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Polling Booth in Northern Angami-II Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Northern Angami-II

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Northern Angami-II Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1Zhadi BaweZhadi Bawe GPSZhadi BaweAll Voters
2Zhadi KimhoZhadi Kimho GPSZhadi KimhoAll Voters
3TeichumaTeichuma GPSTeichumaAll Voters
4BotsaBotsa GPSBotsaAll Voters
5Tuophema BasaTuophema Basa GPS Tuophema Basa All Voters
6Touphema BaweTuophema Bawe GPSTouphema BaweAll Voters
7NachamaNachama GPSNachamaAll Voters
8SeiyhamaSeiyhama GPSSeiyhamaAll Voters
9Nerhema LowerNerhema Lower GPS Nerhema UpperAll Voters
10Nerhema UpperNerhema Upper GPSNerhema LowerAll Voters
11Chiechama BaweChiechama Bawe GPSChiechama BaweAll Voters
12Chiechama BasaChiechama Basa GPSChiechama BasaAll Voters
13Chiechama PhesazouChiechama Phesazou GPSChiechama PhesazouAll Voters
14Gariphema Gariphema GPSGariphema All Voters
15Gariphema BasaGariphema Basa GPSGariphema BasaAll Voters
16RusomaRusoma GPSRusomaAll Voters
17Rusoma BasaRusoma Basa GPSRusoma BasaAll Voters
18Phekerkriema BawePhekerkriema Bawe GPSPhekerkriema BaweAll Voters
19KijümetoumaKijümetouma GPSKijümetoumaAll Voters
20DihomaDihoma GPSDihomaAll Voters
21ChiephobozouDon Bosco SchoolChiephobozouAll Voters
22MeremaMerema GPSMeremaAll Voters
23Thizama VillageThizama Village GPSThizama VillageAll Voters
24Thizama 4th NAP4th NAP SchoolThizama 4th NAPAll Voters
25Tsiesema BaweTseisema Bawe GPSTseisema BaweAll Voters
26Tsiesema BasaTseisema Basa GPSTseisema BasaAll Voters
27ZiezouZiezou GPSZiezouAll Voters
28Phekerkriema BasaPhekerkriema Basa GPSPhekerkriema BasaAll Voters
29Tsiemekhuma BasaTsiemekhuma Basa GPSTsiemekhuma BasaAll Voters
30Tsiemekhuma BaweTsiemekhuma Bawe GPSTsiemekhuma BaweAll Voters
3110 IRB ZhadimaMt Garrage10 IRB ZhadimaAll Voters
32Seiyha PhesaSeiyha Phesa GPSSeiyha PhesaAll Voters
33PhezhaPanchayat HallPhezhaAll Voters
34Tuophe - PhezouCommunity HallTuophe - PhezouAll Voters
35Zhadi Basa Zhadi Basa GPSZhadi BasaAll Voters
36Touphe-Bawe "B"Community Hall, Touphezou DawhouTouphe Bawe "B"All Voters
37Chiechama PheluoCommunity Hall, Rupreo ChienuoChiechama PheluoAll Voters
38Nerhe Model VillagePanchayat Hall,Nerhe Model VillageNerhe Model VillageAll Voters
39Kijumetouma Basa Kijumetouma Basa GPSKijumetouma BasaAll Voters
40Nerhema MiddleVDB HallNerhema ModelAll Voters

Last Updated on May 09, 2020
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