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Polling Booth in Aheri Assembly Constituency

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Aheri Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Aheri

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Aheri Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Aheri Assembly Constituency falls under the Aheri Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.
Polling Booth AreaAddress
1 ) AdimuttapurAsthai Matadan Kendra Charavahi (abadi )
MallamapodurG P Ucch Shreni Prathamik Shala
AsaraalliG. P. Marathi Prathamik Shala
1 ) Chitur Rai.G. P. Pra. Shala
1. Rangadhamapetha ChekG. P. Prathamik Shala
NchintarevalaG. P. Ucch Pra. Shala
Ahmed AliG. P. Uchch Shreni Prathamik Shala
Tekada MotalaG. P. Uchchashreni Prathamik Shala
Adapalli ChekGram Panchayat Karyalay
ArkapalliGram Prachayat Karyalay
HodariHitkarini HighSchool
NavegavHutatma Smarak Desaiganj (kannnamwr Ward )
KhamanacheruJilha Parishad High School
Petipaka Ve. Lan.Jilha Parishad Prathamik Shala
BinagundaMahatma Gandhi Kanishth MahaVidyalay
NelagundaMahatma Gandhi Vidyalay
Tumaragunda Bu.Manavata Pra. Shala
DamaranchaMarathi Prathamik Shala
AtapalliN. P. Desaiganj Marathi Pra. Kanya Shala
ParasalagondiN. P. Desaiganj Marathi Pra. Shala
Krishnapur VelN. P. Desaiganj Urdu Uchch Pra. Shala
GurupaliN. P. Marathi Pra. Shala
AtapalliNagar Bhawan Favara Chok Chaukidar Karvatar Pudhil Baju Desaiganj
AtapalliNagar Bhawan Favara Chok Chokidar Karvatar Magil Baju Desaiganj
DinacherapalliNagar Parishad SamajaMandir
DhodarajPanchayat Samiti Karyalay
RekanarPragatik Kanya High School
Pandevahi S.Sarasvti Nivasi Angh Vidyalay
KothariShasakiy Ashram Shala
Gongavada.Z.P. Kanya Prathamik Shala
HedariZ.P. Kendra Pra. Kanya Shala
KasuravahiZ.P. Kendra Pra. Shala
Adapalli MalZ.P. Kendra Uchch Pra. Shala
GardevadaZ.P. Kendriy Varishth Pra. Shala
BamanapalliZ.P. Marathi Kanya Shala
Vyenkataravapetha MZ.P. Marathi Madhyamik Shala
Udera S.Z.P. Marathi Pra. Shala
Rampur ChekZ.P. Marathi Prathamik Shala
BhamaragadZ.P. Marathi Shala
AheriZ.P. Marathi Uchch Prathamik Shala
BolepalliZ.P. Pra. Shala
YelachilZ.P. Prathamik Kanya Shala
GandhinagarZ.P. Prathamik Shala
1 ) Medaram ChekZ.P. Prathamik Uchch Shreni Shala
JaravandiZ.P. Uchch Pra. Shala
KolapaliZ.P. Uchch Prathamik Shala
TanabodiZ.P. Uchch Shreni Kendra Pra. Shala
Kothi S.Z.P. Uchch Shreni Marathi Pra. Mulanchi Shala
BoriZ.P. Uchch Shreni Marathi PrathamikaShala
GadadapalliZ.P. Uchch Shreni Pra. Kanya Shala
VategattaZ.P. Uchch Shreni Pra. Kendra Shala
LakshmipurZ.P. Uchch Shreni Pra. Shala
1 ) Kota MalZ.P. Uchch Shreni Prathamik Shala
MannerajaramZ.P. Uchch Shrenni Marathi Prath. Shala
KuramapaliZ.P. Uchch Shrenni Mule Prath. Shala
JimalagatataZ.P. Uchch Shrenni Pimary School
BhangaramapethaZ.P. Uchch Shrenni Prath. Shala
RengevahiZ.P. Varishth Pra. Shala
VangeturiZ.P. Varishth Prathamik Shala
TadagavanZ.P.Primary School
GanvindagavZilla Parishad D Higher Grade Primary School
ChichodaZilla Parishad D Primary School
Burgi M.Zilla Parishad Higher Primary School
KudakeliZilla Parishad Primary School

Last Updated on October 19, 2014