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Polling Booth in Vadgaon Sheri Assembly Constituency

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Vadgaon Sheri Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Vadgaon Sheri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Vadgaon Sheri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Vadgaon Sheri Assembly Constituency falls under the Vadgaon Sheri Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.
Polling Booth AreaAddress
KharadiAcharya Atmavallabh Ingraji Madhyam Shala
YeravadaAlfansa High School
YeravadaAlphansa HighSchool
KharadiB. T. Memoriyal Inglish Mediyam School
KharadiB.T.Memorial English Medium School
KharadiBhausaheb Appa Jadhav M N Pa Shala
KalasBhujbal Sabhagruh Nagar Parishad Taleganv Dabhade
KalasBhujbal Sabhagruh Nagar Parishad Talegaon Dabhade
YeravadaDehurod Kanntoment Bordachi Mahatmaganghi Pra. Shala
DhanoriDehurod Kanntoment Bordachi Pra. Sha M B Kanmp Telifon Aksej Javal Dakshinabhimukhi Imarat Purvekadun Kholi
DhanoriDehurod Kanntoment Bordachi Pra. Shala
YeravadaDehurod Kentoment Bordachi Mahatma Gandhi Pra. Shala
DhanoriDehurod Kentoment Bordachi Pra. Shala
YeravadaDehurod Kontoment Bondachi Prathamik Shala
KharadiDr. Nanasaheb Parulekar Vidayalay
YeravadaFattechand Jain Bathiya Prathamik/madhyamik Vidyalay
YeravadaFattechand Jain Jr. Collage Gate No. 4, East West Building, East face, Eastern side
YeravadaFattechand Jain Jyuniar College
YeravadaFattechand Jain Shri. Ratilal Vidyalay
YeravadaG. P Prathamek Mulanchi And Mulinchi Shala
YeravadaG. P Prathamik Mulanchi And Mulinchi Shala
YeravadaG. P. Pra Mulanchi Mulinchi Shala
YeravadaG. P. Pra. Shala
YeravadaG. P. Prathamik Mulanchi And Mulinchi Shala
DhanoriGanesh Mofat Vachanalay Taleganv Dabhade
LohagavGavatakata Prathamik Shala
VadagavasheriGenba Sopanrao Moze PraShala
VadagavasheriGeneral Arun Kumar Vaidya Manapa Prathamik Shala
YeravadaHimagiri VidayaMandir
KalasIndrayani Darshan Kentoment Board Marathi Shala
Vadagav ShindeIndrayani MahaVidyalay
YeravadaJain Bathiya Primary School
YeravadaJanta High School
YeravadaJaywant Primary School
YeravadaJilha Parishad Balavadi Shala
DhanoriJilha Parishad Prathamik Shala
YeravadaJilha Parishad Prathamika Shala
YeravadaJilha Parishad PrathamikaShala
YeravadaJyoti Inglish School
KharadiK. Ramchandra Gayakwad Vidyalay
DhanoriKaikadi Samaj Mandeer T. Dabhade
YeravadaKanntoment Board Pra. Shala
DhanoriKendiy Vidyalay
YeravadaKendriy Vidayalay
DhanoriKendriy Vidyalay
YeravadaKentoment Board Pra. Shala
KalasKentoment Board Prathamik Shala
YeravadaKentoment Bordachi Prathamik Shala
YeravadaKrantivir Chafekar Vidyalay
YeravadaKrativir Chafekar Vidyalay
YeravadaLate Babanrao Bhondave Primary School
YeravadaM N Pa Pra Shala
VadagavasheriM. M. VidyaMandir
YeravadaM. N. Pa. Mulamulinchi Ch. Shivaji Maharaj Ingraji Midiyam Bhosari Pahila Majala Uttare Kadun Kholi
YeravadaM. N. Pa. Mulamulinchi Ch. Shivaji Maharaj Ingraji Midiyam Bhosari Purve Kadun Kholi
YeravadaM. N. Pa. Mulamulinchi Ch. Shivaji Maharaj Pra. Marathi Shala
YeravadaMahatma Gandhi Pra. Urdu Shala
YeravadaMahatma Jyotiba Phule Prathamik Vidayalay
YeravadaMahatma Phule Jagrati Mandalache Pra. Vidyalay
YeravadaMahatma Phule Jagrati Mandalache Pradhamik Vidyalay
YeravadaManapa Shala
KharadiMatru Vidyalay
DhanoriNagarapalika KanyaShala
LohagavNagarapalika Shala
DhanoriNathabhau Baburao Bhegade N. Pa. Shala
LohagavNavin Samarth Vidyalay
VadagavasheriNirmal Bethani Inglish School
VadagavasheriNirmal Bethany English School
KharadiP Chi M N Pa Shala
YeravadaP. Chin. M. N. Pa. Mulamulinchi Shala
YeravadaP.C.M.C. Boys and Girls School
YeravadaP.C.M.C. Boys/Girls School
YeravadaP.C.M.C. Hutatma Chaphekar Vidhyalaya, Boys & Girls old building, Chinchwad, East West building, South Face, Old building, Western side
YeravadaP.C.M.C. Primary School
VadagavasheriP.C.M.C. Punawale Primary School
KharadiP.C.M.C.'s School
VadagavasheriPin. Chi. Manapa Shala
KharadiPin. Chin. M. N. Pa. Savitribai Phule Vidyalay
KharadiPin. Chin. M. N. Pa. Urdu Prathamik Shala
YeravadaPrathmesh Shala
KharadiPriyadarshini Ingraji Madhy. Shala
KalasPune G. Shi. Mandalache Shivaji Vidyalay
YeravadaPune Manapa Mulanchi And Mulinchi Shala
YeravadaPune Manapa Shala
KharadiRaj Mata Jijau Madhy. /uchch Madhy. Vidya. Navin Imaratalandevadi Bhosari Purvekadun Kholi
YeravadaSaint George English Medium School
YeravadaSamajakalyan Balavikas Anganavadi Kusamade Vasti Kalas Pashchimekadil Kholi
KharadiSant Dynaneshvar Madhyamik Vidayalay
KharadiSant Dynaneshvar Vidayalay
KharadiSant Gora Kumbhar Vidayalay
YeravadaSant Tukaram Madhyamik Vidayalay
YeravadaSant Tukaram Madhyamik Vidyalay
YeravadaSant Tukaram Uchch Madhyamik Vidayalay
NiragudiSaraswati Vidhya Mandir
Vadagav StreetSaraswatibai Gawade VidhyaMandir
VadagavasheriSaraswatibai Gawde VidyaMandir
DhanoriSent Jyud High School
KharadiSharadashram Prayamari Inglish School
KharadiShardashram Pri-Primary English School
YeravadaShasakiy Samaj Mandeer Kole Chafesar
YeravadaShikshan Prasarak Mandal New English School
VadagavasheriShivasai Vidayalay
VadagavasheriSiddheshwar High School
YeravadaSou.Tarabai Shankarlal Mutha Kanya PraShala
YeravadaSt.George English Medium School
KharadiSu. Na Barshe Madhyamik Vidayalay
DhanoriTalathi Karyalay
DhanoriTeli Ali Prathamik Shala
DhanoriThor Samajasevak Nathu Bhau Bhegade (patil ) Shala
YeravadaTriniti School
YeravadaVisadam Inglish Midiyam School
Vadagav StreetVithathalrao Gadgil Prathamik Vidayalay
YeravadaWisadam English Medium School
YeravadaWisdom English Medium High School
YeravadaZ. P. Pra. School

Last Updated on October 19, 2014