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Polling Booth in Tseminyu Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Tseminyu

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tseminyu Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1EhunnuEhunnu GPSEhunnuAll Voters
2Kandinu-IKandinu-I GPSKandinu-IAll Voters
3Kandinu-IIPanchayat HallKandinu-IIAll Voters
4ChunlikhaChunlikha GPSChunlikhaAll Voters
5NsunyuNsunyu GPSNsunyuAll Voters
6Tesophenyu Upper-ITesophenyu GPS (N/W)Tesophenyu Upper-IAll Voters
7Tesophenyu Upper-IIJ.E.K. ClubTesophenyu Upper-IIAll Voters
8Tesophenyu MiddleTourist Guest HouseTesophenyu MiddleAll Voters
9Tesophenyu Lower-I Old GPSTesophenyu Lower-IAll Voters
10ZiphenyuZiphenyu GPSZiphenyuAll Voters
11GukhanyuGukhanyu GPSGukhanyuAll Voters
12Tseminyu New Town-ITown HallTseminyu New Town-IAll Voters
13Tseminyu New Town-IIBaptist SchoolTseminyu New Town-IIAll Voters
14Tseminyu Village-I GPS TseminyuTseminyu Village-IAll Voters
15Tseminyu Old TownG.H. S. School TseminyuTseminyu Old TownAll Voters
16ZisunyuPanchayat HallZisunyuAll Voters
17PhenwhenyuPhenwhenyu GPSPhenwhenyuAll Voters
18KashanyuKashanyu GPSKashanyuAll Voters
19TerogonyuTerogonyu GPSTerogonyuAll Voters
20PhenshunyuPhenshunyu GPSPhenshunyuAll Voters
21RumensinyuRumensinyu GPSRumensinyuAll Voters
22SendenyuSedenyu GPSSendenyuAll Voters
23TsosinyuTsosinyu GPSTsosinyuAll Voters
24SishunyuSishunyu GPSSishunyuAll Voters
25LogwesunyuLogwesunyu GPSLogwesunyuAll Voters
26RengmapaniRengmapani GPSRengmapaniAll Voters
27K. StationK. Station GPSK. StationAll Voters
28KhenyuKhenyu GPSKhenyuAll Voters
29YikhanuPanchayat HallYikhanuAll Voters
30Tesophenyu New VillagePanhayat HallTesophenyu New Vill.All Voters
31Henbenji Henbenji GPSHenbenjiAll Voters
32Sendenyu New VillageSendenyu New GPSSendenyu New VillageAll Voters
33TsonsaPanchayat HallTsonsaAll Voters
34Tesophenyu Lower-IIGPS, New BlockTesophenyu Lower-IIAll Voters
35Tseminyu Village-IICommunity Utility BuildingTseminyu Village-IIAll Voters
36Ngvuphen GPS New Block Ngvuphen All Voters
37Nsunyu VillageCommmunity HallNsunyu VillageAll Voters
38New TerogonyuNew Terogonyu GPSNew TerogonyuAll Voters
39PhenshunyuPanchayat HallPhenshunyuAll Voters
40Thongsunyu Thongsunyu GPSThongsunyuAll Voters
41SewanyuVillage Community HallSewanyuAll Voters
42Tseminyu New Town-IIINST OfficeTseminyu New Town-All Voters
43Kandinu-IIIKandunu GMSKandinu-IIIAll Voters
44Tesophenyu Upper-IIICouncil HallTesophenyu Upper-IIIAll Voters

Last Updated on: Jan 19, 2023

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