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Polling Booth in Dimapur-II Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Dimapur-II

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dimapur-II Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1KhermahalNeingulie Memorial High School (N/W)KhermahalAll Voters
2Neisatuo/Lake ViewNeingulie Memorial High School (S/W)Neisatuo/Lake ViewAll Voters
3L.R.C./ Island ColonyDAO (Agri) Main OfficeL.R.C./ Island ColonyAll Voters
4Ao/Lotha Church AreaDAO (Agri) Main OfficeAo/Lotha Church AreaAll Voters
5Nyamo/Ghoshito Area (E/W)SDO (Agri) StoreNyamo/Ghoshito Area (E/W)All Voters
6Nyamo/Ghoshito Area (N/W)Office of the Project Director(ATMA)Nyamo/Ghoshito Area (N/W)All Voters
7Nuton Bosti/I.V. ColonyNuton Bosti Community HallNuton Bosti/I.V. ColonyAll Voters
8Duncan Village "A" (E/W)GMS Lotha, E/W,DuncanDuncan Village "A" (E/W)All Voters
9Duncan Village "A: (N/W)GMS,Lotha, N/W,DuncanDuncan Village "A: (N/W)All Voters
10Duncan Village"B" (W/W)GMS,Ao Duncan Village W/WDuncan Village"B" (W/W)All Voters
11Industrial Village Razhuphe-I (E/W)Sr. Town Planner Office Building No.1Industrial Village/Razhephe-I DC All Voters
12Industrial Village Razhuphe-II (N/W)Sr. Town Planner Office Building No.2Industrial Village/Razhephe-II DC All Voters
13Lima School AreaGMS Lengrijan (E/W)Lima School Area/Lingri (E/W) Taxes ColonyAll Voters
14Lengrijan VillageGMS Lengrijan (W/W)Lengrijan Village (W/W)All Voters
15St. John School AreaDIC Unit (Vety. Deptt) OfficeSt. John School Area/ Lingrijan (North)/Ao KhelAll Voters
16New Market (Latika Hall) AreaFish Market Building, New MarketNew Market (Latika Hall) AreaAll Voters
17New Market (Miya Patty) AreaFish Market Building, New MarketNew Market (Miya Patty) AreaAll Voters
18New Market (Dhobinala) AreaFish Market Building, New MarketNew Market (Dhobinala) AreaAll Voters
19Jain School AreaDigambar Jain BhavanJain School AreaAll Voters
20Ram Janaki School AreaRam Janaki Higher Secondary SchoolRam Janaki School AreaAll Voters
21Old Market AreaDMC Office ComplexOld Market AreaAll Voters
22Zeliangrong "A"GMS Zeliangrong "A" (N/W)Zeliangrong "A"All Voters
23Zeliangrong "B"GMS Zeliangrong "B" (E/W)Zeliangrong "B"/Sachu ColonyAll Voters
24Kalibari Jain TempleDMC Office BuildingKalibari Jain Temple AreaAll Voters
25Kalibari RoadDMC Office BuildingKalibari Road AreaAll Voters
26Landmark Colony N/W PWD Complex SDO-1(Housing)Landmark Colony N/WAll Voters
27Landmark Colony W/W PWD Complex SDO-1(R&B)Landmark Colony N/WAll Voters
28Midland PWD Complex SDO-11(R&B)MidlandAll Voters
29New Sewak/Viola ColonyCommunity Hall, Viola ColonyNew Sewak/ Viola Colony /Rio ColonyAll Voters
30Duncan BostiDuncan Community HallDuncan BostiAll Voters
31Lotha Colony/Sub-Jail AreaLotha Colony Community HallLotha Colony/Kyong ColonyAll Voters
32Oriental Colony/Sub-Jail AreasDimapur Govt. College (E/W)Oriental Colony/Sub-Jail AreasAll Voters
33Aoyimkum VillageG.P.S. Aoyimkum VillageAoyimkum VillageAll Voters
34Kashiram RangapaharG.M.S. KashiramKashiram RangapaharAll Voters
35Kacharigaon /Industrail VillageKacharigoan Panchayat HallKacharigaon /Industrail VillageAll Voters
36Kevija-u Colony (E/W)Community Hall Kevija-u (E/W)Kevija-u Colony/Sai/Army CampAll Voters
37Kevija-u Colony (N/W)Community Hall Kevija-u (N/W)Kevija-u Colony/Vijoy Colony/IOCAll Voters
38Kevija-u Colony Signal RangapaharGPS KevijauKevija-u Colony/ Signal Rangapahar/ThahekhuAll Voters
39Forest PlantationGMS Lhomithi VillageForest Seasoning & Treating/Babulal KachariAll Voters
40Y.Zhimo Colony G P S Y.Zhimo ColonyY.Zhimo ColonyAll Voters
41Metha Colony (N/W)G P S (N/W) Metha ColonyMetha Colony/Don Bosco AreaAll Voters
42Naga GaonSt.Thomas Montessori SchoolNaga Goan ColonyAll Voters
43Lhomithi Colony/ Don Bosco Colony (S/W)Lhomithi Memorial High School (S/W)Lhomithi Colony/Don Bosco Colonies (S/W)All Voters
44Lhomithi Colony/Don Bosco Colony (E/W)Lhomithi Memorial High School (E/W)Lhomithi Colony (Dhobinala) (E/W)All Voters
45Lhomithi Colony (Dhobinala) (N/W)Lhomithi Memorial High School (N/W)Lhomithi Colony (Dhobinala) (N/W)All Voters
46Nagarjan 'A' &' B'G.P.S. Nagarjan (N/W)Nagarjan 'A'' & ' B'All Voters
47Electrical Colony/Longwiram/ Ashuhe Mao ColonyGMS KudaLongwiram/Electrical Colony/Ashuhe Mao ColonyAll Voters
48Nagarjan "C" (S/W)Nagarjan Panchayat Hall (S/W)Nagarjan "C" (S/W)All Voters
49Deliezhu ColonyNagarjan Panchayat Hall (E/W)Deliezhu ColonyAll Voters
50Khriehulie ColonyG.P.S Khriehulie ColonyKhriehulie ColonyAll Voters
51Govt. Higher Secondary SchoolG.H.S. School DimapurGovt. Higher Secondary School All Voters
52Nagarjan Hospital AreaG.H.S. School DimapurNagarjan Hospital AreaAll Voters
53Signal Angami VillageG.P.S. Signal AngamiSignal Angami VillageAll Voters
54Thahekhu Village "A" (S/W)G.M.S. Thahekhu (S/W)Thahekhu Village "A" S/WAll Voters
55Thahekhu Village "B" (E/W)G.M.S. Thahekhu (E/W)Thahekhu Village "B" E/WAll Voters
56Thahekhu Village "B" (N/W)G.M.S. Thahekhu (N/W)Thahekhu Village" B" N/WAll Voters
57Rangapahar VillageG.M.S RangapaharRangapahar VillageAll Voters
58Sangtamtilla VillageG.M.S. SangtamtillaSangtamtilla VillageAll Voters
59Senjum VillageGPS SenjumSenjum VillageAll Voters
60River Belt ColonyAnganwadi Centre-cum-Council Hall River Belt ColonyRiver Belt ColonyAll Voters
61IndisenGMS IndisenIndisenAll Voters
62Signal Angami VillageDistrict Sericulture OfficeSignal Angami Village Block III, IV & VAll Voters
63Lengrijan VillageGMS Lengrijan Village (N/W)Lengrijan VillageAll Voters
64Duncan Village "B" (S/W)GMS Lotha S/W Duncan Bosti Duncan Village "B" All Voters
65Residency ColonyE.E PWD (R&B) Research & Lab.CellResidency ColonyAll Voters
66Forest Plantation Signal SemaForest Treating & Seasoning (W/W)Forest Seasoning & Treating/ Signal SemaAll Voters
67Nagarjan "C" (W/W)Nagarjan Panchayat Hall (W/W)Nagarjan "C" (W/W)All Voters
68Rilan VillageCouncil Hall Rilan VillageAll Voters
69Circuit House AreaG.P.S ImkonglendenImkonglenden Colony/Circuit House Colony/Ura Villa ColonyAll Voters
70Khriehulie Colony-IG.P.Skhriehulie Colony S/WKhriehulie ColonyAll Voters
71Thahekhu Village 'A' W/WGMS,Thahekhu W/WThahekhu VillageAll Voters
72Nagarjan 'C' N/WNagarjan Panchayat Hall N/WNagarjan 'C'All Voters

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