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Polling Booth in Vasai Assembly Constituency

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Vasai Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Vasai

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Vasai Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Vasai Assembly Constituency falls under the Vasai Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.
Polling Booth AreaAddress
UmeleAngan Wadi Building Saravali Jakat Nakya Javal
KofaradAngan Wadi Navin Building Rampur
Dhovali VasaiAnganavada Imarat Dehane Patilapada
NayaganvAnganavadi Imarat Bondagav
ManikapurAnganavadi Imarat Chinchale
ManikapurAnganavadi Imarat Divashi
ManikapurAnganavadi Imarat Dongarapada
ManikapurAnganavadi Imarat Jamashet
DivanamanAnganavadi Imarat Jitagav
SandorAnganavadi Imarat Komagav
UmelamanAnganavadi Imarat Lonipada
NavgharAnganavadi Imarat Modagav Andherapada
BarhamapurAnganavadi Imarat Nagazari Dongaripada
Malonde VasaiAnganavadi Imarat Navasakhara
ManikapurAnganavadi Imarat Patilapada Dabhadi
ManikapurAnganavadi Imarat Rayapur
DivanamanAnganavadi Imarat, Ghachiyapada
VagholiAnganavadi Kendra Avarapada
SandorAnganavadi Kendra Zarali
ArnalaAnganavadi Navin Imarat Asvali
Dhovali VasaiBalkanaji Bari AshramaShala
KofaradG P Marathi Shala
Malonde VasaiG. . P. Marathi Shala
BarhamapurG. P. Gujrathi Saravali Juni Imarat Kho. Kr. 1
UmeleG. P. Gujrathi Shala
DivanamanG. P. Gujrati Shala
KofaradG. P. Marathi Gholavad ,Juni Imarat ,Purv.
VadavaliG. P. Marathi Gujrathi Shala
UmeleG. P. Marathi Saravali Talavapada Kho. Kr. 1
DivanamanG. P. Marathi School
RajodiG. P. Marathi Shah Narali Pada
Chikhal DongriG. P. Marathi Shala
Malonde VasaiG. P. MarathiShala
DivanamanG. P. Marati Shala
AgashiG. P. Pra. Marathi Gujrathi Shala
ChulaneG. P. Pra. Marathi Kainad Geticha Pada Kho. Kr. 1
AgashiG. P. Pra. Marathi Shala
ArnalaG. P. Prathamik Marathi Shala
ManikapurG. P. U Marathi Shala
DivanamanGatasadan Kendra Pan. S. Dahanu Sarv Shiksha Abhiyan Barc Vikasani Kaksh
SandorGokhal Ajyukeshan Society AshramaShala
SandorGokhale Aju. Sa. AshramaShala
Bhuiganv BudrukGokhale Ajyukeshan Society High School
ManikapurGramapanchayat Ambesari Mukhy Hel
RajodiGramapanchayat Karyalay
DevadalGrampanchayat Office Ase
Dhovali VasaiGrampanchayat Office Bopdari
KalambGrampanchayat Office Sutrakar Kokatapada
AgashiHarijan Girijan S. U. Mandal Ya Sansthanchi K. Shala
ManikapurJawahar Rojagar Yojanajunnarapada Kho. Kr. 2
NavgharJnanamata Prathamik Shala
NaleJnanamata Shala
ChobareJuni Gramapanchayat Imarat Vadakun Lonipada
DivanamanModel High School
DivanamanModel Hoyaskul Masoli Kho. Kr. 3
DivanamanModel Hoyaskul Masoli Kho. Kr. 4
DivanamanModel Hoyaskul Masoli Kholi
DivanamanPrashikshin Sabhagah
KofaradSamaj Mandeer Khedapada Ramapur
ChulaneSarv Shiksha Abhiyan G. P. Marathi Shala
VadavaliSarv Shiksha Abhiyan Shala
Navghar Pu .Shanti Adivasi Seva Mandal Mishanachi Shala
SandorShasakiy Adhivasi Vikas AshramaShala
NavgharShasakiy AshramaShala
Bhuiganv BudrukShetaki Karyalay
AgashiSu. Pe. H. High School
DivanamanTalathi Afis Navin Building Malyan
DivanamanTalathi Office Juni Imarat Malyan Uttarekadil
Dhovali VasaiZ. P. Marathi School
VasalaiZ. P. Marathi Shala
Dhovali VasaiZ.P. Marathi School
RajodiZ.P. Marathi Shala
ArnalaZ.P. Pra. Marathi Shala
BapaneZ.P. Shala
Dhovali VasaiZ.P.Marathi School

Last Updated on October 19, 2014