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Polling Booth in impur Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in impur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Impur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1KobulongSenden SalangKobulongAll Voters
2Yisemyong CompoundG.P.SchoolYisemyong CompoundAll Voters
3Mopungchuket-IG.P.School Sector 'B'Mopungchuket-IAll Voters
4Mopungchuket-IIPanchayat HallMopungchuket-IIAll Voters
5Mopungchuket-IIIG.P.School 'A'Mopungchuket-IIIAll Voters
6Mopungchuket-IVPanchayat HallMopungchuket-IVAll Voters
7LongphaG.M.SchoolLongphaAll Voters
8Longjang-IG.P.School (New) Aong RejuLongjang-IAll Voters
9Longjang-IIPanchayat HallLongjang-IIAll Voters
10Longjang-IIIPongen Lenden SemtuLongjang-IIIAll Voters
11Longjang-IVCultural Interpretation CentreLongjang-IVAll Voters
12Sungratsu-IG.P.Scholl, AlongmenSungratsu-IAll Voters
13Sungratsu-IIPanchayat HallSungratsu-IIAll Voters
14Sungratsu-IIIG.M.School Banglow SectorSungratsu-IIIAll Voters
15ChamiCommunity Hall ChamiAll Voters
16KhanimoG.P.SchoolKhanimoAll Voters
17AlongchenG.P.SchoolAlongchenAll Voters
18Yimcha LuGPS YimchaluYimcha LuAll Voters
19ImpurClark Memoral Higher Secondary SchoolImpurAll Voters
20Longjang-VGP School Yimrong MepuLongjang-VAll Voters

Last Updated on: Jan 19, 2023

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