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Polling Station List Uchana Kalan Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Uchana Kalan

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Uchana Kalan Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Alewa (86)Govt Senior Secondary School, Alewa(Right Side)1236
Govt Senior Secondary School, Alewa(Left Side)1253
Govt Primary School Near Sr. Sec. School, Alewa(Right Side)1345
Govt Primary School Near Sr. Sec. School, Alewa(Left Side)1332
Ramdasian Chaupal, Alewa954
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Alewa(Right Side)774
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Alewa(Middle Wing)834
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Alewa(Left Side)1190
Alipura (126)Govt Middle School , Alipura(Right Side)1234
Balmiki Chaupal, Alipura569
Govt Middle School , Alipura(Left Side)1200
Badhana (55)Govt High School , Bighana(Right Side)1242
Ramdasian Chaupal, Bighana594
Govt High School , Bighana(Middle Wing)748
Govt High School , Bighana(Left Side)924
Govt High School, Badhana(Right Side)746
Govt High School, Badhana(Middle Wing)628
Govt High School, Badhana(Left Side)1279
Ramdasian Chaupal, Badhana713
Baroda (113)Govt Sr. Sec. School , Baroda(Right Side)1350
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Baroda(Right Side)1123
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Baroda(Left Side)449
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Baroda(Left Side)1193
Govt Sr. Sec. School Primary Section, Baroda1447
Bhagwan Pura (96)Govt Primary School, Bhagwanpura
Bhongra (111)Govt High School , Bhongra(Right Side)1330
Govt High School , Bhongra(Left Side)989
Bhonsla (132)Govt Middle School, Bhonsala894
Schedule Castechaupal, Bhonsala235
Budain (110)Govt High School , Budain(Right Side)1061
Govt High School , Budainmiddle Wing1060
Govt High School , Budain(Left Side)1086
Chhattar (76)Govt Senior Secondary School, Chhattar(Right Side)932
Govt Senior Secondary School, Chhattar(Middle Wing)1146
Govt Senior Secondary School, Chhattar(Left Side)914
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Chhattar1265
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School , Chhattar(Right Side)978
Balmiki Chaupal (Sambhar Patti), Chhattar923
Govt Girls Seniar Secondry School , Chhattar(Middle Wing)1244
Govt Girls Seniar Secondry School , Chhattar(Left Side)936
Govt Middle School, Khera Gaindewala(Right Side)971
Chuharpur (85)Govt Middle School, Chuharpur
Daroli Khera (97)Govt Middle School, Daroli Khera
Dauhla (80)Govt High School , Deohala(Right Side)764
Govt High School , Deohala(Middle Wing)737
Govt High School , Deohala(Left Side)929
Dhankan Chaupal, Deohala919
Govt Girls High School,Deohala(Right Side)888
Govt Girls High School,Deohala(Middle Wing)622
Govt Girls High School,Deohala(Left Side)711
Dhankhari (133)Govt High School, Dhankheri(Right Side)1324
Govt High School, Dhankheri(Left Side)261
Dhillowal (82)Govt Middle School , Dhilluwala(Right Side)808
Govt Middle School , Dhilluwala(Left Side)509
Dumarkha Kalan (119)Govt High School, Dumarkhan Kalan(Right Side)881
Govt High School, Dumarkhan Kalan(Middle Wing)1048
Govt High School, Dumarkhan Kalan(Left Side)956
Ramdasia Chaupal, Dumarkhan Kalan898
Dumarkha Khurd (120)Govt Girls High School, Dumarkhan Khurd(Right Side)935
Govt Girls High School, Dumarkhan Khurd(Middle Wing)912
Govt Girls High School, Dumarkhan Khurd(Left Side)694
Durana (53)Govt High School , Durana(Right Side)989
Govt High School , Durana(Left Side)1031
Durjanpur (101)Govt Senior Secondary School , Durjanpur(Right Side)1192
Dhankan Chaupal, Durjanpur692
Govt Senior Secondary School , Durjanpur(Left Side)1218
Ghaso Kalan (117)Govt High School, Ghaso Kalan(Right Side)1251
Govt High School, Ghaso Kalan(Left Side)1168
Ghaso Khurd (118)Govt Middle School, Ghaso Khurd(Right Side)686
Govt Middle School, Ghaso Khurd(Left Side)726
Ghogharian (130)Govt Girls High School, Ghoghrian (Right Side)697
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Ghoghrian (Right Side)1091
Govt Sr. Sec. School , Ghoghrian (Left Side)1095
Govt Sr. Sec. School Primary Section, Ghoghrian1071
Govt Girls High School, Ghoghrian (Left Side)1058
Gohian (88)Govt Primary School, Gohiyan
Hassanpur (83)Govt Middle School, Hasanpur
Jheel (95)Govt Middle School, Jheel(Right Side)989
Govt Middle School, Jheel(Middle Wing)958
Govt Middle School, Jheel(Left Side)825
Jiwanpur (93)Govt Primary School, Jiwanpur
Kabarchha (124)Govt High School , Kabarchha(Right Side)728
Govt High School , Kabarchha(Middle Wing)739
Ramdasia Chaupal (Bada Bagar), Kabarchha869
Govt High School , Kabarchha(Left Side)1055
Kachrana Kalan (78)Govt High School, Kuchrana Kalan(Right Side)710
Govt High School, Kuchrana Kalan(Left Side)602
Ramdasian Darwaja, Kuchrana Kalan488
Kachrana Khurd (77)Govt Middle School, Kucharana Khurd
Kakrod (104)Govt High School, Kakruad(Right Side)906
Govt High School, Kakruad(Left Side)845
Govt Girls Primary School , Kakruad(Right Side)1156
Govt Girls Primary School , Kakruad(Left Side)510
Ramdasia Chaupal, Kakruad633
Kalta (131)Govt Primary School, Kalta
Karsindhu (128)Govt Senior Secondary School, Karsindhu(Right Side)691
Govt Senior Secondary School, Karsindhu(Middle Wing)790
Govt Senior Secondary School, Karsindhu(Left Side)1015
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section, Karsindhu(Right Side)1157
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section, Karsindhu(Left Side)969
Mahila Mandal Bhawan, Karsindhu829
Kasoon (134)Govt High School, Kasuhan(Right Side)1095
Govt High School, Kasuhan(Left Side)859
Katwal (54)Govt Primary School, Katwal
Khanda (87)Govt High School, Khanda(Right Side)969
Govt High School, Khanda(Left Side)1114
Khapran (112)Govt Middle School, Khapran(Right Side)924
Govt Middle School, Khapran(Left Side)1119
Kharak Bhura (115)Govt High School , Kharak Bhura(Right Side)1258
Govt High School , Kharak Bhura(Right Side)445
Govt High School , Kharak Bhura(Left Side)899
Khatkar (135)Govt High School , Khatkar(Right Side)869
Govt High School , Khatkarmiddle Wing715
Ramdasia Chaupal (Bada Bagad), Khatkar759
Govt High School , Khatkar(Left Side)641
Govt Girls Primary School, Khatkar702
Govt High School Primary Section, Khatkar1236
Khera Gandawala (127)Govt Middle School, Khera Gaindewala(Left Side)
Kheri Bulanwali (65)Govt Middle School, Kheri Bullanwali
Kheri Masania (108)Govt Girls Primary School, Kheri Masanian(Right Side)897
Govt Girls Primary School, Kheri Masanian(Left Side)770
Ramdasia Chaupal, Kheri Masanian423
Kheri Safa (116)Govt Middle School, Kheri Safa(Right Side)694
Govt Middle School, Kheri Safa(Left Side)800
Lodhar (75)Govt Senior Secondary School, Lodhar(Right Side)891
Govt Senior Secondary School, Lodhar(Middle Wing)1069
Govt Senior Secondary School, Lodhar(Left Side)1047
Makhand (105)Govt High School , Makhand(Right Side)1138
Govt High School , Makhandmiddle Wing818
Govt High School , Makhand(Left Side)664
Mandi Kalan (71)Govt High School, Mandikalan(Right Side)1321
Govt High School, Mandikalan(Left Side)1173
Mangalpur (98)Govt High School , Mangalpur(Right Side)1230
Govt High School , Mangalpur(Middle Wing)1037
Govt High School , Mangalpur(Left Side)634
Mohangarh (136)Govt High School, Mohangarh(Right Side)867
Govt High School, Mohangarh(Left Side)748
Nachar Khera (103)Govt Primary School, Nachar Khera
Naguran (81)Govt Senior Secondary School , Naguran(Right Side)1222
Govt Senior Secondary School , Naguran(Central Side)1167
Govt Senior Secondary School , Naguran(Left Side)1397
Balmiki Chaupal, Naguran690
Govt Senior Secondary School Primary Section, Naguran888
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Naguran(Right Side)1415
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Naguran(Left Side)1260
Pahlwan (114)Govt High School , Pahalwan(Right Side)1074
Govt High School , Pahalwan(Left Side)999
Ramdasia Chaupal, Pahalwan547
Pegan (66)Govt Senior Secondary School,Pegan(Right Side)1031
Govt Senior Secondary School,Pegan(Left Side)1157
Govt Girls Middle School, Pegan(Right Side)918
Govt Girls Middle School, Pegan(Middle Wing)1084
Govt Girls Middle School, Pegan(Left Side)1241
Rohaj Khera (129)Govt Primary School, Rojhkhera
Sandil (70)Govt High School, Sandil(Right Side)701
Govt High School, Sandil(Middle Wing)713
Govt High School, Sandil(Left Side)920
Ramdasian Chaupal, Sandil545
Sedha Majra (107)Govt Primary School, Sedha Majra
Shahpur (92)Govt High School, Shahpur(Right Side)1102
Govt High School, Shahpurmiddle Wing988
Govt High School, Shahpur(Left Side)517
Chaupal Balmikiyan, Shahpur774
Shamdo (68)Govt High School , Shamdo(Right Side)1234
Govt High School , Shamdo(Left Side)1125
Sudkain Kalan (122)Govt High Scholl, Sudkain Kalan(Right Side)1184
Govt High Scholl, Sudkain Kalan(Middle Wing)1005
Govt High Scholl, Sudkain Kalan(Left Side)846
Sudkain Khurd (123)Govt High School , Sudkain Khurd(Right Side)966
Govt High School , Sudkain Khurd(Middle Wing)849
Govt High School , Sudkain Khurd(Left Side)987
Surbrah (99)Govt High School , Surbrah(Right Side)1217
Dhankan Chaupal, Surbrah618
Govt High School , Surbrah(Left Side)1259
Tarkha (125)Govt Middle School, Tarkha(Right Side)772
Govt Middle School, Tarkha(Left Side)798
Thuha (69)Govt High School, Thua(Right Side)1220
Govt High School, Thua(Middle Wing)649
Govt High School, Thua(Left Side)712
Govt Girls High School , Thua(Right Side)1320
Govt Girls High School , Thua(Left Side)999
Tohana Khera (94)Govt High School, Tohana Khera(Right Side)1175
Govt High School, Tohana Khera(Left Side)942
Uchana Kalan (109)Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,Uchana Kalan(Right Side)1173
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School ,Uchana Kalan(Left Side)1430
Municipal Office, Uchana Kalan1348
Govt Primary School , Uchana Kalan Mandi1226
Shiv Mandir Sanatan Dharam High School ,Uchana Kalan (Right Side)993
Shiv Mandir Sanatan Dharam High School ,Uchana Kalan (Left Side)742
Govt Senior Secondary School , Uchana Kalan (Right Side)946
Govt Senior Secondary School , Uchana Kalan Middle Wing715
Govt Senior Secondary School , Uchana Kalan (Left Side)632
Govt Sr. Sec. School Primary Section, Uchana Kalan940
Uchana Khurd (106)Govt Sr. Sec. School, Uchana Khurd(Right Side)817
Ramdasia Chaupal, Near Ram Kishan House, Uchana Khurd952
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Uchana Khurdmiddle Wing804
Govt Sr. Sec. School, Uchana Khurd(Left Side)874
Govt Sr. Sec. School Primary Section, Uchana Khurd1234
Udepur (102)Govt Girls Primary School, Udeypur(Right Side)843
Govt Girls Primary School, Udeypur(Left Side)1054

Last Updated on October 19, 2014