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Polling Booth in Achalpur Assembly Constituency

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Achalpur Constituency & Candidate List

List of Polling Booth in Achalpur

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Achalpur Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth. Achalpur Assembly Constituency falls under the Achalpur Parliamentary (Lok Sabha) Constituency of the state of Maharashtra.
Polling Booth AreaAddress
Shirajaganv BandAnganavadi Kendra Shivaji Nagar Pralhadapur
Shirajaganv BandChandur Bazaar Panchayat Samiti Sabhagruh Pralhadapur
Shirajagav ArdakG P Madhy Marathi Shala
AchalapurG. P. (ma. Sha ) High School
GhataladakiG. P. Jyu. Prath. Shala
Shirajaganv KasabaG. P. Madhy. Marathi Shala
GhataladakiG. P. Madhy. Shala
Karanja BahiramG. P. Madhyamik Marathi Shala
VishroliG. P. Marathi Madhy. Shala
Shirajaganv BandG. P. Marathi Shala
KharalaG. P. Mulinchi Shala
KharavadiG. P. Pra. Marathi Shala
Bramhanavada ThadiG. P. Prath. Marathi Mulanchi Shala
Bramhanavada ThadiG. P. Prath. Marathi Mulinchi Shala
GhataladakiG. P. Prath. Marathi Shala
MasodG. P. Prath. Mulanchi Shala
NarayanapurG. P. Prath. Mulinchi Shala
Shirajaganv KasabaG. P. Prath. Shala
ParatavadaG. P. Prath. Urdu Mulinchi Shala
SuraliG. P. Prath. Urdu Shala
GhataladakiG. P. Prathamik Marathi Shala
ChincholiG. P. Urdu Prath. Shala
MadhanG. P. Urdu Shala
PralhadapurG. R. Kabra Uchch Madhy. Shala
Shirajaganv KasabaGangabai Ganoskar Vidyalay
SubhanapurGangabai Gansokar Vidyalay
ParatavadaI I. S. Mulinchi Uchch Madhy. Shala
Rajura LahanJ. P. Prath. Marathi Shala
KurhaKasturaba Besik Prath. Shala
KurhaKasturaba Madhy. Shala
AchalapurKru. U. Ba. Samiti Achalapur Asi. Raji. Sabhagruh
Chandur BazaarMainabai Mulinchi Uchch Madhy. Shala
ParatavadaMunsipal Uchch Madhy. Shala
ParatavadaN. P. Hindi Mulancha Shala
ParatavadaN. P. Hindi Mulinchi Shala
ParatavadaN. P. Prath. Marathi Shala
AchalapurN. P. Prath. Shala
Achalapur CityN. P. Prath. Sindhi Hindi Shala
AchalapurN. P. Prath. Siti Marathi Shala
AchalapurN. P. Prath. Siti Urdu Shala
ParatavadaN. P. Prath. Urdu Madhy. Shala
AchalapurN. P. Prath. Urdu Mulanchi Shala
AchalapurN. P. Prath. Urdu Shala
Chandur BazaarN. P. Rashtra Sant Marathi Shala
MirzapurN. P. Urdu Prath. Shala
Chandur BazaarN. P. Vidyalay
AchalapurNagar Parishad Prathamik Urdu Shala
AchalapurNagar Parishad Prathmik Urdu Shala
AchalapurRashtriy Jyu. College
AchalapurRashtriy Prath. Shala
ParatavadaShetakari Bhawan Kru. U. Ba. Samiti Achalapur
ParatavadaShetakari T. M. C. Hall Navin Imarat. Kru. U. Ba. Samiti Parisar Achalapur
Shirajaganv KasabaShri. Balmukund Rathi Vidyalay
AchalapurShri. Jagdamba MahaVidyalay
AchalapurShri. Jagdamba Vidyalay
KarajaganvShri. Sham Rao Sonar Mulinche Vidyalay
SarfapurShri. Shankar Rao Vidyalay
Shirajaganv BandShri. Shivaji Uchch Madhy. Shala
AchalapurShrimati Jankibai Deshmukh Uchch Madhy. Shala
AchalapurSiti Uchch Madhy. Shala
Pimpari ThuganvSubodh Junior Collage (Vidarbh Mill) Piurvekadil
TondaganvSubodh Jyu. College
Pimpari ThuganvZilla Parishad Prathmik Marathi Shala
Boraganv Pethzilla parishad purva madhyamic . Kholi
NayaganvZilla. Parishad. Marathi Primary School

Last Updated on October 19, 2014