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Polling Booth in Shirol Assembly Constituency

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Police Officer Killed, Pentagon Shooting US: Police Officer Killed Outside the Pentagon Police Building

On Tuesday morning the Pentagon Force Protection Agency confirmed that a Pentagon police officer was killed in an incident at the Metro bus platform outside the building. The investigators of the incident believe that there was an argument in which the suspect stabbed the Pentagon police officer.  According to law enforcement sources, it appears that […]

Scott Miller, US Afghanistan News Gen. Scott Miller, Top US General In Afghanistan Hands Over Command

Marking a symbolic end to the 20-year-old war between the United States and Afghanistan, the top US Gen. Scott Miller in Afghanistan stepped down from his position at a ceremony in the capital Kabul. After the United States military withdrawal, the Taliban insurgents continue to gain more territory which will topple the central government in […]

Afghanistan, US troops to withdraw from Afghanistan The U.S Troops to Completely Withdraw From Afghanistan, Said Joe Biden

The United States mission in Afghanistan will come to an end on August 31, President Joe Biden said. The conclusion of the US military in Afghanistan will end the 20-year-old war.  Now that U.S. troops are almost completely out of Afghanistan the Taliban faction is making rapid territorial expansion in the country. President Joe Biden […]

Jharkhand Lockdown Extended till June 10

The Hemant Soren-led government in Jharkhand extended the lockdown restrictions till June 10 though there will be some relaxations in curbs.    The state has been in lockdown since April 22. The first set of lockdown regulations were imposed for a week since then it is the fourth time that the lockdown regulations are extended. […]

Google Doodle Commemorates American Gay Rights Activist Frank Kameny

Google Doodle commemorates prominent American astrologer and gay rights activist Frank Kameny. Frank Kameny was personally invested in the cause of the gay rights movement because of the prejudice he faced in his life.    Growing up during the great depression in the 1930s Frank Kameny realized he wanted to become an astrologer. He graduated […]

Joe Biden Tells Intelligence Community To Report On The Emergence Of Covid 19 Within 90 Days

The President of the United States of America Joe Biden called the US intelligence community to report on the origin of coronavirus. There are various theories circulating about the possible origin of Covid 19. Joe Biden asked the US intelligence to revert back with ‘sufficient information’ on the event within 90 days. The United States […]

Shirol Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Shirol

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Shirol Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Shirol Assembly Constituency falls under the Shirol Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.
Polling Booth AreaAddress
AgarAaltur Vidya Mandir
ShiradavadAambarde G. P. Pra. Shala
AbdulalatAarul G. P. Pra. Shala
YadravAinwadi vidya Mandir
DharanaguttiAkurle Vidya Mandir
AlasAmatevadi Prathamik Shala
ArjunavadAmba Z. P. Prathmik Shala
DharanaguttiAmeni Vidya Mandir
TeravadAnuskura G. P. Pra. Shala
LatavadiBarki Vidya Mandir
GaneshavadiBhadale vidya Mandir
AbdulalatBhairevadi Vidya Mandir
JayasingapurBharat Housing Sosayati. Miting Hall Galli No. 7
ShirolBhedasgaon G.P.Pra.Shala
TamadalageCh. Maharani Vijaymala Kanya Mandeer Front Lucky Bazaar Kholi
AgarChandoli G. P. PrathamikShala
ShiradhonChanwad/Shahuadi Vidya Mandir
DanoliDatttajirav Shelke VidyaMandir
KavathesarDaulatarav Bhosle Vidyalay
YadravDhangarwadi G. P. PrathamikShala
KavathegulandDonoli VidyaMandir
JayasingapurG. P. Pra. East Side
JayasingapurG. P. Pra. Shala
YadravG. P. PrathamikShala
NandaniGadewadi Vidya Mandir
TakavadeGajapur Baji Prabhu Vidya Mandir
KutavadGavadi G. P. Pra. Shala
AgarGholasavade G. P. PrathamikShala
KanavadGirgaon G.P.Pra.Shala
ShivanakavadiGogave G.P.Pra.Shala
UdaganvGokhale College
JayasingapurGondoli Vidya Mandir
JayasingapurGovind Rao Korgaonkar Housing Sosayati. Hall Galli No. 13.
JayasingapurGrampanchayat Karyalay
DharanaguttiHarugadevadi G.P.Pra.Shala
NandaniJadhavwadi G. P. PrathamikShala
JayasingapurJambur Vidya Mandir
ShirolJavali G. P. PrathamikShala
UdaganvJayraj Vidyalay
DattavadJeevan VidyaMandir
AbdulalatJulevadi Vidya Mandir
DattavadJune Kodoli High School
UmalavadK. Balasaheb Kharade Peveliyan Gandhi Maidan
NimashiragavK. M. C. Library Yadavanagar
ShirolKadave Vidya Mandir
TakalivadiKakhe Vidhya Mandeer West Baju
TakalivadiKakhe Vidhya Mandir
JayasingapurKandavan G.P.Pra.Shala
HasurKante G. P. Pra. Shala
DattavadKanya Vidhya Mandeer Prathamik Shala
TakaliKanya Vidhya Mandir
AbdulalatKapshi Vidya Mandir
HeravadKaranjafen G.P.Pra.Shala
ShiradhonKaranjoshi G.P.Pra.Shala
TakaliKasaba Kodoli Howard Memoriyal High School
DatavadKasaba Kodoli Jeevan Vidhya Mandeer East Baju
DattavadKasaba Kodoli Jeevan Vidhya Mandeer West Baju
TakaliKasaba Kodoli Juni Shala
RajapurKasaba Kodoli Kanya Vidhya Mandeer
RajapurKasaba Kodoli Koteshvar VidayaMandir
RajapurKasaba Kodoli Prathamik Shala
NavedanavadKasaba Kodoli Rihebileshan Shala
RajapuravadiKasaba Kodoli Varana Vidhya Mandeer Varana Nagar East Baju
KhidrapurKasaba Kodoli Varana Vidhya Mandeer Varana Nagar West Baju
NavedanavadKasaba Kodoli Yashwant High School
ShirolKasarde G. P. Pra. Shala
GhosaravadKasarvadi Vidya Mandir
TakaliKasba Kodoli koteshwar vidhyaMandir
MajarevadiKatalevadi Vidya Mandir
KurundavadKendriy Shala
NrusinhavadiKendriya PrathamikShala
KandigreKerle G. P. Pra. Shala
JayasingapurKhede G.P.Pra.Shala
DhosaravadKhotwadi Vidya Mandir
GaneshavadiKhutalwadi Vidya Mandir
DattavadKodoli High School
JambhaliKolgaon G. P. Prathamik Shala
UmalavadKolhapur High School
UdaganvKolhapur Mahanagarapalika Seth Ruiya Vidyalay
NandaniKoparde G. P. PrahamikShala
ShirolKotoli G.P.Pra.Shala
KanavadKumbhavade G.P.Pra.Shala
ShirolLalewadi Vidya Mandir
AgarLolane G. P. PrathamikShala
KothaliMaharashtra HayaskulaKholi
JayasingapurMaharashtra Kamgar Kalyan Kendra
KurundavadMahatmagandhi Vidyalay
HaroliMalakapur High School
HaroliMalakapur Nagaraparishad Hall
MajarevadiMalapude Vidya Mandir
JayasingapurMalevadi Vidya Mandir
JayasingapurMalgaon G.P.Pra.Shala
HaroliMalkapur HighSchool
NandaniMalkapur Kanya Vidya Mandir
JambhaliMan G. P. PrathamikShala
DharanaguttiMangaon G.P.Pra.Shala
KutavadManjare Vidya Mandir
KodigreManoli G. P. PrathamikShala
HeravadMarale Vidya Mandir
ShiradhonMolvade G.P.Pra.Shala
BubanalNandagaon Vidya Mandir
BubanalNandari Vidya Mandir
ShirolNerle G.P.Pra.Shala
ShiradavadNew G.P.Shala
KothaliNew HayaskulaKholi
ShirolNile G. P. Pra. Shala
DanoliNutan Marathi High School
ShiradhonOkoli G. P. Pra. Shala
JayasingapurPalasavade Vidya Mandir
YadravPandhrepani Z. P. Prathamik Shala
ShiratiPanundre G. P. Pra. Shala
JambhaliParale G. P. PrathamikShala
GhosaravadParali Vidya Mandir
ShedashalParkhandale Vidya Mandir
ArjunavadParle Ninai Vidya Mandir
Bhairevadi/ KurundavadPatne VidyaMandir
NandaniPerid Vidya Mandir
AuravadPishavi Vidya Mandir
GhosaravadPrathamik Shala
UmalavadPrayavhet High School
DanoliRajaram High School
ChipariRajaram Vidyalay
NimashiragavRajshri Shahu Samaj Mandeer Dembaravada
ChinchavadRangarao Salunkhe Vidyalay
GhalavadRethare Vidya G.P.Pra.Shala
JayasingapurSagar Shikshan Mandalache Nanasaheb Gadre High School
KurundavadSaidapur G. P. Pra. Shala
AuravadSalshi Jivan Shikshan Vidya Mandir
AuravadSalshi Jivan Shikshan VidyaMandir
ShiradhonSambu G.P.Pra.Shala
ShiradhonSasegaon G.P.Pra.Shala
AlasSatave G. P. Shala
AkivatSatave High School
AkivatSatave Paiki Valakevadi Prathamik Shala
GauravadSavarde Budruk G. P. Pra. Shala
ShiradhonSavarde Khurd Vidya Mandir
AlasSavarde Tarf Satve Vidhya Mandir
AlasSavarde Tarf Satve vidhyaMandir
AbdulalatSave Vidya Mandir
UdaganvShahu Dayanand Vidyalay
JayasingapurShastrinagar Imarat K. M. T. Vark Shop
TakavadeShembavane G. P. Pra. Shala
KurundavadShimpe Vidya Mandir
BastavadShindevadi Prathamik Shala
AbdulalatShirale Tarf Malkapur Z. P. Prathamik Shala
JayasingapurShirale Tarf Varun G.P.Pra.Shala
NandaniShirgaon G. P. PrathamikShala
ShedashalShittur Tarf Malkapur Vidya Mandir
JayasingapurShittur Tarf Varun G.P.Pra.Shala
JayasingapurShittur Tarf Varun Z. P. Prathamik Shala
AbdulalatShivare Z. P. Prathamik Shala
NimashiragavShriram Vidyalay
GaneshavadiSonavde G. P. Pra. Shala
JayasingapurSondoli VidyaMandir
BubanalSonurle Vidya Mandir
ShiradhonSoute G. P. Pra. Shala
GaneshavadiSupatre Vidya Mandir
JayasingapurTavanappa Patne High School
ShiratiTekoli G. P. Pra. Shala
KurundavadThergaon Vidya Mandir
JambhaliUchat Vidya Mandir
JayasingapurUkhalu Z.P Prathamik Shala
JayasingapurUp Abhiyanta Mhada Karyalay
AbdulalatVadgaon G.P.Pra.Shala
NrusinhavadiVadicharan Vidya Mandir
ArjunavadVakoli G. P. Pra. Shala
ShirolValur G. P. PrathamikShala
ShirolVaralegaon Vidya Mandir
KhidrapurVarana VidyaMandir
TeravadVarewadi Vidya Mandir
ShirolVarlegaon VidyaMandir
ShirolVarul G. P. Pra. Shala
KanavadVidya Mandir
DanoliVidyapith High School
JayasingapurVirale Vidya Mandir
NandaniYelane Vidya Mandir
HeravadYelavadi G.P.Pra.Shala
NandaniYelur Z.P.Prathmik Shala
YadravYelvan Jugai G. P. PrathamikShala

Last Updated on October 19, 2014