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Polling Booth in Tumsar Assembly Constituency

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Tumsar Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Tumsar

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tumsar Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Tumsar Assembly Constituency falls under the Tumsar Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.
Polling Booth AreaAddress
MothaganvFjalhaparishad East Madhyamik Shala
YeraliG ,p ,purv Madhyamik Shala
JambG P Prathamik Shala
BinakhiG. P. Pra ,Shala
ChikhaliG. P. Pra. Shala
TumasarGopikabai Mahila Mahavidhyalay pashchimekadil
TumasarGopikabai Mahila Mahavidhyalaya Purvekadil
NakadongariJilha Parishad Adarsh East Madhyamik Shala
AkalariJilha Parishad Besik Prathamik Shala
ChulhadJilha Parishad East Madhyamik Kendra Shala
Balapur HameshaJilha Parishad East Madhyamik Marathi Shala
PathariJilha Parishad East Madhyamik Shala
DeulaganvJilha Parishad East Madhyamik Uttarekadil Kholi
TumasarJilha Parishad East Prathamik Shala
KoshtiJilha Parishad Hindi Prathamik Shala
TumasarJilha Parishad Jijamata Prathamik Shala
Haradoli Z.Jilha Parishad Jyu Besik Prathamik Shala
AkalariJilha Parishad Kanishth mahavidhyalaya Karadi new Buil;ding eastern
KhutasavariJilha Parishad Kanishth Mahavidhyalaya Mohadi purve kadil new Building Kholi
ChorakhamariJilha Parishad Kanishth MahaVidyalay
TadaganvJilha Parishad Kanishth Mahavighalay Jamb Navin Imarat Pashchimekadil Kholi
SihoraJilha Parishad Kanishth Mahavighalay Shala
PahuniJilha Parishad Kanishth Mahavralay Kardi new Building eastern
HasaraJilha Parishad Kanishth Vighalay Pashchimekadil Imarat 1 Andhalaganv Kholi
KatebamhaniJilha Parishad Kanishth Vighalay Pashchimekadil Imarat 2 Andhalaganv Kholi
Salai BujJilha Parishad Kanishth Vighalay Purvekadil Imarat 2 Andhalaganv Kholi
Khamari BuJilha Parishad kanya prathamik School
DavezariJilha Parishad Kanya Prathamik Shala
LoharaJilha Parishad Kendray Purv madhyamik Shala
DhusalaJilha Parishad Madhyamik Shala
SendayaJilha Parishad Mathura Prasad Isaraka East Madhyamik Shala
RamapurJilha Parishad Midal Prathamik Shala
RohaJilha Parishad Midal School
RohnaJilha Parishad Midal Shala
PacharaJilha Parishad Mulanchi Prathamik Shala
MohadiJilha Parishad Mulinchi Prathamik Shala
BothaliJilha Parishad Pra Shala
JambJilha Parishad Prathamik Shala
DhopJilha Parishad Prathamik kanya School
LoharaJilha Parishad Prathamik Midal Shala
DhopJilha Parishad Prathamik Schhol Kandri Eastern side
KavalevadaJilha Parishad Prathamik Shala
HasaraJilha Parishad prathamik shcool Kholi
DhivaravadaJilha Parishad Purv madhyamik School
TumasarJilha Parishad Purv Madhyamik Shala
NeriJilha Parishad Sental Prathamik Midal Shala
YeraliJilha Parishad Uchch Prathamik Shala
KusariJilha Parishad Vidyalay
NakadongariJilhaparishad Adarsh East Madhyamik Shala
LobhiJilhaparishad East Madhyamik Shala
AshtiJilhaparishad Kendriy Prathamik Shala
AshtiJilhaparishad Prathamik Shala
PavanaraJilla Parishad East Madhyamik Shala
CharaganvJilla Parishad Prathamik Shala
TumasarMuktabai Kanya Shala
MangaliNagar Parishad Anganwadi Near Dhangare Prathamik School
TumasarNagar Parishad Anganwadi ShankarRao Bangalakar Uchcha Prathamik School
MangaliNagar Parishad Dhangare Prathamik Shala
TumasarNagar Parishad Fattechand Mor Hindi Prathamik Shala
TumasarNagar Parishad Gandhi Prathamik Shala
TumasarNagar Parishad Guradev Chintaman Bisane Prathamik Shala
KhapaNagar Parishad I U Pardhi Hindi Shala
TumasarNagar Parishad Karyalay
KhapaNagar Parishad Kasturba Kanya Vidhyalaya Near Dhangare Prathamik Shala
TumasarNagar Parishad Madhorao Patel Prathamik Shala
TumasarNagar Parishad Makade Vighalay Dakshinekadil Kholi
TumasarNagar Parishad Makade Vighalay Purvekadil Kholi
TumasarNagar Parishad Malaviy Prathamik Shala
TumasarNagar Parishad Ramji Ganesha Badvaik Prathamik Shala
BhikharakhedaNagar Parishad Raybahadur Prathamik Shala
TumasarNagar Parishad Shankar Rao Bangalakar Prathamik V Uchcha Madhyamik School
TumasarNagar Parishad ShankarRao Bangalakar Uchcha Prathamik School
TumasarNagar Parishad ShankarRao Bangalakar Uchcha prathmik School
TumasarNagaraparishad Karyalay
Mudhari BujNavaprabhat Vidyalay
PanjaraParwatabai madankar kala v vanijya mahavidhyalaya warthi imarat kr 1 Kholi
MandesarShakha abhiyanta Karyalay
TumasarShrimati Gopikabai Mahila Mahavighalay eastern
TumasarShrimati Gopikabai Mahila Mahavighalay eastrn
ChinchakhedaSulochanadevi pardhi sudama kanishtha mahavidhyalaya mohadi
MohadiSulochanandevi pardhi sudama kanishth mahavidhyalay mohadi
Mudhari BujZilha parishad Prathamik School
Bapera AnZilla Parishad Junior College
KardiZilla parishad Nutan High School
Mudhari BujZillha Paishad Prathamik School

Last Updated on October 19, 2014