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Polling Station List Sohna Assembly Constituency 2014

List of Polling Stations in Sohna

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Sohna Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Abhepur(173)Govt High School, Abhaypur(Right Wing)1212
Govt High School, Abhaypur(Left Wing)1046
Alipur(180)Govt Girls Middle School , Alipur(Right Wing)1061
Govt Girls Middle School , Alipur(Left Wing)798
Schedule Castechaupal, Alipur400
Badshahpur Tethar(222)Govt Primary School, Thether
Baghanki(4)Govt. High School, Baghanki(Right Wing)899
Govt. High School, Baghanki(Left Wing)1161
Bai Khera (224)Govt Primary School, Bai Khera10
Baluda(191)Govt Middle School, Baluda
Bandhwari(79)Govt High School, Bandhwari1461
Schedule Castechaupal, Bandhwari856
Bawla(46)Govt. Primary School , Bawla(Right Wing)1106
Govt. Primary School , Bawla(Left Wing)887
Behlpa(171)Govt Middle School, Bahlpa
Berka(181)Govt Middle School, Berka
Bhajlaka(63)Govt. Primary School, Bhajlaka
Bhango(16)Govt. Primary School,Bhigoh
Bhondsi (168) (Ct)Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhondsi(Right Wing)1572
Govt Senior Secondary School, Bhondsi(Left Wing)1460
Govt Girls High School, Bhondsi(Right Wing)383
Govt Girls High School, Bhondsi(Middle Wing)1273
Govt Girls High School, Bhondsi(Left Wing)796
Govt Middle School, Naya Gaon1342
Delhi Public School Maruti Kunj,Bhondsi(Right Wing)1258
Delhi Public School Maruti Kunj,Bhondsi(Left Side)1462
Bilaka(211)Govt Primary School, Bilhaka
Bissar Akbarpur(2)Govt. Middle School, Bissar Akbarpur(Right Wing)939
Govt. Middle School, Bissar Akbarpur(Left Wing)740
Buraka Taoru(66)Govt. Middle School, Buraka Taoru
Chehalka(17)Govt Middle School, Chahlka(Right Wing)773
Govt Middle School, Chahlka(Left Wing)793
Chharora(62)Govt. Middle School, Chharora
Chilawali(61)Govt. Middle School, Chilawali
Chilla(67)Govt Middle School, Chila
Chuharpur (203)Govt Primary School, Bilhaka
Dalawas(77)Govt. Middle School, Dalawas
Damdma(174)Govt Middle School , Damdama(Right Wing)1214
Govt Middle School , Damdama(Left Wing)1089
Daula(197)Govt Senior Secondary School , Daula(Right Wing)1294
Govt Senior Secondary School , Daula(Left Wing)1257
Dhulawat(81)Govt. Middle School, Dhulawat(Right Wing)1048
Govt. Middle School, Dhulawat(Left Wing)1153
Dhunela(182)Govt. Middle School, Dhunela
Didhara (44)Govt. Middle School,Didara
Garhi Bazidpur(175)Govt High School, Garhi Bazidpur(Right Wing)1013
Govt High School, Garhi Bazidpur(Left Wing)1075
Ghamroj(179)Govt Senior Secondary School, Ghamroj(Right Wing)1312
Govt Senior Secondary School, Ghamroj(Left Wing)1502
Schedule Castechaupal, Ghamroj384
Ghangola(212)Govt High School, Ghenghola1138
Schedule Castechaupal, Ghenghola291
Goela (19)Govt. Middle School, Goyala(Right Wing)775
Govt. Middle School, Goyala(Left Wing)1025
Gual Pahari(77) PartGovt High School, Gawal Pahari(Right Wing)1342
Govt High School, Gawal Pahari(Left Wing)1443
Gurnawat(49)Govt. Middle School, Gurnawat
Harchandpur (199)Govt Senior Secondary School, Harchandpur1245
Govt High School, Hazipur1192
Hassanpur Taoru (7)Govt. Senior Secondary School , Hasanpur Taoru(Right Wing)1114
Govt. Senior Secondary School , Hasanpur Taoru(Left Wing)1409
Jaurasi (32)Govt. Senior Secondary School , Jaurasi(Right Wing)1267
Govt. Senior Secondary School , Jaurasi(Left Wing)1459
Govt. Primary School, Jaurasi402
Jhamuwas (31)Govt. Middle School, Jhamuwas940
Govt. Primary School, Guddi740
Kadarpur(84)Govt High School, Kadarpur(Right Wing)1030
Govt High School, Kadarpur(Middle Wing)1096
Govt High School, Kadarpur(Left Wing)1239
Kalarpuri(42)Govt Primary School, Kalar Puri
Kalwari(6)Govt. Primary School, Kalwari(Right Wing)1015
Govt. Primary School, Kalwari(Left Wing)887
Kangarka (47)Govt. Primary School, Kangaraka
Karnki (206)Govt Primary School, Karanki
Kharkhari(72)Govt. Primary School, Kharkhari
Kherki(3)Govt. Primary School, Kherki
Kherla(177)Govt Senior Secondary School, Kherla(Right Wing)1154
Govt Senior Secondary School, Kherla(Left Wing)1014
Schedule Castechaupal, Kherla926
Kherli Lala(220)Govt High School, Kherli Lala
Khori Kalan (37) (Ct)Govt.Middle School, Khorikalan(Right Wing)1545
Govt.Middle School, Khorikalan(Left Wing)835
Khuntpuri(209)Govt. Primary School, Khuntpuri
Lakhuwas(190)Govt High School, Lakhuwas(Right Wing)860
Govt High School, Lakhuwas(Left Wing)778
Loh Singhani(226)Govt Middle School, Loh Singhani718
Schedule Castechaupal, Loh Singhani392
Lohatki(194)Govt Middle School, Lohtki (Dhrampurgujar)
Mahendwara(178)Govt Primary School, Mahendwara
Malahka(70)Govt. Primary School, Malhaka
Mandawar(221)Govt Primary School, Mandawar
Mohmmadpur Ahir(13)Govt. Sr. Sec. School , Mohammadpur Ahir(Right Wing)1010
Govt. Sr. Sec. School , Mohammadpur Ahir(Left Wing)1350
Govt. Primary School, Mohhamadpur Ahir1370
Govt. Middle School, Kota Khandelwal928
Mundarka (56)Govt. Primary School, Mandarka
Nijampur Taoru (43)Govt. Middle School, Nijampur
Nimot (200)Govt Primary School, Nimoth
Pachgaon(68)Govt. Middle School, Pachgaon
Padheni (78)Govt. High School, Padheni(Right Wing)1043
Govt. High School, Padheni(Left Wing)698
Raheri (73)Govt. Primary School, Raheri
Raipur (188)Scheduled Caste Chaupal, Raipur
Raisena(184)Govt Middle School, Raisina(Right Wing)1267
Govt Middle School, Raisina(Left Wing)1140
Rangala (35)Govt. Primary School, Rangala
Raniaki(50)Govt. Primary School, Raniyaki
Rathiwas (34)Govt. Sr. Sec. School, Rathiwas1061
Schedule Castechopal, Rathiwas565
Rethoj(169)Govt High School (Boys) , Rithoj(Right Wing)1332
Govt High School Boys , Rithoj(Left Wing)1460
Sabras(27)Govt. Primary School, Sabras
Sahjawas(170)Govt Middle School, Sahjawas
Sampki Nagli (186)Govt Primary School, Sanp Ki Nangli
Sancholi (205)Govt Primary School, Sancholi(Right Wing)1246
Govt Primary School, Sancholi(Left Wing)975
Sarai(11)Govt Primary School, Sarai
Saramathla(225)Govt Middle School, Saramthala
Sehsaula(83)Govt. Middle School, Sahsola(Right Wing)881
Govt. Middle School, Sahsola(Mrw)1008
Govt. Middle School, Sahsola(Left Wing)1458
Govt. Middle School, Sahsola(Mlw)885
Shikarpur (74)Govt. Primary School, Shikarpur
Silani(207)Govt Middle School, Silani
Silkhoh(59)Govt. Primary School, Shilkhoh(Right Wing)817
Govt. Primary School, Shilkhoh(Left Wing)797
Sohna (Rural)(Part)(187)Saini Dharamshala , Town Sohna(Right Wing)827
Saini Dharamshala , Town Sohna(Middle Wing)1148
Saini Dharamshala , Town Sohna(Left Wing)686
Canal Rest House, Town Sohna1432
Office D.H.V.B.N., Town Sohna, Ward No 1(Right Wing)1295
Office D.H.V.B.N., Town Sohna Ward No 1(Left Wing)936
Govt Senior Secondary School , Town Sohna(Right Wing)1389
Govt Senior Secondary School , Town Sohna(Middle Wing)838
Govt Senior Secondary School , Town Sohna(Left Wing)1120
Office B.D.P.O. , Town Sohna(Right Wing)1144
Office B.D.P.O. , Town Sohna(Left Wing)1196
Shiv Public Sen.Sec. School ,Town Sohna1415
Govt Girls Primary School No 1 (Pahari Wala), Town Sohna(Right Wing)801
Govt Girls Primary School No 1 (Pahari Wala), Town Sohna(Left Wing)849
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Town Sohna(Right Wing)787
Govt Girls Senior Secondary School, Town Sohna(Left Wing)964
Tehsil Office, Town Sohna681
Office S.D.O. P.W.D./B&R, Town Sohna1260
G.G.S.S. School Sohna (Middle Wing)1350
Treasury Office, Town Sohna940
Sondh(18)Govt. High School, Sundh(Right Wing)950
Govt. High School, Sundh(Left Wing)1260
Sunari (40)Govt. Middle School, Sunari1421
Govt. Primary School. Chundhiyaka459
Taoru (Rural)(Part) (64)Govt. Senior Secondary School , Town Taoru(Right Wing)1160
Municipal Committee Office, Town Taoru569
Schedule Castechopal Ward No. 3, Town Taoru1581
Govt. Girl Sr Sec School, Town Taoru(Right Wing)649
Govt. Girl R. Sec. School, Town Taoru(Left Wing)1165
Chandrawati High School, Town Taoru(Right Wing)1020
Chandrawati High School, Town Taoru(Mrw)893
Chandrawati High School, Town Taoru(Left Wing)851
Chandrawati High School, Town Taoru(Mlw)701
Govt. Senior Secondary School Boys , Town Taoru(Right Wing)791
Govt. Senior Secondary School Boys , Town Taoru(Left Wing)1192
Govt. Primary School Patel Nagar, Town Taoru(Right Wing)713
Govt. Primary School Patel Nagar, Town Taoru(Left Wing)952
Ulhawas(83) PartGovt High School,Ulhawas
Uton (33)Govt. Middle School, Uton

Last Updated on October 19, 2014