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Polling Booth in Pungro Kiphire Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Pungro Kiphire

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Pungro Kiphire Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1Kiphire Town (N) 'A'ZPCG College, Bazar WardKiphire Town (N) 'A'All Voters
2Kiphire Town (N) 'B'DAO OfficeKiphire Town (N) 'B'All Voters
3Kiphire Town (E)G.H.S. BuildingKiphire Town (E)All Voters
4Kiphire Town (S) 'A'G.H.S. BuildingKiphire Town S-AAll Voters
5Kiphire Town (S) 'B'G.M.S Building, Medical WardKiphire Town S-BAll Voters
6Kiphire Town (H) - IYanphi MES BuildingKiphire Town H-1All Voters
7Kiphire Town (H) IIYanphi MES BuildingKiphire Town H-IIAll Voters
8Kiphire Town (H) AKipongya GPS BuildingKiphire Town H-AAll Voters
9Longthonger GPS BuildingLongthonger All Voters
10Kiphire VillageGPS BuildingKiphire VillageAll Voters
11Singrep GPS BuildingSingrep All Voters
12LangkokGPS BuildingLangkok All Voters
13Phelonger GMS BuildingPhelonger All Voters
14Anatonger GMS BuildingAnatonger All Voters
15Purrur GPS BuildingPurrur All Voters
16Hutami GPS BuildingHutami All Voters
17Insikiur GPS BuildingInsikiurAll Voters
18Pungro Town 'A'GHS BuildingPungro Town 'A'All Voters
19Pungro Town 'B'GHS BuildingPungro Town 'B'All Voters
20Pungro VillageGPS BuildingPungro VillageAll Voters
21Pungren GPS BuildingPungren All Voters
22TethezeGPS BuildingTethezeAll Voters
23Mimi GPS BuildingMimi All Voters
24Lopfukhong GPS BuildingLopfukhong All Voters
25Khongka GPS BuildingKhongka All Voters
26Moya GPS BuildingMoya All Voters
27Longkhimong GPS BuildingLongkhimong All Voters
28Penkim GPS BuildingPenkim All Voters
29Fakim GPS BuildingFakim All Voters
30Thanamir GPS BuildingThanamir All Voters
31Salomi 'A'GPS BuildingSalomi 'A'All Voters
32Salomi 'B'V.V.C.BuildingSalomi 'B'All Voters
33Zaonger GPS BuildingZaonger All Voters
34IpongerGPS BuildingIponger All Voters
35Luthur GPS BuildingLuthur All Voters
36Phuvkiu 'A'G,M.S BuildingPhuvkiu 'A'All Voters
37Phuvkiu 'B'G.M.S BuildingPhuvkiu 'B'All Voters
38Zumkiur GPS BuildingZumkiur All Voters
39Tekivong GPS BuildingTekivong All Voters
40Old Vongti GPS BuildingOld Vongti All Voters
41New Vongti GPS BuildingNew VongtiAll Voters
42MutingkongGPS BuildingMutingkong All Voters
43KhongjireGPS BuildingKhongjireAll Voters
44Hakumati GPS BuildingHakumati All Voters
45Tsutang GPS BuildingTsutang All Voters
46Vongtsuvong GPS BuildingVongtsuvong All Voters
47Khong GPS BuildingKhongAll Voters
48Kiphire Town (N) 'C' GMS Building PHED Colony, GHS WardKiphire Town (N) 'C'All Voters
49Phelonger 'A'GMS BuildingPhelonger 'A'All Voters
50Anatonger 'A'GMS BuildingAnatonger 'A'All Voters
51Nutsu VillageCommunity HallNutsu VillageAll Voters
52Khongka VillageGA Rest HouseKhongka VillageAll Voters
53Thulun VillageCouncil HallThulun VillageAll Voters
54Tsurevong VillageCouncil HallTsurevong VillageAll Voters
55Cideyevong VillageCouncil HallCideyevong VillageAll Voters
56Jenty VillageCouncil HallJenty VillageAll Voters
57Vongva VillageCouncil HallVongva VillageAll Voters
58Mongtsuwong VillageCouncil HallMongtsuwong VillageAll Voters
59Lihtsaoung VillageCouncil HallLihtsaoung VillageAll Voters
60Tsuthu VillageCouncil HallTsuthu VillageAll Voters
61Okhe VillageCouncil HallOkhe VillageAll Voters
62Pungro Town 'A'BDO OfficePungro Town 'A'All Voters
63Amikioro VillageCommunity HallAmikioro VillageAll Voters
64Kiuro VillageCommunity HallKiuro VillageAll Voters
65Tsutowong VillageCommunity HallTsutowong VillageAll Voters

Last Updated on: Jan 19, 2023

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