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Polling Booth in Chikhli Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Chikhli

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Chikhli Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Chikhli Assembly Constituency falls under the Chikhli Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.

Polling Booth AreaAddress
ChikhaliA. R. Afis Ogri Kalchar Paraches Committee Chikhali
ChikhaliChatrapati Shahu Maharaj Panchayat Bhawan Panchayat Samiti Chikhali
SindakhedG. P. Marathi Prath. Shala
AmadapurJilha Parishad Kendriy Prathamik Shala
GangalagavJilha Parishad Marathi Kanishth Prathamik Shala
JamathiJilha Parishad Marathi Madhyamik Shala
MasarulJilha Parishad Marathi MadhyamikaShala
RanaantriJilha Parishad Marathi Pra. Shala
Sakhali Bu.Jilha Parishad Marathi Prathamik Shala
Sakhali Bu.Jilha Parishad Marathi Prayamari Shala
KelavadJilha Parishad Marathi Purv Madhyamik Shala
SavanaJilha Parishad Marathi Purve Madhy. Shala
HataniJilha Parishad Marathi Purve Madhyamik Kholi
Satagav BhusariJilha Parishad Marathi Purve Madhyamik Purvakadil Kholi
BoralaJilha Parishad Marathi Purve Madhyamik Shala
ShirapurJilha Parishad Marathi Purve MadhyamikaShala
Dahid Khu.Jilha Parishad Marathi Shala
KelavadJilha Parishad Prathamik Shala
AtakalJilha Parishad Shala
ChikhaliJilha Parishad Uchch Madhyamik Shala
DasalavadiJilha Parishadaprathamik Prathamik Shala
MalaganiJilha Parishadaprathamik Shala
ChikhaliJilha Parishadauchch Madhyamik Shala
UtradaJilha Parishadaurdu Mulinchi Prathamik Shala
DhamanagavJilha Parishadaurdu Prathamik Shala
SavanaJilha Parishadaurdu Purve Madhyamik Shala
KavathalKendriy Purve Madhyamik Shala
DahigavNagar Parishad Afis (pashchime Kadil Kholi
ChikhaliNagar Parishad Afis Miting Hall (juni ) Chikhali
ChikhaliNagar Parishad Marathi Prathamik Shala
ChikhaliNagar Parishad Marathi Shala
ChikhaliNagar Parishad Prathamik Shala
ChikhaliNagar Parishad Prathamik Urdu Shala
ChikhaliNagar Parishad PrathamikaShala
ChikhaliNagar Parishad Town Hall Chikhali
ChikhaliNagar Parishad Uchch Madhyamik Shala
ChikhaliNagar Parishad Urdu Prathamik Shala
ChikhaliNagar Parishad Urdu Shala
ChikhaliOgri Kalchar Paraches Committee (shetakari Niwas ) Chikhali
ChikhaliOgri Kalchar Paraches Committee Afis Chikhali
ChikhaliOgri Kalchar Paraches Committee Afis Miting Hall Chikhali
ChikhaliPanchayat Samiti Afis Dakshine Kadil Kholi
ChikhaliSarv Shikshana Abhiyan Gatasadhan Kendra Panchayat Samiti Chikhali

Last Updated on April 13, 2020
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