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Polling Booth in Murbad Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Murbad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Murbad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Murbad Assembly Constituency falls under the Murbad Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.

Polling Booth AreaAddress
ApatiAadarsh School
VidheG. P. Pra. Shala
GeraseG.P.Office, Chobare (Vasai Virar City Municiple Corporation, Section Vasai)
SayaleGeam Panchayat Primary Marathi School
Ambeshiv KhurdGoverdhan High School
VanganiGovernment Ashram School
Mhasa KanholGram Panchayat Praymary School
Kulaganv HaedrepadaGram Panchayat Central School
KulaganvGram Panchayat Hall Karanje
Kulaganv Gandhi Chowk PuGram Panchayat Marathi School
OjivaleGram Panchayat Office Dive
KulaganvGram Panchayat Office Wada
KharavaiGram Panchayat Primary Dongaste
ShiragavGram Panchayat Primary Marathi School
KulaganvGram Panchayat Primary School
KharavaiGram Panchayat Primary Scool Bilavali
KulagavGram Panchayat Primary Urdu School
KulaganvGram Panchayat School
Kulaganv HaedrepadaGram Panchayat Urdu School
ManivaliGrampanchayat Office, Palee (Naigoan)
Umaroli (khu )Holi Mary High School
DhasaiJilha Parishad Anganavadi Dive Mandir
JambhaleJilha Parishad Pirmary School
SidhdagadJilha Parishad Prathamik School
Kalambhand BhoJilha Parishad Prathamik Shala
JambhurdeJilha Parishad Primary Schllo Kharabav
KanhorJilha Parishad Primary School
IndagavJilha Parishad Urdu School
KundeKarmaveer Bhaurao Patil Vidyalay
BelavaliKolivada Convent Pry. School
BelavaliKolivada Convent School
Katrap GaonM. G. Parulekar High School
Murabad Aa. N. Sabhanjee NagarNew Building Anganwadi Umbarkhand
Ambeshiv Bu.New English School
ValivaliPanchayat Samiti Office, Vasai,
Kulaganv HaedrepadaPrimary Urdu School
ManjarliR.P.Wagh High School
ManjarliRamedi Church School
ManjarliS. M. K. High School
PitambareS.Francis High School
Katrap GaonS.M.K.High School
GuravaliS.Zeviars .High School
UtaneS.Zeviers .High School
SangodeSamaj Mandir
GhotasaiSt. Jejus Mery High School
Katrap GaonSt. Peter Church, Koliwada, Ground Floor,
Katrap GaonSt. Peters School
ChinchavaliSt.Augsteen High School
ManjarliSt.Elizabeth Convent School
BelavaliSt.G.G.&A.S School
AnakharSt.Mery Mag. Primary School
VasaudriSt.Philomina Primary School
AneThomas Bapista High School
Chaitany Sankul KatrapValmiki Nagar Balavadi
BelavaliVasai Machhimar Sarvodaya Sahakari Society, Pachubunder, First Floor,
Katrap GaonVasai Machhimar Sarvodaya Sahakari Society, Pachubunder, First Floor, Hall (Partition)
Katrap GaonVasai Machhimar Sarvodaya Sahakari Society, Pachubunder, First Floor, Store
Katrap GaonVasai Machhimar Sarvodaya Sahakari Society, Pachubunder, Ground Floor, Training
Katrap GaonVasai Machimar Servodaya Sahakari Society, Pachubunder First Floor, Store
KolamZ. P. Marathi School
Katrap GaonZ. P. VidyaMandir
KhadavaliZ. P. School
KosleZ. P. VidyaMandir
MajaganvZ.P.Primary School
NevalapadaZhila Parishad Primary School
Palu ShingapurZilha Parishad Aanganwadi Purna
MadhZilha Parishad Praimary School
MilheZilha Parishad Priamry School
Ambele BuZilha Parishad Primary School
KalammakhandeZilha Parishad Primary Marathi School
Badalapur GaonZilha Parishad Primary School
Manivali KhuZilha Parishad Primary Urdu School
VanganiZilha Parishad Urdu School
VadavaliZilha Parishal Primary School

Last Updated on April 16, 2020

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