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Polling Booth in Seyochung Sitimi Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Seyochung Sitimi

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Seyochung Sitimi Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1Seyochung TownM.E.S. BuildingSeyochung TownAll Voters
2Yangzitong 'A'G.P.S. BuildingYangzitong 'A'All Voters
3Yangzitong 'B'G.P.S. Building Yangzitong 'B'All Voters
4Seyochung 'A'G.P.S. BuildingSeyochung 'A'All Voters
5Seyochung 'B'G.P.S. BuildingSeyochung 'B'All Voters
6Tsungar G.P.S. BuildingTsungar All Voters
7Old Monger G.P.S. BuildingOld-Monger All Voters
8New Monger G.P.S. BuildingNewmonger All Voters
9ThangthurG.P.S. BuildingThangthurAll Voters
10YingphireG.P.S. BuildingYingphir All Voters
11Phisami G.P.S. BuildingPhisami All Voters
12Lukhami G.P.S. BuildingLukhamiAll Voters
13Shothumi 'A'G.P.S. BuildingShothumi 'A'All Voters
14ShishimiG.P.S. BuildingShishimi All Voters
15Sitimi TownM.E.S. BuildingSitimi TownAll Voters
16Nitoi G.P.S. BuildingNitoi All Voters
17Sitimi VillageG.P.S. BuildingSitimi VillageAll Voters
18HonitoG.P.S. BuildingHonito All Voters
19Langzanger G.P.S. BuildingLangzanger All Voters
20Yangsekyu G.P.S. BuildingYangsekyu All Voters
21Thazuvi G.P.S. BuildingThazuvi All Voters
22Natsami G.P.S. BuildingNatsami All Voters
23Samphur M.E.S. BuildingSamphur All Voters
24Tetheyo G.P.S. BuildingTetheyoAll Voters
25Longmatra TownM.E.S BuildingLongmatra TownAll Voters
26Ngoromi G.P.S. BuildingNgoromi All Voters
27New Longmatra G.P.S. BuildingN-Longmatra All Voters
28Changchor G.P.S. BuildingChangchor All Voters
29Kior G.P.S. BuildingKior All Voters
30Kisetong G.P.S. BuildingKisetong All Voters
31Horonger G.P.S. BuildingHoronger All Voters
32Amahator G.P.S. BuildingAmahator All Voters
33Old-Risethsi G.P.S. BuildingOld-Risethsi All Voters
34Shothumi 'B'G.P.S. BuildingShothumi 'B'All Voters
35Longmatra VillageG.P.S. BuildingLongmatra VillageAll Voters
36TsongphongG.P.S. BuildingTsongphong All Voters
37New Risethsi G.P.S. BuildingNew Risethsi All Voters
38Kiyezhe G.P.S Building Keyezhe All Voters
39SangtsozeG.P.S Building SangtsozeAll Voters
40Xuvishe G.P.S Building Xuvishe All Voters
41Nikiye G.P.S BuildingNikiye All Voters
42Yangzitong 'C'G.P.S. BuildingYangzitong 'C'All Voters
43Seyochung Village 'C'G.P.S. BuildingSeyochung Village 'C'All Voters
44Kisetong 'A'G.P.S. BuildingKisetong 'A'All Voters
45Azeto VillageG.P.S BuildingAzeto VillageAll Voters
46Bilongkyu VillageCouncil HallBilongkyu VillageAll Voters

Last Updated on: Jan 19, 2023

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