugupatti (P) Ward-3 Indranagar Colony
139GHS WEST SIDE (D.P.E.P BUILDING) ,Keelaiyur 622201 1.Keelaiyur (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-2 Pandaranattham , 2.Keelaiyur (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-2 Vadakkipatti , 3.Keelaiyur (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-2 Vadakkipatti Harijana Colony , 4.Keelaiyur (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-2 Idaiyar Natham , 5.Keelaiyur (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-2 Moondrukudipatti Therkku Vadakku , 6.Keelaiyur (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-2 Therkupatti Harijan colony , 7.Keelaiyur (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-2 Therkkupatti
140PUES , Terraced Building, ,Vellakkollai 622201 1.Keelairyur (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-1 Udaiyar Theru , 2.Keelairyur (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-1 Harijana Colony , 3.Keelairyur (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-1 Ambalakara Theru , 4.Keelairyur (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward- 2 Vadakkipatti , 5.Keelairyur (R.V), Senthakudi (P) Ward-2 Pandaranattham
141PUES (TILED BUILDING) ,Kulamangalam North 614624 1.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North(P) Ward- 2 Therkku UrSalai Koppiyan Theru , 2.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North(P) Ward-2 Kopiyan Theru , 3.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North(P) Ward- Pethanperiyan Theru , 4.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North(P) Ward-2 Koothan Theru , 5.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North(P) Ward-2 Thondaiman Kilakku , 6.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North(P) Ward-2 Kothamangalam Inaippu Salai , 7.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North(P) Ward-2 Karuvan Ananthalai theru , 8.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North(P) Ward-2 Pallikondan Theru , 9.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North(P) Ward-2 Udappan Anandali , 10.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North(P) Ward-2 Kulamangalam Therkku Inaippu Salai , 11.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North(P) Ward-2 Thirunalur Salai
1422 PUES TERRACE BUILDING ,Kulamangalam North 614624 1.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North (P) Ward-1 Paladipunjai , 2.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North (P) Ward-1 Koppiyan , 3.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North (P) Ward-1 thiruvalluvar Nagar , 4.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North (P) Ward-1 Anna Nagar , 5.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North (P) Ward-1 Palli Kondan
143PUES TERRACE BUILDING ,Kulamangalam North 614624 1.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North (P) Ward-1Manankatthan , 2.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North (P) Ward-3 Kootthan Theru , 3.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North (P) Ward- 3 Thondaiman Therkku Theru , 4.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North (P) Ward-3 Thondaiman Vadakku Theru , 5.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North (P) Ward-3 Karuvan Palli Kondan , 6.Kulamangalam North (R.V), Kulamangalam North (P) Ward-3 kootthan Thondaiman
1444 PUES, North Side, Tiled Building ,Kulamangalam South 614624 1.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-1 Karuvan Kudiyiruppu , 2.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-1 Thekkadi Punjai , 3.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-1 Alanthari Punjai , 4.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-1 Koppiyan Kudiyiruppu , 5.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-1 Koliyan Chokkanachi Kudiyiruppu
145PUES, Terraced Building Eastern Side, Southern Facing ,Kulamangalam 614624 1.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-2 Ananthali , 2.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-2 Palli kondan , 3.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-2 Karuvan Theru , 4.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-2 Koppiyan Theru , 5.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-2 Veeradi Valasai , 6.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-2 Kali Kudiyiruppu , 7.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-2 Koliyan Theru , 8.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-2 Koppiyan Kilakku , 9.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-2 Pookara Theru , 10.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-2 Athidiravidar Theru , 11.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-2 Chetti Kollai , 12.Kulamangalam South (R.V), Kulamangalam South (P) Ward-2 Panaiyan Theru
146PUMS (TILED BUILDING ,Panangulam North 614624 1.Panankulam (R.V), Panankulam (P) Ward-2 Vadakki Kudiyiruppu , 2.Panankulam (R.V), Panankulam (P) Ward- 2 Harijan Kudiyiruppu , 3.Panankulam (R.V), Panankulam (P) Ward-2 Keela Kudiyiruppu
147PUES Western Portion Terraced Building Facing South ,Panangulam South 614624 1.Panankulam (R.V), Panankulam (P) Ward-1,2 Malavarayan Kudiyiruppu
148PUES Facing East Terraced Building ,Panangulam South 614624 1.Panankulam (R.V), Panankulam (P) Ward-1,3 Therkku Kudiyiruppu
149PUMS, New Western Terraced Building, Facing South ,Paravakottai 614622 1.Paravakottai (R.V), Paravakottai (P) Ward-1 Kallar kudiyiruppu , 2.Paravakottai (R.V), Paravakottai (P) ward- 1,2 Kollar kudiyiruppu , 3.Paravakottai (R.V), Paravakottai (P) ward-2 Maniyakaran Kudiyiruppu , 4.Paravakottai (R.V), Paravakottai (P) ward-3 Vettukaran Kudiyiruppu , 5.Paravakottai (R.V), Paravakottai (P) ward-3 Kulatthu Kudiyiruppu
150PUES, Western tiled Bld., Southern Room ,Maramadakki 614616 1.Maramadakki (R.V), Maramadakki (P) Ward-1 Vatthiran Kudiyiruppu , 2.Maramadakki (R.V), Maramadakki (P) Ward-1 Kuralan Kudiyiruppu
151PUES, Western tiled Bld., Southern Room ,Maramadakki 614616 1.Maramadakki (R.V), Maramadakki (P) Ward-1 Sevidan Kudiyiruppu , 2.Maramadakki (R.V), Maramadakki (P) Ward-1 Serivaikaran Kudiyiruppu , 3.Maramadakki (R.V), Maramadakki (P) Ward-2 Valakkollai , 4.Maramadakki (R.V), Maramadakki (P) Ward-2 Adi Dravidar Theru
152PUES D.P.E.P BUILDING SOUTH PORTION ,Maramadakki .622201 1.Maramadakki (R.V), Maramadakki (P) Ward-1 Keelakudiyiruppu
153PUES D.P.E.P BUILDING NORTH PORTION ,Maramadakki .622201 1.Maramadakki (R.V), Maramadakki (P) Ward-1 Chinnamundan kudiyiruppu
154PUMS, WESTERN TERRACED BUILDING ,Thirunalur North 614624 1.Thirunalur (R.V), Thirunalur (P) Ward-1 Kattaiyan Kudiyeruppu , 2.Thirunalur (R.V), Thirunalur (P) Ward-1 Vettikadu
155PUMS, Western Terraced Building, ,Thirunalur North 614624 1.Thirunalur (R.V), Thirunalur (P) Ward-2 Kasiya Kudiyeruppu , 2.Thirunalur (R.V), Thirunalur (P) Ward-2 Ilappakollai
156PUES D.P.E.P TERRACED BUILDING ,Thirunalur south 614624 1.Thirunalur (R.V), Thirunalur (P) Ward-3 Kallukollai , 2.Thirunalur (R.V), Thirunalur (P) Ward-3 Keela kudiyeruppu , 3.Thirunalur (R.V), Thirunalur (P) Ward-3 akrakaram
157PUES, East Terraced Building, ,Thirunalur South 614624 1.Thirunalur (R.V), Thirunalur (P) Ward-5 Monthaiyan Kudiyiruppu , 2.Thirunalur (R.V), Thirunalur (P) Ward-5 Chithudaiyan Kudiyeruppu
158Mahakavi Barathiyar Century Memorial PUES ,Vembankudi Merkku - 614624 1.Vembankudi (R.V), Vembankudi West (P) Ward-1 Chetti theru
159PUES (New Buiding) ,Vembankudi Kilakku - 614624 1.Vembankudi (R.V), Veppankudi Kilakku (P) Ward-1 Devar Kudieruppu , 2.Vembankudi (R.V), Veppankudi Kilakku (P) Ward-2 Athidiravidar Kudieruppu , 3.Vembankudi (R.V), Veppankudi Kilakku (P) Ward-2 Ealumankollai
160PUES ,Merpanaikadu Vadakku - 614624 1.Merpanaikadu (R.V), Merpanaikadu (P) Ward-1 Vadakkikadu , 2.Merpanaikadu (R.V), Merpanaikadu (P) Ward- 1 Kurunji nagar
1611 PUES ,Merpanaikadu Vadakku - 614624 1.Merpanaikadu (R.V), Merpanaikadu (P) Ward-4 Melakadu
162PUMS ,Merpanaikadu Kilakku - 614624 1.Merpanaikadu (R.V), Merpanaikadu (P) Ward-2 Indiranagar , 2.Merpanaikadu (R.V), Merpanaikadu (P) Ward-2 Parangiyan kudiyiruppu , 3.Merpanaikadu (R.V), Merpanaikadu (P) Ward-2 Keelakadu
163PUES ,Merpanaikadu Merkku - 614624 1.Merpanaikadu (R.V), Merpanaikadu (P) Ward-5 Muslim theru
164PUES ,Merpanaikadu Merkku - 614624 1.Merpanaikadu (R.V), Merpanaikadu (P) Ward-3 Aathidhiravidar kudiyiruppu , 2.Merpanaikadu (R.V), Merpanaikadu (P) Ward-3 Kuyilan Kudiyiruppu , 3.Merpanaikadu (R.V), Merpanaikadu (P) Ward-3 Achu Kudiyiruppu , 4.Merpanaikadu (R.V), Merpanaikadu (P) Ward-3 Rajali Kudiyiruppu , 5.Merpanaikadu (R.V), Merpanaikadu (P) ward-3 Therkukadu , 6.Merpanaikadu (R.V), Merpanaikadu (P) ward-3 Karuvan Kudiyiruppu , 7.Merpanaikadu (R.V), Merpanaikadu (P) Ward-3 Kuthan Kudiyiruppu
165PUMS Terraced Building Facing North, Middle Portion ,Neivathali - 614624 1.Neyvathali (P) Ward-1 Bahirathambal puram , 2.Neyvathali (P) ward-2 Vadakku Kudiyiruppu
166PUMS Terraced Building Facing North, West Portion ,Neivathali - 614624 1.Neyvathali (P) Ward-1 Aathidhiravidar Colony , 2.Neyvathali (P) ward-2 Therkku Kudiyiruppu , 3.Neyvathali (P) Ward-2 Kovilur Kudiyiruppu , 4.Neyvathali (P) Ward-3 Neyvelinathapuram , 5.Neyvathali (P) Ward-3 Sathanenthal
167PUES ,Periyalur - 614624 1.Periyalur (R.V), Periyalur (P) Ward-1 Periyalur Aathidhiravidar Kudiyiruppu , 2.Periyalur (R.V), Periyalur (P) Ward-2 Periyalur
168PUES ,Pandikudi - 614624 1.Periyalur (R.V), Periyalur (P) Ward-3 Periyalur puthukudiyiruppu , 2.Periyalur (R.V), Periyalur (P) Ward-4 Pandi Kudi
1699 PUES (Additional Terraced Building) ,Poovaimanagar Poovathakudi - 614624 1.Poovathakudi (R.V), Poovathakudi (P) Ward-2 Settitheru keel bagam , 2.Poovathakudi (R.V), Poovathakudi (P) Ward-3 Settitheru malbagam , 3.Poovathakudi (R.V), Poovathakudi (P) Ward-4 Sangaran Kudiyiruppu , 4.Poovathakudi (R.V), Poovathakudi (P) Ward-4 Agrahara kudiyiruppu , 5.Poovathakudi (R.V), Poovathakudi (P) Ward-4 Kathrikadu
170PUES, Tiled Building ,Poovaimangar Poovathakudi - 614624 1.Poovathakudi (R.V), Poovathakudi (P) ward-1 Alangiran kudiyiruppu , 2.Poovathakudi (R.V), Poovathakudi (P) Ward-1 Poovathakudi nattar Kudiyiruppu
171PUMS, New Terraced Building, Middle Portion, North Facing ,Avanathankottai 614624 1.Avanatthankottai (R.V), Avanatthankottai (P) Ward-2 Vannan Kollai , 2.Avanatthankottai (R.V), Avanatthankottai (P) Ward-2 Keela kudiyiruppu , 3.Avanatthankottai (R.V), Avanatthankottai (P) Ward-2 Santhaipettai , 4.Avanatthankottai (R.V), Avanatthankottai (P) Ward-2 Adi Dravidar Colony
172PUMS, D.P.E.P New Terraced Building, South Portion ,Avanathankottai 614624 1.Avanatthankottai (R.V), Avanatthankottai (P) Ward-1 Vatchan kudiyiruppu , 2.Avanatthankottai (R.V), Avanatthankottai (P) Ward-1 Mela kudiyiruppu , 3.Avanatthankottai (R.V), Avanatthankottai (P) Ward-1 Vettikadu
173PUMS, New Terraced building, Eastern side, North facing ,Avanathankottai 614624 1.Avanatthankottai (R.V), Avanatthankottai (P) Ward-3 Maligai Punjai , 2.Avanatthankottai (R.V), Avanatthankottai (P) Ward-3 Vaithiyanathan Vayal , 3.Avanatthankottai (R.V), Avanatthankottai (P) Ward-3 Vadikadu
174PUMS (TILED BUILDING) ,Tholuvangadu 614622 1.Erukkalakottai (R.V), Tholuvankadu (P) Ward-1Tholuvankadu , 2.Erukkalakottai (R.V), Tholuvankadu (P) Ward-2 Mela kudiyiruppu , 3.Erukkalakottai (R.V), Tholuvankadu (P) Ward-3 Kayakadu
175PUES (TERRACED BUILDING) ,Karisakkadu 614616 1.Maramadakki (R.V), Maramadakki (P) Ward-3 Karisakadu
176Govt. Aided Middle School, West Tiled Building, Facing North ,Chittangadu 614624 1.Pravakkottai (R.V), Chittankadu (P) Ward-1 Chittankadu Vadakku Kudiyiruppu , 2.Pravakkottai (R.V), Chittankadu (P) Ward-2 Nadu Kudiyiruppu , 3.Pravakkottai (R.V), Chittankadu (P) Ward-2 Therkku Kudiyiruppu
177PUES, TERRACED BUILDING ,Sunayakadu 614616 1.Kurumbur (R.V), Sunaiyakadu (P) Ward-1 Andavaraya samudram , 2.Kurumbur (R.V), Sunaiyakadu (P) Ward - Karambakkadu , 3.Kurumbur (R.V), Sunaiyakadu (P) Ward -2 Palaivanam , 4.Kurumbur (R.V), Sunaiyakadu (P) Ward-2 Krishnan Kudiyiruppu
178PUES, TILED BUILDING ,Sunayakadu 614622 1.Kurumbur (R.V), Sunaiyakadu (P) ard-1 Sunaiyakadu , 2.Kurumbur (R.V), Sunaiyakadu (P) Ward-1 Adi Dravidar Kudiyiruppu , 3.Kurumbur (R.V), Sunaiyakadu (P) Ward-1 Kumulangundu
179GHSS Science Lab ,Thanthani 614622 1.Thanthani (R.V) Thanthani (P) Ward-1 Thanthani
180GHSS, New Terraced Building, Middle Portion, Room No.3 ,Thanthani 614616 1.Thanthani (R.V), Thanthani (P) Ward-2 Chettikadu , 2.Thanthani (R.V), Thanthani (P) Ward-2 Devarpatti Kudiyeri , 3.Thanthani (R.V), Thanthani (P) Ward-1 Ilampallam
181PUES D.P.E.P BUILDING, SOUTHERN PORTION FACING WEST ,Chidambaraviduthy 614622 1.Chidambaraviduthi (R.V), Thanthani (P) Ward-4 Chidambaraviduthi Merkku , 2.Chidambaraviduthi (R.V), Thanthani (P) Ward-4 Chidambaraviduthi Kilakku , 3.Chidambaraviduthi (R.V), Thanthani (P) Ward-4 Kamatchi Amman Kovil Theru
182PUES D.P.EP BUILDING, SOUTHERN PORTION FACING WEST ,Chidambaraviduthy 614622 1.Chidambaraviduthi (R.V), Thanthani (P) Ward-4 Poyyappatti Kudiyiruppu , 2.Chidambaraviduthi (R.V), Thanthani (P) Ward-4 Kadai Theru , 3.Chidambaraviduthi (R.V), Thanthani (P) Ward-4 Muslim Theru
183PUES ( WESTERN SIDE TILED BUILDING) ,Chidambaraviduthy 614616 1.Chidambaraviduthy (R.V), Thanthani (P) Ward-3 Chinna Sunaiyakadu , 2.Chidambaraviduthy (R.V), Thanthani (P) Ward-3 Karumeeni Oodai , 3.Chidambaraviduthy (R.V), Thanthani (P) Ward-3 Subramaniyapuram , 4.Chidambaraviduthy (R.V), Thanthani (P) Ward-3 Thuvaradi Manai
184PUES (Tiled Building) ,Pattaraiseri (Kurumbur) 614622 1.Kurumbur (R.V), Kurumbur (P) Ward-1 Pattaraicheri , 2.Kurumbur (R.V), Kurumbur (P) Ward-1 Kovilpatti , 3.Kurumbur (R.V), Kurumbur (P) Ward-1 Meelakadui
185PUMS (NEW TERRACED BUILDING) ,Kurumbur 614622 1.Kurumbur (R.V), Kurumbur (P) Ward-2 Kurumbur , 2.Kurumbur (R.V), Kurumbur (P) Ward-2 Saddirapatti , 3.Kurumbur (R.V), Kurumbur (P) Ward-3 Vlalar Nagar , 4.Kurumbur (R.V), Kurumbur (P) Ward-3 Anna nagar , 5.Kurumbur (R.V), Kurumbur (P) Ward-3 Sunai Koil , 6.Kurumbur (R.V), Kurumbur (P) Ward-3 Ootthakadai , 7.Kurumbur (R.V), Kurumbur (P) Ward-2 Ponnampalam , 8.Kurumbur (R.V), Kurumbur (P) Ward-3 Kattuthattan Vayal , 9.Kurumbur (R.V), Kurumbur (P) Ward-4 Vilankudi Vayal
186PUES, WEST SIDE TERRACED BUILDING ,SENGAMARI 614616 1.Sengamari (R.V) Narpavalakudi (P) Ward-1 Sengamari Harijan Kudiyiruppu , 2.Sengamari (R.V) Narpavalakudi (P) Ward-1 Sengamary , 3.Sengamari (R.V) Narpavalakudi (P) Ward-1 Kovilkottai , 4.Sengamari (R.V) Narpavalakudi (P) Ward-1 Chirunattanvayal
187PUES, TERRACED BUILDING ,Narpavalakudi 614616 1.Sengamari (R.V) Narpavalakudi (P) Ward-2 Narpavalakudi Harijana Kudiyiruppu , 2.Sengamari (R.V) Narpavalakudi (P) Ward-2 Narpavalakudi Amangudi , 3.Sengamari (R.V) Narpavalakudi (P) Ward-2 Panikkanvayal , 4.Sengamari (R.V) Narpavalakudi (P) Ward-3 Narpavalakudi Vadakku
188PUES TERRACED BUILDING FACING WEST NORTHERN SIDE ROOM NO. 2 ,Azhiyanilai 614616 1.Aliyanilai (R.V), Aliyanilai (P) Ward-1 Kilakku Lakshmana Kudiyiruppu , 2.Aliyanilai (R.V), Aliyanilai (P) Ward-2 Davupatti , 3.Aliyanilai (R.V), Aliyanilai (P) Ward-2 Chithalankudiyiruppu
189PUMS TERRACED BUILIDNG FACING WEST SOUTHERN SIDE ROOM NO.3 ,Azhiyanilai 614616 1.Aliyanilai (R.V), Aliyanilai (P) Ward-1 Vala Kudiyiruppu
190PUMS New Terraced Building Western Portion Facing South ,Azhiyanilai 614616 1.Aliyanilai (R.V), Aliyanilai (P) Ward-3 Annamalayan Kudiyiruppu , 2.Aliyanilai (R.V), Aliyanilai (P) Ward-4 Nayakkar Patti , 3.Aliyanilai (R.V), Aliyanilai (P) Ward-4 Panjumil Kudiyiruppu , 4.Aliyanilai (R.V), Aliyanilai (P) Ward-4 Mela Lakshmana Kudiyiruppu , 5.Aliyanilai (R.V), Aliyanilai (P) Ward-4 Aliyanilai Kudiyiruppu
191PUMS (TERRACED BUILDING) ,Kunnakkurumbi 614616 1.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-7 Kunna kurumbi Vadakku Theru , 2.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-7 Kunna kurumbi Therkku , 3.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-7 Mela kunna kurumbi , 4.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-6 Kadaiyatthu Keelatheru , 5.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-6 Kadaiyathupatti Melatheru
192GHSS New Terraced Building West, North Facing North West Portion ,Silttur 614622 1.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-1 Pidari Koil Theru , 2.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-2 Vadakku Theru
193GHSS New Terraced Building West North Facing North East Portion ,Silattur 614622 1.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-2 Indira Nagar , 2.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-3 Sivan Koil Theru , 3.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-3 Perumal Koil Theru
1944 GHSS (SOUTH ASBESTOS BUILDING) ,Silttur 614622 1.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-4 Thandankarai Theru , 2.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-4 Therkku Theru , 3.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-4 Vadakku Adi Dravidar Theru , 4.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-4 Therkku Harijana Theru , 5.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-4 Ponnambalapatti , 6.Silattur (R.V), Silattur (P) Ward-5 Kollanvayal
195Govt. High School, South Side Terraced Building ,Erukkalakkottai - 614624 1.Rajendrapuram (R.V), Rajendrapuram (P) Ward-3 Rajendrapuram Vadakku kudiyiruppu
196PUES, Terraced Building, South Portion, Facing west ,Erukkalakkottai - 614624 1.Rajendrapuram (R.V), Rajendrapuram (P) Ward-1 Kakkakadu , 2.Rajendrapuram (R.V), Rajendrapuram (P) Ward-2 Erukkalakottai chetti theru
197PUES, Terraced Building, West Portion, Facing South, ,Rajendrapuram South - 614624 1.Rajendrapuram (R.V), Rajendrapuram (P) Ward-4 Rajendrapuram south kudiyiruppu
198PUES, Terraced Building, East Portion, Facing South ,Rajendrapuram South - 614624 1.Rajendrapuram (R.V), Rajendrapuram (P) Ward-5 Kurunthirankottai vadakku kudiyiruppu , 2.Rajendrapuram (R.V), Rajendrapuram (P) Ward-6 Kurunthirankottai therkku kudiyiruppu
199PUMS ,Mangudi - 614624 1.Mangudi (RV), Mangudi (P) Ward-1 Mangudi , 2.Mangudi (P) Ward-3 Ida Veeriyenthal
200PUES ,Maruthangudi - 614624 1.Maruthangudi (RV) Mangudi (P) Ward-2 Sethurayanenthal , 2.Mangudi (P) Ward-3 Maruthangudi
201PUES OLD BUILDING ,Vallavari Kilakku - 614801 1 1.Vallavari (R.V), Vallavari (P) Ward-1 Vallavari devar kudiyiruppu , 2.Vallavari (R.V), Vallavari (P) Ward- 1Vallavari Aathidiravidar kudiyiruppu , 3.Vallavari (R.V), Vallavari (P) Ward-2 Railway Station Road , 4.Vallavari (R.V), Vallavari (P) Ward-2 Marayakkadu
202PUMS Additional New Building ,Vallavari Merkku - 614624 1.Vallavari (R.V) Vallavari (P) Ward-3 Thondaiman kudiyiruppu
203PUMS ,Ayingudi - 614801 1.Aayingudi (R.V) Aayingudi (P) Ward-1 Pappayan kudiyiuruppu , 2.Aayingudi (R.V) Aayingudi (P) Ward-1 Aayingudi , 3.Aayingudi (R.V) Aayingudi (P) Ward-1 Vadakku kudiyiruppu , 4.Aayingudi (R.V) Aayingudi (P) Ward-1 Vadakku kudiyiruppu , 5.Aayingudi (R.V) Aayingudi (P) Ward-2 Aathidiravidar kudiyiurppu , 6.Aayingudi (R.V) Aayingudi (P) Ward-2 Devar kudiyiruppu
204GHS East Block - 3 ,Ayinkudi Therkku - 614801 1.Ayinkudi (R.V), Aayingudi (P) Ward-3 Pitchangudiyiruppu , 2.Ayinkudi (R.V), Aayingudi (P) Ward-3 Chettiar Kudiyiruppu , 3.Ayinkudi (R.V), Aayingudi (P) Ward-3 Kannuthoppu
205PUES, ,Ramasamypuram - 614801 1.Ramasami puram (R.V) Ramasami puram (P) Ward-2 Ramasamai puram , 2.Ramasami puram (R.V) Ramasami puram (P) Ward-3 Mathur
206PUES, ,Balakrishnapuram - 614801 1.Ramasami puram (R.V) Ramasami puram (P) Ward-1 Balakrishnapuram
207GHS, North Tiled Building, Facing South, East Portion ,Mangalanadu - 614805 1.Mangalanadu (R.V), Mangalanadu (P) Ward-1 Pokkangadu , 2.Mangalanadu (R.V), Mangalanadu (P) Ward-1 Mariyamman kovil theru , 3.Mangalanadu (R.V), Mangalanadu (P) Ward-2 Mariyamman kudiyiruppu
208GHS Terraced Building Facing West, North Portion ,Mangalanadu Kilakku - 614805 1.Mangalanadu (R.V), Mangalanadu (P) Ward-2,3 Middle kudiyiruppu , 2.Mangalanadu (R.V), Mangalanadu (P) Ward4 Ambal puram
209GHS Terraced Building Facing West, South Portion ,Mangalanadu Kilakku - 614805 1.Mangalanadu (R.V), Mangalanadu (P) Ward-3,4 Melakadu
210GHS, Terraced Building, South Facing, West Portion ,Amarasimendrapuram - 614805 1.Amarasimanthipuram (R.V), Amarasimanthipuram (P) Ward-1 Melakudiyiruppu , 2.Amarasimanthipuram (R.V), Amarasimanthipuram (P) Ward-2 Keelakudiyiruppu , 3.Amarasimanthipuram (R.V), Amarasimanthipuram (P) Ward-2 Aathangadu
211GHS, Terraced Building, South Facing, East Portion ,Amarasimendrapuram - 614805 1.Amarasimanthipuram (R.V), Amarasimanthipuram (P) Ward-3 Harisanakudiyiruppu , 2.Amarasimanthipuram (R.V), Amarasimanthipuram (P) Ward-3 Aanaikattikollai
212GHS, Terraced building, North facing, East Portion ,Arasarkulam Kilakku - 614801 1.Arasarkulam keelpathi (R.V) Arasarkulam keelpathi (P) Ward-3,4 Thiruvalluvar nagar , 2.Arasarkulam keelpathi (R.V) Arasarkulam keelpathi (P) Ward-3,4 Ganthinagar , 3.Arasarkulam keelpathi (R.V) Arasarkulam keelpathi (P) Ward-3,4 Mariyamman kovil theru
213GHS, Terraced building, West facing, South Portion ,Arasarkulam Kilakku - 614801 1.Arasarkulam keelpathi (R.V) Arasarkulam keelpathi (P) Ward-2,3,4 Arasarkulam keelpathi , 2.Arasarkulam keelpathi (R.V) Arasarkulam keelpathi (P) Ward-3 Manikkam nagar
214GHS, Terraced building, West facing, North Portion ,Arasarkulam Kilakku - 614801 1.Arasarkulam keelpathi (R.V) Arasarkulam keelpathi (P) Ward - 12 V.O.C Nagar
215GHS ,Arasarkulam - 614801 1.Arasarkulam melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-1 Girisalai , 2.Arasarkulam melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-2 pallivasal salai , 3.Arasarkulam melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-3 Rajaji salai , 4.Arasarkulam melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-4 Indira nagar , 5.Arasarkulam melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-5 Nagammai Nagar
216GHS ,Arasarkulam - 614801 1.Arasarkulam melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-1 Sougathali salai , 2.Arasarkulam melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-2 Jagavarsalai Ward-2 Jagavarsalai , 3.Arasarkulam melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-3 Navalarsalai , 4.Arasarkulam melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-4 Jageerusein salai , 5.Arasarkulam melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-5 Mohamadali salai , 6.Arasarkulam melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-6 Seethakathi Salai , 7.Arasarkulam melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-7 Jinna theru , 8.Arasarkulam melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-8 Asath theru , 9.Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-9 Kalainger theru
217PUES (New Building) ,Arasarkulam Vadakku - 614801 1.Arasarkulam keelpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam keelpathi (P) Ward-1 Thiru V K nagar , 2.Arasarkulam keelpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam keelpathi (P) Ward-1 Ambethkarnagar , 3.Arasarkulam Keelpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam vadapathi (P) Ward-1 Devar theru , 4.Arasarkulam Melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam vadapathi (P) Ward-1 Naduttheru , 5.Arasarkulam Melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam vadapathi (P) Ward-2 E.V.R nagar , 6.Arasarkulam Melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam vadapathi (P) Ward-2 Chettiar theru
218PUES, North Portion, Tiled building ,Nattumangalam - 614616 1.Ettiyathali (R.V) Nattu mangalam (P) Ward-1 Ettiyathali , 2.Ettiyathali (R.V) Nattu mangalam (P) Ward-1 Vadakku kudiyiruppu , 3.Ettiyathali (R.V) Nattu mangalam (P) Ward-1 Nadukudiyiruppu , 4.Ettiyathali (R.V) Nattu mangalam (P) Ward-1 Therku kudiyiruippu , 5.Ettiyathali (R.V) Nattu mangalam (P) Ward-1 Melakudiyiruppu , 6.Ettiyathali (R.V) Nattu mangalam (P) Ward-1 Puthu kudiyiruppu , 7.Ettiyathali (R.V) Nattu mangalam (P) Ward-1 Aathidhiravidar kudiyiruppu
219PUES, South Portion, Tiled building, ,Nattumangalam - 614616 1.Thoothakudi (R.V) Nattumangalam (P) Ward-2 Vallambar kudiyiruppu , 2.Thoothakudi (R.V) Nattumangalam (P) Ward-2 Ambalakarar kudiyiruppu , 3.Thoothakudi (R.V) Nattumangalam (P) Ward-2 Madathuvayal , 4.Thoothakudi (R.V) Nattumangalam (P) Ward-2 Thoothakudi , 5.Thoothakudi (R.V) Nattumangalam (P) ward-2 Sanakarai , 6.Thoothakudi (R.V) Nattumangalam (P) Ward-2 Vannankadu
220PUES (North Building) Wester Side ,Arasarkulam Merkku - 614801 1.Arasarkulam Melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-1 Kamaraj nagar , 2.Arasarkulam Melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-1 Perarigar Annasalai
221ALHADAYA JAMAD ORIENTAL ARABIC MIDDLE SCHOOL ,Arasarkulam - 614801 1.Arasarkulam Melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward-1 Barathidasan nagar , 2.Arasarkulam Melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) ward-6 Ismail Road , 3.Arasarkulam Melpathi (R.V), Arasarkulam thenpathi (P) Ward17 Panneer selvam nagar
222PUES FACING SOUTH ,Pidarikadu - 614801 1.Pidarikadu (R.V) Manakudi (p) Ward-2 Konar kudiyiruppu East , 2.Pidarikadu (R.V) Manakudi (p) Ward-2 Konar kudiyiruppu West , 3.Pidarikadu (R.V) Manakudi (p) Ward-2 Ambalakarar Kudiyiruppu East , 4.Pidarikadu (R.V) Manakudi (p) Ward-2 Ambalakarar Kudiyiruppu West , 5.Pidarikadu (R.V) Manakudi (p) Ward-2 Devar kudiyiruppu , 6.Pidarikadu (R.V) Manakudi (p) Ward-2 Panavayal
223PUES FACING SOUTH ,Mannagudi - 614805 1.Mannakudi (R.V) Mannakudi (P) Ward-1 Aathidhiravidar kudiyiruppu , 2.Mannakudi (R.V) Mannakudi (P) Ward-1 Vadakku kudiyiruppu , 3.Mannakudi (R.V) Mannakudi (P) Ward-1 South kudiyiruppu , 4.Mannakudi (R.V) Mannakudi (P) Ward-1 East kudiyiruppu , 5.Mannakudi (R.V) Mannakudi (P) Ward-1 Vallavariyan kudiyiruppu , 6.Mannakudi (R.V) Mannakudi (P) Ward-1 Chithambarapuram
224PUES ,Vijayapuram - 614805 1.Vijayapuram (R.V), Vijayapuram (P) Ward-1 Vijayapuram Vadakku , 2.Vijayapuram (R.V), Vijayapuram (P) Ward-2 Vijayapuram Nadu Theru , 3.Vijayapuram (R.V), Vijayapuram (P) Ward-2 Kalikovil theru , 4.Vijayapuram (R.V), Vijayapuram (P) Ward-2 Kammalar theru , 5.Vijayapuram (R.V), Vijayapuram (P) Ward-2 Kulakkarai
225PUES ,Vijayapuram Therkku - 614805 1.Vijayapuram (RV), Vijayapuram (P) Ward-2,3 Kadaiveethi , 2.Vijayapuram (RV), Vijayapuram (P) Ward-3 Kammalar theru , 3.Vijayapuram (RV), Vijayapuram (P) Ward-3 Kalikovil theru , 4.Vijayapuram (RV), Vijayapuram (P) Ward-3 Naduttheru , 5.Vijayapuram (RV), Vijayapuram (P) Ward-3,4 Kamatchiyamman kovil theru , 6.Ambalpuram (RV), Vijayapuram (P) Ward-4 Aathithiravidar Colony , 7.Ambalpuram (RV), Vijayapuram (P) Ward-4 Ambal puram
226PUES ,Kodivayal Merkku - 614805 1.Manivilanvayal (RV), Kodivayal (P) Ward-4 Arasankudiyiruppu , 2.Manivilanvayal (RV), Kodivayal (P) Ward-4 Kurunjakottai , 3.Manivilanvayal (RV), Kodivayal (P) Ward-4 Manivilanvayal , 4.Kodivayal (RV), Kodivayal (P) Ward-2 Kodivayal West
227PUMS South Portion Facing East, New Terraced Building South Portion ,Kodivayal Kilakku - 614805 1.Kodivayal (R.V), Kodivayal (P) Ward-1 Melakudiyiruppu , 2.Kodivayal (R.V), Kodivayal (P) Ward-1 North kudiyiruppu , 3.Kodivayal (R.V), Kodivayal (P) Ward-1 Keelakudiyiruppu
2288 PUMS South Portion Facing East, New Terraced Building North Portion ,Kodivayal Kilakku - 614805 1.Kodivayal (R.V), Kodivayal (P) Ward-1 Aathithiravidar kudiyiruppu , 2.Kodivayal (R.V), Kodivayal (P) Ward-1 West kudiyiruppu

Note: (M)- Male, (W )- Women

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