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Meghalaya Assembly Election 2018 Updates

Meghalaya Election Results 2018

Pie chart showing party wise 2018 election results for Meghalaya. Also shown along are 2013 pie chart showing the number of seats won by INC, UDP, HSPDP and Others.
Meghalaya Assembly Elections 2018 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 59)
Meghalaya Assembly Elections 2013 Party Wise Results
(Total Seats - 60)
Constituency Wise Results
Nartiang Sniawbhalang Dhar (NPP )WinnerJopthiaw Lyngdoh (INC )Runner-up
Jowai Wailadmiki Shylla (NPP )WinnerMoonlight Pariat (UDP )Runner-up
Raliang Comingone Ymbon (NPP )WinnerLakhon Biam (BJP )Runner-up
Mowkaiaw Nujorki Sungoh (UDP )WinnerGilbert Sten (NPP )Runner-up
Sutnga Saipung Shitlang Pale (INC )WinnerHopeful Bamon (NPP )Runner-up
Khliehriat Kyrmen Shylla (UDP )WinnerJustine Dkhar (BJP )Runner-up
Amlarem Lahkmen Rymbui (UDP )WinnerStephanson Mukhim (NPP )Runner-up
Mawhati Dasakhiatbha Lamare (NPP )WinnerJulias Kitbok Dorphang (IND )Runner-up
Nongpoh Mayralborn Syiem (INC )WinnerRona Khymdeit (UDP )Runner-up
Jirang Sosthenes Sohtun (NPP )WinnerWitness Day Sancley (INC )Runner-up
Umsning Jason Sawkmie Mawlong (PDF )WinnerCelestine Lyngdoh (INC )Runner-up
Umroi George Bankyntiewlang Lyngdoh (INC )WinnerNgaitlang Dhar (NPP )Runner-up
Mawryngkneng David A Nongrum (INC )WinnerHighlander Kharmalki (PDF )Runner-up
Pynthorumkhrah Alexander Laloo Hek (BJP )WinnerJames Ban Basaiawmoit (PDF )Runner-up
Mawlai Process T. Sawkmie (INC )WinnerTeiborlang Pathaw (IND )Runner-up
East Shillong Mazel Ampareen Lyngdoh (INC )WinnerNeil Antonio War (BJP )Runner-up
North Shillong Adelbert Nongrum (KHNAM )WinnerJ. Antonius Lyngdoh (BJP )Runner-up
West Shillong Mohendro Rapsang (INC )WinnerPaul Lyngdoh (UDP )Runner-up
South Shillong Sanbor Shullai (BJP )WinnerManas Chaudhuri (INC )Runner-up
Mylliem Hamletson Dohling (PDF )WinnerRonnie V Lyngdoh (INC )Runner-up
Nongthymmai Charles Pyngrope (INC )WinnerDr. Jemino Mawthoh (UDP )Runner-up
Nongkrem Lambor Malngiang (IND )WinnerArdent Miller Basaiawmoit (HSPDP )Runner-up
Sohiong Samlin Malngiang (HSPDP )WinnerH. Donkupar R. Lyngdoh (INC )Runner-up
Mawphlang Syntar Klas Sunn (IND )WinnerKennedy Cornelius Khyriem (INC )Runner-up
Mawsynram Himalaya Muktan Shangpliang (INC )WinnerPynshngainlang Syiem (PDF )Runner-up
Shella Donkupar Roy (UDP )WinnerLeston Wanswett (PDF )Runner-up
Pynursla Prestone Tynsong (NPP )WinnerNehru Suting (UDP )Runner-up
Sohra Gavin Miguel Mylliem (PDF )WinnerTitosstar Well Chyne (UDP )Runner-up
Mawkynrew Banteidor Lyngdoh (PDF )WinnerMartle N Mukhim (HSPDP )Runner-up
Mairang Metbah Lyngdoh (UDP )WinnerCouncellor Singh Wahlang (PDF )Runner-up
Mawthadraishan Brolding Nongsiej (UDP )WinnerBiolinda L.Nonglait (HSPDP )Runner-up
Nongstoin Macmillan Byrsat (NPP )WinnerGabriel Wahlang (INC )Runner-up
Rambrai Jyrngam Kimfa Sidney Marbaniang (INC )WinnerK Phlastingwell Pangniang (HSPDP )Runner-up
Mawshynrut Gigur Myrthong (NPP )WinnerWitting Mawsor (HSPDP )Runner-up
Ranikor Martin M. Danggo (INC )WinnerPius Marwein (UDP )Runner-up
Mawkyrwat Renikton Lyngdoh Tongkhar (HSPDP )WinnerCarnes Sohshang (INC )Runner-up
Kharkutta Rupert Momin (NPP )WinnerCherak Watre Momin (INC )Runner-up
Mendipathar Marthon Sangma (INC )WinnerFrankenstein W. Momin (NPP )Runner-up
Resubelpara Timothy Shira (NPP )WinnerSalseng C Marak (INC )Runner-up
Bajengdoba Pongseng Marak (NPP )WinnerBrigady Napak Marak (INC )Runner-up
Songsak Dr. Mukul Sangma (INC )WinnerNihim D Shira (NPP )Runner-up
Rongjeng Jim M Sangma (NPP )WinnerWalseng M. Sangma (IND )Runner-up
Raksamgre Benedic R. Marak (NPP )WinnerLimison D. Sangma (INC )Runner-up
Tikrikilla Jimmy D. Sangma (INC )WinnerRahinath Barchung (IND )Runner-up
Phulbari S. G. Esmatur Mominin (NPP )WinnerAbu Taher Mondal (INC )Runner-up
Rajabala Dr. Azad Zaman (INC )WinnerAshahel D. Shira (IND )Runner-up
Selsella Clement Marak (INC )WinnerFerlin C. A. Sangma (NPP )Runner-up
Dadenggre James Pangsang Kongkal Sangma (NPP )WinnerRupa M. Marak (IND )Runner-up
North Tura Thomas A. Sangma (NPP )WinnerNoverfield R. Marak (INC )Runner-up
South Tura Agatha K. Sangma (NPP )WinnerBillykid A. Sangma (BJP )Runner-up
Rangsakona Zenith M. Sangma (INC )WinnerSubir M. Marak (NPP )Runner-up
Ampati Dr. Mukul Sangma (INC )WinnerBakul Ch. Hajong (BJP )Runner-up
Mahendraganj Dikkanchi D. Shira (INC )WinnerPremananda Koch (BJP )Runner-up
Salmanpara Winnerson D. Sangma (INC )WinnerIan Botham K. Sangma (NPP )Runner-up
Gambegre Saleng A. Sangma (NCP )WinnerSadhiarani M. Sangma (INC )Runner-up
Dalu Brening A. Sangma (NPP )WinnerDorendro M. Sangma (NCP )Runner-up
Rongara Siju Rakkam A. Sangma (NPP )WinnerRophul S. Marak (IND )Runner-up
Chokpot Lazarus Sangma (INC )WinnerSecondson A. Sangma (NPP )Runner-up
Baghmara Samuel M. Sangma (IND )WinnerSengnal N. Sangma (NPP )Runner-up
Important Candidates of Meghalaya
Sniawbhalang Dhar (NPP )Nartiang
Innocent Shadap (KHNAM )Nartiang --
Comingone Ymbon (NPP )Raliang
Robinus Syngkon (BJP)Mowkaiaw --
Hopeful Bamon (NPP )Sutnga Saipung
Justine Dkhar (BJP )Khliehriat
Violet Lyngdoh (NPP)Khliehriat --
Riang Lenon Tariang (BJP)Amlarem --
Dasakhiatbha Lamare (NPP )Mawhati
Julias Kitbok Dorphang (IND )Mawhati
George Bankyntiewlang Lyngdoh (INC )Umroi
Ngaitlang Dhar (NPP )Umroi
Alexander Laloo Hek (BJP )Pynthorumkhrah
Teiborlang Pathaw (IND )Mawlai
J. Antonius Lyngdoh (BJP )North Shillong
Ricky Shullai (IND)Mylliem --
Prestone Tynsong (NPP )Pynursla
Phlour W.Khongjee (BJP)Sohra --
Mattsing Nongrum (IND)Sohra --
Witting Mawsor (HSPDP )Mawshynrut
H Ledishon Nongsiang (IND)Mawshynrut --
Thomas N. Marak (BJP)Songsak --
Edmund K. Sangma (IND)Raksamgre --
Dr. Kapin Ch. Boro (BJP)Tikrikilla --
Sayeedullah Nongrum (IND)Tikrikilla --
Billykid A. Sangma (BJP )South Tura
Bakul Ch. Hajong (BJP )Ampati
Dikkanchi D. Shira (INC )Mahendraganj
Nimarson Momin (UDP)Salmanpara --

Meghalaya Assembly Elections 2018

The Meghalaya Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) election, was held on Feb 27, 2018, as the tenure of the current members expires in March of this year. While the assembly election schedule of Meghalaya is yet to be announced, it is being suspected that the election will be held in February 2018. It is being estimated that the poll details and poll schedule of Meghalaya would soon be announced in January 2018. Achal Kumar Joti, the then Chief Election Commissioner, told the media that he was satisfied with the Vidhan Sabha poll preparations happening in the state and he believed that the state was ready to go to polls anytime. The upcoming assembly elections in Meghalaya having 60 seats will mark its 10th legislature. The state is currently under the rule of Congress government. Two other elections which will be held along with Meghalaya election in the month of february are Nagaland election and Tripura election. The last assembly election in Meghalaya was held in 2013.

BJP Appears All Confident - Might Fight all Alone in Meghlaya Assembly Polls

BJP is positive and confident of its grip over the Northeastern state, part of the reason the party is thinking of going solo in the 2018 Meghalaya Vidhan Sabha polls. The saffron party is conducting surveys and would take the final call based on that. Nalin Kohli, BJP Secretary of Meghalaya, stated that the party did not win any seat in the last elections of 2013; however, it was ahead in the 6 out of 7 seats for the Lok Sabha elections held in 2014. The party leaders believe that they are likely to win more votes if they don't form a coalition with other parties for the upcoming 2018 Meghalaya Legislative Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) election.

The saffron party has extra reason to be confident. After a twin win in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh, the party is elated and even aiming high to achieve a target of 40 seats out of 60, as a part of its 'Mission 40.' The BJP is ruling most of the states in India currently and is hoping to oust Congress from this state as well. PM Modi too will be heading to Meghalaya towards the end of the year 2017. He would inaugurate several projects related to infrastructure as well as a BJP office in the state.

Other Major Players

Parties other than BJP too are gearing up to fight the 2018 Assembly polls in Meghalaya. NPP (National People Party) is out with the name of 24 candidates, notably among them is former union minister Agatha K Sangma. The party also has quite a presence in Jaintia and Khasi hills. United Democratic Party (UDP) has decided to join forces with other parties with a similar manifesto and aims to bring down the Congress. People Democratic Front (PDF) too joined the race and declared its chief ministerial candidate.

Several parties believe that the Vidhan Sabha Elections in Meghalaya can prove a downfall for Congress and anti-incumbency can play a great role in the same.

Advance Preparations for Polls

Way ahead of the Meghalaya Assembly elections, the Meghalaya government has transferred 18 police officers, 7 of who are IPS officers. Some of them have been given promotions and are posted at Shillong headquarters. The state has also taken an initiative towards women empowerment and declared that the 60 out of the total polling booths in the state will be completely manned by women. From security personnel to micro observers, it will be an all-women operation.

Meghalaya Assembly Election

The Assembly Elections held in Meghalaya are listed below.
Election YearAssembly ElectionWinning Party/Coalition
Meghalaya Assembly Election Result 2018Tenth AssemblyINC
Meghalaya Assembly Election 2013Ninth AssemblyIndian National Congress
Meghalaya Assembly Election 2008Eighth AssemblyUnited Democratic Party
Meghalaya Assembly Election 2003Seventh AssemblyIndian National Congress
Meghalaya Assembly Election 1998Sixth AssemblyUnited Democratic Party
Meghalaya Assembly Election 1993Fifth AssemblyIndian National Congress
Meghalaya Assembly Election 1988Fourth AssemblyIndian National Congress
Meghalaya Assembly Election 1983Third AssemblyAll Party Hill Leaders Conference
Meghalaya Assembly Election 1978Second AssemblyAll Party Hill Leaders Conference
Meghalaya Assembly Election 1972First AssemblyAll Party Hill Leaders Conference

Last Updated on March 7, 2018