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Polling Booth in Ahmednagar City Assembly Constituency

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Ahmednagar City Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Ahmednagar City

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Ahmednagar City Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Ahmednagar City Assembly Constituency falls under the Ahmednagar City Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.
Polling Booth AreaAddress
MalivadaA A So Ashokabhau Firodiya Inglish Mediyam School
SavediA.A.S.D.ed. College
MalivadaA.E. society Echarachbai Firodiya Pirmary School
NaleganvA.E. society Echarachbai firodiya Primmary School
MalivadaA.E.S. Ashokbhau Firodiya English Medium School
MalivadaAdarsh School
SavediAdarsh Vidyalay
MalivadaAdarsha School
Chahuran BuAhamadanagar College
SavediAnand nagar primary School
SavediAnandnagar praimary School
SavediAnandnagar primary schoo Gulmohar road savedi north south building
SavediAnandnagar Primary School
NaleganvBagroja Hadko Palana Ghar East west building
NaleganvBalikasharam Primary School
NaleganvBalikashram primary School
MalivadaBhingar contoment Borad south north building
NagarChand Sultana High School
BhingarClera Broos High School
BhingarClera Brus High School
NaleganvDadachaudhari High School
SavediDamodar Shankar Renavikar Vidayalay
SavediDamodar Shankar Renavikar Vidyalay
SavediDamodhar Shankar Renavikar Vidyalay
DargadayaraDarga dayara z.p. School
NaleganvDhanwantari Medicla and education foundetion (special social welfare office)Datrangemala north south building
BhingarDr. Ambedkar Marathi School
SavediDurgadevi Amarchand Nayyar pri.School
SavediDurgadevi Amarchand Nayyar primary School
KedagavG. P. Shala
NaleganvGadgil Patangan Mahanagarapalika Shala
BhingarHirabai Somvanshi Shala
BhingarHirabai Suryavanshi Primary School
Chahurana BuITI Short Hand Writing (English)(GOV ITI)Burudgaon Road South North Building
Chahurana BuITI Short Hand Writing (English)(Govt.ITI)Burudgaon Road South North Building
Chahuran BuJankibai Aapte Mukbadhir Vidyalay
Chahuran BuJankibai Apte Muk Badhir Shala
NagapurKadus G. P. Shala
NagapurKalamakaravadi G. P. Shala
BolheganvLaxmibai Doke Vidyalay
BhingarM Gandhi urdu School
Chahurana BuM N Pa Shala
Chahuran BuM. N. Palika Shala
Chahurana BuMadhyarelve Kamyuniti Hall Railway Station Uttarekadun Bhag Kr. 1 Chahurana Bu//
KedagavMadhyarelve Kamyuniti Hall Railway Station Uttarekadun Bhag Kr. 2 Chahurana Bu//
KedagavMadhyarelve Kamyuniti Hall Railway Station Uttarekadun Bhag Kr. 3 Chahurana Bu//
KedagavMadhyarelve Kamyuniti Hall Railway Station Uttarekadun Bhag Kr. 4 Chahurana Bu//
KedagavMadhyarelve Kamyuniti Hall Railway Station Uttarekadun Bhag Kr. 5 Chahurana Bu//
MalivadaMahanagar Palika Shala
NagarMahanagarapalika Shala
MalivadaMaharshi G J Chitambar Kanya Vidya Mandir
SavediMahatam fule Muncipal School
SavediMahatama fule Muncipal School
SavediMahatma Fule muncipal School
NaleganvMarkandey Vidayalay
BhingarMaulana azad Vidayalay
BhingarMaulana Azad vidayalya old Mukund nagar south north buiding
BhingarMaulana Azad Vidyalay
NaleganvMuncipal School
SavediMuncipal shopping center profeser colony block no 19 from west
SavediMuncipal shopping center profeser colony block no 22 from west
SavediMuncipal shopping centre porfeser colony block no 16 from west
MalivadaMunicipal School
Chahurana BuMunicipality School
BhingarNew Yashwant secondary high School
BhingarNutan High School
BhingarP A Inamdar School
NagapurPadali Ranjanagav G. P. Shala
MalivadaParvati Bai Dahanukar Vidayalay
MalivadaParvatibai Dahanukar kanya Vidyalay
SavediPragat kala MahaVidyalay
SavediPragat kala Vidyalay
SavediPragatkala MahaVidyalay
BhingarRadhabai kale ladies College
Chahuran BuRashtriy PathaShala
SavediResidential High School
SavediResidential highSchool
SavediResiential highSchool
Chahurana BuS A William Buth Memorial Primary School
Chahurana BuS A William Buth Memoriyal High School
Chahurana BuS.A.William Both Memorial High School
MalivadaS.A.William Both Memorial PrimatySchool
NalegavSambodhi vidyalya Muncipalty School
Nagar SavediSamrath vidya Mandir
SavediSarda College
BhingarSardar Vallabhabhai Patel kanya School
BhingarSardar Vallabhai Patel Kanya School
SavediSent Monika D.Ed College
SavediSent Monika D.Ed. College
BhingarSent Monika D.Ed.College
Nagarsent xavier high School
SavediSent xavier priamry English School
Savedisent xevier High School
SavediSeva Shikshan Mandalache Shrinath vidya Mandir
SavediSeva Shikshan Prasarak Mandalache Shrinath Vidya Mandir
NalegavSitaram sarda Vidyalay
MalivadaUnion Adyapak Vidyalay
MalivadaUnion Trening College
Chahuran BuYashvantrao Chauhan Vidayalay
MalivadaYashwantrao Chavhan Vidyalay
SavediZ.P. School
NagapurZP School

Last Updated on October 19, 2014