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Polling Booth in Puthukkad Assembly Constituency

List of Polling Booth in Puthukkad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Puthukkad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency, Kerala. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth

Polling Station No.Polling Station NamePolling Station AreaPolling Station Details
1St. Thomas H.S. Vallachira (A) BlockVallachiraWard No.2 House No.1 to 180 and wardNo.9 house No.83 to 283
2St. Thomas H.S. Vallachira (B) BlockVallachira Ward No.2 House No.181 to all and wardNo.4 house No.1 to 104.
3St. Thomas H.S. Vallachira (C) BlockVallachiraWard No.4 House No.105 to all and wardNo.9 house No.1 to 82.
4Govt. U.P.S. Vallachira (A) BlockVallachiraWard No.1 house No. 1 to 370
5Govt. U.P.S. Vallachira (B) BlockVallachiraWard No.1 house no.371 to all Ward No.3 house No. 1 to 130 and ward No.9 house no.284 to all.
6Govt. U.P.S. Vallachira (C) BlockVallachiraWard No.3 house No. 131 to all.
7K.M. LPS KadalasseryVallachiraWard No.5 house 85 to all.
8U.P. School Pallissery(A) BlockVallachiraWard No.6 house No. 1 to 271 and ward No.5 house No. 1 to 84.
9U.P. School Pallissery(B) BlockVallachiraWard No.6 house No.272 to all and ward No.7 house no. 1 to 100.
10St.Mary's A.LPS PallisseryVallachiraWard No.7 house no.101 to all.
11R.M. L.P.S. ArattupuzhaVallachiraWard No.8 house no. 1 to all.
12Deepthi High School Thalore(Booth No.1)NenmanikkaraWard No.3 house No.1 to 311
13Deepthi High School Thalore(Booth No.2)NenmanikkaraWard No.3 house no. 312 to all.
14Little Flower LPS Thalore (Booth No.1)NenmanikkaraWard No.1 house No. 1 to 312.
15Little Flower LPS Thalore (Booth No.2)NenmanikkaraWard No.1 house No.313 to all
16Odamahasaba LPS Eravakkad (Booth No.1)NenmanikkaraWard No.5 house No. 1 to 300.
17Odamahasaba LPS Eravakkad (Booth No.2)NenmanikkaraWard No.5 house no. 301 to all and ward No.6 house no. 1 to 128.
18Odamahasaba LPS Eravakkad (Booth No.3)NenmanikkaraWard No.6 house no.129 to all.
19M.K. Maniykan Smaraka Samithi Chittissery (Booth No.1)NenmanikkaraWard No.4 house No.1 to 239.
20M.K. Maniykan Smaraka Samithi Chittissery (Booth No.NenmanikkaraWard No.4 house No.240 to all
21Holyfamily LPS Pulakkattukara(Booth No.1)NenmanikkaraWard No.2 house No.1 to 312
22Holyfamily LPS Pulakkattukara(Booth No.2)NenmanikkaraWard No.2 house No. 313 to all.
23MarkurialasserymMemorial Convent Nenmanikkara(B.NenmanikkaraWard No.7 house No.1 to 225.
25Ramakrishna LPS PazhayiNenmanikkaraWard No.8 house no. 1 to all.
26Janatha LPS Cheruval (Booth No.1)NenmanikkaraWard no.9 house no.1 to 216.
27Janatha LPS Cheruval (Booth No.2)NenmanikkaraWard no.9 house no.217 to all.
28Netaji Library & Reading Room, KonikkaraThrikkurWard No.1 house no. 1 to all.
29Thrikkoor Panchayath Sarvodaya HS(Booth 1)ThrikkurWard No.3 house No.142 to all
30Thrikkoor Panchayath Sarvodaya HS(Booth 3)ThrikkurWard No.3 house No. 1 to 141 B Ward No 4 Houseno 304 to 478
31Thrikkoor Panchayath Sarvodaya HS(Booth 2)ThrikkurWard No.3 house No.384 to all and Ward No.4 house no. 1 to 302.
32Govt. LPS Thrikkoor (Booth No.1)ThrikkurWard No.2 house no.1 to 247
33Govt. LPS Thrikkoor (Booth No.2)ThrikkurWard No.2 house no. 248 to all.
34Vernakular LPS Kalloor (Booth No.1)ThrikkurWard No 10 house No. 1 to 221A
35Vernakular LPS Kalloor (Booth No.2)ThrikkurWard No.10 house no. 222 to all. Ward no.11 house no. 1 to 72.
36Vernakular LPS Kalloor (Booth No.3)ThrikkurWard No.11 house no.73 to 386.
37Vernakular LPS Kalloor (Booth No.4)ThrikkurWard no.11 house no. 387 to all
38St.Rapheal UPS Kalloor (BoothNo.1)ThrikkurWard No.5 house No. 1 to 200
39St.Rapheal UPS Kalloor (BoothNo.4)ThrikkurWard no.5 house no. 201 to all
40St.Rapheal UPS Kalloor (BoothNo.2)ThrikkurWard No.5 house no. 464 to all. Ward no.9 house no. 1 To 354.
41St.Rapheal UPS Kalloor (BoothNo.3)ThrikkurWard no.9 house no.355 to all.
42Sankara UPS Alengad(Booth No.1)ThrikkurWard no.6 house no. 1 to 401.
43Sankara UPS Alengad(Booth No.2)ThrikkurWard no.6 house no.402 to all and ward no.7 house no.1 to 221.
44Sankara UPS Alengad(Booth No.3)ThrikkurWard No.7 house no.222 to all.
45Panambilly Memorial LPS KallayiThrikkurWard No.8 house no. 1 to all.
46St.Antonys LPS VarantharappillyVarantharappillyWard no.3 house no.296 to439, ward no.4 house no.1 To 160.
47Chemmannur Joseph Memorial Assumption HSS, Varantharappilly (Booth 1)VarantharappillyWard no.3 house no.1 to 295.
48Chemmannur Joseph Memorial Assumption HSS, Varantharappilly (Booth 2)VarantharappillyWard no.4 house no.161 to 432.
49Janatha UPS VarantharappillyVarantharappillyWard no.4 house no.433 to all.
50St.John Bosco LPS Varantharappilly (Booth No.1)VarantharappillyWard no.3 house no.440 to 799.
51St.John Bosco LPS Varantharappilly (Booth No.2)VarantharappillyWard no.3 house no.800 to all, ward no.5 house no. 1 To 247.
52St.John Bosco LPS Varantharappilly (Booth No.3)VarantharappillyWard no.5 house no.248 to 588.
53St.Pious Convent UPS VeloopadamVarantharappillyWard no.5 house no. 589 to all.
54St.Joseph High School Veloopadam(Booth No.1)VarantharappillyWard no.7 house no.1 to 135, Ward no.7 house no.565 To 655.
55St.Joseph High School Veloopadam(Booth No.2)VarantharappillyWard no.7 house no.656 to all.
56Tribal School EchipparaVarantharappillyWard no.8 house no.861 to all.
57Balavadi PalappillyVarantharappillyWard no.8 house no. 1 to 300.
58Chimmini Staff Recreation club,PudukkadVarantharappillyWard no.8 house no. 301 to all
59Girls Highschool KannattupadamVarantharappillyWard no.9 house no. 1 to 235 house no.541 to all and ward no.10 house no.1 to 54.
60Aided LPS Veloopadam(Booth 1)VarantharappillyWard no.6 house no. 1 to 436.
61Aided LPS Veloopadam(Booth 2)Varantharappillyward no.6 house no.437 to all ward no.7 house no.136 To 216.
62Aided LPS Veloopadam(Booth 3)VarantharappillyWard no.7 house no.217 to 564.
63Estate Staff Club KundayiVarantharappillyWard no.9 house no.236 to 540.
64Govt.UPS Nandipulam(Booth 1)VarantharappillyWard no.1 house no. 1 to 274.
65Govt.UPS Nandipulam(Booth 2)VarantharappillyWard no.1 house no.275 to all.
66Balabododayam LPS Manjoor(Booth No.1)VarantharappillyWard no.2 house no.1 to 344.
67Balabododayam LPS Manjoor(Booth No.2)VarantharappillyWard no.2 house no.345 to all.
68Govt. HSS Mupliyam (Booth No.1)VarantharappillyWard no.11 house no.1 to 485.
69Govt. HSS Mupliyam (Booth No.2)VarantharappillyWard no.11house no.486 to all, ward no.12 house no.1 To 222.
70Govt. HSS Mupliyam (Booth No.3)VarantharappillyWard no.12 house no.223 to all.
71Bhavana Anganvadi, Uppuzhi No.86.VarantharappillyWard No.10 house no.321 to all.
72Kasthurba Mahilasamajam InchakundVarantharappillyWard no.10 house no.55 to 320.
73Thyagarajar Polytechnic Amballoor(Booth No.1)AlagappanagarWard no.4 house no.1 to 327.
74Thyagarajar Polytechnic Amballoor(Booth No.2)AlagappanagarWard no.4 house no.328 toall.
75St.Francis Xaviers LPS Vendoor (Booth No.1)AlagappanagarWard no.6 house no.1 to 314.
76St.Francis Xaviers LPS Vendoor (Booth No.2)AlagappanagarWard no.6 house no,315 to all.
77Alagappanagaar UPS Vendoor (Booth No.1)AlagappanagarWard no.5 house no.1 to 352.
78Alagappanagaar UPS Vendoor (Booth No.2)AlagappanagarWard no.5 house no.353 to all.
79St.Francis Xaviers LPS Vattanathra (Booth No.1)AlagappanagarWard no.7 house no. 1 to 282.
80St.Francis Xaviers LPS Vattanathra (Booth No.2)AlagappanagarWard no.7 house no.283 to all.
81St.Antonys LPS Kavallor (Booth No.1)AlagappanagarWard no.10 house no.1 to 256.
82St.Antonys LPS Kavallor (Booth No.2)AlagappanagarWard No.10 house ni.257 to all.
83Alagappanagar Panchayath HS (Booth No.1)AlagappanagarWard no.1 house no. 1 to 364
84Alagappanagar Panchayath HS (Booth No.2)AlagappanagarWard no.1 house no. 365 to all.
85Matha Aided Highschool Mannempetta (Booth No.1)AlagappanagarWard no.2 house no. 1 to 413.
86Matha Aided Highschool Mannempetta (Booth No.2)AlagappanagarWard no.2 house no.414 to all
87Matha Aided Highschool Mannempetta (Booth No.3)AlagappanagarWard no.3 house no.1 to 227
88Gurudeva Public School Varakkara (Booth No.1)Alagappanagarward no.3 house no.228 to 500.
89Gurudeva Public School Varakkara (Booth No.2)Alagappanagarward no.3 house no. 501 to all
90Sreenarayana UPSchool Pookkode(Booth No.1)AlagappanagarWard no.8 house no. 1 to 323.
91Sreenarayana UPSchool Pookkode(Booth No.2)AlagappanagarWard no. 8 house no. 324 to all.
92Gurudeva Public School, Varakkara (Booth No.3)AlagappanagarWard no.9 house no. 1 to 333.
93Gurudeva Public School, Varakkara (Booth No.4)AlagappanagarWard no.9 house no.334 to all.
94St.Antonys HS Pudukkad West Bldg (Booth No.1)PudukkadWard no.7 house no.448 to all and ward no.8 house no.1 to 222.
95St.Antonys HS Pudukkad West Bldg (Booth No.2)PudukkadWard no.8 house no.223 to all
96St.Antonys HS Pudukkad East Bldg (Booth No.1)PudukkadWard no.6 house no. 1 to 291.
97St.Antonys HS Pudukkad East Bldg (Booth No.2)Pudukkadward no.6 house no.292 to all and ward no.7 house no. 1 to 447.
98St.Xaviers UPS Pudukkad(Booth No.1)PudukkadWard no.9 house no.1 to 316.
99St.Xaviers UPS Pudukkad(Booth No.2)PudukkadWard no.9 house no. 317 to all and ward no.10 house no.1 to 152.
100St.Xaviers UPS Pudukkad(Booth No.3)PudukkadWard no.10 house no.153 to all.
101Govt. HSS Pudukkad (Booth No.1)PudukkadWard no.5 house no. 1 to 361.
102Govt. HSS Pudukkad (Booth No.2)PudukkadWard no.5 house no.362 to all.
103Aided LPS Chengaloor(Booth No.1)PudukkadWard no.3 house no. 1 to 340.
104Aided LPS Chengaloor(Booth No.2)PudukkadWard no.3 house no.341 to all and ward no.4 house no. 1 to 171.
105Aided LPS Chengaloor(Booth No.3)Pudukkadward no.4 house no. 172 to all.
106Govt. LPS Chengaloor(Booth No.1)PudukkadWard no.2 house no. 1 to 375.
107Govt. LPS Chengaloor(Booth No.2)PudukkadWard no.2 house no.376 to all.
108St.Marys Highschool Chengaloor(Booth No.1)PudukkadWard no.1 house no. 1 to 262.
109St.Marys Highschool Chengaloor(Booth No.2)PudukkadWard no.1 house no.263 to all.
110Karshakasamajam UPS Thottippal (Booth No.1)ParappookkaraWard no.1 house no. 1 to 364.
111Karshakasamajam UPS Thottippal (Booth No.2)ParappookkaraWard no.1 house no 365 to all and ward no.2 house no.1 to 244.
112Karshakasamajam UPS Thottippal (Booth No.3)ParappookkaraWard no.2 house no.245 to all.
113Priyadarshini Mahilasamajam NedumbalParappookkaraWard no.3 house no.250 to 603.
114106 Mathruka Anganwadi, NedumbalParappookkaraWard 3 house no. 1 to 249.
115Govt. LPS Parappookkara(Booth No.1)ParappookkaraWard no.4 house no.1 to 363.
116Govt. LPS Parappookkara(Booth No.2)ParappookkaraWard no.4 house no.364 to all.
117Karayogam LPS Rappal (Booth No.1)ParappookkaraWard no.6 house no. 1 to 279.
118Karayogam LPS Rappal (Booth No.2)ParappookkaraWard no.6 house no. 280 to all.
119Govt. VHSS Nandikkara (Booth No.1)ParappookkaraWard no.7 house no. 1 to 300.
120Govt. VHSS Nandikkara (Booth No.2)ParappookkaraWard no.7 house no.301 to all.
121Aided LPS Pongothara (Booth No.1)ParappookkaraWard no.5 house no. 1 to 345.
122113 Kairaly Anganwadi, MuthrathikkaraParappookkaraWard no.5 house no. 346 to all.
123Parappookkara Panchayath Community Hall (Booth No.1)ParappookkaraWard no.8 house no. 1 to 401.
124Parappookkara Panchayath Community Hall (Booth No.2)ParappookkaraWard no.8 house no. 402 to all and ward no.10 house no. 1 to 187.
125Village office NellayiParappookkaraWard no.10 house no. 188 to all.
126Bharath Seva Samithy ALPS Alathur (Booth No.1)ParappookkaraWard no.11 house no. 1 to 307.
127Bharath Seva Samithy ALPS Alathur (Booth No.2)ParappookkaraWard no.11 house no.308 to all
128Janatha UPS Panthalloor (Booth No.1)ParappookkaraWard no.9 house no.1 to 289
129Janatha UPS Panthalloor (Booth No.2)ParappookkaraWard no.9 house no.290 to all
130Sree Narayana UPS Moolamkudam (Boothno 1)MattathurWard no. 1 house no 1 to 424 A.
131Sree Narayana UPS Moolamkudam (Boothno 2)MattathurWard no. 1 house no 425 to 864 and ward no. 2 house no 1 to 196
132Sree Narayana UPS Moolamkudam (Boothno 3)MattathurWard no. 2 house no 197 to 209 and Ward no. 3 house no 1 to 404
133Govt. H S Chembuchira(Booth no 1)Mattathurward no.13 house no. 1 to 399
134Govt. H S Chembuchira(Booth no 2)MattathurWard no.13 house no.400 to all and Ward no.14 house no 1 to 242
135Govt. High School Chembuchira (Booth No.3)MattathurWard no.14 house no.243 to 409 and Ward no.14 house no.552 to 730 and 758 to all
136Forest Guard Office AreswaramMattathurWard no.2 house no.210to 424
137CADA Field Office AreswaramMattathurWard no.2 house no.425 to 530 and Ward no.3 house no.405 to 523
138Govt LPS Mattathoor (Booth No.1)MattathurWard no.2 house no.531 to all and Ward no.3 house no 524 to 762
139Govt LPS Mattathoor (Booth No.2)MattathurWard no.3 house no.763 to all and Ward no.4 house no.90 to 313 and 507 to all
140Sreekrishna High School Mattathoor (Booth No.1)MattathurWard no.4 house no. 1to 89 and Ward no.4 house no.314 to 506
141Sreekrishna High School Mattathoor (Booth No.2)MattathurWard no.5 house no. 1to 267
142Forest Range Office Vellikulangara, Annampadam (Booth 1)MattathurWard no.12 house no.1 to 411
143SN Vidhya Mandir School (Booth no.1)MattathurWard no.12 house no.412 to 550
144SN Vidhya Mandir School (Booth no.2)MattathurWard no.12 house no.551 to all
145Govt.LPS Kodaly (Booth No.1)MattathurWard no.5 house no.428 to 679 B and Wardno 6 Houseno 650 to 812
146Mamkuttippadam Mahilasamajam AnganvadyMattathurWard no.5 house no. 268 to 427A and Ward no.6 house no.1 to 649 and Ward no.6 house no 815 to 816
147Murukkungal Grama MandiramMattathurWard no.10 house no. 484 to 895
148Govt.LPS Kodaly (Booth No.3)MattathurWard no.10 house no.896 to all and Ward no.11 house no 99 to 133B and House No 178 to 200
149GLPS Kodaly (Booth No 2)MattathurWard no.11 house no.1 to 97B and Ward no.11 house no 333 to all
150Govt. UPS Loordhupram InchakunduMattathurWard no.11 house no.134 to 177 and Ward no.11 house no.318 to 332 and ward no 14 houseno 410 to 551 and houseno 731 to 757
151St.Ann's Convent LPS Koplipadam (Booth No.1)MattathurWard no.9 house no. 1 to 50 and Ward no.9 house no.410 to all and Ward no.10 house no 361 to 483
152St.Ann's Convent LPS Koplipadam (Booth No.2)MattathurWard no.10 house no. 1 to 360
153ALPS Kadambode (Booth No.1)MattathurWard no.6 house no. 113 to 396
154ALPS Kadambode (Booth No.2)MattathurWard no.6 house no. 397 to 569 and Ward no.7 house no 1 to 152
155ALPS Kadambode (Booth No.3)MattathurWard no.7 house no. 153 to 453
156Vimala High school VellikulangaraMattathurWard no.9 house no. 51 to 409
157Factory's Recreation Club, ChokkanaMattathurWard no.8 house no. 559 to all
158Govt. UPS Vellikulangara (Booth No.1)MattathurWard no.7 house no. 454 to all and Ward no.8 house no. 1 to 129
159Govt. UPS Vellikulangara (Booth No.2)MattathurWard no.8 house no. 130 to 558

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