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Polling Booth in Wokha Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Wokha

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Wokha Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1Phiro-IGovt.Pry.School 'A'Phiro-IAll voters
2Phiro-IIPanchayat HallPhiro-IIAll voters
3Shaki-IVillage CourtShaki-IAll voters
4Shaki-IIGovt. Pry SchoolShaki-IIAll voters
5Sankitong-I Govt. Pry SchoolSankitong-I All voters
6Pongitong-I Govt. Pry SchoolPongitong-I All voters
7Longsa-IGovt. Middle SchoolLongsa-IAll voters
8Longsa-IIPanchayat HallLongsa-IIAll voters
9Wokha Town-ISMBE SchoolNST ColonyAll voters
10Wokha Town-IINST GarageUpper Mt. Tiyi College ColonyAll voters
11Wokha Town-IIISupenthera Hostel (MTC)Lower Mt. Tiyi College ColonyAll voters
12Wokha Town-IVGovt. Pry School ( near Rest House)DBS & Project ColonyAll voters
13Wokha Town-VDon Bosco School (East)Likya ColonyAll voters
14Wokha Town-VICommunity Hall, New ColonyNew ColonyAll voters
15Wokha Town-VIILTC HallTsumang ColonyAll voters
16Wokha Town-VIIIE.E. PWD (R&B) OfficeTsumang ColonyAll voters
17Wokha Town-IXTown Hall Tsumang ColonyAll voters
18Wokha Town-XDPO OfficeEtsuchukha ColonyAll voters
19Wokha Town-XI Govt.Pry School ( PWD Colony)PWD ColonyAll voters
20Wokha Town-XIISantsuo Memorial SchoolBlue Hill/Zuvotong ColonyAll voters
21Wokha Town-XIIIL.M. School (West)Church ColonyAll voters
22Wokha Town-XIVMt. Sinai SchoolZuvotong ColonyAll voters
23Wokha Town-XVGovt.Higher Sec.SchoolGHSS ColonyAll voters
24Wokha Town-XVIForest Office (DFO)Forest & Hayichan ColoniesAll voters
25Wokha Town-XVIICommunity Hall ( Medical )Medical & Vungoju ColoniesAll voters
26Wokha Town-XVIIICommunity Hall ( Upper Saron Colony)Saron ColonyAll voters
27Wokha Village-IGovt.High School (East)Wokha Village-IAll voters
28Wokha Village-II Govt. Pry School (East)Wokha Village-II All voters
29VankhosungAsstt. Director Vety.OfficeVankhosungAll voters
30Humtso-I Govt. Pry SchoolHumtso-I All voters
31Elumyo-I Community HallElumyo-I All voters
32TsungzaCommunity HallTsungzaAll voters
33TsungtsutongGovt. Pry SchoolTsungtsutongAll voters
34Phiro-IIICommunity HallPhiro-IIIAll voters
35Phiro-IVGovt.Pry.School-BPhiro-IVAll voters
36Totsu VillageCommunity HallTotsu VillageAll voters
37Shaki-IIICommunity HallShaki-IIIAll voters
38MeriyanCommunity HallMeriyanAll voters
39Sankitong-IICommunity HallSankitong-IIAll voters
40Pongitong-IIOld Community HallPongitong-IIAll voters
41Longsa-IIICultural HallLongsa-IIIAll voters
42Longsa-IVGovt.Pry.School-ALongsa-IVAll voters
43Wokha Town-XIXNST OfficeNST ColonyAll voters
44Wokha Town-XXLikya Community HallLikya ColonyAll voters
45Wokha Town-XXICommunity Hall (Midland Colony)Midland & Suren ColonyAll voters
46Wokha Town-XXIIGovt.Pry.School-D (Forest Colony)Forest & Hayichan ColoniesAll voters
47Wokha Town-XXIIIAgri Farm OfficeMedical, Vungoju ColonyAll voters
48Wokha Town-XXIVITI OfficeNiropen ColonyAll voters
49Humtso-IICommunity HallHumtso-IIAll voters
50Elumyo-IICommunity HallElumyo-IIAll voters
51Wokha Village-IIICommunity HallWokha Village-IIIAll voters
52Wokha Village-IVGovt.Pry.School (West)Wokha Village-IVAll voters
53Wokha Village-VTourist LodgeWokha Village-VAll voters
54L. YanthungCommunity HallL. YanthungAll voters
55Wokha Town XXVGovt.Pry.School Tsumang ColonyTsumang ColonyAll voters
56Wokha Town-XXVIGPS Airfield ColonyAirfield ColonyAll voters
57Wokha Town-XXVIIRegimental School, Police Project, WokhaBlue Hill/Zuvotong ColoniesAll voters
58Wokha Town-XXVIIICommunity Hall (Molonsu ColonyMolonsu ColonyAll voters
59Wokha Village-VIGovt.High School Building (West)Wokha Village-VIAll voters

Last Updated on: Jan 20, 2023

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