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Polling Booth in Akole Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Akole

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Akole Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Akole Assembly Constituency falls under the Akole Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.

Polling Booth AreaAddress
AbhalavadiAbhalavadi G. P Shala
AbitakhindAbitakhind G. P Shala
Akole (175 )Agsti Vidyalaay Akole New Est West Building
AkoleAgsti Vidyalaay Akole New North South Building
AkalapurAkalapur G. P Shala
AkoleAkole Augusty Vidayalay
AkoleAkole G. P Shala
AkoleAkole Modarn High School
Akole (174 )Akole Modern High School
AkoleAkole Z P School
AkoleAkole Z.P.School
AmalevadiAmalevadi G. P Shala
AmbadAmbad Z.P.School
AmbholAmbhol G. P Shala
Ambi DumalaAmbi Dumala G. P Shala
Ambika NagarAmbikanagar Z.P.School
AmbikhalasaAmbikhalsa Z.P.School
AmbitAmbit G. P Shala
AurangapurAurangpur Z.P.School
BabhulavandiBabhulavandi G. P Shala
BadagiBadagi G. P Shala
BalathanBalathan Anganavadi G. P Shala
BariBari Z.P.School
BaravavadiBarvwadi Z P School
BelapurBelapur Z.P.School
BhandaradaraBhandaradara G. P Shala
BhojadariBhojadari G. P Shala
BitakaBitaka Z P School
BoriBori Z.P.School
BotaBota G P Shala
BotaBota G. P Shala
BramhanavadaBramanwadd Z.P School
BramhanavadaBramhanavada G. P Shala
BramhanavadaBramhanwada Z.P.School
BramhanavadaBuilding Name English Bramhanavada G. P Shala
ChaitanyapurChaitanyapur G. P Shala
ChasChas Z.P.School
ChichondiChichondi G. P Shala
ChinchavaneChinchavane G. P Shala
ChitalavedheChitalwedhe Z.P.School
DevathanDevathan G. P Shala
DevagavDevgaon Z.P.School
DhagevadiDhagevadi G. P Shala
Dhamanagav AvariDhamanagav Avari G. P Shala
Dhamanagav PatDhamanagav Pat G. P Shala
DhamanavanDhamanwan Z.P.School
DhokariDhokari Z.P.Schoo East West Building
DhumalavadiDhumalavadi G. P Shala
Karavadi (devathan )Dodaknadi (devthan)Z.P.School
DongaragavDongaragav G. P Shala
DongaravadiDongaravadi G. P Shala
AkadaraEkdara Z.P.School
Unchakhadak Khu. .G. P Shala
LadagavG. P. Shala
PalasundeG.P. Shala
GaneshakhindGaneshakhind G. P Shala
GanoreGanore G. P Shala
GardaniGardani Z.P.School
GharagavGharagav G. P Shala
GharagavGhargaon Z.P.School
GhatagharGhatghar Z.P.School
GhodasaravadiGhodasaravadi G. P Shala
GhotiGhoti G. P Shala
GodonshiGondoshi Z.P.School
GuhireGuhire Z.P School
Hengadavadi ( Ambit )Hengadavadi G. P Shala
HivaragavHiwargaon Z.P.School
InduriInduri G. P Shala
InduriInduri Z.P.School
JachakavadiJachakavadi G. P Shala
JamagavJamagav G. P Shala
JabhaleJambhale G. P Shala
SatevadiJambhalewadi Z.P.School
Javale BaleshwarJavale Baleshwar G. P Shala
KalambKalamb G. P Shala
Kalas BuKalas Bu G. P Shala
Kalas KhuKalasKh Z.P.School
KarandiKarandi G. P Shala
KatalapurKatalapur Z. P Shala
KauthavadiKauthavadi G. P Shala
Kauthe BuKauthe Bk Z.P.School
Kauthe KhuKauthe Khu G. P Shala
KavatevadiKavatevadi G. P Shala
KelevadiKelevadi G. P Shala
Keli KotulKeli Kotul G. P Shala
Keli OturKeli Otur G. P Shala
Keli Rumhanavadi IKeli Rumhanwadi Z.P.School
KelunganKelungan G. P Shala
Khadaki BuKhadaki Bu G. P Shala
KhanapurKhanapur Z.P.School
KhandagedaraKhandagedara G. P Shala
KhandaramalKhandarmalwadi Z.P.School
Khandobarayachi WadiKhandobarayachi Wadi Juni G. P Shala
KhetevadiKhetevadi G. P Shala
KhiravireKhiravire G. P Shala
KhiravireKhiravire Z. P Shala
KodaniKodani G. P Shala
KohandiKohandi G. P Shala
KokanavadiKokanwadi Z.P.School
KolatembheKolatembhe G. P Shala
KombhalaneKombhalane G. P Shala
KotulKotul G. P Shala
KotulKotul Kotuleshwer highSchool
KotulKotul Kotuleshwer School
KotulKotul Z.P.School
KumbhefalKumbhefal G. P Shala
KumashetKumshet Z.P.School
KurakundiKurakundi G. P Shala
KurakutavadiKurakutavadi G. P Shala
LadagavLadagav G. P Shala
Lahit BuLahit BkZ.P.School
Lahit KhuLahit Khu G. P Shala
Lavhali OturLavhali Otur Z.P.School
LingadevLingdev Z.P.School
MahadevavadiMahadevavadi G. P Shala
MahalavadiMahalavadi G. P Shala
MalegavMalegaon Z.P School
Malegav PatharMalegav Pathar G. P Shala
ManhereManhere Z.P.School
ManikaozarManik Ozar G. P Shala
ManoharapurManoharapur G. P Shala
ManyaleManyale G. P Shala
MaveshiMaveshi G. P Shala
MenheduriMehenduri Z.P.School
MhaladeviMhaladevi G. P Shala
MhalungiMhalungi Z.P.School
MhasavandiMhasavandi G. P Shala
ModhalavadiModhalavadi G. P Shala
MograsMogras Juni G. P Shala
MoravadiMoravadi G. P Shala
MurashetMurashet G. P Shala
MutakhelMutakhel G. P Shala
MuthalaneMuthalne Z.P.School
NachanathanNachanthav Z.P.School
NagamalNagamal G. P Shala
NagavadiNagwadi Z.P School
NandurNandur Khandarmal gaon Z.P.School
NavalevadiNavalevadi G. P Shala
Navin NavalevadiNavin Navalevadi G. P Shala
BahiravadiNew Z.P.School
NilavandeNilavande G. P Shala
NimbralNimbral G. P Shala
NimbralNimbral Z.P.School
NiragudavadiNiragudavadi G. P Shala
PabhulavandiPabhulwandi Z.P.School
PachanaiPachanai G. P Shala
PachapatatavadiPachpathawadi Z.P.School
PadalanePadalane G. P Shala
PadoshiPadoshi Z p School
MuthalnePagirwadi Z.P.School
PaithanPaithan Z.P.School
PalasundePalsunde Z.P.School
PangariPangari G. P Shala
PanjarePanjare G. P Shala
ParakhatapurParakhatapur G. P Shala
PedhevadiPedhewadi Z P School
PendashetPendashet G. P Shala
Pethechi WadiPethechi Wadi G. P Shala
FofasandiPhopsandi Z.P.School
AkadaraPimpaladaravadi G. P Shala
PimpaladariPimpaladari G. P Shala
Pimpalagav DepaPimpalagav Depa G. P Shala
Pimpalagav KhaadPimpalagav Khaad G. P Shala
Pimpalagav NakavindaPimpalagav Nakavinda G. P Shala
Pimpalagav NipaniPimpalagav Nipani G. P Shala
PimpaladariPimpaldari Z.P.School
Pimpalagav NipaniPimpalgaon Nipani Z.P.School
Pimpalagav MathaPimpalgaonmatha Z.P.School
PimpariPimpriZ P School
PiparakanePiparakane G. P Shala
KelevadiPisewadi Z.P.School
Pokhari BaleshwarPokhari Baleshwar G. P Shala
PurushavadiPurushavadi G. P Shala
RajurRajur z.P Shala
RajurRajur Z.P.School
RajurRajur.Z.P. School
Ranad BuRanad Bu Z.P School
RatanavadiRatanwadi Ashram School
RedeRede G. P Shala
RumbhodiRumbhodi Z P School
RumbhodiRumbhodi Z.P.School
SakiravadiSakiravadi G. P Shala
SamradSamrad G. P Shala
SamasherapurSamsherpur Z.P.School
SangaviSangavi G. P Shala
Sarole PatharSarole Pathar G. P Shala
Sarole PatharSarole Pathar Z.P.School
Savaragav GhuleSavaragav Ghule G. P Shala
SavarakuteSavarakute Juni G. P Shala
Savaragav Patsavargaoan Pat.Z.P School
Savaragav PatSawargaon pat Z.P.Marathi School
KohaneShasakiy Ashram Kohane Shala
SheladShelad G. P Shala
ShelakevadiShelakevadi G. P Shala
ShelavihireShelavihire G. P Shala
ShendiShendi G. P Shala
Shenit BuShenit Bk Z.p.School
Shenit KhuShenit Kh Z.p School
SheranakhelSherankhel Z.P.School
ShidavadShidwad Z.P.School
ShilavandiShilavandi G. P Shala
ShinganavadiShinganavadi G. P Shala
Shirapunje BuShirpunge bk Z.P.School
Shirapunje KhurdShirpunge kh Z.P.School
ShisavadShisavad G. P Shala
SomalavadiSomalavadi G. P Shala
Sugav Busugaon Bk Z.P School
Sugav BuSugaon Bk Z.P.School
Suganv Khu.Sugaon Kh Z.P.School
SupevadiSupevadi G. P Shala
TahakariTahakari G. P Shala
TakaliTakali G. P Shala
TaleTale Z.P.School
TambholTambhol G. P Shala
TangadiTangadi G. P Shala
TerunganTerungan G. P Shala
Tiradhe GaonthanTiradhe Z P School
TitaviTitavi Z. P Shala
UdadavaneUddawane Z.P.School
Unchakhadak BuUnchakhadak Bu G. P Shala
VagadariVagadari G. P Shala
VakiVaki G. P Shala
VanakuteVanakute G. P Shala
VanjulashetVanjulashet G. P Shala
VarakhadavadiVarakhadavadi G. P Shala
VarandhushiVarandhushi G. P Shala
Varudi PatharVarudi Pathar G. P Shala
VashereVashere z. P Shala
ViragavVirgaon Z.P.School
VitheVithe G. P Shala
VaghapurWaghapur Z.P.School
VarandhushiWaranghushi Z.P.School
YelakhopavadiYelakhopavadi G. P Shala
YesarathavYesarthav Z.P.School
PemerevadiZ P School

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