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Polling Booth in Meluri Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Meluri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Meluri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1Suthotsu VillageGPS, Suthotsu VillageSuthotsu VillageAll Voters
2Tehephu VillageGPS, Tehephu VillageTehaphu VillageAll Voters
3Khutsokhuno VillageGPS, Khutsokhuno VillageKhutsokhuno VillageAll Voters
4Sohomi VillageGMS, Sohomi VillageSohomi VillageAll Voters
5Kotisu VillageGMS, Kotisu VillageKotisu VillageAll Voters
6Tuzatse VillageGPS, Tuzatse VillageTuzatse VillageAll Voters
7Kizari VillageGPS, Kizari VillageKizari VillageAll Voters
8Meluri Village Non-Christian KhelGMS, Meluri VillageMeluri Village Non-Christian KhelAll Voters
9Khumiasu VillageGPS, Khumiasu VillageKhumiasu VillageAll Voters
10Meluri Village Christian Khel A/WingGPS, Meluri Village Christian Khel C/KhelMeluri Village Christian Khel A/WingAll Voters
11Meluri Town 'A' WingGHSS, Meluri TownMeluri Town 'A' WingAll Voters
12Meluri Town 'B' WingPWD (Housing) Office, Meluri TownMeluri Town 'B' WingAll Voters
13Meluri Town 'C' WingPWD (R & B) Office,Meluri TownMeluri Town 'C' WingAll Voters
14Akhegow VillageGMS, Akhegow VillageAkhegow VillageAll Voters
15Kukhegow VillageGMS, Kukhegow VillageKukhegow VillageAll Voters
16Phor VillageCommunity Hall, Phor VillagePhor VillageAll Voters
17Hutsu VillageVillage Community Hall, Hutsu VillageHutsu VillageAll Voters
18Satuza VillageGPS, Satuza VillageSatuza VillageAll Voters
19Kuzatu VillageGPS, Kuzatu VillageKuzatu VillageAll Voters
20Yesi VillageGPS, Yesi VillageYesi VillageAll Voters
21Wezhio Village A/WingGMS, Weziho VillageWezhio Village A/WingAll Voters
22Mokie VillageGPS, Mokie VillageMokie VillageAll Voters
23Sutsu VillageGHS, Sutsu VillageSutsu VillageAll Voters
24Laruri VillageGPS, Laruri VillageLaruri VillageAll Voters
25Phokhungri VillageGPS, Phongkhungri VillagePhokhungri VillageAll Voters
26Avankhu VillageGPS, Avankhu VillageAvankhu VillageAll Voters
27Letsam VillageGPS, Letsam VillageLetsam VillageAll Voters
28Old Thewati VillageGPS, Old Thewati Old Thewati VillageAll Voters
29New Thewati VillageGPS, New Thewati VillageNew Thewati VillageAll Voters
30Washelo VillageGPS, Washelo VillageWashelo VillageAll Voters
31Ziphu VillageGPS, Ziphu VillageZiphu VillageAll Voters
32Mollen VillageVillage Community Hall, Mollen VillageMollen VillageAll Voters
33Reguri VillageGMS, Reguri VillageReguri VillageAll Voters
34Akhen VillageGPS, Akhen VillageAkhen VillageAll Voters
35Kanjang VillageGMS, Kanjang VillageKanjang VillageAll Voters
36Lephori VillageGHS, Lephori VillageLephori VillageAll Voters
37Matikhru VillageReception Hall, Matikhru VillageMatikhru VillageAll Voters
38Lozaphuhu Village 'A' WingGHS, Lozaphuhu VillageLozaphuhu Village 'A' WingAll Voters
39Lozaphuhu Village 'B' WingGPS, Lozaphuhu VillageLozaphuhu Village 'B' WingAll Voters
40Losami Village 'A' WingGMS Losa Basa, Losami VillageLosami Village 'A' WingAll Voters
41Losami Village 'B' WingGPS , Losami VillageLosami Village 'B' WingAll Voters
42New Akhegow VillageCouncil Hall, New Akhegow VillageNew Akhegow VillageAll Voters
43New Phor VillageVillage Council Hall, New Phor VillageNew Phor VillageAll Voters
44Wuzu VillageCouncil Hall, Wuzu VillageWuzu VillageAll Voters
45Lanye JunctionVillage Community Hall, Lanye JunctionLanye JunctionAll Voters
46Losami Village 'C' WingGMS Losami VillageLosami Village 'C' WingAll Voters
47Meluri Village Christian Khel 'B' WingGPS, Meluri Village Christian KhelMeluri Village Christian Khel 'B' WingAll Voters
48Meluri Town 'D' WingGHSS, Meluri TownMeluri Town 'D' WingAll Voters
49Wezhio Village 'B' WingGMS, Weziho VillageWezhio Village 'B' WingAll Voters
50Reiehuope Khel, Meluri VillageGMS, Meluri VillageRiehuope Khel, Meluri VillageAll Voters
51Yisisotha VillageGPS, Yisisotha VillageYisisotha VillageAll Voters
52Phokhungri TownGHS, Phokhungri TownPhokhungri TownAll Voters

Last Updated on: Jan 19, 2023

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