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Polling Station List Uklana Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Uklana

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Uklana Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Agroha(54)Govt High School ,Agroha(East Side)1314
Govt High School ,Agroha(West Side)1140
Govt Senior Secondary School, Agroha (East Wing)1185
Govtgirls Senior Secondary School, Agroha(West Side)1109
Badhawar(19)Govt Sen. Sec. School,Badhawar(East Side)1154
Govt Sen. Sec. School,Badhawar(West Side)1197
Govt Primary School,Badhawar992
Govt Girls Primary School,Badhawar(East Side)877
Govt Girls Primary School,Badhawar(South Side)633
Balak(130)Govt. Sr. Sec. Shool, Balak(East Side)1164
Govt. Sr. Sec. Shool, Balak(Central Side)1151
Govt. Sr. Sec. Shool, Balak(West Side)1186
Govt. Primary School, Balak1163
Banbhori(10)Govt High School ,Banbhori(East Side)1276
Ambedkar Bhawan ,Banbhori737
Govt High School ,Banbhori(West Side)714
Bayana Khera(16)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Byana Khera(East Side)1281
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Byana Khera(West Side)1253
Bhada Khera(12)Govt Primary School,Bhada Khera
Bhaini Badshahpur(125)Govt. High School, Bheni Badshahpur(East Side)1296
Govt. High School, Bheni Badshahpur(West Side)1044
Bhairi Akbarpur(114)Govt Middle School, Bheri Akbarpur(East Side)1201
Govt Middle School, Bheri Akbarpur(West Side)1007
Govt Primary School , Bheri Akbarpur914
Bithmara(85)Govt. Primary School Bithmara1079
Govt Girls High School, Bithmara(East Side)829
Govt Girls High School, Bithmara(Central Side)1001
Govt Girls High School, Bithmara(West Side)1009
Govt High School, Bithmara(West Side)1091
Govt High School, Bithmara(West Side)1028
Govt High School, Bithmara(Central Side)868
Bobua(120)Govt Middle School ,Bobua(East Side)946
Govt Middle School Old Bhawan,Bobua546
Govt Middle School ,Bobua(West Side)1008
Govt Middle School ,Bobua(Central Side)769
Budha Khera(115)Govt High School, Budha Khera (East Wing)1118
Govt High School, Budha Khera(West Side)1266
Govt High School, Budha Khera(Central Side)1348
Chamar Khera(67)Govt Senior Secondary School, Chamarkhera(East Side)1056
Govt Senior Secondary School, Chamarkhera(West Side)942
Govt Senior Secondary School, Chamarkhera(Central Side)1266
Chhan(9)Govt High School,Chhan(East Side)968
Govt High School,Chhan(West Side)784
Daulatpur(124)Govt Senior Secondary School, Daulatpur(East Side)1123
New Panchayat House, Daulatpur973
Govt Senior Secondary School, Daulatpur(West Side)1034
Govt Senior Secondary School, Daulatpur(Central Side)849
Dhadh(18)Govt Middle School ,Dhad(East Side)850
Govt Middle School ,Dhad(Central Side)801
Govt Middle School ,Dhad(West Side)329
Gaibipur(122)Govt High School ,Gebipur(East Side)1322
Govt High School ,Gebipur(West Side)1005
Govt High School ,Gebipur(Central Side)1200
Gianpura(15)Govt Middle School,Gianpura(East Side)966
Govt Middle School,Gianpura(West Side)209
Hasangarh(118)Govt High School ,Hassangarh(Central Side)1043
Govt High School ,Hassangarh(East Side)1040
Govt Primary School,Hassangarh918
Govt High School ,Hassangarh(West Side)1027
Kallar Bhaini(119)Govt Middle School ,Kallar Bheni(East Side)988
Govt Middle School ,Kallar Bheni(West Side)289
Kanoh(58)Govt High School , Kanoh(East Side)1048
Govt High School , Kanoh(West Side)1040
Govt High School , Kanoh(Central Side)1008
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Kanoh850
Kharak(17)Govt Senior Secondary School ,Kharak(East Side)1039
Govt Primary School,Kharak(East Side)692
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Kharak(West Side)1148
Govt Primary School,Kharak(West Side)900
Govt Senior Secondary School ,Kharak(Central Side)929
Kharkhara(121)Govt High School ,Kharkara(East Side)1196
Govt High School ,Kharkara(West Side)1340
Khedar(127)Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Khedar(East Side)1327
Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Khedar(West Side)1388
Govt. Primary School, Khedar (East Side)1078
Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Khedar(Central Side)1060
Govt. Girl Primary School, Khedar1050
Govt. Girl High School, Khedar1132
Kirara(134)Govt Middle School,Kirara
Kirmara(57)Govt High School , Kirmara(East Side)1033
Govt High School , Kirmara(West Side)1005
Govt High School , Kirmara(Central Side)1074
Govt. Girls Primary School Kirmara960
Kirori(135)Govt High School ,Kirori(East Side)1099
Govt High School ,Kirori(West Side)1016
Office Of Vety. Hospital, Kirori738
Kuleri(56)Govt Middle School, Kuleri1228
Schedule Caste Chaupal, Kuleri732
Govt Sr. Secondary School ,Kuleri(East Side)1054
Govt Sr. Secondary School ,Kuleri(West Side)1008
Govt Sr. Secondary School ,Kuleri(Central Side)1149
Kumbha Khera(75)Govt Middle School ,Kumbha Khera
Madloda(74)Govt Sr. Sec. School ,Matloda(West Side)1244
Govt Sr. Sec. School ,Matloda(Central Side)1165
Govt Sr. Sec. School ,Matloda(West Side)1134
Govt. Primary School, Matloda1117
Mirpur(55)Govt Middle School , Mirpur
Nang Thala(138)Govt Primary School ,Nangthla(East Side)1069
Govt Sr. Secondary School ,Nangthala(Central Side)1103
Govt Primary School ,Nangthla(Central Side)1058
Govt Primary School ,Nangthla(West Side)1009
Govt Sr. Secondary School ,Nangthala(East Side)799
Govt Sr. Secondary School ,Nangthala(West Side)1047
Nawagaon(123)Govt Middle School,Naya Gaon
Pabra(65)Govt. High School, Pabra(East Side)1116
Govt. High School, Pabra(West Side)1014
Govt. High School, Pabra(Central Side)1091
Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School Pabra (East Wing)1162
Govt. Girls Sr. Sec. School Pabra (West Wing)1243
Govt. Primary School, Pabra1161
Panhari(13)Govt High School ,Panihari(East Side)1093
Govt. Primary School Panihari597
Govt High School ,Panihari(West Side)1066
Parbhuwala(116)Govt Senior Secondary School, Prabhuwala (East Wing)1290
Govt Senior Secondary School, Prabhuwala(West Side)1374
Govt Senior Secondary School, Prabhuwala(Central Side)865
Govt. Sr. Sec. School Parbhuwala (Primary Wing)399
Sabarwas(92)Govt High School, Sabarwas
Sahu (66)Govt High School, Sahu(East Side)1260
Govt High School, Sahu(West Side)975
Samani(53)Govt High School, Siwani Bolan(East Side)
Sandlana(8)Govt Middle School ,Sandlana(East Side)1154
Govt Middle School ,Sandlana(West Side)1144
Sandol(137)Govt Middle School,Sandol
Sarera(73)Govt. Middle School,Sarhera(East Side)975
Govt. Middle School,Sarhera(West Side)917
Sarsana(14)Govt Middle School,Sarsana
Shamsukh(136)Govt High School ,Shayamsukh(East Side)1009
Govt High School ,Shayamsukh(West Side)931
Govt High School ,Shayamsukh(Central Side)1273
Sotha(11)Govt Middle School , Sotha
Surewala(86)Govt High School , Surewala(West Side)1326
Govt High School , Surewala(West Side)1226
Talwandi Rana (65)Govt. Primary School, Dhani Chahal
Uklana (Rural)(113)Govt High School, Vill.-Uklana(East Side)1245
Govt High School, Vill.-Uklana(West Side)837
Govt High School, Vill.-Uklana(Central Side)1358
Uklana Mandi (Ct)Office Market Committe, Uklana Mandi1484
Govt Girls High School, Uklana Mandi(Central Side)1289
Govt Girls High School, Uklana Mandi(East Side)1036
Govt Senior Secondary School, Uklana Mandi(Central Side)905
Govt Girls High School, Uklana Mandi(West Side)744
Govt Girls High School, Uklana Mandi(North Side)1198
Govt Senior Secondary School, Uklana Mandi(West Side)1103
Govt Senior Secondary School, Uklana Mandi(West Side)1109

Last Updated on October 19, 2014