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Polling Booth in Gondia Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Gondia

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Gondia Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Gondia Assembly Constituency falls under the Gondia Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.

Polling Booth AreaAddress
Godiya. P. Pra. Shala
KudvaAnganavadi Kendra Kohalitola
KudvaAnganwadi Kendra Bhadutola
ChulodG P Besik AshramaShala
MoravahiG P East Madhyamik Kendriy Shala
Tumakheda KhurdG P East Madhyamik Shal Ghatakuroda
GondiyaG P East Madhyamik Shala
GondiyaG P Kanishth MahaVidyalay
KaranjaG P Kendriy Pu Madhyamik Shala
KhamariG P Pra Sha Bharanoli
Gondiya Ward Kr. 36G P Pra Sha Bodade Kavatha
GondiyaG P Pra Sha Budhevada
Gondiya Ward Kr. 32G P Pra Sha Isapur
GondiyaG P Pra Sha Kanhalaganv
AsoliG P Pra Sha Keshori
GodiyaG P Pra Sha Kra. 2 Navegavabandh
GodiyaG P Pra Sha Kra.2 Naveganv Bandh
GondiyaG P Pra Sha Nilaj
KhamariG P Pra Sha Rajoli
KatangatolaG P Pra Sha Sayaganv
ChulodG P Pra Sha Varavhi
KarajaG P Purvamadhyamik Shala
TumakhedakhurdG P Purve Madhyamik Shala
GondiyaG P V Pra Sha Vadeganv Railway
GondiyaG P V Pra Shala
GodiyaG P Varishth Prathamik Shala
GodiyaG. P. Ha. Ma. Shala
Gondiya Ward Kr. 26G. P. Kanishth MahaVidayalay
GodiyaG. P. Kendriiy Varishth Pra. Shala
GondiyaG. P. Kendriy Pra. Shala
GodiyaG. P. Kendriy Varishth Pra. Shala
GondiyaG. P. Ma. Shala
GodiyaG. P. Pra . Shala
GondiyaG. P. Pra. Sha Bodara
GodiyaG. P. Pra. Sha Deulagav Bo
GondiyaG. P. Pra. Sha East Bhag Zarapada
Gondiya Ward Kr. 21G. P. Pra. Sha Kanholi
GondiyaG. P. Pra. Sha Tavashi
GondiyaG. P. Pra. Sha Tidaka
Dasaganv KhuG. P. Pra. Shala
GodiyaG. P. Pra.Kra.1 Navegavabandh Kho. No. 3
TemaniG. P. Pu. Ma. Shala
GodiyaG. P. Pu. Pra Shala
GodiyaG. P. Pu.Madh. Sha Khabi
GodiyaG. P. Pu.Madh. Shala
GodiyaG. P. Shala
GondiyaG. P. V. Pra. Sha Utar Bhag Tadaganv
GondiyaG. P. Varishth Kendriy Pra. Shala
Nangapura MurriG. P. Varishth Pra ,sha Kokana
Gondiya Ward Kr. 36G. P. Varishth Pra Sha Moraganv
ChutiyaG. P. Varishth Pra Shala
NagaraG. P. Varishth Pra. Shala
Gondiya Ward Kr. 26G. P.Ke.Pra. Sha Mahalaganv
GondiyaG. P.Madh. Shala
Gondiya Ward Kr. 33G. P.V. Pra. Sha Dakshin Bhag Tadaganv
BirasolaG. P.V. Pra. Shala
GondiyaGram Panchayat Karyalay
Irriilha Parishad Pra. Shala
RatanaraJilha Parisha Prathmik Shala
KatiJilha Parishad East Madhyamik Shala
AdasiJilha Parishad East Madhyamika Shala
KatiJilha Parishad East Prathamik Ghumarra
Dasaganv Buj.Jilha Parishad East Prathamik Shala
BarabasapuraJilha Parishad High School
GondiyaJilha Parishad Hindi East Madhyamik Shala
SivaniJilha Parishad Kanishth Prathamik Shala
GondiyaJilha Parishad Kediy Prathamik Shala
Gondiya Ward Kr.Jilha Parishad Kediy Varishth Pra ,Shala
GondiyaJilha Parishad Kediy Varishth Pra. Shala
RapevadaJilha Parishad Kendriy East Madhyamik Shala
AdasiJilha Parishad Kendriy Madhyamik Shala
RajeganvJilha Parishad Kendriy Prathamik Shala
AsoliJilha Parishad Pra. Shala
FulachurJilha Parishad Prathamik Kendriy Prathamik Shala
TedavaJilha Parishad Prathamik Shala
Navaraganv KalaJilha Parishad Varishth Pra. Shala
AjurniJilha Parishad Varishth Prathamik S Arjuni
KasaJilha Parishad Varishth Prathamik Shala
Balma TolaJilha Parishad Varishth Shala
Halbi Tola KhamariJilha Parishad Varisth Prathamik Shala
AsoliJilha Urishad Madhyamik Shala
IrriSarvajanik Sabhagruha Umarpayali
GondiyaYi P Pa Shala

Last Updated on April 14, 2020
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