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Polling Booth in Longleng Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Longleng

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Longleng Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1Pongo 'A'Nyoshet Morung,Pongo VillagePongo 'A'All Voters
2Pongo 'A'Yongchong Morung, Pongo VillagePongo 'A'All Voters
3Pongo 'B'Phukchung Morung, Pongo VillagePongo 'B'All Voters
4Pongo 'B'Nangthu Morung, Pongo VillagePongo 'B'All Voters
5Bhumnyu 'A'G.P.S, Bhumnyu "A'Bhumnyu 'A'All Voters
6Bhumnyu 'B'GPS,Bhumnyu 'B'Bhumnyu 'B'All Voters
7Bhumnyu 'B'Meisha Morung,BhumnyuBhumnyu 'B'All Voters
8YaongyimchenOkpang Morung, Yaongyimchen VillageYaongyimchenAll Voters
9YaongyimchenG.P.S Yaongyimchen VillageYaongyimchenAll Voters
10Yachem 'A'G.P. S Mokhu KhelYachem 'A'All Voters
11Yachem 'A'G.HS.Yachem Noksosang CompoundYachem 'A'All Voters
12Yachem VillageYakang Morung Right WingYachem VillageAll Voters
13Yachem VillageYakang Morung Left WingYachem VillageAll Voters
14Yachem 'B'Angawadi Centre,L/Wing Laviso KhelYachem 'B'All Voters
15Yachem 'B'G.P.S R/Wing Laviso KhelYachem 'B'All Voters
16Orangkong VillageG.P. S OrangkongOrangkong VillageAll Voters
17Orangkong VillageChauching MorungOrangkong VillageAll Voters
18Orangkong VillagePongdang MorungOrangkong VillageAll Voters
19Longleng Hq 'A'Longleng Hq 'A' G.High SchoolLongleng Hq 'A'All Voters
20Longleng Hq 'B'G.M.S Nyengching Llg Hq 'B'Longleng Hq 'B'All Voters
21Longleng Hq 'B'G.P. S. Shayong KhelLongleng Hq 'B'All Voters
22Longleng Hq 'C'G.P. S. Pupei Longleng HqLongleng Hq 'C'All Voters
23Oushok VillageG.P. S Oukshok VillageOushok VillageAll Voters
24Hukpang 'A'Muline Morung Hukpang LLg HqHukpang 'A'All Voters
25Hukpang 'B'G.P. S. Hukpang VillageHukpang 'B'All Voters
26PongchingG.P. S. Sector 'A' Pongching villagePongchingAll Voters
27PongchingG.M.S. Pongching villagePongchingAll Voters
28MongtikangPanchayat Hall MongtikangMongtikangAll Voters
29Sakshi VillageCommunity Hall, Sakshi VillageSakshi VillageAll Voters
30Sakshi VillageNgecham Morung,Sakshi VillageSakshi VillageAll Voters
31Yimchong VillageGPS Yimchong VillageYimchong VillageAll Voters
32Yongpang 'A'Ongching Morung KhelYongpang 'A'All Voters
33Yongpang 'B'Shamching Morung YongpangYongpang 'B'All Voters
34YangchingG.P. S. YangchingYangchingAll Voters
35AochingG.M. S. AochingAochingAll Voters
36Pongo 'A'G.M.S.Building Pongo CompoundPongo 'A'All Voters
37Dungkhao Village G.P.S. Building Dungkhao Dungkhao Compound All Voters
38Alayong VillageAlayong MorungAlayong VillageAll Voters
39Noksosang VillageNoksosang MorungNoksosang VillageAll Voters
40Leinak Ward-II, Longleng TownG.M.S.Leinak Ward, Longleng TownLongleng Hq. All Voters
41Namching CompoundG.M.S. Building NamchingNamching CompoundAll Voters
42Chingkang Sakshi VillageChingkang Morung, Sakshi VillageChingkang Sakshi VillageAll Voters
43Hongnyu VillageGPS Chingyang, Hongnyu VillageHongnyu VillageAll Voters
44Bhumnyu Village Khaujong Morung, Bhumnyu 'C'Bhumnyu VillageAll Voters
45Yachem VillageJ.S. Mangtangchu Khel, YachemYachem VillageAll Voters
46Longleng HqGPS Tongben ,Longleng HqLongleng HqAll Voters
47Hukphang 'C'G.P.S.Shalangkang, Hukphang 'C'Hukphang 'C'All Voters
48Pongching Village Village Council Hall,Pongching Vill.Pongching Village All Voters
49Yongphang 'C'Mongkhu Morung,Yongphang 'C'Yongphang VillageAll Voters
50Shamkang Ward Longleng HqGPS Block Shamkang Ward, Longleng HQLongleng Hq 'B'All Voters
51Pongo 'C'Mokang MorungPongo VillageAll Voters
52Mongkhong,BhumnyuG.H.S.BhumnyuBhumnyu VillageAll Voters
53Hamlikong, OrangkongG.P.S. Sector 'C'Orangkong VillageAll Voters
54Lingtak VillageG.P.S. Lingtak VillageLingtak villageAll Voters
55Yangching 'B'Yongsham Morung, Yangching 'B'Yangching VillageAll Voters
56Yangkang, SakshiG.P.S. YangkangSakshi VillageAll Voters
57Noklangkong Ward, LonglengG.P.S. Noklangkong Ward, LonglengLongleng Hq. All Voters
58P.P.C.Ward, LonglengDistrict Indoor stadium, LonglengLongleng Hq. All Voters
59Agri Ward-5, LonglengG.P.S. Agri Ward-5, Longleng TownLongleng Hq. All Voters
60Shauli Ward, LonglengG.P.S. Shauli Ward, Longleng TownLongleng HqAll Voters
61Medical Ward, LonglengG.H.S. Nyengching, Longleng TownLongleng Hq. All Voters

Last Updated on: Jan 19, 2023

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