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Polling Booth in Shevgaon Assembly Constituency

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Shevgaon Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Shevgaon

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Shevgaon Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Shevgaon Assembly Constituency falls under the Shevgaon Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.
Polling Booth AreaAddress
RaneganvAdhodi G. P. Shala
AkolaAgaskhand Z P School
Dhorajalaganv ( Ne. )Akhatavade G. P. Shala
Akheganv TitarfaAkheganv Titarfa ,ji. P. Shala
ShekateAkola ,ji. P. Shala
Avhane (khu. )Amarapur ,ji. P. Shala
BodheganvAntaravali ( Bu. ) G. P. Shala
GhotanAntaravali ( Khu. Ne. ) G. P. Shala
ChedechandaganvAntaravali ( Khu. Se. ) G. P. Shala
MaleganvApeganv G. P. Shala
Arandagav SamsudArandaganv ( Bhagawat ) G. P. Shala
VijayapurArandaganv ( Samsud ) G. P. Shala
BanhanapurAvhane (bu. ) G. P. Shala
Avhane (bu )Avhane (khu. ) G. P. Shala
Shetake ( Bu. )Badagavhan ,ji. P. Shala
LamanatandaBadevadi ,ji. P. Shala
DevatakaliBaktarapur G. P. Shala
BalamatakaliBalamatakali ,ji. P. Shala
Vadule ( Khu. )Banhanapur G. P. Shala
SonesangaviBelaganv ,ji. P. Shala
AmarapurBhagur G. P. Shala
BhatakudagavBhatakudaganv G. P. Shala
BhatakudaganvBhatakudagav G. P. Shala
ShaharatakaliBhavinimaganv G. P. Shala
BaktarapurBhayaganv G. P. Prath. Shala
KolasangaviBhutetakali ,ji. P. Dakshinekadil Kholi
June DahifalBodakhe G. P. Shala
BodheganvBodheganv ,ji. P. Shala
ChapadaganvChapadaganv ,ji. P. Shala
BodheganvChedechandaganv ,ji. P. Shala
DhavalevadiChitali ,ji. P. Shala
JoharapurDadeganv G. P. Shala
Dahiganv ( Ne. )Dahiganv ( Ne. ) G. P. Shala
MadkeDahiganv ( Se. ) G. P. Shala
SakeganvDangevadi G. P. Shala
Hinganaganv ( Ne. )Devatakali G. P. Shala
NivadungeDhamanaganv G. P. Shala
HatralDhavalevadi ,ji. P. Shala
KarodiDhayatadakwadi Z P School
Nandur VihireDhorajalaganv ( Ne. ) G. P. Shala
ApeganvDhorajalaganv ( Se. ) Shriram Vidyalay
BodakheDhorasade G. P. Shala
RaneganvDivate ,ji. P. Shala
KherdeDulechandaganv ,ji. P. Shala
LakhefalErandaganv ( Samsud ) G. P. Shala
ShevaganvG. P. Pra. Shala
BhatakudagavG. P. Shala
Dahiganv ( Se. )Gadevadi ,ji. P. Shala
Dhorajalaganv ( Se. )Garadavadi G. P. Shala
SukaliGayakwad Jalaganv ,ji. P. Shala
KhuntefalGhotan G. P. Navin Imarat Shala
GhotanGhotan G. P. Shala
LadajalaganvGoleganv ,ji. P. Shala
DhamanaganvHandalavadi ( Pathardi ) G. P. Shala
PadaliHanuman Takali ,ji. P. Shala
KolaganvHasanapur ,ji. P. Shala
HataganvHataganv ,ji. P. Shala
DangevadiHatral ,ji. P. Shala
TajanapurHinganaganv ( Ne. ) G. P. Shala
PalavevadiJambhali ,ji. P. Shala
Javakhede ( Kha. )Javakhede ( Du. ) G. P. Shala
Kasar PimpalaganvJavakhede ( Kha. ) G. P. Shala
SonoshiJirewadi Z P School
BhatakudaganvJoharapur G. P. Shala
Arandaganv ( Bhagawat )June Dahifal G. P. Shala
Antaravali ( Khu. Ne. )K Hetakali G. P. Shala
KoradaganvKalas Pimpri ,ji. P. Shala
SusareKaleganv Faqeer ,ji. P. Shala
KambiKambi ,ji. P. Shala
AkhasakhandKareganv ,ji. P. Shala
MohateKarodi ,ji. P. Shala
Kasar PimpalaganvKasar Pimpalaganv ,ji. P. Shala
Javakhede ( Kha. )Kasaravadi G. P. Shala
PimpalagavhanKatevadi ,ji. P. Shala
ShirasathavadiKelavandi ,ji. P. Shala
MaugiKhadke ,ji. P. Shala
JoharapurKhamaganv G. P. Shala
PingevadiKhamapimpri ,ji. P. Shala
GhotanKhanapur G. P. Shala
Varur ( Bu. )Kharadaganv ,ji. P. Shala
YeliKharavandi ,ji. P. Shala
Mali BabhulaganvKherdei. P. Shala
KhamaganvKhuntefal G. P. Shala
Antaravali ( Bu. )Kolaganv ,ji. P. Shala
SonoshiKolasangavi ,ji. P. Shala
GoleganvKonoshi ,ji. P. Shala
KasaravadiKopre ,ji. P. Shala
KoradaganvKoradaganv G. P. Shala
GadevadiKurudaganv G. P. Shala
LadajalaganvLadajalaganv ,ji. P. Shala
Thakur PimpalaganvLakhamapuri ,ji. P. Shala
K HetakaliLakhefal G. P. Shala
Mohoj DevadheLamanatanda ,ji. P. Shala
AkhatavadeLoleganv G. P. Shala
RanjaniMadhi ,ji. P. Shala
MungiMadke ,ji. P. Shala
BhayaganvMajaleshahar G. P. Shala
BhayaganvMajaleshahar Z. P. Shala
IgavMaka. G. P. Shala
SalavadaganvMaleganv ( Ne. ) G. P. Shala
DulechandaganvMaleganv ,ji. P. Shala
SamanaganvMaleganv G. P. Shala
Mali BabhulaganvMali Babhulaganv ,ji. P. Shala
HasanapurMangarul ( Bu. ) ,ji. P. Shala
JambhaliMohoj Devadhe ,ji. P. Shala
MaugiMungi ,ji. P. Shala
Nandur NimbadaityMurami ,ji. P. Shala
GoleganvNagalavadi ,ji. P. Shala
GadevadiNajik Babhulaganv G. P. Shala
KharavandiNandur Nimbadaity Z P School
NimbeNandur Vihire G. P. Shala
Dahifal JuneNavin Dahifal G. P. Shala
GaradavadiNimbe Jo. P. Shala
MaleganvNipani Jalaganv ,ji. P. Shala
NivadungeNivadunge ,ji. P. Shala
ChitaliPadali ,ji. P. Shala
Akheganv TitarfaPagori Pimpalagaon Z P School
Akheganv TitarfaPagoro Pimpalagaon Z P School
KarodiPalavevadi Z P School
PathardiPathardi ,ji. P. Shala
PathardiPathardi ,ji. P. Urdu Shala
Mohoj DevadhePimpalagavhan ,ji. P. Shala
SusarePrabhupimpri ,ji. P. Shala
ChapadaganvPrabhuvadaganv ,ji. P. Shala
Thakur NimaganvRakshi ,ji. P. Shala
ShingoriRaneganv G. P. Shala
Sulatanapur ( Bu. )Ranjani ,ji. P. Shala
DhayatadakavadiRupnarvadi Z P School
Sangavi ( Bu. )Sakeganv, G. P. Shala
KharadaganvSalavadaganv G. P. Shala
Vadule B.Samanaganv G. P. Shala
Kaleganv FaqeerSangavi ( Bu. )ji. P. Shala
ShaharatakaliShaharatakali G. P. Shala
BhutetakaliShekate ,ji. P. Dakshinekadil Kholi
Nandur NimbadaityShetake ( Bu. ) G. P. Shala
ShevaganvShevaganv ,abasaheb Kakde Vidyalay
ShevaganvShevaganv ,balasaheb Bharde High School
ShevaganvShevaganv ,ji. P. Mulanchi Shala
ShevaganvShevaganv ,ji. P. Prath. Shala
ShevaganvShevaganv ,ji. P. Shala
ShevaganvShevaganv ,ji. P. Urdu Mulanchi Shala
ShevaganvShevaganv ,ji. P. Urdu Mulinchi Shala
ShevaganvShevaganv ,ji. Prath. Shala
ShevaganvShevaganv G. P. Shala
TondoliShingori ,ji. P. Shala
KareganvShirasathavadi ,ji. P. Shala
AdhodiShobhanagar ,ji. P. Shala
Pagori PimpalaganvSomathane ( Bu. ) G. P. Shala
PrabhuvadaganvSonavihir ,ji. P. Shala
Thakur NimaganvSonesangavi ,ji. P. Shala
NagalavadiSonoshi Z P School
KonoshiSonoshi Z P Shcool West Side
BalamatakaliSukali ,ji. P. Shala
BhavinimaganvSulatanapur ( Bu. )ji. P. Shala
AmarapurSulatanapur ( Khu. ) G. P. Shala
SusareSusare ,ji. P. Shala
Somathane ( Bu. )Susare, G. P. Shala
Navin DahifalTajanapur G. P. Shala
DadeganvTalani G. P. Shala
DhamanaganvTanapuravadi, ( Pathardi ) G. P. Shala
Maleganv ( Ne. )Thakur Nimaganv G. P. Shala
PrabhuvadaganvThakur Pimpalaganv G. P. Shala
Mangarul ( Bu. )Thate ,ji. P. Shala
Kalas PimpriTondoli G. P. Shala
HasanapurVadaganv ,ji. P. Shala
ShevaganvVadule ( Bu. ) G. P. Shala
VagholiVadule ( Khu. ) G. P. Shala
KopreVagholi ,ji. P. Shala
AkolaValunjj Z P School
RakshiVarakhed ,ji. P. Shala
Varur ( Khu. )Varur ( Bu. ) G. P. Shala
Sulatanapur ( Khu. )Varur ( Khu. ) G. P. Shala
KhanapurVijayapur G. P. Shala
YeliYeli ,ji. P. Shala
AkhatavadeZ. P. Shala
ShevaganvZ.P.P Shala

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