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Polling Booth in Warora Assembly Constituency

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Warora Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Warora

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Warora Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Warora Assembly Constituency falls under the Warora Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.
Polling Booth AreaAddress
VaroraAmbedkar Le Out, Varora, Shivaji Vad, Killa Ward
DevulavadaAnganavadi Shala
Ghot NimbalaAyudh Nirman Pra. Aid . Yu. Hayakul Kholi
GhodapethAyudh Nirman Pra. Und Jyu. Hayuskul Kholi
KondhaBlek Daimond Kanvhent Navin Imarat Uttarekadil East Bhag
Majri KolariBlock Daimond Konvhent Navin Imarat Uttarekadil East Bhag
VaroraDr. Baba Saheb Ambedkar Pra. Shala
Varora Abhyankar WardDr. Baba Saheb Obedakar Pra. Shala
BhadravatiG P Pra Shala
PipariG P. Pra. Shala
BhadravatiG. P. High School
Banraj Md.G. P. Hindi Uchch Pra. Shala
Majri KolariG. P. Marathi Telug Shala
VaroraG. P. Mulinchi Shala
NagriG. P. Pra. Shala
NagriG. P. Prath. Shala
Nandori BujG. P. Prathamik Shala
GhodapethG. P. Uchch Pra. Shala
MohabalaG. P. Uchch Prathamik Shala
BhadravatiG. P. Urdu High School
BhadravatiG. Pra. Shala
Jamaganv KhurdGramapanchayat Chandanakheda
YensaGramapanchayat Karyalay
KhambadaGramapanchayat Nagri
KondhaJaji. P. Hindi Uchch Pra. Shala
Panchaganv ThakareJilaha Parishad Pra. Shala
Kunada TolaJilha Parishad High School
DongaraganvJilha Parishad Pra Shala
KhambadaJilha Parishad Pra. Shala
Varora Siddharth WardKarmvir Vidyalay
Varora Rajendra Prasad WardKramvir Vidyalay
VaroraLokmanya Pra. Shala
Nandori BujMalvi Vidyalay
VaroraN. P. Lokmanya Pra. Shala
Varora Nehru WardN. P. Mahatma Gandhi Pra. Shala
Varora Shivaji WardN.P.Mahatma Gandhi Pra Shala
VaroraNagar Parishad Patasanstha Kholi
ShembalNagar Parishad Pra Malvi Shala
VaroraNagar Parishad Urdu Pra. Shala
BandaraNehru Kanishth Mahaviddyalay Kholi
ChiradeviPanchayat Samiti Dakshin Bhag
MardaPanchayat Samiti Karyalay
DhoravasaPanchayati Samiti Karyalay
VaroraRashtamata Indira Gandhi Kanya Shala
MasalVanaparikshetr Adhikari Karya. Andhari Vaghr Prakalp
ChiradeviVanaparikshetr Karyalay
BhadravatiYashanvatarav Shinde Kanishth MahaVidyalay
SumathanaZ P. Uchch Prathamik Shala
Banraj Md.Z Zi.P.Hindhi Uccha Prathamik Shala
ChakabaranjZ. P. Hindi Uchch Pra. North Side Part
Majri KolariZ. P. Marathi Telug Shala
Sanrakshan Prakalp (bhadravati )Z. P. Pra. Shala
ChichordiZ. P. Uchch Pra. Shala
VaroraZ.P.Grils School
Majri KolariZ.P.Marathi Telug Shala
Sheganv KhurdZ.P.Pra.Shala

Last Updated on October 19, 2014