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Polling Booth in Bhandari Assembly Constituency

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List of Polling Booth in Bhandari

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Bhandari Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Sl No.Locality of Polling StationBuilding in which locatedPolling areasWhether for all voters or men only or women only
1Bhandari HQ-IPHED OfficeBhandari HQ-IAll voters
2Bhandari HQ-IIGovt.Higher Sec.SchoolBhandari HQ-IIAll voters
3AgatitoGovt. Pry SchoolAgatito & AkahutoAll voters
4Amboto OldGovt. Pry SchoolAmboto Old & Amboto NewAll voters
5MetilijanGovt. Pry School MetilijanAll voters
6Tssori OldGovt. Pry SchoolTssori OldAll voters
7Tssori NewGovt. Pry School Tssori NewAll voters
8Wozhu OldGovt. Pry SchoolWozhu Old & Wozhu NewAll voters
9Chanpang VillageGovt. Pry SchoolChanpang VillageAll voters
10Lio-LongidangGovt. Pry SchoolLio-LongidangAll voters
11YimpangGovt. Pry SchoolYimpangAll voters
12AlikhumGovt. Pry SchoolAlikhumAll voters
13MekirangGovt. Pry SchoolMekirangAll voters
14Lio-LongchumGovt. Pry SchoolLio-LongchumAll voters
15Bhandari VillageGovt. Pry SchoolBhandari VillageAll voters
16MerapaniGovt. Pry SchoolMerapaniAll voters
17LongayimGovt. Pry SchoolLongayimAll voters
18YimparasaGovt. Pry SchoolYimparasaAll voters
19Serika 'A'Govt. Pry SchoolSerika 'A'All voters
20MongphioGovt. Pry SchoolMongphioAll voters
21YimzaGovt. Pry SchoolYimzaAll voters
22PangtongGovt. Pry SchoolPangtongAll voters
23Roni OldGovt. Pry School (Roni Old)Roni Old & Roni NewAll voters
24SungkhaGovt. Pry SchoolSungkhaAll voters
25Lio-Wokha OldGovt. Pry SchoolLio-Wokha OldAll voters
26Lio-Wokha NewGovt. Pry SchoolLio-Wokha NewAll voters
27SuphayanCommunity HallSuphayanAll voters
28LiphiGovt. Pry SchoolLiphiAll voters
29Yanmhon OldGovt. Pry SchoolYanmhon OldAll voters
30Yanmhon NewGovt. Pry SchoolYanmhon NewAll voters
31KoroGovt. Pry SchoolKoroAll voters
32LiphayanGovt. Pry SchoolLiphayanAll voters
33Ralan OldGovt. Pry SchoolRalan OldAll voters
34Ralan NewGovt. Pry SchoolRalan NewAll voters
35WorokuGovt. Pry SchoolWorokuAll voters
36ChandalashungGovt. Pry SchoolChandalashungAll voters
37YankeliGovt. Pry SchoolYankeliAll voters
38N-LongchumGovt. Pry SchoolN-LongchumAll voters
39HankuGovt. Pry SchoolHankuAll voters
40SokuGovt. Pry School (Soku)Soku/Upper Baghty /MakarongAll voters
41Baghty HQTown HallBaghty HQAll voters
42AzuhotoGovt. Pry SchoolAzuhotoAll voters
43ZukhesheGovt. Pry SchoolZukhesheAll voters
44AitepyongGovt. Pry SchoolAitepyongAll voters
45Mekokla-IGovt. Pry School-AMekokla-IAll voters
46Mekokla-IIGovt. Pry School-BMekokla-IIAll voters
47Akuk Old-IGovt. Middle School (East)Akuk Old-IAll voters
48Akuk Old-IIGovt. Pry School-BAkuk Old-IIAll voters
49Akuk NewGovt. Pry SchoolAkuk NewAll voters
50YamphaGovt. Pry SchoolYamphaAll voters
51Champang HQEAC OfficeChampang HQAll voters
52LishuyoCommunity HallLishuyoAll voters
53KhumchoyanAnganwadi CentreKhumchoyanAll voters
54ChankaCommunity HallChankaAll voters
55Bhandari HQ-IIIVety. OfficeBhandari HQ-IIIAll voters
56Bhandari HQ-IVDIS OfficeBhandari HQ-IVAll voters
57LichuyanCommunity HallLichuyanAll voters
58Mekokla-IIICommunity HallMekokla-IIIAll voters
59Akuk Old-IIICouncil OfficeAkuk Old-IIIAll voters
60YamphaGovt.Pry.Sschool YamphaWochanAll voters
61LiphayanGovt.Pry.School, LiphayanTchuchanpenAll voters
62LiphayanGovt.Pry.School, LiphayanYanlumAll voters
63LiphayanGovt.Pry.School LiphayanS. WochanAll voters
64Chandalashung NewGovt.Pry.SchoolChandalashung NewAll voters
65Chandalashung-BSSA SchoolChandalashung-BAll voters
66RonsuCommunity HallRonsuAll voters
67Chandalashung OldGovt.Pry.School ,Chandalashung OldSoshanAll voters
68YamphaGovt.Pry.School, YamphaLishayanAll voters
69RuchanCommunity HallRuchanAll voters
70LongtssiriCommunity HallLongtssiriAll voters
71MerapaniGovt.Pry.School, MerapaniNagaland Seed FarmAll voters
72AkuhaiquaCommunity HallAkuhaiquaAll voters
73SumitoCommunity HallSumitoAll voters
74KhakuthatoCommunity HallKhakuthatoAll voters
75Baghty HQ IGovt.Pry.School, BaghtyBaghty HQ IAll voters
76Akuk Old-IIIGovt. Middle School (West)Akuk Old-IIIAll voters

Last Updated on: Jan 19, 2023

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