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Polling Booth in Dimapur-I Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Dimapur-I

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Dimapur-I Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

SI No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1 Church Road/Rajbari Christian Higher Secondary School(N/W) Church Road/Raj Bari All Voters
2Holy Cross School/ Church RoadChristian Higher Secondary School(E/W)Holy Cross School/ Church RoadAll Voters
3N S T ColonyChristian Higher Secondary School(S/W)N S T ColonyAll Voters
4Khermahal Chakhesang Colony (E/W)GPS Chakhesang Colony (E/W)Khermahal Chakhesang Colony (E/W)All Voters
5Khermahal Chakhesang Colony (N/W)GPS Chakhesang Colony (N/Khermahal Chakhesang Colony (N/W)All Voters
6Overbridge Parade Ground (N/W)OverbridgeAll Voters
7Zakiesatuo Colony (E/W)Parade Ground (E/W)Zakiesatuo Colony (E/All Voters
8Aluminium Factory/ Nagaland GateZakiesatuo Memorial School N/W)Aluminium Factory/ Nagaland GateAll Voters
9Zakiesatuo Colony (S/W)Zakiesatuo Memorial School S/W)Zakiesatuo Colony (S/All Voters
10Supply Colony W/PolicePHED Office Supply ColonySupply Colony W/PoliceAll Voters
11Supply Colony Lapaloma Hall (E/W)PHED Office Supply ColonySupply Colony Lapaloma Hall (E/W)All Voters
12Supply Colony Lapaloma Hall (N/W)PHED Office Supply ColonySupply Colony Lapaloma Hall (N/W)All Voters
13Forest ColonyDFO Office, Dimapur (N/W)Forest ColonyAll Voters
14Circular Road/Bishop HouseDFO Office, Dimapur (E/W)Circular Road/Bishop HouseAll Voters
15Nepali BastiChief Wild Life Warden OfficeNepali BastiAll Voters
16Rongmai ColonyChief Veterinary OfficerRongmai ColonyAll Voters
17Kevichusa ColonyChief Veterinary OfficerKevichusa ColonyAll Voters
18United North BlockGHS Burma camp S/WUnited North BlockAll Voters
19Paira ColonyGHS Burma camp W/WPaira ColonyAll Voters
20Vety. ColonyVety.Colony Council HallVey. ColonyAll Voters
21Walford Colony (E/W)GMS Rangailong Colony E/Burma CampWalford Colony (E/W) Zeliang Colony East Block /Rangailong Chungaijang ColonyAll Voters
22Walford Colony (N/W)Walford Area Council HallWalford (N/W) /Rengma Colony/ Walford (N/W) AreaAll Voters
23Eros Line Golaghat RoadPower HouseEros Line Golaghat RoadAll Voters
24Public Commerce College Rly. Line)Namghar School Public Commerce College Rly. Line)All Voters
25Public Commerce College Co-Op Bank) ( Power House)- IDimapur Public College (N/W)Public Commerce College Co-op Bank Area) Haralu Colony /Namgalong Colony/Power HouseAll Voters
26Police ColonyDimapur Public College (S/W)Police ColonyAll Voters
27Bank ColonyFood and Civil Supply OfficeBank ColonyAll Voters
28Hongkong Market AreaRly. High School (E/W)Hongkong Market AreaAll Voters
29Hazi Park AreaRly. High School (N/W)Hazi Park AreaAll Voters
30Rly. H.E. School AreaRly. High School (S/W)Rly. H.E. School AreaAll Voters
31Rly. ColonyRly. Pandal (N/W)Rly. ColonyAll Voters
32Netaji ColonyRly. Pandal (E/W)Netaji ColonyAll Voters
33Pranab Vidyapith School AreaPranab Vidyapith Higher Secondary School (N/W)Pranab Vidyapith School AreaAll Voters
34Westyard Rly. Line AreaPranab Vidyapith Higher Secondary School (E/W)Westyard Rly. Line AreaAll Voters
35SematilaCommunity HallSematilaAll Voters
36Xuvihe ColonyXuvihe Memorial SchoolXuvihe Colony/Manipur ColonyAll Voters
37West Yard (Army Camp) Choteswari ColonyWest Yard Upper Primary School (N/W)West Yard (Army Camp) Choteswari ColonyAll Voters
38West Yard (Towards Rly.)Westyard Upper Primary School S/W)West Yard (Towards Rly)All Voters
39Netaji ColonyRailway Pandal W/WNetaji ColonyAll Voters
40Public Commerce College Co-Op Bank ) ( Power House) - IIJoint Registrar C-Operative Society Public Commerce College Co-op Bank Area) Haralu Colony /Namgalong Colony /Power House All Voters
41United North Block-IGHS Burma Camp E/WUnited North Block-IAll Voters

Last Updated on May 09, 2020