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Polling Booth in Umarkhed Assembly Constituency

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Umarkhed Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Umarkhed

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Umarkhed Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Umarkhed Assembly Constituency falls under the Umarkhed Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.
Polling Booth AreaAddress
Shir FuliAnnganavadi Shivaji Nagar Raleganv
BhosaChintamani Hay. Kalamb Office Karya. Davi Bajukadil Kho. Kr
DahisavaliChintamani Hay. Kalamb Office Karya. Ujavi Bajukadil Kho. Kr
Paroti (bu. )Dayabhai Patel B.P. Ed College
Pimpari I.Devrao Patil Gramin Vikas Pratishthan Ashram Shala
DahisavaliG. P. Bensik Shala
PohadulG. P. Besik Shala
Veni Bu.G. P. Kanisht Prath. Shala
SavanaG. P. Kanisht Pray. Shala
Amani Bu.G. P. Kanishth Prath Marathi Shala
AmbodaG. P. Kanishth Prath Shala
AmbodaG. P. Madhy Shala
AmadapurG. P. Mulanchi Pra. Shala
AnmbaliG. P. Pr. Shala
Chilli EG. P. Pra Shala
ShirapurG. P. Pra. Shala
AmbodaG. P. Prath Shala
MalakinhiG. P. Prath. Kanisht Shala
TivarangG. P. Prath. Kanya Shala
Pimpalaganv EG. P. Prath. Marathi Kendra Shala
Pimpalaganv KanhaG. P. Prath. Marathi Shala
Pimpalaganv KanhaG. P. Prath. Shala
Sukali J.G. P. Prathamik Shala
DongaraganvG. P. Rajabai Uchch Prath. Kanya Shala
MahaganvG. P. Uchch Prath Marathi Shala
VakodiG. P. Uchch Prath Shala
SadhunagarG. P. Uchch Prath. Marathi Shala
MaleganvG. P. Uchch Prath. Shala
HivaraG. P. Urdu Mulanchi Shala
ShiramalG. P. Urdu Shala
Kasar BaihalG. P. Varisht Prath MarathiShala
LevaG. P. Varisht Prath Shala
GunjG. P. Varisht Prath. Marathi Shala
DharakanhaG. P. Varisht Prath. Shala
MalakapurG. P. Varisht Prath. Urdu Mulanchi Shala
MahaganvG. P. Varishth Prath Marathi Shala
Thar Bu.G. P. Varishth Prath Shala
Amani Khu.G. P. Varishth Prath. Shala
AnantavadiG. P. Varishth Shala
KuraliGra. P. Lokmanya Sabhagah Ralegav
KuraliGra. P. Samaj Mandir
DhanakiGrampanchayat Office Kita
GanjeganvGrampanchayat Office Pimpalgaon
FulasinganagarKanisht Prath. Marathi Shala
AkoliLalbahadur N.P.Primary School
NaraliMadel Anganavadi Kran. 2 Ugemuge Leaut Ralegav
SavaleshvarMahatma Jyotiba Phule Medium School
ManakeshvarMahavir Vidhaya Mandir
AkoliMahila Sanskruti Nagar Nagar Parishad Sai Nagar Yavatmal
Bori VanUchch Prath Marathi Shala
MalakinhiVarisht Prath. Marathi Shala
Lohra KhurdVarisht Prathamarathi Shala
Kali (tembhin )Varishth Marathi Prath. Shala
Kali (tembhin )Varishth Prath Marathi Shala
VarodiVarishth Prath. Marathi Shala
KaranjiWedadharini Primary School
DhanakiZ. P. Primary School
HaradadaZ. P. Primary School
VasantanagarZ. P. HighSchool
IsapurZ. P. Mulanchi Pra. Shala
DhanakiZ. P. Primary School
DighadiZ.P Higher Primary Urdu School
DhanakiZ.P. Primary School
BhojanagarZ.P. School
ParajanaZ.P. . Primary School
LohraZ.P. .Primary School
BramhanaganvZ.P. Higher Primary School
DhanakiZ.P. Primary School
BramhanaganvZ.P. Primary School
Pimpalaganv VanZ.P., Primary School
Kharus Bu.Z.P..Primary School
DevasariZ.P..Primary Urdu School
Takali I.Z.P.Mulannchi Pra. Shala

Last Updated on October 19, 2014