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Polling Station List Shahbad Assembly Constituency 2014

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List of Polling Stations in Shahbad

Below is a list of all the Polling booths falling under the Shahbad Assembly (Vidhan Sabha) Constituency in Haryana. Given along is the detailed address for each polling booth.

Locality of Polling AreasPolling Booth AddressTotal Electors
Adhaun (403)Govt. Middle School, Adhon
Ajrana Kalan (274)Govt. Sen Sec. School, Ajrana Kalan(Right Side)1095
Govt. Sen Sec. School, Ajrana Kalan(Left Side)1086
Govt. Girls High School, Ajrana Kalan859
Ajrana Khurd (276)Govt. Middle School, Ajrana Khurd(Right Side)823
Govt. Middle School, Ajrana Khurd(Left Side)828
Ajrani (410)Govt. Middle School Ajrani
Ajrawar (314)Govt. High School, Ajrawar(Right Side)943
Govt. High School, Ajrawar(Left Side)612
Atwan (101)Govt. Middle School, Atwan
Basantpur (284)Govt. Primary School, Basantpur
Berthali (125)Govt Primary School, Berthali
Bhukar Majra (222)Govt. Middle School, Bhokar Majra
Bichganwah (420)Govt. Middle School, Bachgaon
Bijharpur (283)Govt. Middle School, Bijarpur(Right Side)
Boripur (225)Govt. Primary School, Boripur
Buhawa (126)Govt Middle School, Buhawa
Chamun (294)Govt. Middle School, Chammu Kalan(Right Side)796
Govt. Middle School, Chammu Kalan(Left Side)738
Chanarthal (100)Govt. Middle School, Chanarthal
Chhapra (241)Govt. Primary School, Chapra
Chhorpur (218)Govt. Middle School, Chhorpur
Chhpri (Part)(242)Govt. Primary School, Chappri
Chiba (405)Govt. Middle School, Chibba
Dadlu (238)Govt. Primary School, Dadlu
Dalla Majra (287)Govt. Primary School, Dalla Majra
Damli (236)Govt. Primary School, Damli
Dau Majra (230)Govt. Primary School, Dau Majra
Dhakala (269)Govt. Middle School, Dhakala
Dhantauri (97)Govt. Middle School, Dhantori
Dhirpur (408)Govt. Primary School, Dhirpur
Dhurala (404)Govt. Sen Sec. School, Dhurala(Right Side)1281
Govt. Sen Sec. School, Dhurala(Left Side)1420
Fatehgarh Jharauli (262)Govt. Middle School, Fatehgarh Jharouli
Fatehgarh Majra Chamun (293)Govt. Primary School, Fatehgarh Majra Chammu
Gogpur (275)Govt. Middle School, Gogpur
Golpura (257)Govt. Middle School, Golpura
Gorkha (296)Govt. Primary School, Gorkha
Govind Majra (407)Govt. Middle School, Gobind Majra
Gumti (252)Govt. Middle School, Gumti
Haldaheri (220)Govt. Primary School, Haldaheri
Hasanpur (418)Govt. High School, Hasanpur
Hinga Kheri (411)Govt. Primary School, Hinga Kheri
Jandheri (Part)(240)Govt. High School, Jandheri(Right Side)779
Govt. High School, Jandheri(Left Side)790
Jharauli Khurd (280)Govt. Primary School, Jharouli Khurd
Jhinwarheri (413)Govt. Middle School, Jhinwerheri
Kaliana (228)Govt.High School, Kalyana
Kalsana (266)Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Kalsana(Right Side)1145
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Kalsana(Left Side)1155
Kalsani (264)Govt. Primary School, Kalsani
Kathwah (278)Govt. Primary School, Kathwa
Kharindwa (116)Govt Sen. Sec. School, Kharindwa(Right Side)1050
Govt Sen. Sec. School, Kharindwa(Left Side)984
Govt. Primary School, Kharindwa928
Govt. Girls Primary School, Kharindwa513
Kishan Garh (248)Govt. Middle School, Kishangarh
Landhi (229)Govt. Senior Sec. School, Landi (Right Side)810
Govt. Senior Sec. School, Landi (Left Side)736
Lukhi (414)Govt. High School, Lukhi(Right Side)749
Govt. High School, Lukhi(Left Side)772
Govt. Primary School, Dera Santokhpura1332
Govt. Primary School, Dera Chak Chakatiyaan1007
Madanpur (250)Govt. Primary School, Madanpur
Mahdodan (263)Govt. Primary School, Mahdudan
Majri Kalan (297)Govt. Middle School, Majri Kalan
Malakpur (251)Govt. Primary School, Malakpur
Mammon Majra (265)Govt. Primary School, Mamu Majra
Mandheri (285)Govt. Middle School, Mundheri
Mohanpur (267)Govt. Primary School, Mohan Pur
Mohri (217)Govt. Primary School, Mohri
Mughal Majra (279)Govt. Primary School, Mugal Majra
Muhayuddinpur (224)Govt. Primary School, Mahieuldinpur
Nagala (255)Govt. High School, Nagla
Nalwi (260)Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Nalvi(Right Side)1349
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Nalvi(Left Side)1267
Govt Primary School, Nalvi New Basti497
Padlu (237)Govt. High School, Padlu
Patti Jhamra Shahbad (Part)(253)Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Shahbad(Right Side)983
Govt. Sen. Sec. School, Shahbad(Left Side)796
Patti Kankra Shahbad (Part)(232)Govt. Primary School, Patti Shahjadpur663
Govt. Primary School, Ram Nagar (Highway)914
Rai Majra (258)Govt. Primary School, Raimajra
Rattangarh (Part)(249)Govt. Middle School, Rattangarh
Rawa (Part)(239)Govt. Middle School, Rawa(Right Side)870
Govt. Middle School, Rawa(Left Side)1089
Saidpur Barwalian (221)Govt. Primary School, Saidpur Barwalia
Salpani Khurd (412)Govt. Primary School, Salpani Khurd
Samalki (219)Govt. Senior Secondary School, Sambalkhi
Shadipur Shahidan (398)Govt. Primary School, Shadipur Shahidan
Shanti Nagar Alias Kurri (286)Govt. High School, Shanti Nagar (Kurdi)(Right Side)1194
Govt. High School, Shanti Nagar (Kurdi)(Left Side)1275
Silpani Kalan (300)Govt. Middle School, Salpani Kalan(Right Side)1014
Govt. Middle School, Salpani Kalan(Left Side)890
Sudhpur (90)Govt. High School, Sudhpur(Right Side)936
Govt. High School, Sudhpur(Left Side)733
Sulkhani (256)Govt. Primary School, Sulakhni
Surkhpur (268)Govt. Middle School, Surkhpur
Tangaur (281)Govt. High School, Tangour(Right Side)1041
Govt. High School, Tangour(Left Side)1007
Tangauri ( 282 )Govt. Middle School, Bijarpur(Left Side)
Tharauli (288)Govt. Primary School, Tharauli
Thaska Ali (259)Govt. Middle School, Thaska Ali
Thol (289)Govt Sen. Sec. School, Thol(Right Side)1173
Govt Sen. Sec. School, Thol(Left Side)1047
Govt Primary School, Thol1088
Govt. Primary School, Saini Majra969
Udarsi (406)Govt. High School, Udarsi
Yara (123)Govt Senior Secondary School,Yara(Right Side)1030
Govt Senior Secondary School,Yara(Left Side)830
Govt Primary School, Yara908
Yari (119)Govt. Primary School, Yari

Last Updated on October 19, 2014