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Polling Booth in Chizami Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Chizami

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chizami Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1Middle Khomi VillageCommunity Hall,Middle Khomi VillageMiddle Khomi VillageAll Voters
2Upper Khomi VillageGPS, Upper Khomi VillageUpper Khomi VillageAll Voters
3Lower Khomi VillageGPS, Lower Khomi VillageLower Khomi VillageAll Voters
4Pholami VillageGPS, Pholami VillagePholami VillageAll Voters
5Sakraba TownTown Community Hall, Sakraba TownSakraba TownAll Voters
6Gozoto VillageGPS, GozotoGozoto VillageAll Voters
7Sakraba VillageVDB Hall, Sakraba VillageSakraba VillageAll Voters
8Porba Village 'A' WingVDB Hall, Porba Village 'A' WingPorba Village 'A' WingAll Voters
9Porba Village 'B' WingGPS, Porba Vill 'B' WingPorba Village 'B' WingAll Voters
10Mesulumi Village A/WingGPS, Mesulumi VillageMesulumi Village A/WingAll Voters
11Enhulumi VillageGPS, Enhulumi VillageEnhulumi VillageAll Voters
12Chizami Village A/WingGPS, Chizami VillageChizami Village A/WingAll Voters
13Chizami TownGPS, Chizami TownChizami TownAll Voters
14Sumi VillageGPS, Sumi VillageSumi VillageAll Voters
15Thechulumi Village 'A' WingGPS, Thechulumi Village 'A'WingThechulumi Village 'A' WingAll Voters
16Thechulumi Village 'B' WingGPS, Thechulumi Village 'B'WingThechulumi Village 'B' WingAll Voters
17Zhavame Village 'A' WingGMS, Zhavame Village 'A' WingZhavame Village 'A' WingAll Voters
18Zhavame Village 'B' WingVillage Council Hall Zhavame VillageZhavame Village 'B' WingAll Voters
19Razeba HqGMS, RazebaRazeba HqAll Voters
20Zeluma VillageGPS, Zeluma VillageZeluma VillageAll Voters
21Tsupfume Village (Chobama) GPS, Tsupfume (Chobama) VillageTsupfume village (Chobama) All Voters
22Chizami New TownGPS, Chizami New TownChizami New TownAll Voters
23Pholami Basa VillageGPS, Pholami Basa VillagePholami Basa VillageAll Voters
24Poruba Village 'C' WingVDB Hall, Poruba Village C/WingPoruba Village 'C' WingAll Voters
25Mesulumi Village 'B' WingGPS Mesulumi Village 'B' WingMesulumi Village 'B' WingAll Voters
26Chizami Village 'B' WingVillage Council Hall,Chizami Village Chizami Village 'B' WingAll Voters
27Zhavame Village 'C' WingGPS (A)Zhavame Village Zhavame Village 'C' WingAll Voters
28Zhavachhi VillageCommunity Hall, Zhavachhi VillageZhavachhi VillageAll Voters
29Chizami Village C/WingGPS, Chizami VillageChizami Village C/WingAll Voters
30Thechulumi Village 'C' WingGHS, Thechulumi Village 'C'WingThechulumi Village 'C' WingAll Voters
31Zhavame Village 'D' WingGPS(B), Zhavame Village Zhavame Village 'D' WingAll Voters

Last Updated on: Jan 19, 2023

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