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Polling Booth in Tizit Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Tizit

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tizit Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1Tizit HqGPS, Bldg. Sector-B Tizit HqPolice, Pandem, Industries Forest & Medical colony of Tizit Hq.All voters
2Tizit HqGHS, bldg. Tizit HqADC, Pandom and Pongma colonies of Tizit Hq.All voters
3Lapa LampongGPS, Bldg. Lapa Lampong Lapa Lampong NL. Forest Product and Green Fly Industries colony of Tizit All voters
4NangtanGPS, Bldg. Nangtan Tizit HqNangtan Area of Tizit HqAll voters
5Nokzang VillageGPS, Bldg.Nokzang VillageNokzang villageAll voters
6Loakhun VillageGHS Building Loakhun VillageLoakhum villageAll voters
7Jaboka VillageThumsa Morung Jaboka VillageJaboka VillageAll voters
8Neitong VillageVillage Community BuildingNeitong VillageAll voters
9Loakhu VillageGPS, bldg. Loakhu VillageLoakhu VillageAll voters
10Nokyan VillageGPS, bldg. Nokyan VillageNokyan VillageAll voters
11Yannyu VillageGMS, bldg. Yannyu VillageYannyu VillageAll voters
12Longting VillageGPS, bldg. Longting VillageLongting VillageAll voters
13Zangkham VillageGPS, bldg. Zangkham VillageZangkham VillageAll voters
14Zangkham VillagePangyu Morung Zangkham VillageZangkham VillageAll voters
15Zakho VillageGPS, bldg. Zakho villageZakho VillageAll voters
16Sangsa VillageGMS, bldg. Sangsa Vill.Sangsa VillageAll voters
17Ngangting VillageGPS, bldg. Ngangting VillNgangting VillageAll voters
18Tizit VillageGovt.High SchoolTizit VillageAll voters
19Tizit VillagePanchayat HallTizit VillageAll voters
20Tizit VillageGPS, bldg. S/Wing. Tizit VillageTizit VillageAll voters
21Lapa VillageGMS, bldg. Lapa VillageLapa VillageAll voters
22Longlam VillageGPS, bldg. Langlam VillageLonglam VillageAll voters
23Tingalibam VillageGPS, Bldg. Tingalibam VillageTingalibam VillageAll voters
24Oting VillageTingweng Morung, Oting VillageOting VillageAll voters
25Wangla VillageGPS, bldg. Wangla VillageWangla VillageAll voters
26Yanpan VillageGPS, bldg. Yanpan VillageYanpan VillageAll voters
27Tela VillageGPS, bldg. Tela VillageTela VillageAll voters
28Old Jaboka VillageGPS, bldg. Sector (A) Jaboka VillageOld Jaboka VillageAll voters
29Lapa LampongBaptis English School,Lapa LampongTizit HqAll voters
30Tizit VillageEBRC buildingTizit VillageAll voters
31Zangkham TingsaVillageGPS, Zangkham Tingsa VillageZangkham TingsaVillageAll voters
32Tekang VillageG.P.S Building, TekangTekang VillageAll voters
33Tekun VillageCommunity Hall, Tekun VillageTekun VillageAll voters
34Town Sector "A"G.P.S. Sector "A"Town Sector "A"All voters

Last Updated on: Jan 19, 2023

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