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Polling Station List Tosham Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Tosham

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Tosham Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Alakhpura (32)Govt Middle School Alakhpura
Alampur (78)Govt High School Alampur(East Wing)999
Govt High School Alampur(West Wing)901
Schedule Caste Chopal Alampur(West Wing)485
Asalwas Dubia (54)Govt Middle School Asalwas Dubia
Asalwas Marhata (55)Govt Senior Secondary School Golpura1201
Govt Middle School Asalwas Marhata1144
Azadnagar (147)Govt Primary School Azad Nagar
Babarwas (142)Govt Middle School Babarwas
Badalwala(80)Govt Primary School Badalwala
Baganwala(37)Govt Middle School Baganwala(East Wing)1058
Govt Middle School Baganwala(West Wing)1103
Schedule Caste Chopal Baganwala221
Bajina (47)Govt Primary School Dhani Biran463
Govt High School Bajina(East Wing)1022
Schedule Caste Chopal Bajina669
Govt High School Bajina(West Wing)1079
Bapora (24)Govt Senior Secondary School Bapora(North Wing)1370
Govt Senior Secondary School Bapora(Middle Wing)1417
Govt Girls High School Bapora(East Wing)863
Govt Girls High School Bapora(West Wing)1283
Schedule Caste Chopal Bapora828
Govt. High School (Old Primary School) Bapora1312
Jhanda Devi Wali Dharmshala Bapora1494
Bhangarh (63)Govt High School Bhangarh(East Wing)932
Govt High School Bhangarh(West Wing)951
Bhariwas(93)Govt High School Bhariwas
Bhera(90)Govt Senior Secondary School Bhera (East Wing)1052
Govt Senior Secondary School Bhera (West Wing)938
Bhurtana (39)Govt. High School Bhurtana(East Wing)947
Govt. High School Bhurtana(North Wing)991
Bijlanawas (148)Govt Middle School Bijlanabas
Biran (27)Govt High School Biran(East Wing)1151
Govt High School Biran(Middle Wing)1133
Govt High School Biran(West Wing)1084
Birola(83)Govt High School Bidola(East Wing)837
Govt High School Bidola(West Wing)791
Busan (95)Govt Middle School Bushaan
Chanana(88)Govt Middle School Chanana
Chandawas (144)Govt High School Chandawas(West Wing)
Chhapar Jogian(85)Govt Middle School Chhapar Jogiyan
Chhapar Rangran(84)Govt High School Chhapar Rangdan
Dadam(36)Govt Middle School Dadam(East Wing)801
Govt Middle School Dadam(West Wing)673
Dang Kalan(28)Govt High School Dang Kalan681
Dr. Bhim Rao Ambedkar Bhawan Dang Kalan732
Dang Khurd(29)Govt Middle School Dang Khurd
Dariyapur (87)Govt Primary School Dhani Dariyapur829
Govt High School Dariyapur(West Wing)783
Devawas (99)Govt Middle School Devawas(East Wing)1102
Govt Middle School Devawas(West Wing)207
Devrala (73)Govt Senior Secondary School Devrala(East Wing)1108
Govt Senior Secondary School Devrala(Middle Wing)1163
Govt Senior Secondary School Devrala(North-East Wing)991
Dhab Dhani (141)Govt Senior Secondary School Dhab Dhani(East Wing)1154
Govt Senior Secondary School Dhab Dhani(West Wing)802
Dhangar (66)Govt High School Dhangar873
Govt High School Primary Section Dhangar656
Dhani Brahmanan (58)Govt Primary School Dhani Brahamnan464
Govt Primary School Pattharwali515
Dhani Mahu (46)Govt High School Dhani Mahu(East Wing)973
Schedule Caste Chopal Dhani Mahu1126
Govt High School Dhani Mahu(Middle Wing)891
Govt High School Dhani Mahu(North Side)938
Dharan(41)Govt Middle School Dharan
Dharwanbas (138)Govt High School Dharwanwas(East Wing)965
Govt High School Dharwanwas(West Wing)1000
Dinod (26)Govt High School Dinod(East Wing)1113
Govt High School Dinod(West Wing)1031
Govt High School Dinod(North Wing)739
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Dinod(East Wing)953
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Dinod(West Wing)1106
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School Dinod(South Wing)931
Schedule Caste Chopal In Front Of Radha Swami Satsung Bhawan Dinod810
Dulheri (42)Govt High School Dulhari(East Wing)1331
Govt High School Dulhari(West Wing)1179
Garanpura(86)Govt High School Garanpura Kalan(East Wing)801
Govt High School, Garanpura Kalan(North Wing)708
Govt Middle School, Garanpura Khurd978
Golagarh (64)Govt Senior Secondary School Golagarh(East Wing)800
Govt Senior Secondary School Golagarh(West Wing)752
Govt Primary School Kherpura430
Hasan (74)Govt High School Hasan(East Wing)697
Govt High School Hasan(South Wing)712
Govt High School Hasan(West Wing)246
Hetampura (59)Govt Senior Secondary School Hetampura1265
Schedule Caste Chopal Hetampura377
Govt Girls High School Hetampura367
Govt Primary School Lahlana Majra Hetampura483
Indiwali (71)Govt High School Indiwali996
Schedule Caste Chopal Indiwali839
Isharwal (100)Govt Senior Secondary School Isharwal(East Wing)1208
Govt Senior Secondary School Isharwal(West Wing)1118
Jainawas (147)Govt Middle School Jainawas
Jhanwari(38)Govt Senior Secondary School Jhanvari Khakri, Khakri Makhwan(Middle Wing)
Jhuli(92)Govt Primary School Jhuli
Jitwanabas (61)Govt Middle School Jitwanwas
Jui Kalan (67)Govt Middle School Jui Kalan(East Wing)724
Govt Middle School Jui Kalan(West Wing)635
Jui Khurd (65)Govt Senior Secondary School Jui Khurd(East Wing)1129
Govt Middle School (Jui Bichli) Jui Khurd417
Govt Senior Secondary School Jui Khurd(West Wing)1089
Govt Senior Secondary School Jui Khurd(North Wing)1268
Schedule Caste Chopal Jui Khurd534
Kairu (72)Govt Senior Secondary School Kairu(East Wing)1076
Govt Girls Middle School Kairu(Right Side)960
Govt Senior Secondary School Kairu(West Wing)961
Schedule Caste Chopal Kairu962
Govt Girls Middle School Kairu(Left Side)1310
Baba Mungipa Dharamshala Kairu620
Kasumbhi (51)Govt High School Kusumbhi(North Wing)765
Govt High School Kusumbhi(East Wing)615
Katwar (97)Govt Middle School Katwar
Khanak(34)Govt. Senior Secondary School Khanak(East Wing)1139
Govt. Senior Secondary School Khanak(Middle Wing)1241
Govt. Senior Secondary School Khanak(South Wing)1027
Govt. Senior Secondary School Khanak(North Wing)664
Khaparbas (139)Govt Middle School Khaparwas
Khariawas (137)Govt Primary School Khariawas
Kharkhri Makhwan (40)Govt High School Dariyapur(East Wing)789
Govt Senior Secondary School Jhanvari Khakri, Khakri Makhwan(East Wing)1194
Kharkhri Sohan(39)Govt Middle School Kharkari Sohan(North Wing)791
Govt Middle School Kharkari Sohan(East Wing)638
Schedule Caste Chopal Kharkari Sohan457
Khawa (94)Govt Middle School Khawa
Kirawar (38)Govt. Senior Secandory School Kirawar(East Wing)1129
Schedule Caste Chopal Kirawar846
Govt. Senior Secandory School Kirawar(North Wing)1156
Govt Primary School Dhani Kirawar403
Kohar (48)Govt Middle School Keharpura Majra Kohar1106
Govt High School Kohar(East Wing)765
Govt High School Kohar(West Wing)694
Schedule Caste Chopal Kohar347
Ladianwali (140)Govt Middle School Ladiyawali
Lalawas (69)Govt Primary School Lalawas
Leghan Bhanan (62)Govt Primary School Lengha Bhanan
Leghan Hetwan (60)Govt Senior Secondary School Lengha Hetwan(East Wing)980
Govt Senior Secondary School Lengha Hetwan(West Wing)951
Lohani (53)Govt Senior Secondary School Luhani(North Wing)1034
Govt Senior Secondary School Luhani(South Wing)1089
Govt Senior Secondary School Luhani(North-West Side)959
Schedule Caste Chopal Luhani543
Malwas Kohar (49)Govt Primary School Malwas Kohar434
Govt Primary School Malwas Devsar300
Mandhan (98)Govt High School Mandhan
Mansarwas (146)Govt High School Mansarwas
Miran (89)Govt Middle School Dhani Miran1281
Govt Senior Secondary School Miran(East Wing)1166
Govt Girls High School Miran306
Govt Senior Secondary School Miran(Middle Wing)1045
Govt Senior Secondary School Miran(North Wing)914
Nangla (57)Govt Middle School Nangla
Nigana Kalan (43)Govt High School Nigana Kalan(North Wing)668
Govt High School Nigana Kalan(South-West Wing)668
Nigana Khurd (44)Schedule Caste Chopal Nigana Khurd
Patodi (79)Govt High School Patodi(Right Side)1053
Govt High School Patodi(Left Side)884
Pinjo Khara(35)Govt High School Pinjokhara(West Wing)755
Govt High School Pinjokhara(East Wing)616
Schedule Caste Chopal Pinjokhara362
Pohkarwas (68)Govt Middle School Pohkarwas
Rajpura Kharkari (23)Govt Primary School Rajpura Kharkhari
Riwasa (30)Govt High School Dhani Riwasa1049
Govt High School Riwasa(East Wing)1166
Govt High School Riwasa(South Wing)798
Govt High School Riwasa(West Wing New Building)706
Rodhan (96)Govt High School Rodha(West Wing)735
Govt High School Rodha(South Wing)661
Sagban (31)Govt High School Sagwan(North Wing)1325
Govt High School Sagwan(Middle Wing)1261
Govt High School Sagwan(South Wing)1151
Salewala (75)Govt Middle School Sahlewala
Sandwa (76)Govt Senior Secondary School Sandwa(East Wing)1007
Govt Senior Secondary School Sandwa(West Wing)1207
Govt Girls High School Sandwa(East Wing)1217
Govt Girls High School Sandwa(West Wing)866
Saral(82)Govt High School Saral812
Govt High School Primary Section Saral672
Govt Primary School Dhani Saral176
Dharamshala Of Chiliwala Chowk Saral284
Shimliwas (145)Govt Primary School Shimliwas
Sidhan(91)Govt High School Sidhan(East Wing)1086
Govt High School Sidhan(West Wing)293
Sungarpur (77)Govt High School Sungarpur(East Wing)908
Govt High School Sungarpur(West Wing)1070
Thilor(81)Govt High School Thilor
Titani (52)Govt High School Titani
Tosham (Rural) (33)Panchayat Bhawan Tosham (East Wing)1077
Ch. Bansilal Govt. Women College Tosham(East Wing)689
Ch. Bansilal Govt. Women College Tosham(North Wing)803
I.T.I Women Wing Tosham858
Panchayat Bhawan Tosham (West Wing)1033
Govt Model Sanskriti Senior Secondary School Tosham(North Wing)1398
Schedule Caste Chopal Tosham169
Govt Model Sanskriti Senior Secondary School Tosham(East Wing)1075
Govt Model Sanskriti Senior Secondary School Tosham(South Wing)939
Govt Model Sanskriti Senior Secondary School Tosham(West Wing)1009

Last Updated on October 19, 2014