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Polling Booth in Digras Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Digras

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Digras Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Digras Assembly Constituency falls under the Digras Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.

Polling Booth AreaAddress
DaravhaAyodhyadevi Innani Igranji Shala
DaravhaAyodhyadevi Innani Ingraji Shala
IrathalBakalival Vidyalay
Savanga Khu.G P Pra Sha Dongar Gaon
ChorakhopadiG. P. Pra. M. Kanya Shala
DonadaG. P. Pra. M. Shala
NerG. P. Pra. Shala
BhulaiG. P. Urdu. Shala
DigrasJilaha Parishad Prath Shala
Ram NagarJilaha Parishad Prath. Shala
VadagavJilaha Parrishad Prath Shala
DigrasJilahaparishad Prath. Shala
BeloraJilha Parishad Kenndriy Prath Shala
Lakh Ra.Jilha Parishad Kenndriy Prath. Shala
DigrasJilha Parishad Madhyamik Shala
TaranoliJilha Parishad Madhyamik V Kanisht MahaVidyalay
DigrasJilha Parishad Marathi Shala
DigrasJilha Parishad Mulinchi Prathamik Shala
SajeganvJilha Parishad Pra. Kalya. Shala
DigrasJilha Parishad Prath Marathi Shala
ChichapatraJilha Parishad Prath Shala
NandagavhanJilha Parishad Prath Urdu Shala
TupatakaliJilha Parishad Prath. Shala
MokhJilha Parishad Prathamik Shala
KatiJilha Parishad Uchch Madhyamik Shala
TupatakaliJilha Parishad Urdu Prath Shala
TupatakaliJilha Parishad Urdu Prath. Shala
DigrasJilha Parishad Urdu Shala
Savanga Bu.Jilha Parishad Varishth Prath Shala
DigrasJilha Parishad Varishth Shala
Sevadas NagarJilha Parishadamadhyamik Shala
DigrasJilha Prath. Shala
DigrasJilhaparishad Madhyamik Shala
DigrasJilhaparishad Prath Mulanchi Shala
RahatiJilhaparishad Prath Shala
FulavadiJilhaparishad Prathamik Shala
DevuravadaJilhaparishad Varishth Prath Shala
DigrasJilhaparishad Varishth Prath. Shala
KalagavJilla Parishad Prath Shala
DaravhaKrushi Utpann Bazaar Samiti Vashim Adhyakshache Karyalay
DaravhaKrushi Utpann Bazaar Samiti Vashim Sabhagruh
DaravhaKrushi Utpann Bazaar Samiti Washim
DaravhaNagar Parishad Azad Urdu Vidhya Mandeer
SayakhedNagar Parishad Dhav VidyaMandir
NimbhaNagar Parishad Dhruv Vidhya Mandeer Vashim Khonli Kr. 1
GondeganvNagar Parishad Dhruv Vidhya Mandeer Vashim Khonli Kr. 4
DevulaganvNagar Parishad Mahatma Fule Vidyalay
SayakhedNagar Parishad Mahatma Gaadhi Vidyalay
Takali Bu.Nagar Parishad Mahatma Phule Vidyalay
GaneshapurNagar Parishad Shivaji Vidhya Mandeer Vashim Imarat Kr. 1 Kholi
DolhariNagar Parishad Shivaji Vidhya Mandeer Vashim Imarat Kr. 2 Kholi
DaravhaNagar Parishad Shivaji Vidhya Mandeer Vashim Imarat Kr. 3 Kidavai Shakha Kholi
GailapendNagar Parishad Shivaji Vidhya Mandeer Vashim Kholi
TaleganvRadhadevi Bakalival Vidyalay
TaleganvRadhadevi Bakliwal Vidhyalay Washim
SevadasanagarRafi Ahmed Kidavai Urdu Shala
ManakoparaRajanedr Prasad Vidhya Madir Sivhil Loin Vashim Kholi
MankiRani Laxmi Kanya Shala
TaranoliRani Laxmibai Kanya Shala
DaravhaShiv Vidhya Mandeer Vashim (Javahar Colony ) Kholi
DaravhaShiv Vidhya Mandeer Vashim Jawahar Colony Khoikr. 4
GhanapurShivaji Vidyalay
KhalanaZ. P. Pra. Marathi Shala
Ramaganv Rame.Z. P. Pra. Shala
DaravhaZ. P. Pra.Shala
KarajaganvZ. P.Pra. Urdu. Shala
FubaganvZ.P. Madhyamik V Kanisht MahaVidyalay
KharadaganvZ.P. Pra. M. Shala

Last Updated on April 14, 2020

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