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Polling Booth in Tening Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Tening

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tening Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1Tening Town (N/W)GHS BluidingTening Town (N/W)All Voters
2Nzau NamsanGPS BuildingNzau NamsanAll Voters
3Tening VillageGPS BuildingTening VillageAll Voters
4Tening Christian (N/W)GPS BuildingTening Christian (N/W)All Voters
5TepunGPS BuildingTepunAll Voters
6NzauGMS BuildingNzauAll Voters
7Nchangram-IGPS BuildingNchangram-IAll Voters
8Nchangram-IIVillage Council HallNchangram-IIAll Voters
9MbaupungwaGPS BuildingMbaupungwaAll Voters
10NkialwaGPS BuildingNkialwaAll Voters
11Sinjol 'A' LowerGPS BuildingSinjol 'A' LowerAll Voters
12Sinjol 'B' UpperGPS BuildingSinjol 'B' UpperAll Voters
13Tesen Old (N/W)GPS BuildingTesen Old (N/W)All Voters
14Tesen NewGPS BuildingTesen NewAll Voters
15HeiranglwaGPS BuildingHeiranglwaAll Voters
16NzaunaGPS BuildingNzaunaAll Voters
17Lalong (N/W)GMS BuildingLalong (N/W)All Voters
18Ntu VillageGPS BuildingNtu VillageAll Voters
19Nsong VillageGPS BuildingNsong VillageAll Voters
20Nsong TownGPS BuildingNsong TownAll Voters
21NchanGPS BuildingNchanAll Voters
22Ngoulong OldGPS BuildingNgoulong OldAll Voters
23Ngoulong NewGPS BuildingNgoulong NewAll Voters
24Nkio OldGPS Building Nkio OldAll Voters
25BamsiakilwaGPS BuildingBamsiakilwaAll Voters
26PhaikholumGPS BuildingPhaikholumAll Voters
27New Nkio GPS BuildingNew Nkio All Voters
28Old SogetGPS BuildingOld SogetAll Voters
29KhelmaGPS BuildingKhelmaAll Voters
30New SogetGPS BuildingNew SogetAll Voters
31NsenlwaPanchayat HallNsenlwaAll Voters
32Ikiesingram GPS BuildingIkiesingramAll Voters
33Old BeisumpuiGPS BuildingOld BeisumpuiAll Voters
34BongkolongGPS BuildingBongkolongAll Voters
35New BeisumpuiGPS BuildingNew BeisumpuiAll Voters
36PelhangGPS BuildingPelhangAll Voters
37InbungGPS BuildingInbungAll Voters
38Athibung Town(N/W)GPS BuildingAthibung Town(N/W)All Voters
39Old ChalkotGPS BuildingOld ChalkotAll Voters
40VongkithemGPS BuildingVongkithemAll Voters
41PhaijolGPS BuildingPhaijolAll Voters
42New ChalkotGPS BuildingNew ChalkotAll Voters
43Beisumpuikam GPS BuildingBeisumpuikam All Voters
44PhanzangGPS BuildingPhanzangAll Voters
45SaijangGPS BuildingSaijangAll Voters
46LiphempaiNew VillageCommunity HallLipempaiAll Voters
47LilenGPS BuildingLilenAll Voters
48Nkio (B)GPS BuildingNkio (B)All Voters
49Ngam GPS BuildingNgam All Voters
50SailhemGPS BuildingSailhemAll Voters
51SongouGPS BuildingSongouAll Voters
52SonglhuGPS BuildingSonglhuAll Voters
53MbaulwaGPS BuildingMbaulwa All Voters
54AzailongGPS BuildingAzailongAll Voters
55Tening Town (S/W)GHS BluidingTening Town (S/W)All Voters
56Tening Christian(S/W)GPS BuildingTening Christian (S/W)All Voters
57Tesen Old (S/W)GPS BuildingTesen Old (S/W)All Voters
58Lalong (S/W)GPS BuildingLalong (S/W)All Voters
59Athibung Town (S/W)GPS BuildingAthibung Town (S/W)All Voters
60MbaupungchiGPS BuildingMbaupungchiAll Voters
61BeisumpuiloaGPS BuildingBeisumpuiloaAll Voters

Last Updated on: Jan 19, 2023

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