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Polling Booth in Kohima Town Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Kohima Town

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Kohima Town Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1D. Block UpperUra College of Teacher Education (Top floor)D. Block UpperAll Voters
2D.Block MiddleUra College of Teacher Education (1st floor)D.Block MiddleAll Voters
3D.Block LowerPanchayat HallD.Block LowerAll Voters
4Nagabazar UpperNagabazar GPSNagabazar UpperAll Voters
5Nagabazar Lower Nagabazar Panchayat HallNagabazar LowerAll Voters
6Poterlane UpperPublic School DzüvürüPoterlane UpperAll Voters
7Poterlane LowerGMS, Jail Colony, PoterlanePoterlane LowerAll Voters
8New Ministers' Hill-I Circuit House (New Building) New Ministers' Hill-IAll Voters
9PWD Upper -IGHS PWD ColonyPWD Upper-IAll Voters
10Middle PWD -IPinewood English School (S/W)Middle PWD -IAll Voters
11MiddlePWD -IIPinewood English School (N/W)Middle PWD -IIAll Voters
12PWD Lower-IChandmari Higher Secondary School (S/W)PWD Lower-IAll Voters
13Chandmari LowerGovt.Middle SchoolChandmari LowerAll Voters
14Chandmari Upper-IOffice of General Manager,DIC (N/W)Chandmari Upper-IAll Voters
15Chandmari Upper-II Govt.High School Chandmari Upper-IIAll Voters
16Chandmari Upper-IIIOffice of SDO (Electrical) Sub-Division-IChandmari Upper-IIIAll Voters
17Chandmari MiddleGorkha Public PanchayatChandmari MiddleAll Voters
18PR Hill Lower-IGovt.Primary School,PR Hill Lower-IAll Voters
19PR Hill Lower-IISahitya Sabha Hall Supply ColonyPR Hill Lower-IIAll Voters
20PR Hill UpperTown Hall/Capital Council HallPR Hill UpperAll Voters
21Para Medical UpperChief Medical Officer OfficePara Medical UpperAll Voters
22Para Medical LowerGMS MerhülietsaPara Medical LowerAll Voters
23Old Ministers' Hill-I Ministers' Hill Higher Secondary School (N/W)Old Ministers' Hill-IAll Voters
24Agri Farm ColonyDAO (Agri) OfficeAgri Farm ColonyAll Voters
25Agri/Electrical Colony-ICommunity HallAgri/Electrical Colony-IAll Voters
26Upper Agri ColonyAEF Council HallForest Colony-IAll Voters
27Leirie ChazouGMS Leirie ChazouLeirie ChazouAll Voters
28Police Project-I Police Engg. Office BuildingPolice Project-IAll Voters
29AG Colony Upper-IDirectorate Cooperative Office (N/W)AG Colony Upper-IAll Voters
30AG Colony Upper-IIDirectorate Cooperative Office (S/W)AG Colony Upper-IIAll Voters
31AG Colony Lower-IChief Engineer Electrical Office (N/W)AG Colony Lower-IAll Voters
32AG Colony Lower-IIChief Engineer Electrical Office (S/W)AG Colony Lower-IIAll Voters
33New Ministers' Hill-IIPanchayat HallNew Ministers' Hill-IIAll Voters
34PWD Lower-IIChandmari Higher Secondary School (E/W)PWD Lower-IIAll Voters
35Old Ministers' Hill-IIPanchayat HallOld Ministers' Hill-IIAll Voters
36Agri/Electrical Colony-IIElectrical Hydel StoreAgri/Electrical Colony-IIAll Voters
37Forest Colony-IForest Community HallForest Colony-IAll Voters
38Leirie Colony-ILeirie Colony Panchayat HallLeirie Colony-IAll Voters
39Police Project-IINagaland Police Central School PhesamaPolice Project-IIAll Voters
40Lerie Colony-IIGPS, LerieLerie Colony-IIAll Voters
41Jail ColonyPanchayat HallJail ColonyAll Voters

Last Updated on: Jan 19, 2023

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