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Polling Booth in Pandharpur Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Pandharpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Pandharpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Pandharpur Assembly Constituency falls under the Pandharpur Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.

Polling Booth AreaAddress
DeganvAnganavadi Kholi
IsabaviBavi Aa Jilha Parishad Pra.School
PandharapurE Jilha Parishad Prath. Shala
GadeganvG P Mulanchi Pra Sha Kr 2 Panaganv Uttar Bajuchi Imarat East Kadil Uttar Mukhi Kho Kr 1
PandharapurG. P. Pra. Shala
PandharapurG. P. Prathamik Shala
IsabaviG. P. Shala
PandharapurJamgaon Pa Jilha Parishad Pra.School
UmbaraganvJilha Parishad Marathi Mulachi Prath. Shala
TakaliJilha Parishad Marathi Mulanchi Shala
TakaliJilha Parishad Mulachi Prath . Shala
VakhariJilha Parishad Pra.School
PandharapurJilha Parishad Prath Shala
TakaliJilha Parishad Prath. Mulachi Mulichi Shala
KauthaliJilha Parishad Prath. Mulachi Shala
KauthaliJilha Parishad Prath. Shala
BathanJilha Parishad Prathamik Shala
HajapurJilha Parishad Shala
KortiKavhe Jilha Parishad Pra.School
KhardiMaleganv Jilha Parishad Prath. Shala
PandharapurManegav Jilha Parishad Prath. Shala
KaseganvMungashi R Jilha Parishad Prath. Shala
Tarataganv (kaseganv )Raleras Jilha Parishad Prath. Shala
PandharapurSau Suvarnalata Gandhi MahaVidayalay
VakhariShri Sant Tukaram Vidayalay
GadeganvShri Sant Tukaram Vidhyalay East Side Building Southern Side
PandharapurSurdi Jilha Parishad Prath. Shala
PandharapurUndegaon Jilha Parishad Prath. Shala
PandharapurVairag Jillha Parishad Parth. Shala
PandharapurVairag VidayaMandir
KagashtZ. P. Prath Shala
JittiZ. P. Prath. Mahibub Subhahani Darga,Kholi
FatevadiZ. P. Prath. Shala
NimboniZ. P.Prath. Shala
KaseganvZ.P. Prath. Shala
NimboniZ.P. Prathamik Mulinchi Shala
SiddhapurZ.P. Prathamik Shala
KarjalZ.P. Prathamik Urdu Shala
BhalavaniZ.P. Shala
KhadakiZ.P.Prath. Shala
HulajantiZ.P.Prath. Urdu Shala
PandharapurZilla Parishad Primary School
DonajZilla Parishad PrimarySchool

Last Updated on April 23, 2020

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