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Polling Booth in Phek Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Phek

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Phek Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1Thevopisu Village 'A' WingGPS 'A'Thevipishu Village 'A' WingThevopisu Village 'A' WingAll Voters
2Thevopisu Village 'B' WingGPS(B) Thevopishu Village 'B' WingThevopisu Village 'B' WingAll Voters
3Sekrezu HqGMS, Sekrezu Hq.Sekrezu HqAll Voters
4Ruzazhomi Village A/WingGPS, Ruzazhomi VillageRuzazhomi Village A/WingAll Voters
5Terhutsesemi VillageGPS Terhutsesemi VillageTerhutsesemi VillageAll Voters
6Dzulhami Village 'A' WingVDB Hall, Dzulhami Village 'A' WingDzulhami Village 'A' WingAll Voters
7Dzulhami Village 'B' WingGPS (A), Dzulhami Village 'B' WingDzulhami Village 'B' WingAll Voters
8Phugwimi VillageGMS, Phugwimi Village Phugwimi VillageAll Voters
9Metsalemi VillageGPS, Metsalemi VillageMetsalemi VillageAll Voters
10Chepoketa VillageGMS, Chepoketa VillageChepoketa VillageAll Voters
11Khuzami VillageGMS, Khuzami VillageKhuzami VillageAll Voters
12Kutsapo Village A/Wing (Nasa & Rusozou KhelGHS, Kutsapo VillageKutsapo Village A/Wing (Nasa & Rusozou Khel)All Voters
13Satheri VillageGPS, Satheri VillageSatheri VillageAll Voters
14Phek Town 'A' Wing (Jericho-I Colony)Panchayat Hall,Jericho-I Colony , Phek Town Phek Town 'A' Wing (Jericho-I colony)All Voters
15Phek Town 'B' Wing (Bethany -I Colony)Christian Mission High School, Phek Town 'B'/WPhek Town 'B' Wing (Bethany-I Colony)All Voters
16Phek Town 'C' Wing (Jericho-II Colony)Panchayat Hall, Jericho-II Colony, Phek TownPhek Town 'C' Wing (Jericho-II Colony)All Voters
17Phek Town 'D' Wing (Bethany-II ColonyStation Superintendent Office (NST) Phek TownPhek Town 'D' Wing (Bethany-II Colony)All Voters
18Phek Town 'E' Wing (Bethel Colony)GHS, Phek TownPhek Town 'E'Wing(Bethel Colony)All Voters
19Phek Town 'F' Wing (Zion &Mission Compound colony)GHSS, Phek Town 'F' WingPhek Town 'F' Wing(Zion &Mission compound colony)All Voters
20Phek Town 'G' Wing(Bible Hill Colony)DVO (Vety) Office Phek TownPhek Town 'G' Wing (Bible Hill ColonyAll Voters
21Shurhoba VillageCommunity Hall, Shurhoba VillageShurhoba VillageAll Voters
22Chosaba VillageGPS, Chosaba VillageChosaba VillageAll Voters
23Old Phek TownBDO's Office, Old Phek TownOld Phek TownAll Voters
24Phek Village 'A' WingGPS, MC Khel Phek VillagePhek Village 'A' WingAll Voters
25Phek Village 'B' WingPanchayat Hall, Phek Village B/WingPhek Village 'B' WingAll Voters
26Phek Basa VillageGPS, Phek Basa VillagePhek Basa VillageAll Voters
27Ruzazho Village 'B' WingGPS Ruzazhomi Village 'B' WingRuzazho Village 'B' WingAll Voters
28New Ruzhazho VillageGPS, New Ruzhazho VillageNew Razhazho VillageAll Voters
29Phek Town H/Wing (Hebron-II Coplony)Holy Care School, Phek TownPhek Town H/Wing (Hebron-II Colony)All Voters
30Phek Village 'C' WingGHS Phek Village 'C' WingPhek Village 'C' WingAll Voters
31Phek Town I/Wing-(Hebron-I Colony)Angawadi Centre Hebron-I Phek TownPhek Town I/Wing-(Hebron-I Colony)All Voters
32Thevopisu Village 'C' WingGPS (A)Thevopishu Village Thevopisu Village 'C' WingAll Voters
33Thevopisu Village 'D' WingGPS(B), Thevopisu Village Thevopisu Village 'D' WingAll Voters
34Dzulhami Village 'C' WingGHS, Dzulhami Village Dzulhami Village 'C' WingAll Voters
35KutsapoVillage B/Wing (Thuzoba & UtubuGPS 'B', Kutsapo VillageKutsapo Village B/Wing (Thuzoba & Utubu Khel)All Voters
36Phek Town J/Wing(New Colony)GPS,New Colony, Phek TownPhek Town J/Wing (New Colony)All Voters
37Phek Village 'D' WingGPS, Old Phek TownPhek Village 'D' WingAll Voters
38Ruzazho Village B/WingGPS Sector B Ruzazho VillageRuzazho Village B/WingAll Voters

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