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Polling Booth in Parbhani Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Parbhani

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Parbhani Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Parbhani Assembly Constituency falls under the Parbhani Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.

Polling Booth AreaAddress
ParabhaniAanganvadi Kendra Aliyabaad
ParabhaniAnganvadi Building Near Z.P.P.S Girls Andur
ParabhaniAnganvadi Vatsalanagar Andur
ParabhaniCultural Hall Maratha Galli Naldurga
ParabhaniCultural Hall Tamalvadi
ParabhaniG P K Pra Sha Anadur Kho. Kr. 1 Dakshin Baju
ParabhaniG P K Pra Sha Miting Hall Anadur Kho. Kr. 3
ParabhaniG P K Pra Sha Pu Baju Kho Kr. 2
ParabhaniG P Kanya PraShala
ParabhaniG P Ken Pra Sha Boraganv
ParabhaniG P Kendriy Pra Sha East Baju Kho. Kr. 2
ParabhaniG P Pr Jalakot Madhy Baju
ParabhaniG P Pra Sha Arali Khu.
ParabhaniG P Pra Sha Chinkundra
ParabhaniG P Pra Sha Dahivadi
ParabhaniG P Pra Sha East Baju Kho. Kr. 2
ParabhaniG P Pra Sha Hangaraga Tul
ParabhaniG P Pra Sha Jalakotavadi (nal )
ParabhaniG P Pra Sha Murta
ParabhaniG P Pra Sha Nandaganv Madhy Baju Kho. Kr. 2
ParabhaniG P Pra Sha Pangaradharavadi
ParabhaniG P Pra Sha Sangavi Kati
ParabhaniG P Pra Sha Umaraga Chivari
ParabhaniG P Pra Sha Yedola
ParabhaniG P PraShala
SanapuriG. P. K. Pra. Shala
JalalapurG. P. Ken. Pra. Shala
MatakarhalaG. P. Pra. Shala
ParabhaniG. P. PraShala
ParabhaniGra. Pan. Karyalay
ParabhaniGramapanchayat Karyalay
TatujavalaGrampanchyat Office Itkur
ParabhaniHutatma Smarak Naldurga
ParabhaniI.C.D.S Old Govt.Hospital Tuljapur
PingaliICDS Office Kallam
ParabhaniJilha Parishad Kendra Prathamik Shala
ParabhaniJilha Parishad Kendriy Prathamik Shala
SambarJilha Parishad Prathamik Shala
MirakhelJilha Parishad PrathamikaShala
ParabhaniMucniple Hall Naldurga
SukapuravadiMunciple Rest House Yatra Hall New Hall Weekly Market Tuljapur
DharanaganvMunciple Office New Hall Tuljapur
KaradaganvMunciple Office Tuljapur
DharMunciple School
VangiN P Sha Kr. 2 Tulajapur
ParabhaniN P VyayamaShala
BramhanaganvNagar Parishad Prathamik Shala
JambNagar Parishad Primary School
SabaNagar Parishad Shala
Naadaganav Khu.Panchayat Samiti Offi.New Meeting Hall Tuljapur
Nandaganv Khu.Panchayat Samiti Offi.Old Meeting Hall Tuljapur
DharmapuriSamajik Sabhagruh Harijan Wada Sindaphal
VangiSamal DharmaShala
Balasa Khu.Shikshan Mahrashi Dynandev Mohekar Mahavidalaya, East Side Kallam.
ParabhaniSub Treasury Office Tuljapur
MurumbaSurekh Smruti Rest House Old Hall Weekly MarketTuljapur
ParabhaniVillage Panchayat Karyala Khudawadi
ParabhaniVillage Panchayat Mangrul
DharmapuriVillage Panchayat New Building SINDFAL
ParabhaniVillage Panchayat Office Masla Khurd
PimpalaZ.P.C. P.S South Building R.No.1 APSINGA
ParabhaniZ.P.C.G.P.S North Building KATI
ParabhaniZ.P.C.G.P.S South Side New Building Kati
Takali KumbhakarnZ.P.C.P. S New Building North Side R.No.1 SINDFAL
ParabhaniZ.P.C.P.S North Side
ParabhaniZ.P.C.P.S South Side
ParabhaniZ.P.C.P.S East Building
ParabhaniZ.P.C.P.S East Side
ParabhaniZ.P.C.P.S East Side Yevti
ParabhaniZ.P.C.P.S Left Side
ParabhaniZ.P.C.P.S Naldurga
ParabhaniZ.P.C.P.S Right Side
ParabhaniZ.P.C.P.S West Side
ParabhaniZ.P.C.P.S West Side Yevti
ParabhaniZ.P.G.H.S Hall Naldurga
ParabhaniZ.P.G.H.S New Build. South Side Naldurga
DharanaganvZ.P.G.H.S New Building North Side R.No.1 Tuljapur
SamasapurZ.P.G.H.S New Building South Side R.No.1 Tuljapur
ParabhaniZ.P.G.H.S. North Side Opp.PHS Naldurga
ParabhaniZ.P.G.H.S. South Side Opp.PHS Naldurga
Pimpalaganv TongZ.P.G.H.S. Hall Tuljapur
ParabhaniZ.P.G.P.S North Building Jalkot
ParabhaniZ.P.G.P.S West Building Jalkot
ParabhaniZ.P.H.S Anganvadi Building
ParabhaniZ.P.H.S East Side
ParabhaniZ.P.H.S New Build. Middle
ParabhaniZ.P.H.S NEW BUILDING North Side Jalkot
ParabhaniZ.P.H.S New Building South Side Jalkot
ParabhaniZ.P.H.S North Side
ParabhaniZ.P.H.S North Side Building Nandgav
ParabhaniZ.P.H.S South Side
ParabhaniZ.P.Hi.S West Side R.No.1 Mangrul
Takali KumbhakarnZ.P.P. S AMRAVATIVADI
ManganaganvZ.P.P. S BORI
NandapurZ.P.P. S KATRI
Takali KumbhakarnZ.P.P. S New Building East Side Kholi
Wadi DamaiZ.P.P. S North Side R.No.1 APSINGA
NandapurZ.P.P. S North Side R.No.3 APSINGA
Takali KumbhakarnZ.P.P. S SHIRADHONE
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Kumbhari
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Kasai
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S East Side
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Right Side Devkuruli
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Aarbali
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Babhalgav
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Basvantvadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Bhimnagar Near Budhavihar Naldurga
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Bijanvadi
AsolaZ.P.P.S Bolegav
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Bornadivadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Chavhan vadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Chincholi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Dahitna
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Devsinga Tul
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Dhanegav
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Dhangarvadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Dhotri
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Dindegav
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S East Building Salgara Divti
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S East Side
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S East Side Savargav
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S East Side Karla
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S East Side Pimpla Khurda
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S East Side Vadgav Kati
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Fulvadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Ganjevadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Girls East Side Andur
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Gondhalvadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Gujnur
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Haglur
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Hangargavadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Hipparga Tad
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Honala
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Indira Nagr Hangarga Nal
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Indiranagar Naldurga
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Jakhni tanda
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Jalkotvadi (Sa)
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Javalga Mesai
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Kadamvadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Kalegav
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Kerur
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Khadki
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Khanapur
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Khandala
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Khuntevadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Korevadi
AsolaZ.P.P.S Kunsavali
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Left Side
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Left Side Deokuruli
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Left Side Lohagav
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Manevadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Manmodi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Middle Building Salgara Divti
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Middle Side
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Middle Side Tamalvadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Nanduri
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S New Build. Left Side .R.No.2 Masla Khurd
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S New Build. Left Side Salgara Maddi
KareganvZ.P.P.S New Build. Right Side Salgara Maddi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S New Build.North Side.R.No.1 Masla Khurd
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S New Building Devsinga Nal
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S New Building East Side Chivri
AsolaZ.P.P.S New Building East Side Sindgav
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S New Building Gulhalli
KareganvZ.P.P.S New Building Middle Sindgav
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S New Building West Side Chivri
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S New Building West Side Kemvadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S New Building. East Side Savargav
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S New Building. Savargav
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S New.Buil. Left Side R.No.1 Mangrul
JambZ.P.P.S New.Buil. Right Side R.No.2 Mangrul
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S North Side
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Old Build East Side Kemvadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Old Build. North Side
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Old Build. South Side
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Pimpla Budruk
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Ramtirtha
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Raykhel
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Right Side
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Right Side Lohagav
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Sangvi Mardi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Sarati
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Sarola
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Shirgapur
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Shivajinagar Tanda
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Shivkarvadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S South Side
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S South Side Aarali Khurda
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Suratgav
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Tirth Budruk
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Tirth Khurda
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Vadacha Tanda
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Vadgav Dev
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Vadgav Lakh
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Vagdari
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Vanegav
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Vanevadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Vasantnagar Naldurga
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Vatsalanagar
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Vatsalanagar South Side R.No.4Andur
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S West Side
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S West Side Dahivadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S West Side 2 Savargav
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S West Side Omerga Chivri
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S West Side Pimpla Khurda
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S West Side Tamalvadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S West Side Vadgav Kati
ParabhaniZ.P.P.S Yamgarvadi
ParabhaniZ.P.P.South Building Jalkotvadi Nal
RahatiZilla Parishad Primary School
KaudaganvZilla Parishad Boyes HighSchool
SendraZilla Parishad Girls HighSchool
Jod ParaliZilla parishad praShala
MandavaZilla parishad primary School

Last Updated on April 23, 2020

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