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Polling Booth in Mongoya Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Mongoya

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Mongoya Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1Majakong Ward-IG.M.School ,Khasi LaneMajakong Ward-IAll Voters
2Majakong Ward-IIG.P.School, Medical ColonyMajakong Ward-IIAll Voters
3Artang WardG.P.School Artang WardArtang WardAll Voters
4Penli Ward G.M.School Penli WardPenli Ward All Voters
5Alongmen Ward Soil Department Rest HouseAlongmenAll Voters
6Longsa-IG.P.School LongsalongLongsa-IAll Voters
7Longsa-II Community HallLongsa-IIAll Voters
8Longsa-IIIG.P.School, SalangLongsa-IIIAll Voters
9Longsa-IVCitizen ClubLongsa-IVAll Voters
10ChubayimkumG.P.SchoolChubayimkumAll Voters
11MeyilongG.P.SchoolMeyilongAll Voters
12Mokokchung Village-I Arichuma BlockG.P.School Arichuma S/WingMokokchung Village-I Arichuma Block, S/WingAll Voters
13Mokokchung Vill-II Arichuma BlockG.P.School Arichuma N/WingMokokchung Vill-II Arichuma Block, N/WingAll Voters
14Mokokchung Village-III Imtsungda BlockG.P.School, ImtsungdaMokokchung Village-III Imtsungda BlockAll Voters
15Chuchuyimpang-I Changchang LendenPanchayat HallChuchuyimpang-IAll Voters
16Chuchuyimpang-IIG.P.School AlitongdangChuchuyimpang-IIAll Voters
17District Executive Force Colony (Chuchu)Govt.Primary School,New ReservedDistrict Executive Force Colony (Chuchu)All Voters
18MoalendenG.P.School MoalendenAll Voters
19TsusapangBaptist English School TsusapangAll Voters
20Lijaba Lijen WardCommunity HallLijaba Lijen WardAll Voters
21Artang Ward-ICommunity HallArtang Ward-IAll Voters
22Longsa-VG.P. School LongmendenLongsa-VAll Voters
23Mokokchung Village-IVCommunity HallMokokchung Village-IVAll Voters
24Chuchuyimpang-IIIG.P.School,LendenChuchuyimpang-IIIAll Voters
25School Compound,LongsaImzuluba High SchoolLongsaAll Voters

Last Updated on: Jan 19, 2023

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